Contes Francais
Douglas Labaree Buffum

Part 10 out of 10

prevenance, _f._ consideration, obligingness, kind attention, kindness.
prevenir, _v._ to anticipate, warn, inform.
prier, _v._ to pray, beg.
priere, _f._ prayer.
prieur, _m._ prior.
primaire, _adj._ primary.
primo, _adv._ firstly, in the first place.
prince, _m._ prince; princesse, _f._ princess.
principal, -e, _adj. and m._ principal.
principalement, _adv._ principally.
printemps, _m._ spring.
prise, _f._ capture, seizure.
prison, _f._ prison.
prisonnier, -ere, _m., f._ prisoner.
priver, _v._ to deprive; prive, -e; _adj._ private.
prix, _m._ price, value, prize, cost.
probable, _adj._ probable.
probablement, _adv._ probably.
probe, _adj._ upright, honest.
probite, _f._ probity, honesty, integrity.
probleme, _m._ problem.
proceder, _v._ to proceed.
procession, _f._ procession.
prochain, -e, _adj._ next, nearest, coming, immediate.
proche, _adj. and s._ near, nigh, near relative.
procurer, _v._ to procure, get.
prodigieusement, _adv._ prodigiously.
prodigieux, -euse, _adj._ prodigious.
prodiguer, _v._ to lavish.
production, _f._ production.
produire, _v._ to produce; se --, be produced, be made, occur.
produit, _m._ product.
profession, _f._ profession.
profil, _m._ profile (_l_ pronounced).
profiter, _v._ to profit.
profond, -e, _adj. and m._ profound, deep; du plus -- de mon
coeur, from the depths of my heart; profonde, _f._ pocket
profondement, _adv._ profoundly, deeply.
profondeur, _f._ depth.
profusion, _f._ profusion; a --, profusely, abundantly.
programme, _m._ program.
proie, _f._ prey; en -- a, a prey to.
projet, _m._ project, plan.
prolonger, _v._ to prolong; se --, be prolonged, extend;
-- l'haleine, get a longer wind.
promener, _v._ to take about, take out, keep going, keep up, cast;
se --, take a walk, ride, etc., walk to and fro.
promettre, _v._ to promise.
promontoire, _m._ promontory.
prompt, -e, _adj._ prompt (in this and in the following word _p_ is
not pronounced).
promptement, _adv._ promptly.
prononcer, _v._ to pronounce, utter, declare, deliver.
prophete, _m._ prophet; le Prophete, Mohammed.
prophetique, _adj._ prophetic.
propice, _adj._ propitious.
propos, _m._ purpose, object, remark, talk; a -- de, in regard to.
proposer, _v._ to propose; se -- de, think of, intend to.
proposition, _f._ proposition.
propre, _adj._ proper, clean, own; -- a rien, good for
nothing; c'est du --, that's (he's) a pretty mess.
proprement, _adv._ properly, correctly.
proprietaire, _m., f._ proprietor, proprietress, owner, landowner.
propriete, _f._ property, propriety.
pro-recteur, _m._ vice-rector (acting head of a German university,
the head being the reigning prince).
prose, _f._ prose.
Prosper-Cesar, Prosper Cresar (the French usually hyphenate two
given names).
prosperer, _v._ to prosper.
prosperite, _f._ prosperity.
prosterner, _v._ to prostrate.
protecteur, _m._ protector; adjectively: protecting.
protection, _f._ protection.
proteger, _v._ to protect.
protester, _v._ to protest.
prouver, _v._ to prove.
provencal, -e, _adj._ Provencal, Provencial.
Provence, _f._ Provence (the extreme southeastern province in
France before the Revolution); rue de --, Parisian street a little
north of the Boulevard des Italiens.
proverbe, _m._ proverb.
providence, _f._ providence; la Providence, Providence.
province, _f._ province; de --, provincial.
provincial, -e, _adj. and s._ provincial.
provision, _f._ provision, supply.
provisoirement, _adv._ provisionally, temporarily.
provoquer, _v._ to provoke, challenge, invite.
prudemment, _adv._ prudently (_em_ pronounced as _am_).
prudence, _f._ prudence.
prunelle, _f._ pupil, eyeball, eye.
Prusse, _f._ Prussia.
prussien, -ne, _adj. and s._ Prussian (written Prussien when
public, -ique, _adj. and m._ public.
publier, _v._ to publish.
puce, _f._ flea; secouer les puces, to shake the fleas from,
pudeur, _f._ modesty, bashfulness, shame.
puer, _v._ to stink.
pueril, -e, _adj._ puerile, childish, boyish (_l_ pronounced).
puis, _adv._ then.
puiser, _v._ to draw, draw forth, dip.
puisque, _conj._ since.
puissant, -e, _adj._ powerful, mighty.
puits, _m._ well.
punch, _m._ punch (pronounced: _ponch_).
punir, _v._ to punish.
pur, -e, _adj._ pure.
purement, _adv._ purely.
purgatoire, _m._ purgatory.
purger, _v._ to purge, cleanse, clean.
putrefaction, _f._ putrefaction.
pyramide, _f._ pyramid.
pyrosis, _m._ pyrosis (burning pain in the epigastrium; final _s_


qu', _see_ que.
quai, _m._ quay.
qualite, _f._ quality, rank, capacity; en sa -- d'etourdi, by
virtue of his giddiness or frivolity.
quand, _conj._ when, if, even if.
quant (a), _adv._ as for, as to.
quantite, _f._ quantity.
quarantaine, _f._ quarantine, about forty.
quarante, _card._ forty.
quarante-cinq, _card._ forty-five.
quarante-deux, _card._ forty-two.
quarante-sept, _card._ forty-seven.
quart, _m._ quarter; moins le --, a quarter to.
quartier, _m._ quarter, quarters, section, block (of stone, etc.);
Quartier Latin, Latin Quarter (on the left bank of the Seine in
Paris, in it are the University (Sorbonne) and the principal schools of
quasi, _adv._ almost.
quasiment, _adv._ almost, as it were, a sort of.
quatorze, _card._ fourteen.
quatre, _card._ four; -- a --, four (steps, etc.) at a time.
quatre-vingt-dix-neuf, _card._ ninety-nine.
quatre-vingts, _card._ eighty.
quatrieme, _ord._ fourth.
que, _conj. and adv._ that, in order that, than, as, whether, why,
how, but (after a negative), let, see that (used also to avoid
repetition of a conjunction, then takes the meaning of the first
conjunction); ne ... --, only, but, except, what; c'est --,
introductory phrase, often better left untranslated, sometimes = it is
because, that is, but.
que, _rel. pr._ whom, which, what, ever; ce --, what, etc.;
ce -- c'est -- de, that is what it is to; je ne sais --, some
or other; qu'est-ce -- (c'est --) cela?, what is that?; ce --
de, how much; ce -- c'est que d'habiter, what a life one leads
que, _int. pr._ what?; qu'est-ce --(qui)?, what?
quel, -le, _adj. pr. (rel. or int.)_ what, which, of what kind,
who; -- qu'il soit, whoever he may be.
quelconque, _indef. adj. pr._ whatever, whatsoever; un ... --,
some ... or other.
quelque, _indef. adj. pr._ some, a few (_pl._); -- ... que,
however; -- chose de brun, something dark.
quelquefois, _adv._ sometimes.
quelqu'un, -une, (quelques-uns, -unes, _pl.) indef. pr._ someone,
querelle, _f._ quarrel.
quereller, _v._ to quarrel; se --, quarrel.
querir, _v._ to look for, fetch (used only in infinitive after
aller, venir and envoyer).
question, _f._ question.
questionner, _v._ to question.
quetou, _m._ a dialectic word, translate: good-for-nothing pig
(used in central France).
queue, _f._ tail.
queuter, _v._ to cue, strike two billiard balls at once.
qui, _rel. pr._ who, which, what, whoever; ce --, who, which,
what, etc.; -- ... --, one ... another; de --, whose, etc.
qui, _int. pr._ who?, which?, what?
quinzaine, _f._ about fifteen, fortnight.
quinze, _card._ fifteen; -- jours, two weeks.
quitte, _adj._ quit, quits, free; il n'aurait pas ete si
facilement -- avec, he would not have got off so easily with.
quitter, _v._ to quit, leave, lay aside, take off, let go; ne pas
-- des yeux, not to take the eyes off.
quoi, _int. and rel. pr._ what, which; de --, wherewith,
means, the wherewithal; -- que, whatever; je ne sais -- (de),
I don't know what, something; a -- bon?, what is the good of it?;
-- qu'il en soit (de), whatever may be, however it may be; sur
--, whereupon; -- que ce soit, anything whatsoever; comme
--, how.
quoique, _conj._ although.


rabattre, _v._ to put down, pull down, lower.
rabbin, _m._ rabbi.
rabougrir, _v._ to stunt.
raccommoder, _v._ to mend, repair.
race, _f._ race.
racine, _f._ root.
racler, _v._ to scrape.
raconter, _v._ to tell, tell of, relate, recount.
radeau, _m._ raft, float.
radieux, -euse, _adj._ radiant.
radoter, _v._ to talk nonsense, rlave, dote.
raffinement, _m._ refinement.
rafraichir, _v._ to refresh, freshen, cool, keep cool; se --,
refresh oneself, take some refreshments.
rage, _f._ rage.
rager, _v._ to rage, storm, be furious.
rageusement, _adv._ wrathfully, fretfully.
raide, _adj._ stiff, rigid, steep.
raideur, _f._ stiffness.
raie, _f._ line, streak, part (of the hair).
raillerie, _f._ raillery, mockery.
railleur, -euse, _adj._ bantering, jesting.
railway, _m._ railway (English).
raisin, _m._ grape, grapes.
raison, _f._ reason; rendre --, to give satisfaction.
raisonnable, _adj._ reasonable.
raisonnement, _m._ reasoning.
raisonner, _v._ to reason; raisonne, -e, reasoned, rational.
raisonneur, -euse, _m., f._ reasoner.
rajeunir, _v._ to rejuvenate, make young again.
ralentir, _v._ to slacken.
rallumer, _v._ to light again.
ramasser, _v._ to pick up, gather; ramasse, -e, _adj._
thick-set, heavy.
rame, _f._ oar; a toutes rames, rowing at full speed.
rameau, _m._ bough, branch.
Rameau (Jean Phillippe), French composer and musical theorist (1683-1764).
ramener, _v._ to bring back, lead or draw back.
ramer, _v._ to row.
rampe, _f._ hand-rail, banister, railing.
ramper, _v._ to creep, crawl.
rang, _m._ rank, row.
rangee, _f._ row.
ranger, _v._ to range, arrange, draw up, put in order; se --,
draw up, draw aside; range, -e, steady, settled.
ranimer, _v._ to reanimate, revive; se --, brighten up, be
Raoul, Ralph.
rape, -e, shabby.
rapetisser, _v._ to belittle.
rapide, _adj._ rapid, quick, swift, steep.
rapidement, _adv._ rapidly.
rapidite, _f._ rapidity.
rappeler, _v._ to recall, remind; se --, remember, recall.
rapport, _m._ report, relation; -- a, on account of.
rapporter, _v._ to bring back or in, report; s'en -- a, leave
the matter to.
rapprocher, _v._ to draw or bring near; se -- de, approach
again, draw near, be reconciled with.
rare, _adj._ rare, scarce, thin.
rarement, _adv._ rarely.
ras, -e, _adj._ closely cut, short-napped; au -- de, on a
level with (_s_ not pronounced).
raser, _v._ to shave, shave clean.
rasoir, _m._ razor.
rasseoir, _v._ to reseat; se --, sit down again.
rassurer, _v._ to reassure; se --, reassure oneself, be
rat, _m._ rat.
rateau, _m._ rake.
rater, _v._ to miss, spoil.
Ratier, proper name, _cf._ ratier, -ere, _adj._ rat-catching
(of a dog, etc.), whimsical.
ratisser, _v._ to rake.
rattacher, _v._ to tie again, attach, make one cling to; se
--, be attached.
rattraper, _v._ to catch again, regain.
rauque, _adj._ hoarse, harsh.
ravager, _v._ to ravage (with dissipation, etc.), lay waste, ruin.
ravin, _m._ ravine.
ravir, _v._ to ravish, enrapture, delight.
ravoir, _v._ to have again.
rayer, _v._ to stripe, streak.
rayon, _m._ ray, beam; -- de miel, honeycomb.
rayonnement, _m._ radiance, gleam.
realiser, _v._ to realize.
realite, _f._ reality.
rebelle, _adj. and s._ rebellious, rebel.
rebondir, _v._ to rebound, jump back or again.
rebord, _m._ edge, ledge.
reception, _f._ reception.
recevoir, _v._ to receive.
rechapper, _v._ to escape again, escape; nous en sommes
rechappes, we have had a narrow escape.
rechauffer, _v._ to heat again, warm up, warm.
recherche, _f._ scarching, investigation, search.
rechercher, _v._ to search for again, seek again, search for, seek.
recif, _m._ reef.
recipient, _m._ recipient, receptacle.
recit, _m._ recital, narration.
reciter, _v._ to recite.
reclamation, _f._ claim, complaint, protest.
reclamer, _v._ to reclaim, claim, protest.
recoin, _m._ recess, remote coner, nook.
recolter, _v._ to harvest, collect.
recommandation, _f._ recommendation; lettre de --, letter of
recommander, _v._ to recommend, commend, bid.
recommencer, _v._ to recommence, begin again.
recompense, _f._ recompense, reward.
recompenser, _v._ to reward.
reconduire, _v._ to reconduct, lead back, take back.
reconnaissance, _f._ gratitude, reconnoissance, reconnoitering
reconnaitre, _v._ to recognize, admit, realize, acknowledge; on ne
s'y reconnait plus, we don't know any longer where we are.
reconstituer, _v._ to reconstitute, recoup.
reconter, _v._ to tell again, retell.
recopier, _v._ to recopy.
recours, _m._ recourse.
recouvrer, _v._ to recover.
recouvrir, _v._ to cover again, cover.
recrutement, _m._ recruitment, recruiting.
recteur, _m._ rector, priest (used in latter sense in Brittany).
recueillement, _m._ meditation.
recueillir, _v._ to gather, collect; pick up, take in; se --,
collect one's thoughts, reflect; recueillez bien vos souvenirs, try
to remember.
reculer, _v._ to draw back, fall or go back, recoil; se --, go
back, recoil, draw back.
reculons (a), _adv._ backwards.
redemander, _v._ to ask again, request the return of.
redescendre, _v._ to descend again, go down again.
redevenir, _v._ to become again.
redingote, _f._ frock-coat.
redoubler, _v._ to redouble, increase.
redoutable, _adj._ dreadful, formidable, terrible.
redoute, _f._ redoubt.
redouter, _v._ to dread.
redresser, _v._ to straighten, straighten up, erect again; se
--, draw oneself up, straighten up again.
reduire, _v._ to reduce, compel.
reduit, _m._ retreat, nook, small room (in garret, etc.).
reel, -le, _adj._ real.
reelection, _f._ reelection.
reellement, _adv._ really.
refaire, _v._ to make again.
refermer, _v._ to close again, close or shut; se --, close
again; -- les verrous de, bolt again.
reflechir, _v._ to refiect; reflechi, -e, adj. thoughtful.
reflet, _m._ refiection (of light, etc.).
refleter, _v._ to refiect (light, etc.).
reflexion, _f._ rcflection; faire une --, to reflect; toute
-- faite, after thinking about it carefully.
reflux, _m._ ebb, ebbing tide (_x_ not pronounced).
reformer, _v._ to form again.
reformer, _v._ to reform, dismiss.
refroidir, _v._ to cool.
refuge, _m._ refuge, shelter.
refugier (se), _v._ to take refuge.
refus, _m._ refusal.
refuser, _v._ to refuse; se --, to refuse, deny oneself; s'y
--, refuse to do it.
regagner, _v._ to regain, go or get back to, win back.
regalade, _f._ treat, treating.
regaler, _v._ to regale, treat.
regaloper, _v._ to gallop again, trot around again (colloquial,
derived from galoper).
regard, _m._ glance, look, regard, eye.
regarder, _v._ to look at, look, regard, watch, concern, look out (for).
regime, _m._ diet, rule, cluster (of fruit).
regiment, _m._ regiment.
region, _f._ region.
regional, -e, _adj._ regional, district, inter-departmental.
registre, _m._ register.
regle, _f._ rule; en --, all right.
regne, _m._ reign.
regner, _v._ to reign.
regret, _m._ regret.
regretter, _v._ to regret.
regulier, -ere, _adj._ regular.
regulierement, _adv._ regularly.
rehausser, _v._ to heighten, enhance, set off.
rein, _m._ kidney, back; autour des reins, around the waist;
les reins courbes, with back bent.
reine, _f._ queen.
rejeter, _v._ to throw back.
rejoindre, _v._ to rejoin, meet, join; se --, meet.
rejouir, _v._ to rejoice, cheer, delight; rejoui, -e,
delighted, beaming.
relayer, _v._ to relieve.
releve, _m._ course immediately following the soup.
relever, _v._ to lift again, raise, lift, turn back; se --,
raise oneself, rise again, stand up, get up again, rise.
relief, _m._ relief (projection).
religieusement, _adv._ religiously.
religieux, -euse, _adj._ religious.
religion, _f._ religion, piety.
relique, _f._ relic.
reluire, _v._ to shine, glisten.
remarquable, _adj._ remarkable.
remarque, _f._ remark.
remarquer, _v._ to remark, notice.
rembourrer, _v._ to stuff, pad.
remedier, _v._ to remedy, obviate.
remercier, _v._ to thank.
remettre, _v._ to put back, put on again, put again, deliver, give,
give over, recover; se --, put oneself back, give oneself over,
place oneself again, recover one's composure, make up; se -- a,
begin again; se -- avec, get back into the good graces of, "mldquo;make up
remonter, _v._ to remount, go or come up again, go back, go up, get
in again.
remords, _m._ remorse.
remorque, _f._ towing, tow.
remorquer, _v._ to tow.
remous, _m._ eddy.
rempart, _m._ rampart, city wall.
remplacer, _v._ to replace.
remplir, _v._ to fill, fulfil; rempli, -e, filled, full.
remporter, _v._ to carry off or back.
remuer, _v._ to move, stir; se --, bestir oneself, stir, move
about, move; remuant, -e, stirring, busy.
renard, _m._ fox.
renchainer, _v._ to chain up again.
rencontre, _f._ meeting; a sa --, to meet him.
rencontrer, _v._ to meet; se --, meet, find.
rendez-vous, _m._ rendez-vous, appointment, meeting; se donner
--, to make an appointment, agree to meet.
rendormir, _v._ to put to sleep again; se --, go to sleep
rendre, _v._ to render, give back, make, restore, depict; se
--, make or render oneself, surrender, betake oneself, go;
rendu,-e, rendered, knocked up, done for, "aldquo;all in."
renfermer, _v._ to shut up again, enclose, contain.
renfler, _v._ to swell; renfle, -e, swollen, bulging.
renfoncer, _v._ to plunge deeper, settle down.
renomme, -e, _adj._ renowned, noted.
renommee, _f._ renown, fame.
renoncer, _v._ to renounce, give up.
renouveler, _v._ to renew, repeat; -- l'air, ventilate; se
--, be renewed.
renseignement, _m._ information (also in _pl._); prendre des
renseignements, to make inquiries.
renseigner, _v._ to inform; se--, get information.
rente, _f._ income, annuity, income from government bonds or
stocks, etc.
renree, _f._ reentrance, return, return home.
rentrer, _v._ to reenter, go back in, come in, return.
renverse (a la), _adv._ backward, on one's back.
renverser, _v._ to overturn, upset, throw over or back.
renvoyer, _v._ to send back or away, dismiss, reflect.
repaitre, _v._ to feed; se -- de (avec), delight in.
repandre, _v._ to scatter, spread; se --, spread, be spread,
be spread out, scatter, launch, burst.
reparaitre, _v._ to reappear.
reparer, _v._ to repair, make amends for, recover from.
repartir, _v._ to set out again, start again, leave.
repas, _m._ repast, meal.
repasser, _v._ to pass again, repass, pass on, iron, strop,
repeindre, _v._ to repaint.
repentir (se), _v._ to repent; repentant, -e, repentant,
penitent; repentir, m. repentance.
repeter, _v._ to repeat.
replacer, _v._ to replace, put back.
replier, _v._ to fold again, fold, fall back; se --, fall
back, retreat.
replique, _f._ reply.
repliquer, _v._ to reply.
replonger (se), _v._ to replunge, jump back (in).
repondre, _v._ to respond, answer, reply; -- de, answer for,
assure of.
reponse, _f._ response, answer, reply.
reporter, _v._ to carry or bring back.
repos, _m._ repose, rest.
reposer, _v._ to repose, rest; se --, rest.
repousser, _v._ to push back, repulse; repoussant, -e, adj.
reprendre, _v._ to take again, get again, take on again, take up,
take to, continue, catch again, take back, regain, reply, resume.
represaille, _f._ retaliation, reprisal; _pl._ reprisal.
representer, _v._ to represent, give; se --, represent
oneself, picture to oneself, imagine.
reprise, _f._ retaking, darn; a plusieurs reprises, several
reproduire, _v._ to reproduce; se --, be reproduced.
republique, _f._ republic.
repugnance, _f._ repugnance.
reputation, _f._ reputation.
requin, _m._ shark (applied also to a predatory or voracious
reserve, _f._ reserve.
reserver, _v._ to reserve; se -- de, reserve the right to.
resignation, _f._ resignation.
resigner, _v._ to resign.
resistance, _f._ resistance.
resister, _v._ to resist, withstand.
resolu, _see_ resoudre.
resolument, _adv._ resolutely.
resolution, _f._ resolution.
resonner, _v._ to resound.
resoudre, _v._ to resolve, solve; resolu, -e, resolved,
respect, _m._ respect (now usually pronounced _respek_).
respectable, _adj._ respectable, venerable.
respecter, _v._ to respect.
respectueux, -euse, _adj._ respectful.
respirer, _v._ to breathe, inhale.
resplendir, _v._ to be resplendent; resplendissant, -e,
responsable, _adj._ responsible.
ressaisir, _v._ to seize or take hold of again (in this word and in
all the words to and including ressouvenir _re_ is pronounced as in
ressasser, _v._ to resift, reexamine.
ressemblance, _f._ resemblance.
ressembler, _v._ to resemble.
ressentir, _v._ to feel again, feel, experience.
ressort, _m._ spring.
ressortir, _v._ to go or corne out again, stand out (in contrast).
ressource, _f._ resource.
ressouvenir (se), _v._ to remember again.
restaurant, _m._ restaurant.
restaurer, _v._ to restore.
reste, _m._ rest, remains, trace; du (de) --, au --, for the
rest, besides; ils ne sont pas beaux de reste, they are not any too
rester, _v._ to remain, stay, stand; -- la, remain there or
resultat, _m._ result.
retablir, _v._ to reestablish; le silence s'etait retabli, it
had become silent again.
retaper, _v._ to make over or up.
retard, _m._ delay; en --, late.
retenir, _v._ to retain, hold back, hold, keep, restrain.
retentir, _v._ to resound, ring out.
Rethel, town in northeastern France (department of Ardennes); it
was captured in 1650 under Louis XIV, also by the duke de Guise in 1611
(minority of Louis XIII, not under Henri IV as stated by de Maupassant).
retirer, _v._ to retire, draw back, take off or from, get, draw
out; se --, retire, withdraw.
retomber, _v._ to fall again, fall back, relapse.
retour, _m._ return.
retourner, _v._ to go back, return, turn around, turn over again or
inside out, turn over, turn; se --, turn around or over; s'en
--, return, go back; voir de quoi il retourne, to see how the
land lies, get at the truth.
retracer, _v._ to retrace, sketch, lay out.
retraite, _f._ retreat, retirement, tattoo; battre en --, to
beat a retreat.
retribuer, _v._ to remunerate, give a salary to.
retrousser (se), _v._ to turn up.
retrouver, _v._ to find again; se --, find oneself again, be
found again, meet again.
reunion, _f._ reunion, meeting, gathering.
reunir, _v._ to reunite, bring together, collect; se --, meet.
reussir, _v._ to succeed (in or with).
revaloir, _v._ to pay back.
revanche, _f._ revenge.
reve, _m._ dream.
reveil, _m._ awakening.
reveiller, _v._ to awaken; se --, awaken.
reveillon, _m._ midnight feast, supper (on Christmas Eve, etc.).
revelateur, -trice, _adj. and s._ revealing, tell-tale, revealer.
revelation, _f._ revelation.
reveler, _v._ to reveal.
revenir, _v._ to come back; return, recover, be due; -- sur ses
pas, retrace one's steps; revenu a lui, having recovered his
self-possession, having become himself again.
rever, _v._ to dream, dream of.
reverberation, _f._ reflection.
reverbere, _m._ reflector, street-lamp.
reverence, _f._ reverence, bow, curtsy.
reverie, _f._ revery, dreaming.
revers, _m._ reverse, facing (of cloth), back stroke (from left to
right), back.
revetir, _v._ to reclothe, put on, cover.
reveur, -euse, _adj. and s._ dreaming, dreamy, dreamer.
revivre, _v._ to revive, come to life again, live again.
revoir, _v._ to see again; au --, good-by (till next meeting).
revolution, _f._ revolution.
revolver, _m._ revolver (pronounced: revolver).
revoquer, _v._ to revoke, recall.
revue, _f._ review.
rez-de-chaussee, _m._ ground floor (first syllable is pronounced
Rhin, _m._ Rhine.
rhingrave, _f._ wide breeches (of the 17th century).
riboter, _v._ to go on a spree.
ricaner, _v._ to sneer, chuckle.
richard, _m._ rich fellow (familiar).
riche, _adj. and s._ rich, rich person.
richement, _adv._ richly.
richesse, _f._ wealth, riches (also in _pl._).
richissime, _adj._ excessively rich (familiar).
ride, _f._ wrinkle, ripple.
rideau, _m._ curtain.
rider, _v._ to wrinkle.
ridicule, _adj. and m._ ridiculous, ridicule.
rien, _m._ nothing, anything; ne ... --, nothing; -- que,
only, merely; -- de bon, nothing good; -- de temps, no time;
ca ne fait --, that makes no difference; -- autre chose que,
nothing but.
rigoler, _v._ to be very much amused, split one's sides (familiar).
rigueur, _f._ rigor; tenir -- a, to treat coldly, refuse to
come to.
rime, _f._ rime.
rimer, _v._ to rime.
rin, dialectic for rien.
riole, _f._ debauch (obsolescent).
riposter, _v._ to reply (sharply).
rire, _v._ to laugh; donner a -- a, make laugh; _m._ laughter,
laugh; -- a, smile upon; -- aux eclats, burst out laughing.
risible, _adj._ laughable.
risque, _m._ risk.
risquer, _v._ to risk.
rite, _m._ rite.
rivage, _m._ shore, beach.
rival, -e, _adj. and s._ rival.
rivaliser, _v._ to rival.
rive, _f._ bank (of a stream).
river, _v._ to rivet.
riviere, _f._ river.
robe, _f._ robe, dress, gown, frock.
robinet, _m._ faucet, spigot.
roc, _m._ rock (mass of rock still in the earth).
roche, _f._ rock.
Roche-Oysel, an imaginary town (=Bird-Rock).
rocher, _m._ rock, cliff.
roder, _v._ to roam, prowl.
rodeur, _m._ prowler.
roi, _m._ king.
roidir, _v._ to stiffen, tighten.
role, _m._ role, part; a tour de --, in turn.
romain, -e, _adj. and s._ Roman (written Romain when _s._).
roman, _m._ novel, story.
roman, -e, _adj._ Romance (belonging to the Latin languages).
romanesque, _adj._ romanesque, fantastic, romantic.
rompre, _v._ to break, rupture, rend; se --, be broken, break.
ronce, _f._ bramble, briar.
rond, -e, _adj. and m._ round; -- de cuir, round leather cushion.
ronde, _f._ round.
rondin, _m._ billet, round log.
ronflement, _m._ snoring, snore, humming, roar, roaring, whir.
ronfler, _v._ to snore, roar, snort.
ronger, _v._ to gnaw, eat away or out.
roquefort, _m._ roquefort cheese (made in Roquefort in
south-western France, department of Landes).
rose, _f._ rose; _adj._ pink.
roseau, _m._ reed.
rossignol, _m._ nightingale.
Roth, proper name; _cf. roth_ or _rot_, red, in German.
rotir, _v_. to roast.
roue, _f._ wheel.
rouet, _m._ spinning-wheel.
rouge, _adj. and m._ red, red-hot, redness, blush, rouge.
rougeur, _f._ glow, blush.
rougir, _v._ to redden, blush.
rouiller, _v._ to rust; se --, get rusty.
roulage, _m._ cartage; voiture de --, wagon.
rouleau, _m._ roll, stack, roller.
roulement, _m._ rolling, rumbling, beating (of a drum).
rouler, _v._ to roll, roll up or about, turn on or over, turn; se
--, roll oneself, roll about; -- sur, roll on, deal with.
roulette, _f._ roller, little wheel, roulette.
Roumanille (Joseph), Provencal writer and poet, one of the founders of
the brotherhood known as les Felibres consisting at first of seven
modern Provencal poets including Mistral (1818-1891).
roussin, _m._ steed, stallion.
route, _f._ route, way, highway, road; en --, on the way.
roux, rousse, _adj._ russet, reddish brown.
royal, -e, _adj._ royal; Place Royale, square in eastern section of
Paris, now called Place des Vosges, before the French Revolution it was a
center of fashion.
ruban, _m._ ribbon.
ruche, _f._ hive.
rude, _adj._ rude, rough; -- partie, great game.
rudement, _adv._ rudely, roughly, terribly.
rudesse, _f._ roughness.
rue, _f._ street.
ruelle, _f._ alley.
ruer, _v._ to throw, cast; se --, throw oneself, rush, dash.
rugir, _v._ to roar.
ruine, _f._ ruin.
ruiner, _v._ to ruin.
ruisseau, _m._ small stream, gutter.
ruisseler, _v._ to drip, trickle.
rumeur, _f._ rumor, murmur, uproar, noise.
ruse, _f._ ruse, trick.
ruse, -e, _adj._ crafty, tricky, cunning.
russe, _adj. and s._ Russian (written Russe when _s._).
Russie, _f._ Russia.


s', _see_ se or si.
sa, _see_ son.
Saadi, Sadi, celebrated Persian poet, _see_ also Gulistan
(c. 1190-1291).
Saar, _f._ Saar (Alsatian river).
sabir, _m._ mixture of Arabic, French, Spanish and Italian spoken
in the Levant, jargon.
sable, _m._ sand.
sablonneux, -euse, _adj._ sandy.
sabot, _m._ wooden shoe, hoof.
sabre, _m._ saber.
sac, _m._ sack, bag.
sachet, _m._ sachet, scent-bag.
sacrer, _v._ to consecrate.
sacrificateur, _m._ priest, high priest (Jewish).
sacrifier, _v._ to sacrifice.
sacrilege, _m._ sacrilege.
sacristain, _m._ sacristan, sexton.
sage, _adj._ good, well-behaved, wise.
sage-femme, _f._ midwife.
saigner, _v._ to bleed; -- du nez, have the nosebleed.
sain, -e, _adj._ healthy, sound.
saint, -e, _adj. and s._ saintly, holy, sacred, saint.
Saint-Christophe, Saint Christopher (name of a church and street in
Saint-Cloud, town on the Seine, a western suburb of Paris.
Saint-Nazaire, city and port at the mouth of the Loire.
sainte-nitouche, _f._ sanctimonious person, one who affects an
innocent air.
Saint-Paul (hotel), former residence of Charles V in the
Saint-Antoine quarter of Paris.
Saint-Pierre (ile de), island in the Swiss Lake of Bienne (Rousseau
tried to take refuge here in 1765).
Saint-Vincent, name of a footbridge over the Saone in Lyons.
saisir, _v._ to seize, catch, grasp.
saisissement, m. shock.
saison, _f._ season; marchand des quatre saisons,
costermonger, huckster.
salade, _f._ salad.
salant, -e, _adj._ salt.
sale, _adj._ dirty, nasty.
sale, -e, _adj._ salt, spicy.
salive, _f._ saliva.
salle, _f._ hall, room, office; -- de police, guard-room; --
a manger, dining-room; -- de jeu, gambling-room.
salon, _m._ drawing-room, reception-room.
saltimbanque, _m._ mountebank, juggler, street actor.
saluer, _v._ to bow to, bow, greet, salute.
salut, _m._ salutation, bow, safety, salvation.
samedi, _m._ Saturday.
sandale, _f._ sandal.
sang, _m._ blood.
sang-froid, _m._ coolness.
sanglant, -e, _adj._ bloody.
sanglot, _m._ sob.
sangloter, _v._ to sob.
sanguinaire, _adj._ sanguinary, bloodthirsty.
sans, _prep._ without, except for, had it not been for; --
que, _conj._ without.
sante, _f._ health.
Saone, _f._ Saone (river flowing into the Rhone at Lyons; _a_ not
saoul, -e, _adj._ drunk (also written _soul_; pronounced: _sou_).
sapas, _m._ a slang word, translate: greedy-gut.
sapin, _m._ fir-tree, spruce.
sarcastique, _adj._ sarcastic.
Sardaigne, _f._ Sardinia (the ltalian island).
sarde, _adj._ Sardinian.
sardine, _f._ sardine.
sarrasin, -e, _adj. and s._ Saracenic, Saracen (written
Sarrasin when _s._).
sarrasin, _m._ buckwheat.
satan, _m._ Satan, evil genius.
satin, _m._ satin.
satisfaction, _f._ satisfaction.
satisfaire, _v._ to satisfy.
saucisse, _f._ Balisage.
saucisson, _m._ Balisage (large).
sauf, sauve, _adj._ safe.
saumatre, _adj._ briny, brackish.
saumure, _f._ brine.
saut, _m._ leap.
sauter, _v._ to jump, leap, skip, leap over, pop, be broken (bank);
-- sur les sabres, leap to draw the sabers; -- au cou de, fall
on the neck of.
sautiller, _v._ to hop, skip, leap.
sautoir, _m._ Saint Andrew's cross; en --, cross-wise, across
the shoulders.
sauvage, _adj. and s._ wild, savage.
sauvagerie, _f._ shyness.
sauver, _v._ to save; se --, save oneself, run away.
sauvetage, _m._ rescue; bateau de --, life-boat.
sauveur, _m._ savior.
savane, _f._ savannah, prairie.
savate, _f._ old shoe.
Savenay, village in the department of Loire-Inferieure.
savoir, _v._ to know, know how, know to be, find out, can; -- gre
a, thank; on ne sait comment, somehow or other; je ne sais
quel, I do not know what, some; je ne sais plus quel, I have
forgotten what; est-ce que je sais?, do I know, "aldquo;and a lot of other
things," etc.
savourer, _v._ to savor, relish.
savoureux, -euse, _adj._ savory.
scandale, _m._ scandal.
scandaleux, -euse, _adj._ scandalous, shameful.
scandaliser, _v._ to scandalize.
scelerat, -e, _adj. and s._ wicked, heinous, villain, wretch, rascal.
scelle, _m._ seal; mettre les scelles, to geal up (the possessions
of a debtor).
sceller, _v._ to seal, make fast.
scene, _f._ scene.
sceptique, _adj. and s._ skeptical, skeptic.
schako, _m._ shako (military cap resembling a truncated cone
and having a plume or pompon, now little used in the French army).
scier, _v._ to saw.
scintiller, _v._ to scintillate, twinkle, sparkle.
scorpion, _m._ scorpion.
scrupule, _m._ scruple.
sculpter, _v._ to sculpture, carve, engrave (_p_ not pronounced).
sculpture, _f._ sculpture, carving (_p_ not pronounced).
se (s'), _refl. pr._ himself, herself, itself, themselves, etc.
seau, _m._ pail, bucket.
sec, seche, _adj. and s._ dry, dried up, skinny, keen, sharp, curt,
harsh, dried up fellow.
sechement, _adv._ dryly, curtly.
secher, _v._ to dry.
secheresse, _f._ dryness, harshness, lack of feeling.
second, -e, _adj._ second (_c_ pronounced as _g_).
seconde, _f._ second (_c_ pronounced as _g_).
secouer, _v._ to shake, shake off.
secourable, _adj._ helpful; -- pour, willing to help.
secourir, _v._ to succor, aid, help.
secours, _m._ succor, aid, help, assistance; au --!, help!
secousse, _f._ shake, shaking, shock.
secret, -ete, _adj. and m._ secret.
secretaire, _m._ secretary, clerk, writing-desk.
seculaire, _adj._ secular, a hundred years old, venerable.
seduire, _v._ to seduce, attract, lead astray, be attractive;
seduisant, -e, seductive, attractive.
seigneur, _m._ lord; le Seigneur, the Lord.
seigneurial, -e, _adj._ seigniorial, lordly.
sein, _m._ breast, bosom.
Seine, _f._ Seine.
seize, _card._ sixteen.
sejour, _m._ sojourn, star, visit, staying.
sel, _m._ salt.
selam, _m._ Oriental name for a bouquet of flowers expressing a
thought (of love); derived from Arabic salam, salutation (_m_
selle, _f._ saddle.
selon, _prep._ according to; -- que, according as.
Seltz, Seltzer (town in Hesse); eau de --, Seltzer-water.
semaine, _f._ week.
semaison, _f._ seed-time, natural sowing of seeds by the plants
themselves (obsolescent).
semblable, _adj._ similar, like, of this kind.
sembler, _v._ to seem.
semelle, _f._ sole (shoe); battre la --, to tramp.
semer, _v._ to sow, strew.
semillant, -e, _adj._ frisky.
sens, _m._ sense, direction (final s not pronounced).
sensation, _f._ sensation.
sensibilite, _f._ sensitiveness, feeling.
sensible, _adj._ sensitive.
sensiblement, _adv._ perceptibly, sensibly.
sentence, _f._ maxim, saying.
senteur, _f._ odor, fragrance, perfume.
sentier, _m._ path.
sentiment, _m._ sentiment, feeling.
sentimental, -e, _adj._ sentimental.
sentinelle, _f._ sentinel.
sentir, _v._ to feel, perceive, smell, smell of; se --, feel
oneself, feel that one has or is, feel; -- a plein nez, fill the
nose with odors of, reek with.
separer, _v._ to separate; se --, be separated, separate.
sept, _card._ seven (_p_ not pronounced).
septembre, _m._ September.
serail, _m._ seraglio.
serein, -e, _adj._ serene, calm.
serge, _f._ serge.
sergent, _m._ sergeant.
sergot, _m._ "cldquo;cop" (slang).
serieusement, _adv._ seriously.
serieux, -euse, _adj._ serious.
serment, _m._ oath.
serpent, _m._ serpent.
serrer, _v._ to tighten, squeeze, press, clench, grip, keep, fit
tight on, draw tight, shake (hands); se -- le coeur, be or
make heart-sick; serre, -e, tight, close, compact, dense, pressed;
avoir le coeur serre, be heavy-hearted.
serrure, _f._ lock.
servante, _f._ maid-servant.
service, _m._ service, commission; pour votre --, to serve
you; faire le -- de, run to.
serviette, _f._ napkin, towel, portfolio.
servir, _v._ to serve, be of use; se -- de, make use of, use;
-- de, serve as; pour vous --, at your service.
serviteur, _m._ servant.
ses, _see_ son.
seuil, _m._ threshold.
seul, -e, _adj._ alone, single.
seulement, _adv._ only, even.
severe, _adj._ severe.
severite, _f._ severity; avec --, sternly.
si, _conj. and adv._ if, to see if, whether, what if, so, yes
(contradiction), you ask if; -- ca se peut, the idea of asking
whether that's possible.
siecle, _m._ century.
siege, _m._ seat, siege.
sieger, _v._ to sit (of assemblies, etc.).
sien, -ne, _adj. pr._ (usually with le), his, hers, its, his
own, etc.; les siens, his people or family, etc.
sifflement, _m._ whistling.
siffler, _v._ to whistle, hiss.
sifflet, _m._ whistle; coup de --, whistle.
signalement, _m._ description.
signaler, _v._ to signal, call to one's attention.
signature, _f._ signature.
signe, _m._ sign; faire --, to make a sign, beckon.
signer, _v._ to sign.
significatif,-ive, _adj._ significant.
signifier, _v._ to signify.
silence, _m._ silence; garder le --, to keep silent.
silencieusement, _adv._ silently.
silencieux, -euse, _adj._ silent.
silhouette, _f._ silhouette (drawing representing a profile traced
by means of a shadow), outline.
sillon, _m._ furrow.
sillonner, _v._ to furrow.
Simon, Simon.
simple, _adj._ simple, mere, only; -- soldat, private.
simplement, _adv._ simply, merely.
simuler, _v._ to feign, simulate, take on the appearance of.
simultanement, _adv._ simultaneously.
sincere, _adj._ sincere.
sincerement, _adv._ sincerely.
sincerite, _f._ sincerity.
singe, _m._ monkey, ape (applied to a disagreeable person, =
singulier, -ere, _adj._ singular, peculiar, odd.
singulierement, _adv._ singularly.
sinistre, _adj. and m._ sinister, accident.
sinon, _conj._ if not, except.
siphon, _m._ siphon.
siphoide, _adj._ in the form of a siphon, siphonal.
sir, _m._ Sir (English title).
site, _m._ site, spot.
sitot, _adv._ so soon, as soon as; -- que, _conj._ as soon as.
situation, _f._ situation, state.
situer, _v._ to place; situe, -e, situated.
six, _card._ six; tous les --, all six (_x_ pronounced as
sixieme, _ord._ sixth (_x_ pronounced as _z_).
Skouliani, Skuleni (town on the Russo-Rumanian frontier).
snobisme, _m._ snobbishness, snobbism.
sobriete, _f._ sobriety.
social, -e, _adj._ social.
societe, _f._ society, company.
soeur, _f._ sister.
sofa, _m._ sofa.
soi, _refl. pr._ oneself, itself (indefinite).
soie, _f._ silk.
soierie, _f._ silk-trade; _pl._ silks.
soif, _f._ thirst.
soigneusement, _adv._ carefully.
soigneux, -euse, _adj._ careful.
soi-meme, _refl. pr._ oneself (indefinite).
soin, _m._ care, attention; _pl._ care, attentions, aid.
soir, _m._ evening; le --, the evening, in the evening; hier
au --, yesterday evening.
soiree, _f._ evening, evening entertainment.
soit, _adv._ be it so, so be it, whether; -- que ... -- que,
either because ... or because.
soixante, _card._ sixty (_x_ pronounced as _s_).
soixante-douze, _card._ seventy-two.
soixante-huit, _card._ sixty-eight.
sol, _m._ soil, ground, floor.
soldat, _m._ soldier.
Soldatenthal, town in the former French department of Meurthe.
solde, _f._ soldier's pay.
soleil, _m._ sun, sunlight.
solennellement, _adv._ solemnly (_len_ pronounced: _lan_).
solide, _adj._ strong, steady, firm.
solitude, _f._ solitude.
solive, _f._ rafter, joist.
solliciter, _v._ to solicit, ask for.
solliciteur, -euse, _m., f._ solicitor, solicitress, one who asks
sollicitude, _f._ solicitude.
solo, _m._ solo.
sombre, _adj._ somber, dark, gloomy.
somme, _f._ sum.
somme, _m._ nap.
sommeil, _m._ sleep.
sommeiller, _v._ to slumber, doze.
sommer, _v._ to summon, call upon.
somnambule, _adj. and s._ somnambulic, somnambulist.
somnoler, _v._ to be overcome with sleep, drowse.
somptueux, -euse, _adj._ sumptuous.
son, _m._ sound.
son, sa (ses, _pl.), poss. adj. pr._ his, her, its.
songe, _m._ dream, illusion.
songer, _v._ to dream, muse; think; mais songez, but just
songeur, -euse, _adj._ dreamy, thoughtful.
sonner, _v._ to ring, ring out or for, strike.
sonnette, _f._ small tell; coup de --, ring; donner un coup
de --, to ring.
sonore, _adj._ sonorous.
sorbet, _m._ sherbet.
sordide, _adj._ sordid, dirty, filthy.
sornette, _f._ idle story, nonsense.
sort, _m._ lot, fate; le -- en est jete, the die is cast.
sorte, _f._ sort, kind; en quelque --, in some way, in a way;
en -- que, _conj._ so that.
sortie, _f._ going out, exit, egress, release, departure.
sortir, _v._ to go out, come out, get out, stick out, put or take
or be out, leave, project, graduate.
sot, -te,_ adj. and s._ foolish, stupid, fool.
sottise, _f._ foolishness, foolish act or remark, stupidity; avoir
la -- de, to be foolish enough to.
sou, _m._ sou, cent; gros --, two cent piece; cent sous,
five francs, dollar (familiar); une piece de vingt sous, a franc.
souche, _f._ stump, log.
souci, _m._ care, anxiety, concern.
soucier, _v._ to disturb; se --, care, be concerned.
soucieux, -euse, _adj._ anxious, care-worn.
soucoupe, _f._ saucer.
soudain, -e, _adj._ and adv. sudden, suddenly.
soude, _f._ soda.
souder, _v._ to solder, weld.
souffle, _m._ breath, breathing.
souffler, _v._ to blow, blow out or up, breathe, puff.
soufflet, _m._ bellows, box (on the ear).
souffleter, _v._ to buffet.
souffrance, _f._ suffering.
souffrir, _v._ to suffer; souffrant, -e, _adj._ ill.
soufre, _m._ sulphur.
souhait, _m._ wish; a --, as one would wish.
souhaiter, _v._ to wish.
souiller, _v._ to soil, sully.
soulagement, _m._ relief.
soulager, _v._ to relieve.
soulever, _v._ to raise, lift; se --, raise oneself, rise.
soulier, _m._ low shoe.
soulot, _m._ drunk (slang).
soumettre, _v._ to submit, subject; soumis, -e, _adj._
soupcon, _m._ suspicion.
soupconner, _v._ to suspect.
soupe, _f._ soup.
soupente, _f._ loft, garret.
souper, _v._ to take supper, eat supper; _m._ supper.
soupir, _m._ sigh.
soupirail, _m._ air-hole, venthole, cellar window.
soupirer, _v._ to sigh.
souple, _adj._ supple.
souplesse, _f._ suppleness, flexibility.
source, _f._ source, spring.
sourcil, _m._ eye-brow.
sourd, -e, _adj._ deaf, muffied, dull, hollow.
sourire, _v._ to smile; _m._ smile.
souris, _f._ mouse.
sournois, -e, _adj._ sly, cunning.
sous, _prep._ under, beneath, in; -- votre respect, save your
sous-commission, _f._ sub-committee.
sous-lieutenant, _m._ second lieutenant.
sous-officier, _m._ non-commissioned officer.
sous-prefet, _m._ sub-prefect (head of an arrondissement).
sous-prefecture, _f._ sub-prefecture (house, function, district,
etc., of a sub-prefect).
soutache, _f._ braid (narrow).
soutane, _f._ cassock.
soutenir, _v._ to sustain, bear, maintain, support, keep up.
souterrain, -e, _adj. and m._ subterranean, subterranean passage,
soutien, _m._ support, prop, defender.
souvenir (se), _v._ to remember; il vous en souvient, you
remember it; _m._ memory, recollection, remembrance, souvenir.
souvent, _adv._ often.
Spandau, city and fortress near Berlin.
spasme, _m._ spasm.
special, -e, _adj._ special.
spectacle, _m._ spectacle, show, play, display, sight.
speculer, _v._ to speculate.
squelette, _m._ skeleton.
stalactite, _f._ stalactite.
staroste, _m._ starost (Polish nobleman, or in Russia = bailiff,
head of a commune).
station, _f._ stop, station, stand.
statue, _f._ statue.
stature, _f._ stature.
steppe, _m. or f._ steppe (great treeless tract in Russia and
stereotyper, _v._ to stereotype;
stereotype, _m._ stereotyped character.
stoique, _adj._ stoic.
stratageme, _m._ stratagem.
strident, -e, _adj._ strident, shrill.
stupefaction, _f._ stupefaction.
stupefait, -e, _adj._ stupefied, astonished.
stupeur, _f._ stupor.
stupide, _adj._ stupid, stupefied.
suave, _adj._ suave, sweet, gentle.
subir, _v._ to undergo.
subit, -e, _adj._ sudden.
subitement, _adv._ suddenly.
sublime, _adj._ sublime.
succeder, _v._ to succeed, follow.
succes, _m._ success.
sucre, _m._ sugar; -- en poudre, powdered sugar.
sucrer, _v._ to sugar, sweeten; sucre, -e, _adj._ sweet.
sucrerie, _f._ sugar-refinery; _pl._ sweetmeats, candy.
sud, _m._ south (_d_ pronounced).
suer, _v._ to sweat.
sueur, _f._ sweat.
suffire, _v._ to suffice, be enough; suffisant, -e, sufficient.
suffoquer, _v._ to suffocate, choke.
suggestion, _f._ suggestion.
suif, _m._ tallow.
suiffeux, _m._ fat and greasy fellow (slang, derived from
suif); gros -- a ne rien faire, big fat good-for-nothing.
Suisse, _f. and adj._ Switzerland, Swiss (written suisse when
suite, _f._ following, retinue, succession, result, rest; tout de
--, immediately; par --, in consequence; par -- de,
because of; a la -- (de), after, behind; de --, in succession.
suivre, _v._ to follow, study.
sujet, _m._ subject; au -- de, about.
sultan, -e, _m., f._ sultan, sultana.
superbe, _adj._ superb, splendid.
superieur, -e, _adj._ superior, upper.
superstitieux, -euse, _adj._ superstitious (second _ti_ pronounced
as _ci_).
superstition, _f._ superstition.
supplication, _f._ supplication, entreaty.
supplier, _v._ to supplicate, beg.
supporter, _v._ to support, tolerate.
supposer, _v._ to suppose, suggest.
supposition, _f._ supposition.
supreme, _adj._ supreme, last.
sur, _prep._ on, upon, over, near, about, toward, to; prendre
--, to take from; -- -le-champ, at once, on the spot; sauter
-- ses pieds, to leap to his feet; rouler -- l'or, roll in
sur, -e, _adj._ sure, certain; pour -- (que), surely.
suranne, -e, _adj._ superannuated, antiquated.
surete, _f._ safety.
surexciter, _v._ to overexcite.
surface, _f._ surface.
surgir, _v._ to rise, spring up.
surhumain, -e, _adj._ superhuman.
surmonter, _v._ to surmount.
surnaturel, -le, _adj._ supernatural.
surnumeraire, _m._ supernumerary, one not yet receiving a salary.
surpasser, _v._ to surpass.
surplis, _m._ surplice (outer white garment of the clergy).
surplus, _m._ surplus; au --, moreover, besides, however.
surprendre, _v._ to surprise, take by surprise.
surprise, _f._ surprise.
sursaut, _m._ start, shock; en --, with a start.
surtout, _adv._ above all, especially.
surveillant, -e, _m., f._ watcher, watchman, guard, guardian.
surveiller, _v._ to watch.
survenir, _v._ to come on or up unexpectedly.
survivant, _m._ survivor.
suspect, -e, _adj._ suspicions, suspected (_ct_ pronounced).
suspendre, _v._ to suspend, hang.
syllabe, _f._ syllable.
symbolique, _adj._ symbolic.
symetriquement, _adv._ symmetrically.
sympathie, _f._ sympathy.
sympathiser, _v._ to sympathize.
symptome, _m._ symptom.
systeme, _m._ system.


t', _see_ te.
ta, _see_ ton.
tabac, _m._ tobacco (_c_ not pronounced).
tabatiere, _f._ snuff-box.
table, _f._ table.
tableau, _m._ picture, diagram.
tableau, scene, board.
tablette, _f._ tablet, shelf.
tablier, _m._ apron.
tache, _f._ stain, spot, taint.
tache, _f._ task.
tacher, _v._ to stain.
tacher, _v._ to try.
taciturnite, _f._ taciturnity.
taffetas, _m._ taffeta (formerly a heavy silk, now a thin, glossy
silk; _s_ not pronounced).
taille, _f._ cut, figure, size, waist.
tailler, _v._ to cut, cut out, carve; at faro: to hold the cards
and play alone against all, deal.
taire, _v._ to suppress, keep quiet; se --, be or become
silent, keep quiet.
talent, _m._ talent.
talonner, _v._ to be close on the heels of.
talus, _m._ embankment, bank, slope (_s_ not pronounced).
tambour, _m._ drum, drummer.
tan, _m._ tan (bark).
tandis, _adv._ meanwhile; -- que, _conj._ whereas, white.
taniere, _f._ den, lair.
tanner, _v._ to tan.
tanneur, _m._ tanner.
tant, _adv._ so much, so many; -- que, conj. so long as, as
much as, so much, as many; -- bien que mal, as well as possible,
fairly well.
tante, _f._ aunt.
tantot, _adv._ soon, a little ago, before long, just now; -- ...
--, now ... now.
tapage, _m._ uproar, noise, disturbance.
tapageur, -euse, _adj. and s._ roistering, noisy, uproarious,
riotous, brawler, roisterer, noisy fellow.
tape, _f._ rap, slap.
taper, _v._ to slap, strike, stamp; -- de l'oeil, drop off
tapir (se), _v._ to crouch; tapi, -e, crouching.
tapis, _m._ carpet, rug, table-cover, cloth; -- vert, green baize
(of the table).
tarabuca, _f._ used by Gautier as the name of an Arab air, probably
erroneously derived from darabukke (Arahic), a kind of tambourine or
Tarascon, town on the Rhone, north of Arles.
Tarbes, town in the department of Hautes-Pyrenees.
tard, _adv._ late.
tarder, _v._ to be late, be slow in, be long in; il lui tardait de,
he was anxious to.
tardif, -ive, _adj._ tardy.
tarir, _v._ to dry up, exhaust; ne point -- en, never get
tired making.
tas, _m._ pile, heap.
tasse, _f._ cup.
tater, _v._ to feel, feel of.
tatons (a), _adv._ groping, feeling one's way.
taudis, _m._ hovel, dirty hale.
te, _conj. pr._ (familiar), you, to you (occasionally: thee, to
Te Deum, _m._ Te Deum (a hymn sung as a service of thanksgiving;
pronounced as in Latin).
teigneux, -euse, _adj._ scurvy.
teindre, _v._ to dye.
teint, _m._ dye, tint, complexion.
teinte, _f._ tint, tinge, hue, coloring.
tel, -le, _adj._ such; un --, such a, such and such a one, so
and so; connu pour --, known as such, known to be so.
telephoner, _v._ to telephone.
tellement, _adv._ so, to such a degree.
temeraire, _adj._ rash.
temoigner, _v._ to witness, show.
temoin, _m._ witness.
tempe, _f._ temple (of the head).
tempete, _f._ tempest.
temps, _m._ time, weather; dans le --, in former times; dans
les premiers --, at first (pronounced as the adverb tant).
tendon, _m._ tendon, sinew.
tendre, _adj._ tender.
tendre, _v._ to stretch, stretch out, extend, band, bang, drape;
-- l'oreille, listen intently.
tendrement, _adv._ tenderly.
tendresse, _f._ tenderness, fondness, affection.
tenebres, _f. pl._ darkness.
tenir, _v._ to hold, keep, get, keep to, stick to, be contained in;
tiens!, tenez!, wait!, see!, there!, here!, ah!; -- a, insist
on, be attached to, cling to, cherish, be anxious about, deliver (a
speech) to; -- dans, hold in, be contained in; il n'y tint
plus, he could not stand it any longer; se --, remain, keep,
stand, be; je ne (me) tiens plus sur mes jambes, I cannot stand up
any longer; faire -- a, have sent to.
tentation, _f._ temptation.
tentative, _f._ attempt.
tenter, _v._ to tempt, attempt.
tenue, _f._ bearing, carriage, dress, full dress, form, formality;
en grande --, in full dress; -- de soiree, evening clothes.
terme, _m._ term, expression.
terminer, _v._ to termina to, end, finish; se --, end, etc.
terne, _adj._ dull, lusterless, gloomy.
ternir, _v._ to tarnish.
terrain, _m._ soil, piece of land, ground.
terrasse, _f._ terrace, flat roof of an Oriental house.
terre, _f._ earth, land, cultivated land, ground, earthenware; par
--, on the ground or floor; a --, to the ground or floor.
terrestre, _adj._ terrestrial.
terreur, _f._ terror.
terrible, _adj. and m._ terrible, terrible side of thing.
terriblement, _adv._ terribly.
terrier, _m._ terrier, hole, burrow.
territoire, _m._ territory.
terroir, _m._ soil.
terroriser, _v._ to terrorize.
tertre, _m._ hillock, mound.
tes, _see_ ton.
tete, _f._ head, top, expression;
en --, at the head, in front; -- de lettre, letter-head;
tenir -- a, to resist, oppose.
teter, _v._ to suck; donner a --, nurse.
Thann, town in Alsace.
theatre, _m._ theater.
Thebes, Thebes (reference in the text is to the celebrated ancient
Egyptian city, not to the Greek village).
theologien, _m._ theologian.
thermometre, _m._ thermometer.
ti, dialectic particle used in questions: je sais- --?, do I
tic-tac, _m._ tick-tack, ticking.
tiers, _m._ third.
tige, _f._ stem, shaft, stick, club.
tigre, _m._ tiger.
timbre, _m._ bell, hand-bell, tone, sound, stamp.
timbre, -e, _adj._ stamped; papier --, officially stamped paper
(with the revenue stamp).
timide, _adj._ timid.
timidite, _f._ timidity.
tintement, _m._ tinkling.
tinter, _v._ to tinkle, ring, toll.
tir, _m._ shooting, shooting-gallery, shooting-grounds.
tirade, _f._ tirade (long speech in a drama).
tirailler, _v._ to pull about, plague.
tirailleur, _m._ sharp-shooter, skirmisher.
tirer, _v._ to draw, pull, draw lots, attract, pull off, extricate,
get out, shoot, tire, arouse; s'en --, get oneself out, manage, get
along; -- au sort a qui ..., draw lots to see who....
tireur, _m._ puller, shot (person).
tiroir, _m._ drawer.
tisserand, _m._ weaver.
titre, _m._ title, claim, right; a -- de, by virtue of being.
toast, _m._ toast (pronounced: _tost_).
toi, _disj. and conj. pr._ (familiar), you, to you (occasionally:
thou, thee, to thee); a --, your turn.
toile, _f._ cloth, canvas, linen, web.
toilette, _f._ toilet, dress, dressing.
Toine (abbreviation of Antoine), Tony.
toise, _f._ fathom (6 feet).
toiser, _v._ to size up, measure, eye from head to toot.
toison, _f._ fleece.
toit, _m._ roof.
tole, _f._ sheet-iron.
tolerer, _v._ to tolerate; -- que, bear to have.
tomate, _f._ tomato.
tombe, _f._ tomb, grave.
tombeau, _m._ tomb, tombstone.
tombeki, _m._ kind of tobacco raised chiefly in Persia (usually
written tombeki).
tomber, _v._ to fall, fall down, drop; faire --, make fall,
empty (ashes, etc.); le jour tombe, it grows dark; a la nuit
tombante, au jour tombant, at nightfall.
Tombouctou, Timbuktu (African town on the upper Niger).
ton, _m._ tone.
ton, ta (tes, _pl.), poss. adj. pr._ (familiar), your
(occasionally: thy).
Toni, Tony.
Tonkin, _m._ Tonkin (French protectorate in Indo-China,
definitively conquered in 1885).
tonne, _f._ tun, hogshead.
tonneau, _m._ cask, barrel, ton.
tonner, _v._ to thunder.
toque, _f._ Hat cap, toque (the French judge's toque suggests a
cylinder flaring at the top).
torche, _f._ torch.
tordre, _v._ to twist, wring; se --, writhe, laugh
torrent, _m._ torrent, flood.
tors, -e, _adj._ twisted, crooked.
torse, _m._ trunk (of a person), body.
tort, _m._ wrong, harm, stigma; avoir --, to be wrong; a
--, wrongly.
Tortillard, proper name suggesting tortiller.
tortiller, _v._ to twist.
tortu, -e, _adj._ crooked, gnarled.
tortue, _f._ tortoise, turtle.
torture, _f._ torture, torment; mettre l'esprit a la --, to
rack one's brains.
torturer, _v._ to torture, torment.
tot, _adv._ soon, early.
toucher, _v._ to touch, touch on; -- a, touch, meddle with,
border on, draw near; touchant,-e, touching, pathetic.
touffe, _f._ tuft, clump, cluster.
toujours, _adv._ always, all the time, continuously, ever, still,
nevertheless, at any rate.
tour, _f._ tower.
tour, _m._ turn, circuit, trip around, trick, feat; faire le --
(de), to make the circuit, fun around; -- a --, in turn.
tourbillon, _m._ whirlwind, whirlpool, swarm.
tourbillonner, _v._ to whirl.
tourelle, _f._ turret; escalier en --, winding turret
tourmenter, _v._ to torment.
tournant, _m._ turn, corner.
tournee, _f._ turn, tour, trip, round.
tourner, _v._ to turn, flank, turn around or over or the corner of,
turn out, wind, twist, bend, circle; se --, turn oneself, turn,
turn around; mal --, take a turn for the worse, turn out badly;
mal tourne, badly formed or built, homely; -- au plafond,
encircle the ceiling.
Tournevent, imaginary town.
tournoiement, _m._ turning, winding.
tournoyer, _v._ to turn, whirl.
tournure, _f._ shape, figure, form, appearance.
Tours, city on the Loire.
tourterelle, _f._ turtle-dove.
tous, _see_ tout.
tousser, _v._ to cough.
tout, -e (tous, toutes, _pl.), adj., adv. and s._ all, every,
everything, everyone, wholly, quite, very, wide (open), any; --le
jour, all day; tous les jours, every day; en -- cas, in
any case; -- a fait, wholly, entirely, altogether, wholeheartedly;
-- de meme, all the same; pas du --, not at all; rien du
--, nothing at all; -- au plus, at the very most; c'est -- au
plus si je pourrais, at the very most I could only; avoir de
--, to have something of everything; -- un jour, an entire day;
comme --, as everything, as anything; toute fee que je sois,
fairy though I be; -- en, while, all the time (with participle);
le --, all (when tous stands alone, without a noun, _s_ is
toutefois, _adv._ however, still, yet, nevertheless.
tout-puissant, -e, _adj._ all-powerful, omnipotent.
Tramasset (Edouard), Coppee's cousin, to whom he dedicated _Le
Louis d'Or_.
tracasser, _v._ to vex, plague, annoy.
trace, _f._ trace, mark, track.
tracer, _v._ to trace.
tradition, _f._ tradition.
traduction, _f._ translation.
traduire, _v._ to translate.
tragediante, _m._ tragedian (Italian).
tragedie, _f._ tragedy.
tragique, _adj._ tragic.
trahir, _v._ to betray.
train, _m._ pace, rate, bustle, course, train, raft, train of
boats; en -- de, in the act of, about to; -- de bateaux, line
of boats, tow.
trainee, _f._ trail.
trainer, _v._ to drag, draw, drawl; se --, drag oneself along.
trait, _m._ trace, shaft, trait, feature, draught.
traite, _m._ treaty, agreement.
traiter, _v._ to treat, treat of; -- de, treat as, call.
traitreusement, _adv._ treacherously.
trajet, _m._ journey, trip, distance, way.
tramway, _m._ tramway, street-car.
tranche, _f._ slice.
trancher, _v._ to cut, cut off or out, stand out, form a contrast;
tranchant, -e, adj. cutting, sharp.
tranquille, _adj._ tranquil, quiet; laisser --, to let alone,
let be; vivre --, live quietly (_ll_ in this and the next three
words is not liquid).
tranquillement, _adv._ tranquilly, quietly.
tranquilliser, _v._ to tranquilize, quiet, make easy.
tranquillite, _f._ tranquillity, quiet, ease (of mind).
transcrire, _v._ to transcribe.
transe, _f._ fright, pang.
transformer, _v._ to transform.
transi, -e, _adj._ chilled, benumbed.
transparent, -e, _adj._ transparent.
transpiration, _f._ perspiration, transpiration.
transport, _m._ transportation, transport, rapture.
transporter, _v._ to transport, convey, carry.
trappe, _f._ trap-door.
trapu, -e, _adj._ thick-set, dumpy.
traquer, _v._ to track, hunt, pursue (closely).
travail, _m._ work, labor, laboring; instrument de --, tool.
travailler, _v._ to work, till, plow through, torment; travaille,
-e, worked, wrought.
travers, _m._ breadth, width; a --, through, across; au --
de, through; en --, crosswise; en -- de, across, through;
de --, awry, not on straight, crooked, crosswise, sidewise,
askance, wrong.
traversee, _f._ crossing, passage.
traverser, _v._ to cross, pass through, traverse.
trebucher, _v._ to stumble, trip.
treillis, _m._ trellis, lattice.
treize, _card._ thirteen.
tremblement, _m._ trembling.
trembler, _v._ to tremble; tremblant, -e, trembling, quaking,
tremper, _v._ to soak.
trentaine, _f._ about thirty.
trente, _card._ thirty.
trente-cinq, _card._ thirty-five.
trente-deux, _card._ thirty-two.
trente-quatre, _card._ thirty-four.
trente-sept, _card._ thirty-seven.
trente-six, _card._ thirty-six.
trepignement, _m._ stamping.
trepigner, _v._ to stamp.
tres, _adv._ very, very much.
tresor, _m._ treasure.
tressaillir, _v._ to start, jump, thrill.
tretous (dialectic, = tres tous), _m. pl._ all indeed, quite
triangle, _m._ triangle.
tribu, _f._ tribe.
tribunal, _m._ tribunal, court.
tricorne, _m._ three-cornered hat.
tricot, _m._ knitting, knitted vest.
tricoter, _v._ to knit.
trinquer, _v._ to touch glasses before drinkingo
triolet, _m._ triolet, triplet.
triomphal, -e, _adj._ triumphal.
triomphalement, _adv._ triumphantly.
triomphe, _m._ triumph.
triompher, _v._ to triumph; triomphant, -e, triumphant.
tripe, _f._ tripe, bowels, stomach.
triple, _adj._ triple.
tripler, _v._ to triple.
tripot, _m._ gambling-house.
trique, _f._ cudgel.
triste, _adj._ sad, gloomy, dismal, wretched.
tristement, _adv._ sadly.
tristesse, _f._ sadness.
trois, _card._ three.
troisieme, _ord._ third; chambre du --, fourth-story room.
tromper, _v._ to deceive, disappoint; se --, be mistaken, make
a mistake.
tronc, _m._ trunk, tree-trunk.
troncon, _m._ fragment, stump.
trone, _m._ throne.
tronquette, _f._ girl, lass (popular).
trop, _adv._ too, too much; pas --, not too much, not very much.
trot, _m._ trot; petit --, slow trot.
trottoir, _m._ sidewalk.
trou, _m._ hole.
trouble, _m._ trouble, embarrassment, confusion, disturbance, distress.
troubler, _v._ to trouble, disturb, confuse, excite; se --, be
disturbed, become troubled.
trouer, _v._ to make a hole in, pierce; troue, -e, pierced,
full of holes.
troupe, _f._ troop, crowd, brood (of chickens), litter (of pigs);
de la --, soldiers.
troupeau, _m._ flock, herd.
troupier, _m._ trooper.
trousse, _f._ case; aux trousses (de), at one's heels.
trousseau, _m._ trousseau, outfit.
trouver, _v._ to find, consider, discover, hit on; se --, find
oneself, be found, chance to be, be, find that one has, offer an
opportunity; s'en -- bien, find it good for one.
truffe, _f._ truffle.
truie, _f._ sow.
truisse, _f._ clump of trees (used especially in La Vendee).
trumeau, _m._ pier (of a wall), pier-glass.
tu, _conj. pr._ (familiar), you (occasionally: thou).
Tubingue, Tuebingen (town in Wuerttemberg).
tuer, _v._ to kill.
tumulte, _m._ tumult, uproar.
tumultueusement, _adv._ tumultuously, riotously.
tumultueux, -euse, _adj._ tumultuous, riotous.
tunique, _f._ tunic, coat (of a uniform).
turban, _m._ turban; valeurs a --, Turkish stocks (financial
turc, turque, _adj. and s._ Turkish, Turk (written Turc when
turco, _m._ turco (Algerian soldier in the French service).
turne, _f._ wretched room, shanty (familiar).
tuyau, _m._ tube, pipe, flue.
typographe, _m._ printer; adjectively: printer's.


uhlan, _m._ uhlan (German lancer; no elision before this word).
un, -e, _card. and indef. art._ one, a, an; l'--, one; les
uns ... les autres, some ... others; les uns les autres, one
another; les uns aux autres, to one another; l'-- et l'autre,
both; se regarder l'-- l'autre, to look at each other.
uni, -e, _adj._ united, smooth, uniform.
uniforme, _m._ uniform.
union, _f._ union.
unique, _adj._ unique, only.
uniquement, _adv._ only.
usage, _m._ usage, use, custom.
user, _v._ to use up, wear out, use, -- de, make use of.
usine, _f._ factory.
utile, _adj._ useful.


vacance, _f._ vacancy, vacation.
vacarme, _m._ uproar, hubbub.
vache, _f._ cow.
vaciller, _v._ to vacillate, reel, totter, shake.
va-et-vient, _m._ going and coming.
vagabond, _m._ vagabond, vagrant.
vague, _f._ wave, sea.
vague, _adj._ vague, indistinct.
vaguement, _adv._ vaguely.
vaillant, -e, _adj. and s._ valiant, strong, brave.
vain, -e, _adj._ vain, empty, useless.
vaincre, _v._ to conquer, vanquish; vaincu, -e, _adj. and s._
conquered, one conquered.
vainement, _adv._ vainly.
vainqueur, _m._ victor, conqueror; adjectively: victorious.
vaisseau, _m._ vessel, ship.
valet, _m._ valet, man-servant, farm-hand; -- de chambre,
valetaille, _f._ pack of footmen (derogatory).
valeur, _f._ value; _pl._ bills, paper (commercial).
valise, _f._ valise.
vallee, _f._ valley.
vallon, _m._ little valley, vale.
valoir, _v._ to be worth; -- mieux, be worth more, be better.
Van den Berg, name of the Doyen in _la Montre du Doyen_ (_van_ is
the Dutch prefix corresponding to the German _von, Berg_ = mountain, in
vanite, _f._ vanity.
vaniteux, -euse, _adj._ vain.
vanter, _v._ to boast of, brag about, extol.
vanvole, _see_ venvole.
vapeur, _f._ vapor, steam, fume, mist; _m._ steamer.
vaquer, _v._ to be vacant; -- a, attend to, go about.
vareuse, _f._ jumper, pea-jacket.
variation, _f._ variation.
varier, _v._ to vary.
vase, _m._ vase.
vaste, _adj._ vast, immense.
va-t-au-nord, _m._ shift to the north (popular).
va-t-au-sud, _m._ shift to the south (popular).
veau, _m._ calf, veal.
vegetation, _f._ vegetation, vegetable growth, plant.
vehemence, _f._ vehemence.
veille, _f._ eve, clay before.
veiller, _v._ to watch, sit up; -- a, watch over; veille sur
toi, look out for yourself.
veine, _f._ vein, good luck.
velours, _m._ velvet.
veloute, -e, _adj._ velvety.
vendange, _f._ vintage.
vendetta, _f._ vendetta, blood-feud (in Italian, = vengeance;
_en_ pronounced as in _bien_).
vendeur, _m._ vendor, seller.
vendre, _v._ to sell; a --, for sale.
vendredi, _m._ Friday.
venerable, _adj._ venerable.
veneration, _f._ veneration; avoir en --, to worship.
vengeance, _f._ vengeance.
venger, _v._ to avenge.
venir, _v._ to come; -- de, come from, have just; -- a,
come to, happen; s'en --, come away or along; venu, _m._
vent, _m._ wind; au --, in the wind, flying.
vente, _f._ sale.
ventre, _m._ belly, stomach, hull, body.
ventrebleu, _interj._ by heaven!, etc.
ventru, -e, _adj._ big-bellied, pot-bellied.
venue, _f._. coming.
Venus, Venus; cheveux de --, kind of maidenhair fern.
venvole (a la), _adv._ heedlessly, lightly (obsolescent; formerly
and incorrectly written vanvole, the word is derived from
verdir, _v._ to make or turn green.
verdure, _f._ verdure, green vegetables.
vergue, _f._ yard (of a ship).
verification, _f._ verification.
veritable, _adj._ veritable, true, real.
veritablement, _adv._ veritably, really.
verite, _f._ truth.
vermeil, -le, _adj._ vermilion, bright red, rosy.
vermoulu, -e, _adj._ wormeaten.
vernir, _v._ to varnish, polish.
vernis, _m._ varnish, polish.
verre, _m._ glass; petit --, small glass of brandy.
verrou, _m._ bolt.
vers, _m._ verse.
vers, _prep._ toward.
verser, _v._ to pour, pour forth or out, shed.
verset, _m._ verse (of a hymn, of the Koran, etc.).
verste, _f._ verst (Russian measure, about one kilometer).
vert, -e, _adj. and m._ green.
vertige, _m._ vertigo, giddiness, dizziness.
vertu, _f._ virtue.
verve, _f._ animation, spirit.
veste, _f._ short coat, jacket.
vestibule, _m._ vestibule.
vestige, _m._ vestige, trace.
veston, _m._ jacket, short coat.
vetement, _m._ garment, piece of clothing; _pl._ clothes.
veteran, _m._ veteran.
vetir, _v._ to clothe, dress, cover.
vetuste, _f._ oldness, antiquity, decay.
veuf, veuve, _m., f._ widower, widow.
viager, -gere, _adj._ for life; rente viagere, life annuity.
viande, _f._ meat.
vibrer, _v._ to vibrate, quiver; vibrant, -e, vibrating,
resounding, quivering, tremulous.
vice, _m._ vice.
victime, _f._ victim.
victoire, _f._ victory.
vide, _adj._ empty.
vider, _v._ to empty; se --, be emptied, empty oneself.
vie, _f._ life, living.
vieillard, _m._ old man.
vierge, _f. and adj._ virgin; la sainte Vierge, the Holy
vieux (vieil, before vowels), vieille, _adj. and s._ old, old
man or woman.
vif, vive, _adj._ lively, alive, keen,
brisk, bright, vivid, living.
vigne, _f._ vine, vineyard.
vignette, _f._ vignette (small ornamental engraving in a book, on
letter-paper, etc.).
vigoureux,-euse, _adj._ vigorous.
vigueur, _f._ vigor, strength, force.
vil, -e, _adj._ vile, despicable, base.
vilain, -e, _adj._ mean, dirty, nasty, coarse, wretched, ugly,
villa, _f._ villa (in this and in the next four words _ll_ is not
village, _m._ village.
villageois, -e, _adj. and s._ rustic, villager.
ville, _f._ city, town; -- forte, stronghold.
Villemomble, village 8 miles east of Paris.
vin, _m._ wine; -- du Rhin, Rhine wine.
vingt, _card._ twenty.
vingtaine, _f._ score.
vingt-cinq, _card._ twenty-five (_t_ pronounced).
vingt-deux, _card._ twenty-two (_t_ pronounced as _d_).
vingt-huit, _card._ twenty-eight.
vingtieme, _ord._ twentieth.
vingt-trois, _card._ twenty-three (_t_ pronounced in vingt).
violemment, _adv._ violently (_em_ pronounced as _am_).
violence, _f._ violence, force.
violent, -e, _adj._ violent.
violer, _v._ to violate.
violet, -te, _adj._ violet.
violette, _f._ violet.
violon, _m._ violin, violinist.
violoncelliste, _m._ violoncellist.
vindicatif, -ive, _adj._ vindictive.
virer, _v._ to turn.
visage, _m._ visage, countenance, face.
viser, _v._ to aim at, vise.
visible, _adj._ visible.
visiblement, _adv._ visibly.
visiere, _f._ visor.
vision, _f._ vision.
visite, _f._ vigil.
visiter, _v._ to vigil, inspect.
visiteur, -euse, _m., f._ visiteur.
vite, _adv._ quickly.
vitesse, _f._ speed.
vitre, _f._ window-pane.
vitrer, _v._ to glaze; vitre, -e, _adj._ glass.
vitreux, -euse, _adj._ glassy.
vivacite, _f._ vivacity.
vivement, _adv._ quickly, briskly, heartily, intensely, keenly.
vivre, _v._ to live, be alive; pour --, live, live on;
vive!; long live!; vivant, -e, living, alive.
vociferer, _v._ to vociferate, bawl.
voeu, _m._ vow, wish.
voici, _prep._ here is, here are, ago, you see here, etc.; le
--, here he (it) is.
voie, _f._ way; en bonne --, on the road to recovery.
voila, _prep._ there is, there are, you see there, that's it,
that's how it is, there you have it, here is, etc.; le --, there he
(it) is; -- que, suddenly, it happened that, now; -- deux jours
que, for two days; -- qui est bien, that's right.
voile, _m._ veil, sail; toile a --, sail-cloth.
voiler, _v._ to veil.
voir, _v._ to see; voyons, let us see, come now!;
voyez-vous, just see, you see; -- la chose, see the thing, see
about the matter; faire --, show; nous verrons cela, we'll see
about that; bien vu, in favor; vu que, _conj._ seeing that;
vu, _prep._ seeing, in view of.
voisin, -e, _adj. and s._ neighboring, adjoining, bordering,
voisinage, _m._ neighborhood; de --, neighborly.
voiture, _f._ carriage.
voix, _f._ voice; d'une -- rauque, hoarsely.
vol, _m._ theft.
vol, _m._ flight, flock; a -- d'oiseau, bird's-eye view.
volaille, _f._ fowl, poultry.
volant, _m._ shuttlecock, pump handle.
volcan, _m._ volcano.
voler, _v._ to teal, rob.
voler, _v._ to fly.
volet, _m._ shutter.
voleur, -euse, _m., f._ thief, robber.
volontaire, _adj._ voluntary.
volontairement, _adv._ voluntarily.
volonte, _f._ will, wish.
volontiers, _adv._ willingly.
voltiger, _v._ to hover, flutter, flit.
volumineux, -euse, _adj._ voluminous, bulky.
volupte, _f._ pleasure, delight.
voluptueux, -euse, _adj._ voluptuons.
voracement, _adv._ voraciously, ravenously.
vos, _see_ votre.
Vosges (les), _m. pl._ the Vosges (chain of mountains in
north-eastern France and south-western Germany. parallel with the upper
Rhine; pronounced: _voge_).
vote, _m._ vote.
voter, _v._ to vote.
votre (vos, _pl.), poss. adj. pr._ your.
votre, _poss. adj. pr._ (usually with the article), yours.
vouer, _v._ to devote, consecrate, dedicate.
vouloir, _v._ to wish, will, be willing, require, decree, start,
expert; -- bien, be willing, be willing to, accept; -- bien
de; be willing to accept; -- dire, mean; en -- a, have a
grudge against, be angry with; que voulez-vous?, what do you wish?,
what do you expect?; veuillez, be good enough to.
vous, _conj. and disj. pr._ you, to you.
vous-meme (s), _pr._ you, yourself, yourselves.
voute, _f._ vault, arch.
vouter, _v._ to vault.
voyage, _m._ voyage, journey, trip, traveling, travels.
voyager, _v._ to travel.
voyageur, _m._ traveler.
vrai, -e, _adj._ true, real; bien --, really; dire --, to
speak the truth.
vraiment, _adv._ truly, really.
vraisemblance, _f._ likelihood, probability (_s_ pronounced as in
vue, _f._ view, sight; perdre de --, to lose sight of.
vulgaire, _adj._ vulgar, low, common.
vulnerable, _adj._ vulnerable.


w, this letter does not belong to the French alphabet, it occurs
only in foreign words.
wachtman, _m._ watchman (German).
wagon, _m._ railway-car; -- a minerai, ore or mining car.
Walewska, _see_ Gallitzin.
Wilfrid, Wilfrid.


y, _adv. and conj. pr._ there, to or at or in it, to or at or in
them, about it, to him, etc., here.
ya, _adv._ yes (German).
yatagan, _m._ yataghan (long Turkish dagger).
yeux, _see_ oeil.
Ypsilanti (Alexandre), Alexander Ypsilanti (or Hypsilanti), a Greek
who became an officer in the Russian army; in 1820 he became the head of
the Greek Hetreria, a secret society founded in Odessa for the purpose
of liberating Greece from the Turks, and in 1821 he led an insurrection
against the Turks in the Danube provinces and inaugurated the Greek war
for independence; after a number of mistakes (_cf. the deroute de
Skouliani_) and humiliating defeats, and after having been dismissed
from the Russian army, he died in poverty (1792-1828).


Zaatcha, Algerian oasis near Biskra (captured by the French in 1849).
Zahn, proper name (_Zahn_ = tooth, in German).
zebeks (zebecks or zebecs), _m. pl._ there is a Turkish word
(_zebek; or zebeik_;) with an obscene meaning, probably Gautier found
this unknown word and thought that it meant "aldquo;attendant," it should be so
translated. There is a similar word in Turkish (_zibek or zeibek_, with
a different _k_), which means "vldquo;vagabond" or "pldquo;people living in the
Zette (abbreviation of Suzette), Susie.
Zidore, abbreviation of Isidore.
Zimmer, proper name (_cf. Zimmer_, room, in German).
zingueur, m. zinc-worker.


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