Science and Health With Key to the Scriptures
Mary Baker Eddy

Part 12 out of 14

540:24 a lie.

_Genesis_ iv. 3, 4. Cain brought of the fruit of the ground
an offering unto the Lord [Jehovah]. And Abel, he also
540:27 brought of the firstlings of his flock, and of the fat thereof.

Spiritual and material

Cain is the type of mortal and material man, conceived
in sin and "shapen in iniquity;" he is not the
540:30 type of Truth and Love. Material in origin
and sense, he brings a material offering to God. Abel
541:1 takes his offering from the firstlings of the flock. A lamb
is a more animate form of existence, and more nearly re-
541:3 sembles a mind-offering than does Cain's fruit. Jealous
of his brother's gift, Cain seeks Abel's life, instead of mak-
ing his own gift a higher tribute to the Most High.

541:6 _Genesis_ iv. 4, 5. And the Lord [Jehovah] had respect
unto Abel, and to his offering: but unto Cain, and to his
offering, He had not respect.

541:9 Had God more respect for the homage bestowed through
a gentle animal than for the worship expressed by Cain's
fruit? No; but the lamb was a more spiritual type of
541:12 even the human concept of Love than the herbs of the
ground could be.

_Genesis_ iv. 8. Cain rose up against Abel his brother, and
541:15 slew him.

The erroneous belief that life, substance, and intelli-
gence can be material ruptures the life and brotherhood
541:18 of man at the very outset.

_Genesis_ iv. 9. And the Lord [Jehovah] said unto Cain,
Where is Abel thy brother? And he said, I know not: Am
541:21 I my brother's keeper?

Brotherhood repudiated

Here the serpentine lie invents new forms. At first it
usurps divine power. It is supposed to say
541:24 in the first instance, "Ye shall be as gods."
Now it repudiates even the human duty of man towards
his brother.

541:27 _Genesis_ iv. 10, 11. And He [Jehovah] said, . . . The
voice of thy brother's blood crieth unto Me from the ground.
And now art thou cursed from the earth.

Murder brings its curse

542:1 The belief of life in matter sins at every step. It in-
curs divine displeasure, and it would kill Jesus that it
542:3 might be rid of troublesome Truth. Material
beliefs would slay the spiritual idea when-
ever and wherever it appears. Though error hides
542:6 behind a lie and excuses guilt, error cannot forever be
concealed. Truth, through her eternal laws, unveils
error. Truth causes sin to betray itself, and sets upon
542:9 error the mark of the beast. Even the disposition to
excuse guilt or to conceal it is punished. The avoidance
of justice and the denial of truth tend to perpetuate sin,
542:12 invoke crime, jeopardize self-control, and mock divine

_Genesis_ iv. 15. And the Lord [Jehovah] said unto him
542:15 Therefore whosoever slayeth Cain, vengeance shall be taken
on him sevenfold. And the Lord [Jehovah] set a mark
upon Cain, lest any finding him should kill him.

Retribution and remorse

542:18 "They that take the sword shall perish with the
sword." Let Truth uncover and destroy error in God's
own way, and let human justice pattern the
542:21 divine. Sin will receive its full penalty, both
for what it is and for what it does. Justice marks
the sinner, and teaches mortals not to remove the
542:24 waymarks of God. To envy's own hell, justice con-
signs the lie which, to advance itself, breaks God's

542:27 _Genesis_ iv. 16. And Cain went out from the presence of
the Lord [Jehovah], and dwelt in the land of Nod.

Climax of suffering

The sinful misconception of Life as something less
543:1 than God, having no truth to support it, falls back upon
itself. This error, after reaching the climax of suffering,
543:3 yields to Truth and returns to dust; but it
is only mortal man and not the real man,
who dies. The image of Spirit cannot be effaced, since it
543:6 is the idea of Truth and changes not, but becomes more
beautifully apparent at error's demise.

Dwelling in dreamland

In divine Science, the material man is shut out from
543:9 the presence of God. The five corporeal senses cannot
take cognizance of Spirit. They cannot come
into His presence, and must dwell in dream-
543:12 land, until mortals arrive at the understanding that ma-
terial life, with all its sin, sickness, and death, is an illu-
sion, against which divine Science is engaged in a warfare
543:15 of extermination. The great verities of existence are
never excluded by falsity.

Man springs from Mind

All error proceeds from the evidence before the mate-
543:18 rial senses. If man is material and originates in an
egg, who shall say that he is not primarily
dust? May not Darwin be right in think-
543:21 ing that apehood preceded mortal manhood? Minerals
and vegetables are found, according to divine Science,
to be the creations of erroneous thought, not of matter.
543:24 Did man, whom God created with a word, originate
in an egg? When Spirit made all, did it leave aught
for matter to create? Ideas of Truth alone are reflected
543:27 in the myriad manifestations of Life, and thus it is
seen that man springs solely from Mind. The belief
that matter supports life would make Life, or God,
543:30 mortal.

Material inception

The text, "In the day that the Lord God [Jehovah
God] made the earth and the heavens," introduces the
544:1 record of a material creation which followed the spiritual,
- a creation so wholly apart from God's, that Spirit
544:3 had no participation in it. In God's creation
ideas became productive, obedient to Mind.
There was no rain and "not a man to till the ground."
544:6 Mind, instead of matter, being the producer, Life was
self-sustained. Birth, decay, and death arise from the
material sense of things, not from the spiritual, for in
544:9 the latter Life consisteth not of the things which a man
eateth. Matter cannot change the eternal fact that
man exists because God exists. Nothing is new to the
544:12 infinite Mind.

First evil suggestion

In Science, Mind neither produces matter nor does
matter produce mind. No mortal mind has the might
544:15 or right or wisdom to create or to destroy.
All is under the control of the one Mind,
even God. The first statement about evil, - the first
544:18 suggestion of more than the one Mind, - is in the fable
of the serpent. The facts of creation, as previously re-
corded, include nothing of the kind.

Material personality

544:21 The serpent is supposed to say, "Ye shall be as gods,"
but these gods must be evolved from materiality and be
the very antipodes of immortal and spiritual
544:24 being. Man is the likeness of Spirit, but a
material personality is not this likeness. Therefore man,
in this allegory, is neither a lesser god nor the image and
544:27 likeness of the one God.

Material, erroneous belief reverses understanding and
truth. It declares mind to be in and of matter, so-called
544:30 mortal life to be Life, infinity to enter man's nostrils
so that matter becomes spiritual. Error begins with
corporeality as the producer instead of divine Prin-
545:1 ciple, and explains Deity through mortal and finite con-

545:3 "Behold, the man is become as one of us." This could
not be the utterance of Truth or Science, for according
to the record, material man was fast degenerating and
545:6 never had been divinely conceived.

Mental tillage

The condemnation of mortals to till the ground means
this, - that mortals should so improve material belief
545:9 by thought tending spiritually upward as to
destroy materiality. Man, created by God,
was given dominion over the whole earth. The notion
545:12 of a material universe is utterly opposed to the theory
of man as evolved from Mind. Such fundamental errors
send falsity into all human doctrines and conclusions,
545:15 and do not accord infinity to Deity. Error tills the
whole ground in this material theory, which is entirely a
false view, destructive to existence and happiness. Out-
545:18 side of Christian Science all is vague and hypothetical, the
opposite of Truth; yet this opposite, in its false view of
God and man, impudently demands a blessing.

Erroneous standpoint

545:21 The translators of this record of scientific creation
entertained a false sense of being. They believed in
the existence of matter, its propagation and
545:24 power. From that standpoint of error, they
could not apprehend the nature and operation of Spirit.
Hence the seeming contradiction in that Scripture, which
545:27 is so glorious in its spiritual signification. Truth has
but one reply to all error, - to sin, sickness, and death:
"Dust [nothingness] thou art, and unto dust [nothingness]
545:30 shalt thou return."

Mortality mythical

"As in Adam [error] all die, even so in Christ [Truth]
shall all be made alive." The mortality of man is a
546:1 myth, for man is immortal. The false belief that spirit is
now submerged in matter, at some future time to be eman-
546:3 cipated from it, - this belief alone is mortal.
Spirit, God, never germinates, but is "the same
yesterday, and to-day, and forever." If Mind, God, cre-
546:6 ates error, that error must exist in the divine Mind, and
this assumption of error would dethrone the perfection
of Deity.

No truth from a material basis

546:9 Is Christian Science contradictory? Is the divine
Principle of creation misstated? Has God no Science to
declare Mind, while matter is governed by un-
546:12 erring intelligence? "There went up a mist
from the earth." This represents error as
starting from an idea of good on a material basis. It
546:15 supposes God and man to be manifested only through
the corporeal senses, although the material senses can
take no cognizance of Spirit or the spiritual idea.
546:18 Genesis and the Apocalypse seem more obscure than
other portions of the Scripture, because they cannot
possibly be interpreted from a material standpoint. To
546:21 the author, they are transparent, for they contain the deep
divinity of the Bible.

Dawning of spiritual facts

Christian Science is dawning upon a material age.
546:24 The great spiritual facts of being, like rays of light, shine
in the darkness, though the darkness, com-
prehending them not, may deny their reality.
546:27 The proof that the system stated in this book is Chris-
tianly scientific resides in the good this system accom-
plishes, for it cures on a divine demonstrable Principle
546:30 which all may understand.

Proof given in healing

If mathematics should present a thousand different
examples of one rule, the proving of one example would
547:1 authenticate all the others. A simple statement of Chris-
tian Science, if demonstrated by healing, contains the
547:3 proof of all here said of Christian Science. If
one of the statements in this book is true, every
one must be true, for not one departs from the stated sys-
547:6 tem and rule. You can prove for yourself, dear reader,
the Science of healing, and so ascertain if the author has
given you the correct interpretation of Scripture.

Embryonic evolution

547:9 The late Louis Agassiz, by his microscopic examination
of a vulture's ovum, strengthens the thinker's conclusions
as to the scientific theory of creation. Agassiz
547:12 was able to see in the egg the earth's atmos-
phere, the gathering clouds, the moon and stars, while the
germinating speck of so-called embryonic life seemed a
547:15 small sun. In its history of mortality, Darwin's theory
of evolution from a material basis is more consistent than
most theories. Briefly, this is Darwin's theory, - that
547:18 Mind produces its opposite, matter, and endues matter
with power to recreate the universe, including man. Ma-
terial evolution implies that the great First Cause must
547:21 become material, and afterwards must either return to
Mind or go down into dust and nothingness.

True theory of the universe

The Scriptures are very sacred. Our aim must be to
547:24 have them understood spiritually, for only by this under-
standing can truth be gained. The true the-
ory of the universe, including man, is not in
547:27 material history but in spiritual development.
Inspired thought relinquishes a material, sensual, and
mortal theory of the universe, and adopts the spiritual and
547:30 immortal.

Scriptural perception

It is this spiritual perception of Scripture, which lifts
humanity out of disease and death and inspires faith.
548:1 "The Spirit and the bride say, Come! . . . and whoso-
ever will, let him take the water of life freely." Christian
548:3 Science separates error from truth, and breathes
through the sacred pages the spiritual sense of
life, substance, and intelligence. In this Science, we dis-
548:6 cover man in the image and likeness of God. We see that
man has never lost his spiritual estate and his eternal

The clouds dissolving

548:9 How little light or heat reach our earth when clouds
cover the sun's face! So Christian Science can be seen
only as the clouds of corporeal sense roll away.
548:12 Earth has little light or joy for mortals before
Life is spiritually learned. Every agony of mortal error
helps error to destroy error, and so aids the apprehension
548:15 of immortal Truth. This is the new birth going on
hourly, by which men may entertain angels, the true
ideas of God, the spiritual sense of being.

Prediction of a naturalist

548:18 Speaking of the origin of mortals, a famous naturalist
says: "It is very possible that many general statements
now current, about birth and generation, will
548:21 be changed with the progress of information."
Had the naturalist, through his tireless researches, gained
the diviner side in Christian Science, - so far apart from
548:24 his material sense of animal growth and organization, -
he would have blessed the human race more abundantly.

Methods of reproduction

Natural history is richly endowed by the labors and
548:27 genius of great men. Modern discoveries have brought
to light important facts in regard to so-called
embryonic life. Agassiz declares ("Methods
548:30 of Study in Natural History,") "Certain ani-
mals, besides the ordinary process of generation, also
increase their numbers naturally and constantly by self-
549:1 division." This discovery is corroborative of the Science
of Mind, for this discovery shows that the multiplication
549:3 of certain animals takes place apart from sexual condi-
tions. The supposition that life germinates in eggs and
must decay after it has grown to maturity, if not before,
549:6 is shown by divine metaphysics to be a mistake, - a
blunder which will finally give place to higher theories
and demonstrations.

The three processes

549:9 Creatures of lower forms of organism are supposed
to have, as classes, three different methods of reproduc-
tion and to multiply their species sometimes
549:12 through eggs, sometimes through buds, and
sometimes through self-division. According to recent
lore, successive generations do not begin with the _birth_ of
549:15 new individuals, or personalities, but with the formation
of the nucleus, or egg, from which one or more individu-
alities subsequently emerge; and we must therefore look
549:18 upon the simple ovum as the germ, the starting-point, of
the most complicated corporeal structures, including those
which we call human. Here these material researches
549:21 culminate in such vague hypotheses as must necessarily
attend false systems, which rely upon physics and are de-
void of metaphysics.

Deference to material law

549:24 In one instance a celebrated naturalist, Agassiz, dis-
covers the pathway leading to divine Science, and beards
the lion of materialism in its den. At that
549:27 point, however, even this great observer mis-
takes nature, forsakes Spirit as the divine origin of
creative Truth, and allows matter and material law to
549:30 usurp the prerogatives of omnipotence. He absolutely
drops from his summit, coming down to a belief in the
material origin of man, for he virtually affirms that
550:1 the germ of humanity is in a circumscribed and non-
intelligent egg.

Deep-reaching interrogations

550:3 If this be so, whence cometh Life, or Mind, to the
human race? Matter surely does not possess Mind.
God is the Life, or intelligence, which forms
550:6 and preserves the individuality and identity
of animals as well as of men. God cannot
become finite, and be limited within material bounds.
550:9 Spirit cannot become matter, nor can Spirit be developed
through its opposite. Of what avail is it to investigate
what is miscalled material life, which ends, even as it be-
550:12 gins, in nameless nothingness? The true sense of being
and its eternal perfection should appear now, even as it
will hereafter.

Stages of existence

550:15 Error of thought is reflected in error of action. The
continual contemplation of existence as material and cor-
poreal - as beginning and ending, and with
550:18 birth, decay, and dissolution as its component
stages - hides the true and spiritual Life, and causes
our standard to trail in the dust. If Life has any starting-
550:21 point whatsoever, then the great I AM is a myth. If Life
is God, as the Scriptures imply, then Life is not embry-
onic, it is infinite. An egg is an impossible enclosure for
550:24 Deity.

Embryology supplies no instance of one species pro-
ducing its opposite. A serpent never begets a bird, nor
550:27 does a lion bring forth a lamb. Amalgamation is deemed
monstrous and is seldom fruitful, but it is not so hideous
and absurd as the supposition that Spirit - the pure and
550:30 holy, the immutable and immortal - can originate the
impure and mortal and dwell in it. As Christian Science
repudiates self-evident impossibilities, the material senses
551:1 must father these absurdities, for both the material senses
and their reports are unnatural, impossible, and unreal.

The real producer

551:3 Either Mind produces, or it is produced. If Mind is
first, it cannot produce its opposite in quality and quantity,
called matter. If matter is first, it cannot pro-
551:6 duce Mind. Like produces like. In natural
history, the bird is not the product of a beast. In spiritual
history, matter is not the progenitor of Mind.

The ascent of species

551:9 One distinguished naturalist argues that mortals spring
from eggs and in races. Mr. Darwin admits this, but he
adds that mankind has ascended through all
551:12 the lower grades of existence. Evolution de-
scribes the gradations of human belief, but it does not
acknowledge the method of divine Mind, nor see that ma-
551:15 terial methods are impossible in divine Science and that
all Science is of God, not of man.

Transmitted peculiarities

Naturalists ask: "What can there be, of a material
551:18 nature, transmitted through these bodies called eggs, -
themselves composed of the simplest material
elements, - by which all peculiarities of an-
551:21 cestry, belonging to either sex, are brought down from
generation to generation?" The question of the natu-
ralist amounts to this: How can matter originate or trans-
551:24 mit mind? We answer that it cannot. Darkness and
doubt encompass thought, so long as it bases creation on
materiality. From a material standpoint, "Canst thou
551:27 by searching find out God?" All must be Mind, or
else all must be matter. Neither can produce the other.
Mind is immortal; but error declares that the material
551:30 seed must decay in order to propagate its species, and
the resulting germ is doomed to the same routine.

Causation not in matter

The ancient and hypothetical question, Which is first,
552:1 the egg or the bird? is answered, if the egg produces the
parent. But we cannot stop here. Another question
552:3 follows: Who or what produces the parent of
the egg? That the earth was hatched from the
"egg of night" was once an accepted theory. Heathen
552:6 philosophy, modern geology, and all other material hy-
potheses deal with causation as contingent on matter
and as necessarily apparent to the corporeal senses, even
552:9 where the proof requisite to sustain this assumption is un-
discovered. Mortal theories make friends of sin, sickness,
and death; whereas the spiritual scientific facts of exist-
552:12 ence include no member of this dolorous and fatal triad.

Emergence of mortals

Human experience in mortal life, which starts from an
egg, corresponds with that of Job, when he says, "Man
552:15 that is born of a woman is of few days, and
full of trouble." Mortals must emerge from
this notion of material life as all-in-all. They must peck
552:18 open their shells with Christian Science, and look outward
and upward. But thought, loosened from a material
basis but not yet instructed by Science, may become wild
552:21 with freedom and so be self-contradictory.

Persistence of species

From a material source flows no remedy for sorrow,
sin, and death, for the redeeming power, from the ills
552:24 they occasion, is not in egg nor in dust. The
blending tints of leaf and flower show the
order of matter to be the order of mortal mind. The
552:27 intermixture of different species, urged to its utmost
limits, results in a return to the original species. Thus
it is learned that matter is a manifestation of mortal
552:30 mind, and that matter always surrenders its claims when
the perfect and eternal Mind is understood.

Better basis than embryology

Naturalists describe the origin of mortal and material
553:1 existence in the various forms of embryology, and ac-
company their descriptions with important observations,
553:3 which should awaken thought to a higher and
purer contemplation of man's origin. This
clearer consciousness must precede an under-
553:6 standing of the harmony of being. Mortal thought must
obtain a better basis, get nearer the truth of being, or
health will never be universal, and harmony will never
553:9 become the standard of man.

One of our ablest naturalists has said: "We have no
right to assume that individuals have grown or been
553:12 formed under circumstances which made material con-
ditions essential to their maintenance and reproduction,
or important to their origin and first introduction."
553:15 Why, then, is the naturalist's basis so materialistic,
and why are his deductions generally material?

All nativity in thought

Adam was created before Eve. In this instance, it is
553:18 seen that the maternal egg never brought forth Adam.
Eve was formed from Adam's rib, not from a
foetal ovum. Whatever theory may be adopted
553:21 by general mortal thought to account for human origin,
that theory is sure to become the signal for the appear-
ance of its method in finite forms and operations. If con-
553:24 sentaneous human belief agrees upon an ovum as the
point of emergence for the human race, this potent belief
will immediately supersede the more ancient supersti-
553:27 tion about the creation from dust or from the rib of our
primeval father.

Being is immortal

You may say that mortals are formed before they
553:30 think or know aught of their origin, and you
may also ask how belief can affect a result
which precedes the development of that belief. It can
554:1 only be replied, that Christian Science reveals what "eye
hath not seen," - even the cause of all that exists, - for
554:3 the universe, inclusive of man, is as eternal as God, who
is its divine immortal Principle. There is no such thing
as mortality, nor are there properly any mortal beings,
554:6 because being is immortal, like Deity, - or, rather, being
and Deity are inseparable.

Our conscious development

Error is always error. It is _no thing_. Any statement
554:9 of life, following from a misconception of life, is errone-
ous, because it is destitute of any knowledge
of the so-called selfhood of life, destitute of
554:12 any knowledge of its origin or existence. The mortal
is unconscious of his foetal and infantile existence; but
as he grows up into another false claim, that of self-con-
554:15 scious matter, he learns to say, "I am somebody; but
who made me?" Error replies, "God made you." The
first effort of error has been and is to impute to God the
554:18 creation of whatever is sinful and mortal; but infinite
Mind sets at naught such a mistaken belief.

Mendacity of error

Jesus defined this opposite of God and His creation
554:21 better than we can, when he said, "He is a liar, and the
father of it." Jesus also said, "Have not I
chosen you twelve, and one of you is a devil?"
554:24 This he said of Judas, one of Adam's race. Jesus never
intimated that God made a devil, but he did say, "Ye
are of your father, the devil." All these sayings were to
554:27 show that mind in matter is the author of itself, and is
simply a falsity and illusion.

Ailments of animals

It is the general belief that the lower animals are less
554:30 sickly than those possessing higher organiza-
tions, especially those of the human form.
This would indicate that there is less disease in propor-
555:1 tion as the force of mortal mind is less pungent or sensi-
tive, and that health attends the absence of mortal mind.
555:3 A fair conclusion from this might be, that it is the human
belief, and not the divine arbitrament, which brings the
physical organism under the yoke of disease.

Ignorance the sign of error

555:6 An inquirer once said to the discoverer of Christian
Science: "I like your explanations of truth, but I do
not comprehend what you say about error."
555:9 This is the nature of error. The mark of igno-
rance is on its forehead, for it neither understands nor
can be understood. Error would have itself received as
555:12 mind, as if it were as real and God-created as truth; but
Christian Science attributes to error neither entity nor
power, because error is neither mind nor the outcome of
555:15 Mind.

The origin of divinity

Searching for the origin of man, who is the reflection
of God, is like inquiring into the origin of God, the self-
555:18 existent and eternal. Only impotent error
would seek to unite Spirit with matter, good
with evil, immortality with mortality, and call this
555:21 sham unity _man_, as if man were the offspring of both
Mind and matter, of both Deity and humanity. Crea-
tion rests on a spiritual basis. We lose our standard of
555:24 perfection and set aside the proper conception of Deity,
when we admit that the perfect is the author of aught
that can become imperfect, that God bestows the power
555:27 to sin, or that Truth confers the ability to err. Our
great example, Jesus, could restore the individualized
manifestation of existence, which seemed to vanish in
555:30 death. Knowing that God was the Life of man, Jesus
was able to present himself unchanged after the cruci-
fixion. Truth fosters the idea of Truth, and not the be-
556:1 lief in illusion or error. That which is real, is sustained
by Spirit.

Genera classified

556:3 Vertebrata, articulata, mollusca, and radiata are mor-
tal and material concepts classified, and are supposed to
possess life and mind. These false beliefs
556:6 will disappear, when the radiation of Spirit
destroys forever all belief in intelligent matter. Then
will the new heaven and new earth appear, for the for-
556:9 mer things will have passed away.

The Christian's privilege

Mortal belief infolds the conditions of sin. Mortal
belief dies to live again in renewed forms, only to go out
556:12 at last forever; for life everlasting is not to be
gained by dying. Christian Science may ab-
sorb the attention of sage and philosopher, but
556:15 the Christian alone can fathom it. It is made known
most fully to him who understands best the divine Life.
Did the origin and the enlightenment of the race come
556:18 from the deep sleep which fell upon Adam? Sleep is
darkness, but God's creative mandate was, "Let there be
light." In sleep, cause and effect are mere illusions.
556:21 They seem to be something, but are not. Oblivion and
dreams, not realities, come with sleep. Even so goes on
the Adam-belief, of which mortal and material life is the
556:24 dream.

Ontology _versus_ physiology

Ontology receives less attention than physiology. Why?
Because mortal mind must waken to spiritual
556:27 life before it cares to solve the problem of
being, hence the author's experience; but when
that awakening comes, existence will be on a new stand-
556:30 point.

It is related that a father plunged his infant babe, only
a few hours old, into the water for several minutes, and
557:1 repeated this operation daily, until the child could remain
under water twenty minutes, moving and playing with-
557:3 out harm, like a fish. Parents should remember this
and learn how to develop their children properly on dry

The curse removed

557:6 Mind controls the birth-throes in the lower realms of
nature, where parturition is without suffering. Vege-
tables, minerals, and many animals suffer no
557:9 pain in multiplying; but human propagation
has its suffering because it is a false belief. Christian Sci-
ence reveals harmony as proportionately increasing as the
557:12 line of creation rises towards spiritual man, - towards
enlarged understanding and intelligence; but in the line
of the corporeal senses, the less a mortal knows of sin,
557:15 disease, and mortality, the better for him, - the less pain
and sorrow are his. When the mist of mortal mind evap-
orates, the curse will be removed which says to woman,
557:18 "In sorrow thou shalt bring forth children." Divine
Science rolls back the clouds of error with the light of
Truth, and lifts the curtain on man as never born and as
557:21 never dying, but as coexistent with his creator.

Popular theology takes up the history of man as if he
began materially right, but immediately fell into mental
557:24 sin; whereas revealed religion proclaims the Science of
Mind and its formations as being in accordance with
the first chapter of the Old Testament, when God, Mind,
557:27 spake and it was done.


Blessed is he that readeth, and they that hear the words of
this prophecy, and keep those things which are written therein:
for the time is at hand. - REVELATION.

Great is the Lord, and greatly to be praised in the city of
our God, in the mountain of His holiness. - PSALMS.

558:1 ST. JOHN writes, in the tenth chapter of his book of
Revelation: -

558:3 And I saw another mighty angel come down from heaven,
clothed with a cloud: and a rainbow was upon his head, and
his face was as it were the sun, and his feet as pillars of
558:6 fire: and he had in his hand a little book open: and he
set his right foot upon the sea, and his left foot on the

The new Evangel

558:9 This angel or message which comes from God, clothed
with a cloud, prefigures divine Science. To mortal sense
Science seems at first obscure, abstract, and
558:12 dark; but a bright promise crowns its brow.
When understood, it is Truth's prism and praise. When
you look it fairly in the face, you can heal by its means,
558:15 and it has for you a light above the sun, for God "is the
light thereof." Its feet are pillars of fire, foundations
of Truth and Love. It brings the baptism of the Holy
558:18 Ghost, whose flames of Truth were prophetically de-
scribed by John the Baptist as consuming error.

Truth's volume

559:1 This angel had in his hand "a little book," open for
all to read and understand. Did this same book contain
559:3 the revelation of divine Science, the "right
foot" or dominant power of which was upon
the sea, - upon elementary, latent error, the source of
559:6 all error's visible forms? The angel's left foot was upon
the earth; that is, a secondary power was exercised upon
visible error and audible sin. The "still, small voice"
559:9 of scientific thought reaches over continent and ocean
to the globe's remotest bound. The inaudible voice of
Truth is, to the human mind, "as when a lion roareth."
559:12 It is heard in the desert and in dark places of fear. It
arouses the "seven thunders" of evil, and stirs their latent
forces to utter the full diapason of secret tones. Then is
559:15 the power of Truth demonstrated, - made manifest in
the destruction of error. Then will a voice from harmony
cry: "Go and take the little book. . . . Take it, and eat
559:18 it up; and it shall make thy belly bitter, but it shall be in
thy mouth sweet as honey." Mortals, obey the heavenly
evangel. Take divine Science. Read this book from
559:21 beginning to end. Study it, ponder it. It will be indeed
sweet at its first taste, when it heals you; but murmur not
over Truth, if you find its digestion bitter. When you
559:24 approach nearer and nearer to this divine Principle, when
you eat the divine body of this Principle, - thus partak-
ing of the nature, or primal elements, of Truth and Love,
559:27 - do not be surprised nor discontented because you must
share the hemlock cup and eat the bitter herbs; for the
Israelites of old at the Paschal meal thus prefigured this
559:30 perilous passage out of bondage into the El Dorado of faith
and hope.

To-day's lesson

The twelfth chapter of the Apocalypse, or Revela-
560:1 tion of St. John, has a special suggestiveness in connec-
tion with the nineteenth century. In the opening of the
560:3 sixth seal, typical of six thousand years since
Adam, the distinctive feature has reference
to the present age.

560:6 _Revelation_ xii. 1. And there appeared a great wonder in
heaven; a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon
under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve
560:9 stars.

True estimate of God's messenger

Heaven represents harmony, and divine Science inter-
prets the Principle of heavenly harmony. The great
560:12 miracle, to human sense, is divine Love, and
the grand necessity of existence is to gain the
true idea of what constitutes the kingdom of
560:15 heaven in man. This goal is never reached while we
hate our neighbor or entertain a false estimate of any-
one whom God has appointed to voice His Word. Again,
560:18 without a correct sense of its highest visible idea, we can
never understand the divine Principle. The botanist must
know the genus and species of a plant in order to classify
560:21 it correctly. As it is with things, so is it with persons.

Persecution harmful

Abuse of the motives and religion of St. Paul hid from
view the apostle's character, which made him equal to
560:24 his great mission. Persecution of all who have
spoken something new and better of God has
not only obscured the light of the ages, but has been fatal
560:27 to the persecutors. Why? Because it has hid from
them the true idea which has been presented. To mis-
understand Paul, was to be ignorant of the divine idea he
560:30 taught. Ignorance of the divine idea betrays at once a
greater ignorance of the divine Principle of the idea - igno-
561:1 rance of Truth and Love. The understanding of Truth
and Love, the Principle which works out the ends of eternal
561:3 good and destroys both faith in evil and the practice of
evil, leads to the discernment of the divine idea.

Espousals supernal

Agassiz, through his microscope, saw the sun in an
561:6 egg at a point of so-called embryonic life. Because of
his more spiritual vision, St. John saw an
"angel standing in the sun." The Revelator
561:9 beheld the spiritual idea from the mount of vision.
Purity was the symbol of Life and Love. The Revelator
saw also the spiritual ideal as a woman clothed in light, a
561:12 bride coming down from heaven, wedded to the Lamb
of Love. To John, "the bride" and "the Lamb" repre-
sented the correlation of divine Principle and spiritual idea,
561:15 God and His Christ, bringing harmony to earth.

Divinity and humanity

John saw the human and divine coincidence, shown in
the man Jesus, as divinity embracing humanity in Life
561:18 and its demonstration, - reducing to human
perception and understanding the Life which
is God. In divine revelation, material and corporeal self-
561:21 hood disappear, and the spiritual idea is understood.

Spiritual sunlight

The woman in the Apocalypse symbolizes generic man,
the spiritual idea of God; she illustrates the coincidence
561:24 of God and man as the divine Principle and
divine idea. The Revelator symbolizes Spirit
by the sun. The spiritual idea is clad with the radiance
561:27 of spiritual Truth, and matter is put under her feet. The
light portrayed is really neither solar nor lunar, but spirit-
ual Life, which is "the light of men." In the first chapter
561:30 of the Fourth Gospel it is written, "There was a man sent
from God . . . to bear witness of that Light."

Spiritual idea revealed

John the Baptist prophesied the coming of the im-
562:1 maculate Jesus, and John saw in those days the spiritual
idea as the Messiah, who would baptize with the Holy
562:3 Ghost,- divine Science. As Elias presented
the idea of the fatherhood of God, which Jesus
afterwards manifested, so the Revelator completed this
562:6 figure with woman, typifying the spiritual idea of God's
motherhood. The moon is under her feet. This idea
reveals the universe as secondary and tributary to Spirit,
562:9 from which the universe borrows its reflected light, sub-
stance, life, and intelligence.

Spiritual idea crowned

The spiritual idea is crowned with twelve stars. The
562:12 twelve tribes of Israel with all mortals, - separated by
belief from man's divine origin and the true
idea, - will through much tribulation yield to
562:15 the activities of the divine Principle of man in the har-
mony of Science. These are the stars in the crown of
rejoicing. They are the lamps in the spiritual heavens
562:18 of the age, which show the workings of the spiritual idea
by healing the sick and the sinning, and by manifesting
the light which shines "unto the perfect day" as the night
562:21 of materialism wanes.

_Revelation_ xii. 2. And she being with child cried, travail-
ing in birth, and pained to be delivered.

Travail and joy

562:24 Also the spiritual idea is typified by a woman in tra-
vail, waiting to be delivered of her sweet promise, but re-
membering no more her sorrow for joy that
562:27 the birth goes on; for great is the idea, and the
travail portentous.

_Revelation_ xii. 3. And there appeared another wonder in
562:30 heaven; and behold a great red dragon, having seven heads
and ten horns, and seven crowns upon his heads.

The dragon as a type

563:1 Human sense may well marvel at discord, while, to a
diviner sense., harmony is the real and discord the unreal.
563:3 We may well be astonished at sin, sickness, and
death. We may well be perplexed at human
fear; and still more astounded at hatred, which lifts
563:6 its hydra head, showing its horns in the many inventions
of evil. But why should we stand aghast at nothingness?
The great red dragon symbolizes a lie, - the belief
563:9 that substance, life, and intelligence can be material.
This dragon stands for the sum total of human error.
The ten horns of the dragon typify the belief that mat-
563:12 ter has power of its own, and that by means of an
evil mind in matter the Ten Commandments can be

The sting of the serpent

563:15 The Revelator lifts the veil from this embodiment of
all evil, and beholds its awful character; but he also
sees the nothingness of evil and the allness of
563:18 God. The Revelator sees that old serpent,
whose name is devil or evil, holding untiring watch, that
he may bite the heel of truth and seemingly impede the
563:21 offspring of the spiritual idea, which is prolific in health,
holiness, and immortality.

_Revelation_ xii. 4. And his tail drew the third part of the
563:24 stars of heaven, and did cast them to the earth: and the
dragon stood before the woman which was ready to be
delivered, for to devour her child as soon as it was born.

Animal tendency

563:27 The serpentine form stands for subtlety, winding its
way amidst all evil, but doing this in the name of good.
Its sting is spoken of by Paul, when he refers
563:30 to "spiritual wickedness in high places." It
is the animal instinct in mortals, which would impel
564:1 them to devour each other and cast out devils through

564:3 As of old, evil still charges the spiritual idea with error's
own nature and methods. This malicious animal in-
stinct, of which the dragon is the type, incites mortals to
564:6 kill morally and physically even their fellow-mortals, and
worse still, to charge the innocent with the crime. This
last infirmity of sin will sink its perpetrator into a night
564:9 without a star.

Malicious barbarity

The author is convinced that the accusations against
Jesus of Nazareth and even his crucifixion were instigated
564:12 by the criminal instinct here described. The
Revelator speaks of Jesus as the Lamb of God
and of the dragon as warring against innocence. Since Jesus
564:15 must have been tempted in all points, he, the immaculate,
met and conquered sin in every form. The brutal bar-
barity of his foes could emanate from no source except the
564:18 highest degree of human depravity. Jesus "_opened not
his mouth_." Until the majesty of Truth should be demon-
strated in divine Science, the spiritual idea was arraigned
564:21 before the tribunal of so-called mortal mind, which was
unloosed in order that the false claim of mind in matter
might uncover its own crime of defying immortal Mind.

Doom of the dragon

564:24 From Genesis to the Apocalypse, sin, sickness, and
death, envy, hatred, and revenge, - all evil, - are typi-
fied by a serpent, or animal subtlety. Jesus
564:27 said, quoting a line from the Psalms, "They
hated me without a cause." The serpent is perpetually
close upon the heel of harmony. From the beginning
564:30 to the end, the serpent pursues with hatred the spiritual
idea. In Genesis, this allegorical, talking serpent typi-
fies mortal mind, "more subtle than any beast of the
565:1 field." In the Apocalypse, when nearing its doom, this
evil increases and becomes the great red dragon, swollen
565:3 with sin, inflamed with war against spirituality, and ripe
for destruction. It is full of lust and hate, loathing the
brightness of divine glory.

565:6 _Revelation_ xii. 5. And she brought forth a man child,
who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron: and her
child was caught up unto God, and to His throne.

The conflict with purity

565:9 Led on by the grossest element of mortal mind, Herod
decreed the death of every male child in order that the
man Jesus, the masculine representative of the
565:12 spiritual idea might never hold sway and de-
prive Herod of his crown. The impersonation of the
spiritual idea had a brief history in the earthly life of our
565:15 Master; but "of his kingdom there shall be no end,"
for Christ, God's idea, will eventually rule all nations
and peoples - imperatively, absolutely, finally - with di-
565:18 vine Science. This immaculate idea, represented first
by man and, according to the Revelator, last by woman,
will baptize with fire; and the fiery baptism will burn up
565:21 the chaff of error with the fervent heat of Truth and Love,
melting and purifying even the gold of human character.
After the stars sang together and all was primeval har-
565:24 mony, the material lie made war upon the spiritual idea;
but this only impelled the idea to rise to the zenith of
demonstration, destroying sin, sickness, and death, and
565:27 to be caught up unto God, - to be found in its divine

_Revelation_ xii. 6. And the woman fled into the wilder-
565:30 ness, where she hath a place prepared of God.

Spiritual guidance

566:1 As the children of Israel were guided triumphantly
through the Red Sea, the dark ebbing and flowing tides
566:3 of human fear, - as they were led through the
wilderness, walking wearily through the great
desert of human hopes, and anticipating the promised
566:6 joy, - so shall the spiritual idea guide all right desires
in their passage from sense to Soul, from a material sense
of existence to the spiritual, up to the glory prepared for
566:9 them who love God. Stately Science pauses not, but
moves before them, a pillar of cloud by day and of fire
by night, leading to divine heights.

566:12 If we remember the beautiful description which Sir
Walter Scott puts into the mouth of Rebecca the Jewess
in the story of Ivanhoe, -
566:15 When Israel, of the Lord beloved,
Out of the land of bondage came,
Her fathers' God before her moved,
566:18 An awful guide, in smoke and flame, -

we may also offer the prayer which concludes the same
hymn, -
566:21 And oh, when stoops on Judah's path
In shade and storm the frequent night,
Be Thou, longsuffering, slow to wrath,
566:24 A burning and a shining light!

_Revelation_ xii. 7, 8. And there was war in heaven:
Michael and his angels fought against the dragon; and the
566:27 dragon fought, and his angels, and prevailed not; neither
was their place found any more in heaven.

Angelic offices

The Old Testament assigns to the angels, God's divine
566:30 messages, different offices. Michael's charac-
teristic is spiritual strength. He leads the
hosts of heaven against the power of sin, Satan, and
567:1 fights the holy wars. Gabriel has the more quiet task
of imparting a sense of the ever-presence of ministering
567:3 Love. These angels deliver us from the depths. Truth
and Love come nearer in the hour of woe, when strong
faith or spiritual strength wrestles and prevails through
567:6 the understanding of God. The Gabriel of His presence
has no contests. To infinite, ever-present Love, all is
Love, and there is no error, no sin, sickness, nor death.
567:9 Against Love, the dragon warreth not long, for he is
killed by the divine Principle. Truth and Love prevail
against the dragon because the dragon cannot war with
567:12 them. Thus endeth the conflict between the flesh and

_Revelation_ xii. 9. And the great dragon was cast out,
567:15 that old serpent, called the devil, and Satan, which deceiv-
eth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his
angels were cast out with him.

Dragon cast down to earth

567:18 That false claim - that ancient belief, that old serpent
whose name is devil (evil), claiming that there is intelli-
gence in matter either to benefit or to injure
567:21 men - is pure delusion, the red dragon; and
it is cast out by Christ, Truth, the spiritual
idea, and so proved to be powerless. The words "cast
567:24 unto the earth" show the dragon to be nothingness, dust
to dust; and therefore, in his pretence of being a talker,
he must be a lie from the beginning. His angels, or mes-
567:27 sages, are cast out with their author. The beast and the
false prophets are lust and hypocrisy. These wolves in
sheep's clothing are detected and killed by innocence, the
567:30 Lamb of Love.

Warfare with error

Divine Science shows how the Lamb slays the wolf.
568:1 Innocence and Truth overcome guilt and error. Ever
since the foundation of the world, ever since error would
568:3 establish material belief, evil has tried to slay
the Lamb; but Science is able to destroy this
lie, called evil. The twelfth chapter of the Apocalypse
568:6 typifies the divine method of warfare in Science, and the
glorious results of this warfare. The following chapters
depict the fatal effects of trying to meet error with error.
568:9 The narrative follows the order used in Genesis. In
Genesis, first the true method of creation is set forth and
then the false. Here, also, the Revelator first exhibits
568:12 the true warfare and then the false.

_Revelation_ xii. 10 - 12. And I heard a loud voice saying
in heaven, Now is come salvation, and strength, and the
568:15 kingdom of our God, and the power of His Christ: for the
accuser of our brethren is cast down, which accused them
before our God day and night. And they overcame him by
568:18 the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony;
and they loved not their lives unto the death. Therefore
rejoice, ye heavens, and ye that dwell in them. Woe to the
568:21 inhabiters of the earth and of the sea! for the devil is
come down unto you, having great wrath, because he
knoweth that he hath but a short time.

Paean of jubilee

568:24 For victory over a single sin, we give thanks and mag-
nify the Lord of Hosts. What shall we say of the mighty
conquest over all sin? A louder song, sweeter
568:27 than has ever before reached high heaven,
now rises clearer and nearer to the great heart of Christ;
for the accuser is not there, and Love sends forth her
568:30 primal and everlasting strain. Self-abnegation, by which
we lay down all for Truth, or Christ, in our warfare against
error, is a rule in Christian Science. This rule clearly
569:1 interprets God as divine Principle, - as Life, represented
by the Father; as Truth, represented by the Son; as Love,
569:3 represented by the Mother. Every mortal at some period,
here or hereafter, must grapple with and overcome the
mortal belief in a power opposed to God.

The robe of Science

569:6 The Scripture, "Thou hast been faithful over a few
things, I will make thee ruler over many," is literally ful-
filled, when we are conscious of the supremacy
569:9 of Truth, by which the nothingness of error
is seen; and we know that the nothingness of error is in
proportion to its wickedness. He that touches the hem
569:12 of Christ's robe and masters his mortal beliefs, animality,
and hate, rejoices in the proof of healing, - in a sweet
and certain sense that God is Love. Alas for those who
569:15 break faith with divine Science and fail to strangle the
serpent of sin as well as of sickness! They are dwellers
still in the deep darkness of belief. They are in the surg-
569:18 ing sea of error, not struggling to lift their heads above the
drowning wave.

Expiation by suffering

What must the end be? They must eventually expi-
569:21 ate their sin through suffering. The sin, which one has
made his bosom companion, comes back to him
at last with accelerated force, for the devil
569:24 knoweth his time is short. Here the Scriptures declare
that evil is temporal, not eternal. The dragon is at last
stung to death by his own malice; but how many periods
569:27 of torture it may take to remove all sin, must depend upon
sin's obduracy.

_Revelation_ xii. 13. And when the dragon saw that he
569:30 was cast unto the earth, he persecuted the woman which
brought forth the man child.

Apathy to occultism

570:1 The march of mind and of honest investigation will
bring the hour when the people will chain, with fetters of
570:3 some sort, the growing occultism of this period.
The present apathy as to the tendency of
certain active yet unseen mental agencies will finally be
570:6 shocked into another extreme mortal mood, - into human
indignation; for one extreme follows another.

_Revelation_ xii. 15, 16. And the serpent cast out of his
570:9 mouth water as a flood, after the woman, that he might
cause her to be carried away of the flood. And the earth
helped the woman, and the earth opened her mouth, and
570:12 swallowed up the flood which the dragon cast out of his

Receptive hearts

Millions of unprejudiced minds - simple seekers for
570:15 Truth, weary wanderers, athirst in the desert - are wait-
ing and watching for rest and drink. Give
them a cup of cold water in Christ's name,
570:18 and never fear the consequences. What if the old dragon
should send forth a new flood to drown the Christ-idea?
He can neither drown your voice with its roar, nor again
570:21 sink the world into the deep waters of chaos and old night.
In this age the earth will help the woman; the spiritual
idea will be understood. Those ready for the blessing
570:24 you impart will give thanks. The waters will be paci-
fied, and Christ will command the wave.

Hidden ways of iniquity

When God heals the sick or the sinning, they should
570:27 know the great benefit which Mind has wrought. They
should also know the great delusion of mor-
tal mind, when it makes them sick or sinful.
570:30 Many are willing to open the eyes of the people to the
power of good resident in divine Mind, but they are
571:1 not so willing to point out the evil in human thought,
and expose evil's hidden mental ways of accomplishing
571:3 iniquity.

Christly warning

Why this backwardness, since exposure is necessary
to ensure the avoidance of the evil? Because people like
571:6 you better when you tell them their virtues
than when you tell them their vices. It re-
quires the spirit of our blessed Master to tell a man his
571:9 faults, and so risk human displeasure for the sake of doing
right and benefiting our race. Who is telling mankind
of the foe in ambush? Is the informer one who sees the
571:12 foe? If so, listen and be wise. Escape from evil, and
designate those as unfaithful stewards who have seen the
danger and yet have given no warning.

The armor of divinity

571:15 At all times and under all circumstances, overcome
evil with good. Know thyself, and God will supply
the wisdom and the occasion for a victory
571:18 over evil. Clad in the panoply of Love,
human hatred cannot reach you. The cement of a
higher humanity will unite all interests in the one
571:21 divinity.

Pure religion enthroned

Through trope and metaphor, the Revelator, immortal
scribe of Spirit and of a true idealism, furnishes the
571:24 mirror in which mortals may see their own
image. In significant figures he depicts the
thoughts which he beholds in mortal mind. Thus he
571:27 rebukes the conceit of sin, and foreshadows its doom.
With his spiritual strength, he has opened wide the gates
of glory, and illumined the night of paganism with the
571:30 sublime grandeur of divine Science, outshining sin, sorcery,
lust, and hypocrisy. He takes away mitre and sceptre.
He enthrones pure and undefiled religion, and lifts on
572:1 high only those who have washed their robes white in
obedience and suffering.

Native nothingness of sin

572:3 Thus we see, in both the first and last books of the
Bible, - in Genesis and in the Apocalypse, - that sin
is to be Christianly and scientifically reduced
572:6 to its native nothingness. "Love one an-
other" (I John, iii. 23), is the most simple and profound
counsel of the inspired writer. In Science we are chil-
572:9 dren of God; but whatever is of material sense, or mor-
tal, belongs not to His children, for materiality is the
inverted image of spirituality.

Fulfilment of the Law

572:12 Love fulfils the law of Christian Science, and nothing
short of this divine Principle, understood and demon-
strated, can ever furnish the vision of the
572:15 Apocalypse, open the seven seals of error with
Truth, or uncover the myriad illusions of sin, sickness,
and death. Under the supremacy of Spirit, it will be seen
572:18 and acknowledged that matter must disappear.

In Revelation xxi. 1 we read: -

And I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first
572:21 heaven and the first earth were passed away; and there was
no more sea.

Man's present possibilities

The Revelator had not yet passed the transitional
572:24 stage in human experience called death, but he already
saw a new heaven and a new earth. Through
what sense came this vision to St. John? Not
572:27 through the material visual organs for seeing, for optics
are inadequate to take in so wonderful a scene. Were this
new heaven and new earth terrestrial or celestial, mate-
573:1 rial or spiritual? They could not be the former, for the
human sense of space is unable to grasp such a view.
573:3 The Revelator was on our plane of existence, while yet
beholding what the eye cannot see, - that which is in-
visible to the uninspired thought. This testimony of Holy
573:6 Writ sustains the fact in Science, that the heavens and
earth to one human consciousness, that consciousness
which God bestows, are spiritual, while to another, the
573:9 unillumined human mind, the vision is material. This
shows unmistakably that what the human mind terms
matter and spirit indicates states and stages of con-
573:12 sciousness.

Nearness of Deity

Accompanying this scientific consciousness was an-
other revelation, even the declaration from heaven, su-
573:15 preme harmony, that God, the divine Principle
of harmony, is ever with men, and they are
His people. Thus man was no longer regarded as a mis-
573:18 erable sinner, but as the blessed child of God. Why?
Because St. John's corporeal sense of the heavens and
earth had vanished, and in place of this false sense was
573:21 the spiritual sense, the subjective state by which he could
see the new heaven and new earth, which involve the
spiritual idea and consciousness of reality. This is Scrip-
573:24 tural authority for concluding that such a recognition of
being is, and has been, possible to men in this present
state of existence, - that we can become conscious,
573:27 here and now, of a cessation of death, sorrow, and pain.
This is indeed a foretaste of absolute Christian Science.
Take heart, dear sufferer, for this reality of being will
573:30 surely appear sometime and in some way. There will
be no more pain, and all tears will be wiped away. When
you read this, remember Jesus' words, "The kingdom of
574:1 God is within you." This spiritual consciousness is
therefore a present possibility.

574:3 The Revelator also takes in another view, adapted to
console the weary pilgrim, journeying " uphill all the way."

He writes, in Revelation xxi. 9: -

574:6 And there came unto me one of the seven angels which
had the seven vials full of the seven last plagues, and talked
with me, saying, Come hither, I will show thee the bride,
574:9 the Lamb's wife.

Vials of wrath and consolation

This ministry of Truth, this message from divine Love,
carried John away in spirit. It exalted him till he be-
574:12 came conscious of the spiritual facts of being
and the "New Jerusalem, coming down from
God, out of heaven," - the spiritual outpour-
574:15 ing of bliss and glory, which he describes as the city
which "lieth foursquare." The beauty of this text is,
that the sum total of human misery, represented by
574:18 the seven angelic vials full of seven plagues, has full
compensation in the law of Love. Note this, - that the
very message, or swift-winged thought, which poured
574:21 forth hatred and torment, brought also the experience
which at last lifted the seer to behold the great city, the
four equal sides of which were heaven-bestowed and
574:24 heaven-bestowing.

Spiritual wedlock

Think of this, dear reader, for it will lift the sack-
cloth from your eyes, and you will behold the soft-
574:27 winged dove descending upon you. The very
circumstance, which your suffering sense
deems wrathful and afflictive, Love can make an angel
574:30 entertained unawares. Then thought gently whispers:
575:1 "Come hither! Arise from your false consciousness
into the true sense of Love, and behold the Lamb's
575:3 wife, - Love wedded to its own spiritual idea." Then
cometh the marriage feast, for this revelation will de-
stroy forever the physical plagues imposed by material
575:6 sense.

The city foursquare

This sacred city, described in the Apocalypse (xxi. 16)
as one that "lieth foursquare" and cometh "down from
575:9 God, out of heaven," represents the light and
glory of divine Science. The builder and
maker of this New Jerusalem is God, as we read in the
575:12 book of Hebrews; and it is "a city which hath founda-
tions." The description is metaphoric. Spiritual teach-
ing must always be by symbols. Did not Jesus illustrate
575:15 the truths he taught by the mustard-seed and the prodi-
gal? Taken in its allegorical sense, the description of
the city as foursquare has a profound meaning. The
575:18 four sides of our city are the Word, Christ, Christianity,
and divine Science; "and the gates of it shall not be shut
at all by day: for there shall be no night there." This
575:21 city is wholly spiritual, as its four sides indicate.

The royally divine gates

As the Psalmist saith, "Beautiful for situation, the
joy of the whole earth, is mount Zion, on the sides of
575:24 the north, the city of the great King." It is
indeed a city of the Spirit, fair, royal, and
square. Northward, its gates open to the North Star,
575:27 the Word, the polar magnet of Revelation; eastward,
to the star seen by the Wisemen of the Orient, who fol-
lowed it to the manger of Jesus; southward, to the
575:30 genial tropics, with the Southern Cross in the skies,
- the Cross of Calvary, which binds human society
into solemn union; westward, to the grand realization
576:1 of the Golden Shore of Love and the Peaceful Sea of

Revelation's pure zenith

576:3 This heavenly city, lighted by the Sun of Righteous-
ness, - this New Jerusalem, this infinite All, which to
us seems hidden in the mist of remoteness, -
576:6 reached St. John's vision while yet he taber-
nacled with mortals.

In Revelation xxi. 22, further describing this holy city,
576:9 the beloved Disciple writes: -

And I saw no temple therein: for the Lord God Almighty
and the Lamb are the temple of it.

The shrine celestial

576:12 There was no temple, - that is, no material structure
in which to worship God, for He must be worshipped
in spirit and in love. The word _temple_ also
576:15 means body. The Revelator was familiar
with Jesus' use of this word, as when Jesus spoke of his
material body as the temple to be temporarily rebuilt
576:18 (John ii. 21). What further indication need we of the
real man's incorporeality than this, that John saw
heaven and earth with "no temple [body] therein"?
576:21 This kingdom of God "is within you," - is within
reach of man's consciousness here, and the spiritual
idea reveals it. In divine Science, man possesses this
576:24 recognition of harmony consciously in proportion to his
understanding of God.

Divine sense of Deity

The term Lord, as used in our version of the Old
576:27 Testament, is often synonymous with Jehovah, and ex-
presses the Jewish concept, not yet elevated
to deific apprehension through spiritual trans-
576:30 figuration. Yet the word gradually approaches a higher
meaning. This human sense of Deity yields to the divine
577:1 sense, even as the material sense of personality yields
to the incorporeal sense of God and man as the infinite
577:3 Principle and infinite idea, - as one Father with His uni-
versal family, held in the gospel of Love. The Lamb's
wife presents the unity of male and female as no longer
577:6 two wedded individuals, but as two individual natures
in one; and this compounded spiritual individuality re-
flects God as Father-Mother, not as a corporeal being.
577:9 In this divinely united spiritual consciousness, there is no
impediment to eternal bliss, - to the perfectibility of
God's creation.

The city of our God

577:12 This spiritual, holy habitation has no boundary
nor limit, but its four cardinal points are: first, the
Word of Life, Truth, and Love; second,
577:15 the Christ, the spiritual idea of God; third,
Christianity, which is the outcome of the divine Prin-
ciple of the Christ-idea in Christian history; fourth,
577:18 Christian Science, which to-day and forever interprets
this great example and the great Exemplar. This city
of our God has no need of sun or satellite, for Love
577:21 is the light of it, and divine Mind is its own interpreter.
All who are saved must walk in this light. Mighty
potentates and dynasties will lay down their honors
577:24 within the heavenly city. Its gates open towards light
and glory both within and without, for all is good, and
nothing can enter that city, which "defileth. . . . or
577:27 maketh a lie."

The writer's present feeble sense of Christian Science
closes with St. John's Revelation as recorded by the
577:30 great apostle, for his vision is the acme of this Science
as the Bible reveals it.

In the following Psalm one word shows, though faintly,
578:1 the light which Christian Science throws on the Scriptures
by substituting for the corporeal sense, the incorporeal
578:3 or spiritual sense of Deity: -


[DIVINE LOVE] is my shepherd; I shall not want.

578:6 [LOVE] maketh me to lie down in green pastures:
[LOVE] leadeth me beside the still waters.

[LOVE] restoreth my soul [spiritual sense]: [Love] lead-
578:9 eth me in the paths of righteousness for His name's sake.

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of
death, I will fear no evil: for [LOVE] is with me; [LOVE's]
578:12 rod and [LOVE'S] staff they comfort me.

[LOVE] prepareth a table before me in the presence of
mine enemies: [LOVE] anointeth my head with oil; my cup
578:15 runneth over.

Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of
my life; and I will dwell in the house [the consciousness]
578:18 of [LOVE] for ever.


These things saith He that is holy, He that is true, He that
hath the key of David, He that openeth, and no man shutteth;
and shutteth, and no man openeth; I know thy works: behold,
I have set before thee an open door, and no man can shut it.

579:1 In Christian Science we learn that the substitution of
the spiritual for the material definition of a Scrip-
579:3 tural word often elucidates the meaning of the inspired
writer. On this account this chapter is added. It con-
tains the metaphysical interpretation of Bible terms,
579:6 giving their spiritual sense, which is also their original

ABEL. Watchfulness; self-offering; surrendering to
579:9 the creator the early fruits of experience.

ABRAHAM. Fidelity; faith in the divine Life and in the
eternal Principle of being.
579:12 This patriarch illustrated the purpose of Love to create
trust in good, and showed the life-preserving power of
spiritual understanding.

579:15 ADAM. Error; a falsity; the belief in "original sin,"
sickness, and death; evil; the opposite of good, - of God
and His creation; a curse; a belief in intelligent matter,
580:1 finiteness, and mortality; "dust to dust;" red sand-
stone; nothingness; the first god of mythology; not
580:3 God's man, who represents the one God and is His own
image and likeness; the opposite of Spirit and His crea-
tions; that which is not the image and likeness of good,
580:6 but a material belief, opposed to the one Mind, or Spirit;
a so-called finite mind, producing other minds, thus mak-
ing "gods many and lords many" (I Corinthians viii. 5);
580:9 a product of nothing as the mimicry of something; an
unreality as opposed to the great reality of spiritual ex-
istence and creation; a so-called man, whose origin,
580:12 substance, and mind are found to be the antipode of
God, or Spirit; an inverted image of Spirit; the image
and likeness of what God has not created, namely, mat-
580:15 ter, sin, sickness, and death; the opposer of Truth,
termed error; Life's counterfeit, which ultimates in
death; the opposite of Love, called hate; the usurper
580:18 of Spirit's creation, called self-creative matter; immor-
tality's opposite, mortality; that of which wisdom saith,
"Thou shalt surely die."

580:21 The name Adam represents the false supposition that
Life is not eternal, but has beginning and end; that the
infinite enters the finite, that intelligence passes into non-
580:24 intelligence, and that Soul dwells in material sense; that
immortal Mind results in matter, and matter in mortal
mind; that the one God and creator entered what He cre-
580:27 ated, and then disappeared in the atheism of matter.

ADVERSARY. An adversary is one who opposes, denies,
disputes, not one who constructs and sustains reality and
580:30 Truth. Jesus said of the devil, "He was a murderer from
the beginning, . . . he is a liar and the father of it."
581:1 This view of Satan is confirmed by the name often con-
ferred upon him in Scripture, the "adversary."

581:3 ALMIGHTY. All-power; infinity; omnipotence.

ANGELS. God's thoughts passing to man; spiritual
intuitions, pure and perfect; the inspiration of goodness,
581:6 purity, and immortality, counteracting all evil, sensuality,
and mortality.

ARK. Safety; the idea, or reflection, of Truth, proved
581:9 to be as immortal as its Principle; the understanding of
Spirit, destroying belief in matter.

God and man coexistent and eternal; Science show-
581:12 ing that the spiritual realities of all things are created
by Him and exist forever. The ark indicates temptation
overcome and followed by exaltation.

581:15 ASHER (Jacob's son). Hope and faith; spiritual com-
pensation; the ills of the flesh rebuked.

BABEL. Self-destroying error; a kingdom divided
581:18 against itself, which cannot stand; material knowledge.

The higher false knowledge builds on the basis of evi-
dence obtained from the five corporeal senses, the more
581:21 confusion ensues, and the more certain is the downfall
of its structure.

BAPTISM. Purification by Spirit; submergence in
581:24 Spirit.

We are "willing rather to be absent from the body,
and to be present with the Lord." (II Corinthians v. 8.)

582:1 BELIEVING. Firmness and constancy; not a faltering
nor a blind faith, but the perception of spiritual Truth.
582:3 Mortal thoughts, illusion.

BENJAMIN (Jacob's son). A physical belief as to life,
substance, and mind; human knowledge, or so-called
582:6 mortal mind, devoted to matter; pride; envy; fame;
illusion; a false belief; error masquerading as the pos-
sessor of life, strength, animation, and power to act.

582:9 Renewal of affections; self-offering; an improved
state of mortal mind; the introduction of a more spiritual
origin; a gleam of the infinite idea of the infinite Prin-
582:12 ciple; a spiritual type; that which comforts, consoles,
and supports.

BRIDE. Purity and innocence, conceiving man in the
582:15 idea of God; a sense of Soul, which has spiritual bliss
and enjoys but cannot suffer.

BRIDEGROOM. Spiritual understanding; the pure con-
582:18 sciousness that God, the divine Principle, creates man
as His own spiritual idea, and that God is the only crea-
tive power.

582:21 BURIAL. Corporeality and physical sense put out of
sight and hearing; annihilation. Submergence in Spirit;
immortality brought to light.
582:24 CANAAN (the son of Ham). A sensuous belief; the
testimony of what is termed material sense; the error
which would make man mortal and would make mortal
582:27 mind a slave to the body.

CHILDREN. The spiritual thoughts and representa-
tives of Life, Truth, and Love.

583:1 Sensual and mortal beliefs; counterfeits of creation,
whose better originals are God's thoughts, not in em-
583:3 bryo, but in maturity; material suppositions of life, sub-
stance, and intelligence, opposed to the Science of being.

CHILDREN OF ISRAEL. The representatives of Soul, not
583:6 corporeal sense; the offspring of Spirit, who, having
wrestled with error, sin, and sense, are governed by divine
Science; some of the ideas of God beheld as men, casting
583:9 out error and healing the sick; Christ's offspring.

CHRIST. The divine manifestation of God, which comes
to the flesh to destroy incarnate error.
583:12 CHURCH. The structure of Truth and Love; what-
ever rests upon and proceeds from divine Principle.

The Church is that institution, which affords proof of
583:15 its utility and is found elevating the race, rousing the
dormant understanding from material beliefs to the ap-
prehension of spiritual ideas and the demonstration of
583:18 divine Science, thereby casting out devils, or error, and
healing the sick.

CREATOR. Spirit; Mind; intelligence; the animating
583:21 divine Principle of all that is real and good; self-existent
Life, Truth, and Love; that which is perfect and eternal;
the opposite of matter and evil, which have no Prin-
583:24 ciple; God, who made all that was made and could not
create an atom or an element the opposite of Himself.

DAN (Jacob's son). Animal magnetism; so-called mor-
583:27 tal mind controlling mortal mind; error, working out
the designs of error; one belief preying upon another.

584:1 DAY. The irradiance of Life; light, the spiritual idea
of Truth and Love.

584:3 "And the evening and the morning were the first day."
(Genesis i. 5.) The objects of time and sense disappear
in the illumination of spiritual understanding, and Mind
584:6 measures time according to the good that is unfolded.
This unfolding is God's day, and "there shall be no night

584:9 DEATH. An illusion, the lie of life in matter; the un-
real and untrue; the opposite of Life.

Matter has no life, hence it has no real existence. Mind
584:12 is immortal. The flesh, warring against Spirit; that
which frets itself free from one belief only to be fettered
by another, until every belief of life where Life is not
584:15 yields to eternal Life. Any material evidence of death is
false, for it contradicts the spiritual facts of being.

DEVIL. Evil; a lie; error; neither corporeality nor
584:18 mind; the opposite of Truth; a belief in sin, sickness,
and death; animal magnetism or hypnotism; the lust of
the flesh, which saith: " I am life and intelligence in
584:21 matter. There is more than one mind, for I am mind, -
a wicked mind, self-made or created by a tribal god and
put into the opposite of mind, termed matter, thence to
584:24 reproduce a mortal universe, including man, not after the
image and likeness of Spirit, but after its own image."

DOVE. A symbol of divine Science; purity and peace;
584:27 hope and faith.

DUST. Nothingness; the absence of substance, life, or

585:1 EARS. Not organs of the so-called corporeal senses,
but spiritual understanding.

585:3 Jesus said, referring to spiritual perception, "Having
ears, hear ye not?" (Mark viii. 18.)

EARTH. A sphere; a type of eternity and immortality,
585:6 which are likewise without beginning or end.

To material sense, earth is matter; to spiritual sense,
it is a compound idea.

585:9 ELIAS. Prophecy; spiritual evidence opposed to mate-
rial sense; Christian Science, with which can be discerned
the spiritual fact of whatever the material senses behold;
585:12 the basis of immortality.

"Elias truly shall first come and restore all things."
(Matthew xvii. 11.)
585:15 ERROR. See chapter on Recapitulation, page 472.

EUPHRATES (river). Divine Science encompassing
the universe and man; the true idea of God; a type
585:18 of the glory which is to come; metaphysics taking the
place of physics; the reign of righteousness. The atmos-
phere of human belief before it accepts sin, sickness, or
585:21 death; a state of mortal thought, the only error of which
is limitation; finity; the opposite of infinity.

EVE. A beginning; mortality; that which does not
585:24 last forever; a finite belief concerning life, substance,
and intelligence in matter; error; the belief that the hu-
man race originated materially instead of spiritually, -
585:27 that man started first from dust, second from a rib, and
third from an egg.

586:1 EVENING. Mistiness of mortal thought; weariness of
mortal mind; obscured views; peace and rest.

586:3 EYES. Spiritual discernment, - not material but
mental. Jesus said, thinking of the outward vision, "Having
586:6 eyes, see ye not?" (Mark viii. 18.)

FAN. Separator of fable from fact; that which gives
action to thought.

586:9 FATHER. Eternal Life; the one Mind; the divine
Principle, commonly called God.

FEAR. Heat; inflammation; anxiety; ignorance; error;
586:12 desire; caution.

FIRE. Fear; remorse; lust; hatred; destruction; afflic-
tion purifying and elevating man.

586:15 FIRMAMENT. Spiritual understanding; the scientific
line of demarcation between Truth and error, between
Spirit and so-called matter.

586:18 FLESH. An error of physical belief; a supposition that
life, substance, and intelligence are in matter; an illusion;
a belief that matter has sensation.

586:21 GAD (Jacob's son). Science; spiritual being under-
stood; haste towards harmony.

GETHSEMANE. Patient woe; the human yielding to
586:24 the divine; love meeting no response, but still remaining

587:1 GHOST. An illusion; a belief that mind is outlined
and limited; a supposition that spirit is finite.

587:3 GIHON (river). The rights of woman acknowledged
morally, civilly, and socially.

GOD. The great I AM; the all-knowing, all-seeing,
587:6 all-acting, all-wise, all-loving, and eternal; Principle;
Mind; Soul; Spirit; Life; Truth; Love; all substance;

587:9 GODS. Mythology; a belief that life, substance, and
intelligence are both mental and material; a supposition
of sentient physicality; the belief that infinite Mind is in
587:12 finite forms; the various theories that hold mind to be a
material sense, existing in brain, nerve, matter; supposi-
titious minds, or souls, going in and out of matter, erring
587:15 and mortal; the serpents of error, which say, "Ye shall
be as gods."

God is one God, infinite and perfect, and cannot be-
587:18 come finite and imperfect.

GOOD. God; Spirit; omnipotence; omniscience; om-
nipresence; omni-action.

587:21 HAM (Noah's son). Corporeal belief; sensuality;
slavery; tyranny.

HEART. Mortal feelings, motives, affections, joys, and
587:24 sorrows.

HEAVEN. Harmony; the reign of Spirit; government
by divine Principle; spirituality; bliss; the atmosphere
587:27 of Soul.

588:1 HELL. Mortal belief; error; lust; remorse; hatred;
revenge; sin; sickness; death; suffering and self-de-
588:3 struction, self-imposed agony; effects of sin; that which
"worketh abomination or maketh a lie."

HIDDEKEL (river). Divine Science understood and
588:6 acknowledged.

HOLY GHOST. Divine Science; the development of
eternal Life, Truth, and Love.

588:9 I, or EGO. Divine Principle; Spirit; Soul; incor-
poreal, unerring, immortal, and eternal Mind.

There is but one I, or Us, but one divine Principle, or
588:12 Mind, governing all existence; man and woman un-
changed forever in their individual characters, even as
numbers which never blend with each other, though they
588:15 are governed by one Principle. All the objects of God's
creation reflect one Mind, and whatever reflects not this
one Mind, is false and erroneous, even the belief that
588:18 life, substance, and intelligence are both mental and

I AM. God; incorporeal and eternal Mind; divine
588:21 Principle; the only Ego.

IN. A term obsolete in Science if used with reference
to Spirit, or Deity.

588:24 INTELLIGENCE. Substance; self-existent and eternal
Mind; that which is never unconscious nor limited.

See chapter on Recapitulation, page 469.

589:1 ISSACHAR (Jacob's son). A corporeal belief; the
offspring of error; envy; hatred; selfishness; self-will;
589:3 lust.

JACOB. A corporeal mortal embracing duplicity, re-
pentance, sensualism. Inspiration; the revelation of
589:6 Science, in which the so-called material senses yield to
the spiritual sense of Life and Love.

JAPHET (Noah's son). A type of spiritual peace, flow-
589:9 ing from the understanding that God is the divine Prin-
ciple of all existence, and that man is His idea, the child
of His care.

589:12 JERUSALEM. Mortal belief and knowledge obtained
from the five corporeal senses; the pride of power and
the power of pride; sensuality; envy; oppression; tyr-
589:15 anny. Home, heaven.

JESUS. The highest human corporeal concept of the
divine idea, rebuking and destroying error and bringing
589:18 to light man's immortality.

JOSEPH. A corporeal mortal; a higher sense of Truth
rebuking mortal belief, or error, and showing the immor-
589:21 tality and supremacy of Truth; pure affection blessing
its enemies.

JUDAH. A corporeal material belief progressing and
589:24 disappearing; the spiritual understanding of God and
man appearing.

590:1 KINGDOM OF HEAVEN. The rein of harmony in divine
Science; the realm of unerring, eternal, and omnipotent
590:3 Mind; the atmosphere of Spirit, where Soul is supreme.

KNOWLEDGE. Evidence obtained from the five cor-
poreal senses; mortality; beliefs and opinions; human
590:6 theories, doctrines, hypotheses; that which is not divine
and is the origin of sin, sickness, and death; the oppo-
site of spiritual Truth and understanding.

590:9 LAMB OF GOD. The spiritual idea of Love; self-im-
molation; innocence and purity; sacrifice.

LEVI (Jacob's son). A corporeal and sensual belief;
590:12 mortal man; denial of the fulness of God's creation;
ecclesiastical despotism.

LIFE. See chapter on Recapitulation, page 468.

590:15 LORD. In the Hebrew, this term is sometimes em-
ployed as a title, which has the inferior sense of master,
or ruler. In the Greek, the word _kurios_ almost always
590:18 has this lower sense, unless specially coupled with the
name God. Its higher signification is Supreme Ruler.

LORD GOD. Jehovah.

590:21 This double term is not used in the first chapter of
Genesis, the record of spiritual creation. It is intro-
duced in the second and following chapters, when the
590:24 spiritual sense of God and of infinity is disappearing
from the recorder's thought, - when the true scientific
statements of the Scriptures become clouded through a
591:1 physical sense of God as finite and corporeal. From this
follow idolatry and mythology, - belief in many gods, or
591:3 material intelligences, as the opposite of the one Spirit,
or intelligence, named Elohim, or God.

MAN. The compound idea of infinite Spirit; the spirit-
591:6 ual image and likeness of God; the full representation of

MATTER. Mythology; mortality; another name for
591:9 mortal mind; illusion; intelligence, substance, and life
in non-intelligence and mortality; life resulting in death,
and death in life; sensation in the sensationless; mind
591:12 originating in matter; the opposite of Truth; the oppo-
site of Spirit; the opposite of God; that of which immortal
Mind takes no cognizance; that which mortal mind sees,
591:15 feels, hears, tastes, and smells only in belief.

MIND. The only I, or Us; the only Spirit, Soul, divine
Principle, substance, Life, Truth, Love; the one God;
591:18 not that which is _in_ man, but the divine Principle, or God,
of whom man is the full and perfect expression; Deity,
which outlines but is not outlined.

591:21 MIRACLE. That which is divinely natural, but must
be learned humanly; a phenomenon of Science.

MORNING. Light; symbol of Truth; revelation and
591:24 progress.

MORTAL MIND. Nothing claiming to be something,
for Mind is immortal; mythology; error creating other
591:27 errors; a suppositional material sense, _alias_ the belief
592:1 that sensation is in matter, which is sensationless; a be-
lief that life, substance, and intelligence are in and of
592:3 matter; the opposite of Spirit, and therefore the opposite
of God, or good; the belief that life has a beginning
and therefore an end; the belief that man is the off-
592:6 spring of mortals; the belief that there can be more than
one creator; idolatry; the subjective states of error;
material senses; that which neither exists in Science nor
592:9 can be recognized by the spiritual sense; sin; sickness;

MOSES. A corporeal mortal; moral courage; a type
592:12 of moral law and the demonstration thereof; the proof
that, without the gospel, - the union of justice and affec-
tion, - there is something spiritually lacking, since justice
592:15 demands penalties under the law.

MOTHER. God; divine and eternal Principle; Life,
Truth, and Love.

592:18 NEW JERUSALEM. Divine Science; the spiritual facts
and harmony of the universe; the kingdom of heaven,
or reign of harmony.

592:21 NIGHT. Darkness; doubt; fear.

NOAH. A corporeal mortal; knowledge of the noth-
ingness of material things and of the immortality of all
592:24 that is spiritual.

OIL. Consecration; charity; gentleness; prayer; heav-
enly inspiration.

592:27 PHARISEE. Corporeal and sensuous belief; self-right-
eousness; vanity; hypocrisy.

593:1 PISON (river). The love of the good and beautiful, and
their immortality.

593:3 PRINCIPLE. See chapter on Recapitulation, page 465.

PROPHET. A spiritual seer; disappearance of mate-
rial sense before the conscious facts of spiritual Truth.

593:6 PURSE. Laying up treasures in matter; error.

RED DRAGON. Error; fear; inflammation; sensuality;
subtlety; animal magnetism; envy; revenge.

593:9 RESURRECTION. Spiritualization of thought; a new
and higher idea of immortality, or spiritual existence;
material belief yielding to spiritual understanding.

593:12 REUBEN (Jacob's son). Corporeality; sensuality; de-
lusion; mortality; error.

RIVER. Channel of thought.

593:15 When smooth and unobstructed, it typifies the course
of Truth; but muddy, foaming, and dashing, it is a type
of error.

593:18 ROCK. Spiritual foundation; Truth. Coldness and


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