She Stands Accused
Victor MacClure

Part 5 out of 5


Kent, Edward Augustus, Duke of
Kincaid, John, Laird of Warriston
Kipling, Rudyard
Kostolo (the Boursier case)

Lacenaire, murderer and robber, his verses against King Louis-
Lacoste, Henri
Lacoste, Veuve
Lacroix, Abbe Pelier de, his evidence re death of Prince de Conde
Lafarge, Marie-Fortunee
Lambot, aide-de-camp to last Prince de Conde
Lapis costitus--see Poisons
Lavaillaut, Mme
Lecomte, valet to last Prince de Conde
Lesieur, chemist
Lidange, chemist
Linden, Mme van der
Livingstone, or Kincaid, Jean
Livingstone, John, of Dunipace
Logan, Guy
Lombroso, Cesare
Loubel, apothecary

MACE, PERROTTE (Jegado victim)
``Maiden,'' the
Mainwaring, Sir Arthur
Malcolm, Sarah; portraits of
Malgutti, Professor, his evidence re arsenic in Jegado trial
Manoury, valet to last Prince de Conde
``Marsh technique,'' arsenic
Maybrick, Mrs, poisoner
Mayerne, Sir Theodore
Meilhan, Joseph
Mercury--see Poisons
Moinet, Paul
Molas, Dr, arsenic theory
Monson, Sir Thomas
Montagu, Violette
Murdo, Janet
`Mute of malice,'

Northampton, Henry Howard, Earl of
Norwood, Mary

O'Donnell, Elliot
Orfila, Professor; change of opinions re arsenic; intervention in
Lafarge case
Orleans, Louis-Philippe, Duc d', (King of the French); bourgeois
traits of; elected King
Orleans, Louis-Philippe (``Egalite''), Duc d'
Orleans, Louise-Marie-Therese-Mathilde d'--see Bourbon, Louise-
Marie-Therese-Mathilde d'Orleans, Duchesse de
Overbury, Sir Thomas

Parry, Judge A. E.
Partra, Dr
Pasquier, M.
Paul III, Pope
Pearcy, Mrs, murderess
Pearson, Sarah
Pelouze, chemist
Perrin, Maitre Theo.
Phosphorus--see Poisons
Piddington, Rev. Mr.
Pinault, Dr. of Rennes
Pitcairn's trials
Pitois, Dr. his estimate of character of Helene Jegado
Poisons: aqua fortis; arsenic (from fly-papers),(white),(from a
vermicide); cantharides; diamond powder; great spiders; lapis
costitus; mercury (metallic),(corrosive sublimate); phosphorus;
porridge;``rosalgar'' ; strychnine
Poisons, reasons murderesses are inclined to use
Pons, chemist
Porridge, poisoning--see Poisons
Porta, Guglielmo della
Pritchard, Dr, poisoner

Rachel, MME
Rais, Gilles de
Rochester, Viscount--see Carr, Robert
Rohan, the Princes de, their lawsuit v. Sophie Dawes
``Rosalgar''--see Poisons
Roughead, William
Row, breaking on--see Wheel
Rully, Comtesse de
Rumigny, M. de, aide-de-camp to Louis-Philippe

Sabatini, Rafael
Saint-Louis, Liquor of--see
``Fowler's solution
Sarrazin, Rosalie (Jegado victim)
Sarzeau, Dr, his evidence re arsenic in Jegado case
Seddon, poisoner
Smith (``brides in the bath'')
Somerset, Countess of--see Howard, Frances
Somerset, Earl of--see Carr, Robert
Spara, Hieronyma
Spiders, great--see Poisons
Strychnine--see Poisons
Suffolk, Countess of
Suffolk, Earl of--see Howard, Thomas

Tessier, Rose (Jegado victim)
Toffana, poisoner
Turner, Anne; as beauty specialist; her lover; relations with
Countess of Essex; a spy for Northampton (?); causes poisoned food
to be carried to Overbury in the Tower; arrest; trial; condemnation
and execution
Turner, Dr George

Vigoureux, La
Voisin, La

Wade, Sir Willlam
Wainewright, poisoner
Walpole, Horace
Warriston, Lady--see Livingstone, Jean
Webster, Kate
Weir, Robert
Weissmann-Bessarabo, Mme
Weissmann-Bessarabo, Paule Jacques
Weldon, Antony
Wheel,Breaking on the
Winchilsea, Earl of

Zwanziger, Anna


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