Bacon is Shake-Speare
Sir Edwin Durning-Lawrence

Part 3 out of 4

Quoniam Moses ad duritiam cordis uestri permisit
Obedire oportet deo magis quam hominibus.
Et vniuscujusque opus quale sit probabit ignis
Non enim possumus aliquid aduersus ueritatem sed
pro ueritate.

_Folio 83, front--continued_.

For which of y'e good woorkes doe yow stone me
Quorundam hominum peccata praecedunt ad judicium
quorundam sequuntur
Bonum certamen certauj
Sat patriae priamoque datum.
Ilicet obruimur numero.
Atque animis illabere nostris
Hoc praetexit nomine culpam.
Procul o procul este prophani
Magnanimj heroes nati melioribus annis

_Folio 83, back_.

Ille mihi ante alios fortunatusque laborum
Egregiusque animi qui ne quid tale videret
Procubuit moriens et humum semel ore momordit
Fors et uirtus miscentur in vnum.
Non ego natura nec sum tam callidus vsu.
aeuo rarissima nostro simplicitas
Viderit vtilitas ego cepta fideliter edam.
Prosperum et foelix scelus, virtus vocatur
Tibi res antiquas laudis et artis
Inuidiam placare paras uirtute relicta.
Iliacos intra muros peccatur et extra
Homo sum humanj a me nil alienum puto.
The grace of God is woorth a fayre
Black will take no other hue
Vnum augurium optimum tueri patria.
Exigua res est ipsa justitia
Dat veniam coruis uexat censura columbas.
Homo hominj deus
Semper virgines furiae; Cowrting a furye
Di danarj di senno et di fede
Ce ne manco che tu credj
Chi semina spine non vada discalzo
Mas vale a quien Dios ayuda que a quien mucho
Quien nesciamente pecca nesciamente ua al infierno
Quien ruyn es en su uilla
Ruyn es en Seuilla
De los leales se hinchen los huespitales

_Folio 84, front_.

We may doe much yll or we doe much woorse
Vultu laeditur saepe pietas.
Difficilia quae pulchra
Conscientia mille testes.
Summum Jus summa injuria
Nequiequam patrias tentasti lubricus artes.
Et monitj meliora sequamur
Nusquam tuta fides
Discite Justitiam moniti et non temnere diuos
Quisque suos patimur manes.
Extinctus amabitur idem.
Optimus ille animi vindex laedentium pectus
Vincula qui rupit dedoluitque semel.
Virtue like a rych geme best plaine sett
Quibus bonitas a genere penitus insita est
ij iam non mali esse nolunt sed nesciunt
Oeconomicae rationes publicas peruertunt.
Divitiae Impedimenta virtutis; The bagage of
Habet et mors aram.
Nemo virtuti invidiam reconciliauerit praeter
mort ...
Turpe proco ancillam sollicitare Est autem
virtutis ancilia laus.
Si suum cuique tribuendum est certe et venia
Qui dissimulat liber non est
Leue efficit jugum fortunae jugum amicitiae
Omnis medecina Innouatio

_Folio 84, front--continued_.

Auribus mederi difficillimum.
Suspitio fragilem fidem soluit fortem incendit
Pauca tamen suberunt priscae vestigia fraudis
Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori
Mors et fugacem persequitur virum.
Danda est hellebori multo pars maxima avar [is]

_Folio 84, back_.

Minerall wytts strong poyson and they be not
Ametallado fayned inameled.
Totum est majus sua parte against factions and
priuate profite
Galens compositions not paracelsus separations
Full musike of easy ayres withowt strange concordes
and discordes
In medio non sistit uirtus
Totem est quod superest
A stone withowt foyle
A whery man that lookes one way and pulls another
Mors in Olla poysonings
Fumos uendere.

[Sidenote up the left margin oriented at ninety degrees to the text:

_Folio 85, front_.

Dec. 5, 1594.

// Suauissima vita indies meliorem fierj
The grace of God is woorth a faire
Mors in olla F
// No wise speech thowgh easy and voluble.
Notwithstanding his dialogues (of one that giueth
life to his speach by way of quaestion). T
He can tell a tale well (of those cowrtly giftes of
speach w'ch. are better in describing then in
consydering) F
A goode Comediante T (of one that hath good
grace in his speach)
To commend Judgments.
// To comend sense of law
// Cunyng in the humors of persons but not in the
condicons of actions
Stay a littell that we make an end the sooner. A
// A fooles bolt is soone shott
His lippes hang in his light. A. T
// Best we lay a straw hear
A myll post thwitten to a pudding pricke T
// One swallo maketh no sumer
L'Astrologia e vera ma l'astrologuo non sj truoua
// Hercules pillers non vltra. T
// He had rather haue his will then his wyshe. T
Well to forgett
Make much of yourselfe

_Folio 85, front--continued_.

Wyshing yow all &c and myself occasion to doe
yow servyce
// I shalbe gladd to vnderstand your newes but none
// rather then some ouerture whearin I may doe
// yow service
// Ceremonyes and green rushes are for strangers T
How doe yow? They haue a better question in cheap side w'lak ye
// Poore and trew. Not poore therefore not trew T

_Folio 85, back_.

Tuque Inuidiosa vestustas. T
Licentia sumus omnes deteriores. T
Qui dat nivem sicut lanam T
Lilia agri non laborant neque nent T
Mors omnia solvit T
// A quavering tong.
like a cuntry man that curseth the almanach. T
Ecce duo gladij his. T
Arnajore ad minorem. T
In circuitu ambulant impij T
Exijt sermo inter fratres quod discipulus iste non
moritur T
Omne majus continet in se mjnus T
Sine vlla controuersia quod minus est majore
benedic ... T
She is light she may be taken in play T
He may goe by water for he is sure to be well
landed T
// Small matters need sollicitacion great are remem-
bred of themselues
The matter goeth so slowly forward that I haue
almost forgott it my self so as I maruaile not
if my frendes forgett
Not like a crabb though like a snaile
Honest men hardly chaung their name. T
The matter thowgh it be new (if that be new wch)
hath been practized in like case thowgh not in
this particular
I leaue the reasons to the parties relacions and the
consyderacion of them to your wysdome

_Folio 86, front_.

I shall be content my howrs intended for service
leaue me in liberty
// It is in vayne to forbear to renew that greef by
// speach w'ch the want of so great a comfort must
// needes renew.
// As I did not seeke to wynne your thankes so your
// courteous acceptacion deserueth myne
// The vale best discouuereth the hill T.
// Sometymes a stander by seeth more than a plaier T.
The shortest foly is the best. T.
// I desire no secrett newes but the truth of comen
newes. T.
// Yf the bone be not trew[17] sett it will neuer be well
till it be broken. T.
// Cheries and newes fall price soonest. T.
You vse the lawyers fourme of pleading T.
// The difference is not between yow and me but
between your proffite and my trust
// All is not in years some what is in howres well
spent. T.
// Offer him a booke T
// Why hath not God sent yow my mynd or me your
// means.
// I thinke it my dowble good happ both for the
obteynyng and for the mean.
// Shutt the doore for I mean to speak treason T.
I wysh one as fytt as I am vnfitt
I doe not onely dwell farre from neighbors but near
yll neighbors. T

_Folio 86, front--continued_.

// As please the paynter T.
Receperunt mercedem suam. T.
Secundum tidem vestram fiet vobis
Ministerium meum honorificabo

_Folio 86, back_.

Beati mortuj qui moriuntur in domino
Detractor portat Diabolum in lingua T
frangimur heu fatis inquit ferimurque procella
Nunc ipsa vocat res
Dij meliora pijs erroremque hostibus illum
Aliquisque malo fuit vsus in illo
Vsque acleo latet vtilitas
Et tamen arbitrium que, rit res ista duorum.
Vt esse phebi dulcius lumen solet
Jam jam cadentis
Velle suum cuique est nee voto viuitur vno
Who so knew what would be dear
Nead be a marchant but a year.
Blacke will take no other hew
He can yll pipe that wantes his vpper lip
Nota res mala optima
Balbus balbum rectius intelligit
L' agua va al mar
A tyme to gett and a tyme to loose
Nee dijs nee viribus equis
Vnum pro multis dabitur caput
Mitte hanc de pectore curam
Neptunus ventis impleuit vela secundis
A brayne cutt with facettes T
T Yow drawe for colors but it prooueth contrarie
T Qui in paruis non distinguit in magnis labitur.
Every thing is subtile till it be conceyued

_Folio 87, front_.

That y't. is forced is not forcible
More ingenious then naturall
Quod longe jactum est leviter ferit
Doe yow know it? Hoc solum scio quod nihil scio
I know it? so say many
Now yow say somewhat.s. euen when yow will; now
yow begynne to conceyue I begynne to say.
What doe yow conclude vpon that? etiam tentas
All is one.s. Contrariorum eadam est ratio.
Repeat your reason.s. Bis ac ter pulchra.
Hear me owt.s. you were neuer in.
Yow iudg before yow vnderstand.s. I iudg as I vnderstand.
You goe from the matter.s. But it was to folow yow.
Come to the poynt.s. why I shall not find yow thear
Yow doe not vnderstand y'e poynt.s. for if I did.
Let me make an end of my tale.s. That which I
will say will make an end of it
Yow take more then is graunted.s.
you graunt lesse then is prooued
Yow speak colorably.s. yow may not say truly.
That is not so by your fauour.s. But by my reason
it is so

_Folio 87, back_.

It is so I will warrant yow.s. yow may warrant me
but I thinke I shall not vowche yow
Awnswere directly.s. yow mean as you may direct
Awnswere me shortly.s. yea that yow may coment
vpon it.
The cases will come together.s. It wilbe to fight
Audistis quia dictum est antiquis
Secundum hominem dico
Et quin[18] non novit talia?
Hoc praetexit nomine culpa
Et fuit in toto notissima fabula celo
Quod quidam facit
Nee nihil neque omnia sunt quae dicit
Facete nunc demum nata ista est oratio
Qui mal intend pis respond
Tum decujt cum sceptra dabas
En haec promissa fides est?
Proteges eos in tabernaculo tuo a contradictione
[Greek: prin to thronein katathronein epistasai]
Sicut audiuimus sic vidimus
Credidj propter quod locutus sum.
Quj erudit derisorem sibj injuriam facit
Super mjrarj ceperunt philosopharj

_Folio 88, front_.

Prudens celat scientiam stultus proclamat stultitiam
Querit derisor sapientiam nee invenit eam.
Non recipit stultus verba prudentie nisi ea dixeris
quae sunt in corde ejus
Lucerna Dej spiraculum hominis
Veritatem eme et noli vendere
Melior claudus in via quam cursor extra viam.
The glory of God is to conceale a thing and the
glory of man is to fynd owt a thing.
Melior est finis orationis quam principium.
Injtium verborum ejus stultitia et novissimum oris
illius pura insania
Verba sapientium sicut aculej et vebut clavj in
altum defixj.
Quj potest capere capiat
Vos adoratis quod nescitis
Vos nihil scitis
Quod est veritas.
Quod scripsj scripsj
Nolj dicere rex Judeorum sed dicens se regem
Virj fratres liceat audacter dicere apud vos
Quod uult seminator his verborum dicere

_Folio 88, back_.

Multe te litere ad Insaniam redigunt.
Sapientiam loquiraur inter perfectos
Et Justificata est sapientia a filijs suis.
Scientia inflat charitas edificat
Eadem vobis scribere mihi non pigrum vobis autem
Hoc autem dico vt nemo vos decipiat in sublimi-
tate sermonum.
Omnia probate quod bonum este tenete
Fidelis sermo
Semper discentes et nunquam ad scientiam veritatis
Proprius ipsorum propheta
Testimonium hoc verum est
Tantam nubem testium.
Sit omnis homo velox ad audiendum tardus ad
Error novissimus pejor priore.
Quecunque ignorant blasphemant
Non credimus quia non legimus
Facile est vt quis Augustinum vincat viderit vtrum
veritate an clamore.
Bellum omnium pater
De nouueau tout est beau
De saison tout est bon
Dj danarj di senno et di fede
Ce ne manca che tu credj
Di mentira y saqueras verdad

_Folio 89, front_.

Magna Civitas magna solitude
light gaines make heuy purses
He may be in my paternoster indeed
But sure he shall neuer be in my Creed
Tanti causas sciat ilia furosis
What will yow?
For the rest
It is possible
Not the lesse for that
Allwaies provyded
Yf yow stay thear
for a tyme
will yow see
what shalbe the end.
Yow take it right
All this while
Whear stay we? prima facie.
That agayne. more or less.
I find that straunge It is bycause
Not vnlike quasi vero
Yf that be so Best of all
What els
Nothing lesse
Yt cometh to that
Hear yow faile
To meet with that
Bear with that
And how now

_Folio 89, front--continued_.

Of grace
as if
let it not displease yow
Yow putt me in mynd
I object, I demaund I distinguish etc.
A matter not in question
few woordes need
much may be said,
yow haue
well offred.
The mean the tyme
All will not serue
Yow haue forgott nothing.
Causa patet
Tamen quaere.
Well remembred
I arreste yow thear
I cannot thinke that
Discourse better
I was thinking of that
I come to that
That is iust nothing
Peraduenture Interrogatory.
Se then how (for much lesse)

NOTE.--This folio is written in three columns. The first two are printed
on page 209, and this page forms the third column. The first line, "Of
grace," is written opposite the sixth line on page 209, "What will yow?"

_Folio 89, back_.

Non est apud aram Consultandem.
Eumenes litter
Sorti pater equus vtrique
Est quoddam [_sic_] prodire tenus si non datur vltra.
Quem si non tenuit magnis tamen excidit ausis
Conamur tenues grandia
Tentantem majora fere praesentibus equum.
Da facilem cursum atque audacibus annue ceptis
Neptunus ventis implevit vela secundis
Crescent illae crescetis Amores
Et quae nunc ratio est impetus ante fuit
Aspice venturo laetentur vt omnia seclo
In Academijs discunt credere
_Vos adoratis quod nescitis_
To gyue Awthors thear due as yow gyue Tyme his
dew w'ch is to discouuer troth.
Vos graeci semper pueri
Non canimus surdis respondent omnia syluae
populus volt decipi
_Scientiam loquimur inter perfectos
Et Justificata est sapientia a filijs suis_
Pretiosa in oculis domini mors sanctorum ejus
Felix qui potuit rerum cognoscere causas.
Magistratus virum iudicat.
Da sapienti occasionem et addetur ej sapienta
Vite me redde priorj
I had rather know then be knowne

_Folio 90, front_.

Orpheus in syluis inter Delphinas Arion
Inopem me copia fecit.
An instrument in tunyng
A yowth sett will neuer be higher.
like as children doe w'th their babies when they haue
plaied enowgh wth them they take sport to
undoe them.
Faber quisque fortune suae
Hinc errores multiplices quod de partibus vitae
singuli deliberant de summa nemo.
Vtilitas magnos hominesque deosque efficit auxilijs
quoque fauente suis.
Qui in agone contendit a multis abstinet
Quidque cupit sperat suaque illum oracula fallunt
Serpens nisi serpentem comederit non fit Draco
The Athenians holyday.
Optimi consiliarij mortuj
Cum tot populis stipatus eat
In tot populis vix vna fides
Odere Reges dicta quae dici iubent
Nolite confidere in principibus
Et multis vtile bellum.
Pulchrorum Autumnus pulcher
Vsque adeone times quern tu facis ipse timendum.
Dux femina facti
Res est ingeniosa dare
A long wynter maketh a full ear.
Declinat cursus aurumque uolubile tollit
Vnum augurium optimum tueri patriam
Bene omnia fecit

_Folio 90, back_.

Et quo quenque modo fugiatque feratque laborem edocet.
Non vlla laborum o virgo nova mi facies inopinave surgit;
Omnia praecepi atque animo mecum ante peregi.
Cultus major censu
Tale of y'e frogg that swelled.
Viderit vtilitas
Qui eget verseter in turba
While the legg warmeth the boote harmeth
Augustus rapide ad locum leniter in loco
My father was chudd for not being a baron.
Prowd when I may doe any man good.
I contemn few men but most thinges.
A vn matto vno & mezo
Tantene animis celestibus ire
Tela honoris tenerior
Alter rixatur de lana sepe caprina
Propugnat nugis armatus scilicet vt non
Sit mihi prima fides.
Nam cur ego amicum offendam in nugis
A skulter
We haue not drunke all of one water.
Ilicet obruimur numer[o].
Numbring not weighing
let them haue long mornynges that haue not good
Cowrt howres
Constancy to remayne in the same state

_Folio 90, back--continued_.

The art of forgetting.
Rather men then maskers.
Variam dans otium mentem
Spire lynes.

_Folio 91, front_.

Veruntamen vane conturbatur omnis homo
Be the day never so long at last it ringeth to
Vita salillum.
Non possumus aliquid contra veritatem sed pro veritate.
Sapie[n]tia quoque perseueravit mecum
Magnorum fluuiorum navigabiles fontes.
Dos est vxoria lites
Haud numine nostro
Atque animis illabere nostris
Animos nil magne laudi egentes
Magnanimj heroes nati mehioribus annis
AEuo rarissima nostro Simplicitas
Qui silet est firmus
Si nunquam fallit imago
And I would haue thowght
Sed fugit interea fugit irreparabile temp[us]
Totum est quod superest
In a good beleef
Possunt quia posse videntur
Justitiamque omnes cupida de mente fugaru[nt]
Qui bene nugatur ad mensam sepe vocatur
faciunt et tedi[urn finitum?][19]
Malum bene conditum ne moveas
Be it better be it woorse
Goe yow after him that beareth the purse
Tranquillo quilibet gubernator
Nullus emptor difficilis bonum emit opsonium
Chi semina spine non vada discalzo

_Folio 91, back_.

Quoniam Moses ad duritiem cordis permi [sit] vobis
Non nossem peccatum nisi per legem.
Discite Justitiam monit;
Vbj testamentum ibi necesse est mors intercedat
Scimus quia lex bona est si quis ea vtatur legitime
Ve vobis Jurisperitj
Nee me verbosas leges ediscere nee me Ingrato
voces prostituisse foro.
fixit leges pretio atque refixit
Nec ferrea Jura Insanumque forum et populi
tabularia vidit
Miscueruntque novercae non innoxia verba
Jurisconsultj domus oraculum Civitatis
now as ambiguows as oracles.
Hic clamosi rabiosa forj
Jurgia vendens improbus
Iras et verba locat
In veste varietas sit scissura non sit
Plenitude potestatis est plenitudo tempestatis
Iliacos intra muros peccatur et extra
Prosperum et felix scelus virtus vocatur
Da mihi fallere da iustum sanctumque viderj.
Nil nisi turpe iuuat cure est sua cuique voluptas
Hec quoque ab alterius grata dolore venit
Casus ne deusne
fabuleque manes

_Folio 92, front_.

Ille Bioneis sermonibus et sale nigro
Existimamus diuitem omnia scire recte
Querunt cum qua gente cadant
Totus mu[n]dus in malingo positus
O major tandem parcas insane minori
forma dat esse
Nee fandj fictor Vlisses
Non tu plus cernis sed plus temerarius audes
Nec tibj plus cordis sed minus oris inest.
Invidiam placare paras virtute relicta
[Greek: ho polla klepsas oliga douk ekpheuxetai]
Botrus oppositus Botro citius maturescit.
Old treacle new losanges.
Soft fire makes sweet malt.
Good to be mery and wise.
Seeldome cometh the better.
He must needes swymme that is held vp by the chynne.
He that will sell lawne before he can fold it.
Shall repent him before he haue sold it.
No man loueth his fetters thowgh they be of gold.
The nearer the church the furder from God.
All is not gold that glisters.
Beggers should be no chuzers.
A beck is as good as a dieu vous gard.
The rowling stone neuer gathereth mosse.
Better children weep then old men.

_Folio 92, back_.

When bale is heckst boote is next.
Ill plaieng w'th short dag (taunting replie).
He that neuer clymb neuer fell.
The loth stake standeth long.
Itch and ease can no man please.
To much of one thing is good for nothing.
Ever spare and euer bare.
A catt may looke on a Kyng.
He had need be a wyly mowse should breed in the
cattes ear.
Many a man speaketh of Rob. hood that neuer shott
in his bowe.
Batchelers wyues and maides children are well
God sendeth fortune to fooles.
Better are meales many then one to mery.
Many kisse the child for the nurses sake.
When the head akes all the body is the woorse.
When theeues fall owt trew men come to their good.
An yll wynd that bloweth no man to good.
All this wynd shakes no Corn.
Thear be more waies to the wood then one.
Tymely crookes the Tree that will a good Camocke be.
Better is the last smile then thefirst laughter.
No peny no pater noster.
Every one for himself and God for vs all.

_Folio 93, front_.

Long standing and small offring.
The catt knowes whose lippes she lickes.
As good neuer a whitt as neuer the better.
fluvius quae procul sunt irrigat.
As far goeth the pilgrymme as the post.
Cura esse quod audis.
[Greek: Erga neon Bomlai de meson enchai de geronton.]
Taurum tollet qui vitulum sustulerit.
Lunae radijs non maturescit Botrus.
Nil profuerit Bulbus; y'e potado will doe no good.
Dormientis rete trahit The sleeping mans nett draweth.
ijsdem e literis efficitur Tragedia et Comedia.
Tragedies and Comedies are made of one Alphabett.
Good wyne needes no bush.
Heroum filij noxae.
The sonnes of demy goddes demy men.
Alia res sceptrum alia plectrum
fere danides.[20]
Abore dejecta quivis ligna colligit.
The hasty bytch whelpes a blind lytter.
Priscis credendum.
We must beleeue the wytnesses are dead.
Thear is no trusting a woman nor a tapp.

_Folio 93, back_.

Not onely y'e Spring but the Michelmas Spring.
Virj iurejurandi pueri talis fallendj.
Ipsa dies quandoque parens quandoque noverca est.
Vbj non sis qui fueris non esse cur velis viuere.
Compendiaria res improbitas.
It is in action as it is in wayes; comonly the nearest
is the fowlest.
Lachrima nil citius arescit.
woorke when God woorkes.
A shrewd turn comes vnbidden.
Hirundines sub eodem tecto ne habeas.
A thorn is gentle when it is yong.
Aut regem aut fatuum nasci oportet (of a free jester).
Exigua res est ipsa Justitia.
Quae non posuistj ne tollas.
Dat veniam coruis vexat Censura columbas.
Lapsa lingua verum dicit.
The toung trippes vpon troth.
The evill is best that is lest [best?] knowen.
A mercury cannot be made of every wood (bvt
priapus may).
Princes haue a Cypher.
Anger of all passions beareth the age lest [best?].
One hand washeth another.
Iron sharpeth against Iron.

_Folio 94, front_.

Eyther bate conceyte or putt to strength.
faciunt et sphaceli Immunitatem.
He may be a fidler that cannot be a violine.
Milke the staunding Cowe. Why folowe yow the
He is the best prophete that telleth the best fortune.
Garlike and beans
like lettize like lips.
Mons cum monte non miscetur.
Hilles meet not.
A northen man may speake broad.
Haesitantia Cantoris Tussis.
No hucking Cator buyeth good achates.
Spes alit exules.
Romanus sedendo vincit.
Yow must sowe w'th the hand not w'th the baskett.
Mentiuntur multa cantores (few pleasing speches
It is noth if it be in verse.
Leonis Catulum ne alas.
He cowrtes a fury.
Dij laneos habent pedes (They leaue no prynt).
The weary ox setteth stronger.
A mans customes are the mowldes whear his fortune
is cast.

_Folio 94, back_.

Beware of the vinegar of sweet wyne.
Adoraturj sedeant.[21]
To a foolish people a preest possest.
The packes may be sett right by the way.
It is the Cattes nature and the wenches fault.
Coene fercula nostre.
Mallem conviuis quam placuisse cocis.
Al Confessor medico e aduocato.
Non si de tener [tena?] il ver celato.
Assaj ben balla a chi fortuna suona.
A yong Barber and an old phisicion.
Buon vin Cattina testa dice il griego.
Buon vin fauola lunga.
good watch chazeth yll aduenture.
Campo rotto paga nuoua.
Better be martyr then Confessor.
L'Imbassador no porta pena.
Bella botta non ammazza vecello.
A tender finger maketh a festred sore.
A catt will neuer drowne if she see the shore.
Qui a teme [temor?] a lie.
He that telleth tend [tond?] lyeth is eyther a foole
himself or he to whome he telles them.
Che posce a [ci?] Cana pierde piu che guadagna.

_Folio 95, front_.

Ramo curto vindimi lunga
Tien l'amico tuo con viso suo.
Gloria in the end of the salme
An asses trott and a fyre of strawe dureth not
Por mucho madrugar no amanece mas ayna
Erly rising hasteneth not y'e morning.
Do yra el Buey que no are?
Mas vale buena quexa que mala paga
Better good pleint then yll pay
He that pardons his enemy the amner shall haue
his goodes
Chi offendi maj perdona
He that resolues in hast repentes at leasure
A dineros pagados brazos quebrados.
Mas uale bien de lexos que mal de cerca.
El lobo & la vulpeja son todos d'vna conseja
No haze poco quien tu mal echa a otro (oster before)
El buen suena, el mal buela.
At the trest of the yll the lest
Di mentira y sagueras verdad
Tell a lye to knowe a treuth
La oveja mansa mamma su madre y agena
En fin la soga quiebra por el mas delgado.
Quien ruyn es en su villa ruyn es en Sevilla
Quien no da nudo pierde punto
Quien al Ciel escupe a la cara se le buelve
Covetousenesse breakes the sacke
Dos pardales a tua espiga haze mala ligua

_Folio 95, back_.

Quien ha las hechas ha las sospechas.
La muger que no vera no haze larga tela
Quien a las hechas ha las sospechas.
Todos los duelos con pan son buenos.
El mozo por no saber, y el viejo por no poder dexan
las cosas pierder.
La hormiga quandose a de perder nasiente alas
De los leales se hinchen los huespitales.
Dos que se conoscan de lexos se saludan.
Bien ayrna quien mal come.
Por mejoria mi casa dexaria
Hombre apercebido medio combatido
He caries fier in one hand and water in the other
To beat the bush while another catches the byrd
To cast beyond the moone
His hand is on his halfpeny
As he brues so he must drinke
Both badd me God speed but neyther bad me wellcome
To bear two faces in a whood
To play cold prophett
To sett vp a candell before the devill
He thinketh his farthing good syluer

_Folio 96, front_.

Let them that be a cold blowe at the cold.
I haue seen as farre come as nigh
The catt would eat fish but she will not wett her foote
Jack would be a gentleman if he could speake french
Tell your cardes and tell me what yow haue wonne
Men know how the markett goeth by the markett men.
The keyes hang not all by one mans gyrdell.
While the grasse growes the horse starueth
I will hang the bell about the cattes neck.
He is one of them to whome God bedd heu
I will take myne altar in myne armes
for the mooneshyne in the water
It may ryme but it accords not
To make a long haruest for a lyttell corn

_Folio 96, back_.

Neyther to heavy nor to hott
Soft for dashing
Thowght is free
The deuill hath cast a bone to sett strife
To putt ones hand between the barke and the Tree
Who meddles in all thinges may shoe the gosling
Let the catt wynke and lett the mowse runne
He hath one pointe of a good haulke he is handy
The first poynt of a faulkener to hold fast
Ech finger is a thumb
Owt of Gods blessing into the warme sune.
At eve[r]y dogges barke to awake
A lone day
My self can tell best where my shoe wringes me
A cloke for the Rayne
To leap owt of the frieng pan into the fyre
Now toe on her distaff then she can spynne
To byte and whyne
The world runs on wheeles
He would haue better bread than can be made of whea[t]
To take hart of grace

_Folio 97, front_.

Thear was no more water then the shipp drewe
A man must tell yow tales and find yow ears
Haruest ears (of a busy man).
When thrift is in the feeld he is in the Towne
That he wynnes in y'e hundreth he louseth in the Shyre
To stumble at a strawe and leap over a bloc
To stoppe two gappes with one bush
To doe more than the preest spake of on Sunday
To throwe the hatchet after the helve
Yow would be ouer the stile before yow come at it.
Asinus avis (a foolish conjecture).
Herculis Cothurnos aptare infantj
To putt a childes leg into Hercules buskin
Jupiter orbus
Tales of Jupiter dead withowt yssue
Juxta fluuium puteum fodere
To dig a well by the Ryuer side
A ring of Gold on a swynes snowte
To help the sunne with lantornes
In ostio formosus (gratiows to shew)
Myosobae flyflappers (offyciows fellowes)
[Greek: Adelphizein]. To brother it (fayre speech)
Jactare iugum To shake the yoke
When It was to salt to wash it with fresh water
(when speach groweth in bi ... to fynd taulke
more gratfull)

_Folio 97, back_.

Mira de lente
Quid ad farinas.
Quarta luna Natj (Hercules nativity).
Olle amicitia.
Venus font.
Utraque nutans sententia
Hasta caduceum
The two that went to a feast both at dyner and
supper neyther knowne, the one a tall the other
a short man and said they would be one
anothers shadowe. It was replied it fell owt fitt,
for at noone the short man mowght be the long
mans shadowe and at night the contrary.
A sweet dampe (a dislike of moist perfume).
Wyld tyme on the grownd hath a sent like a Cypresse chest.
Panis lapidosus grytty bread
Plutoes Helmett; secrecy Invisibility
Omnem vocem mittere (from inchantmentes)
Tertium caput; (of one ouercharged that hath a burden
upon eyther showder and the 3rd. vpon his head).
Triceps mercurius (great cunyng).
Creta notare (chaulking and colouring).

_Folio 98, front_.

Vt phidie signum (presently allowed).
Jovis sandalium; (Jupiters slipper, a man onely
esteemed for nearnesse).
Pennas nido majore extendere.
Hic Rhodus Hic Saltus (exacting demonstracion).
Atticus in portum
Divinum excipio sermonem
Agamemnonis hostia
With sailes and owres
To way ancre.
To keep strooke (fitt conjunctes).
To myngle heauen and earth together.
To stirr his curteynes (to raise his wyttes and sprites).
Comovere sacra
To iudg the Corne by the strawe.
Domj Conjecturam facere [Greek: oikothen eikax[ein]]
To divine with a sive (?)
Mortuus per somnum vacabis curis (of one that
interpretes all thinges to the best).
Nil sacrj es (Hercules to adonis).
Plumbeo iugulare gladio (A tame argument).
Locrensis bos (a mean present).
Ollaris Deus. (a man respected for his profession
withowt woorth in himself).
In foribus Vrceus; an earthen pott in the threshold

_Folio 98, back_.

To drawe of the dregges
Lightenyng owt of a payle
Durt tramped w'th bloude.
Ni pater esses
Vates secum auferat omen.
In eo ipso stas lapide vbj praeco praedicat, of one that
is abowt to be bowght and sold.
Lydus ostium claudit (of one that is gone away w'th
his purpose).
Vtranque paginam facit An auditors booke (of one
to whome both good and yll is imputed).
Non navigas noctu (of one that govern[s] himself
acaso [bycause] the starres which were wont to
be the shipmans direction appear but in the
It smelleth of the lampe
You are in the same shippe
Between the hamer and the Andville
Res est in cardine
Vndarum in vinis
Lepus pro carnibus (of a man persecuted for profite
and not for malice).
Corpore effugere
Nunquid es saul inter prophetas
A dog in the manger
[Greek: Oaekonous] (a howsedowe a dedman).

_Folio 99, front_.

Officere luminibus
I may be in their light but not in their way.
Felicibus sunt et timestres liberj.
To stumble at the threshold
Aquilae senectus
Of the age now they make popes of
Nil ad Parmenonis suem
Aquila in nubibus (a thing excellent but remote).
Mox Sciemus melius vate
In omni fabula et Daedali execratio (of one made a
party to all complaintes).
Semper tibj pendeat hamus.
Res redit ad triarios.
Tentantes ad trojam pervenere greci
Cignea cantio
To mowe mosse (vnseasonable taking of vse or
Ex tripode
Ominabitur aliquis te conspecto.
He came of an egge
Leporem comedit

_Folio 99, back_.

H [Greek: Ae tan ae epi tun]
Dormientis rete trahit
Vita doliaris
He castes another mans chaunces.
I neuer liked proceeding vpon Articles before bookes
nor betrothinges before mariages.
Lupus circa puteum chorum agit
The woolue danceth about the welle.
Spem pretio emere
Agricola semper in nouum annam diues.
To lean to a staffe of reed
fuimus Troes.
Ad vinum disertj.
To knytt a rope of sand.
Pedum visa est via
Panicus casus
Penelopes webb
[Greek: skiamachein]
To striue for an asses shade
Laborem serere.
Hylam inclamat.
[Greek: theomachein]
To plowe the wyndes
Actum agere
Versuram soluere To euade by a greater mischeef.
Bulbos querit (of those that looke downe
Between the mowth and the morsell).
A Buskin (that will serve both legges
not an indifferent man but a dowble spye).

_Folio 100, front_.

Chameleon Proteus, Euripus.
Mu[l]ta novit uulpes sed Echinus unum magnum
Semper Africa aliquid monstrj parit
Ex eodem ore calidum et frigidum.
Ex se finxit velut araneus
Laqueus laqueum cepit.
Hinc ille lachrime; Hydrus in dolio
Dicas tria ex Curia (liberty vpon dispaire)
Argi Collis (a place of robbing).
Older then Chaos.
Samiorum flores
A bride groomes life
Samius comatus (of one of no expectacion and great
Adonis gardens (thinges of great pleasure but soone
Que sub axillis fiunt.
In crastinum seria.
To remooue an old tree
[Greek: Kymakophon] (of one that fretteth and vaunteth
boldnesse to vtter choler).
To bite the br[i]dle
Lesbia regula.
Vnguis in vlcere
To feed vpon musterd
In antro trophonij (of one that neuer laugheth).
Arctum annulum ne gestato.

_Folio 100, back_.

Areopagita; Scytala.
Cor ne edito.
Cream of Nectar
Promus magis quam Condus.
He maketh to deep a furrowe
Charons fares
Amazonum cantile[n]a; The Amazons song
(Delicate persons).
To sow curses.
To quench fyre with oyle
Ex ipso boue lora sumere.
Mala attrahens ad se vt Cesias nubes
Pryauste gaudes gaudium.
Bellerophontis literae (producing lettres or evidence
against a mans self).
Puer glaciem.
To hold a woolf by the ears
fontibus apros, floribus austrum
Softer then the lippe of the ear
More tractable then wax
Aurem vellere.
[Greek: Aeeritrimma]; frippon
To picke owt the Ravens eyes.
Improbitas musce (an importune that wilbe soone
awnswered but straght in hand agayne).
Argentangina, sylver mumpes
Lupi illum videre priores
Dorica musa.
To looke a gyven horse in the mowth.

_Folio 101, front_.

Vlysses pannos exuit.
fatis imputandum
Terrae filius
Hoc jam et vates sciunt
Whear hartes cast their hornes
few dead byrdes fownd.
Prouolvitur ad milvios (a sickly man gladd of the
Odi memorem compotorem.
Delius natator.
Numeris platonis obscurius
Dauus sum non Oedipus
Infixo aculeo fugere
Genuino mordere.
Ansam quaerere.
Que sunt apud inferos sermones.
Et Scellij filium abominor (of him that cannot
endure the sound of a matter; from Aristocrates
Scellius sonne, whome a man deuoted to a
democracy said he could not abide for the
nearnesse of his name to an Aristocracy).
Water from the handes (such doctrynes as are
polluted by custome).

_Folio 101, back_.

famis campus an yll horse kept
The thredd is sponne now nedes the neadle
quadratus homo. a Cube.
fenum habet in Cornu.
Armed intreaty.
Omnia secunda saltat senex.
[Greek: theon cheires]
Mopso Nisa datur
Dedecus publicum.
Riper then a mulbery.
Tanquam de Narthecio
Satis quercus; Enowgh of Acornes.
Haile of perle.
Intus canere.
Symonidis Cantilena.
Viam qui nescit ad mare
Alter Janus.
To swyme withowt a barke
An owles egg.
Shake another tree
E terra spectare naufragia
In diem vivere
Vno die consenescere.
[Greek: Porro dios te K[a]i keraunou]
Servire scenae.
Omnium horarum homo
Spartae servi maxime servi
Non sum ex istis heriobus (_sic_) (potentes ad

_Folio 101, back--continued_.

Scopae dissolute
Clavum clauo pellere
Extra querere sese

_Folio 102, front_.

Cumjnj sector
Laconice lunae.
Coruus aquat.
Ne incalceatus in montes.
Domj Milesia
Sacra hec non aliter constant.
Gallus insistit
Leonis vestigia quaeris (ostentation with couardize)
fumos vendere
Calidum mendacium optimum
Solus Currens vincit.
Vulcaneum vinclum.
Salt to water (whence it came).
Canis seviens in lapidem
Aratro iacularj.
Semel rubidus decies pallidus.
Tanto buon che ual niente
So good, as he is good for nothing.
The crowe of the bellfry.
The vinegar of sweet wyne.
En vne nuit naist vn champignon.
He hath more to doe then the ovens in Christmas.
piu doppio ch' una zevola
Il cuopre vn altare & discuopre l' altro
He will hide himself in a mowne medowe
Il se crede segnar & se da de dettj ne gli occhi
He thinkes to blesse himself and thrustes his fingers into his eyes

_Folio 102, back_.

He is gone like a fay withowt his head
La sopra scritta e buona
La pazzia li fa andare |
La vergogna li fa restare |
Mangia santj & caga Diauolj.
Testa digiuna, barba pasciuta.
L'asne qui porte le vin et boit l'eau
lyke an ancher that is euer in the water and will
neuer learn to swyme
He doth like the ape that the higher he clymbes the
more he shews his ars.
Se no va el otero a Mahoma vaya Mahoma al otero.
Nadar y nadar y ahogar a la orilla
llorar duelos agenos
Si vos sabes mucho tambien se yo mi salm [o?]
Por hazer mi miel comieron mj muxcas
Come suol d'Invierno quien sale tarde y pone presto.
Lo que con el ojo veo con el dedo lo adeuino
Hijo no tenemos y nombre lo ponemos.
Por el buena mesa y mal testamento.
Era mejor lamiendo que no mordiendo
Perro del hortelano
Despues d'yo muerto ni vinna ni huerto
Perdj mj honor hablando mal y oyendo peor
Tomar asino que me lleue y no cauallo que me derruque.

_Folio 103, front_.

So many heades so many wittes
Happy man happy dole
In space cometh grace
Nothing is impossible to a willing hand
Of two ylles chuze the lest.
Better to bow then to breake
Of suffrance cometh ease
Two eyes are better then one.
Leaue is light
Better vnborn then vntaught.
All is well that endes well
Of a good begynyng comes a good ending
Thinges doone cannot be vndoone
Pride will haue a fall
Some what is better then nothing
Better be envyed then pytied
Every man after his fashon
He may doe much yll ere he doe much woorse
We be but where we were
Vse maketh mastery
Loue me lyttell love me long.
They that are bownd must obey
Foly it is to spurn against the pricke
Better sitt still then rise and fall.
Might overcomes right
No smoke w'th owt some fire
Tyme tryeth troth
Make not to sorowes of one

_Folio 103, back_.

Thear is no good accord
whear euery one would be a lord
Saieng and doing are two thinges
Better be happy then wise
Who can hold that will away
Allwaies let leasers haue their woordes
Warned and half armed
He that hath an yll name is half hanged
Frenzy Heresy and jalousy are three
That seeldome or neuer cured be
That the ey seeth not the hart rueth not
Better comyng to the ending of a feast then to the
begynyng of a fray
Yll putting a swoord in a mad mans hand
He goes farre that neuer turneth
Principium dimidium totius
Quot homines tot sententiae
Suum cujque pulchrum.
Que supra nos nihil ad nos
Ama tanquam osurus oderis tanquam amaturus.
Amicorum omnia communia
Vultu sepe leditur pietas
Fortes fortuna adjuuat.
Omne tulit punctum.
In magnis et uoluisse sat est
Difficilia quoee pulchra.
Turn tua res agitur paries cum proximus ardet
Et post malam segetem serendum est
Omnium rerum vicissitudo

_Folio 103 back--continued_.

In nil sapiendo vita jucundissima
Parturiunt montes nascetur ridiculus mus
Dulce bellum inexpertis
Naturam expellas furca licet vsque recurret.

_Folio 104, front_.

Quo semel est imbuta recens servabit odorem
Bis dat qui cito dat
Consciencia mille testes
In vino veritas
Bonae leges ex malis moribus
Nequicquam sapit qui sibj non sapit
Summum jus summa injuria
Sera in fundo parsimonia
Optimum non nasci
Musa mihi causas memora
Ambages sed summa sequar fastigia rerum
Causasque innecte morandj
Incipit effari mediaque in voce resistit
Sensit enim simulata voce locutam
quae prima exordia sumat
Haec alternantj potior sententia visa est.
Et inextricabilis error
Obscuris vera inuolvens.
Hae tibi erunt artes
Sic genus amborum scindit se sanguine ab vno.
Varioque viam sermone leuabat
Quid causas petis ex alto fiducia cessit
Quo tibj Diua mej
Causas nequicquam nectis inanes
quid me alta silentia cogis
Rumpere et obductum verbis vulgare dolorem
Nequicquam patrias tentasti lubricus artes
Do quod uis et me victusque uolensque remitto

_Folio 104, front--continued_.

Sed scelus hoc meritj pondus et instar habet
Quaeque prior nobis intulit ipse ferat
Officium fecere pium sed invtile nobis
Exiguum sed plus quam nihil illud erit
Sed lateant vires nec sis in fronte disertus
Sit tibj credibilis sermo consuetaque verba
praesens vt videare loqui

_Folio 104, back_.

Ille referre aliter sepe solebat idem
Nec uultu destrue verba tuo
Nec sua vesanus scripta poeta legat
Ars casum simulet
Quid cum legitima fraudatur litera uoce
Blaesaque fit iusso lingua coacta sono
Sed quae non prosunt singula multa iuuant.
Sic parvis componere magna solebam
Alternis dicetis
paulo majora canamus
Non omnes arbusta iuuant
Et argutos inter strepere anser olores.
Causando nostros in longum ducis amores
Nec tibj tam sapiens quisquam persuadeat autor
Nec sum animj dubius verbis ea vincere magnum
quam sit et angustis hunc addere rebus honorem
Sic placet an melius quis habet suadere
Quamquam ridentem dicere verum
quis vetat
Sed tamen amoto quaeramus seria ludo
Posthabuj tamen illorum mea seria ludo
O imitatores seruum pecus
Quam temere in nobis legem sancimus iniquam.
mores sensusque repugnant
Atque ipsa vtilitas justj prope mater et equi
dummodo visum
Excutiat sibj non hic cuiquam parcit amico
Nescio quod meritum nugarum totus in illis
Num[22] quid vis occupo

_Folio 104, back--continued_.

Noris nos inquit doctj sumus
O te bollane cerebrj
Felicem aiebam tacitus.

_Folio 105, front_.

ridiculum acrj
Fortius et melius magnas plerunque secat res.
At magnum fecit quod verbis graeca latinis }
Miscuit o serj studiorum }
Nil ligat exemplum litem quod lite resoluit
Nimirum insanus paucis videatur eo quod }
Maxima pars hominum morbo laborat eodem }
Neu si vafer vnus et alter
Insidiatorem praeroso fugerit hamo
Aut spem deponas aut artem illusus omittas
gaudent praenomine molles }
auriculae }
Renuis tu quod jubet alter
Qui variare cupit rem prodigaliter unam.
Et adhuc sub judice lis est.
Proijcit ampullas et sesquipedalia verba
Quid dignum tanto feret hic promissor hiatu
Atque ita mentitur sic veris falsa remittet
tantum series juncturaque pollet
Tantum de medio sumptis accedit honoris
Ergo fungar vice cotis acutum }
Reddere que possit ferrum exors ipsa secandj }
Haec placuit semel haec decies repetita placebit
Fas est et ab hoste docerj
Vsque adeo quod tangit idem est tamen vltima
Quis furor auditos inquit praeponere visis [distans].
Pro munere poscimus vsum
Inde retro redeunt idemque retexitur ordo
Nil tam bonum est quin male narrando possit

_Folio 105, back_.

Furor arma ministrat
Pulchrumque morj succurrit in armis
Aspirat primo fortuna laborj
Facilis jactura sepulchrj
Cedamus phoebo et monitj meliora sequamu[r]
Fata uiam invenient
Degeneres animos timor arguit
Viresque acquirit eundo
Et caput inter nubila condit
Et magnas territat vrbes
Tam ficti prauique tenax quam nuntia verj
Gaudens et pariter facta atque infecta canebat
Nusquam tuta fides
Et oblitos famae meliori amantes
Varium et mutabile semper
Furens quid femina possit
Quo fata trahunt retrahuntque sequamur
Quicquid id est superanda est omnis fortun[a] ferendo
Tu ne cede malis sed contra audentior i[to]
Hoc opus hic labor est
Nullj fas casto sceleratum insistere li[men]
Discite justitiam monitj.
Quisque suos patimur manes
Neu patrie validat[23] in viscera vertite vires
Verique effeta senectus.
At patiens operum paruoque assueta iuuen[tus]
Juno vires animumque ministrat
Nescia mens hominum fatj sortisque futur[ae]
Et servare modum rebus sublata secund[is]

_Folio 106, front_.

Spes sibi quisque
Nee te vllius violentia vincat
Respice res hello varias
Credidimus lachrimis an et hae simulare docentur
He quoque habent artes quaque iubentur eunt
Quaecunque ex merito spes venit equa venit
Simplicitas digna fauore fuit
Exitus acta probat careat successibus opto
Quisquis ab euentu facta notanda putet.
Ars fit vbj a teneris crimen condiscitur annis
Jupiter esse pium statuit quodcunque iunaret
Non honor est sed onus
Si qua voles apte nubere nube parj
Perdere posse sat est si quern iuuat ista potestas.
Terror in his ipso major solet esse periclo
Quaeque timere libet pertimuisse pudet
An nescis longas regibus esse manus
Vtilis interdum est ipsis injuria passis
Fallitur augurio spes bona sepe suo
Quae fecisse iuuat facta referre pudet
Consilium prudensque animj sententia jurat
Et nisi judicij vincula nulla valent
Sin abeunt studia in mores
Illa verecundis lux est praebenda puellis
Qua timidus latebras speret habere pudor
Casta est quam nemo rogauit
Quj non vult fierj desidiosus amet
Gratia pro rebus merito debetur inemptis
Quern metuit quisque perisse cupit

_Folio 106, back_.

A late promus of formularies
and elegancies


_Folio 107, front_.

He that owt leaps his strength standeth not
He keeps his grownd; Of one that speaketh certenly
& pertinently
He lighteth well; of one that concludeth his speach
Of speaches digressive; This goeth not to the ende
of the matter; from the lawyers,
for learnyng sake.

Mot. of the mynd explicat in woords implicat in
I iudg best implicat in thowg. or of trial or mark
bycause of swiftnes collocat. & differe & to
make woords sequac.

_Folio 107, back_.


_Folio 108, front_.

Vpon Impatience of Audience
Verbera sed audi. The fable of the syrenes
Auribus mederj difficillimum. Placidasque viri deus obstruit
Noluit Intelligerevt bene aures
The ey is the gate of the
affection, but the ear
of the vnderstanding

Vpon question to reward evill w'th evill
Noli aemularj in malig- Cum perverso perverteris;
nantibus lex talionis
Crowne him wth tols (?) Yow are not for this world
Nil malo quam illos simil- Tanto buon cheval niente
les esse suj et me mej

Vpon question whether a man should speak or
forbear speach

Quia tacuj inveterauerunt Obmutuj et non aperuj os
ossa mea (speach may meum quoniam tu fecistj
now & then breed It is goddes doing.
smart in y'e flesh; but Posuj custodiam Orj
keeping it in goeth to meo cum consisteret
y'e bone). peccator aduersum me.
Credidi propter quod Ego autem tanquam
locutus sum. surdus nonaudiebam et
Obmutuj et humiliatus tanquam mutus non
sum siluj etaim a bonis aperiens os suum
et dolor meus re-
nouatus est.

_Folio 108, back_.

Benedictions and maledictions
Et folium eius non defluet
Mella fluant illj ferat
et rubus asper amonium

Dij meliora pijs
Horresco referens

_Folio 109, front_.

Per otium To any thing impertinent.
Speech yt hangeth not together nor is concludent.
Raw sylk; sand.
Speech of good & various wayght but not neerely
applied; A great vessell yt cannot come neer
Of one yt. rippeth things vp deepely. He shooteth
to high a compass to shoote neere.
Y'e law at Twicknam for mery tales

_Folio 109, back_.


_Folio 109c, front_.


_Folio 109d, back_.

_Folio 110, front_.


The syn against y'e holy ghost termd in zeal by one
of y'e fathers
Cause of Oths; Quarells; expence & vnthriftynes;
ydlenes & indisposition of y'e mynd to labors.
Art of forgetting; cause of society acquaintance
familiarity in frends; neere & ready attendance
in servants; recreation & putting of melancholy;
Putting of malas curas & cupiditates.
Games of Actiuity & passetyme; _sleight_ of Act. of
strength quicknes; quick of y'e hand; legg, the
whole mocion; strength of arme; legge; _Of
Activity of sleight_.
Of passetyme onely; of hazard, of play mixt
Of hazard; meere hazard Cunnyng in making yor.
game; Of playe: exercise of attention;
of memory; of Dissimulacion; of discrecion;
Of many hands or of receyt; of few; of quick
returne tedious; of praesent iudgment; of
vncerten yssue.
Seuerall playes or Ideas of play.
Frank play; wary play, venturous not venturous
quick slowe;
Oversight Dotage Betts Lookers on Judgment
groome porter; Christmas; Invention for hunger
Oddes; stake; sett;
He that folowes his losses & giueth soone over at
wynnings will never gayne by play
Ludimus incauti studioque aperimur ab ipso

_Folio 110, front--continued_.

He that playeth not the begynnyng of a game well at
tick tack & y'e later end at yrish shall never
Frier Gilbert
Y'e lott; earnest in old tyme sport now as musik
owt of church to chamber

_Folio 110, back_.


_Folio 111_.


_Folio 112, front_.

good morow_
Good swear[24]
Good trauaile
good hast
good matens
good betymes; bonum mane
bon iouyr. Bon iour; (bridgrome).
good day to me & good morow to yow.
I haue not sayd all my prayers till I haue bid yow
good morow.
Late rysing fynding a bedde,
early risinge, summons to ryse
Diluculo surgere saluberrimum est.
Surge puer mane sed noli surgere vane.
Yow will not rise afore yor betters
(y'e sonne).
Por mucho madrugar no amanece mas ayna.
Qui a bon voisin a bon matin
(lodged next);
Stulte quid est somnus gelidae nisi mortis imago
Longa quiescendi tempora fata dabunt.
Albada; golden sleepe.
early vp & neuer y'e neere.
The wings of y'e mornyng.
The yowth & spring of y'e day
The Cock; The Larke.
Cowrt howres.

_Folio 112, front--continued_.

Constant; abedd when yow are bedd; & vp when
yow are vp.
Trew mens howres.
Is this your first flight x I doe not as byrds doe for
I fly owt of my feathersz Is it not a fayre one
Sweet, fresh of y'e mornyng.
I pray god your early rysing doe yow no hurt;
Amen when I vse it.
I cannot be ydle vp as yow canne.
Yow could not sleep for your yll lodging; I cannot
gett owt of my good lodginge.
Yow have an alarum in your head
Block heads & clock heads.
There is Law against lyers a bedde.
Yow haue no warrant to ly a bedde
Synce yow are not gott vp turn vp.
Hott cocckles withowt sands

god night
Well to forgett;
I wish yow may so well sleepe as yow may not fynd
yor yll lodging.

NOTE.--This folio is written in two columns. The second
column begins with the line, "I pray god your early rysing."

* * * * *

_Folio 112, back_.


_Folio 113, front_.


_Folio 113, back_.

fourmes & elegancyes.

_Folio 114, front_.

_Formularies Promus 27 Jan. 1595_.

Against con-} Es. conceyt of //
ceyt of diffi-}Tentantes ad Trojam peruenere Impossibili- //
culty or im-} ties & Ima- //
possibility ginations //
vt s[upra] ad id
Ess. indear- //
Abstinence}Qui in agone contendit a multis ing generali-//
negatiues } abstinet. ties & prae- //
cepts //
vt s[upra] All the commaundments nega ad id
tiue saue two ad id //

Parerga; mouente sed nil pro- ad id. and
Curious; Busy extenuating //
without jug mouentes operosities, nil ad deuises & //
ment good summam. particulars.
direction Claudus I via ad id.
vt s[upra]
[25]Direction}to give the grownd in bowling. //
generall. }
vt sup[ra] Like tempring with phisike a ad id. //
good diett much better.

Zeal affection}Omni possum in eo qui me Idea. zeal
alacrity } confortat & good affec-//
tion ye e. //

vt s[upra] Possunt quia posse videntur ad id.
vt s[upra] Exposition of Not Overweenning
but ouerwilling. ad id. //
vt s[upra] Goddes presse; Voluntaries ad id. //
detraction Chesters wytt to depraue &
otherwise not wyse [26]s. P. s. J.//

Hast In actions as in wayes the nearest Ind my stay//
ikpatience y'e fowlest

* * * * *

_Folio 114, back_.


_Folio 115, front_.


_Folio 115, back_.
ffrancys Dalle
fragments of Elegancyes

_Folio 116, front_.

//Quod adulationis nomine dicitur bonum quod
// obtrectationis malum.
Cujus contrarium majus; majus aut priuatio cujus
minus animis.#
//Cujus opus et uirtus majus majus cujus minus minus
//quorum cupiditates majores aut meliores,
//quorum scientiae aut artes honestiores.
//quod uir melior eligeret vt injuriam potius pati
// quam facere.
//quod manet melius quam quod transit.
//quorum quis autor cupit esse bonum, cujus horret
// malum.
//quod quis amico cupit facere bonum quod inimico
// malum.
//Diuturniora minus diuturnis
//quod plures eligunt potius quam quod pauciores.
//quod controuertentes dicunt bonum perinde ac omnes
quod scientes et potentes, quod judicantes.
//Quorum praemia majora, majora bona, quorum
mulctae majores, majora mala.
Quas confessis et tertijs majoribus majora.
//quod ex multis constat magis bonum cum multi
// articulj bonj dissectj magnitudinem prae se ferunt
Natiua ascitis.
//Qua supra aetatem praeter occasionem aut oportuni-
// tate praeter naturam toe; praeter conditionem
// temporis praeter naturam personae vel instru-
// mentivel iuuamentimajora quam quae secundum.

_Folio, 116 back_.

//quae in grauiore tempore vtilia vt in morbo senectute
// aut aduersis.
//Ex duobus medijs quod propinquius est fruj
//Quae tempore futuro et vltimo quia sequens tempus
// evacuat praeterita
Antiqua novis noua antiquis
Consueta nouis noua consuetis
//quod ad veritatem magis quam ad opinionem Ejus
// [27]ante, quae ad opinionem pertinet, ratio est ac
// modus, quod quis sj clam fore putaret non
// eligeret
//Polychreston vt diuitiae, robur, potentia, facultates
// animj
# Ex duobus quod tertio aequali adjunctum majus ipsa[2]
# Quae non latent cum adsunt, quam quae latere
possunt majora.
//quod magis ex necessitate vt oculus vnus lusco
//quod expertus facile reliquit
//quod quis cogitur facere malum
//quod sponte fit bonum
//quod bono confesso redimitur

* * * * *

_Folio 117, front_

In deliberatives and electives

_Folio 117, back_.

Cujus excusatio paratior est vel venia indulta inagis
minus malum.

_Folio 118, front_.

Melior est oculorum visio quam animj progressio
//Spes in dolio remansit sed non vt antedotum sed vt
// major morbus
Spes omnis in futuram vitam consumendus sufficit
praesentibus bonis purus sensus.
Spes vigilantis somnium; vitae summa breuis spem
nos uetat inchoare longam.
//Spes facit animos leues timidos inaequales
//Vidi ambulantes sub sole cum adolescente secundo
// qui consurget post eum.
//Imaginationes omnia turbant, timores multiplicant
// voluptates corrumpunt.
//Anticipatio timores[28]salubris ob inventionem remedij
// spei institit[29]
Imminent futuro, ingrati in praeteritum semper
//Vitam sua sponte fluxam magis fluxam reddimus
per continuationes spe
Praesentia erunt futura non contra

* * * * *

_Folio 118, back_.


_Folio 119, front_.


_Folio 119, back_.


_Folio 120, front_.

The fallaxes of y'e 3 and y'e assurance of Erophil.
to fall well euery waye
Watry impressions, fier elementall fier aethereall.
Y'e memory of that is past cannot be taken from him.
All 3 in purchaze nothing in injoyeng.

_Folio 120, back_.


_Folio 121, front_.


_Folio 121, back_.


_Folio 122, front_.

// Quod inimicis nostris gratum est ac optabile vt
// _nobis_ eveniat malum, quod molestiae et terrorj
// est bonum.
Metuo danaos et dona ferentes
Hoc Ithacus velit et magno mercentur Atridae.
Both parties haue wyshed battaile
The Launching of y'e. Imposture by him that
intended murder.
Conciliam homines mala. a forein warre to appeas
parties at home
// Quod quis sibj tribuit et sumit bonum, quod in
// alium transfert malum
non tarn inuidiae impertiendae quam laudis com-
municandae gratia loquor.
// Quod quis facile impertit minus bonum quod quis
// paucis et grauatim impertit majus bonum
Te nunc habet ista secundum.
// Quod per ostentationem fertur bonum, quod per
// excusationem purgatur malum.
// Nescio quid peccati portet haec purgatio.
// Cuj sectae diuersae quae sibj quaeque praestantiam
// vendicat secundas tribuit melior singulis
// Secta Academicae quam Epicureus et stoicus sibi
// tantum postponit
// Neutrality.

_Folio 122, back_.

//Cujus exuperantia vel excellentia melior ejus et
// genus melius.
Bougeon de mars, enfant de paris.
Whear they take
Some thinges of lyttell valew but excellencye
Some more indifferent and after one sort.
//In quo periculosius erratur melius eo in quo erratur
// minore cum periculo.
//Quod rem integram seruat, melius eo a quo receptus
// non est potestatem enim donat potestas autem
// bonum
The tale of the frogges that were wyshed by one in
a drowth to repayre to the bottome of a well,
ay (?) but if water faile thear how shall we gett
vp agayne
//Quod polychrestum est melius quam quod ad vnum
// refertur ob incertos casus humanos.
//Cujus contrarium priuatio malum bonum cujus
// bonum malum.
//In quo non est satietas neque nimium melius eo in
// quo satietas est
//In quo vix erratur melius eo in quo error procliuis
//Finis melior ijs quae ad finem;
//Cujus causa sumptus facti et labores toleratj
// bonum; si vt euitetur malum,
//Quod habet riuales et de quo homines contendunt
// bonum; de quo non est contentio malum.
Differ, inter fruj et acquirere.

_Folio 123, front_.

// Quod laudatur et praedicatur bonum quod occultatur
// et uituperatur malum.
// Quod etiam inimicj et maleuoli laudant valde bonum,
// quod etiam amicj reprehendunt magnum malum.
Quod consulto et per meliora judicia proponitur
majus bonum.
// Quod sine mixtura malj melius quam quod refractum
// et non syncerum.
Possibile et facile bonum quod sine labore et paruo
tempore cont[ra] malum
Bona confessa jucundum sensu; comparatione.
Honor; voluptas;
bona ualetudo
suauia objecta sensuum;
Inducunt tranquillum sensum virtutes ob securitatem
et contemptum rerum humanarum; facultates
animk et rerum gerendarum ob spem et metum
subigendum; et diuiti ...
Ex aliena opinione; laus.
Quae propria sunt et minus communicata; ob honor,
quae continent, vt animalia vt plantae et amplius;
sed id amplius potest esse malj.
Congruentia, ob raritatem et genium et proprietatem
vt in familijs et professionibus
Quae sibj deesse quis putat licet sint exigua

_Folio 123, back_.

ad quae natura procliues sunt
quae nemo abjectus capax est vt faciat
Majus et continens minore et contento
Ipsum quod suj causa eligitur
quod omnia appetunt.
quod prudentiam adepti eligunt
quod efficiendi et custodiendj vim habet.
Cuj res bonae sunt consequentes.
maximum maximo ipsum ipsis; vnde exuperant ...
quae majoris bonj conficientia sunt ea majora sunt
quod propter se expetendum eo quod propter alios
Fall. in diuersis generibus et proportionibus
Finis non finis
Minus indigens eo quod magis indiget quod
paucioribus et facilioribus indiget
quoties ho (_sic_) sine illo fierj no (_sic_) potest, illud
sine hoc fierj potest illud melius
principium non principio; finis autem et principium
antitheta; non majus videtur principium quia
primum est in opere; contra finis quia primum
in mente; de perpetratore et consiliario.
Rarurn copiosis honores; mutton venison
Copiosum varit vsu: optimum aqua
difficiliora, facilioribus |
faciliora, difficilioribus |

_Folio 124, front_.

Quod magis a necessitate vt oculus vnus lusco.
Major videtur gradus priuationis quam diminutionis
Quae non latent cum adsunt majora quam que
latere possunt.
Quod expertus facile reliquit malum, quod mordicus
tenet bonum.
In aliquibus manetur quia non datur regressus
Quae in grauiore tempore vtilia vt in morbo
senectute aduersis.
The soldier like a coreselett; bellaria, et appetitiua,
redd hearing. Loue


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