Clairvoyance and Occult Powers
Swami Panchadasi

Part 5 out of 5

How to Develop your Personality
Henry Thomas Hamblin

This book develops your personality and the personal power that sways and
compels and gives you a powerful influence over the minds of others.

Dynamic Thought reveals new and marvelous facts about the human system.
Men and women achieve success according to the development of their own
powers. You have as much power within you as anyone, but it is lying
dormant; and this development can be attained.

There are certain definite principles that rule human beings in their
attitude toward each other. When once you understand these principles you
can convert enemies into friends and can make almost everyone be friendly
toward you.

No 1 298 pages, Cloth Bound, Size 5x7. Price Postpaid--Outside U.S.A.

Mental Influence
By William Walker Atkinson

_A course of Lessons on Mental Vibration, Psychic Influence, Personal
Magnetism, Fascination, Psychic Self-Protection, etc._

LESSON 1.--Why one mind can be made to influence another.
LESSON 2.--How thought waves manifest, and how they affect other persons.
LESSON 3.--How mental states are transmitted.
LESSON 4.--What mental concentration is, and how it works. The occult
teachings regarding developing the powers of concentration. A course of
training described and explained.
LESSON 5.--How occultists form a mental image.
LESSON 6.--The secret of mental fascination and personal magnetism. Why
some have such a charming, irresistible influence. How it can be
LESSON 7.--Difference between fascination and hypnotism. How hypnotic
influence upon others affects the person. The truth about hypnotism.
LESSON 8.--Influencing at a distance. How you can exert a mental influence
upon others at a distance. How distant treatments are given. The most
effective occult methods and practices.
LESSON 9.--How mental influence may be used to affect a great number of
people at the same time.
LESSON 10.--The need of instruction on the part of the public.

No. 7--96 Pages, Paper Bound, Size 6x4-1/2


_A guide to Success in matters relating to Health, Friendship, Love,
Marriage, etc._

"Success and Happiness" tells you how to develop magnetism and to
strengthen your will. It tells you how to influence people to act as you
so desire. It gives suggestions on how to relieve pain without medicine.

No matter what your condition or position may be, "Success and Happiness"
tells you how you may improve it. It gives you plain directions as to how
to achieve success tin friendship, love, matrimony, and business; how to
make money and how to secure happiness.

Send for this book at once and learn how magnetism and will-power enable
people to achieve success.

No. 16, 40 Pages, Paper Bound, Size 6x4-1/2 Price Postpaid--Outside


This book will prove invaluable to anyone who feels that they might have
any kind of psychic power. It contains lengthy discussion of the

Mental vibrations and transmission--Thought transference--Clairvoyance and
kindred phenomena--Mediumship--Mediumistic conditions--How to develop
mediumship--Mediumistic phenomena--Higher spirit manifestations.

This work explains clearly how to develop "mediumship." It tells how to
form a "medium" circle. Questioning the spirits, the spirit communication
code, persistent watchful waiting, building lines of communication.

No 2, 277 pages. Cloth Bound, Size 5x7.


_A Series of Eleven Lessons on the Psychic; Phenomena of Distant Sensing,
Clairvoyance, Psychometry, Crystal Gazing, etc._


Scientific principles underlying Psychomancy, Sensing objects by the
Astral Senses. Projection of the Astral Body.

HOW TO DEVELOP YOURSELF. Development Methods. Concentration.
Visualization. Psychometry. How to use the Crystal and Mirror. General

Simple and Space Psychomancy and their difference. Seeing Through Solid
Objects. Seeing Down Into the Earth. Diagnosis of Disease by Psychomancy.


PSYCHOMETRY. Five Methods.

Various forms of Crystal Gazing. Directions of "How to Do It," etc.

ASTRAL PROJECTION. What the Trained Experimenter may do.

SPACE PSYCHOMANCY. What may be accomplished by means of it.

Sensing the scenes, occurrences and objects of the Past, by Astral Vision.

FUTURE TIME PSYCHOMANCY. Future events cast their shadows before.

DREAM PSYCHOMANCY. This lesson will explain many instances in your
own experience.

This most interesting study is stated clearly, so that all may readily
understand the fundamental principle of Psychic communication.

No. 20--Paper Bound, 93 Pages, Size 6x4-1/2 Price Postpaid--Outside

Alexr. Verner, F.A.I.P

Founder and Principal of the British Psychological Institute

"If a man die, shall he live again?" Does death end all: or is it merely
"the gate of life"? If there be a next world, can we communicate with
those that are in it?

These are questions that have agitated the minds of millions. "Table
Rapping and Automatic Writing" answers the questions. It also does more,
it tells you how you can answer them. It tells you how to prove there is
another life, and how to open up communication with those who dwell
therein. To the Materialist it says: "Belief is unnecessary. You demand
evidence--here it is."

"Table Rapping and Automatic Writing" gives full instructions on how to
form a Circle for receiving messages from spirit friends; how to enable
spirits to make themselves visible to ordinary sight; how to get written
messages, drawings, etc., from those who have "passed over."

No. 18--25 Pages, Paper Bound, Size 6x4-1/2 Price Postpaid--Outside

_Its Scenery, Dwellers and Phenomena_
Swami Panchadasi

Containing treatment on such matter as the following:

CHAPTER I.--The Seven Planes of Being. What is meant by a Plane. A state
rather than a place.
CHAPTER II.--Astral Regions. What is meant by an Astral Region. Where
CHAPTER III.--Reality of the Astral. What one encounters on an astral
CHAPTER IV.--Passing the Border. Passing out of the physical body. Alone
in the astral body.
CHAPTER V.--Some Lower Sub-Planes. Why the soul sheds. The Astral shell,
bodies without souls, still seemingly alive and conscious.
CHAPTER VI.--Disembodied Souls. The resting place of the souls. Not dead,
but sleeping.
CHAPTER VII.--Scenes of the Astral. How the low entities pass their time.
Punished by their sins not for them.
CHAPTER VIII.--Life and Work on the Astral. Character and occupations of
the Astral Dwellers.
CHAPTER IX.--Higher Planes and beyond. The true home of the soul. The
Heaven worlds.
CHAPTER X.--The Astral Light. What the astral light is. A startling
presentation of a wonderful occult truth.
CHAPTER XI.--Astral Entities. Non-human dwellers on the astral.

No. 10, 94 Pages, Paper Bound, Size 6x4-1/2 PRICE POSTPAID--Outside

Alexr. Verner, F.A.I.P.

There is a great demand for good Psychometrists at the present time, and
in the near future there will be a greater demand for the vast amount of
good that can be done by the God-given science of Psychometry (pronounced

A Psychometrist is a person able to see these scenes, hear these sounds,
read these thoughts, and "sense" these feelings. If therefore, a lock of
hair, a letter, a pocket-knife, or anything belonging to a stranger be
handed to a Psychometrist, he will be able to understand much of the
person's past, present, and future--about their character, disposition,
health, surroundings, capabilities, friends, marriage, business, etc.

In this way very valuable information and advice can be obtained for
oneself or given to others.

Can you Psychometrize? If not, why not learn? You will benefit yourself,
and also astound and help your friends.

Full and complete particulars are contained in this book.

No. 17--25 Pages, Paper Bound, Size 6x4-1/2


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