Nephi Anderson

Part 4 out of 4

The sun was nearing the western mountains, the sharpest peaks were
already throwing shadows across the valley.

"Come," said Dorian. "We had better go down. Mother has come out of the
cabin, and I think she is looking for us. Supper must be ready."

He took Carlia's hand and helped her up. Then they ran like care-free
children down the gentler slopes.

"Wait a minute," cried Carlia, "I'm out of breath. I--I want to ask you
another question."

"Ask a hundred."

"Well, in the midst of all this studying, kind of in between the
great, serious subjects, we'll find time, will we not, to read 'David

He looked into her laughing eyes, and then kissed her.

"Why, yes, of course," he said.

Then they went on again, hand in hand, down into the valley of sunshine
and shadow.



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