Putnam's Word Book
Louis A. Flemming

Part 5 out of 17

dishonor, n. disrepute, discredit, disgrace.

dishonorable, a. discreditable, disgraceful; unscrupulous,

disillusionize, v. disenchant, decharm, disabuse.

disinterested, a. impartial, unbiased, indifferent, neutral,
magnanimous, unselfish.

disjoint, v. dislocate, luxate, disarticulate.

disjointed, a. incoherent, rambling, desultory, loose, disconnected.

dislike, v. disapprove, disrelish, hate.

dislike, n. aversion, antipathy, disrelish, disapproval, hatred,

dislocate, v. disjoint, luxate.

dislocation, n. luxation, disjointing.

disloyal, a. perfidious, unfaithful, false, treacherous, treasonable,
traitorous, apostate.

disloyalty, n. perfidy, unfaithfulness, treachery, treason, apostasy,
faithlessness, inconstancy.

dismal, a. dreary, gloomy, cheerless, joyless, sombre.

dismantle, v. raze, demolish.

dismay, n. consternation.

dismember, v. mutilate, dislimb.

dismemberment, n. mutilation.

dismiss, v. discharge, cashier; banish.

dismissal, n. discharge, dismission, removal.

disobedience, n. contumacy, dereliction, undutifulness, defiance,
insubmission, noncompliance, indocility, insubordination.

disobedient, a. contumacious, insubmissive, undutiful, defiant,
remiss, derelict, indocile, insubordinate, refractory.

disobey, v. transgress, violate, disregard, defy, infringe.

disorder, n. confusion, disarray, disarrangement, disorganization,
jumble, chaos, litter, irregularity, disturbance, tumult, riot, turmoil,
Bedlam, fracas, pandemonium.

disorder, v. disarrange, confuse, jumble, disorganize, tousle,
derange, discompose.

disordered, a. deranged, confused, jumbled, littered, disarranged.

disorderly, a. immethodical, unsystematic, confused; riotous,
chaotic, lawless, tumultuous.

disorganization, n. disorder, derangement, demobilization

disorganize, v. dissolve, disband, disorder, demobilize, disarrange.

disown, v. repudiate, deny, disclaim, disavow, renounce, reject.

disowning, n. denial, disclaimer, disavowal, repudiation,
renunciation, rejection.

disparage, v. belittle, decry, depreciate. Antonyms: laud, extol,
commend, praise.

disparagement, n. detraction, derogation, decrial, defamation,
dispraise, vilification.

disparaging, a. derogatory, unfavorable, detractory, defamatory.

dispatch, n. haste, speed, celerity, expedition; message, telegram.

dispense, v. deal out, apportion, distribute; administer, execute.

disperse, v. dissipate, dispel, scatter.

displace, v. remove, disarrange; supplant, supersede.

display, n. exhibition, parade, ostentation, show.

display, v. exhibit, evince, expose, parade, flourish.

displease, v. offend, anger.

displeasure, n. disapprobation, dudgeon, dislike, disapproval,
resentment, vexation, umbrage, dissatisfaction.

disposed, a. inclined, minded, willing. Antonyms: See

disposition, n. temperament, mood, nature; willingness, readiness,
inclination; arrangement, disposal; propensity, inclination, proneness,
proclivity, bias, bent. Antonyms: indisposition, unwillingness,

dispossess, v. dislodge, oust, eject, evict, dispropriate, disseize,
remove, depose.

dispossession, n. dislodgment, ejection, eviction, ousting,
divestiture, disseizin, ouster.

disproof, n. confutation, refutation.

disprove, v. confute, refute.

disputable, a. controvertible. Antonyms: indisputable,

disputant, n. controversialist, controvertist, dissenter, disputer,

disputatious, a. contentious, polemical, argumentative, quarrelsome.

dispute, v. contend, argue, gainsay, controvert, altercate, wrangle,
impugn, bicker, squabble, spar.

dispute, n. disputation, controversy, argument, debate, logomachy,
squabble, contention, polemic.

disregard, n. indifference, ignoration, slight, neglect, disesteem,
inattention, oversight.

disregard, v. ignore, slight, contemn, overlook, disobey.

disrepute, n. disesteem, unpopularity, disgrace, odium.

disrespect, n. discourtesy, incivility, disesteem, rudeness,
irreverence, insolence.

disrespectful, a. discourteous, uncivil, rude, irreverent, impious,
insolent, saucy.

dissatisfaction, n. discontent, discontentment, disapproval,

dissatisfied, a. discontented, displeased, restless, malcontent,
impatient, disgruntled.

dissection, n. anatomy; analysis, examination; vivisection,
callisection, sentisection.

dissector, n. anatomist, prosector.

dissent, n. dissension, disagreement, variance; nonconformity,

dissenter, n. nonconformist, sectary, dissident, separatist,
schismatic, recusant.

dissertation, n. discourse, disquisition.

dissimilar, a. See different.

dissipated, a. profligate, dissolute, licentious, fast.

dissipation, n. dispersion, scattering; profligacy, dissoluteness.

dissolute, a. debauched, dissipated, licentious, abandoned.

dissolution, n. dissolving, analysis; solution, liquefaction;
decomposition, resolution.

dissolvable, a. dissoluble, soluble, fusible. Antonyms:
indissoluble, indissolvable.

dissolve, v. melt, liquefy, macerate, fuse, deliquesce; disorganize,
disband, disperse; sunder, disunite.

dissolvent, n. menstruum, solvent.

dissuade, v. deter, divert.

dissuasion, n. dehortation.

distance, n. interval, intervening space; remoteness; reserve,
aloofness, ceremoniousness, unfriendliness, alienation. Associated
words: longimetry, longitude, latitude, odometer, odograph, perambulator.

distance, v. outstrip, outdo, surpass.

distant, a. remote, far-off; uncordial, reserved, cold. Antonyms:
See near.

distaste, n. aversion, dislike, disrelish. Antonyms: taste, liking,

distasteful, a. unpleasant offensive, repugnant, unpalatable,
unsavory, disagreeable.

distill, v. trickle, drop, drip; rectify.

distillation, n. trickling; rectification, vaporization.

distinction, n. discrimination; eminence, celebrity, renown, fame,
repute, prominence. Antonyms: indistinction, indiscrimination
promiscuity, obscurity.

distinctive, a. discriminative, distinguishing, characteristic.

distinguish, v. characterize; discriminate, differentiate, discern,

distinguished, a. marked, special; eminent, illustrious, famous,
celebrated, renowned, noted; transcendent, extraordinary, supreme,
consummate, conspicuous. Antonyms: undistinguished, obscure,
commonplace, inconspicuous, humble.

distinguishing, a. distinctive, peculiar, discriminative,

distort, v. deform, twist; pervert, misinterpret, falsify,

distortion, n. deformity; perversion, crookedness; falsification.

distracted, a. frantic, frenzied, raving, crazy. Antonyms: See

distraction, n. diversion, amusement; confusion, mystification,
bewilderment; tumult, commotion, hurly-burly; despair, frenzy.

distress, n. anguish, agony, torture, sorrow, grief; misery,
affliction, adversity, disaster, calamity, misfortune; straits, poverty,
destitution, indigence.

distress, v. pain, grieve, afflict, wound; distrain.

distressing, a. grievous, distressful, painful, afflictive.

distribute, v. apportion, allot, deal out, dispense; classify,
assort, group.

distribution, n. apportionment, allotment, dispensing, partition,
division, dole; disposition, classification, grouping, arrangement.

district, n. region, precinct, province, circuit, quarter, locality,

distrust, n. doubt, suspicion, mistrust.

distrustful, a. suspicious.

disturb, v. molest, perturb, annoy, disquiet, agitate, incommode,
ruffle, disarrange, derange, unsettle, roust, excite.

disturbance, n. molestation, derangement, disquiet, disorder,
perturbation, inquietude, agitation, uneasiness; commotion, turmoil,
tumult, uproar, riot, clamor. Associated Words: perturbable,
imperturbable, perturbability, imperturbability, imperturbation.

disuse, n. desuetude, insuetude, inusitation, discontinuance,

disused, a. obsolete.

ditch, n. trench, moat, fosse, channel. Associated Words: scarp,
escarp, parapet, graffage, counterscarp.

dive, v. plunge.--n. plunger, header; (Slang) resort.

divergence, n. radiation; disagreement, variance; divarication,

divergent, a. diverging, radiating; variant, different.

divers, a. several, sundry, various, many, numerous.

diverse, a. different, dissimilar, heterogeneous, diversified,

diversified, a. various, variegated, multiform.

diversion, n. turning aside; amusement, sport, recreation,

diversity, n. difference, dissimilarity; variety, multiformity.

diver's apparel. scaphander.

diver's disease. caisson disease.

divide, v. sunder, split, cleave, disunite, part, separate, sever,
dissociate, disconnect, detach, disintegrate, demarcate, dimidiate,
partition; apportion, distribute, allot, assign, parcel out; disaffect,
alienate, estrange, part; share, partake, participate.

divine, a. Godlike; religious, holy; heavenly, angelic, seraphic,

divine, v. foresee, foreknow, surmise, forebode, conjecture,

diving bell. nautilus.

divisible, a. separable, dividable, partible.

division, n. separation, partition, demarcation, dimidiation;
section, segment, part, compartment, portion, canton, category, group;
disunion, alienation, schism, variance, dissension; apportionment,
allotment, distribution

dizziness, n. vertigo.

dizzy, a. vertiginous, giddy.

do, v. effect, accomplish, produce, achieve, consummate, execute,
perform; transact; perpetrate, commit; translate, render; suffice, answer;
fare, prosper; vouchsafe, grant; (Colloq.) cheat, overreach, swindle,
defraud. Antonyms: shirk, evade.

do-all, n. factotum.

do away with. abolish.

docile, a. tractable, teachable, gentle, yielding, obedient,
submissive. Antonyms: See indocile.

docility, n. tractableness, submissiveness. Antonym: indocility.

dock, v. curtail; deduct from, lessen.

dock, n. wharf, pier, jetty.

dock hand. stevedore.

doctor, n. physician, medical practitioner, leech; homeopath;
allopath; interne; externe; savant; (ignorant) quack, empiric.

doctor, v. repair, treat; (Slang) tamper with, falsify, adulterate.

doctrine, n. tenet, dogma, belief, principle, teaching.

doddering, a. shaking, trembling, infirm.

dodge, v. duck, evade, parry; prevaricate, equivocate, shift, evade,
quibble, parry.

dodge, n. (Colloq.) prevarication, trick, artifice, subterfuge,
stratagem, evasion, parry, device.

dodger, n. prevaricator; handbill, circular.

dog, n. canine; (young) pup, puppy, whelp; (female) bitch, slut;
cur, whippet, tike, fice, mongrel. Associated Words: canine, _Canis_,
cyniatrics, rabies, hydrophobia, cynanthropy, cynegetics, cynic,
cynophobia, cynoid, cynopodous, cynocephalous, cynocephalus, cynocephalic,
learn, leash, dog-fancier.

dog, v. follow, worry, hound.

dog days. canicular days.

dogged, a. stubborn, obstinate, mulish, headstrong, persistent.

doggish, a. surly, sullen, churlish, cynical, morose.

dog house. kennel.

dogma, n. doctrine, tenet.

dogmatic, a. positive, magisterial, dictatorial, imperious,
domineering, overbearing; authoritative, categorical.

dog-star, n. Sinus, Canicula, Cards Majoris.

doings, n. pl. actions, proceedings, deeds, acts, performances,

dole, n. pittance, alms; distribution, apportionment, share, portion;
grief, sorrow.

doleful, a. sorrowful, dolorous, plaintive, piteous, lugubrious,

domain, n. dominion, sovereignty; realm, territory; province,

dome, n. cupola.

domestic, a. home, household, family; intestine; domesticated, tame;
fond of home.

dominant, a. predominant, prevailing, predominating, paramount.

dominate, v. predominate, sway, rule, govern, control, surmount,

domination, n. government, dominion, supremacy, rule, authority,

domineer, v. tyrannize, lord it; swagger, vapor, bluster.

domineering, a. tyrannical, dictatorial, overbearing, lordly,
imperious. Antonyms: meek, apologetic, retiring.

dominion, n. sovereignty, sway, supremacy; realm, empire, kingdom,

do more than duty requires. supererogate.

donation, n. gift, present, benefaction.

done for. (Colloq.) tired out, used up, spent, collapsed,

done up. (Colloq.) wrapped up; worn out, exhausted.

donkey, n. ass, burro, Neddy. Associated Words: bray, asinine,

do-nothing, a. inactive, idle, lazy, fabian, slothful.

doodlesack, n. bagpipe.

doom, n. judicial sentence, judgment; destiny, death.

door, n. entrance, portal, gate; postern; porch, portico. Associated
words: lintel, jamb, sill, threshold, stile, panel, rail, mullion,
porte-cochère, reveal, rabbet, casing.

doorkeeper, n. porter, _concierge_, ostiary; tyler.

doorsill, n. threshold.

dormancy, n. abeyance, quiescence, inactivity, torpor, lethargy,

dormant, a. quiescent, latent, inert, inactive, abeyant, torpid.

dose, n. draught, dram, potion. Associated Word: posology.

dot, n. period, point; dowry; speck.

dotage, n. senility, anility, decrepitude; fondness, affection
(excessive or weak).

double, a. twofold, duplex, bifold, binate; equivocal, Janus-faced,
deceitful, insincere, perfidious.

double, v. duplicate; fold, plait, pleat.

double, n. duplicate, counterpart; duplication, plait, doubling;
circuit, maneuver, shift, artifice, stratagem, ruse.

double-dealing, n. duplicity, dissimulation, trickery, Machiavelism.

double-faced, a. Janus-faced, deceitful, perfidious.

double-headed, a. bicipital, bicipitous.

double-hearted, a. perfidious, deceitful, treacherous, insincere.

double-minded, a. irresolute, vacillating, unsettled, undetermined.

doubling, n. duplication, reduplication; fold, plait, plication,

doubt, v. waver, hesitate, question, be undecided, query; distrust,
suspect. Antonyms: believe, trust, rely upon.

doubt, n. indecision, uncertainty, vacillation, irresolution,
misgiving, query, suspense, hesitancy, distrust, suspicion, quandary,
perplexity; skepticism, incredulity, pyrrhonism; ambiguity, difficulty.
Antonyms: conviction, credulity, confidence, decision, assurance,
belief, certainty.

doubtful, a. unsettled, undetermined, dubious, wavering, precarious,
undecided, irresolute; questionable, involved; ambiguous, enigmatical,
problematical, equivocal, vague, indefinite. Antonyms: certain,
implicit, sure, unquestionable, unwavering.

doubting, a. incredulous, suspicious, skeptical.

doughfaced, a. pliable, weak, irresolute.

doughty, a. redoubtable, valiant, bold, fearless.

dour, a. hard, obstinate, sour.

douse, v. duck, immerse, dip, plunge, souse, submerge.

dove, n. pigeon. Associated Word: coo.

dovecote, n. columbary, pigeonry, pigeon house.

dovelike, a. columbine.

dowdy, a. vulgar-looking, slovenly, untidy, slatternly, frowzy.
Antonyms: See neat.

do without. dispense with.

down, adv. downward, below.

down, v. overthrow, subdue, floor, prostrate.

down, a. descending, sloping, downward.

down, n. pubescence; pl. (Colloq.) depression, abasement.

downcast, a. despondent, dejected, discouraged, gloomy, dispirited.

downcome, n. downfall.

downfall, n. downcome, descent, reverse, abasement, humiliation.

down grade. descent, declivity.

downhearted, a. dejected, despondent, discouraged.

downhill, n. descent, declivity, slope.--a. declivous,
descending, sloping.

downright, a. blunt, direct, unceremonious, positive, undisguised,
absolute, unmixed, straightforward.

downy, a. pubescent, flocculent.

draft, n. drawing, draught; bill of exchange; delineation, sketch,
current of air; conscript, conscription. Associated Word: conscript
(one drafted).

drag, v. haul, trail, tug, pull; break, harrow.

drag, n. dragging; dragnet; harrow; skid; clog, impediment, obstacle.

drain, n. channel, gutter, trench, ditch, sewer.

drain, v. empty, exhaust, deplete; filter.

draw, v. haul, drag, tug, tow; attract; entice, allure, lure, induce,
tempt; extract, educe; unsheathe; deduce, infer, conclude, derive;
disembowel, eviscerate; delineate, draught, sketch, depict, trace, limn;
influence, win, induce; contract, shrink. Antonyms: repel, repulse,
rebuff, reject, alienate.

drawback, n. disadvantage, hindrance, defect, imperfection; rebate,
deduction, discount.

draw back. retract; shrink, flinch, recoil, withdraw, wince.

drawer, n. till (money drawer), tiller.

drawing, n. traction, hauling, pulling; graphics, diagraphics,
delineation; sketch, draught, diagram, picture, limning, representation.

drawing back. retraction; shrinking, flinching, recoiling,
withdrawal, wincing.

drawing off. withdrawal, abstraction.

drawing out. extension, protraction, stretching; eduction,

draw off. withdraw, abstract.

draw out. stretch, extend, protract; elicit, educe, extract.

draw up. compose, draught, write; array, arrange.

dread, n. apprehension, fear, awe (reverential fear).

dread, v. fear, apprehend.

dreadful, a. fearful, terrible, formidable, awful, dread, dire,
direful, frightful.

dream, n. vision; illusion, vagary, wild conceit, revery, fancy,
fantasy. Antonyms: fact, actuality, reality, substance, realization.
Associated Words: Morpheus, Morphean, oneiroscopy, oneiroscopist,
oneirocritic, oneiromancy, oneirology, oneirocriticism, nightmare.

dreamer, n. visionary, enthusiast, castle-builder, John-a-dreams.

dreamy, a. visionary, unreal, illusory. Antonyms: practical, real.

dreary, a. dismal, drear, cheerless, lonesome, wearisome, dull.

dregs, n. pl. refuse, sediment, lees, draff; riffraff.

dress, n. gown, toilette, robe; raiment, clothes, clothing, garments,
habiliments, attire, garb, apparel, habit, array, costume, togs, toggery.
Antonyms: See undress.

dress, v. clothe, deck, drape, apparel, robe, array, attire; adjust,
align; curry, smooth, plane, finish; (Colloq.) castigate, chastise,
whip. Antonyms: undress, disrobe, divest, strip, expose.

dress gaudily. bedizen, prank.

dressing, n. forcemeat, stuffing, condiment; (Colloq.) castigation,
scolding, whipping, flogging, chastisement.

dressmaker, n. modiste, mantuamaker.

dribble, v. drip, trickle.

dribble, n. (Colloq.) trickling.

drier, n. desiccator, desiccant, desiccative, exsiccant, exsiccator.

drift, n. course, direction, bearing, tendency, aim, intention
intent, design, import, meaning; accumulation, heap, bank, pile, diluvium.

drill, v. perforate, pierce, bore; train, discipline, exercise.

drink, v. quaff, sip, sup, imbibe, slake one's thirst; tipple, tope,
guzzle, booze, house, be intemperate; absorb.

drink, n. beverage, potation, potable; draught, dram, potation,

drinkable, a. potable, potulent. Antonym: undrinkable

drinking, n. potation; tippling, bibacity, drunkenness, carousal,
guzzling, intemperance. Antonyms: temperance nephalism, abstinence,
teetotalism. Associated Words: bibacious, bibulous, bibitory,
dipsomania, alcoholism thirst, nectar, hobnob, bacchanalian, inebriant,
potatory, œnomania, symposium, crapulence, supernaculum convivial,
conviviality, tankard, beaker, cup, stein, canteen.

drinking-bout, n. orgies, compotation, bacchanals, carousal revel,
revelry, wassail, saturnalia, debauch, spree, excess, carouse,

drip, v. drop, trickle, dribble.

dripping, n. trickling, dribbling.

dripping from the eaves. stillicide.

drive, v. impel, force, compel, press; propel, send; rush, press;
conduct, carry on.

drive at. aim, intend, purpose.

drive away. dispel, disperse, scatter, dissipate.

drive back. repulse, repel, rebuff.

drivel, n. driveling; nonsense, twaddle.

drivel, v. drool.

driveler, n. drooler; imbecile, fool, idiot.

driver, n. coachman, jehu, charioteer, whip.

driving, a. violent, forcible; impelling, impellent, propulsive,

driving, n. guiding by reins; impulsion, propulsion, compulsion,

driving back. repulse, rebuff, repulsion, repercussion, repellence,

driving out. expulsion.--a. expulsive.

drizzle, n. mizzle, misle, mist.--v. mizzle, misle.

droll, n. jester, buffoon, merry-andrew, zany, harlequin; comedy,
farce, burlesque.

droll, a. ludicrous, laughable, comical, facetious, funny.

drollery, n. waggery, buffoonery, pleasantry, facetiousness.

drone, n. sluggard, idler, lounger.

drool, v. drivel, slaver, slabber.

drooler, n. driveler, slaverer, slabberer.

droop, v. languish, faint, grow faint, sink; bend, drop, hang;
slouch; fade, wilt, wither.

drop, n. globule, minim, blob; pendant; descent, fall.

drop, v. distill, dribble, trickle, drip; fall; let fall, release,
banish, dismiss, discontinue, discard, intermit, remit, relinquish; lower,
sink, depress; variegate, bedrop, speckle, fleck.

drop by drop. _guttatim_, _guttat_, stillatitious.

droplight, n. pendant.

dropping, n. distillation, trickling, dribbling, falling; stillicide.

droppings, n. pl. excrement, dung.

drop serene. amaurosis, _gutta serena_.

drop-shaped, a. globular, guttiform, stilliform.

dross, n. refuse, scum, recrement, draff, dregs, scobs, waste,

drought, n. aridity, dryness; scarcity, dearth.

drought plant. xerophyte. Associated Words: xerophilous,

drove, n. herd, flock; crowd, company.

drown, v. overwhelm, submerge, flood, inundate, deluge.

drowning, n. demersion, submersion, inundation; noyade.

drowsiness, n. sleepiness, oscitancy.

drowsy, a. sleepy, dozy, oscitant.

drudge, n. menial, hack, slave, scullion, fag.

drug, v. deaden, dull, stupefy; surfeit; hocus.

drug, n. Associated Words: pharmacology, pharmacologist, pharmacy,
pharmacognosis, pharmaceutics, pharmacodynamics, pharmacopœoea,
pharmacography, spatula, mortar, pestle, cribration, pharmacopolist,

druggist, n. pharmacist, apothecary, pharmaceutist.

drum, n. snare-drum; base-drum; kettle-drum; tabor, taborine.
Associated Words: reveille, rappel, chamade, ruff, tattoo, ruffle, roll,
rataplan, drummer, drumhead, drumstick.

drum, v. thrum, strum.

drumstick, n. tibiotarsus.

drunk, a. intoxicated, drunken, inebriated, tipsy, boozy, besotted.
Antonyms: sober, unintoxicated.

drunk, n. (Slang) spree, drunkenness.

drunkard, n. inebriate, toper, sot, tippler, carouser, dipsomaniac,
wine-bibber, bacchanal, bacchanalian, debauchee. Antonyms: abstainer,
ascetic, nephalist, teetotaler.

drunken, a. intoxicated, drunk; sottish, maudlin, fuddled, mellow,
groggy, disguised.

drunkenness, n. intoxication, inebriety, inebriation, ebriety,
ebriosity, debauch; excitement, frenzy, inflammation. Antonyms:
sobriety, temperance, abstinence.

dry, a. desiccated, exsiccated, dried, evaporated; arid, parched;
anhydrous; droughty; barren, uninteresting, jejune, vapid, tedious,
prosaic, tame; sharp, keen, quaint, shrewd, droll.

dry, v. evaporate, desiccate, exsiccate, arefy, insolate (dry in the
sun), torrefy; infumate (dry in smoke).

dry goods. textile fabrics. Associated Word: mercer.

drying, n. desiccation, exsiccation, evaporation, torrefaction,
arefaction. Associated Words: desiccator, exsiccator, desiccative,
evaporator, kiln.

drying, a. desiccative, exsiccative, desiccatory, desiccant,
exsiccant, evaporative.

dryness, n. aridity, drought, desiccation, exsiccation.

dubious, a. undetermined, undecided, doubtful; equivocal,
questionable, vague.

duck, v. souse, dip, plunge, immerse; dive; dodge, cringe.

duck, n. drake (male); teal; pl. Anatidæ, Anseres. Associated
words: anatine, anserine, anatiferous, quack.

ducking-stool, n. castigatory, trebucket, cucking-stool, tumbrel.

duct, n. tube, canal, pipe, channel, conduit.

dude, n. dandy, fop, coxcomb, swell, popinjay, exquisite. Antonyms:
sloven, guy.

dudgeon, n. resentment, anger, displeasure.

dudish, a. foppish, dandified, coxcombical. Antonyms: slovenly,
seedy, unkempt.

duds, n. pl. (Colloq.) frippery (old clothes); clothes, effects,

due, a. payable, unpaid; appropriate, becoming, proper; regular,
appointed; owing, ascribable.

due, n. debt; duty, right.

duel, n. monomachia, monomachy.

duelist, n. monomachist.

dugout, n. excavation.

dull, a. unintelligent, obtuse, stolid, loggerheaded, inapt, doltish,
beetle-headed, blockish, sluggish; apathetic, unfeeling, insensate,
callous; blunt, obtuse, dulled, pointless; dim, faint; tedious,
uninteresting, prosaic, stupid, wearisome, jejune, depressing; lifeless,
torpid, slow, inactive; matte, lusterless, lackluster.

dull, v. blunt, rebate, benumb, obtund, stupefy, deaden, hebetate;
sully, tarnish, obscure, dim, bedim; depress, sadden, dishearten; assuage,
alleviate, moderate, allay.

dumb, a. mute, speechless; pantomimic.

dumbness, n. muteness, obmutescence, speechlessness.

dumb show. pantomime.

dumfound, v. astound, amaze, astonish, confound.

dumpish, a. dull, moody, moping, dejected, gloomy, despondent.

dumps, n. pl. melancholy, depression, despondency.

dunce, n. dullard, dolt, numskull, witling, blockhead, coot,
lackbrain, ninny, oaf, nincompoop, mooncalf, ignoramus, booby, simpleton.

duncical, a. doltish, witless.

dung, n. ordure, excrement, fæces, dejections, lesses, muck; puer,
fumet, fiants, treddle, spraints, coprolite (petrified), mute, guano,
ornithocopros. Associated Words: coprophagy, coprophagous, Augean,
dungmeer, excrementitious, sterconst, sterconcolous, stercoraceous,

dupe, n. gull, cully, gudgeon, dotterel, victim.

duplicate, a. double, twofold, duplex.--n. facsimile,
counterpart. See copy. Antonyms: original, archetype prototype,
model, pattern.

dusk, n. twilight, evening, nightfall.

dust, n. powder; detritus; stive (in flour mills). Associated
words: pulverizable, pulverable, pulverulence, pulverize, pulverization.

dust storm. simoon; (in India) shaitan, devil, peesash; dust whirl.

dusty, a. powdery, pulverulent, pulverous, pulverized.

dutiful, a. obedient, duteous, submissive, deferential, docile.

duty, n. responsibility, incumbency, accountability; service,
business, work, function, office; tax, impost, toll, excise, custom.
Associated Words: ethics, deontology, casuistry, ethology, morals,
ethicist, ethically, supererogate, supererogation.

dwarf, n. pygmy, gnome, manikin, dandiprat, Lilliputian, elf, midget,
runt, Tom Thumb, pigwidgeon, homunculus, hop-o-my-thumb.

dwarf, v. stunt, atrophy.

dwarfish, a. diminutive, undersized, Lilliputian, pygmy, pygmean,
runty, stunted, undeveloped, tiny, atrophied.

dweller, n. denizen, resident, sojourner, inhabitant, habitant.

dwelling, n. residence, domicile, house, abode.

dwindle, v. decrease, diminish, shrink.

dwindling, n. decrease, diminution, shrinkage.

dye, v. color, stain, tinge, imbue.

dying, a. moribund; expiring, last; mortal, perishable.


Eager, a. ardent, avid, zealous, impetuous, vehement, intent,
animated, impatient, fervent, athirst, impassioned ravenous, anxious,
glowing, keen. Antonyms: indifferent, apathetic, dispassionate,
phlegmatic, unconcerned unmoved, stolid.

eagerness, n. impatience, avidity, fervor, zeal, intensity,
empressement, impetuosity, vehemence, heartiness, intentness ardor,

eagle, n. Aquila, bird of Jove; eaglet (young eagle). Associated
words: aquiline, eyry, aerie.

ear, n. (of grain) spike.

ear, n. (external) auricle, pinna, concha; (inner) labyrinth.
Associated Words: otology, otologist, aurist (ear doctor), auricular,
otography, otopathy, aural, auditory, otiatrics, lappet, otoplasty,
tympanitis, otorrhea, auricled, alveary, otolith, lobe, otic, binaural,
malleus, stapes, incus.

earache, n. otalgia, otalgy. Associated Word: otalgic.

eardrum, n. tympanum.

earlier, a. antecedent.

early, a. seasonable, timely, forehanded; premature.

earnest, a. unfeigned, ardent, sincere, fervent, impassioned,
zealous, intent.

earnest, n. sincerity, seriousness, good faith; pledge, handsel,
token, foretaste. Antonym: jest.

earnestness, n. ardor, sincerity, fervency, seriousness, intentness,

earpick, n. auriscalp.

earring, n. eardrop, pendant; girandole.

ear-shaped, a. auriform.

earth, n. world, terra firma, globe; land, soil, ground. See

earthborn, a. terrigenous, human; groveling, abject, base.

earthenware, n. crockery, pottery, stoneware, porcelain, Delftware.

earthling, n. mortal, tellurian, tellurist.

earthly, a. worldly, carnal, groveling, sordid; terrestrial, terrine;
temporal; possible, conceivable.

earthly-minded, a. worldly-minded, sensual, groveling, unspiritual.

earthquake, n. earthshock, earth tremor. Associated Words:
seismology, seismic, seismography, seismometry, seismal, seismometer,
seismograph, seismogram, seismoscope, microseism, microseismic,
meizoseismal, coscismal, anaseismic, isoseismic.

earthwork, n. fortification, embankment.

earthworm, n. angleworm, dewworm, lumbric, _lumbricus_.

earthy, a. terrestrial, terrene, earthly; gross, carnal, groveling,

ear-trumpet, n. sonifer, otophone, auricle.

earwax, n. cerumen.

ease, n. facility, easiness; repose, quiescence, comfort,
tranquillity, contentment, peace, serenity; unrestraint, informality,
abandon. Antonyms: constraint, difficulty, discomfort, uneasiness,

ease, v. facilitate, mitigate, appease, assuage, allay, soothe,
alleviate, palliate, release, relax, mollify.

easiness, n. ease, facility.

east, a. Associated Words: orientate, orientation, Orient,
Orientalism, Orientalist, orientalize, orientality.

eastern, a. oriental, orient, ortive.

easy, a. facile, slight; comfortable, untroubled, quiet, tranquil;
gullible, facile, credulous, submissive, compliant, tractable; affluent,
independent; smooth, fluent, unconstrained.

easy-going, a. mild-tempered, ease-loving, unenterprising, inactive,

eat, v. feed, devour; bolt, gulp, gorge. Antonyms: abstain, fast,
diet, starve, famish.

eat, v. consume, corrode, erode, fret.

eatable, a. edible, comestible, esculent. Antonym: inedible.

eaten away. eroded, erose, fretted.

eating, n. feeding, repast; (excess in eating) gluttony,
gormandism, bolting, gulping, superalimentation; browsing. Associated
words: aristology, gastronomy, gastronome, gastronomer, epicure,
epicurism, diet, dietetics, dietary, commensal, dietarian, gastronomic,
gourmet, gormand, cormorant, glutton, omnivorous, appetite, hunger,
hungry, gustatory, pantophagist, pantophagous, pantophagy.

eating, n. corrosion, erosion, fretting, canker.

eating-house, n. restaurant, café, chophouse, buffet.

eating-room, n. dining-room, refectory.

eating together. commensalism.

ebb, n. reflux, refluence; decline, wane, deterioration,

ebb, v. recede, return, retire; decline, wane, deteriorate, decay.

ebbing, a. receding, refluent, falling.

eccentric, a. whimsical, erratic, unconventional, irregular, odd,

eccentricity, n. whimsicality, oddness, unconventionality,
freakishness, irregularity.

echo, n. reverberation. Associated Word: catacoustics.

echo, v. resound, reverberate.

eclipse, n. occultation; obscuration, extinction, concealment,

eclipse, v. obscure, outshine, surpass, outrival, overcast.

economical, a. frugal, saving, thrifty, provident. Antonyms: See

economize, v. save, retrench, husband.

economy, n. thrift, frugality, thriftiness, retrenchment; management,
administration, system.

eczema, n. tetter, milk crust.

eddy, n. vortex, whirlpool.

edge, n. verge, brink, border, margin, rim, extremity; sharpness,
intensity, zest, poignancy, sting; selvage, selvedge, listing; bevel,

edge, v. sharpen, fringe, border, rim; hitch along.

edgy, a. touchy, sharp, irritable, excitable, irascible.

edible, a. eatable, esculent, comestible. Antonym: inedible

edict, n. mandate, decree, proclamation, rescript, manifesto,

educate, v. teach, instruct, school, nurture, edify, enlighten.

educated, a. learned, versed, erudite, scholarly, enlightened,
schooled, literate.

education, n. culture, learning, schooling, tuition, scholarship,
nurture, enlightenment, literacy.

efface, v. expunge, obliterate, erase, eradicate.

effect, n. result, outcome, consequence, issue; validity, force,
weight; execution, performance, realization; meaning, tenor, purport,
intent; ensemble.

effect, v. effectuate, accomplish, realize, achieve, consummate,

effective, a. effectual, efficient, potent, cogent, availing,

effectual, a. efficacious, effective, efficient, availing,
successful. Antonym: ineffectual.

effeminate, a. womanish, unmanly, cockney.--n. cockney.

effervescence, n. ebullition. Antonyms: ineffervescence,

effete, a. exhausted, infecund, unfruitful, wasted, barren.

efficacious, a. potent, effectual, effective, productive. Antonym:

efficacy, n. potency, effectiveness, efficiency, productiveness.
Antonyms: inefficacy, impotency.

efficient, a. competent, capable, proficient, effectual, potent,

effort, n. attempt, endeavor, trial, essay, venture, exertion,
strain, struggle.

egg, n. ovum, germ, cell; spawn. Associated Words: oölogy,
oölogist, ovology, oviferous, yolk, glair, albumen, embryo, oviparous,
oviposit, oviposition, vitellus, fecundate, impregnate, impregnation,
fecundity, clutch, vitelline, oviduct, Ovipara, ovulation, ovulist, tread,
treadle, chalaza, addle, oömeter, oöscope, spawn.

egg, v. urge on, instigate, incite.

egg-shaped, a. oval, ovoid, oviform.

egotism, n. self-conceit, vanity, egoism, self-exaltation.

egotistical, a. conceited, overweening, vain, self-conceited,
self-important, opinionated.

Egyptian dancing girl. alme; ghawazi.

Egyptian peasant. fellah.

Egyptian ruler. Khedive.

eight, n. Associated Words: octonary, octopede, octant, octave,
octavo, octet, octic, octad, octameter.

eight-angled, a. octangular, octagonal.

eightfold, a. octuple.

eight-sided, a. octagonal, octahedral, octangular.

eight-sided figure. octagon.

eight-sided solid. octahedron.

eight tones. Associated Words: diatonic, diatonically.

eight years. octennium. Associated Words: octennial, octennially.

eighty years. Associated Words: octogenarian, octogenary.

eject, v. void, discharge; oust, evict, dislodge.

ejection, n. voiding, discharge; ousting, dispossession.

elastic, a. resilient, springy, extensible, ductile, rebounding,

elasticity, n. resiliency, springiness, extensibility, ductility.
Antonyms: inelasticity, irresilience.

elated, a. elate, exhilarated, overjoyed, jubilant.

electric, a. stimulating, inspiriting, electrifying, magnetic,

elegance, n. beauty, grace, richness, sumptuousness, luxuriousness.

elegant, a. courtly, sumptuous, luxurious, rich.

element, n. constituent, ingredient; pl. rudiments, first

elemental, a. rudimental, elementary, constituent.

elementary, a. rudimental, elemental, constituent, primary; simple,

elephant, n. Associated Words: howdah, pachyderm, kraal, corral,
keddah, ankus, mahout.

elevate, v. lift, raise; promote, advance, aggrandize, exalt;
ennoble, dignify.

elevation, n. promotion, aggrandizement, exaltation, dignity,
advancement; eminence, hill.

eleven years. Associated Words: undecennary, undecennial,

elf, n. sprite, fairy, imp, fay, gnome, urchin.

elfish, n. mischievous, impish, elvish, prankish.

embankment, n. levee, dike; terreplein.

embarrass, v. disconcert, discompose, mortify, abash, chagrin,
nonplus, pose, perplex; impede, obstruct, annoy, involve, harass, hamper,

embarrassing, a. disconcerting, distressing, perplexing, confusing.

embarrassment, n. discomposure, chagrin, abashment, mortification,

embellish, v. decorate, beautify, garnish, bedeck, ornament.

embellishment, n. adornment, decoration, beautification,
ornamentation; ornament, garniture, garnish, trimming.

embezzle, v. peculate, defalcate.

embezzlement, n. peculation, defalcation.

embezzler, n. defalcator, peculator.

embroidery frame. tabouret.

embryo, a. undeveloped, rudimentary.

emery, n. abradant.

emigrant, n. emigrator, immigrant.

emigrate, v. migrate.

emigration, n. migration, exodus; emigrants.

eminent, a. distinguished, renowned, illustrious, famous, celebrated.

emphasis, n. accentuation.

emphasize, v. accentuate.

empire, n. sovereignty, sway, dominion, supremacy; realm, domain,

emptiness, n. vacancy, inanition; hollowness, mockery, inanity;
space, vacuum, void; frivolity, triviality, senselessness.

empty, a. depleted, vacant, inane; unoccupied, void, vacant,
unfilled, tenantless, blank, evacuated; free, devoid of, lacking,
destitute; senseless, hollow, vain, delusive, unsatisfying, inane, unreal;

empty, v. deplete, exhaust, unload, unburden, evacuate; disembogue;

emptying, n. depletion, exhaustion, evacuation, discharge, vacating.

enamel, n. Associated Words: cloisonné, champlevé.

enchant, v. bewitch, charm, enrapture, captivate, enravish,
transport, delight.

enchantment, n. charm, witchery, fascination, glamour, illusion;
sorcery, conjuration, witchcraft, spell. Antonyms: disenchantment,

enchantress, n. siren, inamorata, charmer, sorceress, witch.

encircle, v. environ, encompass, surround, gird, circumscribe,

encounter, n. meeting, collision, rencounter; battle, contest,
conflict, onslaught, attack.

encourage, v. enhearten, reassure, embolden, inspirit, stimulate,
revive, rally, foment, countenance, incite.

encouragement, n. enheartenment, reassurance, incentive, stimulation,
stimulus, incitement, fomentation, patronage, countenance.

encouraging, a. reassuring, inspiriting, cheering, assuring.

encroach, v. trespass, intrude, intrench, infringe, trench, invade.

encroachment, n. trespass, intrusion, intrenchment, infringement,
invasion, inroad.

end, n. termination, terminal, terminus, extremity, limit, bound;
close, _finale_, conclusion, finis, cessation; issue, result, consequence,
sequel, conclusion, peroration; purpose, intention, design, aim, goal,
object, intent; remnant, fragment; extermination, annihilation,
destruction; surcease.

end, v. terminate, conclude, finish, discontinue, cease, close.

endable, a. terminable.

endanger, v. imperil.

ending, n. termination, conclusion.

endless, a. interminable, illimitable, limitless, unlimited,
boundless, infinite; continuous, uninterrupted, continual perpetual,
unending, eternal, everlasting.

endowment, n. dotation, bounty, grant, bequest, talent, faculty,

endurable, a. sufferable, tolerable. Antonyms: unendurable,

endurance, n. permanence, continuance, persistence, abidance,
continuation; sufferance, patience, fortitude, forbearance, resignation,

endure, v. suffer, experience, undergo; stand, brook, tolerate,
submit to, abide; sustain, support, bear; last, abide, continue, remain,
persist. Antonyms: succumb, falter, yield, surrender.

enduring, a. lasting, durable, permanent, imperishable.

enemy, n. foe, adversary, opponent, antagonist, rival, hostile.
Associated Words: hostile, hostility, feud, enmity, inimical,

energetic, a. forcible, potent, vigorous, cogent, active, strenuous,

energizing, a. potent, vitalizing, invigorating, alacrifying.

energy, n. power, potency, force, vigor, zeal, strength

engage, v. pledge, bind, commit; betroth, affiance, plight; engross,
employ, busy, occupy.

engaged, a. occupied, employed, engrossed; affianced, betrothed.

engagement, n. betrothal, affiance, betrothment; contract, pledge,
stipulation, promise; encounter, combat, fight, conflict, action.

engine, n. locomotive, mogul, traction engine.

England, n. Albion (Ancient name). Associated Words:
Anglomaniac, Anglomania, Johnny Bull, Great Britain, anglicize,
anglicization, Anglophobe, Anglophobia.

English, a. British, Anglican.

Englishism, n. Anglicism, Briticism.

English legislature. Parliament.

Englishman, n. Britisher, Briton.

engrave, v. chisel, carve, grave, cut; imprint, infix, impress;

engraving, n. celature, graving, chiseling, carving; print, plate,
stippling, stipple.

enjoyment, n. pleasure, delight, gratification, delectation,
felicity, fruition.

enlarge, v. magnify, amplify, augment, expand, develop, increase,
extend, swell; dilate, descant, launch out, expatiate; ennoble, broaden.

enlargement, n. augmentation, extension, expansion, dilation,
development, growth, increase, amplification, dilatation, ennoblement;

enmity, n. hostility, unfriendliness, opposition, antagonism,
malignity, hatred, animosity, malevolence, rancor, antipathy, feud.

enormity, n. atrocity, heinousness, flagrancy, depravity.

enormous, a. colossal, monstrous, gigantic, mammoth, prodigious,
huge; heinous, atrocious, nefarious, flagrant, flagitious.

enough, n. sufficiency, plenty, abundance, adequacy. Antonyms:
deficiency, inadequacy, surplus.

enough, adv. sufficiently, adequately, fully.

enrich, v. fertilize; embellish, adorn, beautify; endow.

enrichment, n. fertilization; endowment; embellishment, decoration,

enroll, v. enlist, register, matriculate, list, record.

enrollment, n. registration, matriculation, enlistment; register,
record, roster.

enslave, v. enthrall, subjugate, overcome.

enslavement, n. enthrallment, subjugation, subjection, bondage,

entangle, v. interweave, complicate, tangle, enmesh, snarl; insnare,
puzzle, involve.

entanglement, n. complication, intricacy, snarl, tangle,
embarrassment, imbroglio.

enter, v. penetrate, pierce, perforate; embark in, enlist in; insert.

enterprise, n. project, undertaking; activity.

enterprising, a. active, stirring, energetic, venturesome.

entertain, v. divert, amuse, please, junket, beguile, cheer; harbor,
hold, lodge.

entertaining, a. diverting, amusing, interesting.

entertainment, n. diversion, amusement, recreation, pastime, play,
divertissement; banquet, junket, feast, collation.

enthusiasm, n. eagerness, intensity, ardor, fervor, fervency, verve,
empressement, unction. Antonyms: indifference, wariness, caution,
calmness, lukewarmness.

enthusiast, n. zealot, fanatic, devotee, partisan.

enthusiastic, a. eager, zealous, fanatical, fervent, impassioned.

entice, v. seduce, allure, persuade, inveigle, wheedle, tempt.

enticement, n. seduction, allurement, temptation, lure, decoy,

enticing, a. seductive, alluring, tempting.

entire, a. complete, undivided. See whole.

entirety, n. completeness, integrity, totality, wholeness.

entrance, n. ingress, access; entrée; entry, portal, inlet, gate,

entrap, v. insnare, entangle, decoy, entrammel, entice.

entry, n. entrance, access; hall, vestibule; memorandum, minute,

envelop, v. surround, inwrap, inclose, encircle, encompass, environ.

envelope, n. wrapper, inclosure, capsule, case, sheath.

enveloping, a. surrounding, enfolding, circumambient, encircling.

environment, n. conditions, entourage.

epicure, n. gourmand, gastronome, gourmet; sensualist, voluptuary;
sybarite, epicurean.

epicurean, a. sensual, voluptuous, luxurious, sybaritic.

epicurism, n. hedonism, epicureanism, eudæmonism; sensuality, luxury;

epitome, n. compendium, abstract, digest, synopsis.

equal, a. coördinate, tantamount, equivalent, corresponding,
identical, commensurate, proportionate, adequate, sufficient; equable,
uniform, equitable, even.

equal, n. peer, mate, compeer, match, coördinate. Antonyms:
inferior, subordinate.

equality, n. coördination, uniformity, parity, agreement. Antonyms:
See inequality.

equilibrium, n. equipoise, balance.

equip, v. accouter, furnish, fit out, gird.

equipage, n. equipment; carriage, turnout; suite, train, retinue.

equipment, n. apparatus, accouterments, paraphernalia, rigging, gear.

equipoise, n. equilibrium.

equivalent, a. tantamount, equal, commensurate; interchangeable.

eradicate, v. extirpate, exterminate.

eradication, n. extirpation, extermination.

erase, v. expunge, rub out, efface, obliterate, dele, delete.

erasure, n. expunging, erasion, obliteration.

erect, v. build, raise.

erect, a. upright, vertical, raised; undaunted, bold, undismayed.
Antonyms: horizontal, recumbent, prone, inverted, oblique, cringing.

erection, n. building, raising, construction.

erosion, n. corrosion, eroding.

err, v. misjudge, mistake, blunder; deviate, sin.

errand, n. mission, commission.

erratic, a. nomadic, wandering; eccentric, fanciful.

erring, a. peccable, sinful, fallible, weak. Antonyms: impeccable,
infallible, inerrable.

erroneous, a. false, incorrect, untrue, mistaken, inaccurate, wrong.

error, n. mistake, inaccuracy, blunder, misapprehension, falsity,
misconception. Associated Words: fallibility, infallibility, fallible,
errant, errancy, inerrancy, inerrability.

errors, n. pl. _errata_; sing. _erratum_.

erudition, n. learning, scholarship.

eruption, n. outburst, outbreak; exanthema, rash, efflorescence.

erysipelas, n. Saint Anthony's fire, rose.

escort, n. guard, convoy, usher.

Eskimo, n. Husky.

Eskimo house. topek, igloo.

Eskimo language. Husky.

especial, a. special, particular, specific.

essay, n. dissertation, article, disquisition, thesis; attempt,
effort, trial.

essential, a. indispensable, necessary, requisite. Antonyms:
nonessential, superfluous.

establish, v. found, organize, institute; substantiate, verify,

establishment, n. organization, founding, institution;
substantiation, verification.

esteem, v. respect, value, honor, revere; rate, reckon, estimate.

esteem, n. respect, honor, regard; opinion, judgment, estimation.
Antonyms: disesteem, aversion, odium, antipathy, unpopularity.

estimable, a. computable, calculable; meritorious, worthy,
excellent. Antonyms: inestimable, incalculable, incomputable.

estimate, v. appraise, value, rate, prize; compute, calculate,

estimation, n. esteem, respect, honor; appraisement, valuation,

estrange, v. alienate, disaffect.

estranged, a. alienate, alienated.

estrangement, n. alienation, disaffection.

eternal, a. self-existent, infinite; endless, asonian. See

eulogist, n. encomiast, panegyrist, praiser.

eulogistic, a. laudatory, panegyrical, encomiastic.

eulogize, v. laud, praise, extol, panegyrize.

eulogy, n. encomium, panegyric, laudation, praise.

Europe and Africa. Associated Words: Eurafric, Eurafrican.

Europe and Asia. Associated words: Eurasian, Eurasiatic, Scythia.

evade, v. shun, avoid; elude, parry, foil, baffle; prevaricate,
equivocate, dodge, quibble.

evaporate, v. vaporize, evanesce.

evaporation, n. vaporization, evanescence; exhalation. Associated
words: volatile, volatility, volatilize, evaporable.

evasion, n. evading, eluding, escape; baffling, foiling;
prevarication, equivocation, sophistry, tergiversation, subterfuge, dodge,

evasive, a. equivocal, indefinite, elusive.

even, a. plane, level, flush, flat, smooth; equable, uniform,

evening, n. dusk, twilight, nightfall, eventide, even, gloaming.
Associated Words: vespertine, vespertinal, erepuscular, erepusculous,
soirée, vesper.

evening prayer. compline.

evening service. vespers; evensong.

evening star. Hesper, Hesperus, Venus, Vesper.

evenness, n. uniformity, smoothness, equanimity, equableness.

event, n. occurrence, affair, incident, happening; consequence,
result, outcome.

evergreen, a. indeciduous.

everlasting, a. continual, perpetual, interminable, unceasing,
eternal, endless, incessant, never-ending; deathless, immortal, æonian,
imperishable; (Colloq.) constant, continual.

everlasting, n. eternity; immortelle.

every-day, a. commonplace, common, customary.

every now and then. occasionally, repeatedly, frequently.

everywhere present. omnipresent, ubiquitous.--n. omnipresence,

evident, a. manifest, obvious, clear, palpable, patent.

evil, a. sinful, immoral, sinister, unrighteous, vicious, pernicious.
See bad.

evil, n. wickedness, depravity, sin, iniquity, perniciousness,
Belial, unrighteousness; disaster, misfortune, calamity, reverse;
injustice, damage, injury, wrong, mischief.

evil-doer, n. sinner, malefactor, culprit, offender, delinquent. See

evil-minded, a. malicious, malignant, wicked, depraved.

evolution, n. development, unfoldment, evolvement, unfolding.

exact, a. precise, accurate, true, literal, undeviating; punctilious,
methodical, rigid, severe, rigorous, strict.

exact, v. demand, extort, wrest.

exacting, a. severe, harsh, oppressive, peremptory.

exaction, n. extortion, oppression.

exactness, n. precision, accuracy, strictness, exactitude,
correctness, scrupulousness.

exaggerate, v. overstate.

exaggerated, a. overstated, colored, hyperbolical.

exaggeration, n. overstatement; hyperbole.

exalt, v. elevate; dignify, ennoble, aggrandize; magnify,
apotheosize, extol.

exaltation, n. elevation, aggrandizement, loftiness, apotheosis.

exalted, a. sublime, elevated, lofty, grand, dignified.

examination, n. inquiry, autopsy, scrutiny, inspection,
investigation, audit, inquest, reconnoissance, inquisition, recension,
probing, review.

examine, v. inspect, scrutinize, question, audit, heckle,
reconnoitre, review, search, probe, investigate, catechise.

examiner, n. inspector, investigator, inquirer, questioner,
catechiser, resensionist, auditor, censor, reviewer, inquisitor.

example, n. sample, specimen, exemplification; model, pattern,
prototype, copy, archetype, exemplar; precedent instance, illustration,
case. Associated Words: exemplify, exemplification, exemplary, praxis.

exasperate, v. provoke, irritate, incense, anger; aggravate,
imbitter, intensify.

exasperation, n. provocation, irritation, offending, aggravation,
anger; exacerbation.

exceed, v. surpass, transcend; outvie, excel, outdo; preponderate,

exceeding, a. surpassing.

excel, v. outrival, outstrip, surpass, eclipse, outdo, outvie,
transcend, exceed.

excellence, n. preëminence, transcendence, superiority, eminence,
integrity, probity, goodness, worth, merit, virtue.

excellent, a. estimable, meritorious, good, worthy, choice.

excess, n. superabundance, superfluity, redundancy, redundance,
overplus, surplus, surplusage, residue, remainder exuberance, rampancy;
overdoing, exorbitance, immoderation; debauchery, dissoluteness,
intemperance, immoderation.

excessive, a. superfluous, exuberant, superabundant,
disproportionate; outrageous, unreasonable, exorbitant inordinate,
extravagant, fabulous, immoderate, extreme.

exchange, v. trade, barter, traffic, commute, interchange,
reciprocate, bandy, permute.

exchange, n. traffic, trade, barter, commutation, interchange,
reciprocity, permutation; Bourse; agiotage.

excitable, a. susceptible, sensitive, emotional, impressible, mobile;
irritable, choleric, passionate, irascible, fiery, waspish. Antonyms:
unexcitable, imperturbable, calm.

excite, v. stimulate, arouse, inflame, incite, provoke; perturb,
agitate, disconcert, discompose, distract, unsettle.

excited, a. perturbed, agitated, disconcerted. Antonyms: calm,
serene, tranquil, nonchalant.

excitement, n. perturbation, agitation, commotion, furore,
inquietude, sensation, tumult, turmoil, flurry, ebullition; incitement,
stimulus; arousing, awakening. Antonyms: imperturbation, calmness,
serenity, non-chalance.

exciting, a. stirring, rousing, stimulating, sensational.

exclaim, v. ejaculate, shout, vociferate.

exclamation, n. ejaculation, vociferation, outcry; interjection,

exclamation point. ecphoneme.

exclude, v. debar, preclude; except, omit; eject, expel.

exclusion, n. debarment, preclusion; exception, omission; ejection,

excrement, n. fæces, stools, dejections; dung, ordure. Associated
words: scatology, eccrinology, fæcal, excrementitious, void, defecate,

excusable, a. venial, pardonable, justifiable. Antonyms: See

excuse, v. absolve, forgive, pardon, exonerate, palliate, justify,
extenuate, acquit, exculpate, release.

excuse, n. justification, apology, plea, exoneration, palliation,
extenuation, pardon; subterfuge, evasion, pretext, makeshift.

execute, v. effectuate, perform, accomplish, consummate, achieve;
electrocute, behead, guillotine, hang.

execution, n. performance, effectuation, consummation, perpetration,

executioner, n. hangman.

exercise, n. performance, application, practice, employment, use;
activity; training, discipline, drilling; drill, praxis, lesson, task;
gymnastics, calisthenics; gestation.

exercise, v. employ, apply, busy, exert; practice, discipline, drill,
train; distress, worry, harass.

exertion, n. effort, struggle, attempt.

exhaust, v. drain, deplete; debilitate, prostrate, enervate.

exhausted, a. depleted, drained, consumed, spent, effete.

exhaustion, n. consumption, depletion, draining, dissipation,
lassitude, collapse, inanition, weariness, prostration.

exhaustless, a. inexhaustible.

exhibit, v. display, show.

exhibition, n. display, show.

exhumation, n. disinterment, disentombment.

exhume, v. disinter, disentomb.

exile, n. banishment, proscription, expatriation.

exile, v. banish, expatriate.

exiled person. exile, expatriate.

exorbitant, a. unreasonable, inordinate, excessive, fabulous.

expand, v. dilate, distend, enlarge.

expansion, n. dilation, distension, enlargement.

expatiate, v. descant.

expect, v. anticipate.

expectation, n. expectancy, anticipation.

expel, v. eject, drive out; ostracize, banish, proscribe, exile;
excommunicate; discharge, void, eject, evacuate; exclude, remove, dismiss.

expelling, n. expulsion, ejectment, dismissal; banishment, exile,
ostracism, proscription.--a. expulsive.

expend, v. disburse.

expenditure, n. disbursement.

expense, n. outlay, cost, charge, expenditure.

expensive, a. costly, dear, high-priced. Antonym: inexpensive.

experienced, a. practiced, veteran. Antonym: inexperienced.

experiment, n. test, trial. Associated Words: empiric, empirical,
empiricism, empiristic, tentation.

experimental, a. empirical, tentative.

expert, a. skilled, proficient, _an fait_, adroit. Antonyms: See

expert, n. adept, master, dabster, connoisseur, masterhand. Antonyms:
tyro, bungler.

explain, v. expound, elucidate, unfold, interpret.

explainable, a. explicable, interpretable, solvable. Antonyms: See

explainer, n. expositor, interpretator, commentator, exegetist,

explanation, n. elucidation, exposition, explication, interpretation;
solution, deduction, key. Associated Words: exegetics, exegesis,

explanatory, a. expository, elucidative, interpretative, exegetical.

explode, v. burst; detonate, detonize.

exploit, v. develop, utilize.

exploitation, n. utilization, exploiture.

explosion, n. detonation, detonization; bursting; outburst.

explosive, n. dynamite, lyddite, nitro-glycerine, fuse, thorite,
tonite, fulgurite.

expose, v. exhibit, show, display; uncover, unveil; imperil,
endanger, subject, jeopardize; disclose, reveal, unmask, denounce.
Antonyms: conceal, suppress, dissemble, hide, veil.

exposé, n. divulgement, disclosure, exposure.

exposition, n. display, exposure; explanation; commentary
postillation; fair.

expostulate, v. remonstrate.

expostulation, n. remonstration.

exposure, n. exposing, disclosure, divulgement, revelation, _exposé_;
subjection, liability, jeopardy.

express, a. explicit, definite, positive, specific, unmistakable.
Antonyms: vague, tacit, ambiguous, implied, equivocal, indefinite.

express, v. say, utter; signify, represent, indicate, denote,
designate, mean.

expression, n. assertion, statement, utterance, declaration,
representation, indication; phrase, term, word; modulation.

expulsion, n. expelling, ejection, debarment, exclusion.

exquisite, a. beautiful, rare, choice; discriminating, fastidious;
keen, acute, poignant; matchless, consummate, incomparable.

extend, v. lengthen, prolong, protract; jut, project; enlarge.

extensible, a. extendible, ductile, tensible. Antonyms:
inextensible, rigid, inelastic.

extension, n. enlargement, expansion, protraction; projection.
Associated Words: tensility, tensibility, tensile.

extent, n. magnitude, size, volume; reach, compass.

exterminate, v. eradicate, extirpate, uproot.

extermination, n. eradication, extirpation, uprooting.

external, a. outward, exterior, superficial, extrinsic.

extol, v. eulogize, praise, laud, exalt.

extortion, n. exaction (undue), overcharge, rapacity, vampirism.

extortionate, a. oppressive, exacting; (Colloq.) exorbitant.

extortioner, n. harpy.

extra, a. supplemental, additional, supplementary, supernumerary.

extract, n. essence, quintessence; excerpt, quotation, citation,

extraordinary, a. uncommon, unusual, remarkable, egregious,
phenomenal, signal, noteworthy, exceptional, unprecedented.

extravagance, n. improvidence, prodigality, waste; preposterousness,
enormity, exorbitance, immoderation. Antonyms: economy, thrift,

extravagant, a. wasteful, unthrifty, prodigal, improvident, lavish;
wild, immoderate, preposterous, inordinate, exorbitant. Antonyms: See

extreme, a. outermost, utmost, farthest; last, final, ultimate;
ultra, radical, fanatical.

extreme, n. extremity, acme, climax.

extremist, n. radical.

exuberance, n. superabundance, rampancy, excess, copiousness,
luxuriance, lavishness.

exuberant, a. overflowing, copious, excessive, rampant, wanton,
superabundant, rank, luxuriant.

exultant, a. triumphant, jubilant, joyous.

eye, n. optic. Associated Words: optics, optician, ocular, oculary,
oculate, oculifonn, ophthalmology, ophthalmologist, ophthalmic, optometry,
ophthalmostat, optometrist, chatoyant, chatoyment, cynosure, orbit,
strabismus, rheum, ophthalmoscope, ophthalmoscopy, astigmatism,
optography, blear, blear-eyed, bleary, ophthalmometer, orbital, orbitary,
amaurosis, ocellated.

eyebrows, n. pl. supercilium. Associated Word: superciliary.

eye doctor. oculist.

eye-glasses, n. pl. pince-nez, monocle, lorgnette, spectacles,
goggles, blinkers.

eyelashes, n. pl. cilia. Associated Word: ciliary.

eyelid, n. palpebra; _pl._ palpebræ. Associated Words: palpebral,

eyesore, n. blemish, defect.

eyewater, a. collyrium.


Fable, n. apologue (moral fable); fiction, fabrication, myth,

fabler, n. fabulist.

fabulous, a. fictitious, feigned, unverified; exorbitant, inordinate,

face, n. countenance, visage, physiognomy, features; front, exterior;
obverse; facet; effrontery, confidence, assurance, audacity, impudence.
Associated Words: facial, domino, complexion, multifaced, rouge,
cosmetic, grimace, Janus-faced, lineament, profile, silhouette, maskoid,
smirk, physiognomist.

face, v. confront, meet; bully, bluff; veneer; plane, dress, smooth.

face ague. _tic douloureux_.

face guard. mask, beaver.

face to face. _vis-à-vis_, _tête-à-tête_.

facsimile, n. duplicate, copy, reproduction, likeness, counterpart.

fact, n. reality, actuality, truth.

faction, n. dissension, sedition, rebellion, insurgency, division.

factious, a. turbulent, seditious, rebellious, refractory,

factor, n. broker, middleman, consignee, commission merchant, agent;
constituent, element.

factory, n. manufactory, shop, plant, mill.


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