The Army of the Cumberland
Henry M. Cist

Part 5 out of 5


Maj.-Gen'l G. Granger.

First Division.

Maj.-Gen'l. J. M. Palmer.

FIRST BRIGADE.--Brig. Gen'l Chas. Cruft, 21st Ill., 38th Ill.,
29th Ind., 31st Ind., 81st Ind., 1st Ky., 90th O., 101st O. SECOND
BRIGADE.--Brig. Gen'l W. C. Whitaker, 96th Ill., 115th Ill.,
35th Ind., 84th Ind., 8th Ky., 40th O., 51st O., 99th O. THIRD
BRIGADE.--Col. Wm. Grose 59th Ill., 75th Ill., 84th Ill., 9th Ind.,
30th Ind., 36th Ind., 24th O., 77th Penn. ARTILLERY.--5th Ind.
Battery, 4th U.S. Art., Co. "H;" 4th U.S. Art., Co. "M."

Second Division.

Maj.-Gen'l P. H. Sheridan.

FIRST BRIGADE.--Brig.-Gen'l J. B. Steedman, 36th Ill., 44th Ill.,
73d Ill., 74th Ill., 88th Ill., 22d Ind., 21st Mich., 2d Mo., 15th
Mo., 24th Wis. SECOND BRIGADE.--Brig.Gen'l G. D. Wagner, 100th
Ill., 15th Ind., 40th Ind., 57th Ind., 58th Ind., 13th Mich., 26th
O., 97th O. THIRD BRIGADE.--Col. C. G. Harker, 22d Ill., 27th Ill.,
42d Ill., 51st Ill., 79th Ill., 3d Ky., 64th O., 65th O., 125th O.
ARTILLERY.--1st Ill. Art., Co. "M," 10th Ind. Battery, 1st Miss.
Art., Co. "G."

Third Division.

Brig.-Gen'l T. J. Wood.

FIRST BRIGADE.--Brig.-Gen'l A Willich, 25th Ill., 35th Ill., 89th
Ill., 32d Ind., 68th Ind., 8th Kan., 15th O., 49th O., 15th Wis.
SECOND BRIGADE.--Brig.-Gen'l W. B. Hazen, 6th Ind., 5th Ky., 6th
Ky., 23d Ky., 1st O., 6th O., 41st O., 93d O., 124th O. THIRD
BRIGADE.--Brig.-Gen'l S. Beatty, 44th Ind., 79th Ind., 86th Ind.,
9th Ky., 17th Ky., 13th O., 19th O., 59th O. ARTILLERY.--Bridge's
Battery Ill. Art., 6th O. Battery, 26th Penn. Battery.


Maj.-Gen'l O. O. Howard.

Second Division.

Brig.-Gen'l A. Von Steinwehr.

FIRST BRIGADE.--33d N.J., 134th N.Y., 154th N.Y., 27th Penn., 73d
Penn. SECOND BRIGADE.--33d Mass., 136th N.Y., 55th O., 73d O.

Third Division.

Maj.-Gen'l C. Schurz.

FIRST BRIGADE.--82d Ill., 45th N.Y., 142nd N.Y., 61st O., 82d O.
SECOND BRIGADE.--58th N.Y., 68th N.Y., 119th N.Y., 141st N.Y.,
75th Penn., 26th Wis. ARTILLERY--1st New York Art. Co. "I," 13th
New York Battery, Indt. Co. 8th N.Y. Vol. Infty., 1st Ohio Art.,
Co. "I," 1st Ohio Artl, Co. "K," 4th U.S., Co. "G."


Maj.-Gen'l H. W. Slocum.

First Division.

Brig.-Gen'l A. S. Williams.

FIRST BRIGADE.--5th Conn., 20th Conn., 3d Md., 123d N.Y., 145th
N.Y., 46th Penn. SECOND BRIGADE.--27th Ind., 2d Mass., 13th N.J.,
107th N.Y., 150th N.Y., 3d Wis.

Second Division.

Brig.-Gen'l John W. Geary.

FIRST BRIGADE.--5th O., 7th O., 29th O., 66th O., 28th Penn., 147th
Penn. SECOND BRIGADE.--29th Penn., 109th Penn., 111th Penn., THIRD
BRIGADE.--60th N.Y., 78th N.Y., 102d N.Y., 137th N.Y., 149th N.Y.,
ARTILLERY.--1st Batt'n 10th Maine Vol. Infty., 1st New York Art.
Co. "M," Pennsylvania Batt'y, Co. "E," 4th U.S. Art., Co. "F," 5th
U.S. Art. Co. "K."

(Maj-Gen'l Joseph Hooker, Com'g 11th and 12th Army Corps.)

Lietu.-Col. Hunton, Unassigned Artillery.

2d Ky. Batt'y, 1st Mich. E. and M., 20th Ind. Batt'y., 1st Ky.
Batt'y., 1st O. Art., Co. "E," 10th Wis. Batt'y.


Maj.-Gen'l. George H. Thomas.

First Division.

Brig.-Gen'l. W. P. Carlin.

FIRST BRIGADE.--Col. O.F. Moore: 104th Ill., 38th Ind., 42d Ind.,
88th Ind., 15th Ky., 2d O., 33d O., 94th O., 10th Wis. SECOND
BRIGADE.--Col. M. F. Moore: 19th Ill., 11th Mich., 18th O., 69th
O., 15th U.S. Infty., 1st and 2d Batt., 16th U.S. Infty., 1st
Batt., 18th U.S. Infty., 1st and 2d Batt., 19th U.S. Infty., 1st
Batt. THIRD BRIGADE.--Col. W. Sirwell: 24th Ill., 37th Ind.,
21st O., 74th O., 78th Penn., 79th Penn., 1st Wis., 21st Wis.
ARTILLERY.--1st Ill. Art., Co. "C.," 1st Mich. Art., Co. "A.," 5th
U.S. Art., Co. "H."

Second Division.

Brig.-Gen'l. Jeff. C. Davis.

FIRST BRIGADE.--Brig.-Gen'l. J. D. Morgan: 10th Ill., 16th Ill.,
60th Ill., 10th Mich., 14th Mich. SECOND BRIGADE.--Brig.-Gen'l J.
Beatty: 3d East Tenn., 5th East Tenn., 6th East Tenn., 78th Ill.,
98th O., 113th O., 121st O. THIRD BRIGADE.--Col. D. McCook: 85th
Ill., 86th Ill., 110th Ill., 125th Ill., 52d O., 22d Mich.
ARTILLERY.--2d Ill. Art., Co. "L," 2d Minn. Batt'y, 5th Wis. Batt'y.

Third Division.

Brig.-Gen'l A. Baird.

FIRST BRIGADE.--Brig.-Gen'l J.B. Turchin: 82d Ind., 11th O., 17th
O., 31st O., 36th O., 89th O., 92d O. SECOND BRIGADE--Col. Jas.
George: 75th Ind., 87th Ind., 101st Ind., 2d Minn., 9th O., 35th
O., 105th O. THIRD BRIGADE--Col. E. H. Phelps: 10th Ind., 74th
Ind., 4th Ky., 10th Ky., 18th Ky., 14th O., 38th O. ARTILLERY.--7th
Ind. Batt'y., 19th Ind. Batt'y., 4th U.S. Art., Co. "I."


Brig.-Gen'l J. M. Brannan, Chf. of Art.

First Division.

Col. J. Barnett.

FIRST BRIGADE.--1st O. Art., Co. "A.," 1st O. Art., Co. "B.," 1st
O. Art., Co. "C.," 1st O. Art., Co. "F." SECOND BRIGADE.--1st O.
Art., Co. "G.," 1st O. Art., Co. "M.," 18th O. Batt'y., 20th O.

Second Division.

FIRST BRIGADE.--Capt. Sutermeister: 4th Ind. Batt'y., 8th Ind.
Batt'y, 11th Ind. Batt'y., 21st Ind. Batt'y. SECOND BRIGADE.--Capt.
Church: 1st Mich Art., Co. "D.," 1st M. Tenn. Art., Co. "A.," 3d
Wis. Batt'y, 8th Wis. Batt'y. COBURN'S BRIGADE.--33d Ind., 85th
Ind., 19th Mich., 22d Wis., 9th O. Batt'y. U. S. FORCES, GALLATIN,
TENN.--Brig.-Gen'l. E. A. Paine: 91st Ind. (1st Batt.), 50th O.
(1st Batt.), 71st O., 106th O., 13th Ind. Batt'y.


Brig.-Gen'l R. S. Granger, Comdg. Post.

WARD'S BRIGADE.--Brig.-Gen'l W. T. Ward; 105th Ill., 129th Ill.,
70th Ind., 79th O., 1st Mich. Art., Co. "E." UNASSIGNED.--18th
Mich. Vol. Inft'y., 12th. Ind. Batt'y. CLARKSVILLE, TENN.--Col
A. A. Smith, Comdg. Post: 83d Ill. (1st Batt.), 2d Ill. Art., Co.
"H." CHATTANOOGA, TENN.--10th O. Vol. Inft'y, 1st Batt. O. S. S.


Brig.-Gen'l R. B. Mitchell.

FIRST BRIGADE.--Col. A. P. Campbell: 1st E. Tenn. Cav., 2d Mich.
Cav., 9th Penn. Cav. SECOND BRIGADE.--Col. E. McCook: 2d E. Tenn.
Cav., 3d E. Tenn. Cav., 2d Ind. Cav., 4th Ind. Cav., 1st Wis. Cav.
THIRD BRIGADE.--Col. L. D. Watkins: 4th Ky. Cav., 5th Ky. Cav.,
6th Ky. Cav., 7th Ky. Cav. ARTILLERY.--Sec. 1, O. Art., Co. "D."


Brig-Gen'l Geo. Crook.

FIRST BRIGADE.--Col. R. L. Minty: 3d Ind. Cav. (Detachm't), 4th
Mich. Cav., 7th Penn. Cav., 4th U. S. Cav. SECOND BRIGADE.--Col
E. Long: 2d Ky. Cav., 1st O. Cav., 3d O. Cav., 4th O. Cav. THIRD
BRIGADE.--Col. W. W. Lowe: 5th Ia. Cav., 1st Mid. Tenn. Cav., 19th
O. Cav., Capt. Stokes' Ill Batt'y, 15th Pa. Vol. Cav., Col. W. J.
Palmer. MILLER'S BRIG. MTD. INFTY.--Col. A. O. Miller: 92d Ill.,
98th Ill., 123d Ill., 17th Ind., 72d Ind., 18th Ind. Batt'y. U. S.
FORCES, FT. DONELSON.--Lt. Col. E. C. Brott: 83d Ill. (Detachm't),
2d Ill. Art., Co. "C." UNASSIGNED INFANTRY.--34th Ill., 80th Ill,
102d Ill, 39th Ind., 51st Ind., 73d Ind., 21st Ky., 28th Ky., 3d
O., 102d O., 108th O., 10th Tenn., 31st Wis.

---* Brigade Commanders not given.

Appendix C.

Organization of the Confederate Army at the Battle of Chickamauga,


Lieut.-Gen'l. Leonidas Polk.

Cheatham's Division.

Maj.-Gen'l B. F. Cheatham.

JACKSON'S BRIGADE.--Brig.-Gen'l J. K. Jackson: 1st Confed. Bat.,
5th Ga., 2d Ga. Bat., 5th Miss., 8th Miss., Scogin's (Ga.) Batt'y.
MANEY'S BRIGADE.--Brig.-Gen'l Geo. Maney: 1st Tenn., 27th Tenn.,
4th Tenn., 6th Tenn., 9th Tenn., Maney's (Tenn.) Batt., Smith's
(Miss.) Batt'y. SMITH'S BRIGADE.--Brig.-Gen'l Preston Smith, Col. A.
J. Vaughan: 11th Tenn., 12th Tenn., 47th Tenn., 13th Tenn., 29th
Tenn., 154th Tenn., Scott's (Tenn.) Batt'y. WRIGHT'S BRIGADE.--Brig.-Gen'l
M. J. Wright: 8th Tenn., 16th Tenn., 28th Tenn., 38th Tenn., 51st
Tenn., 52d Tenn., Carnes' (Tenn.) Batt'y. STRAHL'S BRIGADE.--Brig.-Gen'l
O. F. Strahl: 4th Tenn., 5th Tenn., 19th Tenn., 24th Tenn., 31st
Tenn., 33d Tenn., Stanford's (Miss.) Batt'y.


Lieut. Gen'l. D. H. Hill.

Cleburne's Division.

Maj.-Gen'l P. R. Cleburne.

POLK'S BRIGADE.--Brig.-Gen'l L. E. Polk: 1st Ark., 2d Confed.,
5th Confed., 2d Tenn., 35th Tenn., 48th Tenn., Calvert's (Tenn.)
Batt'y. WOOD'S BRIGADE.--Brig.-Gen'l S. A. M. Wood: 16th Ala.,
33d Ala., 45th Ala., 32d Miss., 45th Miss., Hankin's Batt., Semple's
(Ala.) Batt'y. DESHLER'S BRIGADE.--Brig.-Gen'l James Deshler,
Col. R. Q. Mills: 19th Ark., 24th Ark., 6th Tex., 10th Tex, 15th
Tex., 17th Tex., 18th Tex., 24th Tex., 25th Tex., Douglas' (Tex.)

Breckinridge's Division.

HELM'S BRIGADE.--Brig.-Gen'l B. H. Helms, Col. J. H. Lewis, 41st
Ala., 2d Ky., 4th Ky., 6th Ky., 9th Ky., Cobb's (Ky.) Battery.
ADAMS' BRIGADE.--Brig.-Gen'l Dan'l Adams, Col. R. L. Gibson, 32d
Ala., 13th La., 20th La., 16th La., 25th La., 19th La., Austin's
(La.) Batt., Slocomb's (La.) Battery. STOVALL'S BRIGADE.--Brig.-Gen'l
M. A. Stovall, 1st Fla., 3d Fla., 4th Fla., 47th Ga., 60th No.
Car., Mebane's (Tenn.) Battery.

Walker's Division. [Walker's and Liddel's divisions constituted a
"reserve corps," under Walker's command, Gist commanding Walker's

Maj.-Gen'l W. H. T. Walker.
Brig.-Gen'l S. R. Gist.

GIST'S BRIGADE.--Brig.-Gen'l S. R. Gist, Col. P. H. Colquitt,
46th Ga., 8th Ga. Batt., 16th So. Car., 24th So. Car., Ferguson's
(So. Car.) Battery. ECTOR'S BRIGADE.--Brig.-Gen'l M. D. Ector,
Ala. Batt. (Stone's), Miss. Batt. (Pound's), 9th Tex., 10th Tex.
Cav. [dismounted], 14th Tex. Cav. [dismounted], 32d Tex. Cav.
[dismounted], Battery [Gen'l Walker reports five batteries, but
those of Ector's and Wilson's brigades are not named in reports].
WILSON'S BRIGADE.--Col. C. C. Wilson, 25th Ga., 29th Ga., 30th Ga.,
1st Ga. Batt., 4th La. Batt., Battery [Gen'l Walker reports five
batteries, but those of Ector's and Wilson's brigades are not named
in reports].

Liddell's Division. [Walker's and Liddel's divisions constituted a
"reserve corps," under Walker's command, Gist commanding Walker's

Birg.-Gen'l S. J. R. Lidell.

LIDELL'S BRIGADE.--Col. D. C. Govan, 2d Ark., 15th Ark., 5th Ark.,
13th Ark., 6th Ark., 7th Ark., 1st La., Swett's (Miss.) Batt.
WALTHALL'S BRIGADE.--Brig.-Gen'l E. C. Walthall, 24th Miss., 27th
Miss., 29th Miss., 30th Miss., 34th Miss., Fowler's (Ala.) Battery.

LEFT WING. [Longstreet's corps, organization of the divisions, and
of the artillery battalion taken from Return of the Army of Northern
Virginia, for August 31, 1863; the artillery is not mentioned in
the reports.]

Lieut.-Gen'l James Longstreet.

McLaw's Division.

Maj.-Gen'l Lafayette McLaw.
Brig.-Gen'l J. B. Kershaw.

KERSHAW'S BRIGADE.--Brig.-Gen'l J. B. Kershaw, 2d So. Car., 7th
So. Car., 8th So. Car., 15th So. Car., 3d So. Car. Batt. WOFFORD'S
BRIGADE.--Brig.-Gen'l W. T. Wofford, 16th Ga., 18th Ga., 24th
Ga., 3d Ga. Batt., Cobb's (Ga.) Legion, Phillip's (Ga.) Legion.
HUMPHREY'S BRIGADE.--Brig.-Gen'l B. G. Humphreys, 13th Miss.,
17th Miss., 18th Miss., 21st Miss. BRYAN'S BRIGADE [not engaged
according to Longstreet's report].--Brig.-Gen'l Goode Bryan, 10th
Ga., 50th Ga., 51st Ga., 53d Ga.

Hood's Division.

Maj.-Gen'l J. B. Hood.
Brig.-Gen'l E. M. Law.

LAW'S BRIGADE.--Brig.-Gen'l E. M. Law, Col. Sheffield,
4th Ala., 15th Ala., 44th Ala., 47th Ala., 48th Ala. ROBERTSON'S
BRIGADE.--Brig.-Gen'l J. R. Robertson, 3d Ark., 18th Tex., 4th Tex.,
5th Tex. ANDERSON'S BRIGADE.--Brig.-Gen'l Geo. T. Anderson, 7th Ga.,
8th Ga., 9th Ga., 11th Ga., 59th Ga. BENNING'S BRIGADE.--Brig.-Gen'l
H. L. Benning, 2d Ga., 15th Ga., 17th Ga., 20th Ga. ARTILLERY
[Served in Johnson's division].--Maj. Frank Huger, Ficklin's (Va.)
Bat., Jordan's (Va.) Bat., Moody's (La.) Bat., Parker's (Va.) Bat.,
Taylor's (Va.) Bat., Woolfolk's (Va.) Bat.

Hindman's Division [of Polk's Corps].

Maj.-Gen'l T. C. Hindman.
Brig.-Gen'l Patton Anderson.

ANDERSON'S BRIGADE.--Brig.-Gen'l Patton Anderson, Col. J. H. Sharp,
7th Miss., 9th Miss., 10th Miss., 41st Miss., 44th Miss., 9th Miss.,
Garrity's (Ala.) Bat. DEAS' BRIGADE.--Brig.-Gen'l Z. C. Deas, 19th
Ala., 22d Ala., 25th Ala., 39th Ala., 50th Ala., 17th Ala. Batt.,
Dent's (Ala.) Bat. MANIGAULT'S BRIGADE.--Brig.-Gen'l A. M. Manigault,
24th Ala., 28th Ala., 34th Ala., 10th So. Car. and 19th So. Car.
consol., Water's (Ala.) Bat.


Maj.-Gen'l S. B. Buckner.

Stewart's Division.

Maj.-Gen'l A. P. Stewart.

JOHNSON'S BRIGADE [see Johnson's Division, following].--Brig.-Gen'l
B. R. Johnson, Col. J. S. Fulton, 17th Tenn., 23d Tenn., 25th Tenn.,
44th Tenn., 9th Ga. Art., Bat. "E." BROWN'S BRIGADE.--Brig.-Gen'l
J. C. Brown, 18th Tenn., 26th Tenn., 32d Tenn., 45th Tenn., Newman's
(Tenn.) Batt., Dawson's (Ga.) Bat. BATE'S BRIGADE.--Brig.-Gen'l W.
B. Bate, 58th Ala., 37th Ga., 4th Ga. Batt., 15th Tenn., 37th Tenn.,
20th Tenn., Oliver's (Ala.) Art. CLAYTON'S BRIGADE.--Brig.-Gen'l
H. D. Clayton, 18th Ala., 36th Ala., 38th Ala., Humphrey's (Ark.)

Preston's Division.

Brig.-Gen'l William Preston.

GRACIE'S BRIGADE.--Brig.-Gen'l A. Gracie, Jr., 43d Ala., 1st Ala.
Batt. [Hilliard's Legion], 2d Ala. Batt. [Hilliard's Legion], 3d
Ala. Batt. [Hilliard's Legion], 63d tenn., Battery [It appears that
Baxter's (Tenn.) and Jeffress' (Va.) Batteries belonged to this
division, but their assignment is not clearly indicated.]. TRIGG'S
BRIGRADE.--Col. R. C. Trigg, 1st Fla. Cav. [dismounted], 6th Fla.,
7th Fla., 54th Va., Peeple's (Ga.) Bat. KELLY'S BRIGADE.--Col.
J. H. Kelly, 65th Ga., 5th ky., 58th N. Car., 63d Va., Battery [It
appears that Baxter's (Tenn.) and Jeffress' (Va.) Batteries belonged
to this division, but their assignment is not clearly indicated.].

Johnson's Division [this is a temporary organization, embracing
Benning's, Johnson's, Law's, and Robertson's brigades, as well as
Gregg's and McNair's].

Brig.-Gen'l B. R. Johnson.

GREGG'S BRIGADE.--Brig.-Gen'l John Gregg, Col. C. A. Sugy, 3d Tenn.,
10th Tenn., 30th Tenn., 41st Tenn., 50th Tenn., 1st [20th] Tenn.
Batt., 7th Texas, Bledsoe's (Mo.) Bat. MCNAIR'S BRIGADE.--Brig.-Gen'l
E. McNair, Col. D. Coleman, 1st Ark. Rifles, 2d Ark. Rifles, 4th
Ark., 25th Ark., 35th Ark., Culpeper's (S. C.) Bat.


Maj.-Gen'l Joseph Wheeler [This organization taken from return for
August 31st, 1863.].

Wharton's Division.

Brig.-Gen'l John A. Wharton.

FIRST BRIGADE.--Col. C. C. Crews, 7th Ala., 2d Ga., 3d Ga., 4th
Ga. SECOND BRIGADE.--Col. T. Harrison, 3d Confederates, 1st Ky.,
4th Tenn., 8th Texas, 11th Texas, White's (Ga.) Battery.

Martin's Division.

Brig.-Gen'l W. T. Martin.

FIRST BRIGADE.--Col. J. T. Morgan, 1st Ala., 3d Ala., 51st Ala.,
8th Confederate. SECOND BRIGADE.--Col. A. A. Russell, 4th Ala.
[two regiments of the same designation. Lt.-Col. Johnson commanded
that in Roddey's brigade.], 1st Confederate, Wiggins' (Ark.) Battery.

Roddey's Brigade.

Brig.-Gen'l P. D. Roddey.

4th Ala. [two regiments of the same designation. Lt.-Col. Johnson
commanded that in Roddey's brigade.], 5th Ala., 53d Ala., Forrest's
(Tenn.) Regiment, Ferrell's (Ga.) Battery.

Forrest's Corps.

Maj.-Gen'l N. B. Forrest.

Armstrong's Division [Taken from return for August 31, 1863, and
Forrest's report].

Brig.-Gen'l F. C. Armstrong.

ARMSTRONG'S BRIGADE.--3d Ark., 1st Tenn., 2d Tenn., McDonald's
Battalion. --- BRIGADE.--4th Tenn., 8th Tenn., 9th Tenn., 10th
Tenn., 11th Tenn., Freeman's (Tenn.) Battery, Marion's (Tenn.)

Pegram's Division [Taken from Pegram's and Scott's reports and
assignments; but the composition of this division is uncertain.].

Brig.-Gen'l John Pegram.

DAVIDSON'S BRIGADE.--Brig.-Gen'l H. B. Davidson, 1st Ga., 6th Ga.,
65th North Carolina, Rucker's Legion, Huwald's (Tenn.) Battery.
SCOTT'S BRIGADE.--Col. J. L. Scott, 10th Confederate, 1st La.,
5th Tenn., 12th Tenn. Battalion, 16th Tenn. Battalion, Louisiana
Battery (1 section).

RESERVE ARTILLERY [with exception of Darden's battery taken from
return for August 31, 1863; on that return that battery appears as
of Johnson's Brigade.].

Barret's (Mo.) Battery, Darden's (Miss.) Battery, Havis' (Ala.)
Battery, Le Gardewi's (La.) Battery, Lumsden's (Ala.) Battery,
Massenburg's (Ga.) Battery.


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