Peaceless Europe
Francesco Saverio Nitti

Part 5 out of 5

Buelow, von

CANADA as part of British dominions,
Civilization, evolution of,
Clemenceau, M., and the military guarantees question,
and the Paris Conference,
and the reparations clause,
as destroyer,
communicates Poincare's letter to Lloyd George,
fall of,
his hatred of the Germans,
on peace treaties,
replies to Lloyd George's note,
Coal fields, Germany's pre-war,
Colonial rights, and the Versailles Treaty,
Colonies, British,
German pre-war,
Germany loses her,
Commune, the French,
Communist system, Russian, failure of,
Constantine, King of Greece, return of,
Constantinople, retained by the Turks,
Russia's desire for,
subject to international control,
the Treaty of Sevres and,
Croatia and Fiume,
Czeko-Slovakia, State of,
added population of,
army of,
financial position of,
Magyars in

DALMATIA, the London Agreement and,
Dante, a celebrated dictum of,
Danube Commission, the,
Danzig, allotted to Poland,
Dardanelles, the, freedom of: Versailles Treaty and,
De Foville's estimate of wealth of France,
Denmark acquires North Schleswig,
Disarmament conditions fulfilled by Germany,
Disease, and the aftermath of war

ECONOMIC barriers, removal of, and the peace treaty,
England, and the Mediterranean,
war record of,
Entente, the, and Germany's responsibility for war,
and the Bolshevik Government,
author's opinion of peace terms of,
division among, as result of peace treaties,
Erzeroum, Mussulman population of,
Eupen ceded to Belgium,
Europe, area of,
financial difficulties of,
increased armaments in

Europe, monarchies in, before the war
pre-war conditions of
reconstruction of, and peace policy
results of world-war in
States of
European civilization, future of
European States, war debts of
(_cf of_ War Debts)

FERENCZI, Dr., his statistics of sickness in Budapest
Fichte, and Germany
Financial and economic clauses of peace treaty
Fiume, Italy's position regarding
question of
the London Agreement and
Wilson and
Foch, Marshal, and the military commission
and the peace treaties
unconstitutional action of
France, acquires Saar mines
alliances with
and the indemnity
and the old regime in Russia
claims of, at Paris Conference,
expenses of her navy
financial position of
iron industry of
Italy and
population of
post-war army of
post-war condition of
presses for occupation of the Ruhr
pre-war status of
private wealth of, before the war
purport of her action in the Conference
recognizes government of Wrangel
safety of, and military guarantees
the political class in
treaties with U.S. and Great Britain
war record of
Franco-Prussian War, the
indemnity demanded by victors
unjust terms of Prussia
Frankfort, Treaty of, compared with Versailles Treaty
Frederick the Great, political genius of
Freedom of the seas, the peace treaties and
French-American Treaty, the
French-English Treaty, the
French territories, liberation
Frontiers, changed condition of

GEORGE, Lloyd, a memorandum for Peace Conference
a truism of
and question of military guarantees
and reparations question
and Russia
and the Paris Conference
and the proposed trial of the Kaiser
denounces economic manifesto
difficult position of, at Paris Conference
on Poland's claim to Upper Silesia
proposes Germany's admission to League of Nations
Georgia, in Bolshevik hands
Italy prepares a military expedition to
German army reduced by peace terms
delegates and the Paris Conference
German-Austria, army of
loses access to the sea
plight of
Germany, a country of surprises
a war of reconquest by, impossible
accepts armistice terms
Allies' demands for indemnities
and America's entry into the war
and her indemnity
and reconstruction of Russia
and the political sense
annual capitalization of
commerce of, before the war
cost of army of occupation to
effect of peace treaty on
effect of President Wilson's messages on
financial position of
her indemnity increased
her pre-war colonies
her responsibility for the war
how she can pay indemnity
imports and exports of
is she able to pay indemnity asked?
loses her colonies
losses of, in Great War
militarist party in
military conditions imposed on
population of, in and outside Europe
pre-war army of
pre-war coal supply of
pre-war conditions of
result of Versailles Treaty to
revolutionary crisis in
Sevres Treaty and
suited for democratic principles
territories and States in, before the war
victories of
war record of
Great Britain, and the indemnity
and the Treaty of Versailles
army of
enters the war
expenses of her navy
financial position of
general election in
insularity of
population of
pre-war conditions of
war record of
why she entered the war
Great War, the, author's opinion of peace terms
estimated number of dead in
how it was decided
post-war results of
question of responsibility for
Greece, acquires Bulgarian territory
army of
financial position of
her gains by Sevres Treaty
her illusion of conquering Turkish resistance
her policy of greed
the Entente and

HEGEL, and Germany,
Helferich, and the capitalization of Germany,
Herf, von, and Polish organization,
Hindenburg, and the U.S. army,
House, Colonel, and the reduction of the German army,
and the reparations proposal,
Hughes, W.M., Premier of Australia, and the German indemnity,
Hungary, alarming mortality in,
army of,
conditions of life in,
delegates of, at Paris Conference,
harsh treatment of,
losses of, by peace treaty,
revolutions in, 166
Hunger and disease, a legacy of war,
Hymans, M., at Paris Conference,

INDEMNITIES, question of,
what Germany can pay,
(_see also_ Reparations)
Indemnity clause, how inserted,
_et seq_.,
India, British,
Inter-Allied debts, problem of,
_et seq_.
(_see also_ Allies, war debts of)
Iron, Germany's lack of,
Iron-ore, Germany's pre-war wealth in,
Italian frontier, rectification of,
Italian Socialists visit Russia,
Italians, their difficult theatre of war,
Italo-Turkish war, the,
Italy, a period of crisis in,
an expedition into Albania,
and Georgia,
and Montenegro,
and the Balkans,
and the League of Nations,
and the London Agreement,
and the Paris Conference,
army of,
breaks with the Alliance,
custom of tree-planting in,
declares her neutrality,
economic sufferings of,
enters the war,
expenses of her navy,
financial position of,
Great Britain and,
her costly Libyan adventure,
her freedom from revolutions,
in the Triple Alliance,
ministerial crisis in,
population of,
pre-war status of,
stands apart from Conference,
suffers from situation in Russia
territories annexed to,
the Adriatic problem,
the question of Fiume,
votes for recognition of the Soviet,
why she entered the war,

JAPAN, expenses of her navy,
Jews, Polish,
Judenic, General,
Jugo-Slavia, acquires Bulgarian territory,
army of,
financial position of,
Magyars in,
Julius Caesar as politician,
KANT, Emanuel
Kautsky, published documents of
Keynes, John Maynard, and inter-Allied debts
and the Paris Conference
author's admiration for
represents English Treasury at Paris Conference
the indemnity question and
true forecasts of
Klagenfurth, a plebiscite for
Klotz, and the indemnity
Koltchak, Admiral
Konigsberg, the home of Emanuel Kant
Kowno claimed by Poles

LABOUR and the war
Lansing, Robert, and the Paris Conference
Law, Bonar, and question of military guarantees
and reparations
and the indemnity
League of Nations, the, a suggested revision of treaties by
and Danzig
and the participation of the vanquished
as trustee of Saar mines
covenant of
foundation of, and its objects
Germany debarred from
its capabilities and mistakes
modification of two clauses of
its constitution needed
powers of
Wilson in a difficult situation
Libyan adventure, the
Lithuania, Wilna ceded to, but occupied by Poles
London Agreement, the
secrecy of
London, Conference of
discusses economic manifesto
Lorraine, Germany's pre-war iron production from
iron mines of: German ambitions for
Loucheur, M., and the indemnity
Ludendorff, General, important declaration by
Luxemburg, iron industry of

MAGYARS, in Rumania
Treaty of Trianon and,
Malmedy given to Belgium
Marienwerder, a plebiscite for
Marne, battle of the
Mesopotamia lost by Turkey
Military clauses and guarantees of peace treaty
Millerand, M., and Sweden
Monroe doctrine, the
Montenegro, absorbed by the S.H.S. State
restoration of
the Entente and
Moresnet becomes Belgian territory
Moscow Government sends gold to Sweden: French action
Mussulman population of pre-war Turkey

as politician
his three great errors
Napoleon III
Nationalism, and what it implies
Naval armaments, the race for
Neuilly, the Treaty of
New Zealand, Britain's share of
Nicholas II, his proclamation regarding Poland
weakness of
Nineteenth century, the, wars of
Nitti, Francesco S., and admission of ex-enemies into League of
and Germany's responsibility for the war
and Italian Socialists
and Russia
and the Italian military expedition to Georgia
and the proposed trial of the Kaiser
at Conferences of London and San Remo
denounces economic manifesto
his son a prisoner of war
ideals of
opposes Adriatic adventure
receives deputation of German business men
signs ratification of Treaty of Versailles
the indemnity question and
Northcliffe Press, the, and the indemnity

OGIER, M., territorial reconstruction scheme of
Orlando, M., and the reparations question
Orlando Ministry, the, resignation of
Ottoman Empire, the, a limited sovereignty to Turkish parts of

PALESTINE, Treaty of Sevres and
Paper currency, Germany's pre-and post-war
Paris, an unsuitable meeting place for Conference
Peace Conference in
Supreme Council at
welcomes President Wilson
Paris Conference, and the indemnity
Peace, necessary conditions for
Peace Conference, Lloyd George's memorandum for
Peace treaties, a negation of justice
and continuation of the war
and their application
effect on Germany of
origin and aims of
question of reparation and indemnity
revision of, a necessity
their opposition to Wilson's fourteen points
Peace treaty of June, 1919, summary of terms of
Peasants, Russian, and the old regime
Petrograd, text of London Agreement published in
Plebiscite, result of, in Upper Silesia
Plebiscites, system of
Poincare, M., and Clemenceau
and Germany's right of entry into League of Nations
and the peace treaties
Lloyd George replies to
on military guarantees and occupation
Poland, aims at further expansion
anarchic condition of
and the plebiscite
and the Treaty of Versailles
Poland, army of
financial position of
gains by Treaty
her policy of greed
obtains State of Danzig
of to-day
the Tsar's proclamation regarding
treaty with France
working for ruin
Polish state, foundation of an independent
Politics, German, pre-war
Portugal, war debt of
Progress, war as condition towards
Public debts of warring nations
(_cf_. Allies, war debts of)

RECONSTRUCTION of Europe, the, and annullment of inter-Allied debts
and the revision of peace treaties
Germany's indemnity and that of defeated countries
necessity of forming new connexions with Russia
the League of Nations and
the safety of France and the military guarantees
Renner, Chancellor of Vienna, confers with Marquis della Torretta
Reparations clause, origin of
Reparations Commission, the, expense accounts of
formation of
suppression of, a necessity
Reparations, the problem of
(_cf_. Indemnities)
Rhine, the, as frontier
occupation of
an act of vengeance
cost of, to Germany
Riga, hunger and sickness in, the aftermath of war
Ruhr, the, question of occupation of
Rumania, army of
evacuation of
financial position of
her gains by Treaty
Magyars in
Rumanian occupation of Hungary
Russia, and the League of Nations
as cause of world-conflict
birth-rate of
blockade of
Entente aids military undertakings in
financial position of
Germany's fear of
her policy of expansion
Lloyd George on
military revolts in
peace army of
policy of Entente towards
power of the Tsar in
present-day plight of
pre-war empire of
probable number of men under arms in
Sevres Treaty and
the Versailles Treaty and
under the Tsars
Russian peasants and the old regime
Russians, remarkable fecundity of
Russo-Japanese peace, the and how drafted
Russo-Japanese War, the

SAAR, the, a plebiscite for
annexation of: French proposals regarding
coalfields of, assigned to France
pre-war production of
Saint-Germain-en-Laye, Treaty of
San Remo, Conference of
Schleswig, a plebiscite for,
Secret diplomacy, peace treaties and
Serbia, evacuation of
her gains by Treaty
ignorant of London Agreement
responsibility for the war
Russian policy in
the Allied Press and
war debt of
Serbo-Croat States, financial position of
sea-coast outlets for
S.H.S. State absorbs Montenegro
Silesia (_see_ Upper Selesia)
Slav States, cosmopolitan population of
Smyrna, the Sanjak of
Sonnino, M., at Paris Conference
South Africa, British
Soviet, the, recognition of, refused
Spa Conference, the
Starling, Professor
States, European, pre- and post-war, _et seq_.
Submarine menace, the
Sweden, Russian gold sent to

TARDIEU, Andre, and the guarantees against Germany
and the Paris Conference
and the question of military guarantees
draws up reply to Lloyd George
his report on Paris Conference
on President Wilson
on the Treaty of Versailles
Territorial and political clauses of peace treaty
Thrace assigned to Greece
Torretta, Marquis della, confers with Chancellor Renner
Trade conditions, equality of, and the peace treaty
Treaties, peace (_see Neuilly, Saint-Germain-en-Laye, Sevres
Trianon, Versailles)
Treaties with France against German aggression
Treaty system, the, division of Europe by
Trianon, Treaty of
Triple Alliance, the
Italy and
"Triplice," the (_see_ Triple Alliance)
Tripoli, Italy
Turkey, and the result of Treaty of Sevres
army of
Grand Vizier of, and his note
Turks, their power of resistance
Turquan's estimate of wealth of France

United States, the, a deciding factor of the war
abandons Treaty of Versailles
and Armenian question
and the indemnity
United States, the, and the League of Nations,
and the naval question,
expenses of her navy,
financial position of,
losses in the Great War,
(see also America)
Upper Silesia, a plebiscite for,
iron industry of,
result of plebiscite in,

VENEZELOS, M., author's tribute to,
fall of,
Versailles, Treaty of,
abandoned by America,
and the future of Germany,
characteristic facts of,
conditions of Germany as result of,
injustice of,
Lloyd George on,
on what based,
ratification of,
summary of,
violation of,
why it has been weakened,
Vessitch, M., at Paris Conference,
Vienna, conditions in,
the wireless high-power station at,

WAeCHTER, Kinderlen-, and Russia,
War, a political fact,
as a necessary condition of life,
difference between battles and,
legitimacy of,
the aftermath of,
the nature of,
War debts, a menace to financial stability,
War debts of the Allies,
(_cf_. Inter-Allied debts)
Warfare, modern, what it means,
Wars of the last three centuries, the,
Wealth, influence of, on life and happiness,
William II, and his responsibility for the war,
as _miles gioriosus_,
author's aversion to,
frenzied oratory of,
proposed trial of,
Wilna ceded to Lithuania, but occupied by Poles,
Wilson, President, and Armenia
and Fiume,
and military guarantees,
and the League of Nations,
demonstrations against, in Italy,
his fourteen points,
compared with Treaty of Versailles,
his ignorance of European affairs, and the result,
how he was received in Paris,
memorable speech in American Senate,
peace ideals of, 34,
_post-bellum_ economic settlement proposals of (_see_ League of
Wolff, and Germany,
Wrangel, General,


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