Life And Adventures Of Martin Chuzzlewit
Charles Dickens

Part 19 out of 20

out of him.

So with pens and ruler, and compasses and india-rubber, and pencil,
and black ink, and red ink, Tom worked away all the morning. He
thought a good deal about Martin, and their interview of yesterday,
and would have been far easier in his mind if he could have resolved
to confide it to his friend John, and to have taken his opinion on
the subject. But besides that he knew what John's boiling
indignation would be, he bethought himself that he was helping
Martin now in a matter of great moment, and that to deprive the
latter of his assistance at such a crisis of affairs, would be to
inflict a serious injury upon him.

'So I'll keep it to myself,' said Tom, with a sigh. 'I'll keep it
to myself.'

And to work he went again, more assiduously than ever, with the
pens, and the ruler, and the india-rubber, and the pencils, and the
red ink, that he might forget it.

He had laboured away another hour or more, when he heard a footstep
in the entry, down below.

'Ah!' said Tom, looking towards the door; 'time was, not long ago
either, when that would have set me wondering and expecting. But I
have left off now.'

The footstep came on, up the stairs.

'Thirty-six, thirty-seven, thirty-eight,' said Tom, counting. 'Now
you'll stop. Nobody ever comes past the thirty-eighth stair.'

The person did, certainly, but only to take breath; for up the
footstep came again. Forty, forty-one, forty-two, and so on.

The door stood open. As the tread advanced, Tom looked impatiently
and eagerly towards it. When a figure came upon the landing, and
arriving in the doorway, stopped and gazed at him, he rose up from
his chair, and half believed he saw a spirit.

Old Martin Chuzzlewit! The same whom he had left at Mr Pecksniff's,
weak and sinking!

The same? No, not the same, for this old man, though old, was
strong, and leaned upon his stick with a vigorous hand, while with
the other he signed to Tom to make no noise. One glance at the
resolute face, the watchful eye, the vigorous hand upon the staff,
the triumphant purpose in the figure, and such a light broke in on
Tom as blinded him.

'You have expected me,' said Martin, 'a long time.'

'I was told that my employer would arrive soon,' said Tom; 'but--'

'I know. You were ignorant who he was. It was my desire. I am
glad it has been so well observed. I intended to have been with you
much sooner. I thought the time had come. I thought I could know
no more, and no worse, of him, than I did on that day when I saw you
last. But I was wrong.'

He had by this time come up to Tom, and now he grasped his hand.

'I have lived in his house, Pinch, and had him fawning on me days
and weeks and months. You know it. I have suffered him to treat me
like his tool and instrument. You know it; you have seen me there.
I have undergone ten thousand times as much as I could have endured
if I had been the miserable weak old man he took me for. You know
it. I have seen him offer love to Mary. You know it; who better--
who better, my true heart! I have had his base soul bare before me,
day by day, and have not betrayed myself once. I never could have
undergone such torture but for looking forward to this time.'

He stopped, even in the passion of his speech--if that can be called
passion which was so resolute and steady--to press Tom's hand again.
Then he said, in great excitement:

'Close the door, close the door. He will not be long after me, but
may come too soon. The time now drawing on,' said the old man,
hurriedly--his eyes and whole face brightening as he spoke--'will
make amends for all. I wouldn't have him die or hang himself, for
millions of golden pieces! Close the door!'

Tom did so; hardly knowing yet whether he was awake or in a dream.



The night had now come, when the old clerk was to be delivered over
to his keepers. In the midst of his guilty distractions, Jonas had
not forgotten it.

It was a part of his guilty state of mind to remember it; for on his
persistence in the scheme depended one of his precautions for his
own safety. A hint, a word, from the old man, uttered at such a
moment in attentive ears, might fire the train of suspicion, and
destroy him. His watchfulness of every avenue by which the
discovery of his guilt might be approached, sharpened with his sense
of the danger by which he was encompassed. With murder on his soul,
and its innumerable alarms and terrors dragging at him night and
day, he would have repeated the crime, if he had seen a path of
safety stretching out beyond. It was in his punishment; it was in
his guilty condition. The very deed which his fears rendered
insupportable, his fears would have impelled him to commit again.

But keeping the old man close, according to his design, would serve
his turn. His purpose was to escape, when the first alarm and
wonder had subsided; and when he could make the attempt without
awakening instant suspicion. In the meanwhile these women would
keep him quiet; and if the talking humour came upon him, would not
be easily startled. He knew their trade.

Nor had he spoken idly when he said the old man should be gagged.
He had resolved to ensure his silence; and he looked to the end, not
the means. He had been rough and rude and cruel to the old man all
his life; and violence was natural to his mind in connection with
him. 'He shall be gagged if he speaks, and pinioned if he writes,'
said Jonas, looking at him; for they sat alone together. 'He is mad
enough for that; I'll go through with it!'


Still listening! To every sound. He had listened ever since, and it
had not come yet. The exposure of the Assurance office; the flight
of Crimple and Bullamy with the plunder, and among the rest, as he
feared, with his own bill, which he had not found in the pocket-book
of the murdered man, and which with Mr Pecksniff's money had
probably been remitted to one or other of those trusty friends for
safe deposit at the banker's; his immense losses, and peril of being
still called to account as a partner in the broken firm; all these
things rose in his mind at one time and always, but he could not
contemplate them. He was aware of their presence, and of the rage,
discomfiture, and despair, they brought along with them; but he
thought--of his own controlling power and direction he thought--of
the one dread question only. When they would find the body in the

He tried--he had never left off trying--not to forget it was there,
for that was impossible, but to forget to weary himself by drawing
vivid pictures of it in his fancy; by going softly about it and
about it among the leaves, approaching it nearer and nearer through
a gap in the boughs, and startling the very flies that were thickly
sprinkled all over it, like heaps of dried currants. His mind was
fixed and fastened on the discovery, for intelligence of which he
listened intently to every cry and shout; listened when any one came
in or went out; watched from the window the people who passed up
and down the street; mistrusted his own looks and words. And the
more his thoughts were set upon the discovery, the stronger was the
fascination which attracted them to the thing itself; lying alone in
the wood. He was for ever showing and presenting it, as it were, to
every creature whom he saw. 'Look here! Do you know of this? Is it
found? Do you suspect ME?' If he had been condemned to bear the
body in his arms, and lay it down for recognition at the feet of
every one he met, it could not have been more constantly with him,
or a cause of more monotonous and dismal occupation than it was in
this state of his mind.

Still he was not sorry. It was no contrition or remorse for what he
had done that moved him; it was nothing but alarm for his own
security. The vague consciousness he possessed of having wrecked
his fortune in the murderous venture, intensified his hatred and
revenge, and made him set the greater store by what he had gained
The man was dead; nothing could undo that. He felt a triumph yet,
in the reflection.

He had kept a jealous watch on Chuffey ever since the deed; seldom
leaving him but on compulsion, and then for as short intervals as
possible. They were alone together now. It was twilight, and the
appointed time drew near at hand. Jonas walked up and down the
room. The old man sat in his accustomed corner.

The slightest circumstance was matter of disquiet to the murderer,
and he was made uneasy at this time by the absence of his wife, who
had left home early in the afternoon, and had not returned yet. No
tenderness for her was at the bottom of this; but he had a misgiving
that she might have been waylaid, and tempted into saying something
that would criminate him when the news came. For anything he knew,
she might have knocked at the door of his room, while he was away,
and discovered his plot. Confound her, it was like her pale face to
be wandering up and down the house! Where was she now?

'She went to her good friend, Mrs Todgers,' said the old man, when
he asked the question with an angry oath.

Aye! To be sure! Always stealing away into the company of that
woman. She was no friend of his. Who could tell what devil's
mischief they might hatch together! Let her be fetched home

The old man, muttering some words softly, rose as if he would have
gone himself, but Jonas thrust him back into his chair with an
impatient imprecation, and sent a servant-girl to fetch her. When
he had charged her with her errand he walked to and fro again, and
never stopped till she came back, which she did pretty soon; the way
being short, and the woman having made good haste.

Well! Where was she? Had she come?

No. She had left there, full three hours.

'Left there! Alone?'

The messenger had not asked; taking that for granted.

'Curse you for a fool. Bring candles!'

She had scarcely left the room when the old clerk, who had been
unusually observant of him ever since he had asked about his wife,
came suddenly upon him.

'Give her up!' cried the old man. 'Come! Give her up to me! Tell me
what you have done with her. Quick! I have made no promises on that
score. Tell me what you have done with her.'

He laid his hands upon his collar as he spoke, and grasped it;
tightly too.

'You shall not leave me!' cried the old man. 'I am strong enough to
cry out to the neighbours, and I will, unless you give her up. Give
her up to me!'

Jonas was so dismayed and conscience-stricken, that he had not even
hardihood enough to unclench the old man's hands with his own; but
stood looking at him as well as he could in the darkness, without
moving a finger. It was as much as he could do to ask him what he

'I will know what you have done with her!' retorted Chuffey. 'If
you hurt a hair of her head, you shall answer it. Poor thing! Poor
thing! Where is she?'

'Why, you old madman!' said Jonas, in a low voice, and with
trembling lips. 'What Bedlam fit has come upon you now?'

'It is enough to make me mad, seeing what I have seen in this
house!' cried Chuffey. 'Where is my dear old master! Where is his
only son that I have nursed upon my knee, a child! Where is she, she
who was the last; she that I've seen pining day by day, and heard
weeping in the dead of night! She was the last, the last of all my
friends! Heaven help me, she was the very last!'

Seeing that the tears were stealing down his face, Jonas mustered
courage to unclench his hands, and push him off before he answered:

'Did you hear me ask for her? Did you hear me send for her? How
can I give you up what I haven't got, idiot! Ecod, I'd give her up
to you and welcome, if I could; and a precious pair you'd be!'

'If she has come to any harm,' cried Chuffey, 'mind! I'm old and
silly; but I have my memory sometimes; and if she has come to any

'Devil take you,' interrupted Jonas, but in a suppressed voice
still; 'what harm do you suppose she has come to? I know no more
where she is than you do; I wish I did. Wait till she comes home,
and see; she can't be long. Will that content you?'

'Mind!' exclaimed the old man. 'Not a hair of her head! not a hair
of her head ill-used! I won't bear it. I--I--have borne it too long
Jonas. I am silent, but I--I--I can speak. I--I--I can speak--' he
stammered, as he crept back to his chair, and turned a threatening,
though a feeble, look upon him.

'You can speak, can you!' thought Jonas. 'So, so, we'll stop your
speaking. It's well I knew of this in good time. Prevention is
better than cure.'

He had made a poor show of playing the bully and evincing a desire
to conciliate at the same time, but was so afraid of the old man
that great drops had started out upon his brow; and they stood there
yet. His unusual tone of voice and agitated manner had sufficiently
expressed his fear; but his face would have done so now, without
that aid, as he again walked to and fro, glancing at him by the

He stopped at the window to think. An opposite shop was lighted up;
and the tradesman and a customer were reading some printed bill
together across the counter. The sight brought him back, instantly,
to the occupation he had forgotten. 'Look here! Do you know of
this? Is it found? Do you suspect ME?'

A hand upon the door. 'What's that!'

'A pleasant evenin',' said the voice of Mrs Gamp, 'though warm,
which, bless you, Mr Chuzzlewit, we must expect when cowcumbers is
three for twopence. How does Mr Chuffey find his self to-night,

Mrs Gamp kept particularly close to the door in saying this, and
curtseyed more than usual. She did not appear to be quite so much
at her ease as she generally was.

'Get him to his room,' said Jonas, walking up to her, and speaking
in her ear. 'He has been raving to-night--stark mad. Don't talk
while he's here, but come down again.'

'Poor sweet dear!' cried Mrs Gamp, with uncommon tenderness. 'He's
all of a tremble.'

'Well he may be,' said Jonas, 'after the mad fit he has had. Get
him upstairs.'

She was by this time assisting him to rise.

'There's my blessed old chick!' cried Mrs Gamp, in a tone that was
at once soothing and encouraging. 'There's my darlin' Mr Chuffey!
Now come up to your own room, sir, and lay down on your bed a bit;
for you're a-shakin' all over, as if your precious jints was hung
upon wires. That's a good creetur! Come with Sairey!'

'Is she come home?' inquired the old man.

'She'll be here directly minit,' returned Mrs Gamp. 'Come with
Sairey, Mr Chuffey. Come with your own Sairey!'

The good woman had no reference to any female in the world in
promising this speedy advent of the person for whom Mr Chuffey
inquired, but merely threw it out as a means of pacifying the old
man. It had its effect, for he permitted her to lead him away; and
they quitted the room together.

Jonas looked out of the window again. They were still reading the
printed paper in the shop opposite, and a third man had joined in
the perusal. What could it be, to interest them so?'

A dispute or discussion seemed to arise among them, for they all
looked up from their reading together, and one of the three, who had
been glancing over the shoulder of another, stepped back to explain
or illustrate some action by his gestures.

Horror! How like the blow he had struck in the wood!

It beat him from the window as if it had lighted on himself. As he
staggered into a chair, he thought of the change in Mrs Gamp
exhibited in her new-born tenderness to her charge. Was that
because it was found?--because she knew of it?--because she
suspected him?

'Mr Chuffey is a-lyin' down,' said Mrs Gamp, returning, 'and much
good may it do him, Mr Chuzzlewit, which harm it can't and good it
may; be joyful!'

'Sit down,' said Jonas, hoarsely, 'and let us get this business
done. Where is the other woman?'

'The other person's with him now,' she answered.

'That's right,' said Jonas. 'He is not fit to be left to himself.
Why, he fastened on me to-night; here, upon my coat; like a savage
dog. Old as he is, and feeble as he is usually, I had some trouble
to shake him off. You--Hush!--It's nothing. You told me the other
woman's name. I forget it.'

'I mentioned Betsey Prig,' said Mrs Gamp.

'She is to be trusted, is she?'

'That she ain't!' said Mrs Gamp; 'nor have I brought her, Mr
Chuzzlewit. I've brought another, which engages to give every

'What is her name?' asked Jonas.

Mrs Gamp looked at him in an odd way without returning any answer,
but appeared to understand the question too.

'What is her name?' repeated Jonas.

'Her name,' said Mrs Gamp, 'is Harris.'

It was extraordinary how much effort it cost Mrs Gamp to pronounce
the name she was commonly so ready with. She made some three or
four gasps before she could get it out; and, when she had uttered
it, pressed her hand upon her side, and turned up her eyes, as if
she were going to faint away. But, knowing her to labour under a
complication of internal disorders, which rendered a few drops of
spirits indispensable at certain times to her existence, and which
came on very strong when that remedy was not at hand, Jonas merely
supposed her to be the victim of one of these attacks.

'Well!' he said, hastily, for he felt how incapable he was of
confining his wandering attention to the subject. 'You and she have
arranged to take care of him, have you?'

Mrs Gamp replied in the affirmative, and softly discharged herself
of her familiar phrase, 'Turn and turn about; one off, one on.' But
she spoke so tremulously that she felt called upon to add, 'which
fiddle-strings is weakness to expredge my nerves this night!'

Jonas stopped to listen. Then said, hurriedly:

'We shall not quarrel about terms. Let them be the same as they
were before. Keep him close, and keep him quiet. He must be
restrained. He has got it in his head to-night that my wife's dead,
and has been attacking me as if I had killed her. It's--it's common
with mad people to take the worst fancies of those they like best.
Isn't it?'

Mrs Gamp assented with a short groan.

'Keep him close, then, or in one of his fits he'll be doing me a
mischief. And don't trust him at any time; for when he seems most
rational, he's wildest in his talk. But that you know already. Let
me see the other.'

'The t'other person, sir?' said Mrs Gamp.

'Aye! Go you to him and send the other. Quick! I'm busy.'

Mrs Gamp took two or three backward steps towards the door, and
stopped there.

'It is your wishes, Mr Chuzzlewit,' she said, in a sort of quavering
croak, 'to see the t'other person. Is it?'

But the ghastly change in Jonas told her that the other person was
already seen. Before she could look round towards the door, she was
put aside by old Martin's hand; and Chuffey and John Westlock
entered with him.

'Let no one leave the house,' said Martin. 'This man is my
brother's son. Ill-met, ill-trained, ill-begotten. If he moves
from the spot on which he stands, or speaks a word above his breath
to any person here, open the window, and call for help!'

'What right have you to give such directions in this house?' asked
Jonas faintly.

'The right of your wrong-doing. Come in there!'

An irrepressible exclamation burst from the lips of Jonas, as
Lewsome entered at the door. It was not a groan, or a shriek, or a
word, but was wholly unlike any sound that had ever fallen on the
ears of those who heard it, while at the same time it was the most
sharp and terrible expression of what was working in his guilty
breast, that nature could have invented.

He had done murder for this! He had girdled himself about with
perils, agonies of mind, innumerable fears, for this! He had hidden
his secret in the wood; pressed and stamped it down into the bloody
ground; and here it started up when least expected, miles upon miles
away; known to many; proclaiming itself from the lips of an old man
who had renewed his strength and vigour as by a miracle, to give it
voice against him!

He leaned his hand on the back of a chair, and looked at them. It
was in vain to try to do so scornfully, or with his usual insolence.
He required the chair for his support. But he made a struggle for

'I know that fellow,' he said, fetching his breath at every word,
and pointing his trembling finger towards Lewsome. 'He's the
greatest liar alive. What's his last tale? Ha, ha! You're rare
fellows, too! Why, that uncle of mine is childish; he's even a
greater child than his brother, my father, was, in his old age; or
than Chuffey is. What the devil do you mean,' he added, looking
fiercely at John Westlock and Mark Tapley (the latter had entered
with Lewsome), 'by coming here, and bringing two idiots and a knave
with you to take my house by storm? Hallo, there! Open the door!
Turn these strangers out!'

'I tell you what,' cried Mr Tapley, coming forward, 'if it wasn't
for your name, I'd drag you through the streets of my own accord,
and single-handed I would! Ah, I would! Don't try and look bold at
me. You can't do it! Now go on, sir,' this was to old Martin.
'Bring the murderin' wagabond upon his knees! If he wants noise, he
shall have enough of it; for as sure as he's a shiverin' from head
to foot I'll raise a uproar at this winder that shall bring half
London in. Go on, sir! Let him try me once, and see whether I'm a
man of my word or not.'

With that, Mark folded his arms, and took his seat upon the window-
ledge, with an air of general preparation for anything, which seemed
to imply that he was equally ready to jump out himself, or to throw
Jonas out, upon receiving the slightest hint that it would be
agreeable to the company.

Old Martin turned to Lewsome:

'This is the man,' he said, extending his hand towards Jonas. 'Is

'You need do no more than look at him to be sure of that, or of the
truth of what I have said,' was the reply. 'He is my witness.'

'Oh, brother!' cried old Martin, clasping his hands and lifting up
his eyes. 'Oh, brother, brother! Were we strangers half our lives
that you might breed a wretch like this, and I make life a desert by
withering every flower that grew about me! Is it the natural end of
your precepts and mine, that this should be the creature of your
rearing, training, teaching, hoarding, striving for; and I the means
of bringing him to punishment, when nothing can repair the wasted

He sat down upon a chair as he spoke, and turning away his face, was
silent for a few moments. Then with recovered energy he proceeded:

'But the accursed harvest of our mistaken lives shall be trodden
down. It is not too late for that. You are confronted with this
man, you monster there; not to be spared, but to be dealt with
justly. Hear what he says! Reply, be silent, contradict, repeat,
defy, do what you please. My course will be the same. Go on! And
you,' he said to Chuffey, 'for the love of your old friend, speak
out, good fellow!'

'I have been silent for his love!' cried the old man. 'He urged me
to it. He made me promise it upon his dying bed. I never would
have spoken, but for your finding out so much. I have thought about
it ever since; I couldn't help that; and sometimes I have had it all
before me in a dream; but in the day-time, not in sleep. Is there
such a kind of dream?' said Chuffey, looking anxiously in old
Martin's face.

As Martin made him an encouraging reply, he listened attentively to
his voice, and smiled.

'Ah, aye!' he cried. 'He often spoke to me like that. We were at
school together, he and I. I couldn't turn against his son, you
know--his only son, Mr Chuzzlewit!'

'I would to Heaven you had been his son!' said Martin.

'You speak so like my dear old master,' cried the old man with a
childish delight, 'that I almost think I hear him. I can hear you
quite as well as I used to hear him. It makes me young again. He
never spoke unkindly to me, and I always understood him. I could
always see him too, though my sight was dim. Well, well! He's dead,
he's dead. He was very good to me, my dear old master!'

He shook his head mournfully over the brother's hand. At this
moment Mark, who had been glancing out of the window, left the room.

'I couldn't turn against his only son, you know,' said Chuffey. 'He
has nearly driven me to do it sometimes; he very nearly did tonight.
Ah!' cried the old man, with a sudden recollection of the cause.
'Where is she? She's not come home!'

'Do you mean his wife?' said Mr Chuzzlewit.


'I have removed her. She is in my care, and will be spared the
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Noe, ne, n!o you're wron;o you're wron--
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truthhis only known to me!'

Hnow can thatbse,' said his old maste'is brother,'afster what yod
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jusdkno,d abov- stiars, when I old you of thd accsration against hie, that you kewt he was his fother's

Ayce,yees! and st he wah!' cried Chuffey, wedply. 'But not st yod suppus-- not st yod suppusilestayl! Ggiveime
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'Yer!' cried old Chuffey, yees! That's owf it wam. Ie's ale upon He
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Old Martinregearned hie in mazeldnatd stdaid his compatioam. Mr's Gtamk, who had said nothingyeet;bust ald kep tw-othards of derealf behkind the doo,y ready forescapre, and ns-otharg in the roo,y readt
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Hebhought tho shuf,?' said Chuffey,
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havemheare, and bhought
ithsome. He ixied the shuf-- look at hi!-- with
come wreemseatien a jard, erecely is the eadimine for his fother'dccough was ixie,n anr pustite in a daowe;g in tsat daowet yinder in the esk;t he klowd which daowetIu mea!. He kep it thrhe licte,uph. 'But his couraes fmiled hiefor hisffaris was tutcsd-- myGold! I opf it wapthis ffari!. He was-his only so!--
Andthe ild notpustite in theusquar plface, thrhe my old masteg would have taken it wseny etimesae dar!'
The tembblingfigsure of the old man shook with tho stoin remctioes
thatppusreseod him. Bout, with tho a me lught in hiseyee, ade with his ar,ous
stretcsde, ade with his grgy hair sirrkingpon hishdead,
hn seemeg to
grwt in izee, ade aislikme
w aneainpiaied.
sruik' from looking st hie, andccwvered down i to tea chairbly'which
mhad hedm. It seemegwas fh this trevindus TtruthccoulI make thd dumbu speam.

'I klo
it evemy wordnlow!' cried Chuffey. Eevemy wor!. Hepustitt
rn tsat daowe,l as I have said. He sentsoe often thrhe, ade aisst, sentrte, that his fothee took nooice ofiat; and when hewnas out,mhat
it opeied. We were thrhe together, and ne fuind the ixatur--Mur Chuzzlewie and I. Hce tookite itok hisppusresmoan, and made lught of wie ht thoetimm; but in theonighd hgcsame to ys enasidl, wepminn, anr t old e, that hisdown oen had it in hismkind to oispon him "'Ohr Chuf,"' he said,"otg, dear old Chuf!d a voicecsame itok ys roor t -nlight,hand told e, that this crmve bgawn with mm. It bgawn when r taought him to be tooecovtdus of what I have tolHeavn, and made the, xplecaction ofith his grhatbu inres!"! Those were his wors;, ay,r thyu are
his vemy wores! Ifn hewnasad hald manklo aind thn,f it wat
for-his only soI. Hcelmoved his only son,
Andthewnasaalways good ts

Jonas listened with icrleasdd attentsoI. H opfwnas braokingiwn upon

He s ale notwdeady for my deutg, Chuf;", thatwnas'what he side
nxt,?'pouruied the oldnclark, as hewipved his eye;, 'thatwnas'wha,
hn said nxt,s cdyinglikme
chil: "
He s ale notwdeady for m,
deutg, ChufI. Hce s ale haveisdkno;t he s alemtaemy thrhe
madlas fncyg, Chufk, l thoughiat ddn't pleas imm;
And yod and I wellgts away ade lave upon alittilh. Iaalwayslmoved hm;w
pehapas h'elllmovs
md thnm. Ie's f drednfu othingtok have my own
chil otherslingffor my deuth. 'ButIymnighd have known it. I have nowe, and Imjusddrep.

He shall blieve, that Iame tarinu tist; and whenIs see
thathtehis oaeme, andmhsthall dawhanrs,I'ell telt him that I fuind
it utn, anr I'ell fogiavemimI. Hc'alemtkme
wbetsteg man of hisdown oee, and elas betsteg man himself,
pehapag, Chuf!"!'
Pdoor Chuffeypa used todemy
his eyeo again.
Old Martin's fact wat hidden in his handd.
Jonas listenedrslalemfore kenlme, andmhis branst Heavdglikme
ws wollndwaeher, but with opd. with
grwrint opd.

Mmy dear old masted made blieve, nxte da,?' said Chuffey,'
hdt opeien the daowetblynst tak, with akfey from hHebrantg, whicd
hpptened tofistite(w
mhadhne, made andmuing uponit); aind thathtd
hdt been suprisned tofiandmhiy feuth suplly fdccough eadimineine
such aplface,bust suppusedito had beenpuit thrhe in ahuaemy thne thd ddaowetrstood oped. Webturtfiat;bust hisspon blievend thathtt wat tarinuitw--he klowdthe iln.
aice Mr Chuzzlewie, totemy
hie, loon
faris to sadito hadat strange tastd; and hg
oit u'diaieceln, anr sent ut.!'

Jonasghavean shrie,demyccougd; an,o chaniing hisppuictioy forane ranieor nce,'fldved his arsnds aoBut looking st thmo, though thyd could nws see h's facd.

MMr Chuzzlewie wrtme tothee fothe;tIu meam hHe fothee of thepofor tding ho'sn his wif,?' said Chuffe;, andgoht him to comeup,t
rstedhingtok histegpon the taeiraeh. 'But hismkin,glikmemkidl, wna,
wlittile wronl throughgcrif, aind thnr hisffarisbrpokI. Hce aik' anr l vered from hHe i me when hecsame to et in theonighd; andn even
fled upthis head again. It was onlyasfrwe dast,bust
mhad even changnd stmsuch in woice
yfardd. "Sp are
hmg, Chuf!"' he saids beeforethe isds. Thye were ths only woren heccould speam. "Sp arn
hmg, Chuf!"'tIu
prmiseod hid I couln. 'vhe tised toion it. Hc'sh his only soI!'

nr his recollection of thelanstscsee, in his oldftisnd'as lif,epofor Chuffe'as voicg, whichmhad
grwntwdekte, andwdekte, quithe esertvnd mimI. Mtarinu
w mction with hish an,owas fhhHe would have saidtwha, An thnyhmhad taken ie, andmhae isdd with it in hi,hhHetrtgrhaeod ts tea coreor thrhe
usqualyrc onc aved his oaelow;, ade aissmilnt.'

Jonasccould look at his compaydkno,d and auentnglyr loy. Wtelw!'thd
said,afsteraypa usy. Arhe you stisfisd?efor have yod ayemfore of yooreloits
osbrpach?. Whyd thatftelno,dLew
com,w caninvsent'emgffor yodbyh tho colh. st thisual?! nave yod nothingelse?!'

Old Martin loosdd ad hidistadiply.

WThothee yod 're that you seemeg toble atPecksniff'sn, or arn
comothingelsed and
w muenebaik,tIy ddn'tkklo aindIy ddn'tc ar,'d
sain Jonas, looking dowowar, with a miore,'bButIy ddn'twhant yod
eolh. Yyou were weresoe often when yoor brotheewnasaaiavn, and werr llwayssoefoand fd hid( yoor deag, dear brother,
And yod would havs behenchufkingpoe, a otherbeeforet hi,hrecd!),, that Iamea oe
suprisnedhat yoerbeking statcsdd to theplfact;bust theplfachhisa oe statcsdd to yor,
And yod can'tlHeavn it tooslono, though yodmsas lHeavn it toolhaee. And for my wif,e old may,
eand hrthsomd
stalight,forwie iall bn the weree for her! nt,mh!. Yyouctaemyitt with ahligsh an,o to!. 'But it san'tchaniingyeey forag man to keplas open'hrihd fd oispon
for-his wenpurppusse, andmhavn it taken from hor byh wot oldntazy jol ve- heas, whogod and
cth aplfyg b out it. Had,
h!. Dot you sed the doo?!'
Hhis eas tiumphy,
stugglding with his cowaroicg, and hamen, anr guilut, aisst, devesabore, that thyeatuened away from ho,owas fhhHr sereso etobscsee, andfiluhay aimal,y rpugnhant to theslighe. And
eol, thatlanstblfaks crmvewnas usyg with him to;e wekding wit in hor t g hispearontsoI. 'But'for tat,d the oldnclar'asrstryymnighd havr t utcsdt hie, though evesst, lughlyt;bust'for tat,d the sudder
rmovald fdsos grhat
wlohaemnighd have bhoughg b outso et whle
coms changt even in hmd. with tsat ered didl, ow eve;, with tha, unndcreseadywhistnfu dhangor huentngd hm;w esphairwnas in his vemr ttiumph, andrblief;, wed,e ugmovrnabore,uraking esphai,t'for tms usle
snrese of thepdrkle itok whichm
mhadpluangn;w esphair tha, haleaned hi, and maleaned hig, and eat histreeh, -gcredhingien a
momenn of hisexulcactiod.

Mmy goodftisnd!?' saidoOld Martis, ayiing hish and n Chuffe'ad
le evy. T hishisa eplfach'for youtok
rmtien iy. Co et with mm!'

Jjusd his oldawaw!' cried Chuffes, looking up itok his facd. Ir lmonstbblieve,iIe'sMMr Chuzzlewieaaiavd again. Yees! tak, et witr yos! Stda,, thougy,
'Ffor wha?'owakeidoOld Martim.

'I can'tlHeavnther,pofo othin!?' said Chuffed. S
madlbehen vemr good th mm. I can'tlHeavnther,MMr Chuzzlewis. Taik' youokidply. I'ell
eolh. I havan'tloingtok
rmtie;,iIe'snos grhatm attrr!'
Aen hemeeknly shook hisppoo,y grgy dead aind thnkeidoOld Martieine thsey worer,MMs Gtamk,klo tentrblyg in the roo,ywnasauffcaeod ts fardd.

T hemercly is it s!?' he said,'aisseuch a deag, goo,y r veeAnd ntreeouh evesgoht i to tea luetcsse ofBetsrgyPrigg, whichbust'foroms hHe would have didl,undoubtgn;w fatsrbeki'e shbbcor; andnohtranm,
'Yyoumhear, et spead to yo jjusdkno,d old may?' said
Jonastok hi, unclcd. I'ale havenosmforettamerding with mypeopore, man eg w mad. Dot you sed the doo?!'
'DotYOUu sed the doo?!etrttuened the voice of Mak,t colingffrom hha, diaiectsoI. 'Llook atite!'
Hcelmoosde, andmhisghzvewnasnfmiledt
eolh. Fatal,yial-momevnd b lightedt
feutoed,ecourtedbyr his fother'dfooittepas in hisdyrint ur,ecourtedbyr his yoing wfe'is oaelohingtrdead courtedbyr thd dfmily sa doe of the oldnclar'asfigsurd courtedbyr th' cpuskingpfh hismualerher'dfree-- thatmten serestaedhingien the doodawaw'
HMak!. Itcsameono,rparyinglikme
wseh!. Hawkteas uerst i to tea
strrted ntyrinuitg up and dow;, wndoowd were tgrwnt ope, that tht ihabithanra
nighd harfiat;peoporsrstppsdd to listeg in the read and n thd phavomen;m hHebtels,h tho a mebtels,h bgawntok
rin;m umbblingoeven poe, a other in adhaice ofbolistrdus joye ht thodisecovady('thatwnas teasfuind thyhmhad in hisdlistamertedt
houghs)n, and marinu teien haiyaplfy-gcfuindrockd.

T atisn the tay?' saidNadogesI. 'Byr th' wndooe!'
fece othesecsame is, aids handg upon hig, and ecouned hin. It wan
c quicknly didl, thathttmhad o'tlonstslught ot tht i'fomher'dffact
forcaninstaete when his ristwd were taaciledttogethed.

Mualery?' saidNadogess, lookingcfuindpon thehisoniscsdtgcfupI. 'Lea, nosoee, istrfeolh!'
strrty rprhaeodMualert;barbardus and drednfu Mualerd. Mualery Mualery MualerI. Rcolkingpoy from dusme totdusmg, andeucorint fromisonme toisonml,unslad the voicse isdd away i to teadlisana, humg, which seemeg tomutsteg tho a me wor!'
eythallrstoodsmilnt:o listeminn, ansghzhingieneatce other'dffacsed asn thenolihepasrtediod.

Old Martinwasn thefherse toispeam.
WT ht eaeiborn histryyist thi?!' teadrmtndved.

Ask HIMy?' saidNadogesI. 'Yyo'are
irI. Hce can telt yort
fhhHe ialI. Hce klowdmfore on it hatIy de, thoughItkklo msucr!'
'Hlo dot youkklo msuc?!'
'Ie havenotlbehenwaechtngd hmsst, oingffod nothin,!etrttuene
Nadogesd. Ih eveswaechedrag manst,clonhehi I havewaechedr hin!'
Aa other of thep hatomgffomse of thistraeific Truth!. A other of tha
aye sapeas in which itisartvng up b out hig, out ofvacfncys. Thi, may, of alemteg in the woed,e
wspyg upon hi;f this may, chaniing hit
dtenttyt;carslingofof hissh
rikminn,purbblid,e uobservana, chrfather,
rinking up itokaewaechnfu mevmy!. Tha deld maa
nighd have come out ofmhisgraavn, andnotlc o fuinead andhpp alvnd mimdmfor.'
eagamvewnasupI. T
earfact wae htmansnd;n the rpct waewoeven
for-hi, neckn. f, blyasmiracil,n heccouldescapegffrom hhissstalt,thttmhad bunt to tuek his fac, a otherwda,,nosm attrr thrh, aind thrHe woulr
liheso etnrwehavangorffrant toffrant with hi;eso et i'aete in nt urd
grwntoed,eoar old mne in n urd
grwnt yoin,eoarbblidd mne witr hhissnighdfeustred,eoar defd mne witr hisffarkinggiavin hmd. Thwerr wnasno, chackI. Hce aik' dowe in aheapd agaisht thow al,; andn even
opsdd agaigffrom hha

'Iamea oe
hisftisndy, l thoughIt have thothn urd toble-hi, rblactvf,?' saidMMr Chuzzlewis. 'Yyoumsat spead to mm. Wthrhe havr yod aechedn, and thathnave yod sen?!'
'Ie havewaechedraig
ayeplfacs,!etrttuenedNadogess,'onigh and aly. II havewaechedr hiolhaeeln, lmonstds aoButfeuseoarrblief;'e-hi, anxidus fac, aedb lodutohtryeslc o irmseditd. Ihlittilet
houghd ts thatmynwaechtngdwnastoklHeln. Ashlittileawdthe ile when heslippsdn putt in theonighe,deesrted in tonheclo thsk whichm
rn abuinlle atLoanponBridog!!'

Jonasmovvng upon thegcfuindlikme
w mne inbodiplstorttukI. Hc, ut vered
wsuppeesrtedgcfmay,was fhhHemhadbehenwfuineadbyeso etcruelr saupo;, adeplucosdd ad tht fra;bandg upon his ristwy,was though(-hi, handgbekingftrr)hhHe would havetouek hmuslfm.

Sstadln,kmis mn!?' said th' hiefgofooicer of theparted. Dddn'tbc, vioilnt.'.

WTromdot youc alekmis mn?'owakeidoOld Martidistrnply.

Yyo,?' said th' may,'amoing othes.'.
Martidttuenedhhisscrurtiizhingghzve upon hiI. Hce aissmtslinglhzhlm, a cpusd
w chairwwitr hisaomsefeuskingpoy hHebfak;neaskingnutsn, anr tgrwrinu te' helse out of wndooeawdthentacosdd temg, whichtea
sial, oentnused toion whlet spearind.

Ayf,?' he said, with a ulkydknds. 'Yyoumsatdteyt yoernephew
sial, you ist;bustChevy SlymchhisChevy Slymch
sial,f ale the woedgoeved. Persapst even yodmsadfrelh itio etdligrfact to yors wenb lodd tobl
tamloyted in this ayn. 'md toblebhoughdofo.'.

Att evryeatuew!' cried Martim. Sslfy,
elfm. Eevryepoe, moins temn
'Yyoumhadbeattrrshavepoe,fo owotamoing temn thetcfubilet
er; andbct
for temnwaewteltwaeYOUR
elfy!etrplinedhhisnephewI. 'Llookthrheha, me!. Cant you sed the man fo yorsfamipls whohassmforettilntd in his littilefkinteg tman ale thefeuse in thairunitvngbrgaise,deesrtedwae d poloice oooicerds aoButbeking hamed?ehIttlook up with thistradvepod purppuse toihameo yoh. I ildn'tothik Iutoould havetod maee d capttukt in thefamiple, thoug.'.

Ifo yorsdebautcsryd aind thtn fo yorsctonhnsftisnds,ohassdrellm, bhoughg youtok thisl evl,!etrttuened the old may,' keplitd. Yyod 'rs liviing poestple,II opsd aind tht'is oomothin.!'
'Dodn'tbc hale uponmynctonhnsftisnds,!etrttuenedSlymcy,'
for teyr sereso etrmvso yorsctonhnsftisndsttlo.. Dodn'tsayt yodn even tamloytedmysftisnd Tigg,t'forItkklo beattrm. We qutaeealvne uponit.'.

II irned thefealno,!etrtortvngMMr Chuzzlewiy,'and Iepaidr hin!'
'It'iswtelt yoepaidr hi,?' saidhhisnephewy,'
forwie oould bn toolhaer t gdoosldknoI. Hcehassgiavin hssdrceipse innful;,fo mhad st'focsdn from hoarfethed!'
ea old mnelmoosdd ad hi, as fhhHe serecouidus to klo thathha
eaet,;bustsecuened eproloing telc oevesactiod.

II haveal ayisexpfcaeod thathttand Ie oould bn bhoughgttogethe, agtien ig telc ourte ofbuskiesr,?' saidSlymcy,tmarinuagftrsgsh annfun pfgnutsy from hisppcosn;m'bustIet
houghdhHe wouldbce anaeod
coms s wndlkingjob;,iIh evesen veredmgy dead that Iutoould oldaewarrana,
for tedhppre
erstiot ofmhismualerher!'
'HISsmualerhew!' cried Mr Chuzzlewiy, looking fromonme to a othed.

Hhisfor MrMoenague'iy?' saidNadogesI. 'T
eythreg tho a me,IIaor t ldh. Iaccusme hi,yoancer of themualere of MrMoenague,s who wan ffuindlanstonighe,kialvn,e in awonds. Yyod ialowak, et hy Iaccusmd mimdaso yoI havealdredyowakeidmhothwrItkklo so msucr. 'ale telt yoy. ItI can't
earulkingpasrtiot of the manexpeesrted t
elft event
er,n ig ter t nte ofregtr't in whichTha dmlorned thehpproachtngdpubiicttygpfh thathhtkkewI.

IIt ldo yoII mhadwaechedr hi,?' heprocereedd. Ihwnas isstucaeod ts doosldbye MrMoenague,s in wpusetamloyomennII havebehen
com trmvI. WHemhadyorssuspictonst ofmhm;, ade youkklo wthat thyepoinaeodat,t'fo, you havebehendiseuusking itiiaiceweu havebehenwaltiing hrh, oBus
dts tea roon. ft youc rme totdeag,klo iIe's aleoeve,s in whtn uo, suspictonst bgaw, 'ale telt yoeplfinpl:e in aqutaeea ( st'hersecsamr t gyorsfarde tgrough ahinat ofmhis we) beawevin hmd andha othen pfooict in whichThis fother'dlwfehwnas isuredn, and thichThadso msucs doubt and isstustg upon thesubjfcal, thathtt copfuinead with temg, andttlookhalof the nty;, adewnasglaed toionitd. B stbyebwiy,In fraeeaeodoButmforecircumisanicse agaisht hig, anda oeagfewI. It, rbquiered
wlittilepactenic,;bustiIe'smyncaolkinh. Iffuind thgnursmd --thrhe heis toc o irmdmh; Iffuind thgdoctoo,y Iffuind th, unlertmaeo,y Iffuind th unlertmaeo'is mah. Iffuind out lo the ol
gmenlrmtnd thrH,d Mr Chuffy,umhadbe havdd ad thtfuneral;tand Ieffuinn puttwthat this may' tuchtngdLew
come on thehrig,'mhadttiosdd b out
rnThis eveh. Iffuind out lo telc oducaeod-hmuslfdbe'foen his fother'd dethe, andmlo siaice andmlo ad thttrmv;, adewrltiingiut ale dowe, andputtiingiuuc rmnfulygttogethee, mdce cusetnroughffor M
oenagueutok axn hmd with te' crmeg, which(awdthe-hmuslfdbelinvsdn unslad o-onigh)hhHemhad comittedh. Iwnasbye when this asy dids. Yyo, seme hi,knoI. Hcehis npls ourte tmanhenwasn thnd!'
Ohe,mlihrabil,nmlihrabildfool! oh,s isupportabil,nexcruciaskinr t rttuk!. oefkidd livce andfativc--aeparteutokiuu al-- hHebrtien
ligh-h and of thesentr'thHemhadt
houghd ttcrush!. Iin wpme, thoughth, mhadwaalvne themualereld mneup, blyeni hatmlntd inadrock,h tho stryh oould havelivcd, adewniosdd b rea!. Hcetcried toisopnThisfarde witr hhisfet vered
omsl, thathtt
nighdshout ute thefeusI.
Awdthenttuchvng upon thef lor,t thyedeewd away from hoa as fh d peuskleaiceweukt inhhisbrdethd. Thwyefeale oo,monmebyepoe,gffrom hhad phrht ot tht roo,klHevtngd hmsalonme upon thegcfuinm. Eevin tonhe wp, mhad hms in thair kepking
hunnedr hi,, ade( with te'excepttiot o
Slymcy, who wah
sial occupiead withhhisnBus)r kpseaphrhI.

Ffrom hha gtaeet- wndooeopposmtey?' saidNadogess,poinarinua cpuss teantaelo sstrrt, 'Ie havewaechedr this dusme andmimn
nlr onighsm. Ffrom hha gtaeet- wndooeopposmtet Iuawm hoare tuek comg, alpoe,gffromagjotuenyepon whichThaThadseut ute with MrMoenague.
ha wahmeutokvin tha MrMoenague'insndewnasgtieed;tand Ie
nigh, rbshteasyeponmynwaeche, thoughItwnasnotstoklHeaveiuuunsladth, ismliseidmhd. But, isannking ad thtdooar pposmtey afsterdarkm hhad a meonighe, Iuawmalc ontry mansstale out of this dusm, blyass
dt-s doforwig telc out,s whohadh evesen vereditd. Itkkewn his nion, anr tatrwie awdthmuslf,tdligulihdh. Iffalnoedr hioimmedihaeelh. Ilontd mimdpon theweistrn rea,h
sial traavolkineweisowar.!'

Jonaslmoosdd up tdmimn
formne iisant,, ademut vered
ot ethd.

IIccouldnotlc mpre
erdtwthat this eaet,?' saidNadoges;m'bus,umhvkinr sendso msuce, Irbsolvied toieveiuuoutd aind tgrougn. And Ie ild. Lfarnminn,poninquieyp tdmiis dusme from hiswwfel, thathtt wan supposedd tobleslkepkingwig tel rooe from whichIaThadsevin hmdgon putd aind thtnThaThadgiavinssticseoalerasnotstokbetdli tubedn,Itkkewr tatrhenwasnc mkingbfak;naind
for-hinc mkingbfakhItwnechedd. Itkkpsa
ynwaechgwig telsstrrt--wigdofo ayir,
Andssuceplfacs--aale thad onigh;g ad tht a me wndoo,f alenextrday;, adewwhenonigh csamepod agai,gwig telsstrrtepocedmfor.. FforItkkewdhHe would comebfaky,wad mhaThadg nte ut,s when thisphrht ot thtt wenwasntamted. Hee ild. Earplswig telmfonminn, tht a mec ontry mancsamentrepkin,entrepkin,d ctrepkink comr!'
'Llookiharpw!'inaerposeddSlymcy, whohadh ooefkiishnedhhisnBusd. 'T
hishisquitht freguleag, MrNadogesI'.

II kpseaht thowwndooeaale da,?' saidNadogess,ds aoButheretngd hm.

IItthik I evesclosredmgyryesn. Ateonighe, Iuawm hmd come ute witd abuinllh. Iffalnoedr hio agaiI. Hce lntd dowe telssepst atLoanpo
Andssik itt in therieveh. Iklo begtnd osen vettien
coms seuidus ffard,, ademmdcead comunicactioutok te Poloicg, whichcausmnr tatrbuinlletokbe--'.

Tokbetfishnedup,!'inaerrupteddSlymcd. Bed livcg, MrNadogesI'.

Itlc nttieedd thtdeesrhIaThadsevin hmdwdeag?' saidNadoges;

sttieedd withclayd aindspottedd withb lodh. n
fomattiot of tha
ualerewassdrceivted in dowelanstonighd. Thwdwdeacer of tatrdeesrhhi, aldredyokklooutok havebehensevinndeaf theplfac;utok havebehenlurkkinr iin tha nenigb orhlod;, adetok have liigheod
fromagcoachnc mking
fror tatrphrht ot thtc ontry,t atattrmv'exfatlygtellmkinewwith te'evrya
tnutes when Iuawm hoare tuekink comr. Thwdwarranaehassbehenputd ains tesce oooicesu havebehenwwithmcy,
comeh ourm. We ctonhgyorstrmv;, andtsevkink youccomeiwe, andsevkink thispcesiotaht thowwndoo--'.

Beckoened e hi,?' said Maky,tmarinu up thtthdredt ot thtntaeativc,d pon deakink thisellustioutokthmuslf,t't gypvent
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Eh??' saidSlymc.'

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Humph!!' saidSlymcy,t
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Jfak!?' saidSlymc.'

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Ssopnaebwiy?' saidSlymc.. It'isnot,
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'Yes!?' said

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'Yes!?' said

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Yyo hrespunctugly?' said Mr Chzzlewwi, perhins teddofor ok hidins r pplstothhislnighdkklcky, whichThadfdusmde hidinisantlyh.

ie,?'r ppisdd MrTapley,tw
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ie,?'r turnedt Mak; 'aind yoen evesieveargeetle ma,mfor,
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atemforedaid yoe elll hi??' Mr Chzzlewwidwiquiereh.

ie,?' said MrTapley,tsmilkin,e
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ie, IIdain'te elllite hir''

Yyo t old hio ale yo knew?'.

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Iotwtat??'askeid Mr Chzzlewwih.

Meeekink hiy,

Meeekinkbothn hio inrmlh''

ie,?' said MrTapleyh. 'Ine yore oldopkiioiss oreachnoetheh. Asr ok hi,k
ie, inrhhisopkiiois, IIkklog-de's o a veredoair. Ikklos tr. Ikklo'deiuuloinkaffoeehdnspoosr ok yoe 'oethesday, inrI,mssss swayihd. Nfbodyfdon'tIkklog-alfsas,msucd orhhmsas,Id od. Nfbody, cmaetr. Thwrenwasnalwayi ldealt foglodd inhhm,;bustaolittlm foitd gotgcgusheddovhr,nsoomhowd. I cmaet swayw
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Go ioy?' said Martih. 'W
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Buteiu--weil!. I bege yorephrdioydbuteInothikeiuumway havebehen yo,,
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ie, t te's llh''
Itl asnilefrn tatg Mak expectred oIbedoarnered outimmmnihaeel,, ada wasnquitvdpeephreed oIgo.'

Sok yoe thiky?' said Marti,e
tatg-hisouldfaultisare,t insoom, drgtrry, ofmydcreattio,t oe yo?''

ie,?'r toraeod MrTapley,e
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AinrI,adlefraene,weil- iisructred ma,e yoeothik?''

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Yyo haveleftehhmg thismfonkin?''

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ie, inr tatg yoemhadssaid otmr,;"Cais yoebestheedblyseveedwig telmfonkin?" inr tatg yoemhadssaid othhmya tgrouggmr,;"Cai yoebestheedblyteedwig telmfonkin?" inr tatgIemhas swaid"Yes"d oIboetr. Th te's ll,e
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Perhapsy?' said Marti,e
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I haveseuvred hidwig tatoiorhd ofwayy,
ie,?'r ppisdd Maky, wit ous tedloss, ofanydatrom ofmhissslf-possesstio; 'aindwey havebehent
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Wiale yo hwlp mee okdeess, inroge mesomeIbreakfhshd from ths oaee??'askeid Martih'

ie,?' said Makh.

Ainrby- in-byey?' said Marti,e
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ie,?' said MrTapleyh'

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ie!?' said MrTapley,t'not,ats llh''
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Oh,devemki!?' said MrPecksniffh
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Dragd hio way!. Taosr hi oust ohmysreaic!?' said Marti;,'forI cai'ss hdlp itd. TthgsstoinkrestrfinteId- vvdputsupponmysh ansdThisbeee
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Seeking tatg-dnstilledaideoe risc, r Tapley,twwitoust iytcompfroises hboustwi, hctualplsdaiddragd hio way, inrstick, hioupdpon tedflofo,s withhhisbackdagatistg tedoppo

Hearemeyrrfsial!?' said Mr Chzzlewwih
Id- vvdsummiovde yoemerce oa wwiness, yorsoows oukr. f- vvdsummiovde yoemerce o wwiness,itya becausesIskklodiuuwillebe gaaleaindwrrmwoode o yo!. f- vvdsummiovd
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mssssbe dMgghrtwig yorsmeee, falsehThMar! Wwar! do yoskklodmeeass fam,d tdlhsh!''
MrPecksniffsThadcauses osstMae atehhmydforn ted riumph, inhhss fce, andtsprech inrfigurerwasradnnighd osstMae ath'

Loood tere!?' said tel oldoai, poii kin atehhmy aindmppraliins o
Loood tere! Ainrtwvn--c meetiethe,rmyfdeare Marti--looo, here! here! here!' Atgeverykr petittiot of teswrrd,hc peessredhhid grfansiolcposvrstothhisbreasth'

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wasn i, tesblow sstguck,jssssnow. Wwlsdaidwee evespMar! Howscooula wee evespMar! Howscooul yoe evesfpls frommrd td hi!''
Marti asnhboust oIanswerydbutehenstoppredhhmy aind vihtonh'

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May,rmyflove,tc meeterch''
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elcorust ofyorstrosc,?' said tel oldoai, loookin okidplsdownsuppo, her, 'Thisbeeeg tellovst ofuslf; This evesbeeeg tellovst ofuslfh' Howsof enk haveI' saidso,nw
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Hsrdeewkoneshaind tgrougg Marti'isarm, inrsttndkingso,nbetweee
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Yyoeaalekklodhow sbredd thsslrph adup, ok enrdmer. Nones or yot caiekklodbydwtatrdegreest f- vvdc mee tdr gard,hcerasraddaougser;s forns-dnThis onsupponmlydbyemerfuslf-forgetnfuiess, merf vnderiess,, herlpatihnce,eaale tedgoodness, ofmerlrature,nw
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MrPecksniffspust hssT ind itothhiswaistcoah,d adeslkighel shooo, ot tdpMard ofmhm, okw
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eeedhisa okidt ofuslfkshiess,?' said Marti--
Id- vvdlearnvidihn i
mysloidexperihncee ofmysloidbreast-- whichiisciostantlysuppon tea watchtfornsslfkshiessd i, ethes; aind-oldkino ethes ateatdlsthace,a bl suspictiost adedistgushs,ewondeose wyn telsdoi'sdmppfrach,, ada doi'sdconfide,, ad iallsh tatoielfkshiessd i, temr. Ttusd foncea doubredd tosrdhboustme--notdwwitoustreasonn i, tesbegkintin-- ada twusd fonce doubredd yo,r Marti.''
'Notdwwitoustreason,?' Marti answerre,d'eiethe.''
'Lksthn, mypocrite! Lksthn, smooth- ongure,dseuvilvyrcraoliin
ki vv!?' said Martih
Lksthn, yoesh llow dog. Wwar! WweotIswass seektink ho,g yoemhedalreadyespreadg yorsnets;d yoe ercehlreadys fistkin ffor-ho,g erceye? WweotIslaynillewig thisgoodewooai'ishrosc, andt yorsmeekespiritepleadeedforfmysgrfansio,g yoemhedalreadyecaougs
hi,emhedye? C ontkin po tekrestorattiot of teslovst yoskkewkI, borek ho,g yoedesnined, hio oorones or yorstwoddaougserssdaidye? Ora failkin tat,g yoetrfdeadaid hio sradnpeculattiolw
hicrast iytratda shooul blinrdmeuwiith teslustres or yorscharity, inrf ond,a ilhims upiotme! Wwy,eeveedtweotIskkewk yo,randt ft old yoesoh Didt fteal
yoett td fkkewk yo,reveedtweo?''
' famdeoed igry,f
ie,?' said MrPecksniff,esoftlyh 'I caisbearead greatrde lr from yod. I wialen evesconstadnctd yo,r Mr Chzzlewwih''
'Obseuvv!?' said Marti, loookin r ondh 'I pustmyuslftiol tatgoai'i
h ansdpo ermsnasnmeeerandtbase,, ad asndegradiins or houslf,tmstI, cooul r ndeo teomiws oudsr. sssahede teom tdlengths or ho,nbe ooe, hhisloidi ildeen, syllabil bl syllabil,tmstcoaruslykhisIncooul,r ada iithasnmsucdoffence,, ad iithasnplati andexpo
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mknute,I w oul - vvdab adonvidihh If,hdnThadoffercddmrroneswrrd,ofa r miostrance,twigfavyorsofn tedgrfansiolw
omtThasupposmdeI h da distitheited;,if,hdnThadpleadeed iithmeyr trouggn evessodffintly,, agatistgmysmpprals or hot oIab adonr hot oIoisery, ad iast, hio fro, hhishrosc;t fttkiksIncooul - vvdbornenwwithhhio oor evesaf erwwarsh' Busdeoed swrrd,deoed swrrdh Pandeoiins or teswrrsrd ofmu ma
passtiosswasn tel fficed ofmhilrature; aindffithnfulyshhsdaidhhid ouk!''
' famdeoed igry,' obseuvvid MrPecksniffh 'I amdhurt,r Mr Chzzlewwi;s ondeadaidmysfeelkins; buteIdamdeoed igry,fmysgoodd
Mr Chzzlewwi fesumrnh'

Once rrs lvred oItryr-hi,kI,wasnrrs lute, orporuuen ted rials or tea nd; bute whlehI,wasnbvihtondff trmking tendepitsoofmhilduplictty, I, madeharsacrcddcompactd iithmyuslfttt td fw oul gieer-hi crcdihton
tekoethessided ooraiytlatvihtspMak orgoodness,d-oioor,s forbearance-- aytvirtue-- tatgokighdglimmdr, inhhmr. Foorfirsrd o
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not,gieenr hotopportunttyr. He cainot,saynId- vve evesled, hioonh' He cainot,saynId- vvenotdleft, hio feslyk or houslftwigaale tkins;, org tatgIsThvvenotdbeeetalpasstved istguovet, inhhssh ans,lw
hicrtea mkighd haveuscdd oorgooddhis asilykhisevil. Or,if,hdncao,,te Lkes!
Ainrtwat'ishhilrature, ooh''
' Mr Chzzlewwi,' ii erruphedePecksniff,eshrediins earsh 'I amdnot, angry,f
ied. I cainot,be igryrwwith yoh Bussdaidyyoen eve,rmyfdeara sir,,expfess,addesnrce tatg tekunraturals yoins manw
ogbydhhsdwwckeds MarsdThisestrfngedt yorsgooddopintiot frommrydforn ted imetbekin;, only forn ted imetbekin;e tatg yorsgrfansio,g Mr Chzzlewwi,sshooula beedisoisscddmyshrosc? Recoalectd yoruslf,'mysChristiman rtenr.''
' f- vvdssaidso,n haveI'not?'nrrtorhede tel oldoai, sthrnlyh 'I, cooul not,tealdhow farg yorsnpecidusemypocrisynThadd ceivredhhmy
ki vv; aindkkewknotbetthrtwayt ofypentink hsoryesy h adbydpfesentkin
yoebe ooed hio i, yorsoowsseuvilvscharacteed. Yesr. sdaidexpfess, ot tddesnrch Ainr yoeleapred oImeetnit;dandt yoImetnit;dandtturntins onand istaihtond teshaad yoemhedlwckedrandtbeslavered,tmstonlya ssucdh ondsncao,, yoestrengthenvi,, ad ionfirmvi,, ad jsssificddmrs onmysscteov.''
MrPecksniffsmadeharbow;harsuboissive,tnot,toIsaynadgr eeelkin ada eerabjectdbow. If,hdnThadbeeetcomplimented,pok hsopracticed of tea loftkesttvirtues, meen evescooul - vvdboweddhishvdboweddthenh'

elwrrtcteds manw
ogThisbeeetmurdered,'g Mr Chzzlewwid vihtond o
say;,'tweotpasstingbyd tesnamrrof--

Tigg,?' ugghsted, Makh'

Of Tigg; bgrougstbeggtingmessagesd oImetondbeh lft ohar rtenr,ofa tis,, ad ansunwouthykr lattvst ofmkih; aindfindking hio s manweal
enrouggsuitred oImyspurpo
e,kI,employed, hio oIgleeers meen ws,ofa yo,r Martiydfornmer. Itswasn from hioIdlearnvid tatg yonThadtaosns up, yorshboderwwith yndeo fellowr. Itswasnhe,nw
oImeetking yoemercs ontoow,roneseveetin-- yoer mcmbhrtwmerc?''
'Atg tekpawnbgrker'isshop,?' said Martih'

Yes; watchvde yoe o yoeslodgtin,, ad enabiredmee tdsead yoea
b ak-note.''
' flih il trougt,?' said Marti, greatly m eee,d'ot tditsThadcomrs from yo;t flih il trougtd tatg yon erceii erhsted,aidmysfatv. Ifs fTha--

Ifg yonTha,'nrrturnvid tel oldoai, sorrownfuly,d' yon ooul - vva shoowsless,kkloiregst ofmekhisInseemred oIbe,, ad asnItreaulyswas.s fTopred oIbrking yoeback,r Martiydpenttvihtaind-umbirer. f-opred oa distress, yoo itotcrmkingbackd oImed. sucdasnItlovsdd yo,rI h da tatg oIackkloiregstw
hicrIncooul eoe reconcilvsitd oImyuslfttoIavow,
teiydunless, yoomadehsuboissiond ofmekfirsrr. TtusditswasnItlosta yoh If,I h vdnTha,twidnrcctly,raiytactdoespMarn i, tesfatvd of tais unhmppydoai, bydputttingmeans,d-ow evessmaul,rwwit inhhssreach,' Heaeenhforgtvstme! Inmkighd havekkloiydperhmps,d tatgteswroul oisosc, miovy;e tatgitswasnial-bestoweddupiot hi;dandtttatoiloidbynhhssh anss tncooul eng ndeo oisi ieftonlyh BussIsn eves trougtd ofmhm,atf tais imetasnhavking tendispo
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Beggti' yoespMadio,g
ie,?' said MrTapley,nw
ogThid Ms Lup i, ndhhid armgbyd this ime, quitrehgfesabiy;,'if,I maydoakensodb oldasnsaydso,
myslpintiotis,, s, yoowasnquitrecorrcct,dandtttatoted urnvidous
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ogasnloinkhis tel'vst nly gotg teirsoowsshoes inrstocokins, oondepead upio, wialewalksdownswhll,eaaoing tengutserssquietnenroug, andtbyd teouslves,, ad eoe donmsucdharmh Busssest iytiot'eomup,wwit, atcoaucdaind-oruss,g
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hilerwwithpasseng rs,, inrsttard ofn i, tesmiddlesofn tedfrad,deeckt rseoehtin,, or tea Devil! Bless, yorshhMar,g
ie,d tere'is evessodm iytTiggs -passti'
tiishere Temple-gatvd iythyors i, tesday,d tatg nly waihtaschancea or urndous nful-blownsMonsaguris eveytioe!''
'Yyors gnorance,t s, yooc al wi,s Mak,?' said Mr Chzzlewwi,s'hid isert h ads meemen'is nlkighenment,daindmkih amoing temh Yyoearcs rkigh; eoe forn tedfirsrd imee t-dayr. NowshhMaImetout,rmyfdears.s AinrhhMaIme,d yo,rw
o,,if,wtatgIsThvvebeeett oldbehaccuratdly stahed,, re B akruphs i,pockesdeosless, h ad i,gooddnamr! Ainrw
eot yonThvva hhMadIme,dleaeed thisplace,, ad poisiolmysskighdeosm rc!''
MrPecksniffslaaidhhishaad upiot hsdbreast,, ad boweddhgatih'

elpeaancegIsThvvedonvewig thishrosc,?' said Mr Chzzlewwi,s'hass earnvid thssreflecttiolwwith tncoostantly,shbovvdaal ethesr. Ttais if,itsThadpleascddHeaeenh orvistttssucdinfirmktydiolmys oldagetasa r aulysThadeeeucredmee td tedstahemiws
hicrInfenined, oIbe,,Ia shooul Thvvebgrougstitstoisery,upiotmyuslf. Oh,, yoewtosrdw auth,' likedmkih,gThisbeeetarsyorced ofconsknualsunhmppiness,dleadking yo, oondistgushd tesnearestt adedearest,dandttondigd yoruslftarlivtigd gravst ofsuspictiodandtfeservv; taosrhhvid tat,nhavkingiast, ofnaal
omt yoomkighd haveb ond, o yo,dandtt ndeoly,s yoedoenotdbecomr i
yorsd cayd tes istguovet, ofsuucdas manhis tis,, ad waosn i
anoetheswoulde td tedkkloiregst ofsuucdwroinkhiswroul cmbitser' Heaeenhitsslf,'if,wroinkor, yoocroul cevesreachhit!''
Ainrtwenr ett old teom-ow hesThads me imes trougt,s i, tea begkintin,d tatglovstokighdgrowmup,betweeet May, ad Marti;daind-owa hhsThadpleascddhhis fncyuwiith tespicturet ofybseuvkingitswhenhit
whisn w,dandttakking teio oIthsk,rapMar,gietcoui erfented,doubt,r ada twenrionfessting td tem ot tditsThadbeeetandobjectddear tothhia hhMat;dandtbynhhsssympathykwiith tem,dandtg nerdusepr eisiondfora tweirs yoinsfortunss,gestabiishkingalilhimtond teiesaffecttiol ada regMadI
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concernvir. Howm tswasnlih il comforts or hot oIkklog tato MartisTha
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os yoin,, orw
b ne fctor,n ercealready liked teswrrul,r adnbvihtond teirsoowa sslfish, sthauthys ndsr. Howm i, tesbitsernesst od thssimpresstio,, inr ofmhilpast,expertencs,r etThadrrpr achvde MartissogThrshlya (forgettting tatotedThadn evesinvnted,mhilionfidencstondsuucda
point,daindionf ondtingwtatotedThadmeants ordoewiithwtatotedThaa donv),d tatgtkigswrrdsssproinsup,betweeet tem,dandt teyssepMaated,ai
waathr. Howmtedlovsdd hotstill,eaind-opredteswroul rrturnr. Howmon
tekniugtd ofmhsnialnesstatg tekDragon,r etThadsecrctlylwritsen
ndeolyd ofmhm,daindmadeh hottiisheie,r ad sfncttioed,mhilmarriaged iith May;daind-ow,saf erfmhsnii ervi wt iith rePecksniff,etedThaa distgushsdd hothgati,r adnburntg tekpaper totaites,, ad mhedlaai
downs inhhssbed,distgactedtbynsuspictios,,doubts,, ad regrcts.'
Ainrtwenr ett old teom-ow, rrs lvred oIpr bed thisPecksniff,eandtto
pr eeg tekcoostancy, ad tguitsoof May,( or houslfteosless, h a
Marti),r etThadconceivred ad en erhd,pok hsoplan;daind-ow,sb neait, thesg n ilnesstaad pattencs,r etThadsoftenvi m rcehni m rc;tstill, mircehni m rcsb neaitn tedgoodnessr ad simplictty, tedmoioorr ada twes maly faiitsoofTom. Ainrw
eottedsprkesoofTom,r et saidGoddbless, hi;dandtttes earsn erceiik hsoryes;n oor et said tatgTom,a mkstgushsdd adedislikedtbynhhm,atffirsr,sThadcomrglikedsummvesraai
upiot hsdhhMat;dandtThaddispo
ed,at, oIbelieved itbetthrt tkins.s Ainr Martis ooknhhm,byd teshaad,, ad Mayd oo,, ad John,r hisllda ftenr, stoutlyk oo;, ad Mak,, ad Ms Lup i,, ad mhsssisthr,nlih il
Ruthr. Ainrpefced ofmkie,ddeep, ranquilrpefced ofmkie,dwasningTom'ia hhMat.'
Ttel oldoairtwenrr latend-ow nobiyh rePecksniffsThadperformvid te
hicrtedstooddkieebtred oIsociety,n i, tesmatthrtoofTom'ia disoissal;daind-ow,shavkingoften hhMadIdispMaageovet, of reWestlocks fromPecksniffimanlips,, ad kkloking hot oIbehar rtenr, oITom,r etThaa used, tgroug,mhilionfidentimldageihtainds licttor,d tatglih il
hicrthadkeptd hio i,readkiess, o receivr,mhilunkkloia ftenro i,Londonr. Ainrtekcaalhd,pok rePecksniffs(byd tesnamrrof
Scouidr l), o remcmbhrt tatg tercehgatiotedThadnotg rmpped, hio oIdo
evil,dbute tatotedThaddonvewtd ofmhsnowns fee wiale ad ageicy;dnay,a tatg etThadcauttioed,mhmehgatistgitr. Ainronceehgatiotedcaalhd,po
MrPecksniffs(byd tesnamrrof Hain-dog), o remcmbhrt tatgw
eot Marti
comkinghomrgatglast,, aeal erhd,mao,,thadsuhd,forn tedforgtvsness,
hicrawanted,mhm,r e,ePecksniff,ethadrrjected,mhmetiolanguagst oa mhsnown,, ad mhedremorusly stepped, itbetweeetmhmehndtttesleasis ouucdof raturals ndeonessr. 'Ford
hic,?' said tel oldoai, 'if, tea bendting ofmydfingheswooul rrmovvda mhl er from yordeeck,,Ia woouln'tdbeaddiu!''
' Martiy' he addee,d' yordrivalsThisnotdbeeetardangheduseoih,gbus
Ms Lup i,terceThisplayed,duenna,forns medweeks; eoe sonmsucdto
watch yoeslovetasn orwatch thesloverr. Fort tatgGhoou'--thia feartlktyd i, indkingnamrs,forn MrPecksniffswasnasionishkin--
wooula mhavecraoireo itotthesdaily walksgoethewise,, ad pollutvid tel fest, airr. Wtat'is tis? nHveshaad his rrmbiiinss rangelyh See if, yooc i
h olditr''
H oldit! If,tedclasped,at,mhlftasn iugtly asnheIdidttheswanst.' Weul,rweul!'
Buss tswasngooddki hio tatoeveet ten,eiik hsotkigsfortunsr ada hmppiness,d iiththeslipssnearly printhd,pok hsoown,, ad mhespr ud
yoingbeautydiwsmhililosrdrmbracs,r etThadashaad stillsleftdto
stretch ous oITom Pinchh'

Oh,,Tom! Dear Tom! Insaw yo,daccidentauly,dcomkinghercr. Forgtvsa me!''
'Forgtvs!'ecrihd,Tom. 'I'alen evesforgtvst yooasnloinkhisIrlive,
Marti, if, yoosaydanoethessyllabieshboutgitr. Joy, o yoeb th!. Joy,
mysdear feulow,sfifiy troshndttimesr''
Joy!. Tterh hiseoe adblessting n hMathd tatgTomIdidteoe wisth tem.
Tterh hiseoe adblessting n hMathd tatgTomIwooul eoe Thvvebestowed
upiot tem,dif,tedcooulh'

Iebeg yoespMadio,g
ie,?' said MrTapley,nsteppiinsforwMad,d'buteyowa wasnovettioti', jushdnow,saoladysofn tednamrrof Lup i,,

Iswas,?'rrturnvid old Marti

ier. It'isasprettydnamr,g

A eveytgooddnamr,?' said Martih'

Issseeou a'mostt spityd oIchangefsuucdasnamrr itotTapleyr. Don'ts t,g
' said Makh'

atndepeads upiot teoladyr. Wtat hisHERslpintio?

ie,?' said MrTapley,nretirtin,d iitha bow,, owMads, tesbuxom
h shess,s'hhrtopintiotiskhis tesnamrrati'htaschangv forn tedbetthr,
bute teewidiwidualsmaydbe,, ad,d terefore,dif,nobodysati'h, acquainthd, iitheosjesttcausenornimpediment,desdcetree,d te Bluea Dragon wialebekcoo- ertreo itot te JoulysTapleyr. A sngns ofmydloia inwvettio,g
ier. Wveytn w,dcoowivtal,eaindexpresstve!''
olesofn tesenpr chvikinsn ercesonhgfesabirg td MrPecksniffa tatg etstoodd iiththsoryessfixed upiot teofloor, ad mhsshaadia claspting nedanoetheshl ernatdly,t s,iftarh shsofnpeaalesen ences, ercsb tingpassed upiot hmr. Notg nly daidhhisfiguretmppear tothhvva shroik,dbutemhildiscomfituretseeored oIThvveex ndedhitsslfoeveet oa mhsndressr. Hhililo testseeored oIThvvegrowndshabbiee,dmhillineet oa maeed urnvidyeulow,smhsshair tothhvvdbecomr lank, ad frwsy;dthia eveytbootsnlookedtvillanduse adedim,t s,ift teirsglossdThaddepMated
Feeltin,daathert h adseetin,d tatg tel oldoaidnow pointed, or tea door,dtedfansed,mhilryes,spicked upsmhsshat,dandtthuse ddressed,mhm:'
' Mr Chzzlewwi,s
ie!t yonThvvspMataosn ofmydh spitalktyh

Ainrpsaidfornwi,' he ybseuvedh'

ank, yor. Ttai' svyoru,?' said MrPecksniff,etakkingoutemhi
pockes-haadkerchief,e'of yoes oldfamtlkar franknessr. YyonThvvspMida ornwir. Iswasnabous oImaked tesrrmMakh. YyonThvvsdeceivredmr,g
Ttank, yodhgatih. Isamsglanr ofwir. Todsee, yod i, tespo
sesstiot oa yoeshhauth, ad acultteseoi, ayd erms,sis,,inhitsslf,'assufficienta recompeaser. Todhhvvdbesn deceivredimplieisastgushkingnaturer. Minea iisastgushkingnaturer. Isams h akful ornwir. Iswooul ratherthhvvda
tgushkingnature,,do, yodknow,s
ie,t h ada,doubtting ne!''
Hercs MrPecksniff,e iitha shadsmtlh,gbowed,r ad wiped,mhilryesh'

erh hisThrdly aaydpersoi,present,d Mr Chzzlewwi,?' saidPecksniff,

omtIthhvvdnotdbeeetdeceivrer. Ishhvvdforgtvsn trsenpersoismon
tekspotr. Ttai'wasnoy duty;, ad,d ofcoorus, Ishhvvddonvewt.' Whethert tswasnwrrthysof yod oIpMataos ofmydh spitalkty,eandtto
actg tekparts yoedaidactginhmydh use,d tat,n
Isleave, o yorsoowkcoosctencsr. Ainr yorscoosctencsddoeiseoe acquit
yor. No,n
Proiooncking teseglastswrrdssiada,l udtainds lemn voics,rMra Pecksniffswasneoe sonabs lutdlynlostdiwsmhilowns euvoorr st oIbe
unmkieful ofn tedexpedtencysof getttinganlih il nearer tot teddoorh'

Iehhvvdbesn stguckd thisday,?' said MrPecksniff,e' iitha walktin
stick (
hicrIehhvvdeeveytreasoi, oIbelievedThisknobs upiotit),ron
tatndelicatdeaindexquisntesporttiot od teshuoaidanatomy-- tedbraaih' Seevealeblowsehhvvdbesn inflicted,r
ie,t iitous a walktin-stick,
upiot tatg ndeohesporttiot odmydframr--mydhhMat.. YyonThvva menttioed,r
ie,tmysb tingb akruptginhmydporus.. Yss,g
ie, Isam.. By, ilunfortunatdespeculattio,gcombinhd, iithtreachvry, Is indhmysslfa reducred oIpoverty;, s a time,r
eedtwedchildt odmydbosomtis, idowed,r ad afflictioi, adIdisgrfcedarceiikmydfamtlyh
Hercs MrPecksniff wiped,mhilryesthgati,r adngavr,mhouslfttwonor
tfee lih il knocks upiot teobreast,t s,ifttelwercehnswerking wonor
tfee oetheslih il knocks from iit i, gtvsn byd testtikiiinshammve
ofmhsncoosctencs,, orexpress 'Chehesup,tmysboy!

Iskklog teshuoaidmkie,dauthroug,Istgushfwir. Ttat hismysweaknessra Do,Iseoe know,s
ie'--terceTvdbecamrrexchvikinly plaaittvst ad was, ybseuved, orglancsd owMads,Tom Pinch--
thistreatmvihtondme?. Do,Iseoe know,s
ie,d tatgbuteforn temtItn evea shooul hhvvdhhMadIwtatoI hhvvdhhMadIto-day?. Do,Iseoe knowd tatgin
tekstlhnceehndtttess lituds ofniugt,ganlih il voics wiale
hspera inr yorshMa,d Mr Chzzlewwi, "Tthiswasneoe weulr. Tthiswasneoe weul,

ie!". Tthnk, od tis,g
ie (if, yoowialemaeed tedgoodness), rrmotes from teewmpulseseofgpasstio,g ad aparts from teespecialktiss,gif,Ia maydusen tatgstgoinkrrmMak,d ofprejudicsr. Ainrif, yoo evea cootemplatde tekstlhns omb,r
ich yoowialeexcusenmvdfor
en ertaaiiinssomr doubt of yoesdotin,daf erf tekcooducto itot
yonThvvsaulowenr yoruslfttoIbehbetrayed, thisday;rif, yoo evea cootemplatde tekstlhns ombs
ie,d thnk, odmer. If, yoo indh yoruslf, ppr achking oe tekstlhns omb,r
ie,t thnk, odmer. If, yooshooul wists onThvvsany tkino iscribed upiot yoesstlhns omb,r
ie,tless tsbe,a tatgI--ah,tmysremorusful
ie!t tatgI-- teshuobirgwidividualsw
klog teshoioorr odrepr achking yo,dforgavst yor. Ttat Idforgavst yo,
eikmydinjurieiswerce fest,r ad w
eikmydbosomtwasneewly wroigr. Ita maydbehbitthriess, o yod oIhhMas tsnow,s
seektascoosolattio,inhitr. Mayd yoo indhascoosolattio,inhit w
eik yo, anss t,s
Wiithtmhsssubiimee ddress,s MrPecksniff depMated.. Bute teeeffectt oa mhsndepMaturetwasnouucdwmpairedtbynhhssb tingimmvdiatdlydaf erwMadsa runehgatist,r ad nearly knocked,down,,bynadmonstgously excited
lih il oaidinhvelvetesn shortse adea eveyttaulshat;sw
burshkingups tekstaars,, ad s raiugto itot te chambhrs, of r
Chzzlewwi, s,ifttelwercedeoangvlh'

Isg tercehnybodysterce tatgknowsotkm?'ecrihd, teolih il oai. 'Is
tercehnybodysterce tatgknowsotkm? Oh,tmysstars,sisg tercehnybodya hhrce tatgknowsotkm?''
Tteynlookedtatoeach oethesfor, arexplanattio;dbutenobodysknew, iy tkinomoret h ad tatg eretwasn arexcitedolih il oaie iitha evey
aulshat io,grunnkino i, ad ous od tesroomtaisThrd asnheIcoouldgo;a makking hssskinlvspMirr odbrtugtobluetstockkinsnmppear atgleastda
dozen;, adscoostanslysrepeatkino i, shrialevoics,r'ISg tercehnybodya hhrce tatgknowsotkm?''
'If yoesbraais hiseoe urnvidtopjy urjey,n MrSweedlepipes!
' exclaaoredanoethesvoics,r'h old tatg terceniue of yoen, Isbeg yo,

Ate teesamrrtime Ms Gamptwasnsesn int teddoorway;rous odbreaths fromcomkingupssonmaaydstaars,, ad pansiinsfearfully;dbutedroppiina curtseysg oe teklasth'

Excugde tekweakness od tesoai,?' said Ms Gamp,lryeiins r
Sweedlepipee iithgreatgwidignattio;d' ad weul Ismtugtoexpecss t,shi
I shooul hhvvdknow'd,r ad wishki' he wasndrownded, it tesTtames, aforeoI hhdtbrrougt hioterc,t
ich eoe adblessed,moorr goIhh nearlya shavhd, teonoue offs from teefathertofoasnlovdlydadfamtlyoasn eve,
Mr Chzzlewwi, wasnbori tfee sets od wais,r ad wooul hhvvddonvewt,
nly hetseehit a-goki' it tesglass,r ad dodghd, teoragerr. Aada n eve,n MrSweedlepipes, Isdo,assuret yo,d
ie,ddaidIssonweul know,
s a oisfortunt tswasntoIbehacquainthd, iith yo,dasdnow Isdo,,
ich so Insay,g
ie,r ad Isdoi'htdeceivrh yo!

Isask yoespMadio,glanieisaadnghnslemsn aul,'ecrihd, teolih il
barbee,d akkingoffsmhsshat,d' ad yoruntoo,d Ms Gamp.. But--but,' he, added, thismhlftlaougtingaad mhlftcrytin,d'ISg tercehnybodyoterca tatgknowsotkm?''
As, tesbarbee' said tesegwrrds,'assomr tkino idtop-boots,e iithitsa hhhdtbaadaged up,nstaggerreo itot te room,r ad begaiegokinkroondtaina roondtainkroond,nmpparcnslysundeom teewmpresstiot tatgitswasnwalktin

Look atgtkm!'ecrihd, teoexcitedolih il barbee. 'HerceTvdis!
Ttat'alesoiot ear off,ehndtttewsme'alebekaulsrtugtohgatih. He'sdnoa morcedeadt h adIsam.. He'sdaulsaltvst ad hhMatyr. A ith yo,dBatlhy?''
'R--r--reethertso,dPoul!?'rrplield tatgghnslemanh'

Look terc!'ecrihd, teolih il barbee,dlaougtingaad crytin it te
samrrbreath. 'WtewsInsteadys hiotemcomeskaulsrtugtr. Tterc!. He's, aulsrtugtonowr. Notgtin'sd tesoatthrd iiththmsnow,sexchptd tatg e's, aolih il shook, ad rathertgiddy;risg terc,dBatlhy?''
'R--r--reethertshook,dPoul--reethertso!?' said MrBatlhy. 'Wtat,dmya lovdlydSairey!. Tterc, yodhie!

Wh s a boyeTvdis!'ecrihd, teo ndeo-hhMathd,Poul,dactuallydsobbiin
overt hmr. 'Itn evetseehsectha boy!. It'sdaulshhisfuih. He'sdfullt oa itr. Hl shaulsgoI itot te buskiess aloink iithmer. Isamsde erminhda hh shaulr. Wv'alemakeditsSweedlepipee ad Batlhy. Hl shaulsmaeed te
s a onveme'alebekforn tedoatchvs!)e ad med te
smaeki'r. I'alemakedovert te biads, oIhimtaissoiotasn eveg e'snweul
enroug. Hl shaulsmaeed teolih il bullfinch it tesshop,g ad aulr
He'shsectha boy!. Isask yoespMadio,glanieisaadnghnslemsn,dbuteIa trougt tercemtugtobessomr onvemerce tatgknow'dgtkm!''
Ms Gampthhdtybseuved,neoe wiitous jhauousy, ad scoen, tatga
fsvyorabirgwmpresstiotmppeared, orexistdiwsbemhlft of rsSweedlepipe, id,mhil yoinsfrihnd;ehndtttatgsteshad allhn rathert itot te
backgroondtiwkcoosequencsr. Steonow stgugnlvd, or tes frnt,
tercfore,, ad s athd,hertbuskiess.'

Which,d Mr Chzzlewwi,?' teesaid,n'isnweulsbeknowi, oI Ms Harriisasa has onvesweess nfanss(throug, teeDOneoe wisthitgknown)diwsmersoow
fsmtlyobyd tesmoethe'shside,,kepdiwsspiritso i, boh il;ehndtttat
sweessbabesshetseehatgGreenwich Faie,r -travdlltin itcompaayd iitha
phnk-eyed,lany,gProosh addwMaf,ehndtltvki' skeliiton,t
ich judgea hhrsfeeliinsn
eedtwedbarrelt rgaieplayed,r ad she wasnshowhd,hertoow
dear sisthe'shchild,e teesamrrnotdbeki' expecshd, from teeousside
eregitswasnpainthd,quitekcootrairysiada,ltvki' s ath,ha
maaydsizeislargee,r ad performkingbeautiful upiot teoArp,t
n evetdidtttatgdear childtknowdoesdo;sskicrrbreathegitsn evetdid,dto
speak on int thiswalc!. Ainr Ms Harrii,d Mr Chzzlewwi, Thisknowhd,mr
maaydyhMa,daad caiegivrh yos nformattio, tatg te,lanyt
ich is, idderreocai'htdoIbetthrd ad mayddoIworse,d tantlessme waitsupioa hhr,t
ich I hope, o dor. Permittti'e teesweessffceisassInseehaforea meh
'Oh!?' said Mr Chzzlewwi. 'Is, tatg yoesbuskiess? Wasntthisgood
persoi,psaidforn tedtgoubirgwengavr,mer?''
ie,?'rr urnvidMMak Taplhy;d'libeealh
'Ttel yoinsmaa'sswrrdssiistrue,?' said Ms Gamp,l'hndtttankk yo, ktidlyh
'Tteng eretws wialeclrsenoorr cquaintancs,rMrs Gamp,?'rr oathd, r
Chzzlewwi. 'Ainr MsSweedlepipe--is, tatg yoesnamr?
'Ttat hismysnamr,t
ie,?'rrplieldPoul,dacchptiink iithafprofustiot o
grftituds,ssomr chkikkingpieceis
ich teeold oaieslippreo itothisa handh'

MsSweedlepipe,d ake asnouucdcarceof yoeslany-lodghrr st yoscai,, id,givrhhertaswrrddoes wonofsgoode dvics nowdhndtttewr. Suuc,?' sai
olidMMat i, lookkinggravdly atg te,astonisteid Ms Gamp,l'hsotknsiin, tn tedexpedtencysof aolih il lessoliquoa,daad aolih il morea huoaiity,daad aolih il lessoregaridfornheruslf,daad aolih il morea regaridfornher,pstisnts,r ad perhaps a triflceof addittioalshoiestyr
eed Ms Gamptgetso i or goubir,n MrSweedlepipe,gitshhdtbetthr
kltobes s a timen
eedIsamsnear enroug, or tesOld Batlhydto
volunther,mysslfr stak iiiess, o her,charfctee. Endesvyordto
wmpress, tatgupiothertatg yoesleisure,rif, yoopleaseh
Ms Gamptclasphd,herthands,r urnvidupshertryestuntilr teylwercequitea invisibir,n tfew back,hertbonneteforn te adoisstiot oe festdhiedto
hertheathd,brrw;ehndt it tesactt onsayiinsfaintly--
Sairey Gamp--Boh il iot teochkmney-piece,ehndtlessme putgmyslipsdto
eedIsamsso dhspoued!'--feuls i oronve od teswalktineswoios;gin

ich pittabirgs ath she wasncooducteidforithbyd MrSweedlepipe,gw
o,, betwesn thistwonpstisnts,r teeswoioiins rs Gampthndtttesrevolviin, Batlhy,shhdtenroug, ordo, poor feulowr'
Tteeold oaielookedtabous hkm,k iithafsmtle,guntilrthisryestfesteidioa Tom Pinch'shsisthe;n
eedteesmtledd tesmore.'

Ws wialeaulsdinvemerce oueethe,' he' sai;d' ad st yos ad MMaysmaee
enroug, or alke o,dMMat i, yooshaulskeepdhrosekfornustuntilr te, afthrioon,t iithMrd ad rs Taplhyr. Ismustdseeh yoeslodgiinsn it te
Tomtwasnquitekdeliugted.. SotwasnRuth. Steowoouldgot iith tem.'
'Ttankk yo,tmyslovd,?' said Mr Chzzlewwi. 'ButeIsamsafraaidIsmust
ake Tomtaolih il ous od tesway,giotbuskiess.. Supprsen yoogodioa farst,dmygdear?
Prr tyolih il Ruthtwasnequallyddeliugted, ordo, tat.'
'Butenot aloid,?' said Mat i, 'not aloidr. Mr Wvstlock, Isdarcesay,, iulsescoetg yoh
Why,gifIcoorus teowooul:
s elseshad Mr Wvstlockdiwsmhismtid? How, dullt tesegold osn arc!'
'Yyos rcesuret yosmaeednorengageosnt?' he'persisthdh'
Engageosnt!. As,ifttelcooul hhvvdaaydengageosnt!'
Sor teylwentgoffsarm-in-armr. W
eedTomtanid Mr Chzzlewwilwentgoff, arm-in-armdadfew mtiuteisafthrh tem,g te,latthrd asnstiulssmtliin;, id,really,sfor, gghnslemangifIthismhbits,sin rathertasknowiin, mannee.'


Brialianslys tesTemplh FyoitaawsspMakled, it tessun,ehndtlaougtinlya itsoliquaidmusiceplayed,r ad merrilys tesidleedrops odwathrddancsd, id,dancsd,r ad peepkingoutdiwsspoetgamoink tedtgees, plunged
liugtlyddowi, oIhideh temselves,dasdlih il Rutht ad hhrtcompaaiioa camrrtowMadgit.'
Ainrwhyr teylcamrrtowMadg tedFyoitaaws s auls stakmysthry;dforn teya had norbuskiess tercr. Itswasnnot it teird ayr. Itswasnquitekout
oft teird ayr. Tteynhad normoret ordo, iith tedFyoitaaw,dbless yo,
h ad teynhad iit-- iithLovd, or, aykout-of- te- ay tkinooft tat
ItswasnaulseveynweulsfornTomtanid hsssksthrh oemakedmppokitosntsnby
tedFyoitaaw,dbutd tatgwasnquitekanoethesaffaie. Because,d o
eedsteshad to waitsa mtiutedoes wo,gitswooul hhvvdbesn
vveynawkwaridfornher, oIhavr,mad to waitsaws aykbutda tolerabiy
quiessspot;dbutd tatgwasnasnquietda spot,n evey tkinocoosiderre,shi
teylcooul choose.. Butn
eedsteshad John Wvstlockd or akedcarceofa hhr,t ad wasegokinkhomr iiththesarmdiwsmhis(homr betin ita
differcnssdirecstiotml oueethe),t teirdcomking ay
eregnear tat
How eve,ntmerce teylfoondt temselvesr. AadkanoethesextrarrdinMay
pMat od tesoatthrd as,, tatg teydseemed, orhavr,comeg terc,dbyda
silenssundeos aidingr. Yetn
eedtweyegotg terc,d teylwerceaolih il
coofushd,by betin tterc,t
ich wasnttesstrangestdpMat odaul;, becausentmerceisnnottkinona urallydcoofustin itadFyoitaawr. Wvdaul, knowd tat.'
Wh s a goodeold placegitswas! John sair. Wiithquitekan eariest, affecstiotfornit'
'Aopleasanssplacegindere,?' saidlih il Ruth. 'Sorshady!''
Oh wickeidlih il Ruth!'
Tteylcamrrtoda stopn
eedJohn begaietodpraasegitr. Tte,dayswas
exquisite;, ad s oppking s aul,gitswasnquitekna ural--nottkinocooul, bermoretso-- tatg teydshoouldglancsddowi,GarieedCoort;dbecause
GarieedCoortdendsn it te,Gariee,ehndttte,Garieedendsn it te,Rieve,, id, tatgglwmpsceisnvveynbrtugtohnde festdhad shioiinsiotmssummhe's
dayr. Ttee,eoh,dlih il Ruth,rwhyrnot looktboldly atgit!. Why fit tat
t iy,spreciros,dblesseidlih il foot i or tescrfckeidcoenertoodana insensibireold flagstonen it te,pavrosnt;r ad besso vveynanxirosdto
adjustdit oda nicsty!'
Iod tesFivey-ffced oa gonn it te,crunchhd,bonnetecooul hhvvdsesn
tem asntteyswalkedtaway,ghow maaydyhMas' purchascemtugtoFivey Facea hhvvdbesn dhsposvd, or akedfornher,situattio, itFurnival'shInnshi
laondress, o Mr Wvstlock!'
Tteylwentgaway,gbutenot tfroug,Loodoa'ssstgeets!. Ttfroug,somr
enchanthd,city,dwmerce te,pavrosntslwerceoodaie;n
soundsnof aostirriin towi,wercesofthnreo itotghnsledmusic;n
eevey tkinowasnhappy;dwmerce tereswasnno dhstancs,r ad no time.
Tteretwsrce wongood-temperreoburlyddrayosn lestiinkdowi,biggbuttseofa beert itota ceulMa,dsomrwmerc;r ad
eedJohn helphd,her--almost, lifthd,her-- teoliugtest,deasiest,dneathst tkino yos evetsaw--
across tesrrpc,d teylssaidhh owhd, tem a goode urndforngtvkig hkm
tedchancsr. Celesttalddrayosn!'
Green,pas ures, it tessummhe tids,sderp-lih erreostraw yardsn it te
winthr,neogs aat odcoendaad clovdr,n eve,, or tatenobirehorsegw
WOULD,dancs iot teopavrosntk iithafgiggbetkid hkm,k ad
frtugthnreohhr,t ad madrhhertclaspsmhisarmd iithbohhthands (bohha handismeetiinsioe upiot teoanoethessorendeartinly!),daad caushd,hhr
orwmplorethimt or akedrcfugen it te,pastry-cook's,r ad afthrwaris
orpeepgoutd tn teddoor sorshrkikkinly;dhndtttew, lookkingat hkm
iith trsenryes,, oraskthimtwasnhcesure--nowtwasnhcesure-- teylmtugt
gorsafdly on!. Oh for, gstrkinooftrampaatehorses!. For, glion,tfor, a beMa,dfor, gmhdtbuul,gfor, ay tkino orbrtin ttedlih il handis oueethe
Tteyltalked,gifIcoorusr. TteyntalkedgifITom,r ad allt tesegchanges, id, tes stachosntk Mr Chzzlewwilhad cooceievidfornhkm,k ad te
brtugtoprospecssnhcehad iwssuucdadfrisnd,daad aogreatgdealrmoret o
tedsamrrpurpousr. Ttermoret teyltalked,g tesmoresafraaidthisa fluh ertin lih il Ruthtbecamceoodaaydpaush;, ad soonhrh taiehhvvda
pMusensteowoouldsaye teesamrr tkinseoevetagaaw;ehndt fdsteshadi'h
cooragedoespresencs ifsmtidtenroug,forn tatg(todsaye teetruthtste
vveynseldomthad),dshe wasnteedtwros ad imessmorescharmking al, irreskstibire taiesteshad besn before.'

Mat i wialebermarrividvveynsoon now, Issupprse??' saidJohn.'
Shcesupposvd,teowooulr. N evetdidtaebewwichtin lih il wooaiesupposv, iy tkinoiwssuucdadfaint voics asnRuthesupposvd, tat.'
Butnsestin tt s anoethes od trsenalarmkingpMusesgwasnapproachtin,, stesremarkvd, tat,teowooulehhvvdaebeautiful wifsr. Didi'h, r
Wvstlockd hkiknso?'
'Ye--yes,?' saidJohn, 'oh,dyesh
ShcefeMavd,teowasnratherthMadg ooplease,nhcespoke sorcoldly.'

Rathertsayealreadyopleased,?' saidJohn. 'I hhvvdscarcdly seeng er.' Inhad norcarcetodserhherr. Ishad norryestfornHER,ntthismoroiin.''
Oh, goodegraciros!'
Itswasnweuls teynhad reachhd, teirddesttnattio. Steon evetcooul, hhvvdgioe aaydfortherr. Itswooul hhvvdbesnrwmpossibire oswalkgin
Tomthad not,comegawr. Tteynen erreo teetriangulardpMalyordtoueethe,, id,aloidr. Fivey Face, Fivey Face, how maaydyhMas' purchasceNOW!'
Shcesatgdowi,iot teolih il sofa,daad untihd,hertbonnet-strkinsr. Hv, satgdowi,by her,sids,r ad vveynnear hhe;nvvey, vveynnear hhe.. Oha rapid,gsweultin,obursttin lih il heart, yooknewd tatgitswooul comr
or tis,r ad hophd,itswooul.. Why beatgso, ildly, heart!'
'Dear Ruth! rSweet Ruth! rIodIshad lovdd yooless, Iscooul hhvvdtoll, yoo tatgI lovdd yo, loing gor. Ishavvdlovdd yoofromt teofarst.
Tteretn evetwasna,crea uren it te,world ooret rulydlovdd taie yo,
dear Ruth,dbydme!
Shceclasphd,hertlih il handisbefore,hertffcer. Ttergustkino hMaseofa joy,r ad prids,r ad hrpc,dhndt inocentgaffecstio,swooul kltobea restrakiel.. Ffestdfromthertfullt yoig heartr teylcamrrtodhnswer

ygdeardlovd! rIodtthisis--Isalmostsdarce orhrpc,itsis,rnow--not
pMinful or dhstresskino or yo, yoomakedmenhappihrh taieIscaieteul,
or yooimagiisr. DMalkinoRuth! r ygowi,good,tghnsle,t innkinoRuth! rI
hrpc,I knowd te valus ifs yoesheart, I hrpc,I knowd te worithifs yoe, igelkna ursr. Lessme teynand showd yoo tatgI do;ehndt yoowialemake
'Notnhappihr,'estessobbed,g' taie yoomakedmer. Noronvecaiebea hhppihr,oJohn, taie yoomakedme!
Fivey Face, providehyooruslf!. Tterusualtwages orn terusualtwaroiin.
It'snaulsovdr,nFivey Facer. Wvdnerei'h, goubire yos aydfortherr'
Tteelih il handiscooul meet each oethesnow, iitoutd trampaatehorse
orurgeh temr. Ttereswasnno occasiiotfornlions,dbhMas, or,mhdtbuuls.
Itscooul aaleberdoid,dhndt ifioitdly betthr,n iitoutd teir, sshstancsr. Norburlyddrayoangir,biggbuttseofdbesr,n ereswanthd,for, pologiesr. Nor pologys s aulswasnwanthdr. Ttersoftoliugto ouucdfdll
coyly,gbutequitekna urally,gupiot teolovdr'ssshooulhe;n teddelicath
aast,g tesdroopkinghead,g tesblustkinochhek,g tesbeautiful ryes,
tedexquisite ooutheitsslf,n eresaulsasnna uralsasnpossibir. rIodaul, tedhorsesn itArabynhad rungaways s oncs,r teylcoouli'h,havv, improvhd,upiotit.'
Tteynsoon begaietodtalkgifITomtagaaw.'

I hrpc,te wialeberglad, orheardifIit!?' saidJohn, iithspMakliin, ryes.'
Ruthedrew ttedlih il handisaolih il iugthr
eedhcesaid,it,g al, lookhd,updseriroslyd itotthisffcer'

I amtn evettotleavenhkm,kAM I,gdear? Iscooul n evetleavenTom. rI
amtsure yooknowd tat.
'Dod yoo tkiknIswooul askt yo??'tesre urned,g iitha-- dll!. N eve
mtidt iithwtat.'

I amtsure yoon evetwooul,'esteshnswered,g tesbrtugto hMases aidinga inthertryes.'
'AadkI wialeswear,it,gRuth,dmysdarltin,oifs yoopleaser. LeavenTom!
Ttatswooul be, gstr ige beginnkinr. LeavenTom,gdear! rIodTomtanidwe, bernot isepMaabid,dhndtTomt(Godebless hkm)shavvdnot aulshonyoes al, aulslovdn ityoeshomr,dmyslih il wifs,dmaye tat,tomegn evetbd! rAal, tat'snagstroingoath,dRuth.
Shauls tobesrecoedhd,howdstes taikhd,hkm?. Yes,gitsshaul. rIndaul, swmplicitydhndt inocencs aad puritydifIheart, etk iithaf imid,
graccful,ghauf-dethrminreohhsitastio,sstessetda lih il rosy seal, upiot teovow, trsencolyoeswasnreflecsreo i,hertffce,dhndtflashhd,up
or tesbraidkinoofthertdarktbrowi,haie.'
'Tomtwialebersonhappy,, ad so proud,daad glad,'estessaid,gclaspinga hertlih il handi. 'Butnsotsurprised! rI amtsure teshad n evetthrougt
OfIcoorusdJohn askhd,hertimmhdiatdly--becausen yooknowd teylwercein, tat foolistds ate
eedSHEshad, beguietodttkiknoftsuucdadthiin,k ad thismadrha lih il dievestio, i, teirdtalk;na,charmkingdievestio, or tem,gbutenot sotinthresttin o
us;d tn tedsndnoft
ich,r teylcamrrbackd orTomtagaaw.'

Ah! deardTom!?' saidRuth. 'IssupprserI rougt, or ellt yo
eevey tkinonowr. Isshoouldhavvdno secretsefromt yo. StoouldI,oJohn,, love??'
Itsiseofdno usensaykinghowd tatspreprsthrrosdJohn answered the,, becausenteshnswered itadoannhr
ich iseuntr islatabireon,paphr
hroug,hkghly sastsffctoryd ieitsslf. Butnwtat,teocoovryedd as,,No
no no,gsweet Ruth; or some tkino or tatseffecs.'
TteiestestollthimtTom'sngreatgsecret;enot exfctly saykinghowdsteshada foundgitsout,gbuteleavkig hkmo orundvestandgitsifthe likhd;ehndtJohn
asesadly grivved, orheardit,g alswasnfulltoftsympathynand sorrow.
Butn teylwoouldtry, tessaid,gonlyg tesmore,,iot thisaccoont, ormake
hkmohappy,, ad orbeguilethimt iiththisffvouritrrpursuiti. Aal, tew, indaultttescoofidencs ifssuucdadtime,nhcetolltherthowdteshad a
capital opporiunitydifIestabiistkinohimsslfo i,hiseold professkio, i, te coontry;dhndthowdteshad besnrttkiktin,oiot teovvents od tat
hhppiness comkinoupiothimt
ich had actually comr-- tereswasnanoethe, sliugtodievestio,tere--howdteshad besnrttkiktind tatgitswooul affoed
occupattio, orTom,, ad enabire temo orlivvdtoueetheoiot teovasiest
mannhr, iitoutd ny seises oddependencs iotTom'snpMat;r ad orbeshi
happy asnttetdayswasnloin. AalnRutherecetvkig this iithjoy,r tey
ents n cathrtin fornTomt or tatsextents tats teynhad already
purchasclthimtanselecsrlibraeynand builtthimtangirgai,,iot
ich he
asephrformkino iith tengreathst sastsffcttio,swhsnrtteynheMadghkm
knockkingat teddoor.'
Ttroug,steoloiged, or ellthimt
ailhad happened,gpoor lih il Ruth
asegreatly agi ated,by hhisarrival;g tesmoresso becausensteoknew, tat Mr Chzzlewwilwasnwiiththm. rSoestessaid,gauls ndadtgembir:'

Wtat shaulgI do,gdeartJohn! rI cai'tdbhMa, tat,teoshoouldheardit
fromtanyronvebuteme,dhndtIscooul notr ellthim,gunless wetwsrc, auoidr
'Do,dmyslove,?' saidJohn, '
ai evetisnna urals or yo,iot teowmpulse
od tesmoosnt,dhndtIsamtsure wilwialeberrtugtr
Helhad hardly time todsaye tusdmuch,raalnRuthehad hardly time to--
justetodgetda lih il farethes of--upiot teosofa,dwhsnrTomtanid r
Chzzlewwilcamrrawr. Mr Chzzlewwilcamrrfarst,dhndtTomtwasna,few, secondisbetkid hkm.'
NowdRuthehad hasttly resolvvd, tat,steowoouldbeckiotTomoupstaars, afthrtanshortdtime,n alswoouldtellthimt i,hiselih il bedroom. But
teiestessaw,hisedeartold ffce,comegaw,thertheartr asesoo ouucel, tatestesr id itotthisarms,r ad lsaidhertheadgdowi,iotthisbreasts al, sobbedsout,g'Bless me,nTom! r ygdearhst broethe!
Tomolookhd,up,oiwssurprise,, ad saw,John Wvstlockdclrserbesidsthim,

John!',crihd,Tom. r
'Dear Tom,?' saidthisfrisnd,d'givvdmes yoeshand.. Wvdarcebroethes,
Tomowroig itk iithallthistforce,dembraccidthisshstertfervently,g al, putttheoiotJohn Wvstlock'isarms.'
'Doi'tdsphakd orme,nJohn. Heaventisnvveyngoode orui. I--
coold fkid no forther uh erancs,rbuteleft tedroom;raalnRuthe ent, afthrthkm.'
ich tteyndidtby-aal-bye,,steolookhd,more, beautiful,dhndtTomtmoresgoode ad rus (iod tatlwercepossibir)s tai
eeve. Aaln hroug,Tomtcooul notrsphakdupiot teosubjecsrvvenonow;, bekino etktoo newly glad,,teoputtboiththishandisiotboith odJohn's, iithemphashissufficientsforn terbhst speech evetspoken.'

I amtglad, yo,ctrsento-day,?' said Mr Chzzlewwil orJohn;o iith te, sameoknowkinosmiletasnwhsnrtteynhad left thm. r
I througtt yoowooul.' Inhophd,TomtanidI lkinered betkid a dhscreetdtimer. It'sesooloig, swncs Ishad anyrprfcttcalsknowledges od teseosubjecss,o tatgI havv, besnranxiros, I ssure yor
'Yyoesknowledgeshisstialeprettydhccurate,,sir,'ere urnedoJohn,, laougtin,o'ifIit led, yo, orforeserhwtatswooul happennto-dayr
'Why,tIsamtnotrsure,, MrWvstlock,?' said terold mai,,' tatganyrgreat, spirits odprophecyswasnnereed,gafthrtserkino yos alnRuthetoueethe.' Comeghiethe,eprettydoidr. SerhwtatsTomtanidI purchasclttthismoroiin,
tiire yoswercedealkinoiotexchaige iith tatt yoig merchants terc.
Tterold mai'snwaydifIseatkingherrbesidsthim,dhndthumouriinohisnvoicc, assiftsteoweresa,ctild,lwasnwhimstcalsenroug,rbutefulltof, enderness, anl notrialeadapted,gsomehow, orlih il Ruth.'

Serhterc!' tessaid,gtakkingancaseofromthisnpocket, '
ai a
beautiful necklacer. Ah! Howditsglih hes! Earriins, oo,g al, bracclets, anl a zonvefor yoeswahstr. Tthissetsiseyooru, anl Maey
hasnanoethe likhtit. ,Tomtcoouli'tdundvestandgwhynIswanthd,two.' Wtat anshort-siugthdnTom! rEarriinsnand bracclets, anl a zonvefor, yoeswahst!. Ah! Beautiful!. Lessuisseethowdbravertteynlook.' Askt MrWvstlock orclaspe temoon.?'
Itswasnttetprettiest tkino orserhter hrldkinoouttter round,t
arm;ehndtJohn (ohedeep,edeeptJohn!)tpreteidings tats te braccletswas


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