Science and Health With Key to the Scriptures
Mary Baker Eddy

Part 13 out of 14

SALVATION. Life, Truth, and Love understood and
593:21 demonstrated as supreme over all; sin, sickness, and
death destroyed.

SEAL. The signet of error revealed by Truth

594:1 SERPENT (_ophis_, in Greek; _nacash_, in Hebrew).
Subtlety; a lie; the opposite of Truth, named error;
594:3 the first statement of mythology and idolatry; the belief
in more than one God; animal magnetism; the first lie
of limitation; finity; the first claim that there is an oppo-
594:6 site of Spirit, or good, termed matter, or evil; the first
delusion that error exists as fact; the first claim that sin,
sickness, and death are the realities of life. The first
594:9 audible claim that God was not omnipotent and that
there was another power, named _evil_, which was as real
and eternal as God, good.

594:12 SHEEP. Innocence; inoffensiveness; those who follow
their leader.

SHEM (Noah's son). A corporeal mortal; kindly affec-
594:1 tion; love rebuking error; reproof of sensualism.

SON. The Son of God, the Messiah or Christ. The
son of man, the offspring of the flesh. " Son of a year."

594:18 SOULS. See chapter on Recapitulation, page 466.

SPIRIT. Divine substance; Mind; divine Principle;
all that is good; God; that only which is perfect, ever-
594:21 lasting, omnipresent, omnipotent, infinite.

SPIRITS. Mortal beliefs; corporeality; evil minds;
supposed intelligences, or gods; the opposites of God;
594:24 errors; hallucinations. (See page 466.)

SUBSTANCE. See chapter on Recapitulation, page 468.

595:1 SUN. The symbol of Soul governing man, - of
Truth, Life, and Love.

595:3 SWORD. The idea of Truth; justice. Revenge;

TARES. Mortality; error; sin; sickness; disease;
595:6 death.

TEMPLE. Body; the idea of Life, substance, and in-
telligence; the superstructure of Truth; the shrine of
595:9 Love; a material superstructure, where mortals congre-
gate for worship.

THUMMIM. Perfection; the eternal demand of divine
595:12 Science.

The Urim and Thummim, which were to be on Aaron's
breast when he went before Jehovah, were holiness and
595:15 purification of thought and deed, which alone can fit us
for the office of spiritual teaching.

TIME. Mortal measurements; limits, in which are
595:18 summed up all human acts, thoughts, beliefs, opinions,
knowledge; matter; error; that which begins before,
and continues after, what is termed death, until the mortal
595:21 disappears and spiritual perfection appears.

TITHE. Contribution; tenth part; homage; gratitude.
A sacrifice to the gods.

595:24 UNCLEANLINESS. Impure thoughts; error; sin; dirt.

UNGODLINESS. Opposition to the divine Principle and
its spiritual idea.

596:1 UNKNOWN. That which spiritual sense alone compre-
hends, and which is unknown to the material senses.

596:3 Paganism and agnosticism may define Deity as "the
great unknowable;" but Christian Science brings God
much nearer to man, and makes Him better known as
596:6 the All-in-all, forever near.

Paul saw in Athens an altar dedicated "to the unknown
God." Referring to it, he said to the Athenians: "Whom
596:9 therefore ye ignorantly worship, Him declare I unto you."
(Acts xvii. 23.)

URIM. Light.

596:12 The rabbins believed that the stones in the breast-
plate of the high-priest had supernatural illumination,
but Christian Science reveals Spirit, not matter, as the
596:15 illuminator of all. The illuminations of Science give us
a sense of the nothingness of error, and they show the
spiritual inspiration of Love and Truth to be the only fit
596:18 preparation for admission to the presence and power of
the Most High.

VALLEY. Depression; meekness; darkness.

596:21 "Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of
death, I will fear no evil." (Psalm xxiii.4.)

Though the way is dark in mortal sense, divine Life
596:24 and Love illumine it, destroy the unrest of mortal thought,
the fear of death, and the supposed reality of error. Chris-
tian Science, contradicting sense, maketh the valley to bud
596:27 and blossom as the rose.

VEIL. A cover; concealment; hiding; hypocrisy.

The Jewish women wore veils over their faces in token
597:1 of reverence and submission and in accordance with
Pharisaical notions.

597:3 The Judaic religion consisted mostly of rites and cere-
monies. The motives and affections of a man were of
little value, if only he appeared unto men to fast. The
597:6 great Nazarene, as meek as he was mighty, rebuked the
hypocrisy, which offered long petitions for blessings upon
material methods, but cloaked the crime, latent in thought,
597:9 which was ready to spring into action and crucify God's
anointed. The martyrdom of Jesus was the culminating
sin of Pharisaism. It rent the veil of the temple. It re-
597:12 vealed the false foundations and superstructures of super-
ficial religion, tore from bigotry and superstition their
coverings, and opened the sepulchre with divine Science,
597:15 - immortality and Love.

WILDERNESS. Loneliness; doubt; darkness. Spon-
taneity of thought and idea; the vestibule in which a
597:18 material sense of things disappears, and spiritual sense
unfolds the great facts of existence.

WILL. The motive-power of error; mortal belief; ani-
597:21 mal power. The might and wisdom of God.

"For this is the will of God." (I Thessalonians
iv. 3.)

597:24 Will, as a quality of so-called mortal mind, is a wrong-
doer; hence it should not be confounded with the term
as applied to Mind or to one of God's qualities.

597:27 WIND. That which indicates the might of omnipo-
tence and the movements of God's spiritual government,
encompassing all things. Destruction; anger; mortal
597:30 passions.

598:1 The Greek word for _wind_ (_pneuma_) is used also for
_spirit_, as in the passage in John's Gospel, the third chap-
598:3 ter, where we read: "The wind [_pneuma_] bloweth where
it listeth. . . . So is every one that is born of the Spirit
[_pneuma_]." Here the original word is the same in both
598:6 cases, yet it has received different translations, as in other
passages in this same chapter and elsewhere in the New
Testament. This shows how our Master had constantly
598:9 to employ words of material significance in order to unfold
spiritual thoughts. In the record of Jesus' supposed
death, we read: "He bowed his head, and gave up the
598:12 ghost;" but this word _ghost_ is _pneuma_. It might be trans-
lated _wind_ or _air_, and the phrase is equivalent to our
common statement, "He breathed his last." What
598:15 Jesus gave up was indeed air, an etherealized form of
matter, for never did he give up Spirit, or Soul.

WINE. Inspiration; understanding. Error; fornica-
598:18 tion; temptation; passion.

YEAR. A solar measurement of time; mortality;
space for repentance.

598:21 "One day is with the Lord as a thousand years."
(II Peter iii. 8.)

One moment of divine consciousness, or the spiritual
598:24 understanding of Life and Love, is a foretaste of eternity.
This exalted view, obtained and retained when the Sci-
ence of being is understood, would bridge over with life
598:27 discerned spiritually the interval of death, and man
would be in the full consciousness of his immortality and
eternal harmony, where sin, sickness, and death are un-
598:30 known. Time is a mortal thought, the divisor of which
599:1 is the solar year. Eternity is God's measurement of Soul-
filled years.

599:3 YOU. As applied to corporeality, a mortal; finity.

ZEAL. The reflected animation of Life, Truth, and
Love. Blind enthusiasm; mortal will.

599:6 ZION. Spiritual foundation and superstructure; in-
spiration; spiritual strength. Emptiness; unfaithful-
ness; desolation.


Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them. - JESUS.

That ye might walk worthy of the Lord unto all pleasing, being fruitful
in every good work, and increasing in the knowledge of God. - PAUL.

Let us get up early to the vineyards: let us see if the vine flourish,
whether the tender grape appear, and the pomegranates bud forth. -

THOUSANDS of letters could be presented in testimony of the healing
efficacy of Christian Science and particularly concerning the vast
number of people who have been reformed and healed through the perusal
or study of this book.

For the assurance and encouragement of the reader, a few of these
letters are here republished from THE CHRISTIAN SCIENCE JOURNAL and
CHRISTIAN SCIENCE SENTINEL. The originals are in the possession of the
Editor, who can authenticate the testimonials which follow.


I was a great sufferer from a serious form of rheumatic trouble, my
hands being affected to such an extent that it was impossible for me
even to dress without assistance. The trouble finally reached the knees,
and I became very lame and had to be assisted in and out of bed. I went
to the different health resorts for the benefit I hoped to derive from
the baths and waters that were prescribed by physicians, but found no
permanent relief. I was placed under an X-ray examination, and was told
that the joints were becoming ossified. I then consulted a celebrated
specialist, who after a thorough examination said my condition would
continue to grow worse and that I would become completely helpless.

At that time a copy of "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures"
by Mrs. Eddy was loaned me. I read it more from curiosity than with the
thought of any physical benefit. As the truth was unfolded to me, I
realized that the mental condition was what needed correcting, and that
the Spirit of truth which inspired this book was my physician. My
healing is complete, and the liberation in thought is manifest in a life
of active usefulness rather than the bondage of helpless invalidism and
suffering. I owe to our beloved Leader, Mrs. Eddy, gratitude which words
cannot express. Her revelation of the practical rather than the merely
theoretical application of Jesus' words, "Ye shall know the truth, and
the truth shall make you free," proved to be my redeemer. I did not even
have to apply to a practitioner, but am most grateful for the helpful
words of loving friends. - E. B. B., Pasadena, Cal.


It is nearly five years since I bought my first copy of Science and
Health, the reading of which cured me of chronic constipation, nervous
headache, astigmatism, and hernia, in less than four months.

Where would I be now, had not this blessed truth been brought to me by
much persuasion of a very dear friend?

I certainly should have been deep in the slough of despond, if not in
the grave. Am I truly thankful for all the good that has come to me and
mine? I try to let my works testify of that; but to those whom I do not
meet in person, I can truly say, Yes; I am indeed more thankful than
words can express for the glorious healing that has come to me, both
physical, mental, and moral, and I also convey herein, my song of
gratitude to the dear Leader who has through her fidelity to Truth
enabled me to touch at least the hem of Christ's garment. - B. S. J.,
Sioux City, Iowa.


It was about fifteen years ago that Christian Science first
came to my notice. At that time I had been a chronic invalid for a good
many years. I had acute bowel trouble, bronchitis, and a number of other
troubles. One physician had told me that my lungs were like wet paper, ready
to tear at any time, and I was filled with fear, as my mother, two brothers,
and a sister had been victims of consumption. I tried many physicians and
every material remedy that promised help, but no help came until I found
a copy of Mrs. Eddy's book, Science and Health. The book was placed in my
hands by one who did not then appreciate it, and I was told that it would
be hard for me to understand it. I commenced reading it with this thought,
but I caught beautiful glimpses of Truth, which took away my fear and healed
me of all those diseases, and they have never returned.

I would also like to tell how I was healed of a sprained ankle. The
accident occurred in the morning, and all that day and during the night
I gave myself Christian Science treatment, as best I could. The next
morning it seemed to be no better, being very sore, badly swollen, and
much discolored. Feeling that I had done all I could, I decided to stop
thinking about it. I took my copy of Science and Health and began
reading. Very soon I became so absorbed in the book that I forgot all
about my ankle; it went entirely out of my thought, for I had a glimpse
of all God's creation as spiritual, and for the time being lost sight of
my material selfhood. After two hours I laid the book down and walked
into another room. When next I thought of my ankle, I found it was not
hurting me. The swelling had gone down, the black and blue appearance
had nearly vanished, and it was perfectly well. It was healed while I
was "absent from the body" and "present with the Lord." This experience
was worth a great deal to me, for it showed me how the healing is done.
- C. H., Portland, Ore.


My gratitude for Christian Science is boundless. I was afflicted with a
fibroid tumor which weighed not less than fifty pounds, attended by a
continuous hemorrhage for eleven years. The tumor was a growth of
eighteen years.

I lived in Fort Worth, Tex., and I had never heard of Christian Science
before leaving there for Chicago in the year 1887. I had tried to live
near to God, and I feel sure He guided me in all my steps to this
healing and saving truth. After being there several weeks I received
letters from a Texas lady who had herself been healed, and who wrote
urging me to try Christian Science.

Changing my boarding-place, I met a
lady who owned a copy of Science and Health, and in speaking to her of
having seen the book, she informed me she had one, and she got it and
told me I could read it. The revelation was marvelous and brought a
great spiritual awakening. This awakened sense never left me, and one
day when walking alone it came to me very suddenly that I was healed,
and I walked the faster declaring every step that I was healed. When I
reached my boarding-place, I found my hostess and told her I was healed.
She looked the picture of amazement. The tumor began to disappear at
once, the hemorrhage ceased, and perfect strength was manifest.

There was no joy ever greater than mine for this Christ-cure, for I was
very weary and heavy laden. I thought very little of either sleeping or
eating, and my heart was filled with gratitude, since I knew I had
touched the hem of his garment.

I must add that the reading of Science and Health, and that alone,
healed me, and it was the second copy I ever saw. - S. L., Fort Worth,


While an inmate of the State asylum for the insane at Middletown, Conn.,
an epileptic, and at times confined to my bed with bilious attacks,
pronounced incurable by the doctors (at least six in number), the book,
Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, by Mrs. Eddy was
placed in my hands. After reading a few pages, I became very much
impressed with the truth therein stated, and although I was surrounded
with opposition, I knew that "underneath are the everlasting arms."
Since that time - past the middle of the year 1899 - I have kept
pressing on, until I have been healed by reading Science and Health. At
times I was beset by what seemed unconquerable opposition, until the
first week in October, 1904, when, upon going to my home in Darien for a
visit, I was given my liberty, and I am now earning my living in this
city. After having been subject to epileptic attacks since 1892, and at
one time pronounced dying by the doctor in charge, I am now well. I have
had no fit, or symptoms of any, since the first week in May, 1904.

I trust that this testimony to the healing power of Truth, realized by
reading Science and Health (for I had no treatment), may reach the eye
of some to whom the battle seems long, and inspire them with fresh
courage and a realization of the worth of the victory. I am filled with
inexpressible gratitude and love to God, and to Mrs. Eddy. - Mrs. B. B.
C., Stamford, Conn.


I have felt for some time I should give my experience in mental surgery.
In May, 1902, going home for lunch, on a bicycle, and while riding down
a hill at a rapid gait, I was thrown from the wheel, and falling on my
left side with my arm under my head, the bone was broken about half-way
between the shoulder and elbow. While the pain was intense, I lay still
in the dust, declaring the truth and denying that there could be a break
or accident in the realm of divine Love, until a gentleman came to
assist me, saying, he thought I had been stunned. I was only two and a
half blocks from home, so I mounted my wheel again and managed to reach
it. On arriving there I lay down and asked my little boy to bring me our
textbook. He immediately brought Science and Health, which I read for
about ten minutes, when all pain left.

I said nothing to my family of the accident, but attended to some duties
and was about half an hour late in returning to the office, this being
my only loss of time from work. My friends claimed that the arm had not
been broken, as it would have been impossible for me to continue my work
without having it set, and carrying it in a sling until the bone knit
together. Their insistence almost persuaded me that I might have been
mistaken, until one of my friends invited me to visit a physician's
office where they were experimenting with an X-ray machine. The
physician was asked to examine my left arm to see if it differed from
the ordinary. On looking through it, he said, "Yes, it has been broken,
but whoever set it made a perfect job of it, and you will never have any
further trouble from that break." My friend then asked the doctor to
show how he could tell where the break had been. The doctor pointed out
the place as being slightly thicker at that part, like a piece of steel
that had been welded. This was the first of several cases of mental
surgery that have come under my notice, and it made a deep impression on

For the benefit of others who may have something similar to meet, I will
say that I have overcome almost constant attacks of sick headaches,
extending back to my earliest recollection. - L. C. S., Salt Lake City,


I wish to add my testimony to those of others, and hope that it may be
the means of bringing some poor sufferer to health, to happiness, and to
God. I was healed through simply reading this wonderful book, Science
and Health. I had been troubled periodically for many years with sore
eyes, and had been to many doctors, who called the disease iritis and
cataract. They told me that my eyes would always give me trouble, and
that I would eventually lose my sight if I remained in an office, and
advised me to go under an operation. Later on I had to wear glasses at
my work, also out of doors as I could not bear the winds, and my eyes
were gradually becoming worse. I could not read for longer than a few
minutes at a time, otherwise they would smart severely. I had to rest my
eyes each evening to enable me to use them the next day; in fact
gas-light was getting unbearable because of the pain, and I made home
miserable. A dear brother told me about Christian Science, and said that
if I would read Science and Health it would help me. He procured for me
the loan of the book. The first night I read it, it so interested me I
quite forgot all about my eyes until my wife remarked that it was eleven
o'clock. I found that I had been reading this book for nearly four
hours, and I remarked immediately after, "I believe my eyes are cured,"
which was really the case. The next day, on looking at my eyes, my wife
noticed that the cataract had disappeared. I put away my outdoor
glasses, which I have not required since, and through the understanding
gained by studying Christian Science I have been able to do away with my
indoor glasses also, and have had no return of pain in my eyes since.
This is now a year and a half ago. - G. F. S., Liverpool, England.


Fourteen years ago my heart awoke to gratitude to God and the dear
Leader at the same time. After a patient and persistent effort of three
months' duration, to procure a copy of Science and Health (during which
time I had visited every bookstore, and many of the second-hand
bookstores in the city of St. Paul), and had failed to find it, I at
last remembered that the stranger who told me I might be healed, had
mentioned a name, and McVicker's Theatre Building in Chicago as being in
some way connected with the work. I sent there for information regarding
a book called Health and Science, and the return mail brought me the
book, Science and Health, and in it I at once found sure promise of
deliverance from valvular heart disease, with all the accompaniments,
such as extreme nervousness, weakness, dyspepsia, and insomnia. I had
suffered from these all my life, finding no permanent relief, even, in
material remedies, and no hope of cure at any time. Only those who have
been held in such bondage and have been liberated by the same means,
can know the eager joy of the first perusal of that wonderful book.

Half a day's reading convinced me that I had found the way to holiness
and health. I read on, thinking only of the spiritual enlightenment,
content to wait until I should be led to some person who would heal me;
but old things had passed away, and all things had become new. I was
completely healed before I had met a Scientist, or one who knew anything
about Christian Science, and before I had read a line of any other
Christian Science literature except one leaf of a tract; so it is
absolutely certain that the healing was entirely impersonal, as was also
the teaching, which enabled me to begin at once demonstrating the power
of Truth to destroy all forms of error. - E. J. W., North Yakima, Wash.


It is with a deep sense of gratitude that I send the particulars of my
healing through Christian Science. While visiting friends in the
southwestern part of Ontario, about three years ago, my attention was
called to Christian Science and the wonderful healing it was doing. I
had lived in New York for twenty-five years, but had never heard of
Christian Science before, to my recollection.

Up to that time, for seventeen years, I had suffered with indigestion
and gastritis in the worst form, often being overcome from a seeming
pressure against the heart. I had asthma for four years, also had worn
glasses for four years. It seemed to me that I had swallowed every known
medicine to relieve my indigestion, but they only gave me temporary
benefit. I purchased a copy of Science and Health, and simply from the
reading of that grand book I was completely healed of all my physical
ailments in two weeks' time. I have used no medicine from that day to
this, and with God's help, and the wonderful light revealed to me
through the reading of Mrs. Eddy's book, I never expect to again. I used
to smoke eight or ten cigars a day, and also took an occasional drink,
but the desire for these has gone, - I feel forever. I travel on the
road, and am constantly being invited to indulge, but it is no effort to
abstain, and in many instances I find that my refusal helps others.

While I fully appreciate the release from my physical troubles, this
pales into insignificance in comparison with the spiritual uplifting
Christian Science has brought me. I had not been inside a church for
more than ten years, to attend regular services, until I entered a
Christian Science church. What I saw and realized there, seemed so
genuine that I loved Christian Science from the very start. I have never
taken a treatment, - every inch of the way has been through study and
practical demonstration, and I know that all can do the same thing if
they will try.

Since I have been in Science I have overcome a case of ulcerated tooth
in one night through the reading of Science and Health; also a severe
attack of grip in thirty-six hours by obeying the Scripture saying,
"Physician, heal thyself." - B. H. N., New York, N. Y.


I was a great sufferer for many years from internal cancer and
consumption. I was treated by the best of physicians in New York,
Minneapolis, and Duluth, and was finally given up as incurable, when I
heard of Christian Science. A neighbor who had been healed of
consumption, kindly loaned me Science and Health by Mrs. Eddy, which I
read and became interested in. In three months' time, I was healed, the
truth conveyed to me by this book being the healer, and not only of
these diseases, but I was made whole mentally as well. I have not been
in bed one day since, or rather in eleven years. I have had many good
demonstrations during this time, have passed through many a "fiery
trial," but this blessed truth has caused me to stand, at times
seemingly alone, and God was with me.

I will mention a demonstration of painless childbirth which I have had
since coming to Idaho. Perhaps it may help some sister who is looking
through the _Journal_ for a demonstration of this kind, as I was before
my baby came. Good help being scarce here, I did my housework up to the
time I was confined, and was in perfect health. I awoke my husband one
morning at five o'clock, and at half past five baby was born, no one
being present but my husband and myself. It was quite a surprise to the
rest of the family to see me sitting by the fire with a new baby on my
lap. My son got the breakfast, of which I ate heartily; at noon I joined
the family in the dining-room. I was out on the porch the second day,
around the yard the third day, and have been perfectly well ever since,
which has been now over three years. To one who had previously passed
through agony untold, with a physician in attendance, this seemed
wonderful. I hope this will interest some one who is seeking the truth,
and I wish to express my sincere love for our beloved Leader, who has
given us the " Key to the Scriptures." - E. C. C., Lewiston, Idaho.


Nine years ago my only child was hovering between life and death. Some
of the best physicians in Boston had pronounced his case incurable,
saying that if he lived he would always be an invalid and a cripple. One
of the diseases was gastric catarrh. He was allowed to eat but very few
things, and even after taking every precaution, he suffered to the
extent that he would lie in spasms for half a day. He also had rickets;
physicians saying that there was not a natural bone in his body.

It was while he was in what seemed to be his greatest agony, and when I
was in the darkest despair, that I first heard of Christian Science. The
bearer of the joyful tidings could only tell me to come and hear of the
wonderful things that Christian Science was doing. I accepted the
invitation, for I was willing to try anything to save my child, and the
following Friday evening I attended my first meeting, which was in The
Mother Church of Christ, Scientist. Long before the service began every
seat was filled, which was amazing to me, being an ordinary weekly
meeting, and that night I realized from the testimonies given that
Christian Science was the religion for which I had been searching for
years. The next day I went to find a practitioner, but was unable to get
the one who had been recommended, he being too busy. On my way home I
thought of some of the testimonies which I had heard the night before, -
of people being healed by simply reading Science and Health. I resolved at
once to borrow a copy, and not dreaming of the sacrifice that my friend
would make by conferring such a favor, I went and asked her for a loan of
Science and Health. I never saw any one part so reluctantly with a book
as my friend did with her copy of the textbook.

I read it silently and audibly, day and night, in my home, and although
I could not seem to understand it, yet the healing commenced to take
place at once. The little mouth which had been twisted by spasms grew
natural and the child was soon able to be up, playing and romping about
the house as any child should. About this time we decided to move to the
far West.

I was young in Science at the time, and my husband greatly feared that
the journey would cause a relapse for the child, but instead, he
continued to improve. I constantly read the Bible, Science and Health,
and Miscellaneous Writings, the two weeks we traveled, and we were the
only ones in our car who, throughout the journey, did not get train
sick. The child's limbs grew perfectly straight, he ate anything he
wanted, and for years he has been a natural, healthy child in every way.
He has passed through some of the worst forms of contagion untouched and

I had been reading Science and Health several months, before I gave any
thought to myself and my numerous complaints. I had never been very
strong, and some of my ailments were supposed to be hereditary and
chronic, hence I dragged through many tedious years with a belief in
medical laws and hereditary laws resting upon me.

Just before I commenced reading Science and Health I spent a half day in
having my eyes examined by one of the leading oculists in Boston. His
verdict was that my eyes were in a dreadful condition, and that I would
always need to wear glasses. In the meantime I commenced to read Science
and Health, and when I thought of my eyes, I had no need for glasses.
The years that I have been in Science I have used my eyes incessantly,
night as well as day, doing all kinds of trying work and without
requiring the aid of glasses. I was healed of all my complaints whilst
seeking the truth for my child, and many of them have never returned.
Those that appeared simply came to the surface to be destroyed. Teeth
have been restored and facial blemishes removed, unconsciously, simply
by reading Science and Health. All of this is, however, nothing to
compare with the spiritual uplifting which I have received, and I have
everything to be thankful for. - M. T. W., Los Angeles, Cal.


For about five years I was afflicted with sciatic rheumatism, in such a
severe form that my body was drawn out of shape. When able to be around,
I walked with the assistance of a cane. The attacks were periodical,
recurring every few months; any exposure to rain or dampness would bring
one. At one time I was in bed eleven weeks, suffering intensely all the
time except when relieved by hypodermic injections. When I had these
attacks, my regular physician was always in attendance. My daughter
consulted another physician, who said there would have to be an
operation which would include the exposing and scraping of the sciatic
nerve. There was also another physician who, knowing of the case,
examined my heart and claimed that it was weak and that I was liable to
pass on at any time from heart trouble.

After suffering three years I heard of Christian Science, but did not
avail myself of it for two years, when I decided to give up all other
means and rely wholly upon it. It was not convenient to call a
practitioner, so I took Science and Health and applied its teachings as
best I could. In three days the trouble completely left me and there has
never been the slightest return. My health has been good ever since, and
I am at present in perfect physical health. I have been benefited in
every way by Christian Science, physically, mentally, and spiritually,
and would not be without my understanding of it for anything. - Mrs. E.
A. K., Billings, Mont.


I am very thankful to God for what He has done for me. I was suddenly
left alone, with many troubles and trials, and I took up the study of
the Bible. I was trying to understand it, prior to joining some church,
as it seemed to me this would be expected. I had attended all sorts of
churches from my childhood up, but never could find any that met my
need. As time passed on, my condition became very alarming. Sciatic
rheumatism, that had troubled me for some years, became so severe I
could scarcely do anything.

Then there appeared some complications, so distressing that I was unable
to walk far, and had to sit down frequently by the way. I thought I had
Bright's disease, - such excruciating pains, no tongue could tell my
sufferings. With all these things upon me, death seemed very near. I had
never joined any church, and I thought it now too late, as I would have
to wait six months on probation, and I would be dead before that.

About this time I made some inquiries of my sister in reference to
Christian Science, as she had already turned to that faith, and I soon
found that it was just what I had been looking for. I saw at once that
it declared the truth and nothing but the truth. I commenced reading
Science and Health, also the New Testament. I wanted to find out what
Jesus said, as I did not expect then to live long. I did not go to the
meetings, nor did I read Science and Health to be cured, - not thinking
of that, - but to be saved from an everlasting hell hereafter. My sister
urged me to have a practitioner, but I kept on reading, and praying to
God in silence, and what happened? Where had the diseases gone? I
persisted in reading Science and Health, together with the Bible, with
the knowledge that God as revealed by Christ Jesus can do everything,
that He made everything that was made, that He can and does heal the
afflicted. He has healed me, thanks to His most holy name. - G. J. H.,
Charleston, Ill.


In the year 1901, Christian Science found me a hopeless invalid. I had
suffered for seven years previous with a very painful back, the result
of an operation. I could get no rest or sleep at night, as I could not
lie down, but had to sit propped in a chair with pillows around me. Only
those who have suffered as I did can know the full misery of it. I had
come to the end of material means and never hoped to get well. One day,
however, while out walking, it was my good fortune to come to a
Christian Scientist's house, and there the teaching was explained to me.
I was advised to buy Science and Health, which I did, and the study of
this book has healed my back entirely. Christian Science has also cured
me of long-standing catarrh of the throat, and neuralgia with which I
had been afflicted from childhood. Before coming into Science I had
doctored with three of the best physicians in Seattle, but none could
give me relief.

I am no longer a sufferer, but rejoice exceedingly in Christian Science.
God's promise has been fulfilled to me, " But unto you that fear my name
shall the Sun of righteousness arise with healing in his wings." - E.
O., Georgetown, Wash.


Christian Science found in me a minister's son who had failed to profit
by continuous teaching in the old thought. Some years ago I was
pronounced by a professor of _materia medica_, whose works are in
general use, a neurasthenic. I had been in this condition more or less
for eight years, and up to two years ago, when Christian Science was
first brought to my attention (thanks to Almighty God) through a kind
friend, I was almost constantly taking medicine and had in all eleven
physicians who undoubtedly did their best, but without avail, not-
withstanding almost all known drugs were prescribed, and further I had
tried very many patent medicines. I was also put through forms of
hygienic treatment and other things that offered inducements. At the
time of coming into Science I was taking three times daily forty minims
of cod-liver oil and three of creosote, also three drops of Fowler's
solution of arsenic, and on the month or so previous had bought eighteen
dollars' worth of patent medicine. I was restricted to the simplest
means of diet, - all stews, fries, sweets, berries, and tomatoes I had
not touched for two years.

I started to read Science and Health, and before I had half finished the
book once I was eating everything that any one does. I read the book
eleven times straight ahead and many times skipping about. The book has
done the work and I am a well man. - C. E. M., Philadelphia, Pa.


I have received much help, spiritually and physically, through Christian
Science. I had what the doctors diagnosed as muscular rheumatism,
dropsy, and constipation of thirty years' standing. A dear friend whom I
had known as an invalid had been healed by Christian Science and advised
me to read Science and Health. I did so, having a desire to know the
truth. One of my troubles was that I could not sleep. I began reading
the Bible and the Christian Science textbook, and troubles of every kind
disappeared before I had read Science and Health through. The thought
came, What about the old remedies? but truth prevailed, and I took all
the material remedies I had and threw them away. That was seven years
ago, and I have not had any use for them since. My husband was healed of
the tobacco habit of fifty years' standing, also of kidney trouble, by
reading Science and Health. I have not words to express the gratitude I
feel to-day for the many blessings that have come to our home. - Mrs. M.
K. O., Seattle, Wash.


I became interested in Christian Science about eleven years ago, and was
healed of neuralgia of the stomach, from which I had suffered from a
child. As I grew older, the spells became more frequent and more severe;
the only relief physicians could give me was by hypodermic injections of
morphine. Finally, after each spell, I would be prostrated for a day or
two with the after-effect of the morphine. I was entirely healed of this
trouble through the study of Science and Health. I think I never
realized what fear meant until I began to try and put into practice my
understanding of Christian Science for my children. I have proved,
however, many times, that fear can neither help nor hinder in our
demonstration of truth. The first time I realized this was in the
overcoming of a severe case of croup for my little boy. I was awakened
one night by the sound that seems to bring terror to every mother's
heart, and found the little fellow sitting up in bed, gasping for
breath. I got up, took him in my arms, and went into the next room. My
first thought was, "O if only there was another Christian Scientist in
town!" But there was not, and the work must be done and done quickly. I
tried to treat him, but was so frightened I could not think; so I picked
up Science and Health, which lay on the table beside me, and began
reading aloud. I had read but a few lines when these words came to me as
though a voice spoke, "The word of God is quick, and powerful, and
sharper than any two-edged sword." Almost immediately after, the little
one said, "Mamma, sing 'Shepherd,' " - our Leader's hymn, that both the
big and the little children love. I began singing, and commencing with
the second line, the little voice joined me. I shall never forget the
feeling of joy and peace that came over me, when I realized how quickly
God's word, through Science and Health and the beautiful hymn, had
accomplished the healing work. This is only one of many instances in
which the power of God's word to heal has been demonstrated in our home.
- A. J. G., Riverside, Cal.


Paul said, "Be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind." In my own
case deafness has been overcome by an enlarged understanding of God's
word, as explained by Mrs. Eddy in Science and Health. Many times I have
been enabled to turn to God, to know it was His will to help in trouble,
and obtained the needed benefit. Catarrh has disappeared; tonsilitis,
which very frequently laid me aside from duties in the schoolroom and
home, is no longer manifest. When temptation comes (for Christian
Science is both preventive and curative), I turn to that wonderful book,
Science and Health, and my precious Bible, grown dearer since read in
the new light of spiritual understanding, until I know that my mind is
renewed, because the action is changed and the inflammation has abated.

Thus in my experience in Christian Science, I have seen the
transformation begun, and Truth is able to perfect that which is begun
in me so gloriously. - Mrs. C.A. McL., Brooklyn, Nova Scotia.


For fifteen years I was a great sufferer physically and mentally.
Eminent physicians treated me for hereditary consumption, torpid liver,
and many other diseases. I sought relief at famous springs, the ozone of
Florida, and the pure air of Colorado, but in vain. My life was one
ceaseless torture.

During all this time, however, I was an earnest seeker after Truth. I
examined every religious teaching with a calm and unprejudiced
attention. From an orthodox Protestant I became a skeptic, and a
follower of Voltaire, Tom Paine, and Ingersoll; yet all the while I
retained faith in a supreme intelligent Being who made all. Sick, weary,
doubting, and despairing, I accidentally went into a Christian Science
church in New York City, on a Wednesday evening, not knowing what kind
of a place it was. Seeing a large number of people going into the
building, I followed, supposing that a marriage ceremony had attracted
the crowd. Being informed it was their regular Wednesday evening
service, I inquired as to the denomination. I concluded that it was
another new fad, but after investigation I procured a copy of Science
and Health, promising I would read it carefully. I began reading the
book on Tuesday and finished on Friday of the same week. I was still in
the dark. I laid the book down, involuntarily closed my eyes, and
silently prayed to God.

I remained in that attitude a few moments, when I felt like the mariner
who had been tossed for days upon a boisterous sea, the clouds bending
low, the billows rolling high, all nature wrapped in darkness; in his
despair he kneels and commits his soul to God, when he suddenly beholds
the North Star breaking through the clouds, enabling him to guide his
ship to the shores of safety. Many things were made plain to me. I saw
that there is one Fatherhood of God and one brotherhood of man; that
though "once I was blind, now I see;" that there was no more pain, nor
aches, no fear, nor indigestion. I slept that night like a babe and
awoke next morning refreshed. There are now no traces whatever of my
former complaint and I feel like a new being. - L. P., New York, N. Y.


About nine years ago I was drawn to Christian Science by a relative
whose many afflictions had given place to health and harmony, and whose
loving gratitude was reflected in every word and deed. The thought came
to me, God indeed healeth all our diseases.

My first reading of Science and Health was without understanding. I was
full of darkness and gloom, and it was laid aside for a time. The good
seed had been sown, however, and erelong the reading was resumed,
and with such interest that my afflictions disappeared "like mist before
the morning sun." Asthma (thought to be hereditary), neuralgia in an
aggravated form, and besides these, the tobacco and liquor habit of many
years' standing left me. Bless the Lord, "He sent his word" and healed
me, - for the reading of Science and Health brought to my consciousness
the truth that makes free. - S., Shellman, Ga.


I became interested in Christian Science nearly five years ago through
the healing of my wife of what the doctors called consumption in its
last stages. I had tried everything that I could get in the way of
_materia medica_, and every doctor would tell me nearly the same story
about the case. At last they recommended for her only a higher, drier
climate, and when she would be at her worst to give her something to
quiet her.

I tried different climates, but she was no better, indeed worse. At last
she struggled along until the first of March, 1899. She had taken to her
bed again. For two days and nights she suffered, and I called a
physician. He came and diagnosed the case, and said that he could do
nothing for her but give her some morphine tablets to make her rest. I
gave her two of them according to direction, and just before the time to
give her the third, she called me to her bedside, and said, " Don't give
me any more of that stuff, for it does me more harm than good," so I
turned and placed them in the fire, though I did not then know anything
about Christian Science. We had heard of it, but that was all. I gave
her the last tablet at eight o'clock that night, and about nine o'clock
the next day a lady who had been healed in Christian Science visited
her, and introduced her to this great truth. She accepted it and thought
she would try it. The lady loaned her Science and Health. She got the
book about ten o'clock that day and read it until dinner was called. She
ate a hearty dinner, the first in about three days, and that same
evening she dressed herself, walked into the dining-room, ate a hearty
supper and enjoyed it. She slept well that night. She borrowed this
lady's copy of Science and Health two hours each day for eight days, and
was healed. The first day that she read Science and Health she weighed
about ninety-five pounds. Three months later she weighed one hundred and
thirty-five pounds. - A. J. D., Houston, Tex.


It may help others to know that some one was really healed of severe
illness through Christian Science. It is over nine years since we first
became interested in the Science, and it would be hard to find a
healthier person than I am now. I can go all day, from morning till
night, upheld by the thought that "they that wait upon the Lord shall
renew their strength." I can truly say that I scarcely know what
physical weariness is any more. Before I came into Science the
physicians said that one lung was gone, and that the other was affected
with tuberculosis; so, from their standpoint, there was little left for
me to hope for. We had tried every remedy that they had suggested. I had
gone to the mountains, but could not stay there on account of the
altitude; and when they did not know what else to do, they said we would
better go to England - that the ocean air would be beneficial. So we
spent three months in the British Isles, and when I came back I seemed
much better, but this only lasted a short time. In little more than a
month I was worse than ever, and my mother was told that I had but a few
weeks, or at most months, to live.

At that time, a lady, a stranger to us, suggested that we try Christian
Science. There was no prejudice against it, as we did not even know what
it was. We knew of no Scientists in the Western town where we were
living, and when we were told that we could send to Kansas City for
absent treatment, we thought it was absurd. We were then told that many
people had been healed through the reading of the Christian Science
textbook, Science and Health, and to us this seemed a little worse than
the absent treatment, but as we had tried everything we had heard of up
to that time, my mother sent for the book.

It came in the middle of October and we began to read it together. It
seemed to me from the first that it was something I had always believed,
but did not know how to express - it seemed such a natural thing. My
improvement was very gradual, but I felt I was recovering. After the
Christmas holidays I started in at school and went the whole term
without missing a day, - something I had never done before. I finished
my school course without missing a day - in fact, I have not spent a day
in bed since that time. I feel absolutely certain that I have two sound,
healthy lungs now. The hollows in my chest have filled out, and I
breathe perfectly on both sides; rarely have a cold to meet, and have
not a sign of a cough.

People sometimes say, "Oh, well, maybe you never had consumption." Well,
I had all the symptoms, and they are every one gone through the reading
of Science and Health. - E. L. B., Chicago, Ill.


I feel compelled to write my testimony and hope that I may be accepted
as one more witness to the Truth as contained in Science and Health with
Key to the Scriptures.

In the year 1883 I first heard of Christian Science. I was sitting in a
saloon in Leadville, Col., reading a daily paper of that place. My eyes
lighted upon an article which spoke of some peculiar people in Boston
who claimed to have discovered how to heal as Jesus healed. I do not
remember much of the article, but those words stayed with me.

I had drifted out to Colorado from New York City (my home), where I had
been under the treatment of many leading physicians. The last one, who
was too honest to take my money knowing that he could not cure me,
advised me to keep away from doctors and quit taking medicine, as
nothing but death could cure me. My trouble was pronounced by some to be
Bright's disease, by others gravel on the kidneys with very acute
inflammation of the bladder and prostate gland.

In the spring of 1888 my wife and myself were spending the evening at
the house of a gentleman whose wife had been healed in the East by
Christian Science. The gentleman took a book from its bookcase saying,
"Here is a work on Christian Science." It proved to be Science and
Health. I knew as soon as I had read the title-page that this was the
very book we wanted. We immediately sent for the book, and when it
arrived we obeyed the angel and feasted on it. I was very much
prejudiced against the Bible, and my first demonstration over self was
to consent to read the four Gospels. My wife bought me a New Testament
and I began to read it. What a change came over me! All my prejudice was
gone in an instant! When I read the Master's words, I caught his meaning
and the lesson he tried to convey. It was not difficult for me to accept
the whole Bible, for I could not help myself, I was just captured. The
disease with which I had been troubled for years tormented me worse than
ever for about six months, as if trying to turn me aside; but I lost all
fear of it.

I kept up my study of Science and Health and the disease disappeared. I
can honestly say that Science and Health was my only healer, and it has
been my only teacher. - R. A. C., Los Angeles, Cal.


Christian Science came to me when I was a wreck, my body being
completely covered with sores. My eyes were very bad, so that I sat in a
darkened room for weeks together, most of the time in bed under opiates.
The home doctor and a specialist said the disease of the eyes could not
be cured, though they might help me for a while. I had one operation,
and the doctor said if I took cold I would become totally blind. My
suffering was beyond telling.

A clergyman called almost every day, and sat by my bed and wept, and my
good, kind doctor shed tears many times. Finally, after a year of this
terrible suffering, I was sent to Indiana, to a sister who had been
healed of lung trouble by Christian Science. The first day I was there
she read to me from the Bible and from "Science and Health with Key to
the Scriptures" by Mrs. Eddy, and I was healed. I knew that God was no
respecter of persons, and when I saw what had been done for my sister,
who was changed from being a mere frame to a strong, robust, healthy,
rosy-cheeked woman, the cough all gone, I said, "God has as much for me,
if I will accept it." I was healed instantaneously by Christian Science,
and am thankful to God for giving us this understanding through Mrs.
Eddy, our beloved Leader. I am now in perfect health. - Mrs. F. S.,
Laurel, Miss.


For twelve years previous to the fall of 1897 I had been under the care
of a physician much of the time. Different opinions were given by them,
as to the nature of the trouble, some diagnosing it as an abnormal
growth, etc. I was healed through reading "Science and Health with Key
to the Scriptures" by Mrs. Eddy. It was a clear case of transformation
of the body by the renewal of the mind. I am perfectly well at the
present time. - J. M. H., Omaha, Neb.


There is no doubt that by far the greater number come to Christian
Science by the way of physical healing, but there are those to whom
this does not particularly appeal. In the hope
that it may be of benefit to some such, and in gratitude for help
received, I submit my own experience. Three years ago I knew nothing of
Christian Science, aside from the knowledge gathered from the daily
papers and current literature. When I thought of the subject at all, it
was to class Christian Science with various human theories with which I
could not be in sympathy, for they seemed to rely upon both good and
evil. I had never known of a case of healing, had never read the
textbook or heard of the _Journal_ or _Sentinel_, but I would sometimes
see people going into the Christian Science church. I was tired of
trying to find anything satisfactory in religious belief, for it seemed
as if God either could not or would not bring into harmony the terrible
conditions existing in human society. I had quit using any form of
prayer except the Lord's Prayer, and even then omitted the words "lead
us not into temptation." How I longed to know just a little of the
"why?" and "wherefore?" of it all.

Here is where Christian Science found me. I was thrown in contact with a
dear friend of whom I had seen very little for a year or more, a
thoroughly educated woman and a thinker. She told me she had taken some
treatments in Christian Science for a physical trouble, and had become
very much interested in the study of "Science and Health with Key to the
Scriptures" by Mrs. Eddy. She asked me if I would like to look at the
book, and I said I would be glad to do so. The first chapter, "Prayer,"
appealed to me from the first, and when I came to Mrs. Eddy's spiritual
sense of the Lord's Prayer (Science and Health, p. 17), my interest was
fully aroused. I knew that in a dim way I was learning what it means to
"pray without ceasing." Very soon I bought a book of my own, and with
the help of our Lesson-Sermons, as given in the _Quarterly_, I began in
earnest the study of Science and Health, in connection with the Bible.

I stood very much in need of physical healing at this time, having
suffered for several years from an obstinate form of stomach trouble. So
far as I know, I gave no thought to the benefits I might derive
physically from the study, but I did believe this Science held the truth
of things, and I was so absorbed in getting an understanding of the
Principle that I thought very little of myself. After about three or
four months' study I realized that the stomach trouble was gone, and
with it went other physical troubles, which have never returned. This
healing was brought about by the earnest, conscientious seeking for the
truth, as contained in the Bible and interpreted by our Leader in our
textbook, Science and Health. I have since learned more of the Science
of healing and have been able in a small way to help others in need. I
have also learned that in living and loving is healing realized, and in
reflecting divine Love I have the "signs following."

When we think of the pure, loving, unselfish life Mrs. Eddy must have
lived in order to become conscious of this truth and give it to us,
words are a poor medium through which to express the gratitude which her
followers feel for her. It is best expressed by obediently following
her, even as she is following Christ. - H. T., Omaha, Neb.


It has occurred to me that I have had ample time to meditate on the many
blessings which I have received through Christian Science, as it is now
more than six years since I was entirely healed of dyspepsia as well as
constipation in its worst form by the reading of Science and Health. So
aggravated were the conditions that for three years or more I was unable
to drink a glass of cold water. Everything that I drank had to be hot, and
my only means of relief from the bowel trouble was hot water injections,
for a period of more than three years.

I can truthfully say that I was permanently, and I might say instantly,
healed of those two ailments by reading Science and Health as before
stated, and in fact I do not think I had read more than thirty pages of
this book when I ignored entirely the most rigid kind of diet. I ate and
drank everything I wished without a single harmful effect from that time
to this date, and there has not been a drop of medicine in our home for
more than six years, in a family of five.

I have also seen the power of Truth manifested in our home by having our
youngest child relieved of the most excruciating pain, and changed to
his most playful mood, immediately upon notifying one of the faithful
practitioners of this city. For all this I am endeavoring to be thankful
to God and to our faithful Leader, Mrs. Eddy, whose pure and undefiled
life enabled her to discover this precious truth for the benefit of all
mankind. - M. C. McK., Denver, Col.


From early girlhood I was considered an invalid, having been injured by
a hard fall while playing. The pain was intense for some time and for
several hours I was unable to walk or stand alone. Later, a growing
weakness of the back accompanied with sharp pains alarmed my parents,
who called a physician, and he pronounced it spinal trouble. Then
followed nearly twenty years of increased suffering, at times very
severe. As years went by and I became a wife and mother, my suffering
increased. Everything that medical skill could do was done, but finding
no lasting benefit from anything, I lost hope of recovery.

When Christian Science found me I was under the doctor's sentence that
if I lived the week through I would become entirely helpless, not able
to move hand or foot. My husband was a travelling man, and being
urgently called home, he met an old friend on the train who asked why we
did not try Christian Science. The reply, We know nothing of it, was
followed by a brief explanation of its healing power and the benefit his
family had received. This inspired my husband with new hope, and on his
arrival at home he called on a practitioner, who recommended our getting
Science and Health, which we did, but ignorance and the prejudice of old
education produced such fear that I hid the book under the covers of the
bed whenever the children came into the room, fearing that it was not of
God and would injure them. God's dear love was, however, more potent
than these foolish fears, and the first day I read from its sacred pages
I was convinced its teachings were the same truths as Jesus Christ had
taught centuries ago. When I had read a few pages, I reached out and
threw my medicine from the open window at the head of my bed. I then
turned back to the book and began reading again, when, lo, the
Christ-idea dawned upon me, and I was healed instantaneously.

I first noticed the spot in my back cooling, and soon I got out of bed.
I continued to read eagerly; I felt as if I wanted to devour the healing
truth, and drank it in as a thirsty plant does the gentle rain. When
dinner was prepared, I walked out and ate a hearty meal with the family,
to the amazement of all. We shall never forget what a joyful meal this
was. How we did thank God for Christian Science!

As year after year has gone by, till twenty years have passed and the
healing has remained perfect, I have grown to thank God with deeper
sincerity that one brave woman was found pure enough to bring forth this
Christ-healing again, to remain forever among men and to save suffering
humanity from all disease and sin. - Mrs. P. L. H., Fairmont, Minn.


I have often had a desire to make public what Christian Science has done
for me, but I never could tell of all my blessings, they are so many.
From childhood I was always sick, never knew one hour of rest, and was
under the doctor's care most of the time. I was living in the East at
that time, and was advised to try change of climate, which I did. I came
West with my family in the spring of the year, but instead of growing
better I grew steadily worse, until at last I was obliged to keep my bed
for nearly three years, - a great sufferer. My ailments were, it seemed,
all that flesh is heir to, and were called incurable by the doctors;
viz., Bright's disease, and many others, - in the last stages. My case
was known among physicians, many of whom were prominent specialists, as
a most extreme one. Many, upon looking at me, would turn away with a
wise shake of the head and say, "What keeps her alive?" My physicians,
who were exceedingly kind and did all that lay within their power for
me, gave me up and the death sentence was pronounced on me by all who
attended me.

It was then I realized that "man's extremity is God's opportunity." The
"little book" was handed me at this hour of great need. I read it, not
thinking it would heal me, but, like a drowning man, I grasped at it. I
read it, read it again, and soon found myself growing stronger; then I
kept on reading and was perfectly healed of all the supposedly incurable
diseases. - L. B., Austin, Minn.


As the son of a physician, a graduate in pharmacy, and an ex-druggist, I
had a perfect contempt for what I thought Christian Science to be. About
six and a half years ago, however, having exhausted all material means
at my command, - _materia medica_, electricity, gymnastics, cycling, and
so on, - and being in a hopeless state, the study of Christian Science
was taken up. I had been a sufferer from catarrh and sore throat for
over thirty years, and in the last five were added several others,
including dyspepsia, and bronchitis, and a loss in flesh of sixty
pounds. I was completely healed, and regained health, strength, and
flesh through the spiritual understanding of Christian Science, the
result of about six weeks' study. This good and perfect gift came to me
through the careful and prayerful study of Christian Science, as
revealed to the world to-day through Science and Health. The promise of
Christ Jesus, "the truth shall make you free," was fulfilled, and the
past six years of health and harmony have been spent in striving to
"hold fast that which is good."

While most grateful for the physical
healing, my gratitude for the mental and spiritual regeneration is
beyond expression. When I learned that Jesus' mission of healing
sickness as well as sin did not end with his short stay upon earth, but
is practical in all ages, my joy was unbounded. Having spent thousands
in the old way, it seemed wonderful to be healed at such small cost as
the price of the "little book" and a few weeks' study. Every thought of
prejudice immediately vanished before the proofs that Christian Science
is indeed the elucidation and practical application of Jesus' teachings,
which are demonstrable truth, "The same yesterday, and to-day, and
forever." - C. N. C., Memphis, Tenn.


As a mother of a family my heart goes out in love and gratitude to that
good woman we are privileged to call our Leader, for all she has done
through her book for me and mine.

Ten years ago I was healed of hereditary deafness and catarrh of the
head, simply through reading the book, Science and Health. For years
previous I had consulted and taken treatment from some of the best
specialists for the ear and throat, both in England and America, but
grew worse all the time. I was then urged by a lady who had been healed
through Christian Science to buy this book and study it. I did so very
reluctantly, but had not read fifty pages before I felt I had indeed
found the truth which makes free, and can truly say, from that time I
have never had a return of the ailment.

That for which I am, however, most grateful, is the daily help it is to
me in my household of young children. I am sure if mothers only knew
what Christian Science truly means they would give all they possess to
know it. We have seen croup, measles, fever, and various other
children's complaints, so-called, disappear like dew before the morning
sun, through the application of Christian Science, - the understanding
of God as ever-present and omnipotent. It has been proven to me without
a doubt that God is a very present help in trouble, and what a blessed
help this wonderful truth is in the training of our children, and how
quickly the child grasps it.

Some time ago my little girl, then three years old, dislocated her
shoulder. I was alone in the house at the time. The pain was so intense
that she became faint. I treated her the best I knew how, but kept
holding the thought that just as soon as some one came I would run for
help. She seemed to grow worse and cried very much. I undressed her and
tried to twist the arm into place, but it caused such suffering that I
began to get afraid. Then like a flash came the thought, What would you
do if you were out of the reach of a practitioner? Now is your time to
prove God's power and presence. With these thoughts came such a sense of
calm and trustfulness that I lost all fear. I then asked the child if I
should read to her; she said "Yes, mamma, read the truth-book." I began
reading aloud to her from Science and Health. In about half an hour I
noticed she tried to lift the arm but screamed and became very pale. I
continued to read aloud and again she made an effort to put some candy
into her mouth. This time I noticed with joy that she almost reached her
mouth before she felt the pain. I kept reading aloud to her until my
sister and two boys came in, when she jumped off her bed, so delighted
to see her brothers that she forgot her arm. She then began to tell her
aunt that she had broken her arm and mamma treated it with the
truth-book. When this happened, it was about 10.30 A. M. and by 3 P. M.
she was playing out doors as though nothing had ever happened. - Mrs. M.
G., Winnipeg, Man.


A few years ago, while under a sense of darkness and despair caused by
ill health and an unhappy home, Science and Health was loaned me with a
request that I should read it.

At that time my daughter was given up by _materia medica_ to die of
lingering consumption, supposed to have been inherited. My own condition
seemed even more alarming, as insanity was being manifested, and rather
than go to an insane asylum, it seemed to me the only thing to do was to
commit suicide. Heart trouble, kidney complaint, and continual headaches
caused from female trouble were some of the many ailments I had to
contend with. My doctor tried to persuade me to undergo an operation as
a means of relief, but I had submitted to a severe operation ten years
previous, and found only additional suffering as a result, so I would
not consent.

When I began with Science and Health, I read the chapter on "Prayer"
first, and at that time did not suppose it possible for me to remember
anything I read, but felt a sweet sense of God's protection and power,
and a hope that I should at last find Him to be what I so much needed, -
a present help in time of trouble. Before that chapter on "Prayer" was
finished, my daughter was downstairs eating three meals a day, and daily
growing stronger. Before I had finished reading the textbook she was
well, but never having heard that the reading of Science and Health
healed any one, it was several months before I gave God the glory.

One by one my many ailments left me, all but the headaches; they were
less frequent, until at the end of three years the fear of them was
entirely overcome.

Neither myself nor my daughter have ever received treatments, but the
study of the Bible and Science and Health, the Christian Science
textbook by Mrs. Eddy, has healed us and keeps us well.

While Christian Science was very new to me, I attended an experience
meeting in First Church of Christ, Scientist, Chicago. A gentleman told
of an unhappy woman who was about to separate from her husband. This
gentleman had asked her if she did not love her husband. She replied,
"No; when I married him I did, but not now." He told her God made man in
His image and likeness, and that He is perfect. He said to her, "Go home
and see only God's perfect man; you don't need to love a sinful mortal
such as you have been looking upon." The lady followed his advice, as he
told her there is no separation in divine Mind. In a short time peace
and harmony were in her home, and both husband and wife became members
of a Christian Science church.

This testimony was like a message from heaven to me. I had received many
benefits from the study of Science and Health, but it had never dawned
upon my darkened consciousness till then how wonderful our God is. I
knew what had taken place in that home could take place in my unhappy
home where there was neither rest nor peace.

I hopefully took up my cross, and step by step my burden grew lighter,
as I journeyed along, realizing the presence of the Christ, Truth, that
indeed makes us free. Not all at once did any outward change appear, but
at the end of three years all was peace, all the members of the family
attending church together and realizing that there is but one Mind. - E.
J. B., Superior, Wis.


I was healed of stomach trouble of many years' standing by reading
Science and Health. My condition had reached the stage in which I had
periodical attacks, that came on with greater frequency. I was a
travelling salesman, and it was a common occurrence for me to have to
call a physician to my hotel to administer morphine for an acute form of
this disease. This became a regular thing at certain places, and these
attacks always left me worse than before. As a result of the last one I
lost a great deal in weight. I had tried many physicians and most of the
usual remedies during these years of suffering, without any good result.
Finally, as a last resort, I decided to try Christian Science, and I was
healed by reading "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by
Mrs. Eddy.

My health has been of the best since I was healed, now six years ago. In
the family we have depended entirely on Christian Science for our
healing, and have ever found it efficacious. We consider the physical
healing, however, only incidental to the understanding of God and His
goodness. This, together with our increased love for the Bible, is
proving most valuable to us. We are humbly trying to live the lives that
will prove our gratitude to God, and to our beloved Leader, Mrs. Eddy. -
Charles E. Peck, St. Johnsbury, Vt.


In the spring of 1880 I was taken down with a severe attack of stomach
trouble, was bedfast for three months, and not able to drive out for
nearly six months. During this time I had three good doctors treating
me. I gained a little in strength, but had very little relief from the
stomach trouble. I was recommended to try mineral springs and did so,
but with the same disappointment. I went to a sanitarium, but yet the
stomach trouble prevailed. I had some friends who recommended patent
medicines, but no healing came.

I worried along in this way for several years. Finally I read medicine
nearly two years with a good doctor friend, especially for my own
benefit, and during this time I had a severe attack of bladder trouble,
and for fifteen years I suffered so severely at times that I thought
life was not really worth living. In connection with these
troubles I suffered every winter with rheumatism and the grip. I also
had a growth coming on both eyes called cataract, which caused my eyes
to be inflamed nearly all the time, and this growth had made such
progress that it was causing my vision to be very dim when reading.
Corns were not forgotten, as I was reminded of them very frequently, and
for all these troubles I had tried every remedy I heard of that I was
able to get, specialists included, without relief.

Thanks to a friend who took me in this hopeless, discouraged condition
and led me to the light that never knows darkness, I got a copy of
Science and Health by Mrs. Eddy and was healed in a short time by
reading this work. - D. W. L., Anderson, Ind.


I became interested in Christian Science in 1901. For four or five years
I had suffered with severe attacks which nothing but an opiate seemed to
relieve. After one which I think was the worst I ever had, I consulted
our family physician, who diagnosed my case as a dangerous kidney
disease and said that no medicine could help me but that I must undergo
a surgical operation. I continued to grow worse and went to see the
physician again, and he advised me to consult a doctor who was connected
with the city hospital of Augusta. This doctor made an examination and
diagnosed the difficulty as something different but quite as serious.
Meanwhile a friend offered me a copy of Science and Health. I said I did
not care to read the book, but she was so urgent that I finally promised
to do so. I received the book on Saturday, and on Sunday morning I sat
down to read it. When I reached the place where Mrs. Eddy says she found
this truth in the Bible, I began comparing the two books. I read
passages which looked very reasonable to me, and said to myself, This is
nearer to the truth than anything I have ever seen. I continued to read
all day, stopping only long enough to eat my dinner. As I read on,
everything became clearer to me, and I felt that I was healed. During
the evening a neighbor came in, and I said, "I am healed, and that book
has healed me." I read on and was certainly healed. Eight days after my
healing I did my own washing. This occurred in February, 1901. About six
weeks after, I was called to care for my mother, who was under the care
of my former physician. I again let him examine my side, as he wished to
see if the trouble was still there. He said, "It is certainly gone." I
said to him, "Doctor, you told me I would never be a well woman unless I
was operated upon; what has healed me?" He replied, "God has healed
you." - S. H. L., North Pittston, Me.


It is with sincere gratitude for the many blessings Christian Science
has brought me, that I give this testimony. I first heard of Christian
Science about fifteen years ago. A friend of mine was taking treatment
for physical troubles, and was reading the textbook of Christian
Science, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures. The title of the
book appealed to me very strongly. I said to my friend, "If that is a
Key to the Scriptures, I must have it."

I had long been a member of a Bible class in an orthodox Sabbath school,
but I never felt satisfied with that which was taught; there was
something lacking, I did not understand then what it was. I purchased a
copy of Science and Health and began to study it. I wish I could express
in words what that book brought me. It illumined the Bible with a
glorious light and I began to understand some of the Master's sayings,
and tried to apply them.

I had had a longing to live a better Christian life for many years, and
often wondered why I failed so utterly to understand the Bible. Now I
knew; it was lack of spiritual apprehension.

I did not know at first that people were healed of disease and sin by
simply reading Science and Health, but found after a while that such was
the case. At that time I had many physical troubles, and one after
another of these ills simply disappeared and I found that I had no
disease, - I was perfectly free. The spiritual uplifting was glorious,
too, and as I go on in the study of this blessed Science, I find I am
gaining surely an understanding that helps me to overcome both sin and
disease in myself and in others. My faith in good is increased and I
know I am losing my belief in evil as a power equal to good. The pathway
is not wearisome, because each victory over self gives stronger faith
and a more earnest desire to press on. - E. J. R., Toledo, Ohio.


About four years ago, after I had tried different ways and means to be
relieved from bodily suffering, a faithful friend called my attention to
the teaching of Christian Science. After some opposition, I decided to
investigate it, with the thoughtthat if this teaching would be helpful,
it was meant for me as well as for others; if it did not afford any help, I
could put it aside again, but that I would find out and be convinced.

After I had read Mrs. Eddy's work, Science and Health, a few days, I
found that my ailments had disappeared, and a rest had come to me which
I had never before known. I had smoked almost incessantly, although I
had often determined to use my will power and never smoke again, but had
always failed. This desire as well as the desire for drink simply
disappeared, and I wish to say here, that I received all these benefits
before I had gained much understanding of what I was reading. Like a
prisoner, who had been in chains for years, I was suddenly set free. I
did not then know how the chain had been removed, but I had to
acknowledge that it came through the reading of this book. I then felt
an ardent desire to read more, and to know what this power was that had
freed me in a few days of that which I had been trying for years to
shake off and had failed. It then became clear to me that this was the
truth which Jesus Christ taught and preached to free humanity almost two
thousand years ago. It did not, however, occur to me to apply it in my
business affairs; on the contrary, I first thought that if I continued
in my study I would have to retire from business.

This did not happen, however, for I gradually found that the little
understanding of this wonderful teaching which I had acquired became a
great help to me in my business. I became more friendly, more honest,
more loving to my fellow-men; and I also acquired better judgment and
was able to do the right thing at the right time. As a natural result my
business improved. Before I knew anything of Christian Science my
business had often been a burden to me, fear and worry deprived me of my
rest. How different it is now! Through the study of the Bible, which now
possesses unmeasurable treasures for me, and for our textbook, Science
and Health, and the other works of our Leader, I receive peace and
confidence in God and that insight into character which is necessary for
the correct management of any business. - W. H. H., Bloomfield, Neb.


For a long time I have been impelled to contribute a testimony of the
healing power of Truth. As I read other testimonies and rejoice in them,
some one may rejoice in mine. I was healed by reading Science and
Health. By applying it, I found it to be the truth that Jesus taught, -
the truth that sets free.

From childhood I had never known a well day. I was healed of lung
trouble of long standing. Consumption was hereditary in our family, my
mother and three brothers having passed on with it. The law of_ materia
medica _said that in a short time I must follow them. I also had severe
stomach trouble of over eight years' standing, during which time I
always retired without supper, as the fear of suffering from my food was
so great that I denied myself food when hungry. For over twenty years I
had ovarian trouble, which was almost unbearable at times. It dated from
the birth of my first child, and at one time necessitated an operation.
I suffered with about all the ills that flesh is heir to: I had trouble
with my eyes from a child; wore glasses for fourteen years, several
oculists saying I would go blind, one declaring I would be blind in less
than a year if I did not submit to an operation, which I refused to do.

But thanks be to God whose Truth reached me through the study of our
textbook. Words fail to express what Christian Science has done for me
in various ways, for my children, my home, my all. The physical healing
is but a small part; the spiritual unfolding and uplifting is the "pearl
of great price," the half that has never been told. - Mrs. J. P. M.,
Kansas City, Mo.


It has been my privilege to have interviews with representatives of more
than sixty per cent of the nations of this earth, under their own vine
and fig-tree. I had never heard a principle understandingly advanced
that would enable mankind to obey the apostolic command, "prove all
things," until Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures was placed
in my hands. I believe that the honest study of this book in connection
with the Bible will enable one to "prove all things."

I make this unqualified statement because of what my eyes have seen and
my ears heard from my fellow-men of unquestioned integrity, and the
positive proofs I have gained by the study of these books. Many supposed
material laws that had been rooted and grounded in my mentality from
youth have been overcome. It required some time for me to wake up to our
Leader's words in Miscellaneous Writings, p. 206: "The advancing stages
of Christian Science are gained through growth, not accretion." I had
many disappointments and falls before I was willing to do the scientific
work required to prove this statement; yet notwithstanding the cost to
ourselves, I am convinced that we cannot do much credit to the cause we
profess to love until we place ourselves in a position to prove God as
He really is to us individually, and our relation to Him, by scientific

I wish to express loving gratitude to our Leader for the new edition of
Science and Health. In studying this new edition one cannot help seeing
the wisdom, love, and careful and prayerful thought expressed in the
revision. Often the changing of a single word in a sentence makes the
scientific thought not only more lucid to him who is familiar with the
book, but also to those just coming into the blessed light. All honor to
that God-loving, God-fearing woman, Mary Baker G. Eddy, whose only work
is the work of love in the helping of mankind to help themselves; who
has placed before her fellow-men understandingly, what man's divine
rights are, and what God really is. - H. W. B., Hartford, Conn.


When I took up the study of Christian Science nearly three years ago, I
was suffering from a very bad rupture of thirty-two years' standing.
Sometimes the pain was so severe that it seemed as if I could not endure
it. These spells would last four or five hours, and while everything was
done for me that could be done, no permanent relief came to me until I
commenced reading Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures. After I
had once looked into it I wanted to read all the time. I was so absorbed
in the study of the "little book" that I hardly realized when the
healing came, but I was healed, not only of the rupture, but also of
other troubles, - inflammatory rheumatism, catarrh, corns, and bunions.

I would never part with the book if I could not get another. I am
seventy-seven years old, and am enjoying very good health. - Mrs. M. E.
P., St. Johnsbury, Vt.


When Christian Science came to me, I had been taking medicine every day
for twenty years, on account of constipation. I had been treated by
doctors and specialists; had taken magnetic treatments and osteopathy;
had tried change of climate; had an operation in a hospital, and when I
came out was worse than before. I was so discouraged, after I had tried
everything I ever heard of, and was no better but rather grew worse,
that it seemed as though I must give up trying to get well, when a
friend suggested that I try Christian Science. I had heard that
Christian Scientists healed by prayer, and I thought this must be the
way Jesus had healed. I felt that this was all there was left for me to
try. I sent for the book, Science and Health, and commenced to read it
out of curiosity, not thinking or knowing that I could be helped by the
reading, but thinking I must still take medicine and that I must also
have treatment by a Scientist. I, however, dropped my medicine and read
for three days; then a light began to shine in the darkness. I was
healed of the trouble and have never had to take medicine since. I have
studied Science and Health faithfully ever since, and other ailments
have disappeared. My little daughter has also been healed and has
learned to use this knowledge in her school work. - Mrs. O. R.,
Leadville, Col.


As my thoughts go back to the time when I believed I had nothing to live
for, and when each morning's awaking from sleep brought a sense of
disappointment to find myself still among the living (for I had hoped
each night that I closed my eyes in sleep that it would be the last
time), my heart overflows with love and gratitude to God for our dear
Leader who discovered this blessed truth and to the dear ones who have
helped me so lovingly and patiently over many rough places.

Twelve years ago, I consulted a physician because I had noticed some
odd-looking spots on one of my arms. He said they were liver spots, but
that it was not worth while prescribing for those few, that I should
wait until I was covered with them. About three months later, with the
exception of my face and hands, I was covered with them. Then I became
alarmed and called on another physician who prescribed for me, but he
finally said he could do no more for me. Other physicians were consulted
with no better results. Six years ago, friends advised me to see their
family physician, and when I called on him he said he was positive he
could cure me, so I asked him to prescribe for me. At the end of two
years, after prescribing steadily, he said I was so full of medicine
that he was afraid to have me take any more, and advised a rest. After
having paid out a small fortune, I was no better, and very much

Two years ago, having failed in business, I applied to one of my patrons
for a furnished room where I could meet the few I still had left. This
lady, who is a Christian Scientist, loaned me Science and Health, and
because she asked me so often how I was getting on with the book, I
began reading it. I also attended the Wednesday evening meetings which I
found very interesting. After hearing the testimonies at the meetings, I
decided to speak to some practitioner about these spots, but not until I
had at least a hundred dollars on hand, because I thought I would
require that amount for treatments, as I had been accustomed to paying
high prices. I had not inquired about prices, and in fact did not speak
to any one about my intentions, because I felt sensitive on this
subject. When I had read about half of Science and Health, I missed the
spots, and upon searching could find no trace of them. They had entirely
disappeared without treatment. In a few weeks the reading of that book
had accomplished what _materia medica_ had failed to accomplish in ten
years. It is impossible to express the feeling of relief and happiness
which came over me then. - C. K., Astoria, N. Y.


While I have testified to those around me and in many localities, of my
healing in Christian Science, I feel that it is high time I put the
candle in the candlestick where all who will may see. My earliest
recollection was a day of suffering, - a physical inheritance from my
mother, which gave simple interest for a time until years advanced and
compound interest was added. My father was a physician, and material
remedies were used for my mother without avail, consequently his
confidence in them for me was shaken, - in fact he often told me it was
better to suffer without medicine than become a chronic doser, without

I began teaching in early life and continued for more than twenty years,
and during that time not a day passed without pain, or fear of pain, and
only for my innate love of life it would have become an intolerable
burden. For five years oatmeal was my chief food and I became almost as
attached to it as Kaspar Hauser to his crust. I was early taught to have
faith in God, and many times was relieved of pain only to have it appear
again in an aggravated form.

At last my heart cried out for the living God, and the answer came by
one of His messengers, who told me of Christian Science. I replied that
I believed God could heal, but that I had no faith in the healing of
Christian Science, but would like to investigate its theology, as it
might aid in giving me some clue to the meaning of life. For three years
I had searched the works of the most scientific writers to find the
origin of life; many times I would think I had traced it to the
beginning, but it would elude my grasp every time. One day in talking
with my friend, she said she would like to loan me the textbook, Science
and Health, which I very willingly accepted. Not long afterward I felt a
severe attack of suffering. I opened the book for the first time and
found a paragraph near the middle which attracted my attention. I read
the same paragraph over and over for nearly two hours. When the tea bell
rang I closed the book and I shall never forget my perception of the new
heaven and the new earth, - everything in nature that I could see seemed
to have been washed and made clean. The flowers that I have always loved
so much, and that from childhood had told me such sweet stories, now
spoke to me of the All-in-all, the hearts of my friends seemed kinder, -
I had touched the hem of the garment of healing.

I ate my supper that evening forgetful of the preparations I had made
for suffering, and when the next day began I was more zealous of good
work than ever before. Since closing Science and Health at my first
reading I have never been able to find the paragraph which I had read so
many times over, the words seemed to have slipped away from me, but my
joy knew no bounds at having found the pearl of great price. By the
continued reading of the book I was entirely healed, and for fourteen
years I have not seen a day of physical suffering. - Miss L. M., Rome,
N. Y.


I had been deaf from childhood. I suffered intensely after eating, and
dropsy was another of my complaints. This, with consumption, caused one
doctor to say, " It puzzles me; I have never seen such a case before as

I met a friend who had been cured in Christian
Science, and she said, "Try Christian Science." I got a copy of Science
and Health and in three weeks I was entirely cured. I felt uplifted. It
seemed as if God's arms were around and about me. I felt as if heaven
had come down to earth for me. After five years of suffering can any one
wonder at my unspeakable gratitude? - A. B., Pittsburg, Pa.


In 1894 I began the study of Christian Science. At that time I was
greatly in need of its healing truth. For a number of years previous I
had been a semi-invalid with no hope of ever being well and strong
again. Several years before this time I had undergone an operation which
resulted in peritonitis. For three years previous to my study of Science
and Health by Mrs. Eddy, I was scarcely ever free from headache caused
by the weakened and diseased condition of the internal organs. At the
time I began the study of Christian Science I was taking five kinds of

I began to read Science and Health, and did not take treatment, for I
thought, "If this is truth, I shall be healed; if it is not, I shall be
able to detect it, and will have nothing to do with it." I became a
devoted student and gradually my bodily diseases left me, - I was free,
and since that time, nearly ten years ago, neither my two children nor
myself have taken any medicine; and our understanding of truth has been
able to meet and overcome any suggestion of illness.

I was a devoted member of an orthodox church, but as I grew older I
began to question my beliefs, and to my questions I could find no
satisfactory answer. I became dissatisfied and finally ceased attending
church. I could not accept the idea of God taught there, and at last my
friends looked sadly upon me as an atheist. There I stood until I
learned to know God as revealed in Science and Health, and then all my
questionings were answered. In my girlhood I had always prayed to the
God I held in mind, and when the shadows of sickness pain, and death
came to my family, I prayed as only those can who know that if He helps
not, there is none; but my prayers were unanswered. Then I closed my
Bible, saying, "There is a mistake somewhere, perhaps some time I may

Only those who know the attitude of mind that I was in can understand
the joy that came to me as I began to learn of God in Christian Science,
and of my relation to Him.

Many proofs of the healing power of Truth and of His protecting care
throng my thoughts. Seven years ago, when we were in a far distant
country, where Christian Science was then unknown, my little daughter
came in one morning from her school, saying, "Mother, I have measles;
twenty of the girls are sick in bed and I am afraid they will put me
there also." Her face, hands, and chest were covered with a deep red
rash, throat sore, and eyes inflamed. We began immediately to do our
work in Science and at night, when I left her at the door of the
college, her face was clear, her eyes bright, and all fear destroyed.
That was the end of the disease. - F. M. P., Boston, Mass.


In love and gratitude to God, and to Mrs. Eddy, the interpreter of
Jesus' beautiful teachings, I wish to tell of some of the benefits which
I have received from Christian Science. It is a little over a year since
Science found me in a deplorable condition, physically as well as
mentally. I had ailments of many years' standing, - chronic stomach
trouble, severe eye trouble, made almost unbearable from the constant
fear of losing my sight (a fate which had befallen my mother), also a
painful rupture of twenty-five years' standing. These ailments, combined
with unhappy conditions in my home, made me very despondent. I had
entirely lost my belief in an all-merciful God, and I did not know where
to turn for help. At that time Christian Science was brought to my
notice, and I shall never forget the sublime moment when I perceived
that an all-loving Father is always with me. Forgotten was all sorrow
and worry, and after four weeks' reading in Science and Health all my
ailments had disappeared. I am today a healthy, contented woman.

All this has come to pass in one short year, and my earnest desire is to
be more and more worthy to be called a child of God. This is in loving
gratitude for an understanding of this glorious truth. - Mrs. R. J.,
Chicago, Ill.


It is a year since I began to read Science and Health, and I will now
try to outline what a knowledge of its teachings has done for me.

My condition was then very trying; my eyes, which had caused me much
trouble since childhood, were very painful. For these I had been treated
by some of the best specialists in my native land, and after coming to
the United States I had been doctored much and had worn glasses for four
years. I also had catarrh, for which I had taken much medicine without
being relieved. In addition to this I was an excessive smoker, using
tobacco in some form almost constantly. I had contracted a smoker's
heart, and used liquors freely.

The one who brought to me that which I now prize so highly, was a book
agent. I told him that I should be forced to leave my trade on account
of my eyes. He then told me of having been healed of a cancer, through
Christian Science treatment. He showed me a copy of Science and Health,
which had the signs of much use, and after being assured that if I did
my part I would be healed of all my diseases, I sent for a copy of the

My recovery was very rapid, for after reading the book only three weeks
I was completely healed of the tobacco habit. I will say, in regard to
this healing, that it did not require even as much as a resolution on my
part. I was smoking a cigar, while reading Science and Health, when all
the desire to continue smoking left me, and I have never had a desire to
use tobacco in any form since then. My eyes were the next to manifest
the influence of the new knowledge gained, and had soon so far recovered
that I could go about my work with ease, and I have had no more use for
glasses. To-day my heart is normal, the catarrh has totally disappeared,
and I am not addicted to the use of liquor.

Christian Science has proved to be an ever-present help, not only in
overcoming physical ailments, but in business and daily life. It has
also overcome a great sense of fear. The Bible, which I regarded with
suspicion, has become my guide, and Christianity has become a sweet
reality, because the Christian Science textbook has indeed been a "Key
to the Scriptures" and has breathed through the Gospel pages a sweet
sense of harmony. - A. F., Sioux City, Iowa.


After hearing Christian Science lightly spoken of, from a Christian
pulpit, I decided to go to one of the services and hear for myself. From
infancy I had been devoted to my church, and as soon as I was old enough
I was ever active in the work. Feeling it to be my duty to attend every
service held in my own church, I took advantage of the Wednesday evening
meetings. My first visit was not my last, I am thankful to say, for I
saw immediately that these people not only preached Christianity, but
practised and lived it. At that time I was wearing glasses and had worn
them for sixteen years. At times I suffered the most intense pain, and
for this phase of the trouble, one specialist after another had been
consulted. All gave me very much the same advice; each one urged extreme
carefulness and gave me glasses that seemed to relieve for a time. None
of them held out any hope that my sight would ever be restored, saying
that the defect had existed since infancy, and that in time I should be

The thought of blindness was very distressing to me, but I tried to bear
it with Christian resignation, since I thought that God had seen fit to
afflict me; but since I have learned that He is a loving Father, who
gives only good, I regret that I ever charged Him with my affliction. I
had no treatment, but I read Science and Health, and my eyes were healed
and glasses laid aside. I can never find words to express my thanks to
our dear Leader, through whose teachings my sight has been regained. I
can truthfully say that "whereas I was blind, now I see" - through an
understanding of Truth I have found my sight perfect as God gave it. -
Miss B. S., Wilmington, N. C.


It is with a heart full of love and gratitude to God, and to our dear
Leader, that I send this testimony to the Field. I had never been a
strong girl; had always been subject to colds and chills, and suffered
all my life from a delicate throat. Seven years ago I had a very severe
attack of rheumatic fever and subsequently two less severe ones. These
left all sorts of evils behind them, - debility, chronic constipation,
and several others, so that with these ills my life was often a burden
to me and I used to think I never should receive relief or health. I had
also lost all love for God and faith in Him. I could not accept a God
who, as I then believed, visited sickness and sorrow upon His children
as a means for drawing them to Him.

I was in this state of mind and body when Christian Science found me. A
dear friend, seeing my suffering, presented the truth to me, and though
at first I did not believe that there could be healing for me, the
Christian Scientists' God seemed to be the one I had been looking for
all my life. I began to read Science and Health, and shall never forget
my joy at finding that I could love and trust God. I took to studying
the Bible, and read nothing but Science and Health and other Christian
Science literature for a year. After studying the "little book" for
about six weeks, I one day realized that I was a well woman, that I had
taken no medicine for three weeks, and that my body was perfectly
harmonious. The reading of Science and Health had healed me. The
wonderful joy and spiritual uplifting which came to me then no words of
mine can describe. I had also suffered from astigmatism and had for
several years been obliged to use special glasses when reading or
working, and could never use my eyes for more than half an hour; but
from the first reading of Science and Health I found that I could read
in any light and for any length of time without the slightest
discomfort. I am not only grateful for the physical healing but for the
mental regeneration. I rejoice that I am now able to help others who are
sick and sorrowing. - E. E. L., Curragh Camp, County Kildare, Ireland.


In the early part of the year 1895 my physician said I must undergo a
surgical operation in order ever to be well.

While in great fear, and dreading the operation, a kind neighbor called,
and after telling me of Christian Science gave me a copy of Science and
Health. She said I must put aside all medicine, and by reading
faithfully she knew I could be healed. The book became my constant
companion, and in a short time I was healed. Besides the relief from an
operation, I was completely healed of severe headaches and stomach
trouble. Physicians could give me no help for either of these ailments.
For ten years I have not used medicine of any kind, and have not missed
a Christian Science service on account of sickness during this period. I
am perfectly well. To say that I am grateful to God for all this does
not express my feelings. The physical healing was wonderful, but the
understanding given me of God, and the ability to help others outweigh
all else. I also love our dear Leader. - Mrs. V. I. B., Concord, N. H.


Early in 1904 I was teaching in a private boarding-school. I was a very
unhappy, discontented woman; I had kidney disease, besides sore eyes,
and my general health was very bad. The doctor said that the climate did
not suit me, and that I certainly should have a change. The best thing,
he said, was to go back to France (my own country); but I did not like
to leave the school, so I struggled on until July, when we went
travelling for a month, but I came home worse than ever. I had a lot of
worry, one disappointment after another, and I often thought that life
was not worth living. In September, 1904, we heard for the first time of
Christian Science through a girl who was attending our boarding-school,
and who was healed through Christian Science treatment. We bought the
textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mrs. Eddy,
and what a revelation it was and is to us; it is indeed the fountain of
Truth. I had read Science and Health but a very short time when I took
off my glasses, began to sleep well, and soon found myself well in mind
and body. Besides this, it has brought harmony into our school, where
there had been discord, and everything is changed for the better. I
cannot describe the happiness that has come to me through Christian
Science; I can only exclaim with the psalmist: "Bless the Lord, O my
soul;" and may God bless Mrs. Eddy.

My one aim now is to live Christian Science, not in words only, but in
deeds; loving God more and my neighbor as myself, and following meekly
and obediently all our Leader's teachings. Words cannot express my
gratitude to Mrs. Eddy for Christian Science. - S. A. K., Vancouver, B.


When I first heard of Christian Science I had been afflicted for nine
years with a very painful disease of the bowels, which four physicians
failed even to diagnose, all giving different causes for the dreadful
sufferings I endured. The last physician advised me to take no more
medicine for these attacks, as drugs would not reach the cause, or do
any good. About this time I heard of Christian Science, and had the
opportunity of reading "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures"
by Mrs. Eddy, a few minutes every day for about a week, and I
was thereby healed. In looking back I found I had not suffered in the
least from the time I began reading this book. It has been nearly
seventeen years since this wonderful healing, and I have had no return
of the disease. My gratitude is endless and can be best expressed by
striving mightily to walk in the path our Leader has so lovingly shown
us in Science and Health. - Mrs. J. W. C., Scranton, Pa.


After doctoring about a year, I was obliged to give up school and was
under medical care for two years; but grew worse instead of better. I
was then taken to specialists, who pronounced my case incurable, saying
I was in the last stages of kidney disease and could live only a short
time. Shortly afterward my uncle gave me a copy of "Science and Health
with Key to the Scriptures," and asked me to study it. After studying a
short time I was able to walk a distance of several miles, which I had
not been able to do for three years. I also laid aside glasses which I
had worn seven years, having been told I would become blind if my eyes
did not receive proper care. It is over a year since I received God's
blessing, and I am now enjoying perfect health and happiness. I have
never had my glasses on since I first began reading Science and Health,
and I have not used any medicine. - L. R., Spring Valley, Minn.


I came to Christian Science purely for physical healing. I was very ill
and unhappy; very cynical and disbelieving in regard to what I heard of
God and religion.

I tried to live my life in my own way and put religion aside. I was a
great believer in fate and in will-power, and thought to put them in the
place of God, with the consequence that I was led to do many rash and
foolish things. I am now thankful to say that my outlook on life is
entirely changed; I have proved God's wisdom and goodness so often that
I am willing and thankful to know my future is in His hands and that all
things must work out for the best. I have found a God whom I can love
and worship with my whole heart, and I now read my Bible with interest
and understanding.

I was healed of very bad rheumatism simply by reading Science and
Health. I had tried many medicines, also massage, with no result, and
the doctors told me that I would always suffer from this disease, as it
was inherited, and also because I had rheumatic fever when a child. I
suffered day and night, and nothing relieved me until Science proved to
me the falseness of this belief by removing it. I gave up all the
medicines I was taking and have never touched any since, and that is
more than two years ago. Before this I had often tried to do without a
medicine that I had taken every day for ten years, but was always ill
and had to return to it, until I found out that one Mind is the only
medicine, and then I was freed from the suffering.

I had also suffered constantly from bilious attacks, colds, and a weak
chest, and had been warned not to be out in wet weather, etc., but now,
I am glad to say, I am quite free from all those material laws and go
out in all sorts of weather. - R. D. F., Edinburgh, Scotland.


For eight years I was a great sufferer from weak lungs and after being
treated by ten different physicians, in the States of Illinois,
Missouri, and Colorado, I was told there was no hope of my recovery from
what they pronounced tuberculosis, which was hereditary, my father
having been afflicted with it. I was greatly emaciated and hardly able
to be about. My general condition was aggravated by what the doctors
said was paralysis of the bowels. Three physicians so diagnosed it at
different times, and assured my husband that I could never get more than
temporary relief. This indeed I found difficult to obtain, in spite of
my almost frantic efforts. At times I was nearly insane from suffering,
and after eight years of doctoring I found myself steadily growing
worse. For four years I did not have a normal action of the bowels, and
it was only by extreme effort and by resort to powerful drugs or
mechanical means, with resultant suffering, that any action whatever
could be brought about.

I had heard nothing of the curative power of Christian Science, and only
to oblige a friend I went one night, about three years ago, to one of
their mid-week testimonial meetings, in Boulder, Colorado. I was much
impressed by what I heard there, and determined at once to investigate
this strange religion, in the hope that it might have something good for
me. I bought the textbook, Science and Health, and from the first I
found myself growing stronger and better, both physically and mentally,
as I acquired a better understanding and endeavored to put into practice
what I learned. In one week I was able to get along better without drugs
than I had for years with them, and before three months had passed I was
better than I had been any time in my life, for I had always suffered
more or less from bowel trouble. Since that time I have taken no
medicine whatever, and rely wholly upon Christian Science. My lungs are
now sound, my bowels normally active, my general health excellent, and I
am able to endure without fatigue tasks that before would have
prostrated me. The study of our textbook was the sole means of my
healing. - L. M. St. C., Matachin, Canal Zone, Panama.


It is only two years since I came from darkness into the light of
Christian Science, and to me the spiritual uplifting has been wonderful,
to say nothing of the physical healing. Words cannot express my
gratitude for benefits I have received in that time. For five years I
suffered with that dreaded disease, eczema, all over my body. Five
doctors said there was no help for me. The suffering seemed as terrible
as the hell fire that I had been taught to believe in. When Christian
Science came to me two years ago through a dear friend, she gave me a
copy of Science and Health and asked me to read it. I told her that I
would, for I was like a drowning man grasping at a straw. I had been a
Bible student for twenty-eight years, but when I commenced reading
Science and Health with the Bible I was healed in less than a week. I
never had a treatment. A case of measles was also destroyed in
twenty-four hours after it appeared. - Mrs. M. B. G., Vermilion, Ohio.


I am a willing witness to the healing power of Christian Science, having
had a lifetime's battle with disease and medical experiments. Various
doctors finally admitted that they had exhausted their resources, and
could only offer me palliatives, saying that a cure was impossible. I
had paralysis of the bowels, frequent sick headaches with unutterable
agony, and my mortal career was nearly brought to an end by a malignant
type of yellow fever. Many were the attending evils of this physical
inharmony, but God confounds the wisdom of men, for while studying
Science and Health two years ago, the veil of ignorance was lifted and
perfect health was shown to me to be my real condition, and to such
there is no relapse. The constant use of glasses, which were apparently
a necessity to me for years, was proven needless, and they were laid
aside. Mrs. Eddy has made Scripture reading a never-failing well of
comfort to me. By her interpretation "the way of the Lord" is made


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