Melbourne House, Volume 2
Susan Warner

Part 7 out of 7

"Slow work--" said the doctor.

"He will get over it, won't he?"

"I hope he will."

"But cannot anything be done for him, Grant?"

"He is going to do the best thing. He is going to Europe."

"To Europe!--This winter?"

"Now, in a few weeks, or less."

"It will be good for your pet Daisy."

"Doubtfully--" said the doctor with a very complicated expression of
face; but he was taking off his boot at the moment, and maybe it
pinched him. "She will not go."

"Not go! Daisy! Does not her mother go?"


"And not Daisy? Why not Daisy?"

"She gives so much trouble--" said the doctor.

"Trouble!--I thought her parents were so fond of her."

"Mr. Randolph is unequal to any agitation; and Mrs. Randolph regulates

"But wouldn't it be good for Daisy?"

"I think so."

"Poor child! What will they do with her?"

"Send her to a Southern plantation, under care of a governess, as I

"It will half kill Daisy," said Mrs. Sandford.

"It takes a great deal to kill people," said the doctor.

"I do not know how to believe you," said the lady. "Is it all fixed and
settled. Grant?"

"They leave Melbourne next week."



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