Beaumont & Fletcher's Works (2 of 10) - The Humourous Lieutenant
Francis Beaumont and John Fletcher

Part 4 out of 4

l. 9. C] even.
l. 11. C] be sorer.
l. 12. C] Enter Gent.
l. 16. C] and wrings, and.
l. 17. C _omits_] 2.
l. 27. C] with't.
l. 28. C] as they.
l. 31. C] ends.
ll. 35 and 38. C _omits_] 2.
l. 36. A] fooles.
l. 38. C] 'twill passe.

p. 349,
l. 4. A and C] King's-streete.
l. 8. C] with 'King.
l. 11. A and C] mary-bones.
l. 13. C] vouchsaffe a wight thy.
l. 14. C] this ffellow.
l. 15. B] King.
l. 16. C] ffooteman.
l. 19. C] 2. Gent.
l. 21. C] act this.
l. 22. C] 1. Gent, will sigh...and cry.
l. 25. C] Jigg. l. 27. C _omits_] 2.
l. 28. A and C] to him? for half an howre I.

p. 350,
l. 11. C] Maidenhood.
l. 12. C] Gods blesse.
l. 15. C _adds_] in her hand.
l. 19. C _omits stage direction_.
l. 24. C] Potion? his eies affright me.
l. 36. C] hath your.

p. 351,
l. 4. C] their doatings.
l. 5. C] his braines. C _omits_] 'em.
l. 10. C] this works.
l. 13. C] Lust.
l. 21. B _misprints_] gorious.
l. 25. C] admire for Goodnes.
l. 33. C] Infants cries: your Sin's in.
l. 36. C _omits_] can.

p. 352,
l. 2. C] Death sitts upon our Blood.
l. 4. C] Snake) curld.
l. 5. C] will not you.
l. 16. C] those.
l. 24. C _omits_] severally.
l. 26. C] Leiutenant, and Gent. A _omits_] and.
l. 30. A] It serves so.
l. 38. C] oh sweet King.

p. 353,
ll. 1 and 2. C]

Leo. by thy leave:
Leiu. when _I_ consider
(my honest ffrend etc.

l. 7. C] a scurvy.
l. 11. C] for your...sirha.
l. 18. C _omits_] 2.
l. 19. C _adds at end of line_] (Gent.)
l. 23. C] are melted.
l. 27. C] bid me.
l. 28. C] He is.
l. 32. C _omits_] 2. C _omits_] severally.
l. 33. C _begins_ Actus Quintus: Sce'a. pri'a. _here_.
l. 34. C] Minippus: Gent.
l. 35. C] Gent. _and so throughout_.
l. 37. A] wronged his.

p. 354,
l. 5. C] Attendants.
l. 11. C] in Vow.
l. 15. C] Sce'a. 2'a.
l. 17. C] There is...Lights. A] lights.
l. 25. C] Enter Celia Minippus Etc.
l. 32. C] Gent.

p. 355,
l. 5. C] doe not know me.
l. 17. C] Min. C _omits_] Me. etc.
l. 22. A] The Corke. A and C] will come.
l. 31. B _misprints_] Leu.
l. 39. C _omits_] gallant.

p. 356,
l. 10. A] And one command.
l. 16. A and C] him, to dye.
l. 17. A] in me nature.
l. 36. C] by heaven.

p. 357,
l. 6. B] know.
l. 15. C] prove to.
l. 21. C] turnd black.
l. 29. C] but ffalsehood, and loose. A] but imperious lust, and losers
l. 39. A and C] Circes.

p. 358,
l. 12. C] thousand waies.
l. 18. C] thy Devills.
l. 34. C] thy muddy.
l. 40. A] back thoughts.

p. 359,
l. 3. C] Mine.
l. 11. C] and in.
l. 18. C _omits_] and Lords.
l. 21. A] heavens.

p. 360,
l. 4. B] best.
l. 8. C] begin.
l. 12. C] Sce'a. 3'a.
l. 14. C] he doth.
l. 19. C] heaven-sake.
l. 30. A] I most confesse.
l. 32. C] now (and with.

p. 361,
l. 12. C] followes.
l. 36. C] all these.

p. 362,
l. 2. C] you should.
l. 6. C] Sce'a. 4'a. Enter Antigonus: Gent. Leiueten't, etc.
l. 9. C _omits_] 2.
l. 13. C] drunck.
l. 18. C] Gent. has. A] 'Has.
l. 26. C] owes yet.
l. 33. A and C] I pree-thee.
l. 36. C] why I thanck thee (Soldier).

p. 363,
l. 5. C] nor I hope I.
l. 8. C] towards.
l. 9. C] I thanck thee still.
l. 18. C _omits_] Ha, ha, ha.
l. 23. C _omits_] 2.
l. 24. A] Has.
l. 27. A] rosten hawkes.
l. 38. C] while.

p. 364,
l. 1. C] Sce'a. 5'a.
l. 9. C] can I.
l. 26. B _misprints_] not not.
l. 28. C] y' have don.
l. 34. B] admit to excuse.

p. 365,
l. 5. B _misprints_] thing.
l. 13. C] yes' faith.
l. 31. C] are drop'd.
l. 34. A] poisoned truth.

p. 366,
l. 1. C] he has.
l. 5. C] any hope.
l. 15. C] god's.
l. 21. C] left open.
ll. 27 and 28. C _transposes these two_ ll.
l. 32. C]

Sce'a. 6'a. Enter Antigonus: Seleuchus, Ptolomy.
Lisimachus: Gent. Leiueten't. etc.

p. 367,
l. 3. C] once againe.
l. 21. C] old valiant Soldier.
l. 22. C] are all wellcom.
l. 23. C] (and't please your Grace) is cassheird.
l. 27. C] any Peace.
l. 29. C] 'faith.
l. 34. C] 'beseech.

p. 368,
l. 5. C] Sce'a. 7'a.
l. 13. C] that be.
l. 24. A and C] your Ultra.
ll. 27 and 28. C]

Enter Antigonus Seluchus Lysimachus Ptolomy
Leontus Leiuten't. etc.

l. 28. A _omits_] and.
l. 36. C] 'pray a.

p. 369,
l. 2. C] Antiochus.
l. 10. C _omits_] have.
l. 12. C _omits_] Princes. B _misprints_] Prnices.
l. 17. C _gives this line to_ Sel.
l. 35. A] Cel.
l. 40. C] I once more next [_instead of_ beg it thus].

p. 370,
l. 9. C] sound.
l. 10. C] beat through.
l. 16. C _adds_] Finis. C _omits_] Prologue and Epilogue.

p. 371,
l. 1. A] And those.
l. 6. A _omits_] Spoke by the _Lieutenant_.
l. 13. A] comes.


(A) The | Faithfull | Shepherdesse. | By John Fletcher. | Printed at
London for R. Bonian | and H. Walley, and are to be sold at | the spred
Eagle over against the | great North dore of S. Paules. Undated, but
probably 1609-10.

(B) The same, with slight differences in the Commendatory Verses and
in one or two other sheets.

(C) The | Faithfull | Shepherdesse. | By John Fletcher. | The second
Edition, newly corrected. | London, | Printed by T.C. for Richard Meighen,
| in S't Dunstanes Church-yard in Fleet-streete, | 1629.

(D) The | Faithfull | Shepherdesse. | acted at Somerset | House before
the King and | Queene on Twelfe night | last, 1633. | And divers times
since with great ap- | plause at the Private House in Blacke- | Friers, by
his Majesties Servants. | Written by John Fletcher. | The third Edition,
with Addition. | London, | Printed by A.M. for Richard Meighen, next | to
the Middle Temple in Fleet- | street. 1634.

(E) The | Faithfull | Shepherdesse. | Acted at Somerset | House before
the King and | Queen on Twelf night | last, 1633. | And divers times
since, with great ap- | plause, at the Private House in Black- | Friers,
by his Majesties Servants. | Written by John Fletcher. | The Fourth
Edition. | London, | Printed for Ga. Bedell and Tho. Collins, at the
Middle | Temple Gate in Fleet-street. 1656.

(F) The | Faithfull | Shepherdesse. | Acted at | Somerset-House, | Before
the King and Queen on | Twelfth night, 1633. | And divers times since,
with great | Applause, at the Private House in | Black-Friers, by his
Majesties | Servants. | Written by John Fletcher. | The Fifth Edition. |
London, | Printed for G. Bedell and T. Collins, at the Middle | Temple-
Gate in Fleet-street, 1665.

The verso of the title-page bears the date March 3, 1664/5.
Roger L'Estrange.

As neither the Second Folio nor the Quartos print any list of the
Characters it may be as well to give one here.

Perigot. Old Shepherd.
Thenot. Priest of Pan.
Daphnis. God of the River.
Alexis. Satyr.
Sullen Shepherd. Shepherds.


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