A Select Collection of Old English Plays, Vol. VII (4th edition)

Part 11 out of 11

[537] Old copy gives as the stage-direction here merely, _Enter John_.

[538] Old copy, _Lan_.

[539] Compare "First Part of Jeronimo," vol. iv., p. 349, and the note.

[540] [Old copy, _breath_.]

[541] [Compare Courthope's "Historic Peerage," 1857, _v_. Hereford.]

[542] [In allusion to the proverb, _Threatened men live long_.]

[543] [Old copy, _William_.]

[544] Old copy, _them_.

[545] Something seems to have dropped out of the text.

[546] I do not find this phrase anywhere.

[547] Old copy, _may_.

[548] i.e., Gloster.

[549] There is an evident corruption here. Query, _Life kneels to

[550] Old copy, _thy_.

[551] Old copy, _not_.

[552] Old copy, _is_.

[553] Old copy, _set_.

[554] i.e., _Mort de Dieu_.

[555] Old copy, _ye_.

[556] Old copy, _Sarasons_.

[557] An exclamation of doubtful meaning and origin. See a long note in
Nares, edit. 1859, _v. Rivo_.

[558] Old copy, _for_.


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