Collections and Recollections
George William Erskine Russell

Part 7 out of 7

Venn, Rev. Henry,
Victoria, Her Majesty Queen (_see_ under Queen).
Princess, Royal,
Villiers, C.P.,

Waldegrave, Countess,
Wales, Albert Edward, Prince of,
Alexandra, Princess of,
George, Prince of,
Walpole, Horace,
Wellington, Duke of,
Wensleydale, Lord (Sir James Paike),
Wesley, Rev. Charles,
Rev. John,
West, Sir Algernon,
Westbury, Lord,
Westcott, Dr., Bishop of Durham,
Whately, Dr., Archbishop of Dublin,
White, Rev. Henry,
Whitefield, Rev. George,
Wilberforce, Rev. Basil,
Winchester, Bishops Sumner, Thorold, and Wilberforce, of
(_see_ those headings).
Woodford, Dr., Bishop of Ely,
Woods, Rev. Dr.,
Wordsworth, William,
Wyke, Sir Charles,
Wynn, Miss,

York, Dr. Harcourt, Archbishop of,
Dr. Thomson, Archbishop of,
Frederick, Duke of,
Young, Arthur,



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