Contes Francais
Douglas Labaree Buffum

Part 8 out of 10

collation, _f._ collation, light luncheon.
collection, _f._ collection.
collegue, _m._ colleague.
coller, _v._ to stick, glue, stick or fasten on or together, paste,
apply, fit tight, hold fast.
collerette, _f._ small collar, dutch collar.
collet, _m._ collar.
collier, _m._ necklace, collar.
Colmar, small city in Alsace.
colombe, _f._ dove.
colonel, _m._ colonel.
colonne, _f._ column, row of numbers in roulette.
colorer, _v._ to color; se --, became colored.
colosse, _m._ colossus.
combat, _m._ combat, fight.
combattre, _v._ to combat, fight.
Combe-aux-Fees, imaginary town (= Valley of the Fairies).
combien, _adv._ how much, how many, how.
combinaison, _f._ combination.
comble, _m._ top; de fond en --, from top to bottom.
comboloio, _m._ Turkish chaplet with 100 beads corresponding to
the 100 names of the Divinity.
comediante, _m._ comedian (Italian).
comedie, _f._ comedy (sometimes used for theater).
comice, _m. pl._ comitia; -- agricoles, assembly for the
promotion of agriculture.
comique, _adj._ comic.
commandant, _m._ commandant, commander; --major, _m._
commandant (with rank of major, applied to military governor of a
fortified town).
commandement, _m._ command.
commander, _v._ to command, be in command, order, give orders.
comme, _adv. and conj._ as, so, like, how, as if, as it were.
commencement, _m._ beginning.
commencer, _v._ to commence, begin.
comment, _adv. and interj._ how, what!, how is that?, what do you
mean?, how is it that?; -- s'appelle (se nomme)-t-il, what is bis
commentateur, _m._ commentator.
commerce, _m._ commerce, business, trade; -- amoureux, love
commere, _f._ godmother, gossip, talkative old woman.
commettre, _v._ to commit.
commis, _m._ clerk.
commissaire, _m._ commissary (superior officer of French police),
commissariat, _m._ office of the commissary.
commission, _f._ commission, committee, errand.
commode, _adj._ convenient, comfortable; _f._ chest of drawers.
commodement, _adv._ comfortably.
commun, -e, _adj._ common; lui etre -- avec, to be shared by
him and.
communier, _v._ to receive the sacrament.
communiquer, _v._ to communicate, make known, give, tell.
compacte, _adj._ compact, solid.
compagnie, _f._ company, corporation, breeding.
compagnon, _m._ companion; bon --, good companion, good fellow.
comparaison, _f._ comparison.
comparer, _v._ to compare; compare, -e, compared, comparative.
compas, _m._ pair of compasses.
compassion, _f._ compassion.
compatissant, -e, _adj._ compassionate.
competence, _f._ competence, department; quelque chose de ma
--, something I know about.
complaire, _v._ to please; complaisant, -e, adj. obliging.
complet, -ete, _adj. and m._ complete, suit of clothes.
completement, _adv._ completely.
completer, _v._ to complete.
complice, _m., f._ accomplice.
compliment, _m._ compliment; je vous fais mon --, I compliment
compliquer, _v._ to complicate.
composer, _v._ to compose; se --, be composed.
composition, _f._ composition.
comprendre, _v._ to understand; (y) compris, including.
compromettre, _v._ to compromise.
compte, _m._ count, account, reckoning, regard; se rendre --
de, to realize; se rendre bien --, to be quite aware (in this
and in the next three words _p_ is not pronounced).
compter, _v._ to count, include, count on, intend; comptant,
in cash.
compteur, _m._ register, meter.
comptoir, _m._ counter, bar, bank (usually for foreign
business); Comptoir general de credit, International Bank.
comte, _m._ count.
comtesse, _f._ countess.
conception, _f._ conception.
concert, _m._ concert.
concerto, _m._ concerto (piece of music composed for one instrument
with accompaniment; Italian,-concert).
concevoir, _v._ to conceive.
concierge, _m., f._ concierge, door-keeper, porter, janitor.
conclure, _v._ to conclude, draw conclusions; concluant, -e,
concours, _m._ concourse, assembly, competition, fair.
condamner, _v._ to condemn (_m_ not pronounced):
condition, _f._ condition, position.
conducteur, _m._ conductor, driver.
conduire, _v._ to conduct, drive, lead, take, behave.
conduit, _m._ conduit, passage, pipe.
conduite, _f._ conduct.
cone, _m._ cone.
confection, _f._ making, ready-made suit.
confesser, _v._ to confess; aller se --, go to confession or
to confess.
confession, _f._ confession.
confessionnal, _m._ confessional
confiance, _f._ confidence.
confidence, _f._ confidential remark, secret.
confier, _v._ to confide.
confire, _v._ to preserve.
confirmer, _v._ to confirm.
confiture, _f._ preserves, sweet-meats.
confondre, _v._ to confound, confuse, blend; se --, be
confounded, be confused, blend.
conformement, _adv._ conformably, suitably.
confronter, _v._ to confront.
confus, -e, _adj._ confused.
confusion, _f._ confusion.
conge, _m._ leave.
congedier, _v._ to dismiss.
conjurer, _v._ to conjure, pray urgently.
connaissance, _f._ acquaintance, consciousness, knowledge.
connaisseur, _m._ connoisseur, good judge.
connaitre, _v._ to be acquainted with, know; se -- a, know
conquerir, _v._ to conquer, gain, win.
conquete, _f._ conquest.
consacrer, _v._ to consecrate.
conscience, _f._ conscience; se faire -- de, to have scruples
about, shrink from; prouverla -- de, prove that one realizes that.
consciencieusement, _adv._ conscientiously.
conscrit, _m._ conscript, recruit.
conseil, _m._ counsel, council, piece of advice; _pl._ advice;
Conseil general, General Assembly of a Department.
conseiller, _v._ to advise.
conseiller, _m._ counselor, councilor, judge of an appellate court.
consentement, _m._ consent.
consentir, _v._ to consent, agree.
consequence, _f._ consequence; en --, in consequence,
consequent (with par), consequently, therefore.
conserve, _f._ conserve, preserve.
conserver, _v._ to preserve.
considerable, _adj._ considerable, important; si peu --, so
considerablement, _adv._ considerably.
consideration, _f._ consideration, esteem.
considerer, _v._ to consider, look at.
consigne, _f._ watch-word, orders; forcer la -- (also in _pl._),
to break the orders, enter against orders.
consigner, _v._ to consign, refuse; -- la porte, refuse admittance.
consister, _v._ to consist.
consolation, _f._ consolation.
consoler, _v._ to console; se --, be consoled.
consommateur, _m._ consumer, patron (of a restaurant, etc.).
consommer, _v._ to consume, use.
conspirer, _v._ to conspire.
constamment, _adv._ constantly.
constant, -e, _adj._ constant.
Constantinople, Constantinople.
constatation, _f._ authentication, verification.
constater, _v._ to verify, ascertain, settle, discover.
constellation, _f._ constellation.
consteller, _v._ to constellate, star; constelle, -e,
constellated, starred, starry.
consternation, _f._ consternation.
consterner, _v._ to astound, dismay, strike with consternation;
consterne, -e, in consternation, etc.
constituer, _v._ to constitute, make up; se --, make oneself,
give oneself up.
constitution, _f._ constitution.
construction, _f._ construction.
consulter, _v._ to consult.
consumer, _v._ to consume, waste.
contact, _m._ contact (_ct_ pronounced).
conte, _m._ short story, tale.
contempler, _v._ to contemplate, survey, gaze at.
contenir, _v._ to contain, restrain.
content, -e, _adj._ contented, happy, glad.
contentement, _m._ contentment, look of satisfaction.
contenter, _v._ to content, satisfy; se --, be contented,
content oneself.
conter, _v._ to tell, tell of, recount, relate.
contester, _v._ to contest.
continu, -e, _adj._ continuous.
continuel, -le, _adj._ continual.
continuellement, _adv._ continually.
continuer, _v._ to continue; se --, be continued.
contour, _m._ contour, outline, circumference, edge.
contourner, _v._ to run around, encircle.
contracter, _v._ to contract.
contraindre, _v._ to constrain, compel.
contraire, _adj. and m._ contrary.
contraster, _v._ to contrast.
contre, _prep._ against, close by; par --, on the other hand;
fache --, angry with.
contre-basse, _f._ counter-base, double-base (large base-viol; this
word is now usually written: contrebasse).
contredire, _v._ to contradict.
contredit, _m._ contradiction.
contree, _f._ country, region.
contrevent, _m._ shutter.
contribuer, _v._ to contribute, aid.
convaincre, _v._ to convince.
convenable, _adj._ suitable, proper.
convenir, _v._ to suit, agree; -- mieux, be more fitting;
j'en conviens, I agree, I grant it.
conversation, _f._ conversation.
convoi, _m._ convoy, escort.
convulsif, -ive, _adj._ convulsive.
convulsivement, _adv._ convulsively.
copain, _m._ comrade, pal (familiar).
copie, _f._ copy.
copieux, -euse, _adj._ copious.
coq, _m._ cock; Coq-Galine, "Hldquo;Henpeck" (= Hen-Cock).
coque, _f._ shell, hull; oeuf a la --, boiled egg.
coquelicot, _m._ wild poppy; adjectively: poppy-colored.
coquet, -te, _adj._ coquettish, smart.
coquetterie, _f._ coquetry.
coquillage, _m._ shell, shells, shell-fish.
coquille, _f._ shell.
coquin, -e, _m., f._ rascal, rogue, scoundrel.
cor, _m._ horn; -- de chasse, hunting-horn, French horn.
corail, _m._ coral.
Coran, _m._ Koran (sacred book of the Mohammedans, drawn up by
corbeau, _m._ raven, crow.
corde, _f._ line, rope, cord.
cordelette, _f._ small cord.
cordial, -e, _adj._ cordial.
cornet, _m._ cornucopia.
cornette, _f._ mob-cap.
cornu, -e, _adj._ horned.
corps, _m._ body, corps, object; -- a --, hand to hand.
corpulence, _f._ corpulence, stoutness.
correction, _f._ correction; donner une -- a, to give a lesson to.
correspondant, _m._ correspondent.
corridor, _m._ corridor.
Corse, _f._ Corsica; corse, _adj. and s._ Corsican (written
Corse when _s._; Corsica is a French department).
cortege, _m._ procession.
costume, _m._ costume.
costumer, _v._ to costume.
cote, _f._ rib, slope, coast; -- a -~, side by side.
cote, _m._ side, direction; du -- de, in the direction of; de
--, to or on one side, sidewise, side; a --, in the next room,
next door; a -- de lui, by his side; d'un autre --, besides;
de -- et d'autre, on one side and on the other; de mon --, on
my side or part.
coteau, _m._ hillock, hill.
cotele, -e, _adj._ ribbed.
cotelette, _f._ cutlet, chop.
coton, _m._ cotton.
cotoyer, _v._ to go by the side of.
cou, _m._ neck, throat.
couche, _f._ couch, bed, layer, confinement.
coucher, _v._ to put to bed, lay out, lay, sleep, set; se --,
go to bed, lie down; envoyer se --, send to bed; chambre a --,
bedroom; couchant, -e, adj. setting; couche, -e, lying down,
in bed, lying, stretched out; _m._ setting, sunset.
coude, _m._ elbow; pousser du --, to nudge.
coudre, _v._ to sew; cousu d'or, rolling in money.
Coulau, proper name borrowed by Daudet from the Provencal (there is
a poor kind of fish of this name, coulaud, found in Rouergue).
couler, _v._ to flow, run, run down, trickle down.
couleur, _f._ color.
couloir, _m._ passage.
coup, _m._ blow, stroke, shot, gulp, gust, cast, play, beam; tout
d'un --, all of a sudden; tout a --, all of a sudden, suddenly;
-- sur --, time after time, one after the other; -- d'oeil,
glance, sight; -- de sang, shock, apoplectic stroke, fit; -- de
couteau, stab; -- d'Etat, overthrow of the Government; a -- sur,
surely; -- de feu, shot; -- d'eventail, fanning; boire un
--, to take a drink; faire un bon --, do a good stroke of
business; faire un -- de tete, do something rash.
coupable, _adj. and s._ culpable, guilty, culprit.
coupe, _f._ cup, bowl, cut, cutting, stroke.
coupe, _m._ coupe.
couper, _v._ to cut, cut off; coupant, -e, cutting, sharp.
couple, _f._ couple (_m._ when objects not alike).
coupole, _f._ cupola.
coupure, _f._ cut, cutting.
cour, _f._ court, yard, court-yard.
courage, _m._ courage.
couramment, _adv._ fluently.
courant, _m._ current; -- d'air, current of air, draught.
courbe, _f._ curve.
courber, _v._ to curve, bend, bend over.
courir, _v._ to run, run along.
couronne, _f._ crown, wreath.
couronner, _v._ to crown.
courroux, _m._ anger.
course, _f._ course, race; au pas --, on a run.
court, -e, _adj._ short, shallow; le plus -- serait, the
shortest or quickest way would be.
courtine, _f._ bed-curtain (old word).
courtisan, _m._ courtier; courtisame, _f._ prostitute.
courtiser, _v._ to court.
courtoisie, _f._ courtesy.
cousin, -e, _m., f._ cousin.
coussin, _m._ cushion.
coussinet, _m._ small cushion.
couteau, _m._ knife.
couter, _v._ to cost, be costly, be a trouble, be hard; en --
bon, cost something; coute que coute, cost what it may; rien
ne me coutait, I did not count the cost.
coutil, _m._ ticking, duck (cloth).
coutume, _f._ custom; de --, usually, usual.
couturiere, _f._ seamstress, dress-maker.
couvee, _f._ nest of eggs, brood.
couvent, _m._ convent, monastery.
couver, _v._ to hatch.
couvert, _m._ cover; a --, protected, sheltered.
couverture, _f._ cover, covering, blanket.
couveuse, _f._ sitting hen, brooder.
couvrir, _v._ to cover, wrap up.
cra-cra, _interj._ scratch, scratch (onomatopoetic).
crabe, _m._ crab.
cracher, _v._ to spit.
craie, _f._ chalk.
craindre, _v._ to fear.
crainte, _f._ fear, dread.
craintif, -ive, _adj._ fearful, timorous, timid.
crampe, _f._ cramp.
crane, _m._ skull, cranium.
crapule, _f._ debauchery, vile people, rotten gang.
craquer, _v._ to crack.
crasse, _f._ filth, coat of filth, scum.
cravache, _f._ riding-whip, crop.
cravate, _f._ cravat.
crayon, _m._ pencil.
creancier, _m._ creditor.
creation, _f._ creation.
creature, _f._ creature.
credit, _m._ credit.
creme, _f._ cream.
Cremone, Cremona (city of northern Italy).
crenele, -e, _adj._ embattled, crenelated.
crepitement, _m._ crackling.
crete, _f._ crest.
creuser, _v._ to dig, hollow, hollow out; creuse, -e,
hollowed, hollow, excavated.
creux, -euse, _adj. and m._ hollow, sunken; en --, in
crevasse, _f._ crevice, crevasse.
crevasser, _v._ to crack, chap.
crever, _v._ to burst open, burst, knock or put out, die (vulgar in
last sense).
cri, _m._ cry, shout, scream.
cribler, _v._ to riddle.
criee, _f._ auction.
crier, _v._ to cry, cry out or for, scream, call, creak.
crime, _m._ crime.
crise, _f._ crisis, attack.
crisper, _v._ to contract, shrivel up, clench, twitch, convulse,
make tense, set on edge or irritate (the nerves), thrill.
cristal, _m._ crystal, cui glass; -- de roche, rock-crystal.
croc, _m._ book, fang; coup de --, ravenous bite (final _c_
not pronounced).
crocheteur, _m._ street-porter.
crochu, -e, _adj._ hooked, crooked.
crocodile, _m._ crocodile.
croire, _v._ to believe; faut --!, you'd better believe so,
you bet!; a ce que je crois, as I think, in my estimation.
croisade, _f._ crusade.
croisee, _f._ window, casernent, transept.
croiser, _v._ to cross, intersect.
Croisic (le), peninsula and village north of the mouth of the Loire
(Loire-Inferieure), Croisilles, hero of de Musset's story (also a
village in Pas-de-Calais).
croitre, _v._ to increase, grow; croissant, -e, _adj. and m._
increasing, growing, crescent, quarter (moon).
croix, _f._ cross, reverse (of a coin).
croquer, _v._ to crunch.
crosse, _f._ butt (of a gun).
crosser, _v._ to bat, beat.
crottin, _m._ dung (of horses, sheep, etc.).
croupe, _f._ crupper, buttocks.
croyance, _f._ belief, creed.
cruche, _f._ jug, pitcher.
cruel, -le, _adj._ cruel.
cruellement, _adv._ cruelly.
crument, _adv._ crudely, harshly.
Cucugnan, humorous name of an imaginary town.
Cucugnanais, _m._ inhabitant of Cucugnan.
cueillir, _v._ to gather, pick up.
cuir, _m._ leather.
cuirasse, _f._ cuirass, breastplate.
cuirassier, _m._ cuirassier (cavalryman wearing a cuirass).
cuire, _v._ to cook; cuisant, -e, cooking, sweltering.
cuisine, _f._ kitchen.
cuisinier, -ere, _m., f._ cook.
cuisse, _f._ thigh.
cuivre, _m._ copper.
cuivre, -e, _adj._ copper-colored.
cul, _m._ bottom, back, rump (_l_ not pronounced).
culbuter, _v._ to send head over heels, throw over, overthrow,
overturn, upset.
culotte, _f._ breeches.
culte, _m._ worship, creed, service.
cultiver, _v._ to cultivate, raise, harvest.
cupide, _adj._ covetous, greedy.
cure, _m._ vicar, parish priest, cure.
curieux, -euse, _adj. and s._ curious, curious person.
curiosite, _f._ curiosity.
cuve, _f._ vat, tub.


d', _see_ de.
daigner, _v._ to deign.
dais, _m._ dais, canopy.
dallage, _m._ flagging.
dalle, _f._ flagstone.
daller, _v._ to pave (with flagstones).
Damas, Damascus (Syrian city; _s_ pronounced).
damas, _m._ damask (kind of silk with raised figures, also linen of
the same pattern), Damascus blade.
dame, _f._ lady, dame (title).
dame, _interj._ indeed!, well now!
damier, _m._ checker-board.
damner, _v._ to damn; damne, -e, _m., f._ one damned
(pronounced: _dane_).
danger, _m._ danger, risk.
dangereux, -euse, _adj._ dangerous.
Daniel, Daniel.
dans, _prep._ in, into, to, on.
danse, _f._ dance.
danser, _v._ to dance.
danseur, -euse, _m., f._ dancer, partner.
dater, _v._ to date.
datte, _f._ date (fruit).
dauphin, -ine, _m., f._ dolphin, dauphin, dauphiness (eldest son
of a French king, or his wife); Dauphine, proper name.
davantage, _adv._ still more, more.
David, David (King of Israel, story given in Bible, beginning with
I Sam. 16).
de, _prep._ of, from, by, with, to, on, in, for, than, as, some
(partitive), ~ English possessive ('s); si j'etais -- vous, if I
were in your place.
debarrasser, _v._ to disembarrass, free; se --, get rid.
debattre, _v._ to debate; se --, be debated, struggle,
contend, flicker.
debauche, _f._ debauch, debauchery.
deblayer, _v._ to clear out.
deborder, _v._ to overflow; deborde, -e, overflowing, brimming
deboucher, _v._ to uncork, open, come out (into).
debout, _adv._ upright, up, standing; se tenir (mettre) --, to
stand upright.
deboutonner, _v._ to unbutton.
debraille, -e, _adj._ with the clothes in disorder or disheveled.
debris, _m._ debris, remains, wreckage, ruins, relic.
debrouillard, -e, _adj. and s._ shrewd, clever, shrewd fellow.
debut, _m._ beginning, start, first appearance, debut.
decacheter, _v._ to unseal, open.
decamper, _v._ to decamp, run off.
decapiter, _v._ to decapitate, behead.
decaver, _v._ to ruin (in gambling), fleece.
decembre, _m._ December.
deception, _f._ deception, disappointment.
dechainer, _v._ to unchain, let loose; se --, get or break
loose, rage.
decharge, _f._ discharge.
decharger, _v._ to discharge; se --, empty.
dechiqueter, _v._ to cut to pieces, slash.
dechirer, _v._ to tear, rend, lacerate, split (the ears), harrow,
rend with anguish; dechirant, -e, heartrending.
decider, _v._ to decide, make decide; se --, be decided, make
up one's mind.
declamer, _v._ to declaim, recite.
declaration, _f._ declaration.
declarer, _v._ to declare; se --, declare oneself, set in.
decliner, _v._ to decline, give (one's name).
decoiffer, _v._ to take down the hair of.
deconcerter, _v._ to disconcert.
decor, _m._ decoration.
decoration, _f._ decoration, badge, order.
decorer, _v._ to decorate, confer a medal on.
decouper, _v._ to cut off or out, bring out, cause to stand out,
carve, notch, indent.
decoupure, _f._ cutting out, cutting, outline.
decouragement, _m._ discouragement.
decouverte, _f._ discovery.
decouvrir, _v._ to discover, disclose, uncover.
decrepit, -e, _adj._ decrepit, dilapidated (_t_ not pronounced).
decrire, _v._ to describe;
decrocher, _v._ to unhook, take down.
dedaigner, _v._ to disdain.
dedain, _m._ disdain.
dedale, _m._ labyrinth, maze.
dedans, _adv. and m._ inside, within, in it, etc.; la- --, in
there, in it, etc.
defaire, _v._ to undo, untie; se --, get rid (of).
defaut, _m._ fault, defect, weak side, lack.
defavorable, _adj._ unfavorable.
defendre, _v._ to defend, forbid, prohibit; se --(de), defend
oneself, resist, jib (of horses).
defense, _f._ defense, prohibition.
defier, _v._ to defy; defiant, -e, _adj._ distrustful.
defile, _m._ filing-by, procession.
defiler, _v._ to file by, march off.
deflorer, _v._ to deflower, besmirch, take away the freshness of.
defoncer, _v._ to stave in, break in.
deformation, _f._ deformation.
deformer, _v._ to deform, put out of shape, crush.
defunt, -e, _adj._ deceased, late, dead.
degager, _v._ to disengage, set free; degage, -e, disengaged,
unembarrassed, free, careless, easy.
degourdir, _v._ to take away the numbness; se --, stretch, get
rid of one's stiffness; degourdi, -e, _adj._ revived, fresh, brisk.
degout, _m._ disgust.
degrafer, _v._ to unhook, unfasten, unbutton.
degre, _m._ degree, step.
degringoler, _v._ to tumble down, roll or scramble down.
degriser, _v._ to sober; se --, get sober.
deguenille, -e, _adj._ ragged.
deguisement, _m._ disguise.
deguiser, _v._ to disguise.
dehors, _adv. and m._ outside, out, out of doors; du --,
outside, exterior; au --, outside, without; les --,
the exterior, the appearance.
deja, _adv._ already.
dejeuner, _v._ to breakfast, lunch; _m._ breakfast, luncheon.
dela, _prep. and adv._ beyond; au -- de, beyond; au --,
beyond, more.
delai, _m._ delay, postponement, period.
delateur, -trice, _adj. and s._ betraying, informer, tell-tale.
delicat, -e, _adj._ delicate.
delicatesse, _f._ delicacy, deftness, consideration, tact, refined
delicieux, -euse, _adj._ delicious, delightful.
delie, -e, _adj._ untied, slender.
delier, _v._ to untie.
delire, _m._ delirium.
delirer, _v._ to be delirious, rave, wander.
delivrer, _v._ to deliver, free, let out.
demain, _adv._ to-morrow.
demande, _f._ request, offer of marriage.
demander, _v._ to request, ask, ask for, need.
demarche, _f._ gait, act, procedure, step.
demeler, _v._ to disentangle, make out, distinguish, settle.
demence, _f._ dementia, insanity.
dementir, _v._ to contradict, belie, disprove.
demesure, -e, _adj._ boundless, huge.
demesurement, _adv._ immoderately, excessively.
demeure, _f._ dwelling.
demeurer, _v._ to remain, live, stand, stop; demeure seul,
left alone.
demi, -e, _adj._ hall (frequent prefix); a --, half-way, half.
demi-jour, _m._ twilight.
demission, _f._ resignation.
democrate, _m._ democrat.
demoiselle, _f._ young lady, girl of noble birth (old in this
sense); -- a marier, marriageable young lady.
demon, _m._ demon, devil.
demonter, _v._ to dismount, baffle; mer demontee, raging sea.
denier, _m._ farthing, penny.
denoncer, _v._ to denounce, betray.
denonciation, _f._ denunciation.
denoter, _v._ to denote, betoken, indicate.
denoument, _m._ denouement, solution, end (also written
dent, _f._ tooth; coup de --, bite.
dentelle, _f._ lace, stone-work resembling lace.
Dentu, family name (_cf._ the Old French dentu, having long
denuer, _v._ to strip; denue, -e, _adj._ stripped, deprived,
denument, _m._ destitution.
depart, _m._ departure.
departement, _m._ department (one of the 86 subdivisions of French
depasser, _v._ to pass beyond, overtop, surpass.
depayser, _v._ to send from home, put out of one's natural
surroundings; se sentir depayse, to feel that one is not at home.
depeche, _f._ despatch.
depecher, _v._ to hasten, hurry; se --, hasten, hurry.
depense, _f._ expense.
depenser, _v._ to spend; se --, be spent or expended orwasted.
depit, _m._ spite, vexation; en -- de, in spite of.
deplacer, _v._ to displace, shift.
deplaire, _v._ to displease.
deplorable, _adj._ deplorable, wretched.
deployer, _v._ to unfold, display, spread out, deploy.
deposer, _v._ to put clown, place.
deposition, _f._ deposition, testimony.
depouiller, _v._ to strip (of leaves, etc.).
depourvu, -e, _adj._ destitute, void, lacking.
depuis, _prep._ from, since, for; -- que, _conj._ since.
depute, _m._ deputy (one of the 597 members of the Chambre des
Deputes or French House of Representatives).
deracinement, _m._ up-rooting, eradication.
deraison, _f._ unreasonableness, anything preposterous.
deranger, _v._ to derange, disturb, inconvenience.
derechef, _adv._ once more, anew.
derisoirement, _adv._ derisively, ridiculously.
derive, _f._ drift.
deriver, _v._ to derive, drift.
dernier, -ere, _adj._ last.
dernierement, _adv._ recently.
derober, _v._ to steal, bide away from.
deroger, _v._ to degrade oneself, lose dignity, stoop.
derouler (se), _v._ to unroll, spread out.
deroute, _f._ rout, defeat, flight.
derriere, _prep., adv. and m._ behind, rear, back, seat; par
--, behind, from behind.
des=de les.
des, _prep._ from, since, at, beginning with; -- que, conj. as
soon as, when; ecrire -- le lendemain, to write the next day.
desappointer, _v._ to disappoint.
desarmer, _v._ to disarm, uncock.
desastre, _m._ disaster.
desceller, _v._ to unseal, unfasten.
descendant, _m._ descendant.
descendre, _v._ to descend, go or come down, go downstairs,
dismount, get out (of a carriage, etc.).
descente, _f._ descent.
desert, -e, _adj. and m._ deserted, desert.
deserter, _v._ to desert.
desesperement, _adv._ desperately.
desesperer, _v._ to despair, make desperate, dishearten;
desespere, -e, desperate, disheartened, in despair.
desespoir, _m._ despair, desperation.
deshabituer, _v._ to unaccustom, disaccustom.
deshonneur, _m._ dishonor.
deshonorer, _v._ to dishonor.
designer, _v._ to designate, point out.
desir, _m._ desire, wish, eagerness.
desirer, _v._ to desire.
desolation, _f._ desolation, grief.
desoler, _v._ to desolate, grieve, render disconsolate; se --,
grieve, be distressed, be disconsolate; desole, -e, disconsolate,
desolate, grieved.
desordonne, -e, _adj._ disorderly, unruly.
desordre, _m._ disorder.
desormais, _adv._ henceforth.
desquels = de lesquels.
dessecher, _v._ to dry up, wither.
dessert, _m._ dessert.
dessiner, _v._ to design, outline, bring out; se --, be
designed, appear, be seen.
dessous, _adv., prep. and m._ below, under, down, lower side,
bottom; en --, below; au -- (de), below, beneath; mettre la
barre --, to put the helm down or a-lee.
dessus, _adv., prep. and m._ above, over, on, upon, over or on it,
etc., top; au -- de, above; par- --, over, above; la- --,
thereupon; de --, upper; lui tirer --, to shoot at him.
destination, _f._ destination.
destinee, _f._ destiny.
destiner, _v._ to destine, intend.
destruction, _f._ destruction.
detachement, _m._ detachment.
detacher, _v._ to detach, take off or from; se --, stand out,
come off.
detail, _m._ detail.
detaler, _v._ to clear out, scamper away.
deteler, _v._ to unhitch, unharness.
detendre, _v._ to unbend, slacken; se --, relax.
detente, _f._ trigger, spring.
determiner, _v._ to determine.
detirer, _v._ to stretch.
detonation, _f._ detonation, report.
detour, _m._ detour, turn.
detourner, _v._ to turn aside; se --, turn aside.
detresse, _f._ distress.
detroit, _m._ strait, straits.
detruire, _v._ to destroy.
dette, _f._ debt.
deuil, _m._ mourning, sorrow; faire -- a, to make sad;
conduire (mener) le --, lead the procession of mourners.
deusio, _adv._ secondly (word formed on analogy with primo, not
recognized by standard dictionaries).
deux, _card._ two; a -- ou trois, in twos or threes; tous
(les) --, both.
deuxieme, _ord._ second (x pronounced as _z_).
devancer, _v._ to go or arrive before, anticipate.
devant, _prep., adv. and m._ before, in front of, in front, front;
au -- de, to meet; il marcha -- lui, he walked straight ahead.
devaster, _v._ to devastate, lay waste, plunder, strip.
developper, _v._ to develop, unfold; se --, develop, be
developed, etc.
devenir, _v._ to become; que devient-il?, what is becoming of
deviner, _v._ to divine, conjecture, guess.
deviser, _v._ to chat.
devisser, _v._ to unscrew.
devoir, _v._ must, ought, to owe, be indebted, be obliged, be
(necessity); _m._ duty.
devorer, _v._ to devour, eat up, consume, absorb, cover (distance);
devore!, eat him up!
devouement, _m._ devotion.
devouer, _v._ to devote.
diable, _m._ devil; interj. the devil!; que --!, the devil
take it!
diablement, _adv._ devilishly, deucedly.
diablerie, _f._ deviltry, mischief.
dialogue, _m._ dialogue.
dialoguer, _v._ to put in the form of or carry on a dialogue.
diamant, _m._ diamond.
Diane, Diana (goddess of hunting).
diane, _f._ reveille.
diantre, _interj._ the deuce!
Dick, proper name (_cf_., on account of the context, _dick_ =
thick, in German).
dictionnaire, _m._ dictionary.
Dieu, _m._ God; mon --!, heavens!, why!, etc.; grand --!,
great heavens!; le bon --, God; porter le bon --, to bear the
difference, _f._ difference.
different, -e, _adj._ different.
difficile, _adj._ difficult, hard to get on with.
difficulte, _f._ difficulty; faire -- de, to object to.
digne, _adj._ worthy.
dilater, _v._ to dilate.
dimanche, _m._ Sunday.
diminuer, _v._ to diminish, lessen.
dinde, _f._ turkey-hen.
diner, _v._ to dine; m. dinner.
dire, _v._ to say, tell, call, speak; pour ainsi --, so to
speak; c'est-a--, that is to say; dites-moi, tell me, just
imagine, you have no idea; tout fut dit, all was settled; -- que
c'est, the idea of its being; _m. pl._ talk, gossip.
directeur, _m._ director, president.
direction, _f._ direction.
diriger, _v._ to direct; se --, go (towards, etc.).
discipline, _f._ discipline.
discours, _m._ discourse, speech.
discret, -ete, _adj._ discreet.
discussion, _f._ discussion.
discuter, _v._ to discuss.
disparaitre, _v._ to disappear.
disperser, _v._ to disperse, scatter; se --, disperse.
disposer, _v._ to dispose, arrange; se --, be disposed, make
disposition, _f._ disposition, disposal, arrangement, attitude.
dispute, _f._ quarrel.
disputer, _v._ to dispute; se --, dispute with one another,
dispute for the mastery of.
disque, _m._ disk.
dissimuler, _v._ to dissimulate, bide, try to conceal.
dissiper, _v._ to dissipate, scatter.
dissonance, _f._ dissonance.
dissuader, _v._ to dissuade.
distance, _f._ distance; de -- en --, at intervals.
distinct, -e, _adj._ distinct.
distinguer, _v._ to distinguish, make out, make out details;
distingue, -e, _adj._ distinguished.
distraction, _f._ distraction, inattention, apathy, amusement.
distraire, _v._ to distract, divert, amuse; distrait, -e, adj.
inattentive, absorbed, heedless.
district, _m._ district (_ct_ pronounced).
divaguer, _v._ to rave, wander (of the mind).
divan, _m._ divan, sofa.
divers, -e, _adj._ diverse, different.
diversifier, _v._ to diversify.
divertir, _v._ to divert, amuse.
divin, -e, _adj._ divine.
diviser, _v._ to divide.
divorcer, _v._ to divorce; -- avec, divorce.
dix, _card._ ten (pronounced: _dis; diz_ in liaison).
dix-huit, _card._ eighteen.
dixieme, _ord._ tenth.
dix-neuf, _card._ nineteen.
dix-sept, _card._ seventeen.
dizaine, _f._ about ten, half a score.
djinn, _m._ evil spirit (among the Arabs; pronounced as gene in the
English word Eugene).
dodo, _m._ by-by; au --, by-by, to bed; faire --, to go
or be gone by-by, sleep (child's word).
doigt, _m._ finger; montrer du --, to point to.
dolent, -e, _adj._ doleful, mournful, woeful.
dome, _m._ dome.
domestique, _adj. and s._ domestic, servant.
domination, _f._ domination.
dominer, _v._ to dominate, overlook, govern; -- sur, overlook.
domino, _m._ domino, dominoes.
dommage, _m._ damage, pity; quel --, what a pity.
don, _m._ gift.
donc, _conj., adv. and interj._ then, therefore, pray, do, just,
now; dis --, say, etc.
donner, _v._ to give, hand, cause, make (assault), bear (fruit);
se --, give or represent oneself, take; -- sur, open on, run
into; -- a, give (reason) to; -- a diner, give a dinner; se
-- de l'importance, assume a consequential air; se -- la mort,
kill oneself.
dont, _rel. pr._ of which, whose, with (in, on, by, from) which,
dorer, _v._ to gild; dore, -e, gilded, golden.
dorloter, _v._ to pamper; se --, nurse oneself, take one's
dormir, _v._ to sleep.
dorure, _f._ gilding, gilt.
dos, _m._ back, crest; de --, from behind.
dose, _f._ dose.
dot, _f._ dowry (_t_ pronounced).
doter, _v._ to endow, give a dowry to.
douairiere, _f._ dowager.
douanier, _m._ custom-house official.
double, _adj. and m._ double.
doubler, _v._ to double; -- une balle, duplicate a shot, hit
in the same place.
doucement, _adv._ sweetly, gently, softly, quietly.
douceur, _f._ gentleness, softness, mildness; avec --, softly.
douer, _v._ to endow.
douleur, _f._ pain, grief, sorrow.
douloureux, -euse, _adj._ painful.
doute, _m._ doubt.
douter, _v._ to doubt; se -- (de), suspect.
douteux, -euse, _adj._ doubtful, uncertain.
doux, douce, _adj._ sweet, gentle, soft, mild.
douzaine, _f._ dozen, twelve successive numbers in roulette.
douze, _card._ twelve.
doyen, _m._ dean, provost.
dragee, _f._ sugared almond (used especially at christenings).
dragon, _m._ dragon, dragoon.
dramatique, _adj._ dramatic.
drame, _m._ drama, tragedy.
drap, _m._ cloth, sheet:
drapier, _m._ draper; doyen des drapiers, dean (chief officer) of
the guild of clothiers.
dresser, _v._ to erect, raise, straighten up; se --, draw
oneself up, fisc, straighten up; faire -- les cheveux sur la tete,
make the hair stand on end.
dressoir, _m._ sideboard.
droguerie, _f._ drugs.
droit, -e, _adj., adv. and m._ straight, erect, right, upright; a
bon --, by good right; il allait tout -- devant lui, he was
going straight ahead; droite, _f._ right hand.
drole, _adj._ droll, comical, ludicrous, odd; m. rascal; un --
d'homme, a droll or strange fellow.
du=de le.
ducat, _m._ ducat (about $2.25).
duel, _m._ duel.
dune, _f._ dune, downs.
Dupotet, proper name (_cf. potet_=little pot, in Old French).
duquel, _de lequel_.
dur, -e, _adj._ hard, harsh, rough.
durant, _prep._ during.
durer, _v._ to last.
durete, _f._ hardness.
duvet, _m._ down.
dyspeptique, _adj. and s._ dyspeptic.


eau, _f._ water; -- -de-vie, brandy; etre tout en --, to
be dripping with perspiration.
ebahi, -e, _adj._ aghast, amazed.
ebaucher, _v._ to sketch, delineate, outline, make only part way or
ebene, _m._ ebony.
eblouir, _v._ to dazzle.
eblouissement, _m._ dazzling, giddiness.
ebouriffe, -e, _adj._ in disorder, with disheveled hair, unkempt.
ebrancher, _v._ to strip the branches off, lop.
ebranler, _v._ to shake.
ecaille, _f._ scale, shell.
ecarlate, _m._ (used adjectively), scarlet.
ecarquiller, _v._ to open wide.
ecarter, _v._ to turn aside, put or draw or rush aside, spread keep
from; s'--, withdraw, separate, draw away, part; ecarte, -e,
wide apart, projecting, flaring.
echafauder, _v._ to erect scaffolding, build up.
echalas, _m._ vine-prop.
echanger, _v._ to exchange.
echantillon, _m._ sample, specimen.
echapper, _v._ to escape; s'--, escape.
echarper, _v._ to slash, cut to pieces.
echasse, _f._ stilt, long leg of a wading-bird, stilt-bird,
echassier, _m._ wading-bird.
echauffer, _v._ to heat, inflame, warm; s'--, get warm or hot.
echelle, _f._ ladder.
echeveau, _m._ skein.
echevin, _m._ alderman.
echine, _f._ spine, back.
echouer, _v._ to fun aground.
eclaboussure, _f._ splash.
eclair, _m._ lightning, flash.
eclaircir, _v._ to clear up, throw light on, be cleared up, clear
off, clear.
eclairer, _v._ to light, light up, give light to, reconnoiter;
s'--, brighten up, brighten, clear up, be explained; eclaire,
-e, lighted, bright.
eclaireur, _m._ scout.
eclat, _m._ splinter, fragment, burst, explosion, flash,
brilliancy, brightness, splendor; eclats de voix, outburst, loud
voices or exclamations.
eclater, _v._ to explode, burst, burst forth, shine, flash out, go off
(gun); -- de rire, burst out laughing; eclatant, -e, shilling,
brilliant, dazzling, resounding.
eclope, -e, _adj._ crippled, lame, with broken legs (of furniture).
eclore, _v._ to hatch, corne forth, blossom.
ecole, _f._ school.
economie, f. economy, saving; faire des economies, to save up
ecorce, _f._ bark.
ecorcher, _v._ to skin, flay;
ecorche, _m._ one who has been flayed or skinned.
ecouler, _v._ to run, flow out; s'--, run, elapse, pass by.
ecouter, _v._ to listen (to).
ecran, _m._ screen.
ecraser, _v._ to crush, overwhelm.
ecremer, _v._ to skim, skim off.
ecrier (s'), _v._ to exclaim, cry.
ecrire, _v._ to write; par ecrit, in writing; on nous
ecrit, from our special correspondent.
ecriteau, _m._ sign-board, placard.
ecriture, _f._ writing, handwriting.
ecrouelles, _f. pl._ scrofula.
ecrouler, _v._ to fall in, collapse; s'--, fall in, collapse.
ecu, _m._ shield, crown (old coin worth 3 francs, also coin worth 5
ecueil, _m._ reef.
ecume, _f._ foam, froth.
ecumer, _v._ to foam, froth.
ecumoire, _f._ skimmer.
ecurie, _f._ stable.
ecusson, _m._ escutcheon.
Edouard, Edward.
education, _f._ education, drill.
eduquer, _v._ to bring up (children), educate.
effacer, _v._ to efface, rub or blot out, dull, dim; s'--,
efface oneself, get out of the way, disappear, be blotted out.
effarer, _v._ to scare, frighten, startle.
effectivement, _adv_. effectively, really, in reality.
effet, _m._ effect; pl. effects, goods, belongings; en --, in
reality, indeed.
effeuiller, _v._ to strip off the leaves.
effile, -e, _adj._ slender, slim, sharp.
effianque, -e, _adj._ lean (usually of animais).
effleurer, _v._ to strip off the flowers, graze.
effondrer, _v._ to break in, break.
efforcer (s'), _v._ to strive.
effort, _m._ effort.
effrayer, _v._ to frighten; effrayant, -e, _adj._ frightful.
effroi, _m._ fright, dismay.
effronte, -e, _adj._ shameless, bold.
effroyable, _adj._ frightful, horrible.
effusion, _f._ effusion.
egal, -e, _adj. and s._ equal, all the same, regular, even; c'est
--, all the same.
egalement, _adv._ equally, uniformly.
egaler, _v._ to equal.
egard, _m._ regard, consideration, subject; a son --, in
regard to him.
egarer, _v._ to mislead, unsettle; s'--, get lost, wander;
egare, -e, unsettled, bewildered, wild, frantic, lost.
egayer, _v._ to enliven, amuse, cheer up.
eglise, _f._ church.
egoisme, _m._ egotism, selfishness.
egoiste, _adj._ egotistical, selfish.
egorger, _v._ to cut the throat of, slaughter.
egyptien, -ne, _adj._ Egyptian (_t_ pronounced as _c_).
eh, _interj._ ah!, ha!, or; -- bien, well.
Eiffel (la tour), Parisian tower, highest in the world (300 meters),
erected for the exposition of 1889 by the engineer of this name.
elan, _m._ spring, bound, start, impetus, clash, flight.
elancer, _v._ to throw; s'--, throw oneself, spring forward,
spring, dart, start up; elance, -e, _adj._ slender.
elargir, _v._ to widen; elargi, -e, widened, spreading.
elastique, _adj._ elastic.
electeur, _m._ elector, constituent; avenue de l'Electeur,
Kurfuerstenallee (avenue near Heidelberg).
electrique, _adj._ electric.
elegance, _f._ elegance.
elegant, -e, _adj._ elegant.
elegiaque, _adj._ elegiac.
element, _m._ element.
elephant, _m._ elephant.
elever, _v._ to elevate, bring up, put up, ralse; s'--, rise,
arise; eleve, -e, elevated, tall, lofty, towering.
Elias, Elias (Elia) is the New Testament and German form of Elie, Elijah.
elle, _conj. and disj. pr._ (feminine), she, it.
elle-meme, _see_ lui-meme.
eloge, _m._ praise.
Eloi (saint), Saint Eloi or Eligius, Bishop of Noyon (c. 588-659).
eloignement, _m._ removal, distance.
eloigner, _v._ to remove, send away, banish; s'--, go away,
move away; eloigne, -e, distant.
email, _m._ enamel.
emballage, _m._ packing.
emballer, _v._ to pack up.
embarcation, _f._ small craft, boat.
embarquement, _m._ embarcation.
embarquer, _v._ to embark, put on board; s'--, embark, be put
on board.
embarras, _m._ embarrassment.
embarrasser, _v._ to embarrass.
embaumer, _v._ to embalm, perfume, smell sweet, give forth a sweet
emboiter, _v._ to join, fit in; -- le pas, lock step.
embonpoint, _m._ plumpness, stoutness.
embraser, _v._ to set on fire; embrase, -e, burning, on fire.
embrasser, _v._ to embrace, kiss.
embrasure, _f._ embrasure, window-recess.
embrouiller, _v._ to entangle, tangle, confuse, befog.
embrumer, _v._ to cover (with mist), overcast.
emeraude, _f._ emerald.
emerite, _adj._ emeritus, old, confirmed.
emettre, _v._ to emit, express.
emigrer, _v._ to emigrate.
Emineh, the Trusty One or the Steadfast One (Arabic).
eminence, _f._ eminence, height, rising ground.
emir, _m._ emir (Mohammedan governor, etc.).
emission, _f._ emission, issue.
emmener, _v._ to lead or take away, carry off (pronounced: ammener).
emotion, _f._ emotion.
emouchet, _m._ sparrow-hawk.
emouvoir, _v._ to excite, move.
emparer (s'), _v._ to take possession.
empecher, _v._ to hinder, prevent, keep from; il n'a pu s'-- de,
he could not help.
empereur, _m._ emperor.
empetrer, _v._ to entangle.
empiler, _v._ to pile up.
emplette, _f._ purchase.
emplir, _v._ to fill.
emploi, _m._ employment, use, position, job.
employe, -e, _m., f._ employee, clerk.
employer, _v._ to employ, use, take up (attention).
empoigner, _v._ to grasp, lay hold of.
emporter, _v._ to carry off or away, take away, take; l'--,
carry (him, her, it) off, prevail, win the day.
empreindre, _v._ to imprint, impress, mark.
empreinte, _f._ imprint, impression.
empressement, _m._ eagerness, alacrity.
empresser (s'), _v._ to be eager, hasten, hurry, press eagerly (about).
emprisonner, _v._ to imprison.
emprunter, _v._ to borrow.
en, _conj. pr._ of it, of him, etc., some, with (of, by, etc.) it.
en, _prep._ in, into, ta, while, in the capacity of, as, like, by, at.
encadrer, _v._ to frame.
encaisser, _v._ to encage, embank, enclose.
encens, _m._ incense (_s_ not pronounced).
enchainer, _v._ to enchain, put in chains, chain.
enchanter, _v._ to enchant, delight.
enchere, _f._ bidding, auction.
encoignure, _f._ corner, angle.
encombrer, _v._ to obstruct, encumber, overload, crowd.
encore, _adv._ still, again, yet, besides; -- un, another.
encourager, _v._ to encourage.
encre, _f._ ink.
encrier, _m._ inkstand.
endiabler, _v._ to be in a passion; faire --, to throw into a
rage, arouse the devil in.
endimancher, _v._ to put on one's Sunday clothes (usually _refl._);
endimanche, -e, dressed in one's test clothes.
endormir, _v._ to put to sleep; s'--, fall asleep; endormi,
-e, asleep, sleeping, fallen asleep, dull.
endosser, _v._ to put on.
endroit, _m._ place.
energie, _f._ energy.
energique, _adj._ energetic.
energiquement, _adv._ energetically.
enerver, _v._ to enervate, unnerve, weaken, wear on the nerves.
enfance, _f._ infancy, childhood.
enfant, _m., f._ child; bon --, good fellow; -- de
choeur, choir-boy.
enfantillage, _m._ childishness, childish act.
enfantin, -e, _adj._ infantile, childish, children's, child's.
enfer, _m._ hell.
enfermer, _v._ to shut up, enclose.
enfiler, _v._ to thread, string, slip on.
enfin, _adv._ finally, at last, after all, in short.
enflammer, _v._ to inflame, set fire to; enflamme, -e,
inflamed, flaming, on fire.
enfoncer, _v._ to sink, drive in, plunge, thrust, hide; s'--,
sink, go down (into), settle down, give way, be broken in, plunge.
enfuir (s'), _v._ to flee.
engagement, _m._ engagement, obligation, contract, enlistment.
engager, _v._ to engage, enlist, induce, urge, give (a signature);
s'--, enlist, enter.
engendrer, _v._ to engender, beget.
engin, _m._ engine, machine, fishing-gear.
engloutir, _v._ to engulf, devour, swallow greedily, gulp down;
s'--, be engulfed, be swallowed.
engouffrer, _v._ to engulf; s'--, be engulfed, be swallowed
up, be poured (into), rush (of the wind).
engourdir, _v._ to benumb, deaden; s'--, become benumbed or
drowsy or dull; engourdi, -e, benumbed, deadened, torpid, drowsy.
engourdissement, _m._ numbness, torpor.
engraisser, _v._ to fatten, get fat.
enhardir, _v._ to embolden; s'-- a, become bold enough to
(avoid liaison with _n_ in this word).
enigme, _f._ enigma, riddle.
enivrer (s'), _v._ to get drunk (_en_ pronounced as in _ennui_).
enjambee, _f._ stride.
enjamber, _v._ to bestride, stride, put one's leg over, stride over.
enlacer, _v._ to lace, bind, entwine, interlace.
enlevement, _m._ carrying off, capture.
enlever, _v._ to take away, carry off, take off, raise, remove;
-- cette affaire, accomplish this.
enluminer, _v._ to color, paint.
ennemi, _m._ enemy; --, -e, adjectively, hostile.
ennui, _m._ ennui, tediousness,
tiresomeness, vexation (in this and in the next two words the first
syllable is nasalized).
ennuyer, _v._ to weary, bore.
enorgueillir, _v._ to make proud; s'--, be proud.
enorme, _adj._ enormous.
enormement, _adv._ enormously.
enormite, _f._ enormity.
enquerir (s'), _v._ to inquire.
enquete, _f._ inquest, inquiry, search.
enrager, _v._ to enrage, become mad; enrage, --e, mad,
enraged, crazy, crazy fellow.
enregimenter, _v._ to form into regiments, enroll.
enrichir, _v._ to enrich; s'--, become rich.
enroue, -e, _adj._ hoarse.
ensanglanter, _v._ to make bloody, make blood-red; ensanglante,
-e, bloody.
enseigne, _f._ sign, sign-board.
ensemble, _adv._ together.
ensuite, _adv._ then, next, afterwards.
ensuivre (s'), _v._ to ensue, follow.
entasser, _v._ to pile up; s'--, be piled up.
entendement, _m._ understanding, intellect, mind.
entendre, _v._ to hear, understand, mean, intend; s'--,
understand one another, be understood, be heard; a -- de, if you
listen to, according to; bien entendu, to be sure, of course.
enterrement, _m._ burial, funeral, funeral procession.
enterrer, _v._ to bury.
enteter, _v._ to give a headache to, make vain; s'--, be
obstinate, persist.
entier, -ere, _adj._ entire; tout --, entirely.
entierement, _adv._ entirely.
entour (a l'), _adv._ round about; -- de, around.
entourage, _m._ frame, intimates.
entourer, _v._ to surround, envelop.
entr'acte, _m._ intermission.
entrailles, _f. pl._ entrails, bowels, feeling; qui lui tenait
encore aux --, for whom she still yearned.
entrainer, _v._ to drag, draw, draw along or on; s'--, drag
oneself, train, drill.
entre, _prep._ between, among, in; d'--, from among, among;
-- eux, among themselves, to one another, etc.; passer -- vos
mains, to pass into your hands; ils parlerent -- eux, they
talked to each other.
entre-baille, -e, _adj._ half-open, ajar.
entree, _f._ entrance, entry.
entrefaite, _f._ interval; sur ces entrefaites, meanwhile.
entremeler, _v._ to intermix, intermingle.
entremetteur, _m._ go-between, procurer.
entrepot, _m._ storeroom, warehouse.
entreprendre, _v._ to undertake.
entreprise, _f._ enterprise, undertaking.
entrer, _v._ to enter, come in, put or go in.
entretenir, _v._ to keep up, take care of, support, maintain;
s'--, converse.
entretien, _m._ support, keep, conversation, interview.
entrevue, _f._ interview.
entr'ouvrir, _v._ to half-open, set ajar, open part way.
envahir, _v._ to invade, penetrate, take possession of.
envahisseur, _m._ invader; adjectively: invading.
enveloppe, _f._ envelope, exterior, covering, cover, outward form.
envelopper, _v._ to envelop, wrap up, surround.
envers, _m._ wrong side; prep. towards; a l'--, contrary to,
wrong side outwards; se mettre le coeur a l'--, to be upset.
envi (a l'), _adv._ in emulation, vying with each other.
envie, _f._ desire, longing, envy; faire - a, to make envious;
porter -- a, be envious of.
envier, _v._ to envy, long for.
envieux, -euse, _adj._ envious.
environ, _adv._ about; aux (dans les) environs, in the
neighborhood or vicinity, in the suburbs.
environner, _v._ to surround, attend.
envoler (s'), _v._ to fly away.
envoyer, _v._ to send; -- des sourires a, smile at.
epais, -se, _adj._ thick.
epaisseur, _f._ thickness.
epaissir, _v._ to thicken, deepen (silence).
epanouir, _v._ to open, cheer; epanoui, -e, open, cheerful, in
epanouissement, _m._ blossoming, blooms.
epargner, _v._ to save, spare.
epars, -e, _adj._ scattered, disheveled.
epaule, _f._ shoulder.
epaulement, _m._ breastwork.
epaulette, _f._ epaulette.
epee, _f._ sword.
eperdu, -e, _adj._ desperate, bewildered, frantic, distracted.
eperdument, _adv._ frantically, desperately.
eperon, _m._ spur.
epi, _m._ ear (of grain, etc.).
epicier, _m._ groceryman, grocer.
epigramme, _f._ epigram.
epoque, _f._ epoch, time.
epouser, _v._ to marry.
epouvantable, _adj._ terrible, appalling.
epouvante, _f._ fright, terror.
epouvanter, _v._ to terrify, appall.
epoux, -ouse, _m., f._ husband, wife.
eprendre (s'), _v._ to fall in love (with), be smitten.
epreuve, _f._ trial, proof.
eprouver, _v._ to experience, try, test, feel.
epuiser, _v._ to exhaust.
equipage, _m._ crew.
equiper, _v._ to equip.
equivalent, _m._ equivalent.
equivoque, _adj._ equivocal, doubtful.
-er, see premier.
erafler, _v._ to scratch.
erailler, _v._ to fray.
ermite, _m._ hermit.
errer, _v._ to wander; chien errant, stray dog.
erreur, _f._ error, mistake.
eruption, _f._ eruption.
Esbekick, Ezbekia Gardens (in northern section of Cairo).
escabeau, _m._ escabelle, f. stool.
escadron, _m._ squadron, cavalry; chef d'--, major.
escalier, _m._ staircase, stairway.
escapade, _f._ escapade, prank.
escarboucle, _f._ carbuncle (stone).
escargot, _m._ snail.
escarmouche, _f._ skirmish.
esclave, _m., f._ slave.
escogriffe, _m._ sharper, gawky or lanky fellow.
escorte, _f._ escort, convoy.
espace, _m._ space.
espacer, _v._ to space; s'--, to grow farther apart.
Espagne, _f._ Spain; piece d'--, Spanish coin.
espagnol, -e, _adj. and s._ Spanish, Spaniard (written
Espagnol when _s._).
espece, _f._ species, sort, kind, cash (in _pl._).
esperance, _f._ hope, expectation.
esperer, _v._ to hope.
espiegle, _adj._ frolicsome, roguish, mischievous.
espion, _m._ spy.
esplanade, _f._ esplanade.
espoir, _m._ hope.
esprit, _m._ mind, wit, sense, brains, spirit; -- fort,
essaim, _m._ swarm.
essayer, _v._ to try.
essence, _f._ essence, perfume, scent.
essentiel, -le, _adj._ essential (_t_ pronounced as _c_).
essoufflement, _m._ breathlessness.
essoufiler, _v._ to put out of breath; essouffle, -e, out of
breath, breathless.
essuyer, _v._ to wipe, wipe away.
estafette, _f._ courier, messenger.
estimer, _v._ to esteem, estimate.
estomac, _m._ stomach (pronounced: _estoma_).
estrade, _f._ platform, dais.
estropie, -e, _adj. and s._ crippled, maimed, cripple.
et, _conj._ and.
etable, _f._ stable, cattle-shed; -- a cochons, pig-sty.
etablir, _v._ to establish, set up, set, settle, fix, fasten, make;
s'--, be established, take a position, settle down, etc.
etablissement, _m._ establishment, moving in.
etage, _m._ flight of stairs, story, floor (above the groundfloor);
premier --, second story.
etain, _m._ tin, pewter.
etalage, _m._ goods exposed for sale, display, show-window.
etaler, _v._ to set out, spread out, display, expose goods (for
sale); s'--, spread out, be exposed or displayed.
etat, _m._ state, condition.
etat-major, _m._ staff.
etc., pronounced in French: _ett cetera_.
ete, _m._ summer.
eteindre, _v._ to extinguish, put out; s'--, die out, go out;
eteint, -e, extinguished, extinct, dead.
etendre, _v._ to extend, stretch, stretch out; s'--, extend,
stretch oneself out.
etendue, _f._ stretch, extent.
eternel, -le, _adj._ eternal, everlasting.
eternuer, _v._ to sneeze.
etinceler, _v._ to sparkle, glitter; etincelant, -e,
sparkling, glittering, brilliant.
etincelle, _f._ spark, flash, glitter.
etirer, _v._ to stretch.
etoffe, _f._ stuff, fabric.
etoile, _f._ star; coucher a la belle --, to sleep in the open
etoiler, _v._ to star, stud, dot, shine like a star, sparkle.
etonnement, _m._ astonishment.
etonner, _v._ to astonish, amaze; s'--, be astonished.
etouffer, _v._ to stifle, muffle, smother, choke.
etourdi, -e, _adj. and s._ giddy, heedless, rattlebrained,
rattlebrain, madcap, giddy-headed fellow.
etrange, _adj._ strange.
etrangement, _adv._ strangely.
etranger, -ere, _adj. and s._ strange, foreign, stranger, foreigner.
etrangler, _v._ to strangle, choke.
etre, _v._ to be, go (in past tense); -- a, belong to, be the
right of, be the turn of, be busy (about); en - a, reach the point
of, come to; en - la, to be reduced to such a point, be in such a
condition; -- bien avec, be on good terms with; nous y sommes,
here we are; il est, there is or are (rarer than il y a);
n'est-ce pas?, isn't it?, don't you think so?, etc.; il n'etait
plus au jeu, he no longer had his mind on the game; elle en fut
dans l'admiration, she went into ecstacy over it; _m._ being.
etreindre, _v._ to squeeze, hug, clasp, grip.
etroit, -e, _adj._ narrow.
etude, _f._ study.
etudier, _v._ to study.
eunuque, _m._ eunuch.
Eure, _f._ French river and department (in Normandy).
Europe, _f._ Europe.
eux, _disj. pr._ they, them, themselves; causer entre --, to
chat with one another.
eux-memes, _pr._ themselves, etc.; d'--, by themselves,
without interference.
evaluer, _v._ to value, estimate.
Evangeliste, _m._ Evangelist.
Evangile, _m._ Gospel.
evanouir (s'), _v._ to faint, vanish.
evaporer, _v._ to evaporate.
eveil, _m._ awakening; en --, on the alert or watch.
eveiller, _v._ to awaken, arouse; s'--, awake; eveille,
-e, awakened, wide-awake.
evenement, _m._ event.
eventail, _m._ fan.
evente, -e, _adj._ flat, giddy.
eventrer, _v._ to rip open, disembowel.
eveque, _m._ bishop.
evertuer (s'), _v._ to strive, do one's utmost.
evidemment, _adv._ evidently (_em_ pronounced as _am_).
evident, -e, _adj._ evident.
evider, _v._ to hollow out; dentelles d'une sculpture evidee,
open-work stone carving.
eviter, _v._ to avoid.
Evreux, town 68 miles northwest of Paris (department of Eure).
exactement, _adv._ exactly.
exagerer, _v._ to exaggerate.
exaltation, _f._ exaltation, glorification, exhilaration.
exalter, _v._ to exalt; s'--, become excited.
examiner, _v._ to examine.
exasperer, _v._ to exasperate.
excellence, _f._ excellence; par --, preeminently.
excellent, -e, _adj._ excellent.
excepter, _v._ to except; excepte, _prep._ except.
exces, _m._ excess.
excessif, -ive, _adj._ excessive, exorbitant.
exciter, _v._ to excite, arouse.
exclamation, _f._ exclamation.
exclusivement, _adv._ exclusively.
excuse, _f._ excuse.
excuser, _v._ to excuse.
executer, _v._ to execute.
execution, _f._ execution.
exemple, _m._ example, parallel, copy; par --, indeed, really,
for example.
exempt, -e, _adj._ exempt, free (_p_ not pronounced).
exercer, _v._ to exercise, practice, train; s'--, practice, be
trained, be exercised, drill, be produced.
exercice, _m._ exercise, drill.
exhaler, _v._ to exhale, give vent to, heave.
exiger, _v._ to exact, demand.
exil, _m._ exile.
exiler, _v._ to exile.
existence, _f._ existence.
exister, _v._ to exist.
expedition, _f._ expedition.
experience, _f._ experience, experiment.
expier, _v._ to expiate, atone for.
expirer, _v._ to expire, die, die away.
explication, _f._ explanation.
expliquer, _v._ to explain; s'--, explain oneself, be
explained, give an explanation.
exploiter, _v._ to exploit.
explorer, _v._ to explore.
explosion, _f._ explosion.
exposer, _v._ to expose.
exposition, _f._ exposition; Exposition de 89, Paris Exposition
of 1889.
expres, expresse, _adj. and adv._ express, on purpose; par un fait
--, on purpose, by a prearrangement.
expressement, _adv._ expressly.
expressif, -ive, _adj._ expressive.
expression, _f._ expression.
exprimer, _v._ to express.
ex-prince, _m._ ex-prince.
expulser, _v._ to expel, drive out.
exquis, -e, _adj._ exquisite.
extase, _f._ ecstasy.
extatique, _adj._ ecstatic.
extenuer, _v._ to extenuate, weaken, exhaust.
exterieur, -e, _adj._ and m. exterior, outer, outside.
exterminer, _v._ to exterminate.
extraordinaire, _adj._ extraordinary.
extravagance, _f._ extravagance, excess, wild idea.
extravagant, -e, _adj._ extravagant, wild, unreasonable.
extreme, _adj._ extreme.
extremement, _adv._ extremely.
extremite, _f._ extremity, tip.


f..., abbreviation for foutu.
fabliau, _m._ fabliau (humorous medieval tale).
fabricant, _m._ manufacturer.
fabrique, _f._ factory, manufacture, make; marque de --,
fabriquer, _v._ to manufacture, make.
fabuleux, -euse, _adj._ fabulous.
face, _f._ face, front; en --, opposite, in presence of,
openly, squarely; en -- de, opposite, changer de --, to change
facetie, _f._ facetiousness, joke (_t_ pronounced as _c_).
facher, _v._ to anger; se --, get angry; fache, -e, adj.
angry, sorry.
facheux, -euse, _adj._ grievous, vexatious.
facile, _adj._ easy.
facilement, _adv._ easily.
facilite, _f._ facility, ease, fluency.
facon, _f._ fashion, manner, way, composition; de -- a, so as
to; d'une -- continue, continuously.
fagot, _m._ fagot.
faible, _adj. and s._ feeble, weak, faint, weak person.
faiblement, _adv._ feebly, weakly, faintly.
faiblesse, _f._ feebleness, weakness, swoon.
Faidherbe (Louis), distinguished general of Franco-Prussian war
faignant, popular for faitneant.
faigniant, dialectic for faineant.
faillir, _v._ to rail, err, corne near; -- a l'honneur, act
faillite, _f._ bankruptcy; faire --, to fail.
faim, _f._ hunger.
faineant, -e, _adj. and s._ idle, lazy fellow, do-nothing, sluggard.
faire, _v._ to do, make, form, build, perform, cause, act, heave,
utter, let, mark, play the part of, bring it about (that), be (weather),
take (a step, a nap), commit (an act), have (a dream, supper, anything
clone), pay (court, compliment, attention), pass over or cover
(distance), serve (time), give (pleasure, trouble, light, pain), say
(when quoting), ask (a question), play (a game), attach (importance),
cut (teeth), compose (verses), carry on (trade); se --, be done, be
made, be produced, grow, become, be; se -- a, become accustomed to,
adapt oneself to; -- danser, invite to dance, play for a dance for;
me -- envie, make me envious; -- entrer, show in, take in; --
voir, show; que --?, what is (was, etc.) to be done?; ne --
que, only (with a verb); n'avoir que -- de, have no reason to,
have nothing to do with; -- venir, send for; -- tete a, stand
out against, face; il n'a rien a-- ici, it is out of place here;
rien n'y fit, nothing worked; etre fait a, be adapted to; les
noces furent faites, the wedding took place.
faisceau, _m._ bundle, sheaf; remettre les armes en faisceaux, to
stack arms again.
faiseur, -euse, _m., f._ maker, dressmaker.
fait, _m._ fact, deed; allons au --, let us come to the
point; haut fait, exploit.
faite, _m._ top, ridge (of a roof).
falaise, _f._ cliff.
falbala, _m._ furbelow, flounce.
falloir, _v._ to be necessary, need, must, should, have to; tant
s'en faut, by a good deal.
fameux, -euse, _adj._ famous, great, precious (familiar).
familiariser, _v._ to familiarize, accustom.
familier, -ere, _adj_ familiar.
famille, _f._ family.
faner, _v._ to fade, wither.
fantaisie, _f._ fancy, whim.
fantasmagorie, _f._ phantasmagoria (fantastic series of illusive
or terrifying figures).
fantasque, _adj._ fantastic, fanciful, whimsical.
fantastique, _adj._ fantastic, supernatural, incredible.
fantastiquement, _adv._ fantastically.
faquir, _m._ fakir (Mohammedan monk).
farceur, _m._ joker.
fardeau, _m._ burden.
farine, _f._ flour.
farouche, _adj._ wild, unsociable, shy, skittish.
fasciner, _v._ to fascinate.
fat, _m._ fop, coxcomb (_t_ pronounced).
fatal, -e, _adj._ fatal.
fatalite, _f._ fatality, mischance.
fatigant, -e, _adj._ tiring.
fatigue, _f._ fatigue, weariness, hard work.
fatiguer, _v._ to weary, tire, exhaust, wear out, lash (of the
faubourg, _m._ outskirt, suburb, faubourg (quarter between
center and town limit); le Faubourg, the Faubourg Saint Germain
(Parisian quarter of the old aristocracy).
faubourien, -ne, _m., f._ inhabitant of a faubourg (where
laborers, workmen, etc., live), plebeian.
faulx, obsolescent spelling of faux, _f._
faute, _f._ fault, error; -- de, for lack of; -- de
mieux, for lack of anything better; il y a un peu de votre --
dans, you are a little to blame for.
fauteuil, _m._ armchair.
fauve, _adj._ fallow, fawn-colored, tawny; bete --, wild
beast, deer.
fauvette, _f._ warbler.
faux, _f._ scythe.
faux, fausse, _adj._ false, pretended, wrong; -- pas, misstep,
faveur, _f._ favor.
favorable, _adj._ favorable, pleasing.
favori, -te, _adj._ favorite; _m. pl._ whiskers, side-whiskers.
favoriser, _v._ to favor.
Fecamp, town on the English Channel between Le Havre and Dieppe
(department of Seine-Inferieure).
fee, _f._ fairy.
feindre, _v._ to feign, pretend.
Felibrige, _m._ name of a modern school or society of Provencal
writers (see also note given on p. 295).
felicite, _f._ felicity.
feliciter, _v._ to congratulate.
fellah, _m._ fellah (Egyptian peasant).
feminin, -e, _adj._ feminine.
femme, _f._ woman, wife; -- de chambre, maid.
fendre, _v._ to split, cleave, crack;
fendu, -e, split, wide open (of the mouth).
fenetre, _f._ window; sauter sur la --, to jump on the
fer, _m._ iron.
Ferdoussi, Firdusi or Ferdausi, celebrated Persian epic poet,
author of the Shahnamah or Book of Kings (c. 940-c. 1020).
ferme, _adj. and adv._ firm, steady, firmly, steadily, hard.
ferme, _f._ farm, farming out, lease.
fermenter, _v._ to ferment.
fermer, _v._ to close, shut; se --, close.
fermete, _f._ firmness, steadiness.
fermeture, _f._ closing, fastening.
fermier, _m._ farmer; -- general, farmer-general (financier to
whom, before the French Revolution, the taxes were farmed out).
feroce, _adj._ ferocious.
ferocite, _f._ ferocity.
ferrer, _v._ to tip with iron, shoe.
ferveur, _f._ fervor.
fete, _f._ festival, holiday, party, entertainment; jour de
--, holiday.
feu, _m._ fire, shot; de --, of fire, fiery, red-hot; faire
--, to fire; mettre le --, set fire (to anything); au coin de
son --, at her fireside.
feu, -e, _adj._ late, deceased.
feuille, _f._ leaf.
feuillee, _f._ bower, foliage.
feuillet, _m._ leaf (of a book).
feuilleter, _v._ to turn the leaves of.
feutre, _m._ felt, felt hat.
fevrier, _m._ February.
fi, _interj._ fie!; -- donc!, fie!, for shame!
fiancer, _v._ to betroth; fiance, -e, fiance, fiancee,
ficeler, _v._ to tie, bind.
ficelle, _f._ string.
fidele, _adj._ faithful.
fiente, _f._ dung (of birds, cattle, etc.).
fier, _v._ to trust; se -- a (sur), trust to, rely on.
fier, -ere, _adj._ proud, haughty, stout, bold; avoir un --
courage, to be downright courageous (_r_ pronounced).
fierement, _adv._ proudly.
fierte, _f._ pride.
fieu, dialectic for fils.
fievre, _f._ lever.
fievreux, -euse, _adj. and s._ feverish, person with a lever.
figer, _v._ to congeal; se --, be congealed or coagulated.
figurant, -e, _m., f._ supernumerary.
figure, _f._ face, figure; faire -- to cut a figure, be quite
figurer (se), _v._ to imagine, picture, represent; figurez-vous,
just imagine.
fil, _m._ thread, line, wire, edge (_l_ pronounced).
filature, _f._ spinning-mill.
file, _f._ file, row.
filer, _v._ to spin, file by, be off, get away, shoot by, move
along, cover ground, pay out; -- son chemin, make off.
filet, _m._ net, netting, thread, filet, bead, small stream,
fille, _f._ daughter, girl; -- a marier, marriageable girl;
-- mere, unmarried mother.
filou, _m._ pickpocket, sharper.
fils, _m._ son; -- de famille, gentleman's son;
Fils de France, French prince (pronounced: _fis_).
fin, _f._ end.
fin, -e, _adj._ fine, delicate, precious, of fine quality; fine
fleur, cream, finest quality; au -- fond de son sommeil, really
and soundly asleep;
fine, _f._ (abbreviation for fine champagne), choice brandy.
finalement, _adv._ finally, once for all.
financier, -ere, _adj. and s._ financial, financier.
finir, _v._ to finish, end; -- par (with infinitive), finally.
firmament, _m._ firmament.
fisc, _m._ public treasury.
fixe, _adj._ fixed, appointed.
fixement, _adv._ fixedly.
fixer, _v._ to fix.
flacon, _m._ flask.
flairer, _v._ to scent, smell.
flamber, _v._ to flame, blaze, blaze up, burst into flame, burn.
flamboyer, _v._ to flame, glitter, glisten; flamboyant, -e,
flamboyant, flaming.
flamme, _f._ flame.
flanc, _m._ flank, side.
Flandre, _f._ Flanders.
flaner, _v._ to lounge, lie about, lie, stroll.
flanquer, _v._ to flank, hit, let have or give (a blow); flanque
de, flanked by, having on the sides.
flaque, _f._ puddle.
flasque, _adj._ flabby, loose.
flatter, _v._ to flatter.
flatterie, _f._ flattery.
flatteur, -euse, _adj._ flattering.
fleau, _m._ flail, scourge.
fleche, _f._ arrow.
fleur, _f._ flower; petite -- bleue, little blue flower of
poetic imagination.
fleurer, _v._ to smell (of).
fleurette, _f._ little flower, gallant speech.
fleurir, _v._ to flower, blossom, adorn with flowers; fleuri,
-e, flowered, flowery.
fleuron, _m._ flower-like ornament, vignette, flourish.
fleuve, _m._ river.
flocon, _m._ flake.
Flore, Flora (Roman goddess of flowers).
florin, _m._ florin (of varying value, the former German coin was
worth 40 cents).
flot, _m._ wave, flood.
flotte, _f._ fleet.
flotter, _v._ to float, wave (hair).
flottille, _f._ flotilla.
flute, _f._ flute; a son de --, high-pitched.
flux, _m._ flow, rising tide, flood (pronounced: _flu_).
foi, _f._ faith.
foire, _m._ fair.
fois, _f._ time; une --, once; deux --, twice; a la
--, at the same time, at a time; il y avait une --, there was
once upon a time.
folie, _f._ madness, insanity, folly, prank.
follet, -te, _adj._ playful, downy, silky; poils follets, clown.
fonce, -e, _adj._ dark.
fonction, _f._ function, duty.
fonctionaire, _m._ functionary, official.
fond, _m._ bottom, back, end, background, depths, low-land, heart.
fonder, _v._ to found.
fondre, _v._ to melt, reduce (fat); -- en larmes, burst into
fonds, _m._ stock.
fontaine, _f._ fountain.
Fontainebleau, town about 35 miles south of Paris with a famous
Renaissance castle built by Francis I, there is also an artillery and
engineering school for the army.
fonte, _f._ cast-iron.
force, _f._ force, might, strength, full strength; a -- de, by
dint of; a toute --, in spite of everything; -- publique,
forcer, _v._ to force, make, break through, bend, overwork.
forestier, -ere, _adj._ and s. forest, forester, forester's wife.
foret, _f._ forest; la Foret Noire, the Black Forest (east of
the upper Rhine, in Baden and Wuertemberg, corresponding in elevation to
the Vosges on the west bank).
forme, _f._ form, figure, proportion.
former, _v._ to form.
formidable, _adj._ formidable.
fort, -e, _adj., adv. and s._ strong, clever, hard, very; very
much,. much, heavy, loud, astounding.
fortement, _adv._ strongly, firmly, very.
forteresse, _f._ fortress.
fortification, _f._ fortification (in _pl._ the name is given to
the wall around Paris).
fortifier, _v._ to fortify, strengthen.
fortune, _f._ fortune.
fosse, m. ditch, moat, drain.
fossette, _f._ dimple.
fou, folle, _adj. and s._ mad, crazy, wild, capricious, crazy
person, madman.
foudre, _f._ flash (of lightning), thunderbolt.
fouetter, _v._ to whip, whip up, lash.
fouiller, _v._ to dig, dig in, excavate, search, ransack.
fouillis, _m._ confused mass, confusion, disorder.
fouine, _f._ beech-marten (white-throated marten).
foule, _f._ crowd, lot.
fouler, _v._ to trample upon, tread.
four, _m._ oven, kiln; le -- chauffe pour moi, things are
getting hot for me.
fourche, _f._ fork, pitchfork.
fourchette, _f._ fork.
fourneau, _m._ stove, range, furnace.
fournee, _f._ ovenful, batch.
fournir, _v._ to furnish.
fourrage, _m._ fodder.
fourre, -e, _adj. and m._ furred, lined with fur, bushy, thick,
fourreau, _m._ scabbard.
fourrure, _f._ fur.
foutu, -e, _adj._ done for, down and out, gone (extremely vulgar).
foyer, _m._ hearth, fireplace, fireside, home, foyer.
fracas, _m._ crash.
fraction, _f._ fraction, part.
fragile, _adj._ fragile.
fragment, _m._ fragment, piece.
fraichement, _adv._ freshly.
fraicheur, _f._ freshness, coolness, bloom, beauty.
frais, fraiche, _adj._ fresh, cool, rosy, with a fresh complexion,
recently made; mettre au --, to cool, cool off.
frais, _m. pl._ expenses, expense.
franc, _m._ franc (about 19 cents).
franc, franche, _adj._ frank, honest, open; -- comme l'or,
honest as the day.
francais, -e, _adj. and s._ French, Frenchman (written
Francais when _s._).
France, _f._ France.
franchement, _adv._ frankly.
franchir, _v._ to clear, pass over, pass, leap over.
franchise, _f._ frankness; de --, frank.
Francois, Francis.
franc-tireur, _m._ irregular sharp-shooter or skirmisher (volunteer
not in regular army).
frange, _f._ fringe.
Franguistan (usually written Frangistan), _m._ name given by
Orientais to Western Europe.
frapper, _v._ to strike, knock; -- des pieds, stamp; frappe
de, stricken with.
fraulein = demoiselle or mademoiselle (German).
frayeur, _f._ fright.
fredonner, _v._ to hum, trill.
frele, _adj._ frail, slender.
Frelu, proper name, _cf._ frele.
fremir, _v._ to shudder, shake, quiver.
fremis, _m._ = fremissement (dialectic).
fremissement, _m._ trembling, rustling, quivering, murmuring, shock.
frenesie, _f._ frenzy, madness.
frenetique, _adj._ frantic.
frenetiquement, _adv._ frantically.
frequent, -e, _adj._ frequent.
frequentation, _f._ frequentation; la -- de, frequenting.
frere, _m._ brother.
fret, _m._ freight; vaisseau a --, cargo-boat (pronounced:
fricassee, _f._ fricassee (meat cut up and served in sauce).
fricasser, _v._ to fricassee.
fricot, _m._ stew, ragout.
frigousse, _f._ food, feasting, high time (familiar).
fringaler, _v._ to stagger (Old French word = to dance).
friper, _v._ to rumple, wear out.
fripon, _m._ rogue, rascal.
friser, _v._ to curl; frise, -e, curled, curly.
frisson, _m._ shiver, shudder; avoir (donner) le --, to have
(give) the shivers.
frissonner, _v._ to shiver, shudder, tremble.
froid, -e, _adj. and m._ cold, chill.
froidement, _adv._ coldly, coolly.
froissement, _m._ rumpling, rustling.
frolement, _m._ rustling.
froler, _v._ to graze, brush.
froncer, _v._ to wrinkle, contract, pucker, knit; -- les
sourcils, frown, scowl.
front, _m._ forehead, brow, face, effrontery, impudence, "nldquo;nerve."
frontiere, _f._ frontier.
fronton, _m._ pediment.
frottement, _m._ rubbing, scratching, scraping.
fruit, _m._ fruit, advantage, result.
fugitif, -ive, _adj. and s._ fugitive.
fuir, _v._ to flee, flee from.
fuite, _f._ flight.
fumee, _f._ smoke.
fumer, _v._ to smoke.
fumet, _m._ savor, aroma.
fumier, _m._ dung-heap, manure.
funebre, _adj._ funeral, mournful.
funerailles, _f. pl._ funeral.
funeste, _adj._ fatal, baneful, disastrous, gloomy.
furet, _m._ ferret.
fureter, _v._ to ferret, rummage, pry.
fureur, _f._ fury.
furibond, -e, _adj._ furious, raging.
furie, _f._ fury; en --, raging.
furieux, -euse, _adj. and s._ furious, mad, madman.
fusele, -e, _adj._ spindle-shaped, slender.
fusil, _m._ gun.
fusillade, _f._ fusillade, discharge of musketry.
fusiller, _v._ to shoot.
futaille, _f._ cask, barrel.
futaine, _f._ fustian (cloth).
fute, -e, _adj._ cunning, sly, crafty, smart.
futur, -e, _adj._ future.
fuyard, _m._ fugitive, deserter.


gacher, _v._ to make a mess of, spoil.
gage, _m._ pledge, security; _pl._ wages; mettre en --, to
gager, _v._ to wager.
gagner, _v._ to gain, win, gain possession of, reach, earn.
gai, -e, _adj._ gay, merry.
gaiement, _adv._ gaily, merrily.
gaiete, _f._ gaiety, jollity, glee, merriment.
gaillard, -e, _adj. and s._ jolly, jovial, plucky, brave, jolly
fellow, lusty feliow, fellow.
gaillardet, -te, _adj._ hearty (diminutive formed from
gaillard in imitation of the Provencal _gaiardet_).
gaillardise, _f._ jollity, broad joke.
Gaillon, village in the department of Eure (Normandy), contains a
prison (see context).
gain, _m._ gain, winnings.
gala, _m._ gala, show, ceremony, full dress.
galant, -e, _adj._ and s. gallant, courtly, graceful, elegant,
suitor, sweetheart.
galerie, _f._ gallery, corridor.
galerien, _m._ convict.
galerne, _f._ west-north-west wind, west-north-west.
galette, _f._ griddle-cake.
galine, _see_ coq.
Gallitzin (Caroline -- de Genthod, nee Comtesse Walewska), probably
a sister of the Pole, Alexander Walewski, a soldier, diplomat and
statesman in the French service (1810-1868).
galon, _m._ stripe.
galop, _m._ gallop.
galoper, _v._ to gallop, palpitate.
gambader, _v._ to gambol, frisk.
gamin, -e, _m., f._ gamin, brat.
gant, _m._ glove.
garcon, _m._ boy, bachelor, fellow, waiter, attendant.
garde, _f._ guard, watch, nurse; _m._ guardian, guard, keeper;
n'avoir -- de, to have no intention to, take care not to, be far
from; prendre --, take care; prendre -- a, pay attention to;
la mer est d'une fameuse --, the sea guards its own well; sur ses
gardes, on his guard; -- nationale, national guard (militia);
-- national, militia-man; chien de --, watchdog.
garder, _v._ to guard, keep; se -- de, take care not to.
gardeur, _m._ keeper, cowherd, cowherd's dog.
gardien, -ne, _adj. and s._ guardian, guard, keeper.
gare, _interj._ lookout!; -- donc!, come!, look out!
gargariser, _v._ to gargle; je m'en gargarise, I am enjoying
garnir, _v._ to furnish, fit out, cover, adorn, fill, trim, be
scattered over; se --, be trimmed, be filled.
garnison, _f._ garrison.
garniture, _f._ trimming.
garrotter, _v._ to bind firmly.
gars, _m._ young fellow, stripling, fellow, boy (pronounced: _gar
or ga_).
gaspiller, _v._ to waste, squander.
gateau, _m._ cake.
gater, _v._ to spoil.
gauche, _adj._ left, awkward; _f._ left band.
gaudriole, _f._ broadjoke.
gaufrer, _v._ to gaffer, plait, flute.
gaulois, -e, _adj._ Gallic.
gaz, _m._ gas (_z_ pronounced).
gaze, _f._ gauze.
gazelle, _f._ gazelle.
gazette, _f._ newspaper.
gazon, _m._ sward, grass.
geant, -e, _adj. and s._ gigantic, giant.
gelee, _f._ frost.
geler, _v._ to freeze.
gemir, _v._ to groan, moan.
gemissement, _m._ groan, wail.
gendarme, _m._ gendarme, military police officer.
gendarmerie, _f._ military police.
gendre, _m._ son-in-law.
gene, _f._ uneasiness, embarrassment, constraint, hesitation.
gener, _v._ to embarrass, trouble, be in the way of, inconvenience.
general, -e, _adj. and m._ general.
generation, _f._ generation.
generosite, _f._ generosity.
genie, _m._ genius, spirit.
genou, _m._ knee.
genre, _m._ kind, sort, form.
gens, _m. pl._ (preceding adjective takes feminine form) people;
jeunes --, young men, young people; ses --, his servants.
gentil, -le, _adj._ nice.
gentilhomme, _m._ nobleman, gentleman (_l_ pronounced as _y_).
gerbe, _f._ sheaf, cluster.
gerbier, _m._ stack, mow.
germe, _m._ germ.
germain, -e, _adj._ german, first; cousin issu de --, first
cousin once removed.
Gertrude, Gertrude.
gesir, _v._ to lie.
geste, _m._ gesture.
gesticuler, _v._ to gesticulate.
ghazel, _m._ gazel (Persian love poem).
giaour, _m._ giaour (Turkish name for all non-Mohammedans).
gibet, _m._ gibbet, gallows.
gibier, _m._ game.
gigantesque, _adj._ gigantic.
gilet, _m._ waistcoat.
Giseh, Gizeh (Egyptian city and province on the Nile).
gite, _m._ abode, shelter, resting-place.
glace, _f._ ice, plate-glass, mirror.
glacer, _v._ to ice, freeze, chill; glace, -e, iced, icy, frozen.
glacial, -e, _adj._ glacial, icy.
gland, _m._ acorn, tassel.
glaner, _v._ to glean.
glaneur, -euse, _m., f._ gleaner.
glissade, _f._ slide; faire une --, to slide.
glisser, _v._ to slide, slip, glide, be slippery; se --, slip,
glide; -- sur, slip on, slip or glide, slip off; glissant, -e,
_adj._ slippery.
gloire, _f._ glory; faire -- de, to glory in.
glorieux, -euse, _adj._ glorious, vainglorious, proud.
glouglou, _m._ gurgling.
glousser, _v._ to cluck.
Godeau, name of a family in Croisilles; Antoine -- was a
bishop and poet of the 17th century.
Godefroy, Godfrey; -- de Bouillon, duke and leader of the
first crusade and first King of Jerusalem (1058-1100).
goguenard, -e, _adj._ bantering, jeering, scoffing.
golfe, _m._ gulf.
gond, _m._ hinge (of a blind or door).
gonfler, _v._ to swell, swell out, put! out, fill; gonfle,
-e, swollen.
gorge, _f._ throat, gorge.
gorgee, _f._ swallow.
gorger, _v._ to gorge.
gorille, _m._ gorilla.
gosse, _m., f._ small child, "kldquo;kid" (familiar).
goudronner, _v._ to tar.
gouffre, _m._ gulf, abyss.
goule, _f._ ghoul.
gourdin, _m._ cudgel, club.
gousset, _m._ gusset, watch-pocket (in trousers), waist-coat pocket.
gout, _m._ taste.
gouter, _v._ to taste, relish.
goutte, _f._ drop, gout.
gouttelette, _f._ little drop.
goutteux, -euse, _adj._ gouty.
gouttiere, _f._ gutter.
gouvernail, _m._ rudder, helm.
gouvernante, _f._ governess.
gouverner, _v._ to govern.
grace, _f._ grace, charm, favor, pardon, mercy; -- a, thanks
gracieux, -euse, _adj._ gracious, graceful.
grade, _m._ grade, rank.
grain, _m._ grain, squall.
graine, _f._ seed, germ.
graisse, _f._ grease, fat.
grammaire, _f._ grammar.
grand, -e, _adj. and s._ great, grand, tall, large, big, chief,
full, wide (open), open (air), long (step), high (wind, officer, etc.);
au -- trot, at a fast trot; grande toilette, full evening
dress; grand'peine, great difficulty; grand'chose, much.
grandement, _adv._ greatly, highly.
grandeur, _f._ greatness, height, size, grandeur.
grandiose, _adj._ grand, majestic.
grandir, _v._ to grow tall, grow up, grow, make tall or great,
enlarge, increase.
grand'mere, _f._ grandmother.
grand-pere, _m._ grandfather.
grange, _f._ barn.
granit, _m._ granite.
granitique, _adj._ granite.
Grapasi, proper name suggesting grappiller, to pilfer.
grappe, _f._ cluster, bunch.
gras, -se, _adj. and s._ fat, greasy, rich, luxuriant, thick or
guttural (speech).
grassouillet, -te, _adj._ plump.
gratification, _f._ gratuity, reward.
gratter, _v._ to scratch, scrape.
grave, _adj._ grave.
gravement, _adv._ gravely.
gravir, _v._ to climb, clamber up, ascend.
gravite, _f._ gravity, seriousness.
gre, _m._ will, pleasure, liking.
grec, grecque, _adj. and s._ Greek (written Grec when _s._).
Grece, _f._ Greece.
Gredel, Margery, Maggie (German, _cf. Grete_ for _Margarete_).
gredin, _m._ rascal, scoundrel.
greffier, _m._ clerk (of the court).
grele, _adj._ slender, shrill.
grelotter, _v._ to shiver.
grenade, _f._ pomegranate, grenade.
grenadier, _m._ grenadier.
grenier, _m._ loft, garret, attic.
grenouille, _f._ frog (_ou_ and _i_ should both be pronounced
distinctly, _ou_ is not a semi-vowel as in louis).
gres, _m._ sandstone.
gresil, _m._ sleet.
gresiller, _v._ to shrivel, shrink, crackle, tingle.
greve, _f._ strand, beach, strike
grievement, _adv._ grievously, gravely, seriously.
griffe, _f._ claw.
gril, _m._ grid-iron.
griller, _v._ to broil, roast.
grimace, _f._ grimace, grin, wry or forbidding face; faire la
--, to make a (wry) face.
grimacer, _v._ to make wry faces, grin.
grimper, _v._ to climb.
grincement, _m._ gnashing, grinding.
grincer, _v._ to grind, gnash, grate.
grippe, _f._ whim, caprice; prendre en --, to take a dislike
grippe-sou, _m. and adj._ skin-flint, miser, stingy.
gris, -e, _adj. and s._ gray, tipsy; en voir de grises, to
have a hot time.
grisatre, _adj._ grayish.
griser, _v._ to make tipsy, intoxicate; se --, get drunk.
grisette, _f._ grisette (coquettish working girl or shop-girl).
grive, _f._ thrush.
grogner, _v._ to grumble, grunt, growl.
gronder, _v._ to scold, rumble, roar.
groom, _m._ groom.
gros, grosse, _adj. and s._ big, thick, stout, heavy, rough,
coarse, fat man, bulk, mass, main body; en --, wholesale, in a
general way; -- temps, stormy weather; -- mot, coarse word;
le coeur --, sick at heart.
grossier, -ere, _adj._ coarse, gross, rude, rough, low.
grossierete, _f._ coarseness, rudeness, vulgar remark.
grossir, _v_ to enlarge, swell, magnify, grow, increase.
grotesque, _adj._ grotesque.
grotte, _f._ grotto.


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