Putnam's Word Book
Louis A. Flemming

Part 16 out of 17


undecipherable, a. illegible.

undefinable, a. unexplainable, undeterminable.

undefined, a. vague, indefinite, obscure; boundless, limitless.

undemonstrative, a. staid, quiet, demure, phlegmatic, sedate.

undeniable, a. incontestable, indisputable, unquestionable,
indubitable, irrefragable, incontrovertible, unimpeachable.

under, prep. beneath, below, subordinate, inferior, subject to.

under, a. subordinate, subaltern, inferior, subjacent.

underbrush, n. undergrowth, jungle.

underground, a. subterranean, subterraneous, subterrene,

underhand, a. underhanded, surreptitious, clandestine, covert.

underhand, adv. clandestinely, covertly, secretly, surreptitiously.

underhanded, a. covert, clandestine, surreptitious, underhand.

underline, v. underscore.

underling, n. subordinate, inferior, understrapper.

underlying, a. fundamental, basic.

underrate, v. underestimate, undervalue, underprize.

understand, v. comprehend, apprehend, grasp, discern.

understandable, a. comprehensible, intelligible.

understanding, n. comprehension, discernment, apprehension; accord,
_entente_, harmony, agreement. Associated Word: tacit.

under the rose. secretly, privately, confidentially, _sub rosa_.

undervalue, v. depreciate, vilipend, despise; underrate,

under water. submarine, subaquatic, subaqueous, submerged.

underwear, n. underclothing; lingerie.

underwrite, v. insure; subscribe.

undeserved, a. unmerited, unjust.

undeserving, a. unworthy, unmeritorious, indign.

undesigned, a. unpremeditated, unintentional, accidental.

undesigning, a. artless, guileless, sincere.

undesirable, a. inexpedient; objectionable, unacceptable, ineligible.

undetermined, a. unsettled, irresolute, wavering, indeterminate,

undeveloped, a. in embryo, embryonic, immature, abeyant, embryo,
imperfect; atrophied, dwarfed, rudimentary, stunted, abortive, puny.

undevelopment, n. immaturity; atrophy, abortion; embryo.

undignified, a. unseemly, unbecoming, groveling, servile, obsequious.

undiminished, a. unabated, unlessened.

undiscernible, a. imperceptible, indiscernible.

undisputable, a. incontrovertible, incontestable, indisputable,

undissolvable, a. insoluble, indissolvable, indissoluble.

undo, v. reverse, annul, nullify, abrogate, neutralize, invalidate;
loose, unfasten, disentangle; impoverish, ruin.

undoing, n. reversal, annulment, invalidation, abrogation;
impoverishment, ruin.

undoubted, a. indubitable, unquestioned, unchallenged, undisputed.

undoubting, a. sure, confident, sanguine, implicit.

undress, n. dishabille, negligee.

undress, v. disrobe, strip, divest, doff, disarray.

undressing, n. disrobing, stripping.

undue, v. unreasonable, immoderate, exorbitant, excessive,

undutiful, a. disobedient, unfilial.

undying, a. deathless, immortal.

unearth, v. uncover, disclose, ferret out.

unearthly, a. weird, supernatural, preternatural, eerie, apalling,

uneasiness, n. restlessness, inquietude, perturbation, anxiety,
agitation, malaise.

uneasy, a. restless, restive, anxious, perturbed, impatient.

uneatable, a. inedible, incomestible.

uneducated, a. illiterate, benighted. See ignorant.

unemotional, a. phlegmatic.

unendurable, a. intolerable, insufferable.

unequal, a. unmatched, uneven, disparate; ill-balanced,
disproportioned, incommensurate, inequitable; inequable, irregular;
inadequate, insufficient.

unequaled, a. unmatched, unexampled, incomparable, superior,
preëminent, peerless, unsurpassed, unrivaled, exceeding, superlative,
_sans pareil_.

unequalness, n. inequality, unevenness, disproportion, inadequacy.

unerasable, a. indelible, inerasable, permanent.

unerring, a. certain, sure, unfailing, infallible, inerrable,

unescapable, a. inevitable, unavoidable.

unessential, a. nonessential, immaterial, unnecessary.

uneven, a. jagged, rugged, rough, hummocky, humpy, protuberant,

unexcelled, a. unequaled, unsurpassed, superior, supreme.

unexcitable, a. imperturbable, phlegmatic.

unexhaustible, a. exhaustless, inexhaustible.

unexpected, a. unforeseen, unanticipated, unlooked for.

unexperienced, a. inexperienced, unpracticed.

unexplainable, a. inexplicable, inscrutable, uninterpretable.

unexpressible, a. inexpressible, unutterable, ineffable.

unextinguishable, a. unquenchable, insuppressible.

unfading, a. perennial, amaranthine, permanent, enduring.

Unfailing, a. sure, certain, constant, inexhaustible, infallible,

unfair, a. unjust, partial, unconscionable, inequitable,

unfairness, n. injustice, inequity, partiality.

unfaithful, a. disloyal, faithless, perfidious, undutiful, renegade,
apostate, recreant, derelict, false, treacherous, traitorous, treasonable,
untrustworthy, pervert, inconstant, unsteadfast, fickle.

unfaithfulness, n. disloyalty, perfidy, apostasy, recreancy,
inconstancy, treachery, treason, bad faith, dereliction, fickleness,

unfaltering, a. steadfast, unwavering, unswerving.

unfamiliar, a. unaccustomed, strange, novel; inconversant,

unfathered, a. fatherless; bastard, illegitimate.

unfathomable, a. abyssmal, immeasurable; inscrutable.

unfavorable, a. adverse, inimical, unpropitious, inauspicious,
malign, derogatory, hostile.

unfeathered, a. unfledged, callow, squab.

unfeeling, a. insensible, insensate, insentient, numb, apathetic,
impassible, impassive; stoic, callous, cruel, stern, incompassionate,
unpitying, brutal, inclement.

unfeelingness, n. insensibility, impassibility, impassivity,
torpidity, numbness, apathy; unkindness, cruelty, stoicism, incompassion,

unfeigned, a. genuine, sincere, unaffected, unassumed.

unfinished, a. incomplete.

unfit, a. unsuitable, ineligible, inappropriate, unqualified,
incompetent, inapt, inept.

unfit, v. disqualify, incapacitate, disable.

unfitness, n. ineligibility, unsuitableness, incompetency,
irrelevance, disqualification.

unflattering, a. uncomplimentary, derogatory, frank.

unfledged, a. callow, unfeathered, squab.

unflinching, a. resolute.

unfold, v. unfurl, expand, evolve, unroll; disentangle, unravel,
resolve; divulge, disclose, reveal, elucidate.

unfoldment, n. evolution, evolvment, expansion, unrolling;
disentanglement, interpretation, explanation.

unforced, a. spontaneous, voluntary, optional, unconstrained.

unforgivable, a. unpardonable, irremissible, inexpiable.

unforgiving, a. implacable, irremissive, relentless.

unfortunate, a. unlucky, unsuccessful, disastrous, ill-starred,

unfounded, a. baseless, groundless.

unfriendliness, n. enmity, inimicalness, hostility, disfavor,
antipathy, disaffection, alienation, estrangement, unfriendship.

unfriendly, a. hostile, ill-disposed, inimical, malign, unamicable,
disaffected, alienated, estranged, antagonistic, unfavorable, adverse.

unfruitful, a. unproductive, effete, unprolific, infertile, acarpous.

ungainly, a. awkward, gawky, ungraceful, lumbering, loutish, wooden,

ungenerous, a. illiberal, narrow, sordid, uncharitable, stingy.

unglue, v. deglutinate.

ungodly, a. godless, impious, irreverent, profane, unrighteous.

ungovernable, a. unruly, unmanageable, refractory, intractable,
mutinous, impotent, irrepressible, rampant, unbridled, impetuous.

ungraceful, a. awkward, uncourtly, clumsy, uncouth, lumbering,
ungainly, wooden, gawky.

ungrateful, a. ingrateful, unthankful; disagreeable, offensive.

ungratefulness, n. ingratitude.

ungrateful person. ingrate.

unguarded, a. defenseless, unprotected; incautious, unwary.

unhair, v. depilate.

unhairing, n. depilation. Associated Word: depilatory.

unhallowed, a. unsanctified, profane.

unhandy, a. inconvenient; clumsy, awkward, maladroit.

unhappiness, n. infelicity, misery, distress, sorrow, woe.

unhappy, a. infelicitous, unfortunate; miserable, wretched, sad,
sorrowful, disconsolate, woeful, distressed, heart-sick, mournful,
lugubrious; deplorable, calamitous, distressing, grievous, inauspicious,
unpropitious, malign.

unharmed, a. unscathed, inviolate, uninjured, unhurt, intact,

unharmonious, a. inharmonious, discordant, dissonant, harsh.

unhealable, a. insanable, incurable.

unhealthful, a. unwholesome, insalubrious, unsanitary, unhealthy,
morbific, pestiferous.

unhealthfulness, n. insalubrity, unwholesomeness.

unhealthy, a. unhealthful, unwholesome, insalubrious, noxious,
noisome, pestiferous, pernicious, unsanitary, unhygienic, morbid,
morbific, pestilent, insalutary; sickly, unsound, diseased, morbid,

unheard of. unprecedented, exceptional; unknown, obscure.

unheeded, a. disregarded, ignored, unnoticed.

unholy, a. unhallowed, unconsecrated, profane, impious, evil,

unhonored, a. inglorious, unsung, unrenowned, obscure.

unhurt, a. See unharmed.

uniform, a. unvarying, invariable, constant, undeviating; consonant,
consistent. Antonyms: diverse, difform, anomalous, variant,
heterogeneous, variable.

uniform, n. livery, dress, regimentals.

uniformity, n. sameness, even tenor; invariability, regularity,
equableness, conformity, consonance, consistency. Antonyms: diversity,
variation, anomaly.

unimaginative, a. matter-of-fact, prosaic, literal, practical,

unimportance, n. immateriality, insignificance, triviality,

unimportant, a. immaterial, insignificant, trivial, paltry.

unimpressible, a. unimpressionable, impassible, stoical, impassive.

unintentional, a. accidental, unpremeditated, fortuitous, undesigned.

union, n. coalition, combination, merger, fusion, unification,
incorporation, conjunction, amalgamation, coalescence, junction, league,
confederacy, federation, alliance; agreement, concurrence, unison.
Antonyms: disunion. See separation.

unique, a. unmatched, unexampled.

unite, v. join, combine, annex, associate, link, couple, yoke,
splice; consolidate, merge, amalgamate, fuse, confederate, unify,
coalesce, concur, coöperate.

united, a. combined, incorporate, federated, confederate, affiliated,
unified, blended, leagued, conjugate, yoked, amalgamated.

unity, n. oneness, singleness; concord, harmony, agreement,
uniformity, unison, concert.

universal language. pasilaly; Esperanto.

universal writing. pasigraphy.

unjust, a. unfair, inequitable, iniquitous, unmerited.

unjustifiable, a. indefensible, inexcusable, unwarrantable.

unkind, a. cruel, harsh, austere, rigorous, incompassionate,
inclement, brutal.

unkindness, n. cruelty, brutality, severity, incompassion,
incivility, disfavor.

unknowable, a. incognizable, incognoscible, unascertainable,
unintelligible, incomprehensible.

unknowingly, adv. unwittingly, ignorantly, unconsciously,

unknown, a. obscure, inglorious, unrenowned, nameless,
undistinguished; unascertained, unexplored, unapprehended; anonymous.

unknown person. stranger, ignote.

unladylike, a. hoidenish, pert, ill-bred.

unlawful, a. illegal, illicit, contraband, illegitimate, unlicensed.

unleavened, a. azymous.

unleavened bread. azym.

unlike, a. dissimilar, different, diverse, sundry, variant,
heterogeneous, unique, nondescript.

unlikelihood, n. improbability, unlikeliness.

unlikely, a. improbable; unpromising.

unlikeness, n. dissimilarity, dissimilitude, difference, contrast.

unlimited, a. limitless, illimitable, infinite, absolute, unbounded.

unload, v. disburden, unlade, relieve.

unlooked-for, a. unexpected, unanticipated, unforeseen, chance.

unlovely, a. uncomely, homely, plain, unattractive, repulsive.

unlucky, a. unfortunate, luckless, ill-starred, unhappy, untoward.

unmaidenly, a. hoidenish, rude, boisterous, pert.

unman, v. emasculate, castrate; dishearten, discourage, unnerve,
intimidate; emolliate, effeminate.

unmanageable, a. ungovernable, intractable, refractory, fractious;
cumbersome, unwieldy.

unmanly, a. ignoble, cowardly, mean; womanish, effeminate cockney.

unmanned, a. emasculated, effeminate.

unmannerly, a. impolite, discourteous, boorish, uncivil, rude.

unmanning, n. emasculation, castration; debilitation;

unmarried, a. single, celibate.

unmarried man. bachelor, celibate, agamist.

unmarried woman. spinster.

unmatchable, a. peerless, matchless, incomparable, inimitable,

unmatched, a. unequaled, matchless, incomparable, nonpareil.

unmeaning, a. meaningless, senseless; insignificant, inexpressive.

unmeant, a. unintentional.

unmelodious, a. discordant, harsh, dissonant, inharmonious,

unmeltable, a. infusible.

unmerciful, a. cruel, pitiless, merciless, inclement, unsparing,
stern, unrelenting, ruthless, brutal, incompassionate, unkind; (Colloq.)
excessive, fabulous, exorbitant, immoderate.

unmindful, a. oblivious, inadvertent, inattentive, heedless.

unmistakable, a. manifest, palpable, obvious, patent, evident,
distinct, unambiguous.

unmixable, a. immiscible.

unmixableness, n. immiscibility.

unmovable, a. fixed, stable, immobile.

unmoved, a. calm, dispassionate, indifferent, unstirred, impassive,

unmusical, a. inharmonious, discordant.

unnatural, a. abnormal, monstrous, anomalous, aberrant, variant,
preternatural, exceptional, irregular; artificial, affected, feigned,
assumed simulated, constrained.

unnecessary, a. superfluous, useless, needless, uncalled for,
expletive, redundant, supernumerary.

unneighborly, a. unsociable, exclusive, distant, unaccommodating.

unnoticed, a. unheeded, unnoted, surreptitious.

unobjectionable, a. unexceptionable.

unobtainable, a. unprocurable, unattainable, inaccessible.

unobtrusive, a. unpretentious, unassuming, modest.

unorthodox, a. heterodox.

unpacifiable, a. implacable, unappeasable, unreconcilable.

unpaid, a. outstanding, payable, due, unliquidated.

unpardonable, a. inexpiable, unatonable, irremissible, unforgivable.

unpassable, a. impassable.

unpenetrable, a. impenetrable, impervious, imperforable.

unpierceable, a. imperforable, impenetrable.

unplanted, a. fallow.

unpleasant, a. disagreeable, uncongenial.

unplowed, a. fallow.

unpopular, a. disliked, obnoxious, odious, offensive.

unpopularity, n. odium, disesteem, obnoxiousness.

unpractical, a. impractical, visionary, Utopian.

unpraiseworthy, a. uncommendable, illaudable, indign.

unprejudiced, a. impartial, unbiased, unjaundiced.

unpremeditated, a. extemporaneous, offhand, impromptu, extempore.

unpretending, a. unobtrusive, modest, unpretentious, unostentatious.

unpretentious, a. unpretending.

unpreventable, a. unavoidable, inevitable.

unprincipled, a. unscrupulous.

unproductive, a. unfruitful, barren.

unprofessional, a. amateur.

unprofitable, a. unremunerative, profitless; futile, fruitless,

unpromising, a. unlikely; inauspicious, unpropitious.

unqualified, a. incompetent, ineligible; absolute, unconditional.

unquenchable, a. unslakable, insatiate, insatiable, quenchless.

unquestionable, a. incontrovertible, irrefutable, incontestable,
indubitable, obvious, indisputable.

unquestioned, a. undoubted, implicit.

unravel, v. disentangle, extricate, ravel; decipher, unfold.

unreachable, a. inaccessible.

unreadable, a. illegible.

unreal, a. fanciful, imaginary, visionary, unsubstantial, shadowy,
chimerical, illusive, phantasmal, phantasmagorial.

unreasonable, a. irrational, absurd, unwise, preposterous, senseless;
excessive, exorbitant, unfair, unconscionable, inordinate.

unreclaimable, a. irreclaimable, irretrievable, hopeless,

unrecognized, a. ignored, disregarded, unacknowledged.

unreconcilable, a. antagonistic, incompatible, irreconcilable,
implacable, unpacifiable.

unrecoverable, a. irrecoverable, irreparable, irretrievable,

unredeemed, a. forfeited, unransomed, unfulfilled.

unrefonnable, a. irreformable, incorrigible.

unrelenting, a. relentless, implacable, inexorable, remorseless,
pitiless, unmerciful.

unreliable, a. untrustworthy, undependable, uncertain.

unremediable, a. irremediable.

unremitting, a. indefatigable, persevering, unceasing, constant.

unrepairable, a. irreparable.

unrepentant, a. impenitent, incontrite.

unreserve, n. frankness, candor, ingenuousness.

unreserved, a. frank, undissembling, candid, ingenuous;
unconditioned, unlimited.

unresistible, a. irresistible.

unresisting, a. passive, submissive, long-suffering.

unrest, n. unquietness, restlessness, uneasiness, disquietude,

unrestrained, a. unbridled, ungoverned, uncurbed, riotous, impotent,
saturnalian, rampant; licentious, dissolute, profligate.

unrestraint, n. freedom, liberty, license, abandon.

unrestricted, a. unlimited, unfettered, uncircumscribed.

unrevivable, a. irrevivable, irresuscitable.

unrighteous, a. unholy, evil, iniquitous, wicked, vicious.

unrivaled, a. peerless, matchless, inimitable, incomparable, supreme.

unroll, v. unfold, unfurl, evolve.

unrolling, n. unfolding, unfurling, evolvement, evolution.

unromantic, a. prosaic, pragmatical, matter-of-fact, practical,

unruly, a. turbulent, ungovernable, refractory, insubordinate,
fractious, insurgent, indocile, disobedient, froward, vicious,
intractable, rebellious.

unsafe, a. insecure, risky, perilous, dangerous, hazardous,
imperiled, precarious.

unsafety, n. insecurity, danger, risk, peril, hazard, jeopardy.

unsalable, a. invendible, unmarketable.

unsatisfactory, a. disappointing, insufficient.

unsatisfiable, a. insatiable, insatiate.

unsavory, a. offensive, rank, unpleasant; insipid, savorless,
mawkish, unpalatable, vapid.

unsay, v. recall, retract, recant.

unsaying, n. recantation, retraction.

unscrupulous, a. unprincipled, unconscientious, dishonest,
dishonorable, knavish.

unsearchable, a. inscrutable.

unseasonable, a. inopportune, ill-timed, untimely, premature.

unseasonably, adv. malapropos, untimely.

unseemly, a. unbecoming, improper, indecorous.

unseen, a. invisible, unperceived, secret, unnoticed, unobserved,
clandestine, surreptitious, furtive, concealed, underhand.

unselfish, a. magnanimous, disinterested, altruistic, charitable.

unselfishness, n. magnanimity, altruism, beneficence, liberality.

unsentimental, a. matter-of-fact, prosaic, pragmatical, practical.

unserviceableness, n. inutility.

unsettle, v. disorder, derange, upset, unhinge, disconcert.

unsettled, a. undetermined, dubious, unadjusted, controvertible,
disputable; irresolute, fickle, changeable; roily, feculent, turbid.

unshapely, a. misshapen, deformed.

unsheltered, a. exposed, unprotected.

unshod, a. discalced, barefooted, discalceated.

unshrinking, a. unflinching, determined, resolute.

unsightly, a. offensive, repulsive.

unskilled, a. unpracticed, unskillful, empirical.

unskillful, a. maladroit, inexpert, unskilled, clumsy.

unsociable, a.morose, uncompanionable, inaffable, ungenial, taciturn.

unsolvable, a. insoluble, inexplicable.

unsophisticated, a. unadulterated; innocent, guileless, gullible,

unsound, a. defective, impaired; sophistical, fallacious, illogical,

unsparing, a. liberal, ungrudging, profuse; severe, unmerciful.

unspeakable, a. ineffable, unutterable, inexpressible.

unspotted, a. spotless, pure.

unstable, a. insecure, unsteady, irresolute, inconstant, erratic.

unsteadfast, a. unstable, inconstant, wavering, irresolute.

unsteady, a. inconstant, precarious, wavering, variable,
vacillating, wabbly.

unstinted, a. plentiful.

unstudied, a. extemporaneous, extempore, impromptu, offhand.

unsubmissive, a. insubordinate, refractory.

unsuccessful, a. unfortunate, unlucky, unprosperous; abortive,
fruitless, unavailing, bootless, ineffectual, futile.

unsuitable, a. inappropriate, incongruous, incompatible.

unsupplied, a. destitute.

unsurmountable, a. insuperable.

unsurpassed, a. peerless, transcendent, superior, unrivaled,

unsusceptible, a. unimpressionable, unfeeling.

unsuspecting, a. unsuspicious, gullible, credulous, indubious,

unsustainable, a. untenable, controvertible.

untangle, v. unravel, disentangle.

untaxed, a. scot-free, exempt.

unteachable, a. indocile, intractable.

unthankful, a. ungrateful.

unthankfulness, n. ingratitude.

untidy, a. disorderly, slatternly, littered.

untillable, a. inarable.

unfilled, a. fallow.

untimely, a. premature, unseasonable, inopportune, ill-timed,

untiring, a. indefatigable, unceasing, tireless, unremitting,

untrodden, a. trackless, pathless.

untrue, a. inveracious, mendacious, false, untruthful, unfaithful.

untruth, n. falsehood, fiction, fabrication, lie.

untruthful, a. inveracious, mendacious, lying.

untruthfulness, n. mendacity, inveracity, falsehood.

untwist, v. unravel, disentangle, feaze.

unused, a. unaccustomed, unfamiliar.

unusual, a. uncommon, curious, rare, odd, unique, extraordinary,
anomalous, irregular.

unutterable, a. unspeakable, ineffable.

unvarying, a. invariable, monotonous, uniform.

unveil, v. expose, uncover, reveal, disclose.

unviolated, a. inviolate, inviolated, inviolable.

unwarrantable, a. unjustifiable, indefensible.

unwavering, a. steadfast, resolute.

unwearied, a. indefatigable.

unweighable, a. imponderable.

unwholesome, a. baneful, insalubrious. See unhealthy.

unwieldy, a. ponderous, cumbersome, clumsy.

unwilling, a. reluctant, indisposed, loath, disinclined, averse.

unwind v. disentangle, unravel.

unwise, a. imprudent, injudicious, inexpedient, indiscreet.

unwittingly, adv. unknowingly, undesignedly, inadvertently.

unworthy, a. unmeritorious, undeserving, despicable, contemptible.

unwritten, a. traditional.

unyielding, a. inflexible, stiff, unbending, incompliant,
indomitable, insubmissive, tenacious, unimpressible, impliable, obdurate,
intractable, game, resolute.

upbraid, v. reproach, scold, chide, rate, reprove, reprimand, twit.

upbraiding, n. scolding, reproach, reprimand, censure, reprehension.

up grade. ascent, acclivity.

uphill, a. ascending, acclivous, rising.

uphold, v. support, sustain, vindicate, defend.

upkeep, n. maintenance.

upper, n. vamp (of a shoe).

upper-hand, n. advantage, mastery, dominion, control.

upper ten. (Colloq.) aristocracy, élite, _bon ton_.

uppish, a. (Colloq.) proud, arrogant, assuming.

upright, a. erect, perpendicular, vertical; honorable, honest.

uprightness, n. perpendicularity, verticality, erectness; honesty,

uproar, n. turmoil, _fracas_, clamor, tumult, commotion, din, hubbub.

uproarious, a. (Colloq.) clamorous, obstreperous, boisterous,
noisy, turbulent.

uproot, v. eradicate, extirpate.

uprooting, n. eradication, extirpation.

upset, v. overturn, overset, capsize, invert, overthrow; disconcert,
discompose, perturb, agitate, unnerve, excite.

upshot, n. event, result, issue, outcome, consequence.

upside down. inverted; disordered, topsy-turvy.

upstart, n. parvenu, snob, mushroom.

up to snuff. (Slang) knowing, acute, sharp.

upward, a. ascending, acclivous (sloping upward).

urge, v. egg, importune, exhort; impel, force; incite, instigate,

urgency, n. insistence, pressure; importunity; exigency, stress,
necessity; incitement.

urgent, a. pressing, imperative, insistent, exigent, importunate,
pertinacious, imperious.

urine, n. piss, emiction; stale (urine of horses and cattle).
Associated words: uronology, urinal, urinate, urination, micturition,
urethra, uric, uretic, uriniferous, enuresis, anuresis, diabetis,
strangury, urolith, lateritious sediment, uroscopy, urinary, urea,

usage, n. treatment; custom, practice, use.

use, n. employment, application, service, utilization, exploitation;
necessity, need; utility, avail, advantage, usefulness, service; custom,
usage, practice. Antonyms: disuse, obsolescence, desuetude, inutility.
Associated Words: obsolescent, obsolete, obsoletism, utilitarian,
utilitarianism, utilizable, chrestomathic.

use, v. employ, apply, utilize, exploit; treat, behave toward;
practice, exercise; consume, exhaust; accustom, habituate, familiarize,

useful, a. serviceable, advantageous, available.

usefulness, n. utility, advantage.

useless, a. unserviceable, futile, worthless, unavailing, bootless,
ineffectual, null, nugatory, abortive.

uselessness, n. inutility, futility, unserviceableness.

usher, v. show to a seat; introduce, forerun, precede, herald,

usual, a. ordinary, general, accustomed, conventional, prevailing,
everyday. Antonyms: See unusual.

usually, adv. ordinarily, generally, customarily, commonly.

usurp, v. arrogate, seize, appropriate, accroach.

usurpation, n. arrogation, seizure, appropriation.

utility, n. usefulness. Antonym: inutility. Associated Words:
utilitarian, utilitarianism, utilizable.

utilize, v. use, employ, exploit.

utmost, a. farthest out, extreme, last; greatest, maximum, uttermost.

Utopian, a. chimerical, visionary, fanciful, air-built.

utter, v. speak, pronounce, express.

utter, a. complete, absolute, perfect; unconditional, unqualified,

utterable, a. pronounceable, expressible.

utterance, n. speech, articulation.

utterly, adv. entirely, completely, wholly, unconditionally,

uttermost, a. extreme, utmost, farthest.


Vacancy, n. emptiness; space, vacuum, chasm, gap; leisure, vacation,

vacant, a. empty, unfilled, void, uninhabited, untenanted; leisure,
unemployed. Antonyms: full, filled, occupied.

vacate, v. empty, evacuate, resign, abdicate; annul, abrogate,

vacation, n. evacuation, resignation, abdication; invalidation,
abrogation; intermission, holidays, recess.

vaccinate, v. inoculate.

vaccination, n. inoculation (with the cowpox).

vacillate, v. fluctuate, waver, veer, oscillate, whiffle.

vacillating, a. irresolute, changeable, wavering, undecided,

vacillation, n. fluctuation, indecision, changeableness, oscillation,
irresolution, inconstancy.

vagabond, n. vagrant, tramp, mendicant, beggar; rascal, rogue, scamp,

vagabond, a. vagrant, wandering, nomadic, landloping.

vagabondage, n. vagrancy, vagabondism, nomadism.

vagary, n. whim, caprice, fancy, freak, whimsey, humor.

vagrancy, n. vagabondage.

vagrant, n. tramp; beggar, vagabond, rascal.--a. wandering,
nomadic, vagabond.

vague, a. indefinite, ambiguous, obscure, uncertain, groundless,
hazy, indistinct.

vagueness, n. indefiniteness, ambiguity, obscurity, uncertainty.

vain, a. conceited, arrogant, egotistical, overweening, vainglorious;
nugatory, fruitless, ineffectual, frustrate, unavailing, bootless, futile,
abortive, ineffective, empty; delusive, chimerical, unsatisfying,
unsubstantial, deceitful.

vainglorious, a. boastful, pretentious, assuming, arrogant,
conceited, overweening.

vainglory, n. vanity, boasting, gasconade.

vale, n. dell, valley, dale, dingle.

valiant, a. See brave.

valid, a. cogent, logical, justifiable, efficacious, well-grounded.
Antonyms: See invalid.

validity, n. strength, cogency, soundness, force. Antonym:

valise, n. portmanteau, satchel, gripsack.

valley, n. vale, hollow, bottom, dale, ravine, dingle, glen, clough,

valor, n. See bravery.

valuable, a. costly, precious, rare, expensive; esteemed, worthy;
serviceable, useful.

valuable, n. treasure.

valuation, n. appraisement, appraisal.

value, n. worth, excellence.

value, v. appraise; prize, esteem, appreciate.

vamose, v. (Slang) decamp, depart quickly, go.

vampire, n. extortioner, bloodsucker.

vandal, n. destroyer, iconoclast, hun.

vanish, v. See disappear.

vanishing, a. evanescent, disappearing, transient.--n.
disappearance, evanescence.

vanity, n. unsubstantialness, unreality, inanity, delusiveness,
emptiness, sham; conceit, self-admiration, egotism.

vanquish, v. overcome, defeat, subjugate, subdue, rout, overpower.

vanquishment, n. defeat, subjugation, routing, conquering.

vapid, a. lifeless, spiritless; insipid, stale, tasteless; prosy,

vapidity, n. lifelessness; insipidity, tastelessness; prosiness,

vapor, n. gas, haze, fog, fume, effluvium, exhalation, reek,
emanation, rack. Associated Words: atmology, atmolysis, atomize,
atomization, exhale, emanate.

vaporize, v. evaporate.

vaporous, a. halituous, vapory, foggy.

variability, n. variableness, mutability, inconstancy,

variable, a. mutable, changeable. See changeable. Antonyms:
invariable, unchangeable.

variance, n. change, alteration; dissension, disagreement,
difference, nonconformity.

variation, n. mutation, change; deviation, diversity, discrepancy;

varied, a. various, diversified, different, motley.

variegated, a. mottled, diversified, motley, divers-colored,
party-colored, polychrome.

variety, n. diversity, diversification, multiplicity, variousness;
assortment, collection; kind, class, species.

various, a. manifold, diverse, sundry, numerous, multifarious.

varnish, v. lacquer, japan, enamel, glaze; gloss over, palliate,

varnish, n. lacquer; gloss, palliation, extenuation.

vary, v. diversify, variegate, modify; deviate, depart, swerve;
disagree; modify, alternate.

vassal, n. feudatory, beneficiary, subject, liege, liegeman.

vast, a. spacious, immense, monstrous, huge, extensive, immeasurable.

vault, n. crypt, tomb, catacomb, ossuarium.

vault, v. leap over, spring, bound, jump; tumble.

vaulted, a. arched, concave.

vaunt, v. See boast.

veal, n. Associated Word: vituline.

veering, n. shift, shifting; vacillation, tergiversation;
temporizing, time-serving.

vegetable, n. plant, truck.

vegetable oyster. salsify.

vegetate, v. sprout, grow, germinate, pullulate; rusticate,

vehemence, n. fervency, impetuosity, intensity, zeal. See ardor.

vehement, a. fervent, impetuous, ardent, passionate, eager.

vehicle, n. conveyance, carriage; medium, instrument; excipient.

veil, v. screen, cloak, disguise, shroud, mask, conceal.

veil, n. disguise, pretense, cloak, mask, mantilla.

veiled, a. hidden, disguised, incognito.

vein, n. Associated Word: venous. See blood vessel.

vein, n. seam, lode.

venal, a. purchasable, mercenary, hireling.

vend, v. See sell.

venerate, v. reverence, revere, honor, esteem.

veneration, n. reverence, honor.

venereal disease. gonorrhea, clap; syphilis.

venereal sore. chancre, chancroid (soft chancre).

venery, n. amorousness, amativeness; sexual intercourse, coition.

vengeance, n. retribution, avengement, revenge; Nemesis, retaliation.
Associated Word: wreak.

venial, a. pardonable. Antonyms: See unpardonable.

vent, n. airhole, aperture, venthole; touchhole; spiracle blowhole;
outlet, emission, escape.

vent, v. emit, utter, say, discharge.

venthole, n. touchhole, vent, bung, orifice, spiracle.

ventriloquism, n. ventriloquy, gastriloquy.

ventriloquist, n. gastriloquist, polyphonist.

venture, n. chance, risk, hazard, contingency.

venture, v. dare, hazard, risk.

venturesome, a. daring, bold, intrepid, undaunted, temerarious.

Venus, n. Aphrodite, Cytherea; Morning Star, Lucifer Phosphor;
Evening Star, Hesper, Hesperus.

veracious, a. truthful.

veracity, n. truthfulness. Associated Words: compurgation,
compurgator, compurgatorial.

veranda, n. porch, piazza.

verbal, a. oral.

verbiage, n. wordiness, verbosity, perissology, prolixity, pleonasm.

verdant, a. See green.

verdict, n. finding, decision.

verification, n. confirmation, corroboration, authentication,
attestation, proof.

verify, v. corroborate, confirm, attest, authenticate, prove.

vermifuge, n. anthelmintic, helminthagogue.

verse, n. stitch; poetry, versification; stanza, stave, staff, text;

versed, a. acquainted, skilled, proficient, conversant.

versification, n. orthometry.

version, n. rendition, translation.

vertex, n. apex, top, summit, crown, zenith.

vertical, a. upright, perpendicular, plumb. Antonyms: horizontal,
flat, level.

very, a. veritable, true, real, actual, unquestionable, identical,
same, selfsame.

very, adv. exceedingly, highly, greatly, extremely, excessively,

vessel, n. dish, utensil, receptacle; boat, ship; duct, canal, tube.

vest, n. waistcoat.

vest, v. invest.

vestibule, n. hall, antechamber, lobby.

vestige, n. trace, sign, mark.

vestments, n. pl. canonicals (priestly garments); pontificals;
cassock, cotta (choir vestments). Associated Words: vested,
vestiarian, vestiary, vestry.

vestry, n. vestry-room, sacristy.

veterinarian, n. veterinary surgeon, horse doctor, farrier, horse

veterinary art. farriery.

veterinary surgeon. veterinarian, farrier.

vex, v. tease, plague, harass, torment, tantalize, hector, annoy,
irritate, trouble, bother, distress.

vexation, n. discomfiture, irritation, chagrin, mortification,

vexatious, a. annoying, troublesome, carking, irritating, provoking,
aggravating, afflictive, burdensome, anxious.

vibrate, v. brandish, flourish, swing; oscillate, librate; quiver,
shake; fluctuate, vacillate.

vibration, n. oscillation, swinging, vacillation, libration.

vibratory, a. vibratile, oscillatory, swinging, fluctuating,
oscillating, libratory.

vicar, n. deputy, lieutenant, vicegerent.

vice, n. sin, iniquity, licentiousness, immorality; defect, fault,
blemish, imperfection.

vicinity, n. neighborhood, vicinage; nearness, propinquity,

vicious, a. immoral, evil; defective, faulty, imperfect; refractory,
unruly, unmanageable; foul, noxious; (Colloq.) malignant, hateful.

victim, n. (Colloq.) gull, dupe, gudgeon, cully, prey.

victor, n. conqueror, champion, master.

victorious, a. triumphant, conquering, successful, exultant.

victory, n. triumph, conquest, mastery. Antonyms: See defeat.
Associated Words: trophy, epinicial.

victualler, n. caterer.

vie, v. contend, compete, emulate.

view, n. scene, landscape, vista, perspective, panorama, prospect,
scenery; seeing, sight, survey, inspection, aspect, scrutiny, supervision,
beholding; opinion, judgment, impression, conception; design, intention,

viewy, a. visionary, fanciful, quixotic; spectacular, panoramic,

vigilance, n. watchfulness, circumspection, attention, caution.

vigilant, a. watchful, attentive, circumspect, wakeful.

vigor, n. strength, force, lustiness, energy, endurance, virility,

vigorous, a. strong, lusty, robust; energetic, cogent, forcible,

vile, a. base, depraved, vicious, iniquitous, felonious, atrocious,
outrageous, shameless; worthless, mean, despicable, contemptible, abject,
scurvy, sordid, debased, ignoble, miserable, wretched.

vilify, v. malign, revile, vituperate, traduce, calumniate.

village, n. hamlet, borough, thorpe, dorp, burg. Antonyms: city,

villain, n. See scoundrel.

villainous, a. unprincipled, knavish, arrant, depraved, atrocious.

villainy, n. depravity, wickedness, turpitude, rascality,
scoundrelism, atrocity.

vim, n. (Colloq.) activity, energy, spirit, life. Antonyms:
lifelessness, languor.

vindicate, v. justify.

vindication, n. justification, defense.

vindicator, n. justifier, champion, advocate.

vindictive, a. revengeful, implacable, malevolent, rancorous.

vine, n. Associated Words: lattice, trellis, tendril, arbor,
pergola, bower, bine, cordon, amplectant, capreolate, cirrose, pourridie,

vinegar, n. Associated Words: acetic, acetification, acetify,
mother, guile, wort, gyle, insolation, cruet.

vinegary, a. acetous, sour, unamiable.

violate, v. break, disobey, transgress, contravene, profane,

violation, n. transgression, infringement, breach, infraction,
contravention, profanation, desecration. Antonyms: inviolability,
keeping, obedience.

violator, n. trespasser, infringer, transgressor, infractor.

violence, n. force, impetuosity, vehemence, intensity, severity,
wildness, fury; injury, violation, profanation, outrage, assault.

violent, a. passionate, vehement, impetuous, fierce, impotent,
ungovernable, outrageous, poignant, severe. Antonyms: See mild.

violet, n. mauve.

violin, n. fiddle; kit.

virgin, n. vestal.

virgin, a. vestal, virginal; chaste, pure, stainless; impregnant.

virginal generation. parthenogenesis.

virginity, n. maidenhood, chastity.

Virgin Mary. Madonna, Theotokos (Theol.). Associated Words:
mariolatry, mariolater, hyperdulia, Ave Maria.

virile, a. masculine, vigorous, strong; potent. Antonyms: invirile,
emasculated, impotent.

virility, n. manhood, manly vigor. Antonyms: invirility, impotency,

virtual, a. potential, energizing; practical, essential.

virtually, adv. practically, really, substantially, potentially.

virtue, n. excellence, worth, goodness, purity, morality, integrity.
Associated Words: aretology, aretaics.

virtuous, a. good, exemplary, moral, pure, continent, upright.

virulent, a. poisonous, venomous; malignant, bitter, acrimonious.

visible, a. perceivable, perceptible, discernible, apparent, evident,
manifest. Antonyms: invisible, imperceptible.

vision, n. sight; apparition, dream, phantasm, specter, phantom,
hallucination, illusion.

visionary, a. dreamy, imaginative, romantic, fanciful, illusory,
chimerical, Utopian.

visionary, n. castle-builder, dreamer, illusionist.

visitor, n. guest. Antonym: host.

vitiate, v. debase, corrupt, demoralize, contaminate, deprave, spoil.

vitiation, n. debasement, corruption, demoralization, depravation,

vixen, n. virago, scold, shrew, termagant, Tartar, Xantippe,

voice, n. utterance, speech; vote, choice, election, suffrage.
Associated Words: phonology, phonetics, phonation, phonography, oral,
vocal, non-vocal, aphonic, arsis, ictus, vocalize, modulate, modulation,

void, a. vacant, empty, vacuous; destitute, devoid, lacking;
ineffectual, invalid, nugatory, vain.

void, v. evacuate, eject, discharge, egest, pass; nullify, abrogate,

voidance, n. evacuation, discharge, egestion.

volatile, a. See changeable.

volcano, n. Associated Words: crater, lapilli, lava, scoria,
obsidian, volcanic, eruption, belch.

volley, n. salvo; outpouring, storm, discharge.

voluble, a. glib, fluent, oily, talkative.

volume, n. book, tome; dimensions, compass, size, bulk, mass.

voluntary, a. free, volitional, unforced, spontaneous. Antonyms:
See involuntary.

volunteer, n. Antonym: conscript.

voluptuary, n. sensualist, epicure, sybarite, _bon vivant_.
Antonym: ascetic.

voluptuous, a. sensual, epicurean, sybaritic. Antonyms: ascetic,
abstemious, austere.

vomit, v. puke; spew, emit, belch, disgorge, eject.

vomiting, n. emesis, vomition, puking, spew. Associated Words:
emetic, antemetic, qualmish, gag, retch, nausea, nauseate.

voracious, a. rapacious, ravenous, insatiable, fierce, gluttonous,

voracity, n. rapacity, voraciousness, greediness.

votary, n. devotee, votarist.

vote, n. suffrage; ballot, ticket; referendum, plebiscite.
Associated Words: enfranchise, enfranchisement, disenfranchise,
disenfranchisement, suffragist, elect, election electoral, electorate,
acclamation, franchise, poll.

vote, v. (Colloq.) declare.

voter, n. elector, suffragist.

voters, n. pl. electorate.

voting place. poll.

vouch, v. attest, corroborate, warrant.

voucher, n. attestator.

vow, n. pledge. Associated Words: votary, votive.

vowel, n. Associated Words: macron, breve, diæresis.

vulgar, a. unrefined, plebeian, ignoble, low-born, coarse, inelegant,
ribald, risque, broad, gross. Antonyms: refined, dainty, pure, chaste.

vulgarity, n. unrefinement, dowdiness.

vulgar-looking, a. dowdy.


Wabble, v. stagger, vacillate, reel.

waddle, v. toddle, totter.

wade, v. ford.

wading birds. Grallatores, Grallæ.

wading place. ford.

wage, v. stake, bet, wager.

wager, v. bet, stake, pledge, hazard, speculate.

wages, n. compensation, pay, earnings, hire, salary.

waggery, n. humor, facetiousness, pleasantry, drollery, jesting,

waggish, a. frolicsome, facetious, roguish, arch, sportive, prankish.

wagon, n. vehicle, wain; caravan, van.

wagon-maker, n. wainwright, wagonwright, wheelwright.

waif, n. estray, stray, wastrel.

waist, n. corsage, bodice; blouse, basque; girth (waist measure).

waistcoat, n. vest, doublet.

wait, v. tarry, stay, linger, await, abide; (Colloq.) delay,
postpone, defer, procrastinate.

wait, n. waiting, delay, halt, stop; ambush, ambuscade.

waiter, n. attendant, servitor, lackey, _garçon_ (Fr.); salver,

waiting, n. tarrying, lingering, delay; abeyance, suspension,

waiting-room, n. station, depot.

waive, v. relinquish, forego, surrender.

wake, v. awake, waken; arouse, rouse, revive.

wakeful, a. sleepless, insomnolent; vigilant, watchful.

wakefulness, n. sleeplessness, insomnia, insomnolence; vigilance,

waken, v. awake, awaken, wake.

Wales, n. Cambria (Ancient name).

walk, n. stroll, promenade, constitutional; gait, step, carriage;
sidewalk, mall; ambulatory. Associated Words: ambulant, ambulatory,
ambulatorial, peripatetic pedometer, odograph, gradient, gravigrade,
stilts, shambling, shuffling, locomotion, alure.

walk, v. stroll, tramp, stride, plod, trudge, tread, ambulate, pace,
march, promenade, shamble, stalk, strut, step, bundle, toddle, daddle,
waddle, shuffle, gad, galavant, hike, saunter, foot it, slouch;
perambulate (walk through or about).

walker, n. pedestrian, ambulator, perambulator.

walking, n. ambulation, pedestrianism, strolling, perambulation.

walking papers. dismissal.

wall, n. foundation; partition; defense, breastwork, rampart,
battlement, bulwark, parapet, fortification. Associated Words: mural,
murage dado, buttress, coping, intramural, wainscot, alcove, niche,
abutment, pointing, fresco, studding, underpinning.

wallet, n. pocket-book, purse.

wallow, v. welter, flounder; grovel.

walrus, n. morse, sea-cow.

wand, n. verge, rod; baton, mace, truncheon.

wander, v. ramble, range, rove, stroll, roam, stray, straggle,
itinerate, saunter, gad, peregrinate, digress, expatiate; depart, deviate,

wanderer, n. nomad, vagrant, rover, rambler, stroller, peregrinator,
vagabond, itinerant, pilgrim, waif, wayfarer, landloper.

wandering, n. rambling, ranging, roving, strolling, itineracy,
peregrination, pilgrimage; digression, expatiation, departure, deviation,
divergence, errantry; aberration, delirium, raving, irrationality;

wandering, a. nomadic, migratory, itinerant, vagrant, vagabond,
landloping, wayfaring, errant, unsettled, devious, excursive, digressive,

wane, v. decrease, diminish, fade.--n. decrease, diminution,

want, n. deficiency, lack, dearth, scarcity, need, default, absence,
shortness, inadequacy, paucity, insufficiency, scarceness; desideratum,
requirement; destitution, distress, straits, privation, indigence, penury,

want, v. need, require; desire, wish, crave.

wanting, a. absent, lacking, missing, deficient, defective, needy,

wanton, a. unrestrained, uncontrolled, unchecked, unbridled
undisciplined; luxuriant, rampant, exuberant, excessive, rank; dissolute,
licentious, immoral, unchaste; frolicsome, playful, sportive; reckless,
heedless, inconsiderate.

war, n. hostilities, warfare, strife, battle, crusade, belligerence.
Associated Words: Bellona, Mars, belligerent, bellicose, tactics, _casus
belli_, strategy, cartel, campaign, mobilize, mobilization, demobilize,
demobilization, munitions, disarmament.

war, v. contend, fight, combat, militate, wage war.

warble, v. trill, carol, yodel.

warble, n. trill, carol, yodel.

warcry, n. slogan, war-whoop.

ward, n. guardianship, guard, tutelage; protégé. Associated Word:

ward, v. ward off, fend off, avert, parry, repel, forefend.

warden, n. church warden; keeper, custodian, curator, warder.

warder, n. keeper, guard, warden; mace, truncheon; turnkey.

warding off. parry, evasion, averting.

wardship, n. pupillage, pupillarity, minority.

warehouse, n. storehouse, depot, magazine, repository, depository.

wares, n. pl. merchandise, commodities.

warfare, n. war, hostilities; crusade, struggle, strife, militancy.

war-horse, n. charger; Bucephalus.

warlike, a. military, martial, belligerent, bellicose.

warm, a. lukewarm, tepid, thermal; zealous, ardent, fervent,
sanguine, fervid, glowing, eager, enthusiastic; temperate, genial;
irascible, choleric, irritable, peppery, fiery; vehement, violent, heated,
passionate, animated, spirited; sultry, muggy; incalescent.

warm, v. heat.

warm-blooded, a. homothermous, homoiothermal.

warmed over. _réchauffé_.

warm room of Roman baths. tepidarium.

warmth, n. heat; ardor, fervor, passion, earnestness, fervency,
cordiality, vehemence, enthusiasm, zeal, empressement.

warn, v. admonish, caution, notify, premonish, apprise, advise,
forewarn, signal.

warner, n. admonisher, monitor, sentinel, sentry, mentor.

warning, a. cautioning, monitory, mentorial, monitorial, ominous,
admonitory, admonishing.

warning, n. premonition, forewarning; caution, admonition, monition;
portent, omen, beacon.

warp, v. twist, bend, bulge; pervert, distort, bias.

warped, a. twisted, bent, bulging, protuberant, distorted.

warp thread. stamen.

warrant, v. guarantee, assure, insure; justify, defend; affirm,
attest, vouch.

warrant, n. commission, authority; guaranty, surety; voucher,

warrantable, a. justifiable, defensible.

warranty, n. guaranty, guarantee, security, warrant.

wart, n. excrescence, ecphyma, verruca; condyloma (venereal wart).
Associated Word: catheretic.

warty, a. excrescent, verrucose, verruciform.

wary, a. guarded, cautious, circumspect, careful, vigilant.

wash, v. lave, bathe, absterge, foment, rinse; launder.

wash, n. lotion.

washbowl, n. lavatory, washbasin, laver.

washerwoman, n. laundress.

washhouse, n. laundry.

washing, n. ablution, bath, bathing, lavement; abstersion, detersion,
fomentation; laundering, laundry.

washing away. detergent, abluent.

washing soda. sodium carbonate.

washstand, n. commode.

wasp, n. Associated Words: vespid, vespiform, vespine, vespoid.

waspish, a. irascible, irritable, snappish, touchy, petulant.

wasp nest. vespiary.

waste, v. squander, misspend, fritter away, dissipate, dawdle;
desolate, devastate, despoil, sack, pillage, ravage, strip; decline,
decay, pine, wither, dwindle, molder.

waste, a. refuse, rejected, unused, unproductive, untilled,
inarable, worthless; desolate, devastated, stripped, ravaged, pillaged;
superfluous, exuberant, unnecessary; excrementitious.

waste, n. wasting, squandering, dissipation, decrement, prodigality;
wilderness, wild, desert; remnants, offal, recrement, garbage, refuse,
rubbish; desolation, devastation rapine, ravage, havoc, destruction,
sacking, pillage, despoliation.

wasteful, a. extravagant, prodigal, unthrifty, improvident infrugal,
lavish, thriftless.

waster, n. spendthrift, prodigal, squanderer.

wasting, n. squandering, dissipation, prodigality, improvidence;
emaciation, decline.

watch, n. vigil, outlook, attention; watcher, patrol, watchman,
sentry, perdue, picket, guard, sentinel, vedette, guardsman, Argus.

watch, n. horologe.

watch, v. keep vigil, be on the lookout, keep guard.

watchful, a. vigilant, heedful, attentive, alert, circumspect wary,

watchfulness, n. vigilance, circumspection, wariness, heedfulness.

watching, n. vigil, vigilance; espionage, surveillance.

watchmaker, n. horologer, horologist.

watchmaking, n. horology, horography.

watchman, n. sentinel, guard, Argus, Cerberus. See watch.

watch-pocket, n. fob.

watch-tower, n. observatory.

watchword, n. countersign, password, shibboleth, parole.

water, v. irrigate.

Water, n. Associated Words: aquatic, aquarium, aqueduct, alluvial,
alluvion, affusion, aquapuncture, alluvium, diluvium, anhydrous,
enhydrous, amphibious, amphibian, aquiferous, aquiform, aquiparous, buoy,
coffer, cofferdam, debacle, cataclysm, dehydrate, dehydration,
irrigation, diluvian, douche, glairin, baregin, hydragogue, hydrant,
hydrate, hydration, hydrated, hydraulicon, hydrodynamics, hydroextractor,
hydrogen, oxygen, hydrognosy, hydrographer, hydrography, hydrologist,
reservoir, hydrolysis, hydromania, hydromaniac, hydraulic, hydromancy,
hydromechanics, hydrometry, hydrophanous, hygrophilous, hydrorrhea,
hydroscope, hydrostatic, hydrofuge, hydrostatics, hydrotic,
hydrotherapeutics, hydrous, siphon, seepage, philhydrous, sluice, turbine,
hydraulics, current, undertow.

water, n. lymph; serum.

water-bearer, n. Aquarius.

water bottle. carafe.

water brash. water-qualm, pyrosis.

water-clock, n. clepsydra; hydroscope.

water-closet, n. privy.

water color. aquarelle.

water-course, n. channel, ditch, canal, moat, sewer, drain, aqueduct,
gutter, trench, wady.

water-cure, n. hydropathy.

water-doctor, n. hydropathist.

waterfall, n. cascade, cataract, fall, linn.

wateriness, n. aquosity.

waterless, a. anhydrous.

water-lily, n. Nymphæ.

waterman, n. ferryman, boatman.

water-nymph, n. Naiad, hydriad.

water on the brain. hydrocephalus.

water on the chest. hydrothorax.

water plant. aquatic, hydrophyte. Associated Word: hydrophytology.

water-pox, n. varicella, swine-pox.

water-qualm, n. water brash, pyrosis.

watershed, n. divide.

water sports. aquatics.

water wheel. tympanum, turbine.

watery, a. aqueous; ichorous, serous, sanious.

watery discharge. hydrorrhea.

wattle, n. gill, caruncle.

wave, n. undulation, surge, eagre, bore, swell, billow, breaker;
ripple; whitecap; signal, flourish; swelling, excitement, tide.
Associated Words: rote, trough, rut, crest.

wave, v. undulate, float, flutter; flourish, brandish; beckon,

waver, v. vacillate, fluctuate, veer, oscillate, hesitate.

wavering, a. vacillating, fluctuating, oscillating, unstable,
irresolute, uncertain.

wavering, n. vacillation, fluctuation, indecision, irresolution,
oscillation, hesitancy.

wavy, a. undulatory, undulating, undulated.

wax, n. beeswax; spermaceti; adipocere (grave wax); ozocerite,
mineral wax. Associated words: cerography, ceroplastics, ceroplasty,
cerograph, cerographist, cerotic, ceromancy, cerate, encaustic, ceroma,
inceration, cerotene, incerative, cerographic, ceroplastic, cetin.

wax, v. cere; increase, grow, develop, become larger.

waxy, a. waxen, ceraceous, ceral; facile, pliable, fictile,
impressible, plastic.

way, n. manner, method, mode, fashion, style, guise, custom,
habitude, wont, practice; distance, interval, space; passage, transit,
progression, advance; means, device, expedient, contrivance; direction;
road, track, path, thoroughfare.

wayfarer, n. traveler, pilgrim, passenger, wanderer.

wayfaring, a. traveling, passing.

way in. entrance.

waylay, v. ambush.

way out. exit, egress.

wayward, a. disobedient, perverse, froward, willful, intractable,

waywiser, n. odometer, pedometer, perambulator.

weak, a. feeble, infirm, debilitated, weakly, fragile, delicate,
invalid, emasculated, enervated; vulnerable, assailable, unguarded,
unprotected, exposed; frail, pliant, tender; peccable, fallible, errable,
erring, indiscreet; impotent, ineffectual, inefficacious, ineffective;
illogical, unsustained, inconclusive, lame, unsatisfactory; vacillating,
irresolute, wavering, unstable; diluted, thin, insipid, vapid; slight,
gauzy, sleazy, flimsy, brittle, fragile; unsound, unsubstantial,
defective, unsafe, rickety.

weaken, v. debilitate, enfeeble, enervate, unnerve, emasculate,
incapacitate, sap, undermine, unman, exhaust, deplete; dilute, thin;
invalidate; impair, diminish, lower, decline.

weakening, a. debilitant; diluent, attenuant.

weak-kneed, a. yielding, irresolute, pliant, vacillating.

weak-minded, a. feeble-minded, foolish, shallow, witless.

weakness, n. debility, feebleness, infirmity, enervation,
debilitation, frailness, fragility, impotence, invalidism; vulnerability,
accessibility, exposedness; foible, defect, deficiency; peccability,
errability, fallibility; inefficacy, ineffectiveness; vacillation,
indecision, instability, irresolution; atony, asthenia.

wealth, n. opulence, affluence, riches, fortune, competence.
Associated Words: economics, Pluto, plutocracy, plutology, chrysology,
chrematistics, plutomania, plutocrat, plutocratic, magnate.

wealthy, a. opulent, affluent, rich, capitalistic, independent.

wean, v. disaccustom, alienate, detach.

weaning, n. ablactation; alienation.

wear away. abrade, fray, erode, corrode, fret, chafe.

wearied, a. tired, fatigued, exhausted, weary, fagged, jaded.

weariness, n. fatigue, lassitude, languor, exhaustion, _ennui_.

wearing away. abrasion, attrition, detrition, corrosion, erosion.

weary, a. tired, fatigued, worn, exhausted, wearied, spent, fagged,

weary, v. tire, fatigue, exhaust, jade, fag, bore.

weather, n. Associated Words: meteorology, meteorologist,

weather-cock, n. weather-vane.

weave, v. entwine, interlace, mat, plait, braid, plat, fabricate.

weaving, n. Associated Words: loom, textile, textorial, textrine,

web, n. texture, tissue.

web-footed, a. palmiped, palmated, fin-toed, lobate.

wedding, n. nuptials, marriage, espousals.

wedge, n. embolus, chock, quoin, scotch.

wedge-shaped, a. cuneiform, sphenoid.

weed, v. uproot, extirpate.

weeding, n. sarculation; extirpation, rooting out.

weeding machine. aberuncator.

week day. Associated Word: ferial.

weekly, a. hebdomadary, hebdomadal.

weep, v. sob, cry.

weeping, n. sobbing, crying.

weevil, n. curculio.

weighable, a. ponderable.

weight, n. heaviness, ponderousness, gravity, ponderosity, poise,
heft; encumbrance, pressure, incubus, clog, burden; importance,
consequence, moment, significance.

weighty, a. heavy, ponderous, massive, onerous; momentous, important,
pregnant, serious.

welcome, n. greeting, salutation.

welfare, n. prosperity, happiness, weal, success, well-being.

well, a. good, desirable, fortunate, expedient, favorable,
beneficial, advantageous; healthy, sound, undiseased, hale, hearty.

Welsh, a. Cymric, Cambrian.--n. Cymry.

Welshman, n. Cambrian.

welter, v. wallow, flounder, roll.

west, n. Associated Words: Occident, Hesperian, Hesperus,

western, a. occidental.

west wind. Associated Word: favonian.

wet, a. damp, moist, humid, soaked.

wet, v. moisten, dampen, soak, imbrue, saturate.

wet blanket. check, damper, discouragement.

whalebone, n. baleen.

whale oil. train oil.

wharf, n. pier, quay, dock; jetty.

whatnot, a. étagère, cabinet.

wheat, n. Associated Word: mattamore. See grain.

wheedle, v. cajole, blandish, inveigle.

wheedling, n. cajolery, blandishment, inveiglement.

wheel, n. cycle; truckle, caster, roulette, rowel; gear, cogwheel,
miter wheel; pulley, sheave (wheel of a pulley). Associated words:
spoke, felly, hub, strake, tire, straddle, cog, sprocket, linchpin, arbor,
axle, axletree, sprag, traction, trochilics, trochilic, ratchet, flange,
skid, rotiform.

whetstone, n. oilstone. Associated Word: coticular.

whey cure. serumtherapy, serotherapy.

whim, n. vagary, caprice, fancy, crotchet, freak, humor, maggot,
notion, quirk.

whimsey, n. whim.

whimsical, a. capricious, vagarious, notional, crotchety, fantastic.

whine, n. whimper, puling, complaint.--v. whimper, pule,

whiningly, a. plaintively, querulously.

whinny, n. and v. neigh.


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