Quotes and Images From The Works of George Meredith
George Meredith

Part 2 out of 3

Irony in him is only eulogy standing on
its head

Irony that seemed to spring from

Irony instead of eloquence

Irony provoked his laughter more than

Irritability at the intrusion of past

Is he jealous? 'Only when I make him,
he is.'

Is not one month of brightness as much
as we can ask for?

Is it any waste of time to write of

It 's us hard ones that get on best in
the world

It was harder to be near and not close

It is not high flying, which usually
ends in heavy falling

It is no insignificant contest when
love has to crush self-love

It would be hard! ay, then we do it

It was as if she had been eyeing a
golden door shut fast

It is the best of signs when women take
to her

It was his ill luck to have strong
appetites and a weak stomach

It rarely astonishes our ears It
illumines our souls

It goes at the lifting of the
bridegroom's little finger

It was an honest buss, but dear at ten

It is well to learn manners without
having them imposed on us

It was in a time before our joyful era
of universal equality

It is the devil's masterstroke to get
us to accuse him

It was her prayer to heaven that she
might save a doctor's bill

It is better for us both, of course

It was now, as Sir Austin had written
it down, The Magnetic Age

It is no use trying to conceal anything
from him

It's a fool that hopes for peace

It's no use trying to be a gentleman if
you can't pay for it

Italians were like women, and wanted--a
real beating

Its glee at a catastrophe; its poor
stock of mercy

January was watering and freezing old
earth by turns

Judgeing of the destiny of man by the
fate of individuals

Just bad inquirin' too close among men

Keep passion sober, a trotter in

Kelts, as they are called, can't and
won't forgive injuries

Kindness is kindness, all over the

Knew my friend to be one of the most
absent-minded of men

Lack of precise words admonished him of
the virtue of silence

Land and beasts! They sound like
blessed things

Lawyers hold the keys of the great

Lay no petty traps for opportunity

Laying of ghosts is a public duty

Leader accustomed to count ahead upon
vapourish abstractions

Learn all about them afterwards, ay,
and make the best of them

Learn--principally not to be afraid of

Led him to impress his unchangeableness
upon her

Lend him your own generosity

Lengthened term of peace bred maggots
in the heads of the people

Lest thou commence to lie--be dumb!

Let but the throb be kept for others--
That is the one secret

Let never Necessity draw the bow of our

Let none of us be so exalted above the
wit of daily life

Levelling a finger at the taxpayer

Lies are usurers' coin we pay for ten
thousand per cent

Life is the burlesque of young dreams

Like a woman, who would and would not,
and wanted a master

Like an ill-reared fruit, first at the
core it rotteth

Limit was two bottles of port wine at a

Listened to one another, and blinded
the world

Literature is a good stick and a bad

Little boy named Tommy Wedger said he
saw a dead body go by

Littlenesses of which women are accused

Loathing of artifice to raise emotion

Loathing for speculation

Longing for love and dependence

Look within, and avoid lying

Look well behind

Look backward only to correct an error
of conduct in future

Looked as proud as if he had just
clapped down the full amount

Looking on him was listening

Loudness of the interrogation precluded
thought of an answer

Love, with his accustomed cunning

Love the poor devil

Love dies like natural decay

Love the children of Erin, when not
fretted by them

Love of men and women as a toy that I
have played with

Love of pleasure keeps us blind

Love and war have been compared--Both
require strategy

Love that shrieks at a mortal wound,
and bleeds humanly

Love discerns unerringly what is and
what is not duty

Love must needs be an egoism

Love is a contagious disease

Love the difficulty better than the

Love, that has risen above emotion,
quite independent of craving

Love's a selfish business one has work
in hand

Loves his poets, can almost understand
what poetry means

Loving in this land: they all go mad,
straight off

Lucky accidents are anticipated only by

Made of his creed a strait-jacket for

Madness that sane men enamoured can be
struck by

Magnificent in generosity; he had
little humaneness

Magnify an offence in the ratio of our

Make no effort to amuse him. He is
always occupied

Make a girl drink her tears, if they
ain't to be let fall

Making too much of it--a trick of the

Man with a material object in aim, is
the man of his object

Man who beats his wife my first
question is, 'Do he take his tea?'

Man owes a duty to his class

Man who helps me to read the world and
men as they are

Man without a penny in his pocket, and
a gizzard full of pride

Mankind is offended by heterodoxy in
mean attire

Mare would do, and better than a dozen

Mark of a fool to take everybody for a
bigger fool than himself

Marriage is an awful thing, where
there's no love

Married at forty, and I had to take her
shaped as she was

Married a wealthy manufacturer--
bartered her blood for his money

Martyrs of love or religion are madmen

Material good reverses its benefits the
more nearly we clasp it

Matter that is not nourishing to brains

Maxims of her own on the subject of
rising and getting the worm

May lull themselves with their

May not one love, not craving to be

Meant to vanquish her with the
dominating patience

Meditations upon the errors of the
general man, as a cover

Memory inspired by the sensations

Men overweeningly in love with their

Men do not play truant from home at
sixty years of age

Men they regard as their natural prey

Men bore the blame, though the women
were rightly punished

Men must fight: the law is only a
quieter field for them

Men in love are children with their

Men love to boast of things nobody else
has seen

Men who believe that there is a virtue
in imprecations

Men had not pleased him of late

Mental and moral neuters

Metaphysician's treatise on Nature: a
torch to see the sunrise

Mighty Highnesses who had only smelt
the outside edge of battle

Mika! you did it in cold blood?

Mindless, he says, and arrogant

Minutes taken up by the grey puffs from
their mouths

Mistake of the world is to think
happiness possible to the sense

Mistaking of her desires for her

Modest are the most easily intoxicated
when they sip at vanity

Money is of course a rough test of

Money's a chain-cable for holding men
to their senses

Moral indignation is ever consolatory

Morales, madame, suit ze sun

More argument I cannot bear

More culpable the sparer than the

Most youths are like Pope's women; they
have no character

Mrs. Fleming, of Queen Anne's Farm, was
the wife of a yeoman

Music was resumed to confuse the
hearing of the eavesdroppers

Music in Italy? Amorous and martial,
brainless and monotonous

Must be the moralist in the satirist if
satire is to strike

Mutual deference

My engagement to Mr. Pericles is that I
am not to write

My mistress! My glorious stolen fruit!
My dark angel of love

My plain story is of two Kentish

My first girl--she's brought disgrace
on this house

My belief is, you do it on purpose.
Can't be such rank idiots

My voice! I have my voice! Emilia had
cried it out to herself

Naked original ideas, are acceptable at
no time

Napoleon's treatment of women is
excellent example

Nation's half made-up of the idle and
the servants of the idle

Nations at war are wild beasts

Naturally as deceived as he wished to

Nature and Law never agreed

Nature is not of necessity always

Nature could at a push be eloquent to
defend the guilty

Nature's logic, Nature's voice, for

Naughtily Australian and kangarooly

Necessary for him to denounce somebody

Necessity's offspring

Needed support of facts, and feared

Never reckon on womankind for a wise

Never, never love a married woman

Never intended that we should play with
flesh and blood

Never forget that old Ireland is

Never forgave an injury without a
return blow for it

Never to despise the good opinion of
the nonentities

Never nurse an injury, great or small

Never was a word fitter for a quack's
mouth than "humanity"

Never fell far short of outstripping
the sturdy pedestrian Time

Never pretend to know a girl by her

Nevertheless, inclinations are an

Next door to the Last Trump

Night has little mercy for the

No nose to the hero, no moral to the

No runner can outstrip his fate

No companionship save with the wound
they nurse

No Act to compel a man to deny what
appears in the papers

No great harm done when you're silent

No heart to dare is no heart to love!

No stopping the Press while the people
have an appetite for it

No word is more lightly spoken than

No flattery for me at the expense of my

No man has a firm foothold who pretends
to it

No enemy's shot is equal to a weak
heart in the act

No man can hear the words which prove
him a prophet (quietly)

No conversation coming of it, her
curiosity was violent

No intoxication of hot blood to cheer
those who sat at home

No case is hopeless till a man consents
to think it is

No love can be without jealousy

No! Gentlemen don't fling stones; leave
that to the blackguards

None but fanatics, cowards,
white-eyeballed dogmatists

Nor can a protest against coarseness be
sweepingly interpreted

Not every chapter can be sunshine

Not afford to lose, and a disposition
free of the craving to win

Not men of brains, but the men of

Not the indignant and the frozen, but
the genially indifferent

Not daring risk of office by offending
the taxpayer

Not in love--She was only not unwilling
to be in love

Not a page of his books reveals
malevolence or a sneer

Not always the right thing to do the
right thing

Not to do things wholly is worse than
not to do things at all

Not to be feared more than are the
general race of bunglers

Not much esteem for non-professional

Not in a situation that could bear of
her blaming herself

Not so much read a print as read the
imprinting on themselves

Not to go hunting and fawning for

Not to bother your wits, but leave the
puzzle to the priest

Not to be the idol, to have an aim of
our own

Not the great creatures we assume
ourselves to be

Not likely to be far behind curates in
besieging an heiress

Nothing is a secret that has been

Nothing desirable will you have which
is not coveted

Nothing the body suffers that the soul
may not profit by

Notoriously been above the honours of

Nought credit but what outward orbs

Now far from him under the failure of
an effort to come near

Nursing of a military invalid awakens
tenderer anxieties

O for yesterday!

O self! self! self!

O heaven! of what avail is human

Obedience oils necessity

Obeseness is the most sensitive of our

Objects elevated even by a decayed
world have their magnetism

Observation is the most, enduring of
the pleasures of life

Occasional instalments--just to freshen
the account

Official wrath at sound of footfall or
a fancied one

Oggler's genial piety made him shrink
with nausea

Oh! beastly bathos

Oh! I can't bear that class of people

Old houses are doomed to burnings

Old age is a prison wall between us and
young people

Omnipotence, which is in the image of

On a morning when day and night were
made one by fog

On the threshold of Puberty, there is
one Unselfish Hour

On which does the eye linger longest--
which draws the heart?

On a wild April morning

Once my love? said he. Not now?--does
it mean, not now?

Once out of the rutted line, you are
food for lion and jackal

Once called her beautiful; his praise
had given her beauty

One wants a little animation in a

One who studies is not being a fool

One is a fish to her hook; another a
moth to her light

One might build up a respectable figure
in negatives

One in a temper at a time I'm sure 's

One night, and her character's gone

One learns to have compassion for
fools, by studying them

One has to feel strong in a delicate

One of those men whose characters are
read off at a glance

One seed of a piece of folly will lurk
and sprout to confound us

One idea is a bullet

One fool makes many, and so, no doubt,
does one goose

Only to be described in the tongue of

Only true race, properly so called, out
of India--German

Opened a wider view of the world to
him, and a colder

Openly treated; all had an air of being
on the surface

Optional marriages, broken or renewed
every seven years

Or where you will, so that's in Ireland

Oratory will not work against the
stream, or on languid tides

Orderliness, from which men are
privately exempt

Our most diligent pupil learns not so
much as an earnest teacher

Our weakness is the swiftest dog to
hunt us

Our partner is our master

Our comedies are frequently youth's

Our life is but a little holding, lent
To do a mighty labour

Our bravest, our best, have an impulse
to run

Our lawyers have us inside out, like
our physicians

Our love and labour are constantly on

Owner of such a woman, and to lose her!

Pact between cowardice and comfort
under the title of expediency

Pain is a cloak that wraps you about

Paint themselves pure white, to the
obliteration of minor spots

Parliament, is the best of occupations
for idle men

Partake of a morning draught

Passion, he says, is noble strength on

Passion is not invariably love

Passion added to a bowl of reason makes
a sophist's mess

Passion does not inspire dark appetite--
Dainty innocence does

Past, future, and present, the three
weights upon humanity

Past fairness, vaguely like a snow
landscape in the thaw

Patience is the pestilence

Patronizing woman

Paying compliments and spoiling a game!

Payment is no more so than to restore
money held in trust

Peace-party which opposed was the
actual cause of the war

Peace, I do pray, for the
husband-haunted wife

Pebble may roll where it likes--not so
the costly jewel

Peculiar subdued form of laughter
through the nose

People of a provocative prosperity

People were virtuous in past days: they
counted their sinners

People with whom a mute conformity is
as good as worship

People who can lose themselves in a ray
of fancy at any season

People is one of your Radical big words
that burst at a query

Perhaps inspire him, if he would let
her breathe

Period of his life a man becomes too
voraciously constant

Persist, if thou wouldst truly reach
thine ends

Person in another world beyond this
world of blood

Perused it, and did not recognize
herself in her language

Pessimy is invulnerable

Petty concessions are signs of weakness
to the unsatisfied

Philip was a Spartan for keeping his
feelings under

Philosophy skimmed, and realistic
romances deep-sounded

Pitiful conceit in men

Planting the past in the present like a
perceptible ghost

Play the great game of blunders

Play second fiddle without looking

Pleasant companion, who did not play
the woman obtrusively among men

Please to be pathetic on that subject
after I am wrinkled

Pleasure-giving laws that make the
curves we recognize as beauty

Pleasure sat like an inextinguishable
light on her face

Poetic romance is delusion

Policy seems to petrify their minds

Polished barbarism

Politics as well as the other diseases

Poor mortals are not in the habit of
climbing Olympus to ask

Portrait of himself by the artist

Practical or not, the good people
affectingly wish to be

Practical for having an addiction to
the palpable

Prayer for an object is the cajolery of
an idol

Press, which had kindled, proceeded to

Presumptuous belief

Pride in being always myself

Pride is the God of Pagans

Primitive appetite for noise

Principle of examining your hypothesis
before you proceed to decide by it

Procrastination and excessive

Professional widows

Professional Puritans

Profound belief in her partiality for

Propitiate common sense on behalf of
what seems tolerably absurd

Protestant clergy the social police of
the English middle-class

Providence and her parents were not

Published Memoirs indicate the end of a
man's activity

Puns are the smallpox of the language

Push me to condense my thoughts to a
tight ball

Push indolent unreason to gain the
delusion of happiness

Put material aid at a lower mark than

Put into her woman's harness of the bit
and the blinkers

Puzzle to connect the foregoing and the

Question the gain of such an
expenditure of energy

Question with some whether idiots
should live

Quick to understand, she is in the
quick of understanding

Quixottry is agreeable reading, a silly

Rage of a conceited schemer tricked

Rapture of obliviousness

Rare as epic song is the man who is
thorough in what he does

Rare men of honour who can command
their passion

Rarely exacted obedience, and she was
spontaneously obeyed

Read deep and not be baffled by

Read with his eyes when you meet him
this morning

Read one another perfectly in their
mutual hypocrisies

Ready is the ardent mind to take
footing on the last thing done

Real happiness is a state of dulness

Rebellion against society and advocacy
of humanity run counter

Rebukes which give immeasurable

Recalling her to the subject-matter
with all the patience

Reflection upon a statement is its
lightning in advance

Refuge in the Castle of Negation
against the whole army of facts

Regularity of the grin of dentistry

Rejoicing they have in their common

Religion condones offences: Philosophy
has no forgiveness

Religion is the one refuge from women

Reluctant to take the life of flowers
for a whim

Remarked that the young men must fight
it out together

Repeatedly, in contempt of the disgust
of iteration

Reproof of such supererogatory counsel

Requiring natural services from her in
the button department

Respect one another's affectations

Respected the vegetable yet more than
he esteemed the flower

Revived for them so much of themselves

Rewards, together with the
expectations, of the virtuous

Rhoda will love you. She is firm when
she loves

Rich and poor 's all right, if I'm rich
and you're poor

Ripe with oft telling and old is the

Rogue on the tremble of detection

Rose was much behind her age

Rose! what have I done? 'Nothing at
all,' she said

Rumour for the nonce had a stronger
spice of truth than usual

Said she was what she would have given
her hand not to be

Salt of earth, to whom their salt must
serve for nourishment

Satirist too devotedly loves his lash
to be a persuasive teacher

Satirist is an executioner by

Says you're so clever you ought to be a

Scorn titles which did not distinguish
practical offices

Scorned him for listening to the
hesitations (hers)

Scotchman's metaphysics; you know
nothing clear

Screams of an uninjured lady

Second fiddle; he could only mean what
she meant

Secret of the art was his meaning what
he said

Secrets throw on the outsiders the onus
of raising a scandal

Seed-Time passed thus smoothly, and
adolescence came on

Self-consoled when they are not

Self, was digging pits for comfort to
flow in


Self-worship, which is often

Self-deceiver may be a persuasive
deceiver of another

Selfishness and icy inaccessibility to

Semblance of a tombstone lady beside
her lord

Sense, even if they can't understand
it, flatters them so

Sensitiveness to the sting, which is
not allowed to poison

Sentimentality puts up infant hands for

Serene presumption

Service of watering the dry and drying
the damp (Whiskey)

Seventy, when most men are reaping and
stacking their sins

Sham spiritualism

Share of foulness to them that are for
scouring the chamber

She marries, and it's the end of her

She seems honest, and that is the most
we can hope of girls

She had sunk her intelligence in her

She had a fatal attraction for antiques

She had great awe of the word

She ran through delusion and delusion,
exhausting each

She, not disinclined to dilute her

She was unworthy to be the wife of a

She did not detest the Countess because
she could not like her

She endured meekly, when there was no

She was perhaps a little the taller of
the two

She thought that friendship was sweeter
than love

She herself did not like to be seen
eating in public

She had a thirsting mind

She was sick of personal freedom

She believed friendship practicable
between men and women

She had to be the hypocrite or else--

She was at liberty to weep if she

She felt in him a maker of facts

She was not his match--To speak would
be to succumb

She disdained to question the mouth
which had bitten her

She had no longer anything to resent:
she was obliged to weep

She stood with a dignity that the word
did not express

She dealt in the flashes which connect

She began to feel that this was life in

She might turn out good, if well
guarded for a time

She sought, by looking hard, to
understand it better

She was thrust away because because he
had offended

She seemed really a soaring bird
brought down by the fowler

She can make puddens and pies

She was not, happily, one of the women
who betray strong feeling

Should we leave a good deed half done

Showery, replied the admiral, as his
cocked-hat was knocked off

Shun comparisons

Shuns the statuesque pathetic, or any
kind of posturing

Sign that the evil had reached from
pricks to pokes

Silence and such signs are like
revelations in black night

Silence was their only protection to
the Nice Feelings

Silence is commonly the slow poison
used by those who mean to murder love

Silence was doing the work of a scourge

Simple obstinacy of will sustained her

Simple affection must bear the strain
of friendship if it can

Simplicity is the keenest weapon

Sincere as far as she knew: as far as
one who loves may be

Sinners are not to repent only in words

Slap and pinch and starve our appetites

Slave of existing conventions

Slaves of the priests

Sleepless night

Slightest taste for comic analysis that
does not tumble to farce

Small beginnings, which are in reality
the mighty barriers

Small things producing great

Smallest of our gratifications in life
could give a happy tone

Smart remarks have their measured

Smile she had in reserve for
serviceable persons

Smoky receptacle cherishing millions

Smothered in its pudding-bed of the
grotesque (obesity)

Snatch her from a possessor who
forfeited by undervaluing her

Snuffle of hypocrisy in her prayer

So the frog telleth tadpoles

So it is when you play at Life! When
you will not go straight

So long as we do not know that we are
performing any remarkable feat

So says the minute Years are before

So indulgent when they drop their blot
on a lady's character

So much for morality in those days!

So are great deeds judged when the
danger's past (as easy)

Socially and politically mean one thing
in the end

Soft slumber of a strength never yet
called forth

Solitude is pasturage for a suspicion

Some so-called laws of honour

Something of the hare in us when the
hounds are full cry

Sort of religion with her to believe no
wrong of you

South-western Island has few
attractions to other than invalids

Spare me that word "female" as long as
you live

Speech that has to be hauled from the
depths usually betrays

Speech is poor where emotion is extreme

Speech was a scourge to her sense of

Spiritualism, and on the balm that it

Stand not in my way, nor follow me too

Startled by the criticism in laughter

State of feverish patriotism

Statesman who stooped to conquer fact
through fiction

Statistics are according to their

Steady shakes them

Story that she believed indeed, but had
not quite sensibly felt

Strain to see in the utter dark, and
nothing can come of that

Straining for common talk, and showing
the strain

Strength in love is the sole sincerity

Strengthening the backbone for a bend
of the knee in calamity

Stultification of one's feelings and

Style is the mantle of greatness

Style resembling either early
architecture or utter dilapidation

Subterranean recess for Nature against
the Institutions of Man

Such a man was banned by the world,
which was to be despised?

Suggestion of possible danger might
more dangerous than silence

Sunning itself in the glass of Envy

Suspects all young men and most young

Suspicion was her best witness

Sweet treasure before which lies a
dragon sleeping

Sweetest on earth to her was to be
prized by her brother

Swell and illuminate citizen prose to a
princely poetic

Sympathy is for proving, not prating

Taint of the hypocrisy which comes with

Take 'em somethin' like Providence--as
they come

Taking oath, as it were, by their lower

Tale, which leaves the man's mind at

Task of reclaiming a bad man is
extremely seductive to good women

Taste a wound from the lightest touch,
and they nurse the venom

Tears of such a man have more of blood
than of water in them

Tears are the way of women and their

Tears that dried as soon as they had
served their end

Tears of men sink plummet-deep

Telling her anything, she makes half a
face in anticipation

Tendency to polysyllabic phraseology

Tenderness which Mrs. Mel permitted
rather than encouraged

Tension of the old links keeping us

Terrible decree, that all must act who
would prevail

That which fine cookery does for the
cementing of couples

That beautiful trust which habit gives

That a mask is a concealment

That fiery dragon, a beautiful woman
with brains

That sort of progenitor is your
"permanent aristocracy"

That plain confession of a lack of wit;
he offered combat

That is life--when we dare death to

That pit of one of their dead silences

That's the natural shamrock, after the

The exhaustion ensuing we named

The most dangerous word of all--ja

The impalpable which has prevailing

The world is wise in its way

The danger of a little knowledge of
things is disputable

The infant candidate delights in his

The rider's too heavy for the horse in

The Pilgrim's Scrip remarks that: Young
men take joy in nothing

The tragedy of the mirror is one for a
woman to write

The worst of it is, that we remember

The old confession, that we cannot
cook(The English)

The sentimentalists are represented by
them among the civilized

The born preacher we feel instinctively
to be our foe

The face of a stopped watch

The banquet to be fervently remembered,
should smoke

The woman follows the man, and music
fits to verse,

The circle which the ladies of
Brookfield were designing

The majority, however, had been
snatched out of this bliss

The effects of the infinitely little

The way is clear: we have only to take
the step

The devil trusts nobody

The divine afflatus of enthusiasm
buoyed her no longer

The weighty and the trivial contended

The backstairs of history (Memoirs)

The defensive is perilous policy in war

The family view is everlastingly the

The unhappy, who do not wish to live,
and cannot die

The homage we pay him flatters us

The worst of omens is delay

The people always wait for the winner

The healthy only are fit to live

The defensive is perilous policy in war

The past is our mortal mother, no dead

The wretch who fears death dies

The proper defence for a nation is its

The thought stood in her eyes

The love that survives has strangled

The grey furniture of Time for his
natural wear

The world without him would be heavy

The despot is alert at every issue, to
every chance

The spending, never harvesting, world

The shots hit us behind you

The terrible aggregate social woman

The next ten minutes will decide our

The woman side of him

The good life gone lives on in the mind

The beat of a heart with a dread like a
shot in it

The girl could not know her own mind,
for she suited him exactly

The critic that sneers

The blindness of Fortune is her one

The religion of this vast English

The slavery of the love of a woman

The idea of love upon the lips of
ordinary men, provoked Dahlia's irony

The brainless in Art and in Statecraft

The well of true wit is truth itself

The debts we owe ourselves are the
hardest to pay

The greed of gain is our volcano

The burlesque Irishman can't be

The man had to be endured, like other
doses in politics

The greater wounds do not immediately
convince us of our fate

The system is cursed by nature, and
that means by heaven

The turn will come to us as to others--
and go

The woman seeking for an anomaly wants
a master

The language of party is eloquent

The philosopher (I would keep him back
if I could)

The gallant cornet adored delicacy and
a gilded refinement

The sentimentalist goes on accumulating

The dismally-lighted city wore a look
of Judgement terrible to see

The kindest of men can be cruel

The night went past as a year

The social world he looked at did not
show him heroes

The overwise themselves hoodwink

The king without his crown hath a
forehead like the clown

The curse of sorrow is comparison!

The race is for domestic peace, my boy

The divinely damnable naked truth won't
wear ornaments

The idol of the hour is the mob's
wooden puppet

The embraced respected woman

The habit of the defensive paralyzes

The intricate, which she takes for the

The mildness of assured dictatorship

The alternative is, a garter and the

The ass eats at my table, and treats me
with contempt

The Countess dieted the vanity
according to the nationality

The letter had a smack of crabbed age
hardly counterfeit

The commonest things are the worst done

The thrust sinned in its shrewdness

The power to give and take flattery to
any amount

Their sneer withers

Their not caring to think at all

Their idol pitched before them on the

Their hearts are eaten up by property

Their way was down a green lane and
across long meadow-paths

Then for us the struggle, for him the

Then, if you will not tell me

There is little to be learnt when a
little is known

There is no history of events below the

There is no first claim

There is no step backward in life

There is more in men and women than the
stuff they utter

There is no driver like stomach

There were joy-bells for Robert and
Rhoda, but none for Dahlia

There is for the mind but one grasp of

There may be women who think as well as
feel; I don't know them

There are women who go through life not
knowing love

There's nothing like a metaphor for an

There's not an act of a man's life lies
dead behind him

There's ne'er a worse off but there's a
better off

They have no sensitiveness, we have too

They may know how to make themselves
happy in their climate

They dare not. The more I dare, the
less dare they

They have not to speak to exhibit their

They had all noticed, seen, and

They seem to me to be educated to
conceal their education

They miss their pleasure in pursuing it

They could have pardoned her a younger

They take fever for strength, and
calmness for submission

They are little ironical laughter--

They have their thinking done for them

They laugh, but they laugh

They kissed coldly, pressed a hand,
said good night

They create by stoppage a volcano

They want you to show them what they 'd
like the world to be

They, meantime, who had a contempt for

They believe that the angels have been
busy about them

They helped her to feel at home with

They do not live; they are engines

They're always having to retire and
always hissing

Things are not equal

Things were lumpish and gloomy that day
of the week

Thirst for the haranguing of crowds

This was a totally different case from
the antecedent ones

This mania of young people for
pleasure, eternal pleasure

This love they rattle about and rave

This girl was pliable only to service,
not to grief

This female talk of the eternities

Those happy men who enjoy perceptions
without opinions

Those who know little and dread much

Those days of intellectual coxcombry

Those numerous women who always know
themselves to be right

Those whose humour consists of a
readiness to laugh

Those who have the careless chatter,
the ready laugh

Those who are rescued and made happy by

Thought of differences with him caused
frightful apprehensions

Threatened powerful drugs for weak

Threats of prayer, however, that harp
upon their sincerity

Thus does Love avenge himself on the
unsatisfactory Past

Thus are we stricken by the days of our

Tight grasps of the hand, in which
there was warmth and shyness

Tighter than ever I was tight I'll be

Time and strength run to waste in
retarding the inevitable

Time is due to us, and the minutes are
our gold slipping away

Time, whose trick is to turn corners of
unanticipated sharpness

Times when an example is needed by
brave men

Tis the fashion to have our tattle done
by machinery

Tis the first step that makes a path

Titles showered on the women who take
free breath of air

To be a really popular hero anywhere in
Britain (must be a drinker)

To hope, and not be impatient, is
really to believe

To males, all ideas are female until
they are made facts

To be both generally blamed, and
generally liked

To let people speak was a maxim of Mrs.
Mel's, and a wise one

To kill the deer and be sorry for the
suffering wretch is common

To be passive in calamity is the
province of no woman

To the rest of the world he was a
progressive comedy

To know how to take a licking, that
wins in the end

To have no sympathy with the playful
mind is not to have a mind

To time and a wife it is no disgrace
for a man to bend

To know that you are in England,
breathing the same air with me

To be her master, however, one must not
begin by writhing as her slave

To do nothing, is the wisdom of those
who have seen fools perish

To most men women are knaves or ninnies

To beg the vote and wink the bribe

Tongue flew, thought followed

Too well used to defeat to believe
readily in victory

Too prompt, too full of personal relish
of his point

Too many time-servers rot the State

Too weak to resist, to submit to an
outrage quietly

Too often hangs the house on one loose

Took care to be late, so that all eyes
beheld her

Tooth that received a stone when it
expected candy

Top and bottom sin is cowardice

Tossed him from repulsion to
incredulity, and so back

Touch him with my hand, before he
passed from our sight

Touch sin and you accommodate yourself
to its vileness

Touching a nerve

Toyed with little flowers of palest

Tradesman, and he never was known to
have sent in a bill

Trial of her beauty of a woman in a

Trick for killing time without hurting

Tried to be honest, and was as much so
as his disease permitted

Troublesome appendages of success

True love excludes no natural duty

True enjoyment of the princely

Trust no man Still, this man may be
better than that man

Truth is, they have taken a stain from


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