History Of The Mackenzies
Alexander Mackenzie

Part 12 out of 12

1. Thomas, his heir and successor.

2. Elizabeth, who succeeded to Applecross; John Alexander; and
Frederick, all died young.

Thomas made a new disposition of the estates by which, in consequence
of a family quarrel, he cut out his only surviving brother,
Captain Donald and his daughters - two sons having previously died
unmarried - from the succession. The property, under this new
settlement, went, first, to his son and heir, Thomas, and his issue
secondly, failing these, to his daughter Elizabeth; and thirdly,
failing her and her issue, to Thomas, the eldest son of his
sister Anne, who, as already stated, married Kenneth Mackenzie
of Inverinate, W.S.; and failing him and his issue, to the other
children of the same sister.

Thomas was succeeded by his eldest and only surviving son,

VIII. THOMAS MACKENZIE, eighth of Applecross, who was for
many years, and until his death in 1827, Member of Parliament for
the County of Ross. He died, unmarried, and was, in terms of the
abovenamed settlement, succeeded by his sister,

IX. ELIZABETH MACKENZIE, ninth of Applecross. She was in
delicate health when her brother died, and continued so until her
death two years after him, in 1829. She was never served heir,
and, dying unmarried, she was in terms of her brother's settlement
succeeded by her cousin-german,

X. THOMAS MACKENZIE of Inverinate, W.S., Edinburgh, tenth of
Applecross, who represented the County of Ross in Parliament from
1837 to 1847. He married Mary, daughter of George Mackenzie of
Avoch, with issue -

1. Kenneth John, his heir and successor.

2. George Alexander, a merchant in Liverpool, who married
Elizabeth, daughter of John Cay of Charlton, with issue - an only
daughter, Mabel Georgina. He died in 1874.

3. Thomas, W.S., Edinburgh, who died unmarried.

4. Francis James, who died, unmarried, in 1875.

5. Duncan Davidson, who died, unmarried, in 1863.

6. Margaret.

7. Anne Jane.

8. Geddes Elizabeth, who married John Cay, W.S., Edinburgh.

Thomas sold the estate of Applecross in 1857 to the Duke of Leeds,
and Inverinate to the late Sir Alexander Matheson of Ardross and
Lochalsh. On his death in 1857, he was succeeded as representative
of the family by his eldest son,

XI. KENNETH JOHN MACKENZIE, who was born in 1819 and died
unmarried in 1868, when he was succeeded as representative of the
family by his next brother,

XII. GEORGE ALEXANDER MACKENZIE, who died in 1874, without male
issue. He was succeeded as representative of the family by his
next brother,

XIII. THOMAS MACKENZIE, Edinburgh, who died unmarried a few
years ago, the last male of the Highfield Applecrosses, failing
the descendants of Captain Donald, who was disinherited.


ALEXANDER MACKENZIE of Coul and Applecross, son of Colin Cam,
XIth Baron of Kintail, by Mary of Davochmaluag, had, among others,
whose names are given under APPLECROSS,

I. SIR KENNETH MACKENZIE, first designated of Assynt, but in
1649 he has a sasine of Coul. He was a "man of parts," and in
great favour with Charles II., who made him a Baronet by Royal
patent with remainder to the heirs male of his body, dated on the
16th of October, 1673. He was also appointed Sheriff-Principal
of Ross and Inverness, these counties being then one under the
jurisdiction of one Sheriff.

He married, first, Jean, eldest daughter of Alexander Chisholm,
XIX. of Chisholm, with issue -

1. Alexander, his heir and successor.

2. Simon, I. of Torridon and Lentran, of whom presently.

3. John, I. of Delvine, of whom after Torridon.

4. Roderick, who married a daughter of Kenneth Mackenzie, VI. of

5. A daughter, who married Colin Mackenzie, IV. of Redcastle,
with issue.

6. Agnes, married Sir John Munro of Fowlis, with issue.

7. Jane, who married Alexander Baillie, IX. of Dunain.

8. Christian, who married John Dunbar, Younger of Bennetsfield.

9. Lilias, married John Munro of Inverawe, with issue.

10. Mary, who as his first wife married Kenneth Mackenzie, VI.
of Davochmaluag, with issue.

11. Another, who married Gordon of Cluny.

He married, secondly, a daughter of Thomas Mackenzie of Inverlael,
with issue - two sons, who died young.

12. Catharine, who married Alexander Mackenzie, II. of Belmaduthy,
with issue.

13. A daughter, who married Ross of Aldie.

14. A daughter, who married Evander Maciver of Tour-naig, with

15. Another, married MacIver of Tournaig's brother.

He was succeeded by his eldest son,

II. SIR ALEXANDER MACKENZIE, second of Coul, who married
first, Jean, daughter of Sir Robert Gordon of Gordonston, Tutor
of Sutherland, with issue -

1. John, his heir and successor.

2. Colin, who succeeded as IV. of Coul.

3. Lucy, who married Angus Mackintosh, X. of Kyllachy.

4. Janet, who in 1695 married Alexander Mackenzie, VII. of Davochmaluag,
with issue - an only daughter, Janet, who in 1715 married Aeneas
Macleod, of Camuscurry, with issue - an only daughter, Mary,
who married John Urquhart of Mount Eagle.

Sir Alexander married secondly, Janet Johnstone of Warriston, with issue
- William, Simon, and James; and a daughter, Margaret, who married
Andrew Brown of Dolphinton, with issue.

He had a charter under the Great Seal, in 1681, by which his lands
of Coul and others were, upon his own resignation, erected into one
free barony in favour of himself and his heirs male, holding of
the Crown. He afterwards, in 1702, made a deed of entail by which
all his estates were settled upon heirs male of his own body. He
died shortly after, and was succeeded by his eldest son,

III. SIR JOHN MACKENZIE, third of Coul, who married first,
Margaret, daughter of Hugh Rose of Kilravock, with issue - an only
daughter, who married Bayne of Delny. He married, secondly, in
1703, Helen, daughter of Patrick Lord Elibank, with issue - two
daughters, one of whom married Sir George Hope of Kirkliston,
Baronet. The other died unmarried. He joined the Earl of Mar
in 1715, was attainted for high treason, and dying without issue
male the titles and estates were assumed by his next brother,

IV. SIR COLIN MACKENZIE, fourth of Coul, who was Clerk to the
Pipe in the Exchequer, an office which he held during his life.
He married Henrietta, daughter of Sir Patrick Houston of Houston,
with issue -

1. Alexander, his heir and successor.

2. William of Achilty and Kinnahaird, who married Mary, daughter
of Alexander, VII. of Davochmaluag, with issue - extinct in the male
line. John, the last male representative of the family sailed for
Melbourne in 1850, in the "Owen Glendower," which has never since
been heard of.

3. Anne, who married John Mackenzie, V. of Applecross, without

Sir Colin died in 1740, in the 67th year of his age, and was
succeeded by his eldest son,

V. SIR ALEXANDER MACKENZIE, fifth of Coul. He had a charter,
under the Great Seal, to himself and his heirs male, as heir to
his grandfather, of the whole estate of Coul, in 1742. He married
Janet, daughter of Sir James Macdonald, XIII. of Sleat, Baronet,
with issue -

1. Alexander, his heir and successor.

2. James, who died unmarried.

3. Henrietta, married Thomas Wharton, without issue.

4. Margaret, who married William Mackenzie, IV. and last of Suddie,
with issue.

5. Stewart, who married William Dallas of Cantray, with issue.

6. Christina.

7. Janet.

Sir Alexander died in 1792, and was succeeded by his eldest son,

Coul. He was provincial Commander-in-Chief of Bengal, 1790-1792,
and married in 1778, Catherine, daughter of Robert Ramsay,
with issue - one son, who on his death in 1795, succeeded him as

He was born on the 22nd of June, 1780, and married, first, on the
8th of June, 1802, Mary, daughter of Donald Macleod of Geanies,
with issue -

1. Alexander, his heir and successor.

2. William, who succeeded as IX. of Coul.

3. George, who died unmarried in 1839.

4. Robert-Ramsay, who succeeded as X. of Coul.

5. The Rev. John, Free Church minister of Ratho. He was born
in 1813, and married, in 1839, Eliza, daughter of the celebrated
Thomas Chalmers, D.D., without issue. He died in London in 1878.
She died in 1892.

6. Donald Macleod, Rear Admiral, R.N. He was born in 1815 and
married, in 1865, Dorothea, daughter of Admiral Sir Michael Seymour,
G.C.B., without issue.

7. The Rev. James, who in 1847 married Philadelphia, daughter of
Sir Percival Hart Dyke of Lullingstone, Kent, Baronet, and died
without issue in 1857.

8. Margaret. 9. Catherine. 10. Mary. All died unmarried.

Sir George married, secondly, on the 27th of October, 1836,
Catherine, daughter of Sir Henry Jardine of Harwood, with issue -

11. Henry Augustin Ornano, who, born on the 24th of April, 1839,
married Mary Ann, daughter of Louis Botte, with issue - four sons
and a daughter.

He died in 1848, and was succeeded by his eldest son,

VIII. SIR ALEXANDER MACKENZIE, eighth of Coul, an officer in
the Bengal army. He died unmarried on the 3rd of January, 1856,
and was succeeded by his next brother,

IX. SIR WILLIAM MACKENZIE, ninth of Coul. He was born on the
20th of May, 1806, and on the 16th of August, 1858, married Agnes,
daughter of Ross Thomson, of Ardmore, Derry, and died without
issue on the 21st of December, 1868, when he was succeeded by his
next surviving brother,

X. SIR ROBERT RAMSAY-MACKENZIE, tenth of Coul, who, born on the
21st of July, 1811, married in September, 1846, Louisa Alexandrina,
daughter of Richard Jones, member of the Legislative Assembly of
Sydney, New South Wales, with issue -

1. Arthur George Ramsay, his heir and successor.

2. Mary Louisa, who on the 9th of May, 1871, married Alexander
Archer, of Brisbane, Queensland, without issue. They both perished
in the wreck of the "Quetta" on her way home from Australia.

3. Katherine Elizabeth.

4. Louisa Stewart, who on the 26th of February, 1885, married
James G. L. Archer, of Gracemere, Queensland, and Laurvig, Norway.

5. Frances Philadelphia.

In 1867 Sir Robert was appointed Premier of the Executive Council
and Colonial Treasurer of Queensland, having previously held the
offices of Colonial Secretary and Treasurer. He died on the 19th
of September, 1873, when he was succeeded by his only son,

Baronet of Coul. He was born on the 2nd of May, 1866, and is
still unmarried.


I. SIMON MACKENZIE, first of Torridon and Lentran, was second
son of Sir Kenneth Mackenzie, first Baronet of Coul, by his first
wife, Jean, daughter of Alexander Chisholm, XIX. of Chisholm. He
has a sasine of the half of Arcan on disposition in 1697. He
married Catharine, daughter of John Mackenzie, II. of Applecross.
She has a sasine in 1672 and another in 1694. By her he had
issue -

1. Kenneth, his heir and successor.

2. Alexander, I. of Lentran, Tarradale, and Rhindoun, who married,
first, Anne, daughter of Roderick Mackenzie, IV. of Applecross (sasine
1745), with issue - (l) Alexander, who died young; (2) Roderick of
Tarradale, a Captain in Marjoribanks' Regiments, killed in America,
without issue; (3) John Mackenzie of Arcan, secretary to the Highland
Society of London, so well known as "John Mackenzie of the Temple,"
and intimately connected with the editing and publication of
Macpherson's Gaelic Ossian. He succeeded to the property, but
afterwards sold or alienated it - Rhindoun to the Chisholm Tarradale
to his nephew, Dr Murchison; and Arcan to his sister, Elizabeth,
widow of John Mackenzie of Sanachan. He died unmarried in 1803,
the last male representative of the Lentran Mackenzies. Alexander's
daughters were - (1) Anne, who married Donald Macrae, Camusluinie,
Kintail, with issue; (2) another, who married Alexander Murchison
of Achtertyre, with issue; (3) Janet, who married William Mackenzie of
Strathgarve, with issue; (4) Catharine, who married Colin Green,
Scatwell, without issue; (5) Isabella, who married, first, Colonel
Mackay of Bighouse, Sutherlandshire, without issue; and secondly,
her cousin, John Mackenzie, I. of Delvine, with issue; and (6)
Elizabeth, who married Captain John Mackenzie, III. of Sanachan and
Tullich, Lochcarron, who in right of his wife succeeded to Arcan.
She died without issue. Alexander married secondly Abigail,
daughter of Charles Mackenze of Cullen. She has a sasine in 1715.

3. A daughter, who married Archibald Macdonald of Barisdale, with

4. Anne, who in 1694 married Farquhar Macrae of Inverinate, with

5. Catherine, married Roderick Mackenzie of Aulduinny.

6. Florence, who married Colin Mackenzie, II. of Cleanwaters,
with issue - Alexander. Simon was succeeded by his eldest son,

II. KENNETH MACKENZIE, second of Torridon, who in 1703 married
Ann, daughter of Alexander Mackenzie, VII. of Gairloch, with issue -

1. John, his heir and successor.

2. Mary, who married Colin Mackenzie, a Bailie of Dingwall, with
issue - (1) Kenneth, who married Margaret Macdonald, Skye, with
issue - Alexander, who died young in Jamaica; John, Lieutenant 78th
Regiment, who died in India, without issue; and Donald, who died
young. Kenneth had also several daughters - Janet, who married
John Chisholm, Dingwall, where she died, without issue, in 1870,
aged 95; Mary, and Margaret Anne, both of whom died unmarried;
and Alexanderina, who married Captain Munro, 42nd Highlanders.
(2) John, a merchant in Bishopsgate Street, London, who married a
daughter of his partner, Alexander Mackenzie of the Coul family,
with issue - Colin Alexander, known as "the Ambassador," who
died unmarried in 1851; Kenneth, who died young; John, a Colonel
H.E.I.C.S.; Alexander, of Christ Church, Oxford, who died unmarried;
and Caroline, who married Dr William Wald, without issue. (3)
Alexander, who died young. (4) Mary, who married Murdoch Mackenzie,
Bailie of Dingwall, without issue. (5) Anne, who married Andrew
Robertson, Provost of Dingwall and Sheriff-Substitute of Ross,
grandson of Colin Robertson of Kindeace, with issue - Anne, who
as his second wife married Sir John Gladstone, Baronet of Fasque,
with issue, among others - the great statesman, the Right Hon.
William Ewart Gladstone of Hawarden, M.P., who as we write is,
in his eighty fifth year for the fourth time Prime Minister of
Great Britain. (6) Fanny, who married John Mackenzie of Kinellan,
with issue - Colin, who died young; Alexander, who married Mary
Macdonald; Margaret, who married Farquhar Matheson and Mary,
Christy, and Janet, all of whom died unmarried. (7) Betsy, who
married a Mr Simpson; and (8) Elizabeth.

Kenneth died before 1738 and was succeeded by his eldest son,

III. JOHN MACKENZIE, third of Torridon. He fought at Culloden,
and is said to have been "one of the prettiest men in Scotland."

The following is from a letter by his grandson, the late Bishop
Mackenzie of Nottingham, dated the 10th of September, 1878, in
answer to a request by the author that he should kindly communicate
anything he knew about his more immediate ancestors:

He led into action the few Mackenzies who fought in that battle.
He was a nephew of Macdonald of Keppoch, one of the seven men of
Moidart, and was personally requested by Lady Seaforth to take up
arms for the Prince, and he attached himself, with the personal
following who attended him, to his uncle's standard. The Macdonalds,
in Strong resentment for having been placed on the left instead
of the right of Charles Edward, refused to charge when ordered
by their commander. Keppoch, uttering the touching exclamation,
"My God! that I should live to be deserted by my own children then
charged, accompanied by my grandfather and his small following.
He soon fell pierced by balls and then, while my grandfather wept
over him, exhorted him to leave the field as the brief action
was already over, and the dragoons were already scattering over
the field in pursuit.

Some of the Macdonalds placed themselves under their Chief's
favourite nephew, as he is called in Scott's account of the battle.
Tradition says that some of them were disposed to run when they
saw parties of the dragoons approaching them, but that Torridon,
spoke briefly, "Keep together men. If we stand shoulder to
shoulder these men will be far more frightened at us than we can
be of them. But remember, if you scatter, they have four legs
to each of your two, and you will stand singly but small chance
against them." They took his advice, and he led them in fair
order off the field. It is further reported that he was proscribed
after the battle, and that his life was saved by Sir Alexander
Macdonald of Sleat, ancestor of the present Lord Macdonald, who
was one of the Royal Commissioners. Sir Alexander urged that
Torridon was a young and inexperienced man, and not likely to
be dangerous to the Government, on account of the distance and
comparative smallness of his wild Highland estate however, it
is said that he added - "Torridon is a great favourite with the
ladies, and if you "hang Torridon" it is certain that half the
ladies of the country will "hang themselves."" This reasoning is
said to have prevailed and it is certain that the estate descended
to my eldest brother in right of inheritance, without having been

John, who entertained Prince Charles in 1745, married Isobel,
daughter of Kenneth Mackenzie, II. of Dundonnel (sasine in 1741),
with issue -

1. Kenneth, his heir and successor.

2. John, who succeeded as V. of Torridon.

3. Janet, who married, as his second wife, Captain Alexander,
second son of Sir Roderick Mackenzie, second Baronet and V. of
Scatwell, with issue. She died in 1808.

He was succeeded by his eldest son,

IV. KENNETH MACKENZIE, fourth of Torridon. He sold the estate
to his brother John. He married Miss Cockerell, daughter of a
solicitor, in London, with issue -

1. Kenneth Cockerell, who married, with issue - (1) Kenneth
Cockerell, who died without issue; (2) John Scott, of the Manchester
and Liverpool Railway Company, who married and in 1859 died,
leaving issue - an only son, who since died without issue.

2. Isabella, who died without issue.

Kenneth was succeeded by his next brother,

V. JOHN MACKENZIE, fifth of Torridon, who had previously
purchased the estate from him, and whose descendants became the
heirs male of his predecessors, Kenneth's descendants having, as
already shown, become extinct. He married Anne Isabella, daughter
of Isaac Van Dam, West Indies, with issue -

1. John, his heir and successor.

2. Anthony Van Dam, who died unmarried in 1824.

3. Rev. Charles, Prebendary of St. Paul's Cathedral.

4. Rev. Henry, consecrated Bishop Suffragan of Nottingham in 1870.
He resigned his Episcopal duties in 1877, but retained the title
of Bishop, and the offices of Arch-dean of Nottingham, and Canon
and Sub-Dean of the Cathedral of Lincoln. He married, first,
Elizabeth, daughter of Robert Ridley, of Demerara, with issue - an
only daughter, Edith, who married the Rev. H. Fellowes. He
married, secondly, Antoinette, daughter of Sir James Henry Turing
of Foveran, Baronet, with issue - a large family of whom 11 survived.
He died in 1878.

John died in 1820, and was succeeded by his eldest son,

VI. JOHN MACKENZIE, sixth of Torridon, who married Katharine
Yallop, and died without issue in 1852. He sold the estate to
James Alexander Stewart-Mackenzie of Seaforth, and was succeeded
as representative of the family by his eldest surviving brother,

VII. THE REV. CHARLES MACKENZIE, Prebendary of St. Paul's
Cathedral, who married Henrietta, daughter of Henry Simonds, of
Reading, Berkshire, with issue -

1. Henry Douglas, who married Miss Suttar, Bathurst, N.S.W., with
issue - Dudley B. Douglas, and two daughters.

The Rev. Charles had also four daughters.


I. JOHN MACKENZIE, first of this family, was third son of Sir
Kenneth Mackenzie, first Baronet of Coul, by his first wife, Jean
Chisholm of Chisholm. He married first, his cousin Isabella,
daughter of Alexander Mackenzie, I. of Lentran, with issue - one
son, George, who married, and died before his father, without
issue in 1772. He married, secondly, a daughter of Sir Robert
Gordon of Gordonston, with issue - William, who married, and died
in England before his father, without issue. He married, thirdly,
Margaret, daughter of Hay of Alderston, with issue -

1. Alexander, who on the death of his half-brother George, became
his father's heir.

2. Kenneth (who died in 1756), Professor of Law in the University
of Edinburgh. He married Grizel Hume, daughter of Browne, I. of
Dolphinton, with issue - two sons and two daughters. The second
son, Andrew, was a W.S., and married a daughter of Campbell of
Achlyne, with issue. The daughters died unmarried. The eldest
son, John, succeeded his father-in-law, and became JOHN MACKENZIE,
II. of DOLPHINTON. He in 1773 married Alice, daughter of Robert
Ord, Lord Chief-Justice of the Exchequer, with issue - five sons,
four of whom - Robert, Kenneth, John, and George, died unmarried.
The second son, Andrew, had a son (with three daughters - Mary,
Grace, and Anne) Kenneth, a Major in the 4th Regiment, who married
a Miss Solomon in America, with issue - four sons and three daughters.
The only surviving son of John succeeded him as RICHARD MACKENZIE,
III. OF DOLPHINTON, who died in 1850. He married Jane, daughter
of Captain Hamilton, 73rd Regiment, with issue - JOHN ORD MACKENZIE,
IV. of Dolphinton, W.S., who married Margaret, daughter of Sir
Thomas Kirkpatrick of Closeburn, with issue. Richard had also
three other sons, Kenneth, Richard James, and George.

3. Thomas, who died young.

4. John, Chief Clerk of Session, who married Miss Renton of
Lamerton, without issue.

5. Donald, a Surgeon in the Army, who died unmarried in 1741.

6. Anne, who married Alexander Robertson of Faskally, with issue,
and died in 1772.

7. Helen, who married Crawford Balfour of Bingry.

8. Rebecca, who married John Mackenzie, IV. of Belmaduthy, with
issue; and five other daughters, Janet, Catharine, Mary, Christina,
and Jane, all of whom died unmarried.

John Mackenzie, I. of Delvine, died in 1731, when he was succeeded
by his second and eldest surviving son,

II. ALEXANDER MACKENZIE, second of Delvine, who married, with
issue - an only daughter,

III. MARGARET MACKENZIE, third of Delvine, who married George
Muir of Cassencarie, with issue - an only son. She died in 1767,
and was succeeded by her son,

IV. SIR ALEXANDER MUIR-MACKENZIE, created first Baronet of
Delvine on the 9th of November, 1805. He married in September,
1787, Jane, daughter of Sir Robert Murray of Hillhead and Clermont,
Baronet, with issue - one son, and eight daughters, seven of whom
died unmarried. The eldest, Susan, married in 1817 Robert Smythe
of Methven. He died in 1832, when he was succeeded by his only

fifth of Delvine. He married Sophia Matilda, fifth daughter of
James Raymond Johnstone of Alva, County Clackmannan, with issue -

1. Alexander, his heir and successor.

2. Robert-Smythe, late Lieutenant-Colonel, R.A. He was born on
the 27th of November, 1842, and married on the 17th of October,
1872, Anne-Elizabeth-Augusta, daughter of Captain Charles Kinnaird
Johnstone Gordon of Craig, Aberdeenshire, with issue - Robert
Cecil, born in 1876, and Georgina Sophia.

3. Cecil Cholmeley, Lieutenant Royal Engineers. He was born in
1843 and died on the 2nd of November, 1863, unmarried.

4. Kenneth Augustus, M.A., C.B., bencher of Lincoln's Inn, Q.C.,
barrister-at-law. He was born in 1845, Permanent Secretary to the
Lord Chancellor since 1880, and Clerk of the Crown in Chancery
since 1884. He married in 1874 Amy, daughter of William Graham,
M.P., for Glasgow, with issue - William Montague, and three daughters.

5. Montague Johnstone, barrister, late Fellow of Hertford College,
Oxford, Recorder of Sandwich. He was born in 1847, and married
in 1888, the Hon. Sarah Napier Bruce, daughter of Lord Aberdare,
with issue - a daughter, Enid.

6. John William Pitt, Magistrate Indian Civil Service. He was
born in 1855, and married on the 2nd of August, 1876, Fanny Louisa,
second daughter of Lieutenant-General Montague Cholmeley Johnstone,
with issue - two sons and two daughters.

7. Georgina Mary, who on the 24th of November, 1871, married Sir
Charles Sebright, K.C.M.G., and died on the 24th of January, 1874.

8. Lucy Jane Eleanora, who on the 20th of October, 1859, married
Bentley, youngest son of William Murray of Monkland, with issue.
She died in 1874.

9. Susan Anne Eliza, unmarried.

Sir John died on the 1st of February, 1855, when he was succeeded
by his eldest son,

VI. SIR ALEXANDER MUIR-MACKENZIE, third and present Baronet of
Delvine. He was Captain in the 78th Highlanders and subsequently
Major in the Highland Borderers Infantry Militia. He was born on
the 26th of July, 1840, and on the 21st of February, 1871, married
Frances Rose, sixth daughter of Sir Thomas Moncrieffe, Seventh
Baronet of Moncrieffe, without issue.


I. JOHN MACKENZIE, first of this family, was a natural son
of George, second Earl of Seaforth. He has a charter of Little
Gruinard and other lands in 1669, in which he is described as then
"of Meikle Gruinard." He married before 1655, Christian, daughter
of Donald Mackenzie, III. of Loggie (sasine in that year as his
wife), with issue -

1. George, his heir, whom his mother describes in a sasine, dated
10th August, 1685, as "George Mackenzie, my eldest lawful son."

2. Kenneth, who married Frances Herbert, daughter of William,
Marquis of Powis, and widow of Kenneth, fourth Earl of Seaforth,
without issue.

3. John, a doctor in Inverness five other sons and eight daughters,
all married, several of them with issue.

John was succeeded by his eldest son,

II. GEORGE MACKENZIE, second of Gruinard, who has a sasine in
1696, married, first, Margaret, daughter of Alexander Mackenzie,
II. of Ballone (marriage contract 1696) with issue -

1. George, his heir and successor.

2. Kenneth, who married a daughter of Kenneth Mackenzie, III. of
Suddie, with issue.

3. Colin, a goldsmith in Inverness, who married Anne, daughter of
Alexander Mackenzie, III. of Applecross, with issue - two daughters.

4. Simon, who married Mary, daughter of John Mackenzie, II. of
Ardloch, with issue.

5. Captain Donald of Woodlands, who married Janet daughter of
Sir Alexander Mackenzie, third Baronet and X. of Gairloch, without

6. Roderick, who married Barbara, daughter of Alexander Mackenzie,
I. of Ardloch, widow of John, third son of Kenneth Mackenzie, II.
of Dundonnel, with issue - four daughters.

7. William.

8. Kenneth.

9. William, Lieutenant R.N., who married Ann, daughter of
Alexander Mackenzie, I. of Ardloch, with issue - an only daughter,
Mary Howard, who married Dr Grant, Inverness, with issue - four
sons and seven daughters.

10. George.

11. Captain John of Castle Leod, who married Geddes, daughter
of his uncle, Simon Mackenzie. He bought the estate of Avoch with
money left him by Admiral George Geddes Mackenzie, his wife's brother.
By this marriage he had issue - George of Avoch, a merchant in London
(with several other sons and daughters), who married Margaret,
daughter of the Rev. William Mackenzie, minister of Glenmuick, with
issue - (1) Geddes, who in 1812, married Sir Alexander Mackenzie,
the celebrated North American explorer, and discoverer of the
Mackenzie River, with issue - Alexander George of Avoch; George
Alexander; and Geddes Margaret; (2) Margaret, who married Thomas
Mackenzie, X. of Applecross, with issue.

George had three other sons and nine daughters by this marriage,
making twenty-three in all. He married, secondly, Elizabeth,
natural daughter of President Forbes of Culloden, who has a sasine
of Meikle Gruinard in 1729 "to Elizabeth Forbes, his spouse,"
with issue - four sons and six daughters, making the extraordinary
total of thirty-three children, nineteen of whom are known to have
married, many of them into the best families in the north.

He was succeeded by his eldest son,

III. JOHN MACKENZIE, third of Gruinard, who married first in
1713 Catherine, daughter of George Mackenzie, I. of Culbo, third
son of Alexander Mackenzie, II of Belmaduthy, with issue -

1. William, his heir and successor.

2. John, of whom nothing is known.

3. Annabella, who married the Rev. Murdo Morrison, Stornoway,
with issue.

4. Lilias, who married Rev. James Macaulay, Gairloch.

5. Isabella, who married Alexander Mackenzie, Little Gruinard,
with issue.

John married secondly, a daughter of Mackenzie of Sand.

He was succeeded by his eldest son,

IV. WILLIAM MACKENZIE, fourth or Gruinard, who married Lilias,
daughter or John Mackenzie, I. of Lochend, with issue -

1. Simon, Captain 78th Regiment, who died before his father,
returning from India, unmarried.

2. George, who was killed by a fall before his father's death, in
Jamaica, unmarried.

3. John, who became his father's heir and successor.

4. Alexander, Colonel in the army, "a most distinguished soldier."
He served with the 36th Regiment throughout the Peninsular War,
and in the course of his service was dangerously wounded in the
neck, lost an eye, and had two horses killed under him. He was
a gallant and distinguished officer, in every sense a thorough
Highlander. He married first, Eliza, daughter of Colonel George
Mackenzie, son of John Mackenzie, I. of Lochend, with issue - (1)
George, a Captain in the 36th (his father's) Regiment, killed while
leading an escalading party at the assault of Burgos, unmarried;
(2) Alexanderina, who married Alexander Grove, M.D., R.N., at
Greenwich Hospital, with issue - three daughters. Colonel Alexander
married, secondly, Eliza, daughter of Captain James Graeme, R.N.,
with issue - (3) George, who died unmarried in 1842; (4) Major-General
Alexander Mackay Mackenzie, who became the representative of the
family; (5) William, who died young; (6) Eliza; (7) Lilias, who
married Sir John W. Fisher, M.D., without issue; and (8) Janet,
who married W. F. B. Staples, barrister, with issue.

5. Catherine, who married the Rev. Donald Mackintosh, Gairloch,
with issue - five daughters, one of whom, Annabella, married Murdo
Macrae, with issue.

6. Margaret, who died unmarried.

William, IV. of Gruinard, raised a Company of Highlanders in
1778 for Lord Seaforth's Regiment. Simon, his eldest son, went
to India in command of it, and, as already stated, died on his
return voyage, from the accidental bite of a favourite Arab horse
which he brought along with him when lock-jaw supervened and
caused his death.

William was succeeded by his eldest surviving son,

V. JOHN MACKENZIE, fifth of Gruinard, Captain 73rd Regiment, who
married Margaret, daughter of Gun Munro of Braemore, Caithness,
with issue -

1. William, his heir and successor.

2. Christina, who married John Campbell, Poolewe, with issue - several
sons and daughters.

In 1795 he sold the property - which in his time comprised Meikle
Gruinard, Udrigle, and Sand, "with the pendicle thereof called
Little Gruinard" - to Duncan Davidson of Tulloch, whose son re-sold
it to the late Meyrick Bankes of Letterewe. He was succeeded as
representative of the family by his only son,

VI. WILLIAM MACKENZIE, Captain 72nd Regiment, said to have
been the handsomest man in his day in the Highlands. In 1829 he
unsuccessfully claimed the Chiefship of the clan. (See pp. 351-355).
He married Margaret, daughter of Wilson of Wilsonton, with issue -

1. John, who died young; and three daughters, two of whom, both
named Mary, died young. The third, Margaret Innes, married Lachlan
Maclachlan, Killinochannich, Argyleshire, without issue.

Captain William having died without male issue, was succeeded as
representative of the family by his cousin,

son of the distinguished Colonel Alexander Mackenzie, fourth son
of William Mackenzie, IV., and brother of Captain John, V. of

He married Marion, daughter of the Rev. William Colville of Newton,
Cambridgeshire, with issue -

1. John.

2. Stuart.

3. Lilias.

4. Sybil.

He died in London on the 21st of May, 1879, when a sketch of his
career by the present writer, appeared in "Celtic Magazine," vol.
IV., pp. 321-327.


I. ALEXANDER MACKENZIE, the first of this remarkable family prominently
known in the engineering world, was born at Wester Fairburn, in
the county of Ross, on the 5th of June, 1769, and educated at the
Grammar School, Inverness. He joined an old school-fellow, David
Mackintosh, a native of Cawdor, Nairnshire, as a firm of contractors
and engineers. They constructed several canals in England, and
were very successful. He married Mary, daughter of William Austin,
from her great beauty known as one of the "Lancashire Witches,"
with issue -

1. William, of whom presently.

2. Alexander, C.E., who was born at Hollinwood, Lancashire, in
1796. He married, with issue - (1) William Seager, who married,
first, a daughter of Thomas Woodhouse, C.E., with issue; and secondly,
a daughter of George Woodhouse, C.E. William was for many years
a civil engineer in the employment of the Russian Government,
and lived for some time at Nyksa in that country. He afterwards
went to Canada, and died in London on the 26th of February, 1887;
(2) Kenneth, C.E., killed in a railway accident near Bordeaux,
in France, unmarried; (3) Richard, C.E., who married his cousin,
Eliza, daughter of John Griffith, and died at Montreal on the
16th of February, 1887; (4) Alexander, CE., who was killed in a
railway accident in Canada, without issue; (5) Mary, who married
Mr Scott, in Canada.

3. Daniel, who was born in 1799, and died in 1802.

4. John, who was born on the 1st of November, 1804 went to Virginia
as a planter, and died there, unmarried.

5. David, born in 1807, and died in 1811.

6. Thomas, who was born in 1808, and died in 1811, the same day
as his brother, both being buried in the same grave.

7. Edward, from whom the Mackenzies of Fawley Court, Farr, etc.

8. Sarah, born in 1797, and died unmarried.

9. Margaret, who married John Griffith, with issue - (1) Edward
Mackenzie, who settled in the United States, and married a
daughter of Colonel Campbell; (2) William Alexander, who settled
in Canada and married a daughter of Mr Baldwin, Baldwin House,
Boston, United States, without issue. He lives in Quebec. (3)
Mary, who married Slack Davis, MA., of Oxford, barrister-at-law,
a well-known writer and poet in America, where he died on the
31st of March, 1889; (4) Alice, who married Thomas Musgrave, with
issue; (5) Emily Mackenzie, who married Joseph William Painter,
barrister, deceased, with issue - several sons, ranching near Denver,
Colorado; (6) Harriet, who married William Johnson Shaw, of Buenos
Ayres, with issue; and (7) Eliza Ann, who married her cousin,
Richard Mackenzie, C.E., Montreal, above mentioned.

10. Mary, born in 1814, and married James Barnard, shipowner,
Greenock, without issue. She died in 1875.

11. Eliza, who married Alexander Duckworth, with issue.

Alexander died on the 23rd of February, 1836, aged 66 years,
his wife having predeceased him on the 8th of June, 1828. They
were both buried at Blackburn, Lancashire. He was succeeded as
representative of the family by his eldest son,

II. WILLIAM MACKENZIE, afterwards of Newbie, Dumfries-shire,
and of Auchenskeoch, County of Kirkcud-bright, who was born at
Marsden Chapel on the 20th of March, 1794. He was a celebrated
engineer, first beginning his career under David Mackintosh, his
father's partner. He subsequently practised his profession under
Telford. He made his way very rapidly, taking part in most of the
great engineering works - railways, canals, and bridges - of his
time; and in the Shannon improvements, in connection with which the
Secretary for Ireland complimented him in the highest terms in the
House of Commons. After the introduction of railways he constructed
the great Lime Street tunnel under Liverpool. He afterwards
contracted for and engineered many railways - in some of which
be was partner with John Stephenson and others - in Scotland and
England, including the Glasgow and Greenock line, the London and
Birmingham, the Trent Valley, the Lancaster and Carlisle, the
North Union, the Ormskirk, and the Caledonian railway. He and
Brassey finding they were tendering against one another, in 1841
joined forces for French railways, and constructed under the
firm name of Mackenzie & Brassey (which consisted of himself, his
brother Edward, and Brassey) the Paris and Rouen and Paris and
Boulogne and Amiens, and several other railways in France, Belgium,
and Spain, notably the Barcelona and Seville, and the Paris and
Bourdeaux lines. Both King Louis Philippe and his successor
Prince Louis Napoleon, then President of the French Republic
and afterwards Emperor, showed him many marks of friendship and
esteem, the latter having decided to make him a Chevalier of the
Legion of Honour just before he died. In 1851, at Tours, at the
opening of the Paris and Orleans Railway, Napoleon, grasping him
by the band, thus addressed him - "I am happy to see you again
so well. I am still happier to have the opportunity of thanking
you, as President, for the great and useful works you have executed
in France. I shall be glad to confer on you the decoration of the
Legion of Honour, and I trust your Government will permit you to
wear a distinction so well-merited." On the same occasion Napoleon
exchanged portraits with him. Mackenzie, however, died very
soon after, before the honour offered him by the President of the
French Republic could be formally conferred upon him. In 1844 he
was a claimant to the Muirton of Fairburn estate, but he does not
seem to have followed it up.

He married, first, on the 9th of November, 1819, Mary, daughter
of James Dalziel, Glasgow, a native of Rothesay, county of Bute,
without issue. She died on the 19th of December, 1838, aged
49 years. He married secondly, on the 31st of December, 1839,
Sarah, daughter of William Dewhurst of Chorley, Lancashire (she
died in 1866), also without issue. He died on the 20th of October,
1851, when he was succeeded in his estates, and as representative
of the family in this country, by his youngest brother,

III. EDWARD MACKENZIE, who was born at Witton, Lancashire, on
the 1st of May, 1811, and who, as has been already seen, was one
of the partners of Mackenzie & Brassey. Shortly after the death
of his brother William, from whom he inherited Newbie and other
estates in the county of Dumfries, and Auchenskeoch in the Stewartry
of Kirkcudbright, Edward retired, and in 1853 purchased the Manor
and estate of Fawley, in the counties of Buckingham and Oxford, the
noble mansion-house of which was rebuilt by Christopher Wren in
1684. He was a J.P., D.L., and in 1862, High Sheriff of Oxfordshire
and J.P. for the counties of Buckingham, Dumfries, and Kirkcudbright.
He married first, on the 29th of January, 1839, Mary, daughter
of William Dalziel of the Craigs, Dumfries-shire, a descendant of
the first Earl of Carnwarth, with issue -

1. William Dalziel, his heir and successor.

2. Edward Philippe of Auchenskeoch, in the Stewartry of Kirkcudbright;
the Craigs, Dumfries-shire, and Downham Hall, Suffolk, educated
at Harrow and Oxford. He was formerly a Lieutenant in the 9th
Lancers, and Colonel of the Loyal Suffolk Yeomanry Hussars. In
1882 he was High Sheriff of Suffolk, of which county he is a J.P.
and D.L., as also J.P. for Norfolk and Dumfries. He was born
on the 14th of March, 1849, and married, in October, 1865, Helen
Jane, third daughter of Henry Baskerville, J.P. and D.L., of
Crowsley Park, Oxfordshire, with issue - a daughter, Beryl Marie
Baskerville, who on the 30th of August, 1890, married Colonel
Geoffry Barton, C.B., of the 7th Royal Fusiliers, with issue - Philip
Geoffry, born in 1891.

3. Austin, educated at Eton, late of Warmanbie, Dumfries-shire,
formerly Lieutenant 3rd Battalion Scots Fusiliers, present Master
of the Woodland Pytchley Hounds, and J.P for Dumfries-shire and
North Hants. He was born on the 10th of October, 1856, and on the
31st of January, 1878, married Lucy, daughter of Major Gustavus
Tuite Dalton of Kell, County Meath, half brother of the third
Marquis of Headfort, without issue.

4. Keith Ronald, of Gillott's Oxon, who was born on the 17th of
May, 1861, educated at Clifton, and is still unmarried.

5. Marie Ada, who in 1869 married John William Rhodes of Hennerton,
Berks, formerly Lieutenant 60th Rifles, with issue--John Edward,
Lieutenant 60th Rifles; Breda; Victor; Wilfrid; and Violet.

6. Claire Evelyn, who in 1866 married Francis Henry of Elmestree,
late 9th Lancers, and now Lieutenant-Colonel Gloucestershire
Yeomanry Hussars, with issue - Gilbert Francis, Lieutenant 9th Lancers
Vivian, Lieutenant Royal Fusiliers; Edward; Mary; Maud; and Olive.

7. Sarah Rosa, who married John Edward Cooke, with issue--Bertram
Hunter; Montague Edward; aud Mignon.

8. Alice Edith, who in 1881 married Major Walter Partridge, late
of the 61st Regiment, with issue - two daughters, Edith St. Ives
and Maud.

9. Aimee Gertrude, who on the 22nd of October, 1872, married Sir
William Robert Clayton, sixth Baronet of Marden Park, without issue.

10. Mary Maude Janetta, unmarried.

Edward Mackenzie married, secondly, in 1864, Ellen daughter of
James Mullett, of Tours, France, who survives him, without issue.
He died on the 27th of September, 1880, and was succeeded by his
eldest son,

IV. WILLIAM DALZIEL MACKENZIE, M.A., Oxford, educated at Harrow,
now of Fawley Court, Bucks; Thetford, Norfolk; Farr, Inverness;
and Newbie, Dumfries-shire. He was born on the 31st of March,
1840, at Eastbank, Renfrewshire, and is a barrister-at-law of
the Inner Temple, and Hon. Major of the Queen's Own Oxfordshire
Hussars. He was High Sheriff of that county in 1873, is a D.L. of
Inverness-shire, and a J.P. of the counties of Dumfries, Kirkcudbright,
Bucks, and Oxford, and was for some time a director of the London and
North Western Railway Company. He married on the 1st of December,
1863, Mary Anna, eldest daughter of the late Henry Baskerville, J.P.,
D.L., of Crowsley Park, Oxfordshire, by Mary Anna, daughter of
John Standfast Burton, father of Lieutenant-Colonel John Edward
Burton-Mackenzie, late 91st Highlanders, now of Kilcoy, with
issue -

1. William Roderick Dalziel, who was born on the 2nd of September,
1864. He is Captain in the 2nd Battalion (Inverness Militia)
Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders, and on the 21st of November,
1888, married Maud Evelyn, eldest daughter of General Sir George
Wentworth Higginson, K.C.B., by Florence Virginia Fox, daughter
of the first Baron Castletown, with issue - Douglas William Alexander
Dalzell, born on the 2nd of October, 1889; Kenneth Fitzpatrick,
born on the 13th of June, 1891; and Archibald Edward, who was born
in July 1892 and died in March, 1893.

2. Edward Baskerville, Second Lieutenant 2nd Battalion Queen's
Own Cameron Highlanders (Inverness Militia), who was born on the
11th of December, 1874.

3. Mary Gwendoline, who, on the 15th of November, 1887, married
Duncan Davidson of Tulloch, eldest son of the late Duncan Caithness
Reay Davidson, by his wife Georgina Elizabeth, daughter of the late
Dr John Mackenzie of Eileanach, fourth son of Sir Hector Mackenzie,
fourth Baronet and XI. of Gairloch.

4. Isla Jessie, who on the 23rd of February, 1892, married Harry
Officer Blackwood, Captain 4th Battalion Lincolnshire Regiment, and
son of the late Richard Blackwood of Hartwood, New South Wales,
by a daughter of Sir Robert Officer, K.C.M.G.

5. Aimee Dorothea.

6. Kathleen Helen.


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