New York at the Louisiana Purchase Exposition, St. Louis 1904
DeLancey M. Ellis

Part 4 out of 8


Almost every New York painter of individuality and ability--in oil,
water-color and miniature work--was represented adequately and
creditably; the exhibit of sculpture was exceptionally fine; etching and
engraving were exemplified by the ablest exponents of these branches of
art, wood engraving by types of its highest expression; there was an
excellent collection of works from the leading American illustrators,
and noteworthy examples of the applied arts--of artistic handicrafts--by
New York art workers were well in evidence. In architecture, while the
exhibit was creditable, it might have been more comprehensive and
representative; and the same might be said of the exhibit of mural
painting. The latter, however, as readily may be understood, is
extremely difficult of representation at an exposition--most of its
examples having been executed in place, and only cartoons or photographs
of achieved works usually being available for exhibition.


The members of the various Advisory Committees in charge of the
organization of the group exhibits were as follows:

For Oil Paintings: Cecilia Beaux, J. Carroll Beckwith, J. G. Brown,
Howard Russell Butler, William M. Chase, William A. Coffin, Frederick
Dielman, R. Swain Gifford, H. Bolton Jones, John La Farge, Alexander T.
Van Laer, Harry W. Watrous.

For Water Colors, Pastels and Lithographs: F.S. Church, Charles C.
Curran, Francis C. Jones, Will H. Low, J.C. Nicoll, Will S. Robinson,
Henry B. Snell.

For Miniature Painting: William J. Baer, Lucia Fairchild Fuller, Laura
C. Hills.

For Sculpture: Daniel C. French, H.A. MacNeil, A. Phimister Proctor,
Augustus Saint Gaudens, J.Q.A. Ward.

For Etchings and Engravings (other than wood engravings): Carlton T.
Chapman, C.F. Mielatz, J.C. Nicoll, Alexander Schilling, James D.

For Wood Engravings: George T. Andrew, Frank French, Henry Wolf.

For Drawings for Illustration: Henry S. Fleming, Charles Dana Gibson,
Arthur I. Keller, Louis Loeb, Howard Pyle.

For Architecture: Grosvenor Atterbury, Arnold W. Brunner, Walter Cook,
H.J. Hardenberg, John Galen Howard, C. Grant La Farge, Charles F. McKim,
Henry Rutgers Marshall, George B. Post.

For Mural Painting: Will H. Low, George W. Maynard, Charles Y. Turner.

For Applied Arts: William Couper, John La Farge, Frederick S. Lamb,
Louis C. Tiffany, Stanford White, Douglas Volk.

Harry W. Watrous, Chairman of Executive Committee, Ex-officio member of
all committees.

_Exhibits of New York Artists Arranged by Groups, Together with the
Number of Works Contributed, and Award, if Any, Received by Each_


_Paintings and Drawings_

_Oil Paintings_

Alexander, John W., 8. Gold medal
Anderson, Karl J., 1
Barse, George R., 1
Baylos, Zellna, 1
Beal, Gifford, 2. Bronze medal
Beaux, Cecilia, 3. Gold medal
Beckwith, Carroll, 3. Silver medal
Bell, Edward A., 1. Silver medal
Birney, W. V., 2. Bronze medal
Blakelock, R. A., 1
Blenner, Carle J., 2. Bronze medal
Blum, Robert F. (deceased), 1
Bogert, George H., 2. Silver medal
Borglum, Gutzon, 1
Brigham, W. Cole, 1
Bristol, J. B., 1
Brown, Ethelbert, 1
Brown, J. Francis, 1
Brown, J. G., 5
Brown, Matilda, 1
Bruce, Patrick Henry, 1
Brush, George de Forest. 1. Gold medal
Burroughs, Bryson, 2. Bronze medal
Butler, Howard Russell, 2. Bronze medal
Carlsen, Emil, 4. Gold medal
Carr, Lyell, 2. Bronze medal
Chapman, Carlton T., 2
Chase, William M., 7
Child, Edward B., 2
Church, Frederick S., 3. Silver medal
Clark, Walter, 2. Silver medal
Coffin, William A., 2. Silver medal
Collins, Alfred Q. (deceased), 2
Coman, Charlotte B., 2
Cooper, Colin C., 5
Cooper, Emma Lampert, 1. Bronze medal
Cotton, Mrs. Leslie, 1
Couse, E. Irving, 3. Bronze medal
Cox, Kenyon, 1. Gold medal
Cox, Louise, 1. Silver medal
Crane, Bruce, 6. Gold medal
Crane, Frederick, 2. Bronze medal
Curran, Charles C., 4. Silver medal
Curtis, Constance, 1
Curtis, Elizabeth, 1
Daingerfield, Elliott, 1
De Forest, Lockwood, 1
De Haven, Frank, 1. Silver medal
Denman, Herbert (deceased), 1
Dewey, Charles Melville, 2. Silver medal
Dodge, W. de Leftwich, 2
Dougherty, Paul, 1
Drake, W. H., 1
Dufner, Edward, 3. Silver medal
Du Mond, Frank V., 6. Silver medal
Dustin, Silas S., 1
Eaton, Charles Warren, 4. Silver medal
Emmett, Ellen, 2. Silver medal
Emmett, Lydia Field, 1. Silver medal
Ericson, David, 1. Silver medal
Field, Edward Loyal, 1
Flagg, Montague, 1. Silver medal
Florian, Walter, 3. Silver medal
Foote, Will Howe, 1. Bronze medal
Foster, Ben, 3. Silver medal
Fournier, Alexis J., 3
Fowler, Frank, 3
Fromkes, Maurice, 1
Gauley, Robert D., 3. Bronze medal
Gay, Edward, 2. Bronze medal
Gifford, R. Swain, 3
Glackens, W. J., 1. Silver medal
Green, Frank Russell, 2. Bronze medal
Groll, Albert L., 2. Silver medal
Guy, Seymour J., 4. Gold medal
Harrison, Birge, 5. Silver medal
Hart, Letitia B., 1
Hart, Mary T., 1
Hassam, Childe, 6. Gold medal
Havens, Belle, 1
Hawthorne, C. W., 1
Henri, Robert. 2. Silver medal
Henry, Edward L., 3. Bronze medal
Herzog, Louis, 2. Bronze medal
Hitchcock, Lucius W., 1. Bronze medal
Hoeber, Arthur, 1
Homer, Winslow, 2. Gold medal
Howe, W. H., 3
Humphreys, Albert, 1
Huntington, Daniel, 1
Hyde, William H., 1
Inness, George, Jr., 2
Isham, Samuel, 3. Silver medal
Johnson, Eastman, 2. Gold medal
Jones, Francis C., 2. Silver medal
Jones, H. Bolton, 3. Gold medal
Jongers, Alphonse, 2. Silver medal
Kaufman, John F., 1
Kendall, Margaret, 1. Bronze medal
Kendall, W. Sergeant, 5. Gold medal
Ketcham, Susan N., 1
Kline, William F., 2. Bronze medal
Kost, Frederick W., 2. Silver medal
Lang, Charles M., 1
Lathrop, W. L., 1. Bronze medal
Lawson, Ernest, 2. Silver medal
Lee, Henry C., 1
Lee, Homer, 1
Leigh, W. R., 1
Lie, Jonas, 3. Silver medal
Linson, Corwin K., 2
Lippincott, W. H., 2. Bronze medal
Lockman, De Witt M., 1
Loeb, Louis, 2. Silver medal
Low, Will H., 5
Lucas, Alfred P., 1
Lyman, Joseph, 1. Bronze medal
McChasney, Clara T., 1. Bronze medal
McCord, George H., 1. Bronze medal
McIlhenny, C. M. (deceased), 2
McLane, M. Jean, 2. Bronze medal
Marchand, J. N., 1
Marsh, Frederick Dana, 1. Bronze medal
Maynard, George W., 2
Metcalf, Willard L., 3. Silver medal
Miller, Charles H., 1
Millet, F. D., 1
Minor, Robert C. (deceased), 2
Mora, F. Luis, 1. Bronze medal
Moran, Thomas, 2
Moschowitz, Paul, 2. Silver medal
Mosler, Gustave H., 1. Bronze medal
Mosler, Henry, 1
Murphy, J. Francis, 2. Silver medal
Myers, Jerome, 2. Bronze medal
Mygatt, R. K., 1. Silver medal
Needham, C. Austin, 3. Bronze medal
Newell, G. Glenn, 1
Nicoll, J. C., 3
Norton, W. E., 1
Ochtman, Leonard, 5. Gold medal
Palmer, Walter L., 2. Silver medal
Parton, Arthur, 2. Bronze medal
Perrine, Van Deering, 3
Poore, Henry R., 3. Silver medal
Porter, Benjamin C., 3. Silver medal
Post, W. Merritt, 2
Potthast, Edward H., 3. Silver medal
Prellwitz, Henry, 1. Silver medal
Questgaard, W., 1
Raught, J. W., 2
Rehn, F. K. M. 3. Silver medal
Reid, Robert, 3. Silver medal
Remington, Frederic, 1
Rice, W. M. J., 1
Robinson, Theodore (deceased), 4
Robinson, Will S., 2
Rook, Edward F., 5. Silver medal
Rouland, Orlando, 1
Sartain, William, 1
Saxton, John Gordon, 1. Bronze medal
Schreyvogel, Charles, 1. Bronze medal
Schroeter, Alexander, 1
Schwill, William V., 3. Bronze medal
Sears, Taber, 1. Bronze medal
Sewell, Amanda B., 3. Bronze medal
Sewell, Robert V. V., 1. Silver medal
Sheppard, Warren, 1
Sherwood, M. C., 1
Shirlaw, Walter, 1. Silver medal
Shurtleff, R. M., 1. Bronze medal
Sieber, E. G., 1
Simmons, Edward E., 1
Smillie, George H., 1. Bronze medal
Smith, De Cost, 1
Smith, W. Granville, 1
Snell, Henry B., 3. Silver medal
Steichen, Eduard, 2
Stokes, Frank W., 1
Talcott, Allen B., 4. Silver medal
Thorne, William, 3
Todd, Henry S., 1. Bronze medal
Tryon, D. W., 4. Gold medal
Turcas, Jules, 1. Bronze medal
Twachtman, J. H. (deceased), 3
Van Boskerck, R. W., 3. Silver medal
Van der Veer, Mary, 1. Bronze medal
Van Laer, Alexander T., 3
Volk, Douglas, 3. Silver medal
Vonnoh, Robert W., 5
Voorhees, Clark G., 1. Bronze medal
Walcott, H.M., 2. Silver medal
Walker, Horatio, 4. Gold medal
Walker, Henry Oliver, 2. Silver medal
Watrous, Harry W., 2
Weber, F.W., 1
Weir, J. Alden, 2. Gold medal
Whittemore, W.J., 1
Whittredge, Worthington, 3. Silver medal
Weigand, Gustav, 1. Bronze medal
Wiggins, Carleton, 4
Wiles, Irving R., 5. Gold medal
Wiley, Frederick J., 5. Bronze medal
Woolf, S.J., 1
Wores, Theodore, 1
Wyant, A.H. (deceased), 3
Yates, Cullen, 1. Bronze medal
Total--Artists, 207; works, 423

_Water Colors and Pastels_

Annan, Alice H., 1
Barse, George R., 1
Beckwith, Carroll, 2. See "Oil Paintings"
Bicknell, E.M., 1
Birney, W.V., 1. See "Oil Paintings"
Blum, Robert F. (deceased), 2
Bridges, Fidelia, 1
Bristol, J.B., 1
Brown, J.G., 1
Budworth, W.S., 3
Butler, Howard Russell, 2. See "Oil Paintings"
Chapman, Carlton T., 1
Chase, William M., 1
Clements, George H., 1
Clinedinst, B.W., 2
Colby, Josephine W., 1
Colman, Samuel, 1
Coman, Charlotte B., 1
Cooper, Colin C., 1
Cooper, Emma Lampert, 4. See "Oil Paintings"
Crowninshield, Frederic, 1
Curran, Charles C., 1. See "Oil Paintings"
Curtis, Constance, 1
Daingerfield, Elliott, 2
De Luce, Percival, 1
Dewey, Charles Melville, 2. See "Oil Paintings"
Dewing, Thomas W., 8. Gold medal
Dielman, Frederick, 2
Drake, Will H., 1
Eaton, Charles Warren, 3. See "Oil Paintings"
Edwards, George Wharton, 2
Fenn, Harry, 1
Foss, H. Campbell, 2
Foster, Ben, 1. See "Oil Paintings"
Fry, G. T., 2
Gifford, R. Swain, 1
Gilbert, C. Allen, 3
Green, Frank Russell, 1. See "Oil Paintings"
Greene, F. Stewart, 1
Guerin, Jules, 2. Silver medal
Hardenbergh, Elizabeth R., 1
Hassam, Childe, 3. See "Oil Paintings"
Homer, Winslow, 1. See "Oil Paintings"
Hore, Ethel, 1
Isham, Samuel, 1. See "Oil Paintings"
Jones, H. Bolton, 1. See "Oil Paintings"
Keith, Dora Wheeler, 1
Keller, Arthur L., 3. Silver medal
Kinsella, James, 3
La Farge, John, 3. See "Commemorative Award"
Liebscher, Gustav, 1
Linson, Corwin K., 3
Lippincott, W. H., 1. See "Oil Paintings"
McCord, George H., 3. See "Oil Paintings"
McIlhenny, C. M. (deceased), 1
McLane, M. Jean, 2. See "Oil Paintings"
McChesney, Clara T., 1. See "Oil Paintings"
Mora, F. Luis, 1. See "Oil Paintings"
Moran, Percy, 2
Newell, G. Glenn, 2
Nicholls, Rhoda H., 2. Bronze medal
Nicoll, J. C., 2
O'Leary, Angela, 1
Ochtman, Leonard, 1. See "Oil Paintings"
Of, George F., Jr., 1
Palmer, Walter L., 4. See "Oil Paintings"
Platt, Alethea H., 2
Post, W. M., 1
Potthast, Edward H., 1. See "Oil Paintings"
Proctor, A. Phimister, 1. Bronze medal
Redmond, Frieda W., 1
Redmond, John J., 2
Rehn, F. K. M., 1. See "Oil Paintings"
Ritschel, William, 2
Robinson, Will S., 1. Bronze medal
Rockwood, Catherine C., 2
Rook, Edward F., 1
Rosenmeyer, B. J., 2
Sanders, Bertha D., 2
Schilling, Alexander, 2. Silver medal
Schneider, W. G., 1
Scott, Emily M., 2
Sherwood, Rosina E., 5. Silver medal
Shirlaw, Walter, 5. See "Oil Paintings"
Shurtleff, R. M., 2. See "Oil Paintings"
Smillie, George H., 1. See "Oil Paintings"
Smith, F. Hopkinson, 3
Smith, W. Granville, 1
Snell, Florence F., 1
Snell, Henry B., 4. See "Oil Paintings"
Soper, James H. Gardner, 1. Bronze medal
Spafard, Myra B., 1
Stowell, M. Louise, 1
Tryon, D. W., 15. See "Oil Paintings"
Twachtman, J. H. (deceased), 3
Van Laer, Alexander T., 1
Walker, Horatio, 3. See "Oil Paintings"
Weir, J. Alden, 3. See "Oil Paintings"
Weldon, C. D., 2
Whittemore, W. J., 2
Yates, Cullen, 2. See "Oil Paintings"
Zogbaum, Rufus F., 1
Total--Artists, 102; works, 194


Baer, W. J., 3
Baxter, Martha W., 2
Bayliss, Lillian, 1
Beckington, Alice, 4. Bronze medal
De Haas, Alice P. T., 1
Dix, Eulabee, 1
Emmett, Lydia Field, 1. See "Oil Paintings"
Holley, Caroline E., 3
Howard, Clara, 1
Kendall, Margaret, 3. See "Oil Paintings"
King, Paul, 1
Nicholls, Rhoda H., 3. See "Water Colors"
Searle, Alice A., 1
Shuttleworth, Claire, 1
Siboni, Emma B., 5
Strean, Maria J., 2
Thayer, Theodora W., 3
Turner, Helen M., 3
Underwood, Edith B., 1
Volk, Ellen S., 1
Weidner, Carl, 3
West, Anne Shaw, 1
Wing, Alice B., 1. Bronze medal
Worrall, R., 2
Total--Artists, 24; works, 48

_Mural Paintings and Designs_

Armstrong, Helen M.,
Blashfield, Edwin H., 14. Gold medal
Breck, George W., 2. Silver medal
Burgess, Ida J., 1
Burroughs, Bryson, 3. See "Oil Paintings"
Cowles, Maud Alice, 1
Cox, Kenyon, 2. See "Oil Paintings"
Crawford, Earl S., 1
Curtis, Constance, 1
Dielman, Frederick. 6
Deming, Edward W., 3. Bronze medal
Dodge, W. de Leftwich, 3
Kaufman, J. F., 1
Kline, William F., 1. See "Oil Paintings"
Lamb, Ella Condie, 1
Lauber, Joseph, 5
Lichtenauer, J. M., Jr., 2
Low, Will H., 6
Marsh, Frederic Dana, 4. See "Oil Paintings"
McLane, M. Jean, 1. See "Oil Paintings"
Mora, F. Luis, 1. See "Oil Paintings"
O'Brien, Madeleine, 1
Sears, Taber, 2
Sewell, Robert V. V., 2. See "Oil Paintings"
Shean, Charles M., 1. Bronze medal
Shirlaw, Walter, 3. See "Oil Paintings"
Turner, C. Y., 5. Silver medal
Vaillant, Louis D., 2
Walker, Henry Oliver, 10. See "Oil Paintings"
Wenzell, A. B., 2. Silver medal
Total--Artists, 30; works, 92

_Drawings for Illustrations_

Chapman, Carlton T., 1
Child, Edward B., 3
Clay, John Cecil, 3
Cowles, Genevieve, 1
Cowles, Maud A., 1. Bronze medal
Du Mond, Frank V., 5. See "Oil Paintings"
Edwards, George Wharton, 3
Fogarty, Thomas, 5
Gibson, Charles Dana, 3. Silver medal
Gillam, Victor, 3
Glackens, W. J., 8. Bronze medal
Hambidge, Jay, 1
Hinton, Charles L., 6
Hitchcock, Lucius W., 4. Silver medal
Hutt, Henry, 1
Keller, Arthur I., 6. Gold medal
Lawrence, William H., 1
Leigh, William H., 2
Leyendecker, F. X., 5
Linson, Corwin K., 2
Loeb, Louis, 5. Silver medal
Orson, Lowell, 6
McCarter, Henry, 3. Silver medal
McLane, M. Jean, 2. See "Oil Paintings"
Mora, F. Luis, 1. See "Oil Paintings"
Parrish, Maxfield, 2
Penfold, Edward, 5
Reuterdahl, H., 5
Rhead, Louis J., 3
Rosenmeyer, B. J., 1
Sherwood, Rosina E., 4
Shinn, Florence S., 2
Smith, W. Granville, 1
Steele, Frederic Door, 5. Bronze medal
Sterner, Albert, 2
Stevens, W. D., 3
Taylor, C. Jay, 3
Van der Veer, Mary, 1. See "Oil Paintings"
Walcott, H. M., 1. See "Oil Paintings"
Wenzell, A. B., 4. See "Mural Paintings and Designs"
White, C. H., 1
Winslow, Eleanor C., 1
Zogbaum, R. F., 2
Total--Artists, 43; works, 127

The following commemorative award was also conferred in this group:

La Farge, John, commemorating distinguished service in art. Medal of


_Engravings and Lithographs_

_Etchings and Engravings_

(Other than Wood Engravings)

Bacher, Otto H., 4. Silver medal
Beckwith, Carroll, 1
Bellows, A. F., 4
Bloodgood, R. F., 2
Blum, Robert F. (deceased), 3
Chapman, Carlton T., 8
Dielman, Frederick, 2
Farrar, Henry (deceased), 1
Guy, Seymour J., 1
Hale, Walter, 6
Hambidge, Jay, 1
Hovenden, Thomas (deceased), 2
Jones, H. Bolton, 1
King, James S., 1
Lathrop, W. L., 4
Laube, Joseph, 7
Lewis, Arthur Allen, 3. Bronze medal
Lippincott, W. H., 3
Loewenburg, N., 2
Mielatz, Charles F. W., 21
Moran, Mary Nimmo (deceased), 7
Nicoll, J. C., 9
Osgood, Harry H., 7
Reich, Jacques, 2
Robbins, Horace W. (deceased), 1
Roth, Ernest D., 4
Sandreczki, Otto W., 1
Schilling, Alexander, 10
Schneider, Otto J., 5
Scholl, E., 2
Senseney, George, 1
Shelton, W. H., 1
Smillie, James D., 12
Sterne, Maurice J., 13. Bronze medal
Trowbridge, Vaughan, 7
Vondrous, John C., 6
White, Charles H., 3. Bronze medal
Weir, J. Alden, 21. Silver medal
Wood, Thomas W. (deceased), 1
Yale, Leroy M., 7
Yewell, George H., 3
Total--Artists, 41; works, 200

_Wood Engravings_

Bernstrom, Victor, 2. Silver medal
Chadwick, C. W., 4. Bronze medal
Cole, Timothy, 10. Grand prize
Evans, John W., 5
French, Frank, 1. Gold medal
Heineman, E., 2
Klotz, H., 1. Bronze medal
Kruell, Gustav, 8. Gold medal
Merrill, Hiram C., 5. Bronze medal
Northcote, Stafford M., 1. Bronze medal
Watt, William G., 1
Wolf, Henry, 29. See "Commemorative Award"
Total--Artists, 12; works, 69

The following commemorative award was also conferred in this group:

Wolf, Henry, commemorating distinguished service in art. Medal of honor



Adams, Herbert, 5. Gold medal
Alfano, Vincenzo, 2
Bissell, George E., 1. Silver medal
Bitter, Karl T. F., 4. Gold medal
Borglum, Gutzon, 8. Gold medal
Borglum, Solon, 9. Gold medal
Boyle, John J., 5. Silver medal
Brenner, Victor David, 28. Silver medal
Bush-Brown, H. K., 7
Carpenter, Margaret S.; 1. Bronze medal
Eberle, Mrs. A. V., 1. Bronze medal
Flanaghan, John, 4. Silver medal
French, Daniel Chester, 4
Glenny, Alice R., 1
Goodwin, Mrs. Frederick, 1
Harvey, Eli, 9. Bronze medal
Heber, C. A., 1. Bronze medal
Hyatt, Mrs. A. V., 2. Bronze medal
Jaegers, Albert, 1. Bronze medal
Konti, Isidore, 2. Gold medal
Linder, Henry, 1. Bronze medal
Longman, Evelyn B., 4. Silver medal
Lopez, Charles A., 6. Gold medal
Lukeman, Augustus, 1. Bronze medal
MacNeil, Hermon A., 3
Mears, Helen F., 1. Silver medal
Miranda, Fernando, 1
Niehaus, Charles H., 8. Gold medal
Piccirilli, Attilio, 4. Silver medal
Piccirilli, Furio, 1. Silver medal
Proctor, A. Phimister, 4. Gold medal
Rhind, J. Massey, 1. Bronze medal
Roth, Frederick G. R., 7. Silver medal
Saint Gaudens, Augustus, 1. See "Commemorative Award"
Salvatore, Victor, 1. Bronze medal
Schwarzott, Maximilian, 1. Bronze medal
Scudder, Janet, 1. Bronze medal
Stillman, Effie, 3. Bronze medal
Tonetti, F. M. L., 3. Bronze medal
Triebel, C. E., 1
Usher, Leila, 1
Vonnoh, Bessie Potter, 10. Gold medal
Ward, Elsie, 1. Bronze medal
Ward, John Quincy Adams, 1. See "Commemorative Award"
Warner, Olin L. (deceased), 2
Weinert, Albert, 1
Weinmann, Adolf A., 5. Silver medal
Yandell, Enid, 1. Bronze medal
Zolnay, George Julian, 2
Total--Artists, 49; works, 173

The following commemorative awards were also conferred in this group:
Augustus Saint Gaudens, commemorating distinguished service in
art. Medal of honor
John Ouincy Adams Ward, commemorating distinguished service
in art. Medal of honor



Atterbury, Grosvenor, 3. Silver medal
Babb, Cook & Willard, 2
Boring & Tilton, 6. Silver medal
Brunner, Arnold W., 4. Gold medal
Carrere, Brunner & Burnham, 6
Carrere & Hastings, 7. Gold medal
Coulter, W. L., 2
Flagg, Ernest, 14
Friedlander, J. H., 3
Gilbert, Cass, 3. Gold medal
Green & Wicks, 1
Hardenbergh, H. J., 1
Heins & La Farge, 4. Silver medal
Langton, D. W., 1
Lord & Hewlett, 4
Total--Architects, 15; works, 61

The following commemorative award was also conferred:

John M. Carrere. Gold medal


_Original Objects of Art Workmanship_

_Applied Arts_

Adams, Ralph R., 2
Archer, Annie M., 1
Bell, Peter, 1
Binns, Charles F., 5. Silver medal
Burdick, Bessie, 2
Crosbee, Mrs. W. G., 2
Farnham, Paulding, 15. Gold medal
Foote, Florence, 4. Bronze medal
Fry, Marshall, 7
Hicks, Amy M., 2
Hoagland, Jane, 3
Lamb, Frederick S., 1
Lawrence, F. Walter, 27
Leonard, Anna B., 7. Silver medal
MacNeil, Mrs. Carol B., 5. Bronze medal
Perkins, Mrs. Annie F., 2
Perkins, Lucy F.4. Bronze medal
Pond, T. H., 1
Randolph, Isabella, 2
Robineau, Mrs. A. A., 7
Sanders, Bertha D., 1
Solon, L. M., 1
Tiffany, Louis C. (designer), 79. Silver medal
Volk, Mrs. Douglas, 2. Silver medal
Volk, Wendell D., 1
Volkmar, Charles, 9. Bronze medal
Von Rydingsvaard, Karl, 1
Wolrath, Frederic E., 2. Bronze medal
Yandell, Charles R., 9
Total--Artists, 29; works, 205

The following special commemorative awards were also conferred in the
Department of Art:

Harry W. Watrous, for valuable assistance in the formation of the
exhibit of the United States section. Gold medal

Charles M. Kurtz, for service in connection with the Department of Art,
direction of installation, etc. Gold medal

George Julian Zolnay, for service in connection with the Department of
Art, direction of installation, etc. Gold medal


_Showing the Relative Importance of the Participation of the State of
New York in the United States Section of the Department of Art of the
Louisiana Purchase Exposition, St. Louis, 1904_

New York's Participation compared with that of the entire United States
including New York.

| | | | Draw- | Etch- | | | | |
| Water | | | ings | ings | | | | |
Oil | Color | | Mural | for | and | Wood | | Archi| Ap- |
Paint| and | Minia-| Paint | Illus- | Engrav| Engrav| Sculp| -tec-| plied|
-ing | Pastel| tures | -ings | tration| -ings | -ings | -ture| ture | Arts |Totals
[*]Total number of artists represented in the United States Section.
472 | 185 | 52 | 41 | 54 | 59 | 14 | 92 | 74 | 200 | 1,243
[*]N. Y. artists represented
207 | 102 | 24 | 30 | 43 | 41 | 12 | 49 | 15 | 29 | 552
Total number of works in the United States Section
904 | 314 | 90 | 114 | 178 | 269 | 82 | 354 | 290 | 946 | 3,541
Works by New York artists
413 | 194 | 48 | 92 | 127 | 200 | 69 | 173 | 61 | 205 | 1,592

[Footnote *: Where an artist has exhibited in more than one class, his
name has been counted more than once.]

1=Oil Painting
2=Water Color and Pastel
4=Mural Paintings
5=Drawings for Illustration
6=Etchings and engravings
7=Wood Engravings
10=Applied Arts

New York's Participation
compared with that of
the entire United States
including New York 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Totals
For all United States
artists............... 87 34 26 10 14 375 546
For New York artists.. 54 22 20 10 13 10 129
AWARDS |-----------------|-----------|
Comm. { To all U.S.
Gold { artists 1 1 2 - - 4
Medals { To New York
of Honor { artists 1 1 2 - - 4
{ To all U.S.
Grand { artists 1 1 1 - 3 6
Prizes { To New York
{ artists
{ To all U.S.
Gold { artists 36 4 12 7 8 67
Medals { To New York
{ artists 19 3 9 4 1 36
{ To all U.S.
Silver { artists 99 12 19 11 15 156
Medals { To New York
{ artists 58 7 10 3 4 82
{ To all U.S.
Bronze { artists 103 17 29 4 22 175
Medals { To New York
{ artists 52 10 16 - 5 83
To all United States
artists 240 35 63 22 48 408
To New York artists 130 21 37 7 10 205
Special {Total to
Comm. { U.S. 7 415
Gold { To New
Medals { Yorkers 3 208

[Footnote 1: In the report of the Superintendent of the Bureau of Sales,
the Paintings sold approximated in value $70,000; the Engravings, $900;
the Sculpture, $2,000, and the works of Applied Art, $7,500.

Out of the 904 oil paintings, 241 were owned by private parties (many
being portraits) and were not for sale. Of the 662 works for sale, the
87 sold constituted nearly 13% of the whole number. The oil paintings
contributed by New York artists which were not for sale numbered 138,
leaving 281 for sale. The 54 works sold constituted approximately 20% of
the New York pictures offered for sale.

Of the 314 water colors, 73 were not for sale. There were 241 for sale.
The 34 works sold were approximately 13% of the entire number offered.
Of the 194 water colors by New York artists, 46 were not for sale. Of
the 148 works for sale, the 22 sold is nearly 15% of the number of works
offered by New York artists in this medium.]


The International Jury in the Department of Art was composed of the
following members

_United States_.--Thomas Allen, E. A. Batchelder, S. S. Beman, Hugh
H. Breckenridge, Richard E. Brooks, Carlton T. Chapman (New York),
William M. Chase (New York), Ralph Clarkson, Walter Cook (New York),
Conlin Campbell Cooper (New York), Charles Percy Davis, Frank Miles Day,
Lockwood de Forest (New York), Frederick Dielman (New York), Frank
Duveneck, Daniel Chester French (New York), Mrs. Eugene Field, R. Swain
Gifford (New York), Charles Grafly, Will H. Low (New York), Hermon A.
MacNeil (New York), Elizabeth St. John Mathews, J. L. Mauran, C. F. W.
Mielatz (New York), James Craig Nicoll (New York), Joseph Pennell, Mary
Solari, Theodore C. Steele, Alice Barber Stevens, Edmund C. Tarbell, S.
Seymour Thomas, Alexander T. Van Laer (New York), Bessie Potter Vonnoh
(New York), Robert W. Vonnoh (New York), C. Howard Walker, H. Langford
Warren, Rose Weld, Frederic Allen Whiting, Carleton Wiggins (New York),
Henry Wolf (New York), Edmund H. Wuerpel

_Argentia_.--Eduardo Schiaffino, George Julian Zolnay (New York)

_Austria_.--Dr. Paul Cohn, Adolph Kraus, Gustav Niederlein,
Nicolaus Staits, William J. King

_Belgium_.--Guillaume de Groot, Ernest Verlant

_Brazil_.---J. Americo dos Santos

_Bulgaria_.--Charles M. Kurtz (New York)

_Canada_.--Paul Harney

_Cuba_.--Gonzalo de Quesada

_Germany_.--William J. Baer (New York), Erich Hoesel, Richard
Mueller, Hans von Petersen, Max Schlichting, Fr. von Thiersch

_Holland_.--William H. Howe (New York), Willy Martens, John C.
Schueller, Herbert Vos

_Hungary_.--Bertelon Karlovsky, George Julian Zolnay (New York)

_Italy_.--Professor Pepoti Cantalamessa, Il Marchese Majnoni
d'Itagnano, Ugo Ojetti

_Japan_.--Tooru Iwamura, Heromich Shugio

_Mexico_.--Isidoro Aldasoro

_Portugal_.--Marcel Horteloup

_Russia_.--William H. Fox, J. M. Godberg, Emil Vautier

_Sweden_.--Anshelm Schultzberg, Dr. Eugene Wagner

From the above jurors the juries for the several groups of the
classification were made up--each group jury being international in


A prominent feature of the United States section of the Department of
Art was a loan collection composed of especially noteworthy paintings
from some of the most noted private collections of the United States.
This collection was organized by Mr. Will H. Low, of New York. It
contained 122 paintings representing many schools and periods. Of these
works forty-three were lent by New York owners, as follows:

_George J. Gould_.--Domenico Ghirlandajo, Rembrandt van Ryn ("The
Standard Bearer"), Frans Hals, Aert van der Neer, Gerard Don, Jean Marc
Nattier, Sir Joshua Reynolds ("The Duchess of Marlborough"), Thomas
Gainsborough; John Constable, J. M. W. Turner, Eugene Fromentin,
Constant Troyon, Theodore Rosseau ("The Charcoal Burners' Hut" and "Le
Cure, Evening"), J.B.C. Corot ("Le Dance des Amours"), N.V. Diaz,
Mariano Fortuny and J.L. Gerome

_Helen Miller Gould_.--Jean Francois Millet ("Washerwomen"), J. L.
E. Meissonier ("The Smoker"), Rosa Bonheur, Alfred Stevens and Ludwig
Knaus ("The Children's Party")

_Estate of Jay Gould_.--J.B.C. Corot ("Antique Dance") and Emile
van Marcke

_Duraud-Ruel_.--Alexandre Gabriel Decamps, Eugene Delacroix,
Gustave Courbet, Eugene Fromentin, Francois Bonvin (two examples),
J.B.C. Corot, and Jules Dupre

_Charles Fairchild_.--William Morris Hunt and Elihu Vedder

_Lockwood de Forest_.--Frederick E. Church

_National Academy of Design_.--Octave Tassaert and R. Caton

_Cottier & Co_.--Sir John Everett Millais

_Charles M. Kurtz_.--Anton Mauve ("Sheep on the Dunes")

_Julia Wilder Kurtz_.--Thomas Couture


Agriculture and Live Stock Exhibit and Schedule of Awards





The New York State Commission, in July, 1903, appointed J. H. Durkee, of
Sandy Hill, N. Y., superintendent of agriculture, live stock and dairy
products, with John McCann, of Elmira, Howard Moon, of Cobleskill,
Theodore Horton, of Elmira, and W. A. Smith as assistants in the
department of agriculture, W. W. Smallwood, of Warsaw, and W. A.
McCoduck, of Sandy Hill, having direct supervision of live stock and
dairy products respectively. George A. Smith, of Geneva, was
superintendent for collecting dairy products. These gentlemen did the
work assigned them faithfully and well, which is fully attested by the
number of grand prizes and medals won in these departments.


New York State has no distinctive agricultural product as has many of
the other, especially some of the western, States but grows nearly
everything in larger or smaller quantities that is grown in the north
temperate zone.

In collecting and installing this exhibit, the aim was to gather these
varied products and arrange them so as to show the real grain or
vegetable to the best advantage rather than to show a fancifully
arranged display of such products as would be of little or no value to
those interested in practical agriculture. With this end in view, each
section of the State was drawn upon for the best samples of the staple
crops of that section. These samples were carefully inspected by
competent judges, and only those of real merit were placed in the
collection for exhibit. So thoroughly was this work of selection done
that a large proportion of the samples received an award.


That the exhibit might be of the greatest value to those most interested
in agricultural pursuits, on each sample was placed a card giving the
name and variety of the sample, also the name and post office address of
the grower. Every day men could be seen with pencil and paper in hand
taking names and addresses for future correspondence.


New York was one of the few States that had its exhibit complete at the
opening of the Exposition, and was the only State that made a large and
continuous display of fresh vegetables. Its display was greatly admired
and favorably commented upon by the press, as well as by individuals.
From the opening of the Exposition until the crop of 1904 was ready, the
tables of the New York exhibit were kept filled with the standard
vegetables of 1903, which had been placed in cold storage and were
brought out as needed.

At the close of the Exposition, December 1, 1904, New York had over
forty varieties of potatoes as well as many other vegetables on
exhibition that were gathered in 1903, having been out of the ground
over fifteen months. To the inexperienced eye, they could not be
distinguished from the crop of 1904. In October and November, New York's
vegetable display was unusually fine. The judges who passed upon it said
it was the finest collection of vegetables they had ever seen.


The catalogue of exhibitors which follows shows conclusively that New
York is truly the Empire State so far as agricultural products are
concerned. It was the only State that was awarded a grand prize on fresh
vegetables alone. J. M. Thorburn & Co., of New York, Glendale Stock
Farm, Glens Falls, and Cornell University, Ithaca, also received grand
prizes on vegetables.

_Catalogue of the Exhibitors in the Department of Agriculture, with
the Award, if Any, Received by Each_


_Vegetable Food Products--Agricultural Seeds_

Alms House Farm, Varyburg
Oats--White Michigan
J. B. Anderson, Kennedy. Bronze medal
R. I. Anderson, Florida
Corn--Eight-Rowed Red
C. S. Baldwin, Wellsville. Bronze medal
Corn--Red Glazed, ears
W. H. Bellamy, Wellsville. Bronze medal
Oats--Swede, White Russian
F. J. Bellinger, Hammond. Silver medal
E. A. Bentley, Wellsville. Bronze medal
Corn--Eight-Rowed Yellow, ears
T. T. Blodgett, Fishkill. Silver medal
Oats--White Swede
L. G. Brainard, Ellington. Silver medal
C. E. H. Breckon, Clarence. Bronze medal
Beans--White Kidney
Charles Brian, Perry. Silver medal
Briggs Bros., Rochester. Bronze medal
Corn--Leaming, Golden Beauty
George Bronson & Son, Bath. Bronze medal
Oats--New Lincoln
Wheat--Gold Coin
Corn--Dibbs' Ninety-Day-Eight-Rowed Yellow, ears
L. M. Bronson, Bath
Wheat--White Winter
Brooks Bros., Painted Post. Silver medal
Wheat--Gold Bullion
Buckwheat--Silver Gray
Corn--Red Beauty Pop
Oats--Russian, Lincoln, White Swede
George W. Brooks, Painted Post. Bronze medal
Buckwheat--Silver Gray
M. D. Bennett, Elmira, R. F. D. No. 1. Silver medal
Buckwheat--Silver Hull, Japanese
Lewis J. Brundage, Starkey. Silver medal
Buckwheat--Silver Gray
Wheat--Gold Coin, Prosperity
Barley--Two Rowed
Beans--Red Kidney, White Kidney, Marrow
R. R. Buck, Warsaw. Gold medal
Isaac Budlong, Scottsville. Bronze medal
W. Carroll, LaGrangeville. Bronze medal
Corn.--Early Mastadon, ears
Charles Caswell, Abbott. Bronze medal
Corn.--White Red Glaze, ears
W. L. Chapin, Warsaw. Silver medal
Wheat.--Malay Winter
Perry E. Chappel, Warsaw. Silver medal
D. E. Chase, Warsaw. Silver medal
Wheat.-Red Clawson
C. W. Clark, Skaneateles. Silver medal
Collection of Teasels
J. H. Clute, Painted Post. Bronze medal
Corn.--Twelve-Rowed Yellow
Wheat.-Long Medt
Beans.--Burlingame's Prolific, Marrow
Miles Colburn, Ellington. Bronze medal
Oats.--Early Siberian
Harry Cole, Caneadea
Corn.--Yellow, ears
M. D. Corbett, Bath. Silver medal
Cornell University, Ithaca. Bronze medal
Wheat.--White Chall Medt, Reliable
F. H. Crowley, Painted Post. Bronze medal
Corn.--Eight-Rowed Yellow
Buckwheat.--Silver Hull, Small Silver Gray
E. Crippen, Horseheads. Bronze medal
Crossman Bros., Rochester. Grand prize
Field, Garden, and Flower Seeds
Peas.--Crossman's First and Best, Crossman's Extra Early
True, Early Kent, Early June, Dan O'Rourke, Philadelphia
Extra Early, Alaska, Grandun, American Wonder, Nott's Excelsior,
Extra Early Premium Gem, McLean's Little Gem, Surprise
or Eclipse, Tom Thumb, Abundance, Advancers McLeans,
Dwarf Daisy, Dwarf Champion, Everbearing, Heroine, Horsford's
Market Garden, Pride of the Market, Stratagem Imp,
Shropshire Hero, Yorkshire Hero, Duke of Albany, Telephone,
Telegraph, Champion of England, Forty Fold, Long Island
Mammoth, Large White Marrowfat, Black-Eyed Marrowfat,
Canada Field, Mammoth Podded Sugar, Melting Sugar, Dwarf
Gray-Seeded Sugar, Tall Gray-Seeded Sugar, Laxton's Alpha
Beans.--Early Dwarf Prolific Black Wax or Butter, Early
Dwarf, Challenge Black Wax or Butter, Early Pencil Pod
Black Wax, Early Dwarf Improved Golden Wax, Early Dwarf
Black-Eyed Wax, Early Dwarf Golden-Eyed Wax, Early
Dwarf Red Flageolet Wax, Early Dwarf Refugee Wax, Early
Dwarf Wardwell's Kidney Wax, Early Dwarf Dair's White
Kidney Wax, Yosemite Mammoth Wax, Improved Early Red
Valentine, Early Mohawk, Early Yellow Six Weeks, Early
China Red-Eye, Early Refugee, Burpee's Stringless Green Pod,
Refugee or Thousand to One, Dwarf Horticultural, Broad
Windsor, Improved Red Kidney, Royal Dwarf or White
Kidney, White Marrowfat, White Medium, Boston Small Pea
Bean, Henderson's Dwarf Lima, Burpee's Bush Lima, Dreer's
Bush Lima, New Prolific Pickle, Coffee or Sofa Bean, New
Golden Cluster Wax, German Black Wax, Horticultural or
Speckled Cranberry, Kentucky Wonder, Lazy Wife's, Lima
Early Jersey, Lima King of the Garden, Lima Large White,
Lima Dreer's Improved, Lima Small or Sieve, Southern Prolific,
Scarlet Runners, White Dutch Runners, Dutch Case Knife,
Red Speckled cut Short or Corn Hill
Corn.--First of All, Adams' Extra Early, Early Red Cory,
Early White Cory, Early Mammoth White Cory, Early Marblehead,
Early Minnesota, Early Adams, Early Sweet or Sugar,
Shakers' Early, Perry's Hybrid or Ballard, Crosby's Early,
Moore's Early Concord, Early Mammoth, Black Mexican,
Crossman's Genesee Sweet, Stowell's Evergreen, Country Gentleman,
Large Late Mammoth, Clark's None Such, Egyptian
or Washington Mammoth, Hickox's Improved, Old Colony,
Parshing White Pearl, Parshing White Rice, Angel of Midnight
Yellow Dent, Extra Early Huron Yellow Dent, King
of the Earliest Yellow Dent, Golden Beauty Yellow Dent,
Golden Dent Yellow Dent, Longfellow Yellow Flint, Leaming
Improved Yellow Dent, Pride of the North Yellow Dent, Sanford
White Flint, Mastadon, Improved Hickory King White
Dent, Iowa Red Mine Yellow Dent, Golden Dew Drop, Southern
Sheep Tooth, Red Cob Ensilage, Sweet or Sugar
Cow Peas.--Black, Black Eyed, Clay, Whip-Poor-Will,
Buckwheat.--New Japanese, Silver Hull
Artichoke.--French Green Globe
Asparagus.--Conover's Colossal, Palmetto, Barr's Mammoth,
Columbian Mammoth White
Beets.--Eclipse, Dark Red Egyptian Turnip, Crosby's Dark
Red Egyptian, Crimson Globe, Detroit Dark Red Turnip, Edmand's
Blood Turnip, Extra Early Turnip Bassano, Early
Blood Turnip Bastians, Lentz's Early Blood Turnip, Dewing's
Early Blood Turnip, Long Dark Blood, Red Globe, Yellow,
Mammoth Long Red, Norbitian Giant Long Red, Yellow Ovoid,
Golden Tankard, French White Sugar, Lane's Improved White
Sugar, Vilmorin's Improved White Sugar, Klein Wanzleben
Broccoli.--Early Purple Cape, Early Large White
Brussells Sprouts.--Tall Extra, Dwarf Improved
Cabbage.--Early Jersey Wakefield, Early Large Charleston
Wakefield, Early Express, All Seasons, Premium Flat Dutch,
Louisville Drumhead, Danish Round Winter or Baldhead,
Stone Mason Marblehead, Hollander
Carrots.--Chantenay, Half Long Scarlet, Early Scarlet
Short Horn, Danvers Half Long Orange, Mastodon White
Intermediate, Large White Belgian
Cauliflower.--Early London or Dutch
Celery.--Golden Self-Blanching, French, Golden Heart or
Golden Dwarf, Sandringham Dwarf White, Golden Rose or
Rose-Ribbed Paris
Corn Salad.--Large Seeded, Improved Green Cabbaging
Cucumbers.--Cumberland, Early Russian, Green Cluster,
Green Prolific, Jersey Pickling, Early Frame, Early White
Spice, Livingston's Emerald, Nichol's Medium Green, Long
Chicory.--Large Rooted
Collards.--True Georgia or Creole
Cress.--Curled or Peppergrass, True Water Cress
Egg Plant.--Improved New York Purple Spineless
Endive.--White Curled
Kale.--Semi-Dwarf Moss Curled
Kohl Rabi.--Early White Vienna
Leek.--Large Carentan Winter
Lettuce.--Crossman's New Improved, Early White Cabbage,
Early Curled Simpson, Black-Seeded Simpson, Early Prize
Head, Big Boston, Grand Rapids, All the Year Round, Yellow-Seeded
Musk Melons.--Extra Early Hackensack, Fine Large Green
Nutmeg, Baltimore Acme Cantaloupe, Jenny Lind, Montreal
Market, Bay View, Cosmopolitan, Long Island Beauty, Paul
Rose or Petoskey, Delmonico, Early Christiana, Banana, Tip
Water Melons.--Cole's Early, Green Gold, Florida Favorite,
Pride of Georgia, Hungarian Honey, Seminole, Black Spanish,
Phinney's Early, Ice Cream White-Seeded, jumbo or Jones,
Striped Gipsy, Georgia Rattle Snake, Mammoth Iron Clad,
Kolba Gem, New Dixie, Volga, Kleckley's Sweet, Iceberg
Mustard.--White London or English, Giant Southern Curled
Mushroom Spawn.--Best English
Okra.--White Velvet Pod
Parsley.--Champion Moss-Curled
Parsnips.--Long White Dutch, Imp. Hollow Crown, Guernsey or Cup
Pumpkins.--Imp. Cushaw, Mammoth Tours, King of Mammoth,
Connecticut Field
Onions.--Early Red Globe, Large Red Wethersfield, Yellow
Dutch or Strasburg, Yellow Danvers, Yellow Danvers Globe,
Prize Taker, White Globe, White Portugal or Silver Skin,
New White Queen, Bermuda White, Large Italian, Large Dark
Red Bassano
Peppers.--Large Bell or Bull Nose
Radishes.--Early Scarlet Globe, White-Tipped Scarlet Turnip,
Golden Globe Turnip-Rooted, French Breakfast, Early
Deep Scarlet, White Strasburg or Hospital White Stuttgart,
Large Scarlet Short Top, Long Brightest Scarlet, Long White
Vienna or Lady Finger, New Chartier or Sheppard, Long
White Naples, Chinese Rose Winter, California Mammoth
White Winter, Japanese Early Mammoth Sakura Jima
Rhubarb.--Lennaens, Victoria Myatts, St. Martins
Salsify.-Salsify or Vegetable Oyster, Mammoth Sandwich
Spinach.--New Giant, Prickley or Winter, Long Standing,
Victoria Long Standing, New Zealand
Squash.--Early Yellow Bush Scallop, Early White Bush
Scallop, Early Golden Crookneck, Early White Crookneck,
Mammoth Golden Crookneck, Perfect Gem, Boston Marrow,
Hubbard Improved, Warty Hubbard, Pike's Peak or Sibley,
Turban or Turk's Cap, Butman
Tobacco.--Connecticut Seed Leaf, Conqueror, Little Dutch,
Orinoco Yellow, Tuckahoe, White Burley
Sunflowers.-Mammoth Russian
Tomatoes.-Dwarf Monarch, Matchless, Dwarf Aristocrat,
Long Keeper, Early Atlantic Prize, New Stone, Ignotum,
Paragon, Scoville's Hubird, Trophy, Queen Red, Acme, Dwarf
Champion, Imperial, Ponderosa, Golden Queen or Sunrise,
Peach, Plum-Shaped Yellow, Red Cherry, Strawberry or
Ground Cherry
Turnips.--Milan Extra Early, Purple Top, Early White Flat
Dutch Strap Leaf, Early Six Weeks or Snowball, Purple Top
Strap Leaf, Purple Top White Globe, Purple Top Scotch or
Aberdeen, Amber Globe, Seven Top, Skirving's Imp. Purple
Top, White Sweet or White Russian, Sweet German
Beggar Weed
Broom Corn.--Evergreen
Honey Locust
Kaffir Corn--White, Red
Rape--Dwarf Essex
Sugar Cane--Early Amber, Orange, Teosinte
Wild Rice
Herbs--Anise, Balm, Borage, Caraway, Chervil Curled,
Coriander, Dill, Horehound, Lavender, Rosemary, Rue, Sage
(English Broadleaf), Summer Savory, Sweet Basil, Sweet Fennel,
Sweet Marjoram, Tansy, Thyme (Broadleaf) Wormwood
Grasses--Red Top Fancy Clean, Kentucky Blue Fancy
Clean, Bermuda Grass, Fescue Meadow, Orchard Grass, Rye
Grass (Perennial), Sweet Vernal, Hungarian Grass, Millet
(German, Golden Japanese, Barnyard, Siberian), Lawn Grass
(Crossman's Park Mixture), Rye Grass (Italian)
Clovers.--White Dutch, Alsike or Swedish, Alfalfa or
Lucerne, Crimson, Medium Red, Timothy
Flower Seeds.--Abronia Umbellata, Ageratune Mexicanum
Blue, Alyssum Sweet, Amaranthus, Antirrhinum Majus Snap
Dragon, Asters (Branching Mixed), Balsam Double Mixed,
Bartonia Aurea, Calendula Prince of Orange, Calliopsis Mixed,
Canary Bird Flower, Candytuft (White, Mixed), Canna Mixed,
Carnation Mixed, Celosia Dwarf Mixed Cockscomb, Centanrea,
Cyanns Bachelor Button, Cobaea Scandens Purple, Cosmos
Mixed, Cypress Vine Mixed, Double Daisy Mixed, Eschscholtzia
Californica, Gaillardia Lorensiana, Gomphrena Globosa,
Gourd (Apple Shaped, Bottle Shaped, Dipper Shaped, Egg
White, Hercules Club, Mock Orange, Pear Shape, Sugar
Trough), Helichrysum, Hollyhock Double Mixed Chaters, Ice
Plant, Larkspur (Perennial Mixed), Lobelia Speciosa Crystal
Palace, Lupinus Mixed Colors, Marigold French Dwarf, Martynia
Probosidea, Marvel of Peru, Mixed Four O'Clock, Moon
Flower Cross-bred or Hybrid, Mignonette Sweet Large-
Flowered, Morning Glory, (Convolvulus Major, Giant
Japanese), Myosotis Palastris Forget-Me-Not, Nasturtium
(Dwarf Mixed, Tall Mixed), Pansy Very Large Flowering
Mixed, Petunia Mixed Hybrid, Phlox Drummond Grandiflori
Mixed, Poppy Carnation Double Mixed, Portulaca Single
Mixed, Ricinus Sanguineus (Castor Oil Bean), Salpiglossis
Large Mixed, Scabiosa Majus Dwarf Mixed, Smilax Boston,
Stock German Dwarf Mixed, Sunflower Double Globosus
Fislutosus, Swan River Daisy, Sweet William (double), Thunbergia
Mixed, Verbenas Hybrid Mixed, Wild Cucumber,
Quinnia Double Dwarf Mixed, Sunflower White Seeded,
Phoenis (Reclinata, Canariensis), Dracaena (Indivisa, Australis),
Snails, Wonus, Dolishos, Lablab White, Lagums
Ovatus, Avena Steralis, Coix Lachrymo, Zea Japinica, Ameranthus
Sweet Peas.--America, Broeatton, Emily Eckford, Fire Fly,
Katherine Tracy, Navy Blue, Queen of England, Crossman's
Special Mixed
James J. Culbertson, Groveland. Silver medal
Wheat.--Gold Bullion, Dawson's Golden Chaff
Frank H. Cupp, Painted Post. Bronze medal
Albert J. Davis, Spencerport. Bronze medal
Hiram Davis, Gansevoort. Bronze medal
C. A. Davidson, Caton. Bronze medal
W. H. Dettoes, Johnsonville. Bronze medal
Henry Drudge, Clarence. Bronze medal
J. H. Durkee, Florida. Silver medal
F. E. Ebbing, Syracuse. Silver medal
Wm. Edminster, Painted Post. Silver medal
Wheat and Oats
Frank H. Emery, Hornellsville. Silver medal
G. W. Engdalil, Ellington. Silver medal
Barley and Oats
Frank A. Erwire, Painted Post. Silver medal
P. E. Eysaman, Hammond. Bronze medal
James Faucett, Bath. Silver medal
Henry M. Fisher, Warsaw. Gold medal
Frank E. Ford, Painted Post. Bronze medal
M. C. Frisbee, Ellington. Bronze medal
M. E. Ferguson, Florida. Silver medal
Wheat and Oats
M. L. Gamble, Groveland. Bronze medal
John Gerow, Washingtonville. Bronze medal
M. O. Gilbert, Ellington. Gold medal
Samuel Green, Florida. Bronze medal
John E. Griffith, Ellington. Silver medal
L. P. Gunson & Co., Rochester. Gold medal
W. H. Haight, Fishkill. Bronze medal
W. H. Hall, Bath. Bronze medal
G. L. Halstead, Arlington. Bronze medal
J. M. Ham, Washington Hollow. Bronze medal
George Harder, Bath. Bronze medal
A. G. Happul, Johnsonville. Bronze medal
E. P. Harris, Elmira. Gold medal
Charles Hathaway, Hartford. Bronze medal
I. C. Hawkins, Middletown. Bronze medal
Joe Hetzel, Florida. Silver medal
Rye and Corn
J. M. Hewlett, Bath. Bronze medal
G. K. Higbie, Rochester. Gold medal
C. B. Hill, Wellsville. Bronze medal
Frank N. Holbrook, Charlton. Silver medal
John Houston, Florida. Bronze medal
James K. Houston, Goshen. Silver medal
Rye and Oats
J. C. Howard, Irondequoit. Silver medal
Corn and Beans
John S. Howell, Elmira. Bronze medal
George W. Humphrey, Warsaw. Bronze medal
C. L. Jesup, Florida
Corn.--Peachblow, ears
Wheat.--No. 2, Red
Fred Johannes, Filmore. Silver medal
Buckwheat.--Gray, Silver Hull
Peter Johnson, Florida
Buckwheat.--Silver Hull, Silver Gray
Corn.--Extra Early Evergreen Sweet
A. N. Jones, LeRoy. Grand Prize
John Jones, Meriden. Bronze medal.
Oats.--Pride of England
Wheat.--Farmer's Friend
N. B. Keeney & Son, LeRoy. Gold medal
Beans.--Saddle Back Wax, White Kidney, Dwarf Horticulture,
Bush, Bismarck, Snow Flake Pea, Burpee's New Stringless
Green Pod, Crimson Flageolet, Boston Small Pod, China Red
Eye, Grant's Stringless Green Pod, Red Valentine, Celestial
Wax, Improved Golden Wax, Currie's Rust Proof Wax, Improved
Horticulture, Improved Black Wax, Burlingame's
Medium, Early Mohawk, Davis Wax, Pencil Pod Black Wax,
Golden-Eyed Wax, Golden Refugee, Maule's Butter Wax,
Keeney's Rustless Golden Wax, White Wax, Longfellow Bush,
Round Pod Kidney Wax, Round Pod Refugee, Brittle Wax,
Yosemite Mammoth Wax, Extra Early Refugee, Challenger
Black Wax, Flageolet Wax, Keeney's Stringless Refugee Wax
Peas.--Abundance, Admiral, Advancer, Alaska, Ameer,
American Champion, American Wonder, British Wonder,
Champion of England, Claudit, Duke of Albany, Duke of York,
Ever Bearing, Nott's Excelsior, Extra Early Pedigree, Extra
Early Trial Ground, First and Best, Forcing Suttons, Forty-Fold,
Glory, Gradus or Prosperity, Heroine, Hurst William,
Juno, Prolific Laxtons, Laxton, Thos., Long Island Mammoth,
Market Garden, Horsfords, Marrowfat (Black-Eyed, Early
Marblehead, White), Premium Gem, Pride of the Market,
Profusion, Prolific Early Market, Reliance Hursts, Seedling
Suttons, Senator Improved, Shropshire Hero, Station, Stratagem,
Sugar Mammoth Podded, Surprise Gregorys, Telegraph,
Telephone, Tom Thumb, Yorkshire Hero
C. E. Knapp, Little Britain. Bronze medal
Corn.--White Flint, ears
Frank Lawrence, Ellington. Bronze medal
E. D. Lee, Whitesville
Corn.--White Flint, ears
James Livingston, Cobleskill. Silver medal
Charles Lovell, Painted Post. Silver medal
Oats.--English Wonder
Wheat.--Gold Bullion
D. Macbeth, Kanona. Bronze medal
Mrs. S. E. Manning, Elmira Heights. Gold medal
Wheat.--Red Russian
Frank Marley, Hornellsville
Corn.--Red Blaze
Charles Martin, Hartford. Silver medal
Fred Martin, Fort Ann
Corn.--King Phillip
Will Martin, Hartford
Jacob Marzolf, Clarence Center. Bronze medal
Wheat.--Hundred Mark
E. P. Mattice, Middlebury
Wheat.--Genesee Giant
Harry J. McCann, Elmira. Bronze medal
Corn.--Queen's Golden Pop, Queen's Golden, ears
Pumpkin.--Red Field
James McCann, Elmira. Silver medal
John McCann, Elmira. Silver medal
Wheat.--Rochester Red, Clawson, Golden Coin
Corn.--White Cap Yellow Dent, Queen's Golden Pop, ears,
White Pearl Pop, ears
Beans.--Red Marrow, Gold Eye
S. J. McChesney, Kanona. Silver medal
Wheat.--White Winter
John McConkie, Galway. Silver medal
Oats.--White Swede, Welcome
E. J. McLean, Troupsburg. Silver medal
Beans.--White Kidney
Buckwheat.--Silver Gray, Silver Hull
Corn.--Pop Corn, ears
Stephen Merchant, Burnt Hills. Silver medal
D. W. Miller, Boonville. Bronze medal
Romantie Miller, Scottsville. Bronze medal
Wheat.--Longberry Red
George E. Minard, Filmore. Silver medal
Barley.--Black, Beardless, Giant White
Corn.---Yellow Flint, ears
Howard Moore, Cobleskill. Bronze medal
Corn.--Early Sunset Yellow
J. W. Moore, Fishkill Village. Bronze medal
Wheat.--Gold Coin, White Winter
Rye.--White Winter
Corn.--White Dent, ears
Daniel Morris, Groveland. Bronze medal
Wheat.--No. 8 Red Winter
Munger Bros., Warsaw. Silver medal
Oats.--Golden Prolific
J. Myers, Warnersville. Silver medal
Beans.--Red Kidney
New York State Grange. Butler grand prize banner
Collection of Grains
E. E. Nichols, South Onondaga. Bronze medal
Wheat.--Gold Chaff, Red Winter
Oats.--Swede, Lincoln, White Russian
Peas.--Small Field
Corn.--Eight-Rowed White Ears, Early Red Cory Sweet, 1900
Sweet, Monarch Sweet
Will Norton, Hartford. Bronze medal
Oatka Farm, Scottsville. Silver medal
Wheat.--Dawson's Golden Chaff
Hugh Osborne, East Hartford. Bronze medal
Corn.--Atwood, ears
F. R. Payne, White Plains. Silver medal
Beans.--White Marrowfat
Charles Perry, Wyoming. Silver medal
Wheat.--Dawson's Golden Chaff
N. S. Pierson, Painted Post. Silver medal
I. B. Pipe, Prattsburg. Silver medal
Buckwheat.--Silver Hull
Oats.--Twentieth Century
F. C. Platt, Painted Post. Bronze medal
J. P. Platt, Bath. Gold medal
Wheat.--Gold Coin
G. Pollock, East Hartford. Bronze medal
Peter Prechtel, Elmira. Bronze medal
Frank Qua, East Hartford
Oats.--Swede, White Star
George R. Qua, Hartford. Gold medal
G. L. Quick, Rochester Junction. Gold medal
Wheat.--Dawson's Golden Chaff
Anson Reed, Kanona. Silver medal
Beans.--White Kidney, Golden Eyed
James H. Russell, Hopewell Junction. Bronze medal
Corn.--Early Mastodon, ears
H. Brown Richardson, Lowville. Silver medal
Maple Sugar
Maple Syrup
John K. Roe, Florida. Bronze medal
Corn.--Queen's Golden Pop
E. N. Rollins, Andover. Silver medal
Wheat.--Gold Coin
W. H. Roper, Wyoming. Silver medal
Wheat.--Genesee Giant
M. J. Sahler, Pattan Kunk. Silver medal
Oats.--Twentieth Century, American Improved
Chas. F. Saul, Syracuse
Peas.--Yorkshire Heroes, Everbearing, Telephone, McLean's
Advancers, Extra Early Premium Gem, Duke of York, Juno,
First and Best, McLean's Little Gem, Alaska, Prosperity, Champion
of England, Black-Eyed Marrowfat, American Wonder,
Horsford's Market Garden, Philadelphia Extra Early, Nott's
Beans.--Red Kidney, Large Lima, Long Yellow Six Weeks,
Horticultural, Henderson's Bush Lima, Sofa
Clover.--Medium, Mammoth, Crimson, White
Corn.--Eight-Rowed Yellow, Black Mexican
Barley.--Imperial Two-Rowed, Fancy Red Top
Kentucky Blue Grass
Onion.--Red Wethersfield
Squash.--Summer Crookneck, Hubbard
Canary Seed
Rape.--Dwarf Essex
Watermelon.--Ice Cream, Cobb's Gem
Parsnip.--Hollow Crown
Cow Peas
Field Pumpkin
Cucumber.--Early Cluster
Kaffir Corn
Will Saville, Hartford. Bronze medal
Corn.--White Cap Dent
Sidney Schell, Theresa
Oats.-Mortgage Lifter
I. L. Schofield, Wappingers Falls. Bronze medal
C. E. Schultz, Florida. Bronze medal
Corn.--Eight-Rowed Yellow
R. F. Seeley, Waterloo. Silver medal
Rye.--Mammoth White
Corn.--Eight-Rowed Yellow
Wheat.--Jones' Winter Fife, American Bronze
Beans.--Red Kidney
Chas. J. Settle, Cobleskill
S. C. Shaver, Albany. Gold medal
A. M. Sleight, Arlington. Bronze medal
Corn.--Eight-Rowed Yellow, ears
Fred W. Smith, Scottsville
Oats.--Genesee Valley White
Ward L. Snyder, Carlisle Center. Bronze medal
Oats.--Twentieth Century, Italian
Ed. Stevens, Warsaw. Bronze medal
F. C. Stevens, Attica. Silver medal
Wheat.--Silver Chaff, No. 6
Rye.--Winter, Dark
Henry Stewart, Kanona. Gold medal
Wheat.--Red Winter
T. L. Stone, Craig Colony, Sonyea. Silver medal
Corn.-Shakers' Pride, Pride of the North, White Shaker
Wheat.--Red Winter Fife, Red Winter No. 8
Stumpp & Walter Co., New York city. Gold medal
Corn.--Evergreen Brown, Red Kaffir, White Kaffir, Snow
White Dent, Stowell's Evergreen, Iowa Gold Mine, Yellow
Dent, Improved Longfellow, Southern Horse Tooth, Cory
White Cob, Metropolitan, Yellow Mills Maize
Clover.--White Dutch, Red, Crimson
Millet.--German or Golden, Japanese
Grass.--Italian Rye, Rough Stalked Meadow, Orchard,
Creeping Bent, Shady Place, Permanent Pasture, Rhode Island
Bent, English Rye, Kentucky Blue, Canada Blue, English Cow,
Hard Fescue
Recleaned Red Top
Red Fescue
Meadow Fescue
Peas.--Daniel O'Rourke, American Wonder, Black-Eyed
Cow, Canada Field, Telephone, Black-Eyed Marrowfat, Dwarf
Sugar, Blue Beauty, Bliss Everbearing, Juno, Alaska, Nott's
Excelsior, Horseford's Golden, Little Gem, Heroine, First
of All
Beans.--Davis Kidney Wax, Best of All, Improved Golden
Wax, Early Long Yellow Six Weeks, Red Valentine, Dwarf
Horticultural, King of the Garden, Early Refugee, Improved
Black Wax, Early Green Sofa, Velvet, Stringless Green Pod,
Early Mohawk, Refugee or 1000 to 1, Burpee's Bush Lima,
Lazy Wife, Bountiful
Oats.--Clydesdale, Russian, Lincoln
Sun Flower.--Mammoth Russian
Sea Island Cotton
Wheat.--Silver Sheaf Winter, Red Winter, Jones' Red
Chief, Saskatchewan
Barley.--Champion Beardless
Pumpkin.--Large Cheese, Connecticut Field
Radish.--Early Scarlet Turnip, White-Tipped
Sorghum.--Early Amber, Early Orange
Spinach.--Roundleaf, Norfolk Savoy, Long Standing,
Australian Salt Bush
Rye.--Winter, Dark
Turnip.--Improved Purple Top Rutabaga, Yellowstone
Beet.--Mammoth Long Red Mangel, Champion Yellow
Lettuce.--California Cream Butter, Early Curled Simpson
Field Lupins
Amber Cane
Salsify.--Sandwich Island
C. O. Taylor, Petrolia. Bronze medal
Morrison Taylor, Florida. Bronze medal
Corn.--Eight Rowed Yellow
J. M. Thorburn & Co., New York city. Grand prize
Field, Garden and Flower Seeds
Radish.--Early Turnip, Early Deep Blood Turnip, Half Long
Delicacy, White Tipped, Non Plus Ultra, Round Scarlet China,
Scarlet Turnip, Scarlet Globe, Olive Shaped Golden Yellow,
Olive Shaped Red Rocket, White Tipped Scarlet, French
Breakfast, Golden Summer, Scarlet Forcing, Winter, White
Winter, White Olive Shaped, Black Spanish, Long White Icicle,
White Tipped Summer White, Tipped Turnip, Long White
Russian, Scarlet Chinese Winter, Woods Early Frame
Lapania Borbonica
Salsify.--Long White French
Yellow Locust
Beet.--Mammoth Long Red Mangel Wurzel, Queen of Denmark
Sugar, Columbia, Golden Fleshed Globe Mangel Wurzel,
Golden Tankard Mangel Wurzel, Red Globe Mangel Wurzel,
Tomato.--Blush Lemon, Aristocrat, Fagmore, Scarlet, Yellow
Plum, Democrat, Thorburn's Novelty, Thorburn's 1903,
Thorburn's Rosalind, Waldorf
Parsley.--Moss Curled
Coffee Tree.--Kentucky
Millet.--Barn Yard, Red Siberian
Watermelon.--Imperial, Iron Clad, Dark Iceing, Triumph,
Hungarian, Van Cluse
Cucumber.--Small Gerkin, White Pearl
Oats.--Silver Mine, Black Tartarian
Squash.--Marblehead, White Chestnut, Canada Crookneck,
Pineapple, Orange Marrow, Red China, Perfect Gem, Butmans,
Pikes Peak, Der Wing, The Faxon, Japan Turban, French
Silver Maple
Juglans Cardifornus
Celery.--Cooper's Cutting, Thorburn's Fin de Siecle
Sun Flower.--Large Russian
Musk Melon.--Pineapple, Golden Gate
Grass.--Ribbed, Red Fescue, Meadow Fescue, Pepper, Hungarian
Curled Chervil
Pepper.--Sweet Spanish
Aera Caespitosa
French Thyme
Wheat.--Premium Red New York, Ruperts Giant, Red
Poppy.--Double Peony Flowered
Calendula.--Prince of Orange
Koelreuteria Paniculata
Rough Rice
Chicory.--Large Rooted
Lettuce.--Thorburn's Mammoth Black Seeded, Black Seeded
Tennis Ball, Thorburn's Maxumum, Hammersmith's Hardy,
Carrot.--Bellot, Carentan
Anthoxanthum Oderatum
Crab Apple.--French
Cherry.--Black Mazzard
Leek.--Large Flag Winter
Musk Melon.--Ward's Nectar
Lupins.--Blue, White, Yellow
Turnip.--White Norfolk, Thorburn's Improved Purple Top
Onion.--Thorburn's Excelsior Pickling
Apricot Pits
Endive.--White Curled
Connes Florida
Morning Glory
Holcus Lanatus
Lolucui Perenis.--Thorburn's Selected Dwarf
Clover.--Sand Crimson, Japan, White, Pea-vine
Spinach.--Winter, Long Standing, Lettuce Leaf, New
Zealand, Summer
Beet.--Swiss, Chard
Ampelopsis Hederacea
Gourd.--Sugar Trough, Dish Cloth, Mock Orange
Buckwheat.--Japanese, American Silver Hull
Rye.--Excelsior Winter
Burnet.--Common Field
Pumpkin.--Tennessee Sweet Potato
Sera Della
Spring Tares
Fenn Greek
Tree of Heaven
Acer Coriaceum
Australian Salt Bush
White Birch
Mushroom.--French Spawn
Spurry-Spergula Arvensis
Scotch Broom
Festuca Ovina
Cynosurus Ciristatus
Kohl Rabi.--Large White
Mustard.---Broad Leaved
Alopecurus Pralensis
Nasturtium.--Tall Mixed
Sweet Marjoram
French Pear
Virginian Stock
Parsnip.--Hollow Crown
Bromus Mollis
Cauliflower.--Gilt Edged
Anemone Coronaria
Poa Trivialis
Thea Viridis
Brussells Sprouts
Faximus Excelsior
Poa Annua
Sweet Fennel
Tulip Tree
Peas.--Stratagem, William Hurst, Prince of Wales, Horseford's
Market Garden, Thorburn's Early Market, Sweet, Blue
Beauty, Dr. McLean's, Alaska, Yorkshire Hero, Telephone,
Premium Gem, Juno, McLean's Advancers, Clay Cow, Queen,
Champion of England, American Wonder, Alpha, Telegraph,
Pride of the Market, Heroine, Duke of Albany, Abundance,
Nott's Excelsior, Gregory's Surprise, Gradus, Everbearing,
Magnum Bonum
Corn.--Leaming, Virginia Horse Tooth, Snow Flake, Early
Yellow Canada, Farmer's Favorite, Compton's Early Flint,
Sanford's White Flint, Angel of Midnight, Hickory King,
White Surprise, Longfellow, Thorburn's White Flint, Mastodon
Dent, Golden Beauty, Stowell's Evergreen Sugar, Potter's
Excelsior Sugar, Country Gentleman Sugar, Early Adams
Sugar, Black Mexican Sugar, Egyptian Sugar, Triumph Sugar,
Minnesota Sugar, Corn Salad, Perry's Hybrid Sweet ears,
Black Mexican Sweet ears, Hickox Sweet ears, Early Minnesota
Sweet ears, Early Crosby Sweet ears, Hickory King ears,
King Phillip ears, Legal Tender ears, White Cap Yellow Dent
ears, Compton's Early ears, Northern White Dent ears, Pride
of the North ears, White Sanford ears
Beans.--Tall July Runners, Vienna Forcer, Sword (Long
Pod) Challenger Lime, Improved Golden Cluster, English
House, Velvet Wardwell Kidney Wax, Scarlet Runner, Kentucky
Wonder, Golden Refugee, White Snowflake, Lightning,
Yellow Sofa, Castor, Early Valentine, Pole, Ne Plus Ultra,
Broad Windsor, Galega, Medium Eyed Sofa, Horticultural,
Dun Colored, Byer's Dwarf, Marvel of Paris, Dwarf Chocolate,
Canadian Wonder, Thornburn's Dwarf Lima, Longfellow Bush,
Longfellow Six Weeks Bush, Early Mohawk Bush, Early China
Bush, Everbearing Bush, Improved Golden Cluster Bush,
Medium Early Green Bush, Round Pod Kidney Wax Bush,
Lazy Wife Pole, Golden-Eyed Wax Bush, Scarlet Runner
(Pole), Emperor of Russia (Pole), Round Six Weeks Bush,
Southern Creeseback Bush, 1,000 to 1 Bush, Black Velentine
Bush, Improved Golden Wax Bush, White Kidney Bush,
White Marrow Bush
Peter S. Tower, Youngstown. Silver medal
Wheat.--Early Arcadian
Corn.--Eight-Rowed Yellow, ears
Miles Townsend, Bath. Silver medal
Wheat.--Longberry Red
Morgan Vail, Stormville. Silver medal
Oats.--White Tartar
Rye.--White Winter
Corn.--White Dent, ears
Vancott Bros., LaGrangeville. Bronze medal
Corn.--Pride of New Jersey, ears
W. H. Dueson, Le Roy. Gold medal
Wheat.--Red Clawson
Walter Van Loon, Bath. Gold medal
Joseph Van Wyck, Arlington. Bronze medal
Corn.--Eight-Rowed Yellow, ears
James Vick's Sons, Rochester. Silver medal
Corn.--Champion White Pearl Pop, Early Mastodon, Pride of
the North, Kaffir
Pea.--Large White Marrowfat, Small Field
Beans.--Black Butter, White Kidney, Black Wax, Large Marrowfat,
Red Kidney
Barley.--Bulless, Manshung
Oats.--New Banner.
Sun Flower.--White--Beauty, Mammoth Russian
F. L. Wailt, Ellington. Bronze medal
Wheat.--White Winter
Walter Ward, Rochester Junction. Bronze medal
Corn.--Longfellow Yellow, ears
John B. Y. Warner, Scottsville. Silver medal
Charles Watrous, Warsaw. Bronze medal
Wheat.--Red Clawson
Oats.--Clydesdale, Probester
Mrs. Emogene Watrous, Warsaw. Silver medal
Joseph L. Weed, Ballston Spa. Bronze medal
Corn.--Eight-Rowed Yellow, ears, Twelve-Rowed Yellow,
ears, Eight-Rowed Yellow Dent, ears
C. Weiting, Cobleskill. Silver medal
Wheat.--Spring Red
W. H. Wheeler, Florida. Silver medal
Wheat.--Red Winter, Fulcastor
C. W. & C. M. Wilcox, Delhi. Silver medal
Maple Sugar and Syrup
James Wilder, Warsaw. Silver medal
Charles Willour, Painted Post. Bronze medal
Wheat.--Long Medt
James M. Wisner, Edenville
Corn.--Pedrick Perfect, ears
O. M. Wixon, Elinira. Bronze medal
Oats.--Early Scotch
C. S. Wright, Hammond
Corn.--New England Fline, ears
Wyoming County Alms House, Varysburg. Silver medal
Wheat and Oats
A. Young, Bath. Bronze medal
Corn.--White Rice Pop, ears


Albany County. Silver medal
Allegany County. Silver medal
C. L. Allen, Sandy Hill. Silver medal
C. W. Becker, Carlisle. Bronze medal
Potatoes.--Salzer's Great Sunlight, Salzer's Million Dollar
John Bockeno, Baldwinsville. Bronze medal
Onions.--Yellow Danvers, Prize Taker, Silver King, Southport
Red, Southport White
F. E. Brown, Binghamton. Bronze medal
Onions.--Red Wethersfield, Australian Brown, Yellow
Danvers, Prize Takers, Southport White
Arthur L. Billings, Prattsburg. Silver medal


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