The California Birthday Book

Part 5 out of 5

Under the grass, the flowers, and the sod
Go deep enough and you will find God.
The royal red-gold of the sunset glow
A veil for His unseen face doth show.
And all the star-cool vastnesses of night
Still hide Him not from the Spirit's sight.

I will see Him in all, I will trust Him in all,
I will love but the God, to the God will I call.
Till God, full and perfect, every soul shall reveal,
And God's glorious purpose each life shall fulfill;
Till the earth showeth whole, without break, without seam,
Till God's truth and God's beauty stand clear and supreme.

in _Fellowship Magazine._



Oh! that was a desperate struggle--terrific and horrible to see! The
devil shrieked and howled; he scratched and bit; while Crowbar, dumb
and purple in the face, gave telling blows with his fists. He could
not strike the devil's head, because of the horns, and he could not
grab his body, because it was so sleek and slimy. At length the
devil's strength gave out. Crowbar siezed him by the throat, threw him
on his back, put a knee upon his breast, and, with the cane in his
right hand, gave him a blow between the horns that split his head in
two. But he died hard. His head was split open, yet he was struggling,
whipping the ground with his tail, and foaming at the mouth. At last
he was still.

in _Tales of Languedoc._



The century new announces, "Victory!"--
Through Music's witchery o'er Sin and Hell
Man is redeemed. The Christ is here! The Soul
Now claims its own! Nor hope nor fear
Nor prayer nor hunger now, for lo! 'tis here,
The expected Kingdom--God's and Man's! 'Tis here!
Day-dawn has come! The world-wide quest is o'er!
The Grail was never lost! 'Twas folded safe
Within the petals of my heart, and thou
Enchanter wise, reveal'st to me, my Self!

in _Now, May_, 1904.



Silently flying through the darkened air, swirling, glinting, to their
appointed places, they seem to have taken counsel together, saying,
"Come, we are feeble; let us help one another. We are many, and
together we will be strong. Marching in close, deep ranks, let us roll
away the stones from these mountain sepulchers, and set the landscape
free. Let us uncover these clustering domes. Here let us carve a lake
basin; there a Yosemite Valley; here, a channel for a river with
fluted steps and brows for the plunge of songful cataracts. Yonder let
us spread broad sheets of soil, that man and beast may be fed; and
here pile trains of boulders for pines and giant sequoias. Here make
ground for a meadow; there for a garden and grove."

in _The Mountains of California._


It was winter in San Francisco--not the picturesque winter of the
North or South, but a mild and intermediate season, as if the great
zones had touched hands, and earth were glad of the friendly feeling.
There is no breath from a cold Atlantic to chill the ardor of these
thoughts. Our great, tranquil ocean lies in majesty to the west. It
can fume and fret, but it does so in reason. It does not lash and
storm in vain.

in _The Siege of Youth._

May the tangling of sunshine and roses never cease upon your path
until after the snows of Winter have covered your way with whiteness.

in _The Vagabond Prince, Act IV._


It was one of those wonderful warm winter days given to San Francisco
instead of the spring she has never experienced. After a week's rain
the sun shone out of a sky as warmly blue as late spring brings in
other climates. The world seemed in a very rapture of creation. The
bay below the garden, new washed and sparkling like a pale emerald,
spread gaily out, and the city's streets terraced down to meet it. The
peculiar delicacy and richness of California roses coaxed by the
softness of the climate to live out-doors sent up a perfume that
hot-house flowers cannot yield. The turf was of a thick, healthy, wet
green, teeming with life. The hills beyond were green as summer in
California cannot make them, and off to the west against the tender
sky the cross on Lone Mountain was etched.

in _Anthony Overman._


The story is never fully told, and the power of paint or pen can never
express entirely the glory or the strength of the conception which
impelled it. The best is still withheld, inexpressible in human terms.

Our best songs are still unsung; our best thoughts are still unuttered
and must so remain until eyes and ears and hands are quickened by a
diviner life to a keener sensibility.

in _The Building of a Picture._

Another value in dialect is the fact that sounds are often retained
that are lost in the standard speech, or softer, sweeter tones are
fostered and developed.

in _Dialect in Literature._


It is a compensation for many ills to awaken some December morning and
feel in the air the warmth of summer and see in the foliage the glad
green of spring. Children play in the parks, and the sun shines, and
even the older folks grew merry. * * * It had been such a day as comes
during Indian summer in other countries. The air had been very kindly
and had breathed nothing but gentleness toward man and vegetation.
Toward February people would be out searching for wild flowers on the
suburban hills.

in _The Siege of Youth._



How vain is life!
Love's little spell,
Hate's little strife,
And then--farewell!
How brief is life!
Hope's lessening light
With dreams is rife,
And then--good night!


"Everyone for himself," is the law of the jungle. But slowly a new
form of expression is shaping and we are beginning to take pride in
the things that are "ours," rather than in that which alone is "mine."

in _Our Governtnert in Social Service, or
a Nation at Work in Human Uplift._



"Back there," the gambler-wind the snow is shuffling,
Flake after flake down--dealing in despair;
The bladeless field, the birdless thicket muffling,
But now no more the river's stillness ruffling.
Oh, bitter is the sky, and blank its stare--
Back there!

"Back there," the wires are down. The blizzard, meaning
No good to man or beast, shakes loose his hair.
The storm-bound train and locomotive preening
His sable plume, the ferry-boat, careening
Between the ice-cakes, icy fringes wear--
Back there!

in _Out West._



"Out Here," a mocker trills his carol olden,
High-perched upon some eucalyptus near.
The meadow lark replies; oranges golden
Peer from the green wherewith they are enfolden,
And perfume fills the winey atmosphere--
Out Here!

"Out Here," through virgin soil, in sunlight mellow--
Ay, and in moonlight!--man his plow may steer,
Nor lose life's edge in friction with his fellow;
Nor, parchment-bound, with yellowing creeds turn yellow,
But feel his heart grow younger every year--
Out Here!

in _Out West._



As I go lightly on my way
I hear the flowers and grasses talk:
I listen to the gray-beard rock:
I know what 'tis the tree-tops say.
A thousand comrades with me walk
As I go lightly on my way.

As I go lightly on my way
A bonnie bird a greeting sings,
And gossip from a far clime brings;
A grumbling bee growls out "Good-day";
A jest the saucy chipmonk flings,
As I go lightly on my way.

As I go lightly on my way
The brook trips by with dancing feet,
And Song and Laughter soft repeat
Their cadence as I watch its play;
And whispers low the wind, and sweet,
As I go lightly on my way.

in _Country Life in America, September_, 1902.



I fell asleep beneath a fragrant
Arrow-leafed tree;
And all night long its drooping branches
Showered sweet dreams on me.
But when the dawn-wind stirred the tree tops
I saw, oh wondrous sight!
My dreams, pale spheres amid the leafage,
Ethereal, poised for flight.

in _Out West Magazine._



Crowned with the glory of artistic achievement, with the love and
devotion of friends and family, with the homage of the world, her
royal yet sweet and gentle spirit has risen from the earth to shine
above like a brilliant star, perpetually transmitting its pure white
light to a reverently admiring multitude.

_Inscribed on banner accompanying floral tribute of
the Fine Arts League._


All daylight he followed through endless hot marches
The trail of a plodding desire:
Now with night he has lost the fierce fever of getting,
Adrowse by his dull-embered fire.
Immeasurable silences compass him over,
His body grows one with the streams
Of sands that slide and whisper around him;
The stars draw his soul: and he dreams.

in _Pall Mall Magazine._



The sun's glory lies on the mountain
Like the glow of a golden dream,
Or the flush on a slumbering fountain
That wakes to dawn's roseate beam.
So the year's day dies in a glory,
And dying, like sunrays unfurled,
Casts the peace and love of Christ's story
Over the heart of the world.




A manger-cradled child, his mother near,
And one they call his father standing by,
Shepherd and Magi, with the gifts they bear,
An angel chorus rolling through the sky--
Once more the sacred mystery we scan,
And wonder if the Christ be God's best gift to man.

Pale, patient Pleader, for the poor and those
Whose hearts are homes of sorrow and of pain,
Thy voice is as a balm for all their woes;
Through twenty centuries it calleth plain
As when it breathed the invitation blest--
"Ye weary, come to Me, and I will give you rest."

Reason may seek to ruin, science scorn,
But that great love of Thine hath made us wise
In wisdom not of understanding born,
That bids us turn to Thee with longing eyes
And outstretched hands. We know that Thou art He.
Nor do we seek a sign as did the Pharisee.

Sweet festival that bringeth back once more
The golden dreams of childhood, let us turn
Like little children to the Christmas lore
That once did hold us spellbound, till we learn
Again the lesson of Thy love; for we
Must be like children, Lord, ere we can come to Thee.

in _Cloistral Strains._



I watched the dying embers, my vision blurred apace--
I trod once more that hallowed ground, of kith, of kin, of race.
I saw again the turf-fire send its living flame on high,
Saw youthful figures grouped around the Yule board, laden, nigh.

The latch went up, the neighbors came and instantly good cheer
Went 'round the festive gathering 'till the Christ-child hour drew near,
The piper played, the dance began, and child and parent fond
Tripped back and forth, tripped high and low, with smile of loving bond.

in _The Christinas Card._



As lone as God, and white as Winter moon,
Mount Shasta's peak looks down on forest gloom.
The storm-tossed pines and warlike-looking firs
Have rallied here upon its silver spurs.
Eternal tower, majestic, great and strong,
So silent all, except for Heaven's song--
For Heaven's voice calls out through silver bars
To Shasta's height; calls out below the stars,
And speaks the way, as though but quarter rod
From Shasta's top unto its maker, God.




Say mate, I'm in the foothills;
Got a tent to sleep in nights,
Far away from beaten highways
And the talk of human rights;
Far away from din and tumult,
Where the greed of pelf consumes--
I've a corner, here, of heaven
Where the creamy yucca blooms.

God! the newborn sense of freedom!
Down in chain and bolt and bar,
Rent the vain that kept in hiding
Lore of sky and silver star.
Wisdom dwelleth not in cities;
'Tis the foothill night illumes--
Where the insects chant their hymnals,
And the creamy yucca blooms.

Get a move on, mate, come out here,
Leave the deadly fever-dreams
Of the street and of the market
Where the "rocky yellow" gleams.
Here you live in every moment,
And the soul its own assumes
In this blessed bit of heaven,
Where the creamy yucca blooms.

in _West Coast Magazine._



Born from nothing, it leaps into existence with the full-fledged
strength of a giant, dies, is born again; lives a thousand lives and
dies a thousand deaths in a single pulsating second of time.

It soars to every height, plunges to every depth, and stretches its
vast arms throughout illimitable space.

It plants the first blush upon the cheek of dawn; with brush of gold
upon the glowing canvas of the west, it tells the story of the dying

At its mere whim and caprice, a thousand pillars of light leap from
the dark and sullen seas which surge about the poles, while from its
shimmering loom it weaves the opalescent tapestry of the aurora to
hang against the black background of the arctic night.

It rouses nature from her winter sleep, breaks the icy fetters of the
frost that binds the streams, lifts the shroud of snow from off the
landscape, woos the tender mold and bids the birth of bud and blossom;
dowers the flower with perfume and clothes the earth with verdure of
the spring.

It rides the swift courses of the storms that circle round the bald
crest of old Mount Davidson; cleaves the black curtain of the night
with scimitar of flame; rouses the lightnings from their couch of
clouds and wakes the earthquake.

Beneath its touch, the beetling crag, which took omnipotence a
thousand years to rear, crumbles into dust, the mere plaything of the
idle wind; it lays its hand upon the populous city with its teeming,
restless multitude. And yesterday, where stood the glittering spire,
the shining tower, the frowning battlement, today the cold gray ocean
rolls in undisputed might.

It gathers the doings of the day from the four corners of the world,
the tales of love and death, of fire and flood, of strife and
pestilence, and under eight thousand miles of shivering sea, whispers
the babble of two hemispheres.

It turns the wheels of peace where poor men toil, and helps the
husbandman to plow and plant and reap his whispering grain.

It rides the wings of war where brave men die; and when it stalks
between contending hosts, exalts the kingly crest and helps an empire
plant its flag of conquest.

It glows in lonely attics where weary workers toil to earn their
crust. It shines o'er scenes where feet of feasters tread the halls of
revelry. It lights the mourners on their pathway to the tomb. It
glares in haunts where jeweled ringers lift the cup of pleasure to the
month of sin, 'mid the sobbing of the sensuous music and flow of
forbidden wine; and speeding on its way illumes the dim cathedral
aisle, where surpliced priest proclaims the teachings of the master,
and golden-throated choirs lift their hosannas to the King of Kings.

It was the Maker's ally at the dawn of time, and when God from the
depths of infinite space, said "Let there be light," it sent the pulse
of life along creation's veins, baptized earth's cold brow with floods
of fire, and stood the sponsor of a cradled world.



ANGIER, BELLE SUMNER, (Mrs. Walter Burn.) Special training in
floricultural and horticultural subjects. Staff writer on Los Angeles
Times and Los Angeles Express. Writer on garden and floral topics for
California newspapers and many magazines. _Author:_ Garden Book of
California. _Address:_ 1036 N. Washington St., Los Angeles, Calif.

ARCHER, RUBY, _b._ Kansas City, Mo., Jan. 28, 1873. _Ed._ Kansas City
High School and private tutors. Contributor of poems, translations
from French and German dramas and lyrics, prose articles on Art,
Architecture, Music, Biblical Literature, Philosophy, etc., for papers
and magazines. _Author:_ Little Poems. $1.25. Thought Awakening.
$1.00. _Address:_ R.F.D. No. 8, Box 11-A, Los Angeles, Calif. (The
Studio is at Granada Park, on the Covina Electric Line.)

AUSTIN, MARY. _Author:_ The Land of Little Rain, an account of the
California Desert. $2.00. The Basket Woman, a book of Indian myths and
fanciful tales for children. $1.50. Isidro, a romance of Mission days.
$1.50. The Flock, an account of the shepherd industry of California.
$2.00. Santa Lucia, a novel. $1.50. Lost Borders, the people of the
desert. _Address:_ Carmel-by-the-Sea, California, or care of Harper
Bros., New York.

BAMFORD, MARY ELLEN, _b._ Healdsburg, Calif. _Author:_ Up and Down the
Brooks. Houghton, Mifflin & Co. 75c. Her Twenty Heathen. Pilgrim
Press. 50c. My Land and Water Friends. D. Lothrop & Co. The Look About
Club. D. Lothrop & Co. Second Year of the Look About Club. D. Lothrop
& Co. Janet and Her Father. Congregational S.S. & Pub. Soc. Marie's
Story. Congregational S.S. & Pub. Soc. Miss Millie's Trying. Hunt &
Eaton. Number One or Number Two. Hunt & Eaton. A Piece of Kitty
Hunter's Life. Hunt & Eaton. Father Lambert's Family. Phillips & Hunt.
Thoughts of My Dumb Neighbors. Phillips & Hunt. Eleanor and I.
Congregational S.S. & Pub. Soc. Talks by Queer Folks. D. Lothrop Co.
Jessie's Three Resolutions. Am. Bap. Pub. Soc. In Editha's Days. Am.
Baptist Pub. Soc. Three Roman Girls. Am. Baptist Pub. Soc. Out of the
Triangle. D.C. Cook Pub. Co. 25c. Ti: A Story of San Francisco's
Chinatown. D.C. Cook Co. 25c. The Denby Children at the Fair. D.C.
Cook Co. _Address:_ 621 E. 15th St., East Oakland, Calif.

BANCROFT, HUBERT HOWE, _b._ May 5, 1832, Granville, Ohio. _Ed._
Granville Academy until sixteen years of age. Clerk in bookstore in
Buffalo, N.Y. Came to San Francisco March, 1852. While building up a
large book-selling and publishing house, Mr. Bancroft worked for 30
years on the colossal history which bears his name, issued in Vols. as
follows: The Native Races of the Pacific States, 5 vols. History of
Central America, 3 vols. History of Mexico, 6 vols. North Mexican
States and Texas, 2 vols. California, 7 vols. Arizona and New Mexico,
1 vol. Colorado and Wyoming, 1 vol. Utah and Nevada, 1 vol. Northwest
Coast, 2 vols. Oregon, 2 vols. Washington, Idaho and Montana, 1 vol.
British Columbia, 1 vol. Alaska, 1 vol. California Pastoral, 1 vol.
California Inter Pocula, 1 vol. Popular Tribunals, 2 vols. Essays and
Miscellany, 1 vol. Literary Industries, 1 vol. Also Book of the Fair,
Book of Wealth, Resources of Mexico, The New Pacific, etc. _Address:_
2898 Jackson St., San Francisco.

BANDINI, HELEN ELLIOTT (Mrs. Arturo), _b._ Indianapolis, _Ed._ in
public schools. Came to California in 1874 when father was president
of Indiana Colony, which founded Pasadena. Writer for newspapers and
magazines. _Author:_ History of California (Am. Book Co.) The Romance
of California History (in press.) _Address:_ 1149 San Pasqual St.,
Pasadena. Calif.

BARTLETT, DANA WEBSTER, _b._ Bangor, Me., Oct. 27, 1860. _Ed._ Iowa
College (Grinnell, La.,) 1882. Attended Yale and Chicago Theol. Sems.
Pastor Phillips Church, Salt Lake. Since 1896 pastor Bethlehem Inst.
Church, Los Angeles, which now covers six city lots. _Author:_ The
Better City: "Our Government in Social Service." _Address:_ Bethlehem
Institutional Church, Los Angeles, Calif.

BARUCH, BERTHA HIRSCH, _b._ Province of Posen, Germany. Came to New
London, Conn., with father in 1876. Wrote poetry in her teens and was
encouraged by Rose Hawthorne Lathrop in her literary efforts. Active
in College Settlement and Univ. Ext. work. Attended Penn. Univ. and
Yale. On editorial staff Los Angeles Times. _Address:_ 1168 W. 36th
St., Los Angeles, Calif.

BASHFORD, HERBERT, _b._ Sioux City, Ia., 1871. Contributor to leading
magazines on literature and the drama. _Author:_ The Wolves of the
Sea; The Tenting of the Tillicums: At the Shrine of Song, etc. Writer
of several successful plays, The Defiance of Doris, etc. _Address:_
San Jose, Calif.

BINGHAM, HELEN, _b._ San Francisco, Aug. 23, 1885. _Ed._ private
tutors, with special reference to Archaeology. _Author:_ In Tamal
Land. $2.00. _Address:_ 785 Cole St., San Francisco, Calif.

BLAND, HENRY MEADE, _b._ Suisun, Solano Co., Calif., April 21, 1863.
_Ed._ public schools, University of the Pacific (Ph.D., 1890),
Stanford University (M.A., 1895). Professor English Literature since
1898 at State Normal School, San Jose. Contributor leading magazines.
_Author:_ A song of Autumn and Other Poems. 1908. $1.00. _Address:_
State Normal School, San Jose, Calif.

BOHAN, MRS. ELIZABETH BAKER, _b._ England, August 18. When 4 years old
came to Milwaukee, Wisc. _Ed._ in public schools. Married in Milwaukee
and began to write short stories, poems, and philosophical articles.
_Author:_ The Drag-net, 1909, C.M. Clark, Boston. The Strength of the
Weak, Grafton Co., Los Angeles $1.50 each. _Address:_ 1844 Santa Cruz
Street, Los Angeles, California.

BOOTHS, CHARLES BEACH, _b._ Stratford, Conn., July 3, 1851. _Ed._
Stratford Acad. 1894 came to Los Angeles. Pres. Nat. Irrigation
Congress, 1896-7. Writer on Conservation of National Resources.
_Address:_ Los Angeles, Calif.

BRANNICK, LAURENCE, _b._ Scardene, Co. Mayo, Ire., May 24, 1874. _Ed._
St. Jarlath's College, Tuam and Maynooth College. B.A. 1907 Univ. S.
Calif. Writer for papers and magazines. Especially interested in
perpetuation of Gaelic language. _Address:_ Station K., Los Angeles,

BRIGMAN, MRS. ANNIE W., _b._ Honolulu, Dec. 3. Came to California in
young girlhood. Writer of verses to accompany her own artistic
photographs. _Address:_ 647 32nd St., Oakland, Calif.

BRININSTOOL. E.A., _b._ Warsaw, Wyoming Co., N.Y., October 11, 1870.
Attended common school until 17. In 1887 learned printer's trade. In
1895 came to Calif. In 1900 began to write humorous verse for the Los
Angeles Times, Record, Examiner and Express. Since 1905 on Los Angeles
Express in editorial paragraphs and a short column of verse and
miscellaneous matter, dubbed, "Lights and Shadows." _Address:_ The
Express, Los Angeles, Calif.

BROOKS, FRED EMERSON, _b._ Waverly, N.Y., Dec. 5, 1850. _Grad._
Madison (now Colgate) Univ., 1873. Lived in S.F. 1873-1891. S.F. Call
styled him California's Celebration Poet. Writer of plays, magazine
articles, etc. _Author:_ Old Ace and Other Poems. Pickett's Charge and
Other Poems, (both by Forbes & Co., Chicago.) _Address:_ 564 W. 182nd
St., New York.

BROWN, HENRY HARRISON, _b._ June 26, 1840, Uxbridge, Mass. _Ed._ at
public schools, Nichols Academy at Dudley, Mass., and Meadville,
Penn., Divinity School. Began to teach school when he was 17, and with
the exception of three years in service during the Civil War continued
teaching till he was 30. Preacher in Unitarian churches for 7 years;
lectured for 17 years on reformatory topics. _Pub._ in San Francisco
from 1900 to 1906, _Now: A Journal of Affirmation_. Is contributor to
progressive magazines and lectures extensively. _Author:_
Concentration: The Road to Success. 50c. and $1.00. How to Control Fate
Through Suggestion. 25c. Not Hypnotism, But Suggestion. 25c. Man's
Greatest Discovery. 25c. Self Healing Through Suggestion. 25c. The
Call of the Twentieth Century. 25c. Dollars Want Me: The New Road to
Opulence. 10c. _Address:_ "Now" Home, Glenwood, Santa Cruz Co., Calif.

BRUN, SAMUEL JACQUES, _b._ Mime, Province of Gard, France, of Huguenot
parents. _Grad._ French Univ. Instructor in French at Haverford
College, Cornell Univ., Stanford Univ. Now an attorney. _Author:_
Tableaux de la Revolution (a French reader, 9th ed.) Tales of
Languedoc (Folk Lore.) $1.50. _Address:_ 110 Sutter St., and 1467
Willard St., San Francisco.

BRUN, MRS. S.J., nee Hanna Otis, _b._ Auburn, N.Y. Writer for
magazines. _Address:_ 1467 Willard St., San Francisco.

BURBANK, BLANCHE M., _b._ West Troy, N.Y. Has lived most of her life
in California. Has written poems for the magazines. _Author:_ Reed
Notes, 1905. _Address:_ Union Square Hotel, San Francisco, Calif.

BURBANK, LUTHER, _b._ Lancaster, Mass., March 7, 1849. _Ed._ at
Lancaster, and in the schools of adversity, Nature, and prosperity.
_Author:_ The Training of the Human Plant. _Address:_ Santa Rosa,

BURBANK, WM. F., _b._ in San Francisco. _Ed._ Oakland High School and
State University. Written poems for magazines, etc. _Address:_ Union
Square Hotel, San Francisco, Calif.

BURDETTE, ROBT. JONES, _b._ July 30, 1844. Greensboro, Greene Co.,
Penn. _Grad._ High School, Peoria, Ill., 1861. D.D. Kalamazoo College,
1905. Writer on Peoria Transcript and Evening Review. Writer and
afterwards editor Burlington Hawkeye. Large contributor to newspapers
and magazines. Pastor Temple Baptist Church, July, 1903, to August,
1909. Resigned through ill health. _Author:_ The Sons of Asaph. The
Life of William Penn. Smiles Yoked With Sighs, 1900. Rise and Fall of
a Mustache, 1877. Chimes From a Jester's Bells, 1897. _Address:_
Sunnycrest, Orange Grove Ave., Pasadena, Calif.

BURGESS, GELETT, _b._ Boston, January 30, 1866. _Ed._ public schools,
Boston. _Grad._ Massachusetts Institute Technology, B.S., 1887.
Instructor topo. drawing University of California, 1891-4. Ass. Ed.
The Wave, 1894-5. Edited Lark, San Francisco, 1895-7. _Author:_
Vivette, (novelette.) Copeland & Day, 1897. $1.25. The Lively City
O'Ligg, (Juvenile.) F.A. Stokes Co., 1899. $1.50. Goops, and How to be
Them, (Juvenile.) Stokes Co., 1900. $1.50. A Gage of Youth, (Poems,
chiefly from "The Lark.") Small, Maynard & Co., 1901. $1.00. The
Burgess Nonsense Book, (Prose and Verse.) Stokes Co., 1901. $2.00. The
Romance of the Commonplace. Elder & Shepherd, S.F., 1901. $1.50. More
Goops, and How Not to Be Them, (Juvenile.) Stokes Co., 1903. $1.50.
The Reign of Queen Isyl. Short stories in collaboration with WILL
IRWIN. McClure, Phillips & Co., 1903. $1.50. The Picaroons. Short
stories in collaboration with WILL IRWIN. McClure, Phillips & Co.,
1904. $1.50. The Rubaiyat of Omar Cayenne. (Satire and Parody.)
Stokes, 1904. 75c. Goop Tales. (Juvenile.) Stokes Co., 1904. $1.50. A
Little Sister of Destiny. (Short Stories.) Houghton, Mifflin & Co.,
1904, $1.50. The White Cat. (Novel.) Bobbs-Merrill Co., 1907. $1.50.
The Heart Line. (Novel.) Bobbs-Merrill Co., 1907. $1.50. The Maxims of
Methuselah. (Satire and Parody.) Stokes Co., 1907. 75c. Blue Goops and
Red. (Juvenile.) Stokes Co., 1909. $1.35 net. Lady Mechante. (4-wart
Novel.) Stokes Co., 1909. $1.50. _Address:_ 1285 Commonwealth Ave.,
Boston, Mass.

CARR, SARAH PRATT, _b._ Maine, 1850. Taken to California 1852. _Ed._
in public schools of California. Wrote for newspapers and magazines.
Short time Unitarian minister. _Author:_ The Iron Way, McClurg's,
$1.50. Waters of Eden, run serially in Alaska-Yukon magazine. Billy
Tomorrow. (Juvenile book.) McClurg's. _Address:_ The Hillcrest,
Seattle, Wash.

CARTER, CHARLES FRANKLIN, _b._ Waterbury, Conn., July 19, 1862.
_Grad._ School of Fine Arts, Yale University. Pupil of J. Alden Weir,
New York City. Resided in California 1891-95, 1898-1900. _Author:_ The
Missions of Nueva California, 1900. The Whitaker & Ray Company. $1.50.
Out of print. Some By-Ways of California, 1902. The Grafton Press, New
York. $1.25. _Address:_ 232 S. Main St., Waterbury, Conn.

CHARLES, FRANCES, _b._ San Francisco, Cal., April 10, 1872. _Ed._ S.F.
public schools. _Author:_ In the Country God Forgot. The Siege of
Youth. The Awakening of the Duchess. Pardner of Blossom Range. All by
Little, Brown & Co. $1.50 each. _Address:_ 370 26th Ave., Richmond
District, San Francisco, Calif.

CHENEY, JOHN VANCE, _b._ Groveland. N.Y., Dec. 29, 1848. _Grad._
Temple Hill Acad., Geneseo, N.Y., at 17. Practiced law, 1875. Came to
California in 1876. Librarian Pub. Library, San Francisco, 1887-94.
Newberry Lib., Chicago, 1894-1909. _Author:_ The Old Doctor, 1881.
Thistle Drift (poems) 1887. Wood Blooms, 1888. The Golden Guess, 1872.
That Dome in Air, 1895. Queen Helen, 1895. Out of the Silence, 1897.
Lyrics, 1901. Poems, 1905. Editor 3 Caxton Club pubs. _Address:_ 3390
Third St., San Diego, Calif.

CLARK, GALEN, 96 years old. Went to Yosemite in 1853. Known as Father
of Yosemite. _Author:_ Big Trees of California: Their History and
Characteristics. The Indians of Yosemite: Their History, Customs and
Traditions. $1.00. Paper 50c. _Address:_ 216 11th St. Oakland, Calif.

CONNOLLY. JAMES, _b._ County Cavan, Ireland July 12, 1842. In 1852
came to Dennis, Mass. _Ed._ public schools. At 13 went to sea, at 18
second mate, at 21 first mate. Later master. For 18 years has resided
at Coronado. Writer of poems and short stories for magazines.
_Author:_ The Jewels of King Art. _Address:_ Coronado, Calif.

COX, PALMER, _b._ Granby, Quebec, Can., April 28, 1840. _Grad._ Granby
Academy. In 1862 came to San Francisco _via._ Panama. Contributed to
Golden Era, Alta California, and Examiner, etc. _Author:_ Squibs of
California, 1874. (Later republished as Comic Yarns.) Hans Von
Petter's Trip to Gotham. How Columbus Found America. That Stanley.
Queer People. All now o.p. Then he invented the Brownies and in quick
succession were published The Brownies, Their Book; Another Book; The
B.'s at Home; The B.'s Around the World; The B.'s Through the Union;
The B.'s Abroad; The B.'s in the Philippines. $1.50 each. The B. Clown
in B. Town. $1.00. The B. Primer. 40c. All by Century Co. The B.
Calendar, McLoughlin Bros., N.Y. $1.00. Palmer Cox's Brownies.
Spectacular play. The B.'s in Fairyland (Children's Cantata.) Also
articles in leading magazines. _Address:_ Pine View House, East
Quogue, L.I.

DAGGETT, MARY STEWART, _b._ Morristown. O., May 30, 1856. _Ed._
Steubenville, O., Seminary, 1873. Writer for newspapers and magazines.
_Author:_ Mariposilla, 1895. The Broad Isle, 1899. _Address:_ Columbia
Hill, Pasadena, Calif.

DAVIS, SAM P., _b._ Branford, Conn., April 4, 1850. Newspaper and
magazine writer for 40 years. Lecturer and public speaker--also
politician. _Author:_ One book Short Stories and Poems, and The First
Piano in Camp. _Address:_ Public Industrial Commission, Carson City,

DILLON, HENRY CLAY, _b._ Lancaster, Wis., Nov. 6, 1846. _Ed._ public
schools and Lancaster Academy. _Grad._ Racine College, 1872 (Gold
Medalist, 1870.) Came to California in 1888. Writer of clever short
stories and law. Lecturer on Common Law Pleading, etc., University of
Southern Calif. _Address:_ Colorado Orchards, Long Beach, Calif., and
Los Angeles, Calif.

DONOVAN, ELLEN DWYER, _b._ Castletown, Beara, Co. Cork, Ire. _Ed._
Academy Sisters of Mercy. Came to Calif, and contributor to leading
magazines on Art Criticism. Writer of short stories. Will shortly
publish a Romance of Ireland in the Nineteenth Century. _Address:_
Ashbury St., San Francisco, Calif.

EDHOLM-SIBLEY, MARY CHARLTON, _b._ Freeport, Ill., Oct. 28, 1854.
_Ed._ public schools and college. Writer and lecturer on social and
economic subjects. Founded Lucy Charlton Memorial for unfortunate
women and children, in Oakland. _Author:_ Traffic in Girls. 30c. Sales
go to help the Memorial. _Address:_ 904-6 Security Bldg., Los Angeles,

EDWARDS, ADRIADNE HOLMES, _b._ Placerville, Cal., May 7. Student of
Grand Opera. Writer and composer of songs. _Author:_ My Nightingale,
Sing On (words and music.) O Bonniest Lassie Yet. Enticement.
_Address:_ Hotel Hargrave, 112 W. 72nd St., New York.

EMERSON, WILLIS GEORGE, _b._ near Blakesburg, Monroe Co., Iowa, March
28, 1856. _Ed._ district school, Union Co., Ia. Attended Knox College,
Galesburg, Ill. Studied law. Admitted to practice in District U.S. and
other courts. Taught country school for four years. Platform orator.
His speech replying to "Coin" Harvey's Financial School was issued as
a Republican campaign document, 1896, and in 1900 over half a million
copies of his speech on sound money were circulated throughout the
country. _Author:_ Winning Winds, 1901. Fall of Jason, 1901. My
Pardner and I, 1901. Buell Hampton, 1902. The Builders, 1905. The
Smoky God, 1908. Has written over 100 stories of travel and sketches
of mining camps and mountain scenery. _Address:_ Los Angeles, Calif.

EVANS, TALIESIN, _b._ Manchester, Eng., Nov. 8, 1843. _Ed._ private
schools England and Wales. _Author:_ Fisher's Advt. Guide to Calif.,
1870. Editor and author of Popular History of Calif. (Revised and
enlarged. First edition by Lucia Norman), 1883. American Citizenship,
1892. Municipal Government, 1892. _Address:_ 212 Fourth St., Oakland,

EYSTER, MRS. NELLIE BLESSING, _b._ Frederick, Md. Lived in California
since 1876. Active in W.C.T.U., Indian and Chinese mission work.
Contributor to magazines. Lost the MSS. of two books in S.F. fire of
1906. _Author:_ Sunny Hours, or The Child Life of Tom and Mary.
Chincapin Charlie. On the Wing. Tom Harding and His Friends. A
Colonial Boy. A Chinese Quaker. _Address:_ 2618 Hillegass Ave.,
Berkeley, Calif.

FAIRBANKS, HAROLD WELLMAN, _b._ Conewango, Cattaraugus Co., N.Y., Aug.
29, 1860. _Ed._ State Normal, Fredonia, N.Y. _Grad._ B.S., University
Mich., 1890. Ph.D., University Calif., 1896. Engaged in geological and
geographical work: State Mining Bureau. 1890-1894. Asst. U.S.
Geological Survey, 1897-98. _Author:_ text books: Stories of Our
Mother Earth. 60c. Home Geography. Rocks and Minerals. All by Ed. Pub.
Co., Boston. Physiography of California. Macmillan. The Western United
States. D.C. Heath. Practical Physiography for High Schools. Allyn &
Bacon. _Address:_ Arch St., Berkeley, Calif.

FORBES, MRS. A.S.C. (nee Harrye Smith) _b._ Pennsylvania. Came
California 1895. Works for re-establishment of El Camino Real. Created
and established Nat. Naval Memorial. _Author:_ Mission Tales in Days
of the Dons. $1.50. California Missions and Landmarks. 25c. _Address:_
1104 Lyndon St., South Pasadena, Calif.

GATES, ELEANOR (Mrs. R.W. Tully.) _Ed._ Stanford, Univ. of Calif.
Leaped into fame with her first book. Biography of a Prairie Girl,
first pub. in Century Magazine. _Author:_ Biography of a Prairie Girl,
1904. The Plow Woman, 1907. Cupid, the Cow Punch, 1908. Good Night,
1908. _Address:_ Alma, Calif.

GUINN, J.M., writer of History of Southern California. Secretary S.
Cal. Hist. Soc. Member Los Angeles Board of Education. _Address:_ 5539
Monte Vista St., Los Angeles, Calif.

HART, JEROME ALFRED, _b._ San Francisco. Sept. 6, 1854. _Ed._ Cal.
public schools. Asso. editor, 1880-91. editor, 1891-1906. San
Francisco Argonaut, to which contributed letters of foreign travel
(1887-1904), and translations from French, German, Spanish, etc. Sec.
1880-91, pres. 1891-1906, of The Argonaut Publishing Co. _Author:_
Argonaut Letters, 1900. Two Argonauts in Spain. 1904. A Levantine
Log-Book, 1905. Argonaut Stories (edited) 1906. Contributor to
magazines, etc. _Address:_ Weyewolde, Santa Clara Co.. Calif.

HIBBARD, GRACE, _b._ Mass. _Ed._ in Mass. _Author:_ Wild Poppies.
Moulton, Buffalo, N.Y. $1.00. California Violets. Robertson, S.F.
$1.00. Wild Roses of California. Robertson. $1.00. Forget-Me-Nots From
California. Robertson. $1.00. Booklets: More California Violets. 25c.
California Christmas Songs. 25c. Daffodils. 25c. Songs of the Samisen.
25c. 'Neath Monterey Pines. 25c. Del Monte Oaks. 25c. Santa Claus
Cheated, and Other Christmas Stories. Twenty-eight poems have been set
to music. _Address:_ Pacific Grove, Calif.

HOLDEN, EDWARD SINGLETON, _b._ St. Louis, Nov. 5. 1846. _Grad._ Wash.
Univ., 1866. West Point 1870. Pres. Univ. of Cal. 1885-8. Director
Lick Observatory 1888-98. Librarian U.S. Military Acad. since 1901.
_Author:_ many scientific works. See Who's Who. Handbook Lick
Observatory, 1888. Mountain Observatories, 1896. Pacific Coast
Earthquakes, 1898, etc. _Address:_ West Point, N.Y., and Century Club,
New York.

HOWARD, CLIFFORD, _b._ October 12, 1868, Bethlehem, Penn. Came to
Calif, in 1906. _Author:_ Thoughts in Verse, 1895; (out of print.) Sex
Worship: An Exposition of the Phallic Origins of Religion, 1897.
$1.50. The Story of a Young Man: a Life of Christ, 1898. $2.50.
Graphology, 1904. 50c. Curious Facts, 1905. 50c. Washington as a
Center of Learning, 1905. $1.00. The Passover. What Happened at
Olenberg. _Address:_ Los Angeles, Calif.

HUNT, ROCKWELL DENNIS, _b._ Sacramento, Calif., Feb. 3, 1868. _Grad._
Napa College. Ph.B., 1890. A.M., 1902. Johns Hopkins Univ. Ph.D.,
1895. Prof. Hist. Napa College, 1891-3. Prof. Hist. and Political Sc.,
Univ. of Pacific, 1895-1902. Prin. San Jose High School, 1902-1908.
Lect. Stanford Univ., 1898. Prof. Economics and Sociology, Univ. of S.
Calif., 1908, _Author:_ California the Golden. _Address:_ 1319 W. 37th
Place, Los Angeles, Calif.

IRWIN, WALLACE, _b._ Oneida, N.Y., Mar. 15, 1875. _Grad._ Denver High
School, 1895. At Stanford Univ., 1896-9. Special writer S.F. Examiner,
Ed. S.F. News-Letter 1901, and Overland Monthly 1902. _Author:_ Love
Sonnets of a Hoodlum. Paul Elder, S.F. 25c and 50c. Rubaiyat of Omar
Khyyam, Jr. Paul Elder, S.F. 50c and 75c. Nautical Lays of a Landsman.
Dodd, Mead Co., N.Y. $1.00. At the Sign of the Dollar. Duffield & Co.,
N.Y. $1.00. Chinatown Ballads. Duffield & Co., N.Y. $1.00. Random
Rhymes and Odd Numbers. Macmillan Co., N.Y. $1.50. Shame of the
Colleges. Outing Pub. Co. Letters of a Japanese Schoolboy. Doubleday,
Page & Co. $1.50. _Address:_ 273 W. 84th St., New York.

IRWIN, WILL, _b._ Oneida, N.Y., Sept. 14, 1873. _Grad._ Denver High
School, 1892. Stanford Univ. A.B. 1899. Contr. fiction, etc., to mags.
Ed. S.F. Wave 1900. Ed. McClure's 1906-7. _Author:_ Stanford Stories
(with C.K. Field), 1900. The Reign of Queen Isyl (with Gelett
Burgess), 1903. The Picaroons (with G. Burgess), 1904. The Hamadyads
(verse), 1904. The City That Was, 1907. _Address:_ 42 E. 28th St., New

JAMES, GEORGE WHARTON, _b._ Gainsborough, Eng., Sept. 27, 1858. _Ed._
Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School. Litt.D. Santa Clara College.
_Author:_ In and Around the Grand Canyon, 1900. $2.50, $10.00. Indian
Basketry, 1903. $2.50. Indians of the Painted Desert Region, 1903.
$2.00. Traveler's Hand-Book to S. Calif., 1904. $1.00. How to Make
Indian and Other Baskets, 1903. $1.00. In and Out of the Missions of
Calif., 1905. $3.00. The Story of Scraggles, 1906. $1.00. The Wonders
of the Colorado Desert, 1906, 2 vols. $5.00. What the White Race May
Learn From the Indian, 1906. $1.50. Through Ramona's Country, 1908.
$2.00. The Grand Canyon of Arizona, 1909. $1.00. The Hero Book of
California, 1909. $1.50. _Address:_ 1098 N. Raymond Ave., Pasadena,

JENNEY, CHARLES ELMER, _b._ Mattapoisett, Mass., Sept. 5, 1872. _Ed._
common schools. Came to Calif. (Fresno) 1891. _Author:_ Scenes of My
Childhood, 1900. $1.50. _Address:_ 219 Glenn Ave., Fresno, Calif.

JEPSON, WILLIS LINN, _b._ Vacaville township, August 19, 1867. _Ed._
at California and Cornell Univ. Ph.B. 1889. Ph.D. 1898. Research
student at Harvard 1896. Royal Gardens at Kew, England and Royal
Gardens at Berlin, Germany, 1905-1906. Ed. of Erythea, 7 vols.,
1893-1900, the first journal of botany published west of the
Mississippi River. _Author:_ Flora of Western Middle California.
Cunningham, Curtis & Welch. $5.00. High School Flora for the Pacific
Coast. D. Appleton & Co. 50c. The Silva of California. Univ. of Calif.
Press, in type since August, 1908. The Trees of California.
Cunningham, Curtis & Welch, S.F., in press. Also numerous botanical
papers in journals and proceedings of societies and institutions.
_Address:_ 2704 Hillegass Ave., Berkeley. Calif.

JORDAN, DAVID STARR, _b._ Gainesville, Wyoming Co., N.Y., Jan. 19,
1851. _Grad._ Cornell Univ. M.S. 1872. L.L.D. 1886. L.L.D., Johns
Hopkins, 1902. Indiana Univ. 1909. Pres. Indiana State Univ.,
1883-1891. Came to Calif, as Pres. Stanford 1891. _Author:_ Manual of
Vertebrates. A.C. McClurg & Co. $1.50. Science Sketches. A.C. McClurg
& Co. $1.25. Animal Life. Appleton. $1.25. Animal Studies. Appleton.
$1.75. Footnotes to Evolution. Applcton. $1.50. Evolution and Animal
Life. Appleton. $1.50. Imperial Democracy. Appleton. $1.50. Book of
Knight and Barbara. Appleton. $1.50. The Fate of Iciodorum. Henry Holt
& Co. $1.00. Fishes. Henry Holt & Co. $3.00. Guide to the Study of
Fishes. Henry Holt & Co. $8.00. Fish Stories. Henry Holt & Co. $1.50.
Standeth God Within the Shadow. Thos. Y. Crowell & Co. 75c. College
and the Man. 75c. Philosophy of Hope. 75c. The Innumerable Company.
75c. Life's Enthusiasms. 75c. The Strength of Being Clean. 75c. The
Call of the Twentieth Century. 75c. Religion of a Sensible American.
75c. The Higher Sacrifice. 75c. All by C.L. Stebbins, Boston. The
California Earthquake of 1906. A.M. Robertson. $2.50. Luther Burbank.
A.M. Robertson. $1.50. The Care and Culture of Men. Whitaker & Ray.
$1.50. Matka and Kotik. Whitaker & Ray. $1.50. The Voice of the
Scholar. Paul Elder & Co. $1.50. The Stability of Truth. _Address:_
Stanford University, Calif.

JUDSON, WILLIAM LEES, _b._ Manchester, Eng., April 1, 1842. Studied
art New York, London, Paris. Studios in London, Ont., and Chicago,
Ill. Came to California 1893. Dean of Fine Arts Department University
of Southern California since 1906. Contributor magazines on art
subjects. _Author:_ The Building of a Picture, 1898. 30c. _Address:_
College of Fine Arts, 212 Thorne St., Los Angeles, Calif.

KEELER, CHARLES, _b._ Milwaukee, Wis., Oct. 7, 1871. _Ed._ Milwaukee
and New York, and Berkeley High Schools. Special course Univ. of
Calif. Contr. to magazines. _Author:_ (Many books out of print.) Bird
Notes Afield. $2.00. San Francisco and Thereabouts. _Address:_ 2727
Dwight Way, Berkeley, Calif.

KEEP, JOSIAH, _b._ Paxton, Mass, May 11, 1849. _Ed._ Amherst College.
A.B. 1874. A.M. 1877. Came to Calif. 1877. Since 1885 Prof. of Nat.
Sc. in Mills College. _Author:_ Common Sea Shells of California, 1881.
West Coast Shells, 1887. Shells and Sea Life, 1901. West American
Shells, 1904. (Most of these destroyed in S.F. fire, 1906.) New
edition of West American Shells now out. _Address:_ Mills College,

KEITH, ELIZA D., _b._ San Francisco. _Ed._ S.F. High School. Writer
editorial, descriptive, current topics for newspapers and magazines.
Public speaker on Civics and Patriotism. Introduced Flag Salute in
S.F. schools. _Address:_ 1519 Jackson St., San Francisco, Calif.

KERCHEVAL, ROSALIE, _b._ Nov. 8, San Antonio, Texas. Came to Calif,
when a few months old. Wrote poems for papers and magazines. Joint
author with her father of book of poems, pub. in 1883. _Address:_ 1817
N. Rosetta St., Los Angeles, Calif.

KINNEY, ABBOTT, _b._ Brookside, N.J., Nov. 16, 1850. Was spl. contr.
with Helen Hunt Jackson to report on Calif. Mission Indians. Chairman
State Bd. Forestry. _Author:_ Conquest of Death, 1893. Tasks by
Twilight, 1893. Eucalyptus, 1895. Forest and Water, 1901. _Address:_
Venice, Calif.

KIRKHAM, STANTON DAVIS, _b._ Nice, France, Dec. 7, 1868. _Ed._ Calif,
public schools and Mass. Inst. of Technology. _Author:_ Mexican
Trails. A record of travel in Mexico, 1904-1907, and a glimpse at the
life of the Mexican Indian. G.P. Putnam's Sons, New York. $1.75. The
Philosophy of Self-Help. An application of Practical Psychology to
daily life. G.P. Putnam's Sons, New York. $1.25. In the Open. Intimate
studies and appreciations of Nature. Paul Elder & Co., San Francisco.
$1.75. Where Dwells the Soul Serene. Philosophical essays. Paul Elder
& Co., San Francisco. $1.50. The Ministry of Beauty. Philosophical
essays. Paul Elder & Co., San Francisco. $1.50. _Address:_
Canandaigua, N.Y.

KREBS, MRS. ABBIE E., _b._ Providence, R.I., March 19, 1842. Brought
around Cape Horn to San Francisco in childhood. Writer for newspapers
and magazines. _Address:_ Fair Oaks, San Mateo Co., or The Fairmount,
San Francisco, Calif.

LAWRENCE, ALBERTA, _b._ Cleveland, O., July 20, 1875. _Ed._ New York
City. Writer in magazines. Eighteen months Assistant Ed. Literature,
Art and Music. Came to California 1904. Organized Strangers' League,
an interdenominational work among churches for care of strangers.
_Author:_ The Travels of Phoebe Ann. $1.50. _Address:_ 1565 E.
Colorado St., Pasadena, Calif.

LAWRENCE, MARY VIOLET, MRS., _b._ Indiana. Came to California in early
fifties. Wrote sketches and poems for newspapers and magazines. Made
selection of poems to which Bret Harte's name was attached, known as
"Outcroppings." _Address:_ 1034 Vallejo St., San Francisco, Calif.

LONDON, CHARMIAN (Kittridge), writer of poems and sketches for
newspapers and magazines. _Author:_ The Log of the Snark--Jack
London's sea voyage around the world. _Address:_ Glen Ellen, Calif.

LONDON, JACK, _b._ San Francisco, Jan. 12, 1876. _Ed._ Oakland High
School and Univ. of Calif. Writer of short stories and essays on
Political Economy. _Author:_ Song of the Wolf, 1900. The God of His
Fathers, 1901. A Daughter of the Snows, 1902. The Children of the
Frost, 1902. The Cruise of the Dazzler, 1902. The People of the Abyss,
1903. Kempton-Wace Letters, 1903. The Call of the Wild. 1903. The
Faith of Men, 1904. The Sea Wolf, 1904. The Game, 1905. War of the
Classes, 1905. Tales of the Fish Patrol, 1905. Moon Face, 1906. White
Fang, 1907. Before Adam, 1907. Love of Life, 1907. The Iron Heel,
1907. The Road, 1907, etc. _Address:_ Glen Ellen, Calif.

LOUGHEAD, MRS. FLORA HAINES, _b._ Milwaukee, Wis. Journalist and
writer of short stories for magazines. Reviewer for S.F. Chronicle for
several years. _Author:_ Libraries of California, 1878. The Man Who
Was Guilty, 1886. Handbook of Natural Science, 1886. Quick Cooking,
1890. The Abandoned Claim, 1892. The Man From Nowhere, 1892. The Black
Curtain, 1897. _Address:_ Alma, Calif.

LOWE, GEORGE N., _b._ near Leicester, England, in 1867. _Ed._ in the
school of stern life, and is still getting his education. Writes verse
for the newspapers and magazines. _Address:_ 2004 Shattuck Ave.,
Berkeley, California.

LUMMIS, CHARLES FLETCHER, _b._ Lynn, Mass., Mar. 1, 1859. _Ed._
Harvard. A.B. Litt. D. Santa Clara College. City editor Los Angeles
Times 1885-7. Editor Out West Magazine. Librarian Los Angeles Public
Library since June 21, 1905. Founder and president Landmarks Club.
Founder (1902) and chairman Exec. Com. Sequoia League. Founder and
secretary South West Society Archaeol. Inst. Am. 1903. _Author:_ A New
Mexico David, 1891. A Tramp Across the Continent, 1892. Some Strange
Corners of Our Country, 1892. Land of Poco Tiempo, 1893. The Spanish
Pioneers, 1893. The Man Who Married the Moon, 1894. The Gold Fish of
Gran Chimu, 1896. The Enchanted Burro, 1897. The Awakening of a
Nation. Mexico Today, 1898. _Address:_ 200 E. Ave. 43, Los Angeles,

LYNCH, A.E., _b._ Tara Hall, Co. Heath, Ire., Nov. 7, 1845. _Ed._
Jesuit Colleges, Ire., and Belgium. Came to California 1873 for 2
years. Again in 1886 under Gen. Miles. Six years in Arizona on cattle
ranch. Contributor poems and articles to magazines and newspapers.
_Address:_ Commissary Dept., State School, Whittier, Calif.

MANNIX, MRS. MARY E., _b._ New York City. Removed with parents to
Cincinnati when very young. _Ed._ at Mt. Notre Dame, Reading, Ohio.
_Grad._ of Convent of the Sisters of Namur. First story and verses
published in the Catholic World, when nineteen years of age. Since
that time has written for nearly all the Catholic magazines,
principally the Ave Maria. Writes fiction, children's stories, verses,
biographies, reviews, sketches, and translations from the French,
German and Spanish. _Author:_ Life of Sister Louise of Cincinnati,
Ohio, Superior of the Mother House of America, Sisters of Notre Dame
of Namur. The Tales That Tim Told. A Life's Labrynth. Chronicles of
the Little Sisters. The Fortunes of a Little Emigrant. Pancha and
Panchita. As True as Gold. The Children of Cupa. Cupa Revisited. The
Haldeman Children. Lives of the Saints for Catholic Youth, 3 vols. The
Pilgrim From Ireland (translated from the German of Dom Maurus Carnot,
O.S.B.) Two books in press--My Brother and I, and The Eagle and the
Chamois, translated from the German of Dom Maurus Carnot. _Address:_
1804 Fourth St., San Diego, Calif.

MARTIN, LANNIE HAYNES, _b._ Jan. 9, 1874. Blountville, Tenn. _Ed._
Sullins College, Bristol, Va., and privately. Came to Calif. 1905.
Contributor to eastern, southern and western magazines. Volume of
verse in preparation. _Address:_ Altadena, Calif.

MATHEWS, AMANDA, _b._ Peoria, Ill., Jan. 31, 1866. Came to Calif.
1877. _Ed._ Univ. of Cal. Teacher. _Author:_ The Hieroglyphics of
Love. $1.00. _Address:_ 313 East Ave. 60, Los Angeles. Calif.

McCRACKIN, MRS. JOSEPHINE CLIFFORD, _b._ 1838, Castle Petershagen, on
the Weser, Prussia. Came to St. Louis, Mo., 1846. _Ed._ private
school. Came to Calif, in early sixties. One of earliest writers on
Overland. Writer ever since for leading magazines. Organized Bird and
Tree Protection Soc. of Calif. _Author:_ Overland Tales, 1876. Another
Juanita, 1892. _Address:_ 31 Union St., Santa Cruz, Calif.

McGLASHAN, C.F., _b._ Janesville, Wis., Aug. 12, 1847. Crossed the
plains to Calif, in 1854. Editor Truckee Republican. Specially
interested in historic writing of the Calif, pioneers, etc. Has made
an interesting collection of relics of the Donner and other pioneer
parties. _Author:_ History of the Donner Party. _Address:_ Truckee,

McGROARTY, JOHN S., _b._ Penn., Aug. 20, 1862. _Ed._ public and
parochial schools and at Hillman Acad. In 1890 he came to Calif.
Writer of songs and descriptive stories for newspapers and magazines.
On editorial staff Los Angeles Times. Editor West Coast Magazine.
_Author:_ Just California, 1907. Wander Songs, 1908. _Address:_ Care
of West Coast Magazine, Los Angeles, Calif.

McLEOD, MALCOM, _b._ Prince Edward Island, Canada, May 24, 1867. _Ed._
Dalhousie College, Halifax. N.S., and Princeton, N.J. _Author:_
Heavenly Harmonies. Earthly Discords. The Culture of Simplicity. A
Comfortable Faith, all by F.H. Revell Co. _Address:_ 969 San Pasqual
St., Pasadena, Calif.

MERLE, MARTIN V., _b._ San Francisco, Calif., May 27, 1880. _Ed._
Cooper public school, St. Ignatius College and Polytechnic High
School, San Francisco. _Grad._ A.M., 1906, Santa Clara College, Santa
Clara. _Author of plays:_ The Light Eternal. The Vagabond Prince. And
a one-act play, The Lady O'Dreams. _Address:_ 714 Broderick St., San

MIGHELS, MRS. ELLA STERLING, _b._ California. Began authorship early.
Lady manager for San Francisco at Chicago World's Fair. _M._ in 1896
Philip Verrill Mighels. _Author:_ The Little Mountain Princess.
Loring, Boston. Portrait of a California Girl, in collection of
Stories by California Authors. Wagner, S.F. Story of Files of
California. Serial: Society and Babe Robinson. Grizzly Bear Co., L.A.
The Full Glory of Diantha. Forbes & Co., Chicago. _Address:_ 1605
Baker St., San Francisco, Calif.

MIGHELS, PHILIP VERRILL, _b._ Carson City, Nevada, April 19, 1869.
_Ed._ Carson schools. Studied law in Nev. Art in N.Y. _M._ Ella
Sterling Cummings June, 1896. _Author:_ Out of a Silver Flute (poems.)
Nella, the Heart of the Army. The Crystal Scepter. Bruvver Jim's Baby.
The Ultimate Passion. Dunny, a Mountain Romance. Sunnyside Tad. Beechy
Daw and Other Tales. When a Witch is Young. The Furnace of Gold.
_Address:_ Care of Harper & Bros., New York.

MILLARD, BAILEY, _b._ Markesan, Wis., Oct. 2, 1859. Lit. Ed. S.F.
Examiner. _Author:_ Great American Novel (essays.) She of the West,
1900. Songs of the Press, 1902. The Lure O'Gold, novel, 1904. Many
short stories in magazines, etc. _Address:_ Palisade, N.J.

MILLARD, GERTRUDE B., _b._ July 8th, 1872, Sheboygan, Wis. Came to
California Feb., 1893, from Jamestown, N. Dak. _Ed._ Boston, Mass.,
and Jamestown, N.D. _Author_ of short stories for magazines.
_Address:_ San Jose, Calif.

MILLER, JOAQUIN--the Poet of the Sierras, _b._ in Wabash Dist., Ind.,
Nov. 10, 1841. Editor (1863) Eugene, Ore., Democratic Register.
_Author:_ The Building of the City Beautiful, a poetic romance.
Complete Poems, 6 vols., 1909. _Address:_ The Hights, Dimond, Calif.

MILLER, OLIVE THORNE, _b._ Auburn, N.Y., June 25, 1831; _Author:_ True
Bird Stories. $1.00 net. The First Book of Birds. $1.00. School
edition, 60c net. The Second Book of Birds. $1.00 net. Upon the
Tree-Tops. $1.25. Little Brothers of the Air. $1.25. A Bird-Lover in
the West. $1.25. Bird-Ways. 16mo, $1.25. In Nesting Time. $1.25. With
the Birds in Maine. $1.10. Our Home Pets. $1.25. _Address:_ 5928 Hays
Ave., Los Angeles, Calif.

MILLS, BENJAMIN FAY, _b._ Rahway, N.J., June 4, 1857. Evangelical
Minister, 1878-1897. Liberal Minister, lecturer, writer and social
reformer, 1897. Founded The Fellowship, representing "Religion Without
Superstition," 1904. Lived in California 1875-6, 1899--. _Author:_
God's World. The Divine Adventure. Twentieth Century Religion. The New
Revelation. Editor Fellowship Magazine. _Address:_ Los Angeles. Calif.

MILLS, MARY RUSSELL (Hill), _b._ Minneapolis. June 24, 1859. _M._ to
Benjamin Fay Mills, 1879. Co-founder of The Fellowship, 1904. Teacher
of Emerson and the Spiritual Life. Minister of the Los Angeles
Fellowship, 1904-8. Associate editor of the Fellowship Magazine.
_Author:_ The Art of Living. The Fellowship Religion, and numerous
essays and poems. _Address:_ Los Angeles.

MILNE, MRS. FRANCES MARGARET, _b._ Ireland, County of Tyrone. Came to
Calif. in 1869. _Ed._ at home. _Author:_ For To-Day. (Poems.) James H.
Barry Co., S.F. A Cottage Gray, and Other Poems. C.W. Moulton,
Buffalo. Heliotrope, a San Francisco Idyll. The J.H. Barry Co.
_Address:_ The Public Library, San Luis Obispo, Calif.

MITCHELL, EDMUND, _b._ Glasgow, Scotland, Mar. 19, 1861. _Ed._ Elgin
Acad. Aberdeen Univ. _Grad._ 1881. (Gold Medalist Eng. Lit.) Ed.
writer Glasgow Herald. In 1886 Asst. Ed. Times of India, Bombay. In
1889 editorial staff of Melbourne Age. In 1904, editorial staff Los
Angeles Times. _Author:_ The Temple of Death. 75c net. Towards the
Eternal Snows. 75c net. Plotters of Paris. 75c net. The Lone Star
Rush. $1.50 net. Only a Nigger. $1.50 net. The Belforts of Culben.
$1.50 net. The Despoilers. $1.50 net. Chickabiddy Stories, $1.00 net.
In Desert Keeping. $1.50 net. All except the last, originally pub. in
England. Now imported. To be had from author. _Address:_ 1710 Hobart
Boulevard, Los Angeles, Calif.

MUIR, JOHN, _b._ Dunbar, Scot., Apl. 21, 1838 _Ed._ in Scotland and
Univ. of Wis. Discoverer of the Muir Glacier, Alaska. Author of many
articles in magazines, newspapers, etc., on physiography and natural
history of the Pacific Coast, etc. _Author:_ The Mountains of
California, 1894. Our National Parks, 1901. Editor Picturesque
California. _Address:_ Martinez, Calif.

MUNK, JOSEPH A., _b._ Colnmbiana Co., Ohio, Nov. 9, 1847. _Ed._ public
schools Salem, O. Fought in Civil War. In 1865 Mt. Union College,
Alliance, O. _Grad._ Eclectic Med. Inst. of Cinn., in 1867. Came to
Los Angeles in 1892. Has great collection Arizoniana. _Author:_
Arizona Sketches, 1906. Arizona Bibliography, 1908. _Address:_ Los
Angeles, Calif.

NORTH, ARTHUR WALBRIDGE, _b._ Marysville, Cal. Oct. 26, 1874. _Grad._
Oakland High School, and Univ. of Cal. A.B. 1896. Contributor to
magazines and reviews. _Author:_ Mother of California, an historical
and geographical review of Lower California (Mex.) Paul Elder & Co.,
1908. $2.00. Camp and Camino in Lower California (in press.) Baker &
Taylor Co. _Address:_ 126 North St., Walton, N.Y.

OLDER, MRS. FREMONT (Cora Baggerly), _b._ New York. _Ed._ private
teachers and Syracuse Univ. _Author:_ The Socialist and the Prince,
1902. Funk & Wagnalls. The Giants, 1905. _Address:_ The Fairmount, San
Francisco, Calif.

PAYNE, EDWARD B., _b._ Vermont. _Ed._ Iowa College and Oberlin.
_Grad._ in 1874. Congr. preacher, Berkeley, Calif. Became Unitarian.
Preached Springfield, Mass., 4 years; Manchester, N.H., 2-1/2 years;
Leominster, 5 years; Berkeley, Calif., 5 years. Founded Altruria, near
Santa Rosa, a co-operative settlement of 60 members and pub. a
magazine, "Altruria." _Address:_ Glen Ellen, Calif.

PERCIVAL, OLIVE, _b._ July 1, 1868, Sheffield, Ill. _Ed._ public
schools Sheffield, Ill., and Cleveland, Ohio. _Author:_ Mexico City:
An Idler's Note Book. _Address:_ 906 Union Trust Bldg., Los Angeles,

RADER, WILLIAM, _b._ Cedarville, Chester Co., Pa., Dec. 17, 1862.
Pastor 2nd Cong. Church, San Francisco, ten years. Now pastor Calvary
Pres. Church. Editorial writer San Francisco Bulletin. _Author:_ The
Elegy of Faith, 1902. Truths for Today, 1902. Uncle Sam, or the Reign
of the Common People, (in Notable Speeches of Greater West.) Liberty
and Labor. _Address:_ 2702 Laguna St., San Francisco, Calif.

RICHARDSON, DANIEL S., _b._ Mar. 19, 1851, West Acton, Mass. Came to
Calif. in 1855. _Ed._ public schools of S.F. and Univ. of Calif. Twice
decorated by Emperor of Japan. Writer of short stories and poems for
magazines. _Author:_ Trail Dust (poems) 1909. _Address:_ 221 Sansome
St., San Francisco, Calif.

REED, ANNA MORRISON, MRS., _b._ Dubuque, Ia. Came to Calif. when an
infant. _Ed._ Mrs. Perry's Seminary, Sacramento. Writer and lecturer.
Editor and founder Northern Crown Magazine; Petaluma, Sonoma Co.,
Independent. _Author:_ Poems, 1880. Later Poems. _Address:_ Petaluma,

SAIN, CHARLES McKNIGHT, _b._ Mt. Pleasant, O., Mar. 11, 1863. Traveler
and writer for magazines, etc. _Author:_ An Expectant Heir to
Millions, 1896. The Serpent, 1902, both out of print. The Call of the
Muse (poems.) Where Rolls the Oregon (poems.) _Address:_ Care Mrs. Lou
A. Curran, Hollywood, Calif.

SAMUELS, MAURICE V., _b._ San Francisco, Oct. 3, 1874. _Grad._ 1894
Univ. Calif. Lawyer in S.F. for 7 years. Playwright. _Author:_ The
Florentines, blank-verse art-comedy, Brentano, 1904. $1.00. _Address:_
Hotel St. Margaret, 129 W. 47th St., New York City.

SAUNDERS, CHARLES FRANCIS, _b._ July 12, 1859, Bucks County, Penn.
_Ed._ in Philadelphia. _Grad._ Friends' Central School. Came first to
California 1902. Resided in Pasadena since 1905. Contributor to
magazines of both coasts on subjects covering travel, plant life, the
Indians of the Southwest, etc., besides occasional verse. Editor
1894-7 of "The United Friend," religious monthly, Philadelphia.
_Author:_ In a Poppy Garden. R.G. Badger, Boston, 1903, and wrote
descriptive text for Mrs. Saunders's published collection of color
prints entitled, California Wild Flowers. W.M. Bains, Philadelphia,
1905. _Address:_ 580 N. Lake Ave., Pasadena, Calif.

SAUNDERS, MARSHALL, _b._ in Nova Scotia. Lived for awhile in San
Francisco and in California began study of birds and animals.
_Author:_ Beautiful Joe. $1.25. My Pets. $1.25. Several other books.
_Address:_ 28 Carleton St., Halifax, N.S., Canada.

SCHEFFAUER, HERMAN, _b._ San Francisco, Feb. 3, 1876. _Ed._ public and
private schools. Studied architecture and art at Mark Hopkins
Institute. Writer for newspapers, magazines and reviews in France,
England, Germany and America. _Author:_ Both Worlds poems, 1903. Looms
of Life, 1908. $1.25. The Sons of Baldur, 1908. Niagara. An American
Romance of four generations, 1909. Sire of Bohemian Club Jinks, 1908.
_Address:_ 184 Eldridge St., New York.

SCOTT, JOSEPH, _b._ Penrith, Cumberlandshire, Eng., July 16, 1867.
_Ed._ St. Cuthbert's College, Ushaw, Durham. Prof. Rhetoric and Eng.
Lit. St. Bonaventure's College, Allegheny, N.Y. Came to Calif. 1893
Pres. Board of Ed. of Los Angeles. Writer on Educational and Civic
Subjects for newspapers and magazines. _Address:_ Los Angeles, Calif.

SETON, GRACE GALLATIN, _b._ Sacramento, Calif., Jan. 28, 1872. _Ed._
Packer Collegiate Inst., Brooklyn. Writer for newspapers and magazines
of America, England and France. _Author:_ A Woman Tenderfoot. Nimrod's
Wife. Doubleday, Page & Co. _Address:_ 80 W. 40th St., New York, and
Wyndygoul, Cos Cob, Conn.

SEVERANCE, CAROLINE MARIA SEYMOUR, _b._ Canandaigua, N.Y., Jan. 12,
1820. One of founders and first president, 1868, of New England
Woman's Club. Known as "The Mother of Women's Clubs." _Author:_ The
Mother of Women's Clubs (with Mrs. Ella Giles Ruddy.) $1.00.
_Address:_ 896 W. Adams St., Los Angeles, Calif.

SEXTON, MRS. ELLA M., _b._ Ill. _Ed._ in St. Louis, Mo. Came to Calif.
in 1874. Contributor to Eastern and Pacific Coast magazines. _Author:_
Stories of California. Macmillan & Co. California at Christmas-Tide
(poems). Also a collection of Mission poems and one of Children's
Verse. She has also seven one-act comedies used by clubs and for
amateur production. _Address:_ 171 Parnassus Ave., San Francisco,

SHINN, CHARLES HOWARD, _b._ Austin, Texas, April 29, 1852. _Ed._ Univ.
of Calif, and Johns Hopkins Univ. Taught school. Contributor to
newspapers and magazines. For ten years Inspector Univ. of Calif.
Experimental Stations. Appointed 1902 head forest ranger Sierra
Reserve, Calif. _Author:_ Pacific Rural Handbook, 1879. Land Laws of
Mining Districts, 1884. Mining Camps, 1885. Co-operation on the
Pacific Coast, 1888. Story of a Mine, 1897. Various Forestry
Monographs, etc. _Address:_ Northfork, Madera Co., Calif.

SHINN, MILLICENT WASHBURN, _b._ Niles, Calif., April 15, 1858. _Grad._
Univ. of Calif. A.B. 1880. Ph.D. 1898. Editor Californian, 1882.
Editor Overland Monthly, 1883-94. _Author:_ Notes on the Development
of a Child (also in German.) The Biography of a Baby, 1901. The
Development of the Senses, and the First Two Years of Childhood. Also
poems, stories, essays, critiques, etc. _Address:_ Niles, Calif.

SHUEY, LILLIAN H., MRS. Has lived in Calif, practically all her life.
_Ed._ public schools and Napa branch of Univ. of Pacific. Taught 16
years in public schools. _Author:_ David of Juniper Gulch. Laird &
Lee. 50c. Don Luis' Wife. Lamson & Wolffe. 50c. California Sunshine,
The Humboldt Lily. Among the Redwoods (verses.) The Necromancers (a
novel, in preparation.) _Address:_ 657 60th St., Oakland, Calif.

SIMONDS, WILLIAM DAY, _b._ Rockford, Ill., Mar. 31, 1855. _Grad._
State Normal School, Vt. Spaulding Classical Academy, Barrie, Vt.,
1880. Studied Amherst College and Chicago Theological Inst. Pastor
First Unitarian Church, Oakland, Calif. _Author:_ Patriotic Addresses.
Sermons From Shakespeare. Freedom and Fraternity. _Address:_ 1233
First Ave., Oakland, Calif.

SMYTHE, WILLIAM ELLSWORTH, _b._ Worcester, Mass., Dec. 24, 1861.
Initiated Nat. Irrigation Congress, 1891. Sec. until 1893, chairman
until 1895. Est. _Irrigation Age_, 1891. Edited it until 1896.
Lecturer and writer on Irrigation and Economic Problems. _Author:_ The
Conquest of Arid America. Constructive Democracy. History of San
Diego, 2 vols. _Address:_ 1448 C St., San Diego, Calif.

SOSSO, LORENZO, _b._ Mar. 2, 1867, Turin, Italy. Came to Calif. in
July, 1875. _Author:_ Poems, 1888. Poems of Humanity, 1891. In Realms
of Gold, 1902. Proverbs of the People, 1903. Wisdom of the Wise, 1905.
_Address:_ 179 De Long Ave., San Francisco, Calif.

STELLMAN, LOUIS J., _b._ Baltimore, Md., Jan. 6, 1877. Came to Calif.
July, 1896. Connected S.F. Examiner since 1897. Wrote "Observer"
Sketches for L.A. Herald, published in book form 1903. Whitaker & Ray.
75c. _Address:_ Press Club, San Francisco, Calif.

STIMSON, JOHN WARD, _b._ Paterson, N.J., Dec. 16, 1850. _Grad._ Yale,
1872. Also Ecole des Beaux Arts, Paris. Lecturer and art teacher
Princeton Univ. Assoc. editor The Arena. Contributor to various art
exhibitions and magazines. _Author:_ The Law of Three Primaries.
Principals of Vital Art Education. The Gate Beautiful. Wandering
Chords, etc. _Address:_ 14 W. 48th St., New York.

STROBRIDGE, IDAH MEACHAM, _b._ Contra Costa Co., June 9, 1855. _Ed._
Mills Seminary. Contributor to newspapers and magazines. _Author:_ In
Miner's Mirage Land, 1904. DeLuxe, $6.00. The Loom of the Desert,
1907. $1.75. DeLuxe $6.00. The Land of the Purple Shadows, 1909.
$1.75. DeLuxe $6.00. All pub. by Artemisia Bindery. _Address:_
Artemisia Bindery. 231 E. Ave. 41, Los Angeles, Calif.

SUTHERLAND, HOWARD V., _b._ Cape Town, South Africa, _Ed._ England and
Germany. _Author:_ The Legend of Love. The Old, Old Story. Jacinta, a
Californian Idyll. Bigg's Bar, and Other Klondike Ballads. Songs of a
City. Idylls of Greece. $1.00. Ditto second series. $1.00. _Address:_
314 Seventeenth St., Denver, Colo.

SYMMES, HAROLD S., _b._ San Francisco, 1877. _Ed._ public schools.
B.A. Univ. of California, 1899. Doctor's degree _summa cum laude_
Univ. of Paris, 1903. Was appointed to Columbia Univ., department of
English, the same year. _Author:_ Les Debuts de la Critique Dramatique
en Angleterre, 1903. Out of print. Contributor of verse and prose to
American and English periodicals. _Address:_ Garden St., Redlands,

TULLY, RICHARD WALTON. _Ed._ Univ. of Calif. Writer of short stories
and plays. Rose of the Rancho, in collaboration with David Belasco,
has had a most successful run. _Address:_ Alma, Calif.

URMY, CLARENCE, _b._ San Francisco, July 10, 1858. _Ed._ public
schools and Napa College. Contributor poetry to all the leading
magazines, East and West. _Author:_ A Rosary of Rhyme, 1884. A Vintage
of Verse, 1897. _Address:_ San Jose, Calif.

WATERHOUSE, A.J., _b._ May 27, 1855, in Wisconsin. _Ed._ public
schools in Wisconsin, High School, Rochester, Minn., and Ripon
College, Wis. Writer for newspapers and magazines. Asst. editor The
California Weekly, S.F. _Author:_ Some Homely Songs, 1899. Lays for
Little Chaps, 1902. _Address:_ 2422 McGee Ave., Berkeley, Calif.

WHITAKER, HERMAN, _b._ Huddersfield, Eng., Jan. 14, 1867. _Ed._ public
school. Served in British army, 2nd Battalion W. Riding Reg. 1884-5.
_Author:_ The Probationer. The Settler. The Planter. All pub. by
Harper Bros. $1.50 each. _Address:_ 220 James Ave., Oakland, Calif.

WILEY, HARLEY RUPERT, _b._ Wisconsin, April 5, 1855. Trekked to Calif.
1865-6. _Ed._ Santa Rosa, Calif. Univ. of Calif. (L.L.B.) Past twelve
years lecturer on Jurisprudence in Univ. of Calif. Writer on Law, and
verse for magazines. _Address:_ Faculty Club, Berkeley, Calif.

WILLARD, CHARLES DWIGHT, _b._ Bloomington, Ill., Jan. 20, 1860. _Ed._
public school, Chicago. A.B. 1883 Univ. of Mich. Came to Calif. in
1888. Writer of short stories and on civic matters. _Author:_ History
of Los Angeles. The Free Harbor Contest. History of Los Angeles
Chamber of Commerce. City Government. _Address:_ Los Angeles, Calif.

WILSON, MRS. IDA MANSFIELD, play-wright, dramatic critic, actress,
lecturer. Writes plays and magazine articles. _Address:_ 2020 Clinton
Ave., Alameda, Calif.

YORKE, PETER CHRISTOPHER, _b._ Aug. 15, 1864, Galway, Ire. _Ed._ St.
Jarlath's College, Tuam, Maynooth, and the Cathedral University of
America. Made S.T.D. by Pius X., 1906. Regent State University. Writer
and lecturer on religious topics. _Address:_ Oakland, Calif.

ZEPHYRIN, FR. (Charles Anthony Englehardt), _b._ Hanover, Bilshausen,
Germany, Nov. 13, 1851. Came to N.Y. Dec. 8, 1852. _Ed._ public
schools. Classics in Franciscan College. Entered Franciscan order, in
Tentopolis, Ill., Sept. 22, 1872, making profession Sept. 28, 1873.
Ordained June 18, 1878. In 1880 began work among Menominee Indians in
Wis. 1894 to Adrian, Harbor Springs, Mich., Indian School. Studied
Indian languages, etc., 21 years. Historian of Franciscan Order in
Calif. _Author:_ Franciscans in California. Franciscans in Arizona.
Missions and Missionaries of California, 3 vols., (first vol. out.)
_Address:_ The Orphanage, Watsonville, Calif.

Here endeth the quotations from living California Authors selected by
George Wharton James and done by him into this book at the Arroyo
Guild Press, 201 Avenue 66, (Garvanza), Los Angeles, Calif., in the
year of Our Salvation One Thousand Nineteen Hundred and Nine.


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