Life and Letters of Robert Browning
Mrs. Sutherland Orr

Part 7 out of 7

`The Lost Leader'; Browning's life before his second Italian journey;
in Naples; visit to Mr. Trelawney at Leghorn [19]
Browning, Robert: 1844-55 -- introduction to Miss Barrett;
his admiration for her poetry; his proposal to her;
reasons for concealing the engagement; their marriage; journey to Italy;
life at Pisa; Florence; Browning's request for appointment
on a British mission to the Vatican; settling in Casa Guidi;
Fano and Ancona; `A Blot in the 'Scutcheon' at Sadler's Wells;
birth of Browning's son, and death of his mother; wanderings in Italy:
the Baths of Lucca; Venice; friendship with Margaret Fuller Ossoli;
winter in Paris; Carlyle; George Sand. Close friendship
with M. Joseph Milsand; Milsand's appreciation of Browning;
new edition of Browning's poems; `Christmas Eve and Easter Day';
the Essay on Shelley; summer in London; introduction to Dante G. Rossetti;
again in Florence; production of `Colombe's Birthday' (1853);
again at Lucca, Mr. and Mrs. W. Story; first winter in Rome; the Kembles;
again in London (1855): Tennyson, Ruskin [32]
Browning, Robert: 1855-61 -- publication of `Men and Women';
`Karshook'; `Two in the Campagna'; another winter in Paris: Lady Elgin;
legacies to the Brownings from Mr. Kenyon; Mr. Browning's little son;
a carnival masquerade; Spiritualism; `Sludge the Medium';
Count Ginnasi's clairvoyance; at Siena; Walter Savage Landor;
illness of Mrs. Browning; American appreciation of Browning's works;
his social life in Rome; last winter in Rome; Madame du Quaire;
Mrs. Browning's illness and death; the comet of 1861 [18]
Browning, Robert: 1861-69 -- Miss Blagden's helpful sympathy;
journey to England; feeling in regard to funeral ceremonies;
established in London with his son; Miss Arabel Barrett;
visit to Biarritz; origin of `The Ring and the Book';
his views as to the publication of letters; new edition of his works,
selection of poems. Residence at Pornic; a meeting at Mr. F. Palgrave's;
his literary position in 1865; his own estimate of it;
death of his father; with his sister at Le Croisic;
Academic honours: letter to the Master of Balliol (Dr. Scott);
curious circumstance connected with the death of Miss A. Barrett;
at Audierne; the uniform edition of his works; publication of
`The Ring and the Book'; inspiration of Pompilia [21]
Browning, Robert: 1869-73 -- `Helen's Tower'; at St.-Aubin;
escape from France during the war (1870); publication of
`Balaustion's Adventure' and `Prince Hohenstiel-Schwangau';
`Herve Riel' sold for the benefit of French sufferers by the war;
`Fifine at the Fair'; mistaken theories of that work;
`Red Cotton Nightcap Country' [8]
Browning, Robert: 1873-78 -- his manner of life in London;
his love of music; friendship with Miss Egerton-Smith;
summers spent at Mers, Villers, Isle of Arran, and La Saisiaz;
`Aristophanes' Apology'; `Pacchiarotto', `The Inn Album',
the translation of the `Agamemnon'; description of a visit to Oxford;
visit to Cambridge; offered the Rectorships of the Universities
of Glasgow and St. Andrews; description of La Saisiaz;
sudden death of Miss Egerton-Smith; the poem `La Saisiaz':
Browning's position towards Christianity; `The Two Poets of Croisic',
and Selections from his Works [13]
Browning, Robert: 1878-81 -- he revisits Italy; Spluegen;
Asolo; Venice; favourite Alpine retreats; friendly relations
with Mrs. Arthur Bronson; life in Venice; a tragedy at Saint-Pierre;
the first series of `Dramatic Idyls'; the second series,
`Jocoseria', and `Ferishtah's Fancies' [10]
Browning, Robert: 1881-87 -- the Browning Society; Browning's attitude
in regard to it; similar societies in England and America;
wide diffusion of Browning's works in America; lines for the gravestone
of Mr. Levi Thaxter; President of the New Shakspere Society,
and member of the Wordsworth Society; Honorary President of
the Associated Societies of Edinburgh; appreciation of his works in Italy;
sonnet to Goldoni; attempt to purchase the Palazzo Manzoni, Venice;
Saint-Moritz; Mrs. Bloomfield Moore; at Llangollen; loss of old friends;
Foreign Correspondent to the Royal Academy; publication of `Parleyings' [15]
Browning, Robert: his character -- constancy in friendship;
optimism and belief in a direct Providence; political principles;
character of his friendships; attitude towards his reviewers
and his readers; attitude towards his works; his method of work;
study of Spanish, Hebrew, and German; conversational powers
and the stores of his memory; nervous peculiarities; his innate kindliness;
attitude towards women; final views on the Women's Suffrage question [13]
Browning, Robert: his last years -- marriage of his son;
his change of abode; symptoms of declining strength;
new poems, and revision of the old; journey to Italy: Primiero and Venice;
last winter in England: visit to Balliol College;
last visit to Italy: Asolo once more; proposed purchase of land there;
the `Lines to Edward Fitzgerald'; with his son at Palazzo Rezzonico;
last illness; death; funeral honours in Italy; `Asolando' published
on the day of his death; his burial in Westminster Abbey;
the purport and tendency of his work [16]
Browning, Robert: letters to --
Bainton, Mr. George (Coventry) [1]
Blagden, Miss Isa [12]
Fitz-Gerald, Mrs. [8]
Flower, Miss [2]
Fox, Mr. [4]
Haworth, Miss E. F. [3]
Hickey, Miss E. H. [1]
Hill, Mr. Frank (editor of the `Daily News') [2]
Hill, Mrs. Frank [1]
Keep, Miss [3]
Knight, Professor (St. Andrews) [5]
Lee, Miss (Maidstone) [1]
Leighton, Mr. (afterwards Sir Frederic) [4]
Martin, Mrs. Theodore (afterwards Lady) [2]
Moulton-Barrett, Mr. G. [2]
Quaire, Madame du [1]
Robertson, Mr. John (editor of `Westminster Review', 1838) [1]
Scott, Rev. Dr. [1]
Skirrow, Mrs. Charles [4]
Smith, Mr. G. M. [3]
Browning, Robert: Works of --
`A Blot in the 'Scutcheon' [2]
`A Death in the Desert' [2]
`Agamemnon' [1]
`Andrea del Sarto' [1]
`Aristophanes' Apology' [1]
`Artemis Prologuizes' [1]
`Asolando' [5]
`At the Mermaid' [2]
`A Woman's Last Word' [1]
`Bad Dreams' [1]
`Balaustion's Adventure' [3]
`Bean Stripes' [1]
`Beatrice Signorini' [1]
`Bells and Pomegranates' (incl. meaning of the title,
and list of the dramas and poems) [7]
`Ben Karshook's Wisdom' [1]
`Bishop Blougram' [1]
`By the Fireside' [1]
`Childe Roland' [1]
`Christmas Eve and Easter Day' [2]
`Cleon' [1]
`Colombe's Birthday' [4]
`Crescentius, the Pope's Legate' [1]
`Cristina' [1]
`Dramatic Idyls' [4]
`Dramatic Lyrics' [1]
`Dramatis Personae' [5]
`Essay on Shelley' [1]
`Ferishtah's Fancies' [2]
`Fifine at the Fair' [2]
`Flute-Music' [1]
`Goldoni', sonnet to [1]
`Helen's Tower' (sonnet) [1]
`Herve Riel' (ballad) [2]
`Home Thoughts from the Sea' [1]
`How they brought the Good News from Ghent to Aix' [1]
`In a Balcony' [2]
`In a Gondola' [2]
`Ivan Ivanovitch' [3]
`James Lee's Wife' [3]
`Jocoseria' [1]
`Johannes Agricola in Meditation' [1]
`King Victor and King Charles' [3]
`La Saisiaz' [4]
`Luria' [1]
`Madhouse Cells' [1]
`Martin Relph' [1]
`May and Death' [1]
`Men and Women' [3]
`Ned Bratts' [1]
`Numpholeptos' [1]
`One Word More' [2]
`Pacchiarotto' [3]
`Paracelsus' [8]
`Parleyings' [2]
`Pauline' [10]
`Pippa Passes' (incl. the Preface to) [5]
`Ponte dell' Angelo' [1]
`Porphyria's Lover' [1]
`Prince Hohenstiel-Schwangau' [3]
`Red Cotton Nightcap Country' [3]
`Rosny' [1]
`Saint Martin's Summer' [1]
`Saul' [1]
`Sludge the Medium' [2]
`Sordello' [7]
`Strafford' [3]
`The Epistle of Karshish' [1]
`The Flight of the Duchess' [1]
`The Inn Album' [3]
`The Lost Leader' [1]
`The Pied Piper of Hamelin' [1]
`The Return of the Druses' [3]
`The Ring and the Book' [3]
`The Two Poets of Croisic' [2]
`The Worst of It' [1]
`Two in the Campagna' [1]
`White Witchcraft' [1]
`Why I am a Liberal' (sonnet) [2]
`Women and Roses' [1]
Browning, Mrs. (the poet's wife: Elizabeth Barrett Moulton-Barrett):
Browning's introduction to her; her ill health;
the reasons for their secret marriage; causes of her ill health;
happiness of her married life; estrangement from her father;
her visit to Mrs. Theodore Martin; `Aurora Leigh': her methods of work;
a legacy from Mr. Kenyon; her feeling about Spiritualism;
success of `Aurora Leigh'; her sister's illness and death;
her own death; proposed reinterment in Westminster Abbey [14]
Browning, Mrs.: extracts from her letters -- on her husband's devotion;
life in Pisa, and on French literature; Vallombrosa; their acquaintances
in Florence; their dwelling in Piazza Pitti; `Father Prout's' cure
for a sore throat; apartments in the Casa Guidi; visits to Fano and Ancona;
Phelps's production of `A Blot in the 'Scutcheon';
birth of her son; the effect of his mother's death on her husband;
wanderings in northern Italy; the neighbourhood of Lucca;
Venice; life in Paris (1851); esteem for her husband's family;
description of George Sand; the personal appearance of that lady;
her impression of M. Joseph Milsand; the first performance
of `Colombe's Birthday' (1853); Rome: death in the Story family;
Mrs. Sartoris and the Kembles; society in Rome; a visit to Mr. Ruskin;
about `Penini'; description of a carnival masquerade (Florence, 1857);
impressions of Landor; tribute to the unselfish character
of her father-in-law; on her husband's work; on the contrast
of his (then) appreciation in England and America;
Massimo d' Azeglio; on her sister Henrietta (Mrs. Surtees Cook);
on the death of Count Cavour [34]
Browning, Mr. Robert Wiedemann Barrett (the poet's son): his birth;
incidents of his childhood; his pet-name -- Penini, Peni, Pen;
in charge of Miss Isa Blagden on his mother's death;
taken to England by his father; manner of his education;
studying art in Antwerp; with his father in Venice (1885); his marriage;
purchase of the Rezzonico Palace (Venice); death of his father there [14]
Browning, Mrs. R. Barrett [2]
Browning, Mr. Robert Jardine (Crown Prosecutor in New South Wales) [1]
Browning Society, the: its establishment [1]
Brownlow, Lord [1]
Bruce, Lady Augusta [1]
Bruce, Lady Charlotte (wife of Mr. F. Locker) [1]
Buckstone, Mr. (actor) [1]
Buloz, M. [1]
Burne Jones, Mr. [2]
Burns, Major (son of the poet) [1]

Californian Railway time-table edition of Browning's poems [1]
Cambo [1]
Cambridge, Browning's visit to [1]
Campbell Dykes, Mr. J. [6]
Carducci, Countess (Rome) [1]
Carlyle, Mr. Thomas [6]
Carlyle, Mrs. Thomas (incl. anecdote) [2]
Carnarvon, Lord [1]
Carnival masquerade, a [1]
Cartwright, Mr. and Mrs. (of Aynhoe) [3]
Casa Guidi (Browning's residence at Florence) [2]
Cattermole, Mr. [1]
Cavour, Count, death of [1]
Channel, Mr. (afterwards Sir William), and Frank [1]
Chapman & Hall, Messrs. (publishers) [2]
Cholmondeley, Mr. (Condover) [3]
Chorley, Mr. [1]
Cini, Dr. (Venice) [1]
Clairvoyance, an instance of [1]
Coddington, Miss Fannie (afterwards Mrs. R. Barrett Browning) [1]
Colvin, Mr. Sidney [1]
Corkran, Mrs. Fraser [2]
Cornaro, Catharine [3]
Cornhill Magazine: why `Herve Riel' appeared in it [2]
Corson, Professor [1]
Crosse, Mrs. Andrew [1]
`Croxall's Fables', Browning's early fondness for [1]
Curtis, Mr. [1]

Dale, Mr. (actor) [1]
Davidson, Captain (of the `Norham Castle', 1838) [2]
Davies, Rev. Llewellyn [1]
Debt, Browning's mock defence of (in the `Trifler') [1]
Dickens, Charles [5]
Domett, Alfred (incl. `On a certain Critique of Pippa Passes') [3]
Dourlans, M. Gustave [1]
Doyle, Sir Francis H. [1]
Dufferin, Lord [1]
Dulwich Gallery [1]

Eclectic Review, the (review of Browning's works) [1]
Eden, Mr. Frederic [1]
Egerton-Smith, Miss [2]
Elgin, Lady [3]
Elstree (Macready's residence) [2]
Elton, Mr. (actor) [1]
Engadine, the [2]
Examiner (review of `Paracelsus') [1]

Fano [1]
`Father Prout' (Mr. Mahoney) [1]
Faucit, Miss Helen -- as Lady Carlisle in `Strafford'; as Mildred
in `A Blot in the 'Scutcheon'; as Colombe in `Colombe's Birthday' [3]

Fiori, Margherita (Browning's nurse) [1]
Fisher, Mr. (artist) [1]
Fitzgerald, Mr. Edward [1]
Fitz-Gerald, Mrs. [1]
Florence [6]
Flower, Miss [5]
Flower, Mr. Benjamin (editor of the `Cambridge Intelligencer') [1]
Fontainebleau [1]
Forster, Mr. John [11]
Fortia, Marquis de [1]
Fox, Miss Caroline [1]
Fox, Miss Sarah [1]
Fox, Mr. W. J. (incl. election for Oldham) [10]
Furnivall, Dr. [5]

Gaisford, Mr., and Lady Alice [1]
Galuppi, Baldassaro [1]
Gibraltar [1]
Ginnasi, Count (Ravenna) [1]
Giustiniani-Recanati, Palazzo (Venice) [1]
Gladstone, Mr. [1]
Glasgow, University of [1]
Goldoni, Browning's sonnet to [1]
Goltz, M. (Austrian Minister at Rome) [1]
Gosse's `Personalia' [4]
Green, Mr. [1]
Gressoney Saint-Jean [1]
Guerande (Brittany) [1]
Guidi Palace (Casa Guidi) [1]
Gurney, Rev. Archer [1]

Hanmer, Sir John (afterwards Lord Hanmer) [1]
Haworth, Miss Euphrasia Fanny [2]
Haworth, Mr. Frederick [1]
Hawthorne, Nathaniel [1]
Hazlitt, Mr. [1]
Heyermans, M. (artist; Antwerp) [1]
Hickey, Miss E. H. [2]
Hill, Mr. Frank (editor of the `Daily News', 1884) [1]
Hood, Mr. Thomas [1]
Horne, Mr. [1]
Hugo, Victor [1]

Ion, the Ion supper [1]

Jameson, Mrs. Anna [1]
Jebb-Dyke, Mrs. [1]
Jerningham, Miss [1]
Jersey [1]
Jewsbury, Miss Geraldine [1]
Joachim, Professor [1]
Jones, Mr. Edward Burne [1]
Jones, Rev. Thomas [1]
Jowett, Dr. [3]

Kean, Mr. Edmund [1]
Keats [1]
Keepsake, The [1]
Kemble, Mrs. Fanny [1]
Kenyon, Mr. John [5]
King, Mr. Joseph [1]
Kirkup, Mr. [2]
Knight, Professor (St. Andrews) [2]

Lamartine, M. de [1]
Lamb, Charles [1]
Landor, Walter Savage [5]
La Saisiaz [2]
Layard, Sir Henry and Lady [2]
Le Croisic (Brittany) [1]
Leigh Hunt [1]
Leighton, Mr. (afterwards Sir Frederic) [2]
`Les Charmettes' (Chambery: Rousseau's residence) [1]
Le Strange, Mrs. Guy [1]
Lewis, Miss (Harpton) [1]
Literary Gazette (review of `Pauline') [1]
Literary World, the Boston, U.S. (on `Colombe's Birthday') [1]
Llangollen [2]
Llantysilio Church [1]
Lloyd, Captain [1]
Locker, Mr. F. (now Mr. Locker-Lampson) [2]
Lockhart [1]
Lucca [4]
Lyons, Mr. (son of Sir Edmund) [1]
Lytton, Mr. (now Lord) [3]

Maclise, Mr. (artist) [2]
Macready, Mr. [5]
Macready, Willy (eldest son of the actor): his illustrations
to the `Pied Piper' [1]
Mahoney, Rev. Francis (`Father Prout') [1]
Manning, Rev. Dr. (afterwards Cardinal) [1]
Manzoni Palace (Venice) [1]
Martin, Lady [3]
Martin, Sir Theodore [1]
Martineau, Miss [4]
Mazzini, Signor [1]
Melvill, Rev. H. (afterwards Canon) [2]
Meredith, Mr. George [1]
Mill, Mr. J. S. [3]
Milnes, Mr. Monckton (afterwards Lord Houghton) [4]
Milsand, M. Joseph [4]
Minich, Dr. (Venice) [1]
Mitford, Miss [3]
Mocenigo, Countess (Venice) [1]
Mohl, Madame [2]
Monthly Repository (incl. Browning's contributions to) [4]
Moore, Mrs. Bloomfield [2]
Morgan, Lady [1]
Morison, Mr. James Cotter [1]
Mortimer, Mr. [2]
Moulton-Barrett, Mr. George [3]
Moxon, Mr. (publisher) [4]
Murray, Miss Alma (actress) [1]
Musset, Alfred and Paul de [1]

Naples [1]
National Magazine, the: Mrs. Browning's portrait in (1859) [1]
Nencioni, Professor (Florence) [1]
Nettleship, Mr. J. T. [1]
New Shakspere Society [1]
Noel, Mr. Roden [1]

Ogle, Dr. John [1]
Ogle, Miss (author of `A Lost Love') [1]
Osbaldistone, Mr. (manager of Covent Garden Theatre, 1836) [1]
Ossoli, Countess Margaret Fuller [1]
Oxford (incl. Browning's visit to, 1877) [2]

Palgrave, Mr. Francis [1]
Palgrave, Mr. Reginald [1]
Paris [2]
Patterson, Monsignor [1]
Phelps, Mr. (actor) [3]
Pirate-ship, wreck of [1]
Pisa [1]
Poetical contest, a Roman [1]
Pollock, Sir Frederick (1843) [1]
Pornic [2]
Powell, Mr. Thomas [2]
Power, Miss (editor of `The Keepsake') [1]
Powers, Mr. (American sculptor) [1]
Primiero [1]
Prinsep, Mr. Val [6]
Pritchard, Captain [1]
Procter, Mr. Bryan Waller (Barry Cornwall) [4]

Quaire, Madame du [2]
Quarles' Emblemes [1]

Ravenna [1]
Ready, the two Misses, preparatory school [3]
Ready, Rev. Thomas (Browning's first schoolmaster) [2]
Regan, Miss [1]
Reid, Mr. Andrew [1]
Relfe, Mr. John (musician) [1]
Rezzonico Palace (Venice), the [2]
Richmond, Rev. Thomas [1]
Ripert-Monclar, Count de [4]
Robertson, Mr. John (editor of `Westminster Review', 1838) [1]
Robinson, Miss Mary (now Mrs. James Darmesteter) [1]
Rome [2]
Rossetti, Mr. Dante Gabriel (incl. death of his wife) [4]
Ruskin, Mr. [1]
Russell, Lady William [1]
Russell, Mr. Odo (afterwards Lord Ampthill) [2]

Sabatier, Madame [1]
Saleve, the [2]
Sand, George [2]
Sartoris, Mrs. [4]
Saunders & Otley, Messrs. [2]
Scott, Rev. Dr. (Master of Balliol, 1867) [1]
Scotti, Mr. [1]
Scottish Art Review, the, Mr. Mortimer's `Note on Browning' in [1]
Seraverra [1]
Sharp, Mr. [4]
Shelley (incl. Browning's Essay on; his grave) [4]
Shrewsbury, Lord [1]
Sidgwick, Mr. A. [1]
Siena [2]
Silverthorne, Mrs. [2]
Simeon, Sir John [1]
Smith, Miss (second wife of the poet's grandfather) [1]
Smith, Mr. George Murray [1]
Southey [1]
Spezzia [1]
Spiritualism (incl. a pretending medium) [2]
Spluegen [1]
St. Andrews University [1]
St.-Aubin (M. Milsand's residence) [2]
St.-Enogat (near Dinard) [1]
St.-Pierre la Chartreuse (incl. a tragic occurrence there) [2]
Stanley, Dean [1]
Stanley, Lady Augusta [1]
Stendhal, Henri [2]
Sterling, Mr. John [1]
Stirling, Mrs. (actress) [1]
Story, Mr. and Mrs. William [7]
Sturtevant, Miss [1]
Sue, Eugene [1]

Tablets, Memorial [3]
Tait's Magazine [1]
Talfourd, Serjeant [3]
Taylor, Sir Henry [1]
Tennyson, Mr. Alfred (afterwards Lord Tennyson) [2]
Tennyson, Mr. Frederick [1]
Thackeray, Miss Annie [1]
Thackeray, Mr. W. M. [2]
Thaxter, Mrs. (Celia) (Boston, U.S.) [1]
Thaxter, Mr. Levi (Boston, U.S.) [1]
Thomson, Mr. James: his application of the term `Gothic'
to Browning's work [1]
Tittle, Miss Margaret [1]
Trelawney, Mr. E. J. (1844) [1]
Trifler, The (amateur magazine) [1]
True Sun, the (review of `Strafford') [1]

Universo, Hotel dell' (Venice) [1]

Vallombrosa [1]
Venice [6]
Vigna, Dr. da (Venice) [1]

Wagner [1]
Warburton, Mr. Eliot [1]
Watts, Dr. [1]
Westminster, Dean of [2]
Widman, Counts [1]
Wiedemann, Mr. William [1]
Williams, Rev. J. D. W. (vicar of Bottisham, Cambs.) [1]
Wilson (Mrs. Browning's maid) [6]
Wilson, Mr. Effingham (publisher) [1]
Wiseman, Mrs. (mother of Cardinal Wiseman) [1]
Wolseley, Lady [1]
Wolseley, Lord [1]
Woolner, Mr. [1]
Wordsworth [3]
Wordsworth Society, the [2]

End of Life and Letters of Robert Browning, by A. Orr


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