Observations on the Mussulmauns of India
Mrs. Meer Hassan Ali

Part 10 out of 10

Snakes, superstitions regarding;
and monkeys;
tale of an ungrateful;
an adventure with
Soap, substitutes for
Society of Musalman ladies
Solomon, King, tale of;
the first Sufi
Soobadhaar, _subahdar_, a native officer, a viceroy
Soobadhaarie, _subahdari_, a province under a viceroy
Soobhoo namaaz, _namaz-i-subh_, the dawn prayer
Soofy, Sufi, a sect of Musalmans;
consulted to solve mysteries;
pretenders to piety;
assemblage of with singing and dancing;
principles of
Soojinee, _sozani_, a quilted cloth
Soonie, Sunni, the Musalman sect;
rulers at Mecca
Soota-badhaar, _Soutabardar_, a mace-bearer;
Sota-badhaah; see SOOTA-BADHAAR
Spinach, varieties and uses of
Spirits, evil, exorcism of
Starvation, a cure for disease
Stockings, wearing of in the zenanah
Stone dishes
Subzah, _sabzah_, a song bird
Suffee Ali, Safiya 'Ilah, a title of Adam
Sulleed, _tharid_, a kind of bread
Sulmah, _surma_, antimony applied to the eyes
Sumdun Begum, _samdhan begum_, a connexion by marriage
Surraie, _surahi_, a long-necked water flagon
Surringhee, _sarangi_, a sort of violin
Sutkah, _sadaqah_, offerings of intercession
Suwaaree, _sawari_, an equipage, escort
Sweetmeats, sellers of;
given to a man in a state of ecstasy,
Swine, held abominable by Musalmans
Sword exercises
Syaad, Sayyid, a class of Musalmans;
their origin;
care used and difficulty in making marriage engagements;
respect paid to;
dues received by
Syaad Ahmad Kaabeer, Sayyid Ahmad Kabir,
Syaad Harshim, Sayyid Hashim

Taaif, Ta'if, a fertile tract near Mecca,
Taarkhanah, _tahkhanah_, an underground room,
Taaseel-dhaar, _tahsildar_, a native collector of revenue,
Taaweez, taawize, _ta'wiz_, an amulet, talisman,
Tahujjoot, _namaz-i-tahajjud_, prayer after midnight,
Tale kee archah wallah,
_Tel ka acharwala_, a seller of oil pickles,
Talismans; see TAAWEEZ
Tamarind tree, the, vegetation beneath it dying,
Tamerlane, Taimur Lang, introduces seclusion of women,
Tarantula, the,
Tattle, _tatti_, a screen, a device for cooling rooms,
Tawurshear, _tabashir_, a substance found in bamboos,
Tazia, _ta'ziya_,
a model tomb carried in procession at the Muharram festival;
not peculiar to India;
not used by Sunnis;
burial of,
Tea, use of,
Teeth, cleaning of, 59
Thonjaun, _tamjhan_, _thamjhan_, a kind of litter,
Throne, of the King of Oudh,
Tigers, tamed, wandering about the house;
adventure with,
Time, Musalman division of;
measured by a clepsydra,
Timoor, Taimur, his invasion of India,
Tin, use of in dyeing and in medicine,
Tope, a grove of trees,
Tor, _tar_, the palm tree, _Borassus flabelliformis_,
Toy sellers,
Trades in Lucknow,
Travellers excused from fasting,
Treasure, burying of,
Trees, speaking on the Mahdi's birthday,
Tuckht, _takht_, a wooden platform on which men sit and sleep,
Tufaun, _tufan_, a storm,
Tumaushbeen, _tamashabin_, 'a spectator of wonders',
Tundhie, _thandi_, a cooling draught taken at the breaking of a fast,
Turkaarie, _tarkari_, vegetables

Uberuck, _abrak_, talc, mica,
Ulsee, _alsi_, linseed, _Linum usitatissimum_,
Umbrella, a mark of dignity,
Umultass, _amaltas_,
the Indian laburnum, _Cassia fistula_, use in medicine,
Ungeeah, _angiya_, an under-jacket or bodice,
Ungeel, _injil_, Evangel, the Gospels,
Unnah, _anna_, a nurse,
Unrurkha, _angarkha_, a long tunic,
Ununas, _ananas_, the pineapple, _Ananassa sativa_,
Urzees, _arziz_, tin, used in medicine and dyeing,
Usury, forbidden

Vakeel, _wakil_, an agent
Vazeefah, _wazifah_, a passage read from the Koran
Vegetables, use of as food
Veil, worn by a bridegroom
Venus, the conjunction of
Vermicelli, used in the times of fasting
Villoiettee Begum, Wilayati begam, 'the foreign lady'
Vizier, _wazir_, the prime minister at the Court of Oudh

Walking barefoot, a sign of mourning
Wax from the human ear administered to elephants
White ants
Widows, dress of;
reduced numbers of;
marriage of
Window glass, scarcity of
Witch, tale of a;
hair plucked from the head of;
has crooked feet;
sucking out the vitals of a victim
Witchcraft, general belief in
Wives, prescribed number of;
large numbers of married
Women, belief that they do not possess souls;
seclusion of
Wounds, treatment of

Yaacoob, Ya'qub, Jacob
Yeusuf, Yusuf, Joseph
Yieyah, Yahya, St. John
Yoube, Aiyub, Job
Yumen, Yemen in Arabia
Yuzeed, Yazid, second Caliph of the house of Umaiyah

Zahur morah, _zahr mohra_, the bezoar stone
Zarbund, _zerband_, a waist string
Zechareah, Zachariah
Zeearut, _ziyarah, ziyarat_, a visit to a shrine
Zeenahnah, the zenanah, described
Zemindhaar, _zamindar_, a landowner
Zohur namaaz, _salatu-'z-zuhr_, mid-day prayer
Zuckhaut, _zakat_, alms for the poor
Zynool auberdene, Az-zainu'l-'abidin


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