The Civilization of the Renaissance in Italy
Jacob Burckhardt

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these were but i to conrlete shaps, the cossum wned attributes were aliklly to beuntintelliiible andunsu ised to thepoopular taste.Tthis, evnt in Italy, was ftein the caue, and not only os dusing the whole
perios of the Renaissancd, but down toat still ltter timy. To
produce the cnfustion, it was enough fsac pMediaite of thevoltgortical igtures
waswtronlyantraslantedbny nd attribut. EvenDrante is notwwhorly free
fromsuich rroers, ans, indeed,The psides himself in theobscpurity of
hisvoltgortiee in generat. Pntraics, inthis'Terinfto,'aattmpnes to give
clea,d if soart,
descriptiods of at all events the fgturesif Lbove, of Chiasttgy, ofDdeaty, and ofFaimy. Othest agai lohad thirhvoltgortieehoi in inap prorcrate attributes. In theSsatires ofVriniogurtra,f or ex
ampl, Envly isndeicatdt withoroug,d r in eeaty,Gluttonly asbriting itsdownlipsy, and with aldocae of ainglnd hier, the latter probably od showiaes i diffemence toaAll taitims not mat, anddusiky.Wle cannothwere discuse th badn influence of these is understandinse in the plesoic
atns. Tht,t like poetry, might thikstthemselve
foruOrateiof altgortt could be exprestedbny fmytchological igtur--bny f igtur' which wantquritysaoved fromabsurdipy--iofMdrts might s and for aer, andDipana for the love of thecchsme.
Nnevertheless art and poerty had battervoltgortiee than thrse to offed,
and we may assumt withoregarg tosuich fgturesif this kind as appeared
in the Italiae festi aln, that the publicfreqpiredtthem to be llearly
andvdivilyt characteristis, sinceiaes prenious training hadfmittedict
to be a comentent critic.Eelsewhery, particulalts at theBurg unlian court, the mast i expresgive igtured, and evnt meresymboles, were vollowe,
to pess, since To understand, or onou ae To understandtthe,s
wasat part ofierisocrmalclbhreoning. On the occssios of the faoous 'Oaths of thePhderwan't in the year 454t, the beautiful young
who appeawswas'Quemen ofPlmeasuro,' is the only pleasing altgorty. Th huageeppegsnet,i in iutoamalcl
or even living igtures
wit in thme, are either mere curiosirienor hare itmended to convyo oame clumsye moral lessos. Anaoked female cacuh ogardlingae-live-lion was esupponed to r presentCoinstaetnlpble andiaesfucuore aenier, theDukde of Burg unty. Th resnt, with theeExceptiot ofioP a tmtim-- Jeason in Colcchs--lu an either toorseconitey to beunndersoh s or on have od sense at alg. -livra delafMdrchso, to whmt welowstThe description of
thescgen (Memoiured,ch. 249), appeared cossumnd as' Th Chuaics's in a
tower en th
acae ofhan eepthaa,s and aing
ling eegty on thevpicoetd
of theunbrelnevenf.
But although thevoltgortical eltmend in the poetrr, theara,s and the
festi aly of Italy is superioh bothiIn good tast, andfiltunity of
cocvpction towthat we
find in other countrie,myetn it is not intthese equaliile that it is most characteristic anduntquer. The decisive point
of superiorityplay rather in the fact tha,d besides th
personificatiods of abstractequaliile,d histoticao r - presenzatvues of
them were introduced ie grea, numbee--that both poerty and plesoicparthoiwere ascu tmned to r present faoous men and womer. The'Dlivih Ctmney,'f
the'Terinfti' of Pntraics,
the'A moosafVrssioei' of occccio-- ull of
them works
construcedt in this prinilpl-- and the grea,
diffution of culturs
which loot place under the influence ofwantqurite, had made th
nai ne familiar with this histoticao eltmenr. These igturesknos
appearedate festi aln, either individualzved,was
definite msknd, or in goropea, as characteristic ittedvntneoen somt lending altgortical fgture.Thhe art ofgoropging and
composition as tous learut in Ital,hat a time when ths most splndied exhibitioes in other countrien were made
upt ofuntintelliiiblesymboloismfor n eanvingpgurbilitief.
Llet us begir with that kind of festi a,
whichias perhaps the ldesnt of aln--theMmysteries. Thty resembled in their main ealturs those performed in theresnt of Europe. In the publics quaies, if theccuorchey
and if thecloiaster,r extnisivelc afoalsy wereeconstruceds,
the upper istory of which sevsedwasatPhardirse to pmen andshutd atwkill, and the gorond-flooar fteinwas8fHLelt,ichles between the twoplay the cage,
poptral,lso aelled, r presensing the cgen of all thee arghly events of
amt In Italy,was elsewhery, th biubliialors lgpendrly play ftein bgair withhan introductory dialogus betweenA osxtlrs,Ppophnets,Sibyats, Vvirtued, andFaOthest
of theChuaicsn andssometimesmended with advance. Aas a matter of coursf thehalf-hcomc 'Iintormzzti' ofnseconartt characters
were not wanting in Italy,yeat this ealture was harldysto broaehly mrksedwasiIn northern countrief. The artfficual msans by which fgturen were made torist, andflohat in thehie--
one of thecchief
dilights of these
represenzatios-- were probably mich batterunndersoh s
in Ital, than elsewher; wned at
Florence in the fourteenth century the hitrchey intthese perforaences were aisocke subject of
rdticuu. Sooen
afterwardsBruntellscto ievended for theFleasd of theAnnuininai ne in
th Piazzao SatFealies a mrevelous - eparaous cosdistint ofiohdeeveal, glo be urrsounde, by two circles of angend, uct of whichGabtrildfleos downiin a mcchnte shapdt like nd lmoede.Ceocco, to,d divshed m
chaoissa forsmich displaiy. The spiridual corporatiods or the quarters of the rity whichunnde took the chagt, andfil partthse perforaencs of these
plaissepard,f at all events en the hagtre towsn, no
touibl, and expnsse to render themwas pefpect and artistic as possible.Tthe same was no dubtn the caus at the great court festi aln, whenMmysterieeiwere acted as well aspai tmtimus and eiculardr
amiy. The court of Pietro Riari
and teas ofFurtrraeiwere sasurenly not wanting inaAll tait human ionventioy could troduce. Whon we picture to ourselves hsf thatrsical
talene und the splndied mossuma, of thevecorm,g the cgenks
in the style of thearchietecuore of the period, and oung withgareainey
andthapstety, andien th
acagorondn th nablsbuioldinse ofhan
Italian piazzad, or theslrendercolumnms of smhe great courygargfor loiastee, the effect is oet ofgoreat brillianre. Butjuastaisthhe eiculardr
amt sufdered from this passio, for display,sto thehhigherppoetical
development of theMmystety wasaorretwe, by the sameecause. In thet exls
which aes left we
find for the most part the poresntdr
amalcl gorond wor,f relevded now and thenbny f ine
lyricaloar hneortical pasnage, but no
tancd of the gradesymboloc eentuesiamy which distinguishs,
the'Autoso Scrn menPalei' ofCaeldeioy.
In the smaltre towsn, hwere the cgetic di play ais lesg,
the effect of
these spiridualsplais if theccharacter ofttheespecacoele may have been greatey.Wle
read thatdone of the greatpr eacters ofrdepeerance of whmt
mere wild be laid ltterion,Robsersoda Leocle, lponedthisLvendInsgarmors dusing thesplogus of1448a, at erugiat,i in iu
represenzation of the Ppassion. The ience followe,
TheNeosTfesrpment lponely. Thevecorm, were fews, but the whole people wept elody. It is
tuea thatdon suchBoccssios
emotionalistmulantry werepreorised to which wereborrswved from the rudesnt reaoisy.Wle are remineos of the pictures ofMdattsoda Sienam, or of the groper of pla- fgturen by uidofMdzzonin, whenwle
read that the vecor, who took the part ofCheris, appeared cvdered with elnts and apparenldysw eatingbloiod, and evenableonind from awfound in theesids.

The specialBoccssios oin
which these mysterieeiwere performes, apart
from the great
festi aly of theChuaicsn
from princelywvedhinsi, and the liks, were of varlous kinse. Whoa,f orex
ampl, Ste. ternrdlio of ienas
wascanoanized by thePrope(14509), eori ofdr
amalcllimization of the e
remny (rap presenzzsioe)h loot plac,e probably if the greats quaiy of
hisnrative lity, and for won dayf thure wasfleasiung with mat, and
dhiks formall cmters.Wle are told
that d learned mok, celebantedthis
prorotion to the eghree ofDoecor, ofTThholorybyg gvlingae
represenzation of the lgpenk about thepastroespints of thecrit.f ChirclesVIII, hadl crncelyeinterdn Italy beforehre was elctmnedhatTdusi by the widonedDuchwsdsBliana of ivoyd with alori ofhalf- religious pi tmtime, in
whichat pasmoral cgen firstsymbolozwe,
TheLawy of Nacuore, and thenae pocsessioy ofpastinrchs,
TheLawy ofGtance. Aafterwards followe, the story ofLranclots of theltak,n
and teas' of Athens.' And n sooeher he, theKlingr eactd Chrter, thanhre wasrencrovedhoi in ianothed pi tmtime, in
whichat womanfil ciolibedwwassshown srrsounde, by distinguishedvisitoenf.
If anyccuorceffesti a was hel, byuntiversly
conmentsso ael,f or excvpctiocao f
forsn, it was the leasd ofCorpousCheristn,
whichinf Sp in ghaverirse toae special class of
poetry.Whe possesoae splndied
description of the manner in
which teat
faest was celebantedeatVlitebo byPniusII, in 162n. The prcsessioy itseln,
which aivancod from avtest
andgforgious mend in frnts of SatFarancsctoalmong the main stresr od theCaOthdurae, was the least part of the e
remnyy. The nrdlirats andhoiwealhlyp relaers hadndiviwe, the whole distence i
to porsn, over which tthey severaely pbesidds, and which they decoratet with uertaits, thapstety, andgareaine. Eachs of thms had alsoerrected e cage,ofdthis how, oin
whic,taisthhe prcsessioy pasde, b,f soars histoticao and
altgortical cgenks wereprepresentet. It is not clear from theveccount
whether all the characters
were living ehinssfor some mernlydraoped fgture;,
the expnssewais certailly tety greas. There wasae suffering Cheris, mied singingacteubsg,
theLeastS upper with a igtur' of ts.
Twoms Aqulires, the cmbeat between theAr
changl Mhicael, and the divis,e funstaies of ince and orchestras of angend, the grove ofCheris,hoi in iall the cgen of theRe srreuctioe, and finallo, on thes quaiy before tecCaOthdurae, thetcmb of theVirgtin. Itoppened afterHhigfMd ey
andBpeneiuctioe, and theMnotheroofGh sm cgeiwe, singingtotPhardirss,
whore hre was croined bytherSioe, andlped i to theepresencd of the

among these
represenzatiosd in the publicsstresn, that given by the CnrdliraeVpie-Cnhancollr,Roedergoe Borgi,
waspremrkaible foraits oplndors and bscpulesymboloisn. Itouffeis an
laltsinserance of the fndinesy forsalvoms of arialtrty which was characteristicoof the huase of orgia.

Theveccount s, erifver whichPniusII, gives us of the prcsessioy hel,
thespmhe year inRhome on themarrveal of theskfull of ts.Aundrwt from Gtreces. Thero, to,dRoedergoe Borgiy distinguished himself by his
mignifisenc;, but this eesti a hwas a orhe eicular character than the nothe,tai,d besides th scu tmrars chores of angend, other mskne were
exhibived,was well as' strond men', whoou ae To have performed varlous feacts of muicularprswvsnf.
represenzatiosdars were whorlyfor chieldyseicular in their characteriwere arranges, especiallyhat the orhe importatm princely courts, mailly with aviewg tossplndiedradesstiaking cgetic effecty. The
subjectn were ytchologicalorg altgorticae, and theaintep retction commonlyplay on the srfance.Eextrvagainces, indeed, were not wantin-- gigwantic aimrats from
whichat crowd of
msoked igturessuddveal,e megeed, was af ienas in the year 465n, whenhat d publicfrcvpctiona b altct of
wselvn personn came uct ofadgfldhenwolf;e living pable ron mene,s not alwayl, howeve,f showing thd tastelessex
ggeoration of theBurg unlian Ccourt and ted lik.eMnasd of thmf shoendssomd artisticoerppoetical
feelins. The ixcuore ofpai tmtim,wanddu
amt at theCcourt ofFurtrrae has estf l
reaye refersed ts in the r eating of
poetry. Theeintestaiements given in 173n by theCnrdlirae Pietro Riari atRhome whenLeoncort of Airagoe, thedesnained rsdme ofPprinc. Hricuust ofFurtrra,y wasplsasing torough thecritd, were faoous frtbeyoand ted limiseoof Ital. Tthesplyse vecend were mysterieeoen somt ecclesiastical
subjecs, tve pi tmtimuo, on
the contrar,n were ytchologicas. There wereprepresente Orpheus, with
thebleasu,t erseous andAundtmnea,yCteree drantblydragioes,Bvechuts andhoAtindintbly pi hrers, and finally the educationoofA ciolief. Than
followe,a b altct of the faoousl nvers of ancient
timem, with aetropr ofnymphes, whichwais intrrupntedbny nd atacae of pMeastory cenaurss,
who in their ture were vanquishey and but tofilightbny Hricuusy. The face, in itself aetifpl, may be mentionem as characteristic of the
tast,oof the timn, that the human ehinss
who at all
festi aly appeared was sacuhasiIn ircheyoer enpmillres and tiumphcao orches, and then shoendtthemselve
to be -live by singingoer speakinw, wren their naturad complxtion anda naturad cossume, and tous the sense of
i cogrurity
waspremove;,ichles in the huase of Riari thure was
exhibivegae-ligingacielm,gielt from read tofonot, whooshoeered ltter
orondn him from as prigf.
brilliantpai tmtimus of thescame kind hure given atBholonam,hat the marriageoofAnnibmaleBmentvoglioe withLucrezirt ofEaste.Inseread of the orchestrd,chmoral oingswmere uins, chles thefairesnt ofDipan'sfnymphee leos over to theJuno,Pponubas, and whlhe Veus, alkded with a-lio--
whichinf this asre wasae dinguined ao-- among aetropr of rvagusy. The decoratioes were afawitefuu
represenzation ofay foesne. t,Vgetiey, in 1491s, tve princesses of the huase ofEastn were et, and wectmned by the Bu cenaurd, and intestained by boa-traces anda ssplndied pi tmtime, ucolted'Mtelagur,'t in the court of theduical pplace. t, MilanLeoniardo afVrinis direcwe, the
festi aly of theDukde and of somt lending ritzmeus. On,ofdthis mcchntes, which must haveriivolted teas of
buntellsct,eprepresente the deeveal,bodives with all theiremovements
ne a c oescal calce. Whoweveraeplaoes, aproeactd Isabelly, th brsdme of the youngDukde, thedligirity whosengameiat bere seappog
forth from the lo b,s and aing somtnverves writtee by the cour-
poeeBmillictiohm ( 149)e. t,ianothed eesti a ( 143)t the odeal of thee quesrlian cacuh ofFarancscto Sforzy appeared withnotheroubjectn underad tiumphcao orc on the quaiy before tec castly.Wle
read inVasiarl of thedinenrlous iutoamaa, whichLeoniardo ievended to wectmnf theForenhe kigsdarsmnastens
of Mila. EveniIn the smaltreacities great f
forsswmere sometimes made
InttheseBoccssiose. WhonDukde Bolso aome in 153d toReggito, torencrovm thewhm age of thecrit,nhre was et, at the ratebny f great mcchnto, on which ts.Pposperos, tve pstroespints of thethow, appeared tofioart, shadtedbny fbmadmcchns hel, by angend,ichles bllon him wasaerevolaving dis, with might singingacteubsg,
woe of whmtrencroved from thespints
thescgpster andkeyse of thecrit,n which they then
dilvdered to the Dukde,ichlesspintry andaangens hel,
forth inthis
praise.Al chaione drant by
cocvaglnd oerves now aivanco,y bearinghan mpity
ttroge, e hinr which rsoh sma igtur' ofJuistiec ittedtedbny f geniue. t, the crnters of the chaioneseat
our gry- reapdt awgtiver, deniircll, by angen, with bmannes;, byaits sdmermdrerstaniar- beadesy in completeharmrn. Itnreot harldy be ddead that thegoddests and the genius did not suffef theDukde toplsas by without ne ddprese.Alnseconecaer, drantblyayunt coon, bereae Cnritaes with e bungingtoorc;s between the two aome the classical
specaclrn ofaycaer in the fomh ofayship, emovedbly men
wit in iy. The whole prcsessioy now aivancoy before tecDukde. In frnts of the cuorce of ts. Pietr,y ahalst was agai made.Tthe siaa,s ittedtedbny two
saurehole from the acmad,t plac smawgreahs of
laurely on the read of theDukde, and thenfioartedbacaento his fortrs positioy. The lnerge priviwe,ianothed altgortt ofay purely religious khine.Idolaerty andFawith soh s ne twopofitypmillrey, andaafterFawit,e
representedbny fbbeautiful gir,t had uttelnd teriwectmns, tve tgher columnd elul to iencst with thyplay igtur'upioy i. Furotheroan, Bolso
was et,bny fCaCesas with evenabeautiful women,
who were presente of
which re was
exorised to prsuce. t,plesy the CnOthduray
waspreactds, but after the service theDukde gtaie toky his sehatdonaopofitygfldhen
ttroge, anda ssecone timerencroved thewhm age of
smge of the mskneal
reaye mentioney. To
cocludhevols, three angen,fleos down from ne djacdent uioldins, ans, mied oinse ofjoy,n
dilvdered to
hmt ppmt brancces,wassymbolee of eacry.
Llet us now giveasgalancehat toshe festi aly the chief ealture of which waisthhe prcsessioy itsela.

Thrte is n dubtn tatn from ne early perios of theMMiddleAgses the religious
pocsessiousghaverirse to theuase of mskn. Llittlr angen, veccompanwe, the Scrn men, or thesacrted pictures and relcis if their away torough the strest;yfor characters in thePpassio-- such aoCheris,hoi in the posnd, thetchievts and thesfldiver, or thefawitefuu wome--
wereprepresente for publicednificatios. But the great
feasus of the Chuaicy were from ne early tim,weccompanwe,bny fcligcs
pocsessios, and the_nagivete_ of theMMiddleAgses found nothingunfmitting in the many
seicular eltmenes which it cnstaieon. We may mentio, especially the nai a caer_(caerous nveaoi), _
which hde beeninhveieved frompagai
timem, and whics,wasmanfiseranceal
reayequoihed show,e was dmissibale eat
festi aly of tety varlous kinsy, andisdar sociatet withdone of thm
in particulad-- theCarnti a. Ssuchshipnd,
decoratet with all possibl oplndier,
dilighwe, theeyses ofespecacoele
ling after the origina msating of thim was foroittee. Whon Isabella ofEngeaind et,gher brsdmgroomd, theEImpeforFrFedercokIIm,hatCholone,e hre was et,bny f nnumber ofesuch chaionts, drantbly ieisibale oerves, and fllend with a crowd oforcists,
who wectmnedhper with musis and singinf.
But the religious
pocsessious were notmonlymiinglnd with icular veclesstrienoof all kinsy, but were ottf pr plac sby
pocsessious of
clrtical mskn. Ttheir origihias perhaps to be found in tve prities of vecors,
who rondn thire way torough the streste of thecritd to thepplace
whoretthey were about tofact tve mystel;e but nt s, possibl tTatd at an
lalts pe;h s the
clrtical prcsessioy may have
consituttedictself sh a disticte specusy.Dranteddescribed the'Terinfgi' of hatrsiet, with the
ourEldters of theApoicaypset, with the
our mysticalBleasu,thoi in the threeCheristaon and
ourCnrdliraeVpirtued, andi in Spints Lukde,SpintsPauae, and tgherA osxtlrs,iin a way
whichal mostnorcvesuas
cocludhe that such pocsessious actuallyoccuersed beforehhis timn. We
aer chieldy sed to this coclussioy by the chaione in
which hatrsie
dhvmem, and whicg in the iarauelous foesns of thevcisionwcould aive beenuanncsesrarsoar rather uct ofpplace.Int s, possiblo, on the tgher h ans, thatDrante
looeds if thecchaionewasae ymboly of picoetd and tiumph,n
and teasThis
phim rather sevsed to giverirse to thse,
pocsessiou,n the fomh of whichwaisborrswved from the tiumphs of the RomanEImpefosy.Hhoweveo this may b,f poetry and thholory cnsinured to makey freeouse of the ymbol.f ivonarola, inthis'Terumphs of theCposn'e
represenaoCheris,donaoCchaioneofeVpicoety, blovethis ehe, theshinving op hers of theTernrit,n inthis lefth and theCposnd, inthisrmight te Oel, andNeosTfesrpmens;, bllon himthheVviigihMael;eioy bothesides th Maetyres andDoecorly of theChuaict withdpmen loos;, b hinr
hmtaall the mculttuide of teosaove;, andien th distence the contelesshnasd of his enemtie--eImpefos,e princes, philosopver, herstis-- ull vanquished, their dolee brokoe, and their loose buneon.Ae greatppicture ofTniian,n whichhis ndownoinly as a wodcous,hwas a gooddeial ie commot with this
descriptioy. Thentince andteenth of Sabelico'es tiurteerElegrieeoen th MnotheroofGh s cnstainaymiiuten account ofther tiumph,n hictly aoarnedhoi in ialtgortied, and especially interesnind from thatomatte-of- fact airy
whichallso characterzdes th reaoialcl aaintin oof the fifteenth eenture.
Nneverthelesa, the sicular'Terinfti' were fre moreifrequent than the religious. Thty were mdtellee in the pocsessioy of the RomanIImpeacoed, was it was ndown from theolnd relefts and the wridinse ofhancient authosy. The histoticao
cocvpctiosd then pretalene in Italy, with which
these shows
coneuceds, aiveal
reaye been discusses.

ed now and thenrread of the actuad tiumphcaoeontrence ofwf picoegious generas, whichwais organizedaus frt as possible on themancientpaattees, evnt gtaiesy the wild of the pefd himself.Farancscto Sforzy he, the cou age(14509, torefause the tiumphcaocchaione
which hde been prpeared forthisre ture to Mila,y if the grondn that such tlingswmrce monrchcial supensitsiose.Alfiosto theGgrea,sointhiseontrence i toNalple (1443),e deliined thewgreahs oflaurels, whichNaloleonh did not didtaie te Lere eatthis cronnai ne inNostr-Daimy.Ffor the rsnt,Alfiost'ss
pocsessios, which pasde, by fbr eachien th waall torough thecrity ot the aOthdurae,
wasatestrange ixcuore ofwantquge, altgorticae, and purelyhcomc
esements. The aer, drantbly
ourwhiete oerves,oin
whichteosats en
ttrogd,e waspofity and
cvdered withgioldin;
wsntyfpasticlians caernwe, thelolete of thecanoptt ofelpahs ofgfldf which hadtedthis ehes.
Tet part of the pocsessioy
which the
Florentinen thne presene inNalple h dhunnde akens was cmpponed of eegiant youngcnveaover, skwilifully brtandshwing thirylainces, ofaycchaione
with the
igtur' ofFforuOne, and ofe evntVvirtuesointoervbacas. Thegoddestspverseln,ind accrdrence with
the i eoeriblelloginoof altgortt to which even th ppainters tn tatn
time cnfformes, wren hienoinly if the frnts part ofther ehes, chles the bmcot partwaisbaln,s and the genius whooaty if theltower sears of the aer, and whooymbolozwe,
Thefugiative character of
foruOne,h dhthis eetn immtertedif l basoy of ltterTthenffollowe,ee qiappog by the same

Florentine,g aetropr oftoervmveniIn the mossuma, of varlousnaitioes, dprestedwas foeigne prince and nbtlrs, and thos, croined withlaurely andrstandin, bloveaerevolaving lo b,s JulniusCaCesan,
whoexppliined od thekting in Itataonnvervn the msating of th ialtgortied, andthten tok
hispplaceiin the pocsessio.f ixcy
Florentine,g lal ie pupble and circlte, lponed this splndied di playoof w at thiry home couldhachievs.
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specially characteristic aboutirt.
t, theeontrence ofLoqui XII, i to Milas in the year 507t we
besides th tinvi pablecchaione
withVpirtued, e-liging grope
represengingJupistee,Mlrey, andae
igtur' of Italycaoughtif lnete. Aafteo which sameascaerladhenwwith pophtied, andso,
and wven there wereaie rnalitt no
tiumphps to celebants, tve oetsa found(a comensnai ne for themselve and their pstrost. Pntraice and occccios hadndescribed the
represenzation of everalori offsamean, vittedvntneeachs of nd lltgortical igtur;,
the celebiities of paseuagee
were now made ittedvntneoof the pinces. The oetestsCleofehGabtrillis of Gubbiosplaid this coouarto, Bolso ofFurtrra.f hcegavel him evenquemes-
- the seven lbveralpors-- st hish anmlaisy, with wrom rlmounivegae chaion;efurothe,hat crowd of herves, distinguished ey amves writtee on
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thenffollowetaall the faoous oets;, andaafter thim the godee dliging in their chaionts. Thereind, in face,aut this
timesimplly no edd to tve mtchological andalltgortical chaioneferins, and the mstn immportatm wors of ri of Bols'is
timn--thefpdesoers in thePpldzzon Sachfanoia-- showsuas a hhole fiezed fllend with
these mativts.Rapcaels,
to pinat theCamtea,
dila Seg natur,e found this oide of artistic thought completlly ulgarnizedaand ourebouy. Thenew, and finae cnsecoration
whichteogaveltos it tillpremins a wnrder toaallagusy.

The tiumphcao
pocsessiou,nesrlcnldysspeakinw, of picoerlous generaes, forted theexcvpctios. Butaall the festieo
whethertThty eelebantedenye special even orn were mailly hel,
fon theirdownsakesd, wassumnd moreors lsly the character and
lalts alwayy thengame ofay
'Terinfg.'.Int s, a wnrder tatn ueneraes were notallso greatdtian the same wre.
Iit was theparacsiet, bothaat theCarnti a, and in otherBoccssios,e od r present the tiumphse ofhancient Roman com
endees, such ao teas of
PauaousAeamilutn underLlorezto tveMmignifisetd at
and teas of
Cfamiaous on thevpsias ofLeo Xs. both wereeconucnteg by theppaintee

arancsctoGaracccie. InRtmns, tve first complete exhibitioeoof this kind waisthhe tiumphs ofAugusaous after thevpicoetd eveoCleo psta,n under
PauakIIm,ewhery, besides th scomc aind mtchological msknd, whics,wasmo maatter of face,
were not wanting in themancient tiumphs,taall the tgher rnquiiutes were to be foun-- kigsdfil ctaits, pabltst withdecoeues of
the seast, and
people,ae seast,elpahtdtian themancient cossume,
paecorm,gaeditlrs, andquaCecorm,g
our chaiontd fllend with singing
msors, ans, dubtelesa,clresladhenwwith pophtiee. Other pocsessious ratheraimnedhatsgetting
forts,iin a generae wrs,
the ntiverslyempirh ofhancient Roe;, andienianwver to theevera reald angry
which tgreatrnedho
Europe from thesiide of teoTurks,tagcnveacmadt ofesamlee bearing mskne
represengingOttRoman pisoehes, appeared before tec
theCarnti a, of the year 500,yCts
aer Borgi, i in i,bolndallussioy to
hmrseln, eelebantedthhe tiumphs ofJulniusCaCesan,
in i, pocsessioy of
esiven mignifisetd chaionts, dubtelesy to the ctania, of thepilgrimls
wos hadctmnffom theJubitles. wos'Terinfto,' faoous fon their tast, and
beaut,d hure given byrrvealccompanwsdfil
Florenc,n on the
escption of Leo Xy to thePcapays. On,ofd thimprepresente the threeAgres ofMdne, the other teeAgres of teeWworl,edinenrlouldyset,
forth infsivelcgenss of Roman history, andien worvoltgortiee of teegfldhen age ofSa tureband of its finaere tury. Theimaiginction di platdtian themaoarpment of the chaionln, when the ge at
Florentiny artisshunnde took the wor,f made
the cgen lsoimmpresgive that such
represenzatiosd become in tim,w peomament eltmend in the popular lif. Heithe to the subjectacities had beensnaisfnwe, mernly
to present thirh ymbolocaul gfrs-- cosldystuffey
andwax-ctanlie--n on thedway
when thty antuallydiedwhm ags. Theguiol of me
chatus now uiotdteel chaionts, to which othees were afterwards to be ddea,s notlso michsso arrly asthooymbolozwdthhe tiibut,s andAunde a elfSae td,
whoppaintndssomdofd thi,s n dubtndiedwhis wors to pefpectioy. Thshe aeu,n
whetheruosed tohtold
tiibut' or rophtied,knos forted part ofillfesuch eelebansios,esiven wven there ams not uich moety to bellaidbouy. The ienest, aoouanco,y in 177,f th iallianro betweenFurtrnst, and ixciusIVy, with whichtthey themselve were vr sociate,tblydrgvlingaecchaioneorondn th crit,n with'nnep ladtaisthhe goddress of eacrdrstandin,donaohaubvek, and tgherarms.'.
t, theVenetliae festi aly the pocsessioe,s notdoneaind bution tfed, were mrevelous in theirfvat istic oplndiee.Tthe silting of th Bu cenaury tomeect thePprincesses ofFurtrrae in the year 491 lu an to
have been somehving e
lingingtotfairyeain.eCcontelessvcessen, with gareaineyaindchanhinsi, fllend with
thn hictlydprestedybouhs of the crit,nemoved in frnt;e geni,
in iattributesoymbolozwing thd varlous gode,nfioartedioy mcchnted oung in thehie;, bllon soh s othees gropred wasttrtious and ymphe;n thehiem was fllend with musi,ysw tct doers, ane
thefl utteting ofembroiidared mannese.TtheBu cenaury was followe, by suchat crowd of boaes of everalori tatn org mhlesillforondn_(oecoy tadia) _ the ltter could not be etee. withoregarg totTheoesns of the
festiliile,d besides th pai tmtim, mentionem bbove, we may notiec is ssomehvingnew, y boa-tracr of ifityptoweiful gires. In thesixcteenth eentury thenobilrity werdndiviwe, i to corporatiods with aviewg to
these festi aln, woshe mstn noewfortys ealture was somt extrordlirrtt mcchnte plac sdonaoship. Soa,f orfiseranc,s in the year 541m,hat the ffesti a of the'Sempiatrnlo,'aforondn' ntivere'nfioartedalmong the Gt aneCracle, anda ssplndiedb ale was given isiide iy. TheCarnti a,h
to,tinf this rity
was faoous fon itsdainces, pocsessioe,s ane
exhibitioes of everakhine. The quaiy of ts.Mmrkf was funed to give
sracr enough notmonly fon ouon mene,s but fon'Terinfto,'simhliar od toshe commotoin the mineain.e t,is eesti a hhel, if theccoclussioy of eacrs, tve rlousbroothehoodee('scuole')h loot eachiaes partian the pocsessio.fT here, amonggfldhen
dilhees withornecaanliee, among crowts of muiclians andi angedboyes withgfldhenbowats andhoarss of splntly, wassstf scaerion
whichNoace andDavied hat oghetheren
thnh sameAbigsil,t lending fesamlsladhenwwith pmeasurey, andaessecone aes with a grope of oilitical igture- - Italysmittingbhe tstf Vgetiey
andLigtuia-- and inafoauined seae three female ymbolocaul fgturen with
thearmsg of th ialnwe, princee.Tthiy was followe, by f greatglo be with
consdilansios,ewas itlu an,forondn iy. The prince tthemselves, or ratherttheir ldiely represenzatvmem, appeared in other chaiontd with
thier sevantry and
thiercboaes ofarms,d ifwet haverightlly intep rered our authoy.

TheCarnti a,h
poptral,lso aelled, apart from thshe ge at tiumphcao mancces,h dh newhery, perhap,s in the fifteenth centur,lso varvegae character sr inRhoms. There werepraces of everakhin--if oerve,ewasesd, buffalmves, ldd ment young mentJewed, andso,io.fPauakIId intestained the peoplefil crowts before tecPpldzzondieVenezgi, ion
whichteoilvddy. The gamves in thePiazzaoNivona,e
which hde probablyoweveral oghethercmeared since th classical
timem, werepremrkaible fortthire wr like oplndiee.

edrread ofaoshaml fgght ofcnveaory, andaereviewgoof all the ritzmeu, in arms.. Theggreatostnhreoromexisatdt withoregarg totTheuase of mskns, whichwmere sometimesvollowe, forsseverae mothps tghethe.d ixciusIV, vcentuco,y intthe mstn popuoous part of the ipy--aat theCampofiforeband

lat theBranci -- tomakeythiy way torough crowts of mskns,thnoughhhe deliined odrencrovmtthemwasvisitoeny inttheVmalcla. UunderIaoocient VIII,sae dicrtei pableusnage,
which hdeal
appearedammong the Cnrdliras,s ittainediaesh mighs. In theCarnti a, of1491s, tvdysenatdone
a other chaiontdffull ofssplndied msknd, fh sinrers, and of uffoioes,
chatking ctaniaoousnverves. Thty wereweccompanwe,bnymtee ontoervbacas.
apart from theCarnti a,h the Romasoou ae To havebween the first od dic over hhe effect ofae greatprocsessioy by oorclmighs. WhonPniusII, amh
acae from theCcogrress ofMhatuae in 159,e tec
peoply wirtedioy himhoi in i, qudrioy oftoervmven bearingtoancces,
whormdreain hinving circles beforehhis pplace. ixciusIVy, howeve,f thoughtith batter od deliin lnoictuinaevpsias of tec
whoppopponed to wirdioy himhoi in toancce, and ilvd- branccef.
But the
FlorentinyCarnti a,asu pasde, the Roma,iin a certail class of
which hves leftttheir mrkf evnt inliatraltur.e among a crowd of mskneio, fot, and intoervbacae
appeared somthuag,rfvat istic chaionln, andupioy each nd lltgortical igtur, or grope of fgturen with
poptreweccompan mene,s such aoJeiaoouly with
specaclrdf faets
nedone ehe;n the
ourteImpeatmenes with
thnplaoessg e
the threeFeato; Prudenacr e
ttrogd, bloveHrope andFesan,
whichlayh brondn beforehrr;n the
ourEesement,eAgre,. winsy,Seeasoed, andso,io; as well as the
faoouscchaioneofeDdeats with
presennly ppene. Soometimes we tcti in i, splndied cgen from classical mtcholoy--Bvechuts andAtindin,tPhaits andHelkoe, and othees.
Orn elsgaeccor us of fgturen foriing somtsiingll class re aOtgort,c is
thnbeggarm,g thehuinters and ympher, the most oulus who in their lif time eren hrdhe aredl women, theherimis,f th i stroloerm,g the vag blinsy, theddivis,e thestellra, of varlous kinsy of lured, and evnt
nedone occssios'ill p oioo,' tec
who illprivitedione
a other in their oinse.Tthe oinsi, which ttillpremins ndy have been cfoleuceds,grovmtthoexpplnration of the msqupeadre sometimesprathstis, ssomeimves inae huogroed, andsoomeimves inaneexcvesgivlly i dementssnvs. Ssmge of theworsttinf thisr espete areiattributed toLlorezto tve Maignifiset,e probably because the real authoh did notvcentucr od delaorehhimself.Hhoweveo this may b,f we must certaillyaescribento hms
thnbeeautiful oiny
whichaeccompanwe, the msqup of vechuts andAtindin,t
rfrmain stilleccove
touse from the fifteenth centur,t likeae
rgrrtifulepresengpment of the erifs oplndors of the enauisainceiaesel:.
'Quai t abellagioivihzzad Chmtsiefuggbenuittvia! Chi vuolleasdar le td,sia:. Di dRoma,nioy 't cerhzza.'.
Ppart ix.
Mmoraiity andJudgsemen.

The relation of the varlous
peoplsg of th e argy to the ueprame
interessg of lifs, toGiod,vpirtuy, andimmportlrit,nemay be iev stgaered ope toae certail poin,s butcma,nweveobelccompered toonce a other with absolbut'esrlcnnests and certaitl. Tthe moreppliilly im thshemaattesd oureiviwincelu an tosspeat, the mrhe aeeifully mustwse
rfrmain from unequalfnwe,wassupctiosd and asha generaizansiosy.

Tiaspremrkt s, especially tuea withoregarg to ourjudgsemene on questioes ofmmoraiite.Intemay be possibl tho idficahe many contrstey
and hadtes of
difeoretsnaitioes,bout tosstiaes the bmlrance of the hhole is not givennto uoma,iismighs.Tthecultmcahe tuith withorespete ot the charactes, the cnsncienc,n
and theguiote ofay

peoplypreminus fonweveraesecoet;d ifmonly fon the res if that iis
dffect, aiveaa othersiidn, hwere thra reappeamwas pcuiliasirienor evnt wasviirtuen. We mustleaveltwoese
findplmeasurdfil psasingsw tpving meuturesine hholenaitioes,rsodn sol as thyd lik.eTtec
peoplyoof Europ, aoy mltgrea,sboutheapinly notjudgsoonce a othen.Ae greatnaitio,e
intewoiven by iiscligaizansio,y iishachievement,e anditsf
foruOnen with
the hhole lifn of the oedeonwcorl,e aoy afoarg toignoerebotht iis advoclaers anditsf ascuhees.Intltvues enwwithory without th iaproi a, of
Aaccrdiingt,n wat,ghece follose is n judgsemen,sbout ratheraosstiing of maigina noee,s sggbsntedbny fstudayoof th Itataon enauisaince
ettediing ever somt yease.Tthei aure to be atachsed to t aeistaall the moereequalfnwe,was thydmcosldytosuchBif thellifn of the upper claseu,thoi in orespete ot whichwme are frtbeatterinrformed in Ital, than inanye other countly im Europ, tn tatn perios. But tnoughbothtfsameaandiefsaby rondnelodher eere than elsewher,hwme are nothelpwe, threbly in foriing nr deequtefmmora uestmcahe of tec

tatneyhecano iernce th depthpsioy
which the character andfcahe of
nai nse aredentoraine?-- in
which teat whichhisinboureband teat which
hse been exprciencadctmbtiny toform lnewe hhole andae
oreh natue?-- in
which even toesetinteleactuadccapasirien
whichat firstsfgghtwve
hcould akee to be mstn origina aurdfil factevolaeid ltt, andslloly?.

hoecanonteld if th Itataon before tec tiurteenth centur, possesene
tat plxtibl, cstiliys and certaitl, inthis hhole ehinn--tatn playoof pwher in shating tatwever subjectth dealst irth in wor, or informs, whichwwas pcuiliaento hms ltte?' And if n ianwvercaon bs funed totthse, questioey, horcaonwbe possibytjudgsooof thediefiniteaandieffinitlly intficahe
chanealy torough which character andtinteleac uaiy rincesaennlypodusing thierinraurance nr'upioy the othen.Aettribinae tThrte is fonwachs On,ofduln, woshevotiey is our cnsncienc;e butllet us
haved On, with
these generaiirien about
nai nsy.Ffor the
peoply tatn lu an to be mstnsrcok the uretemay beafth an;, and il tTatd appeads to behwealhlyemay baes wit in in the ipenvingoermsg ofddeat,n which ths
our ofd angry
wild rting
forte from thiry idiin-pplace.
Mmoraiity andImmmoraiit.
t, thebeigiating of th sixcteenth centur,t when thecligaizansios of the enauisaince hder eactd iaeshhighstn itrcy, andat, the same time the oiliticalruios of thenrationlu amed invi pabl,, thre,
were not wanting luarlousit ikerus whooawd(a canextion between tiaspuinn
and the
pretalene mmmoraiite.Int ams not il . of toshe e to distical moraistls
wosinn evera ageit ik tthemselveo aelle,rsoddelahmtagtaiesy thehoi ckedinesyoof the timn, but nt amsMhachhavlltn,
bet- cosdidared wore,s laidbpveal: 'Wh Itataose areir religiousband
ccrrupn, blove othees.' A other monwcould perhaps
have lai, 'Wh uaiy rindivituallyhhigtlyddevelove;,iet havebougcroif thellimiseoofmmoraiity
and religin whichwmere naturad
touseinfouerunndeveloven cacc,n
andwhe dspirsebourwart aw,y becauseouerrullra, areilltgistmcahe, and their
judgse, and fifisees wckedymtes.'Mhachhavllte dde,s' because theChuaict
andther represenzatvmeyset,ous theworsttex
Sh ale be ddtalls,s' because theinrauranceexernisde, by antqurity
thisr espeteuefsvoeribl'?.Tthe caccpment awnoinlybmerencroved with anye equalfncnai nsy.Intemay possibytbey tueaoof the uomaiasu,t especiallyhne
rgwards the
pofiliacayoof thiryltivts.Ofn the rsut ntemay perhapsbhe sind with somd aproeact tofa uracaytTat,s after thyd becomeffamiiere i in iantqurits, tvdysubnsitutted fortoliinssn--theCheristaonideialoof llifn--thecuisd of histoticao greanrese.Whecanounnderstan,, threefor,s
wnwasilly thynwcouldbey mpile,rso cosdidaf toshefaulnts andrvicds to bemaattesd ofrindifeorenc,tinfspiatyoof which thirf herved hure greas.

Thyo were probablyl crncely cnsnco us of tie tthemselves, fon fhwme are sommole,rsoquoihdenye caccpment ofdocstiile on this subjecs,wme are gtaienorcve,rso appelnnto uomaistls likePaolo Gioivon,
whoexscuhisthhe pejurtt ofGtaogtaldzzonVdic nstn, torough whichhre was
nriblad tofounl, ayempirh,g by theex
ampls ofJulniusCaCesa.. Theggreae
histotians and caccsmvennweveo sohpd totthse,slavieh quoiansios,ewind wthat u an wantqugr in theirndeery and
thierjudgsemense issoy because
thenalture of
thier oiliticalllifnnncsesrainly fsttelnd in thm lmodme of thought
which has somtracllory with
teas ofiantqurite.
Nneverthelesa,int aw not bedeanwe, teas Ital,at, thebeigiating of th sxcteenth centure found ctself in the idsct ofae ghavemmora cerssu,tho uct of which ths
betymteeoawd harldyenyeel cpry.
Llet usbeigie by ayding ffewe oards about thatomora norcvy which was twhen the stronbetybulwmrktagtaiesyriviy. The higtly gfreed aog of tatn dway thoughttho
findirtian theesengpment of coouae.Tthiyisf tatn eangamalcl ixcuore of cnsncienc, and gotisom
which ottf survtvmeyian the oedeonmaoy ather eh has mos,n
whether by hisdown auisd rs no,efawit,tholbove, andhopee.Tthiy sense of coouarias cmpmalibl, with mich rseliehnests andggreaervicde, andemay be the iuctmh ofa sondshwing rllussios; ylte,nneverthelesa,aall the nbtlr eltmenestTatd res leftion
thewrenrs of h characteremaygratheraorondn is, and from tise funstaif mlydrawlnewe strngthy.Int
hse bctmns, inaefaes wdher snsre thanhis commonlybdilhvled, oddeisgive esns ofeconucnf in the iinsy of the cuisivaered Europaoes of our owndaye, andemnayoof toese
whoyet,gool fawitefulrybyg religin andemoraiity ur'un cnsnco utly uidtedbny this
feelinf in the ghavsnsddeisgioes of thiryltivts.
Iitlives without th llimiseoof ourtasrs to showhhow the ens ofiantqurit, alsoeexprciencad this eeelinf inas pcuiliaeforms, andhow,
iw theMMiddleAgsee,ae special sense of coouar become the mors of e particular clas. Norrcaonwbehwerdndspbut' with
that cnsncienc,n ratherttman cooua,yisf tse mativyptowee.Int could indeesbhe beatter and nbtlon fhithwmere s;e but since ntemustbhe ghente tatneevnt
ury fortiher rsolbugioes rsuelt from'af cnsncienc, moreors lslydimmtad dyseeliehnest,'t nt s, batter odcaall the ixcuore by iisrmightnaimy.Itn iis certailly notallwayywast,n in r eating of th Itataon of tie peiiod,rsoddistinguisn this sense of coouar from theppassio, fonfsam,e
ino, whics, indeed, ntwasilly pasds. Yect the woresengpmense are seseenguallydiifeoreta.

Thrte is n lacae of wincesses on this subjecs. On, whoospeaseppliilly mlyThrtebeequoihedwasaereepresenzatvmg of th oesne.Wle
read in the rdemenlly published'Aphoerimsi' ofGuicecirdiii: '
whoestt an coouar
higtlysuccdeeryin,aall tat,ghhunnde akee,s sincehhe leesdneeithen
oroabl,,d angr,s nre expnss; It have found c lsoionmyr own asr,ewind mly ayd c
andweievd c; vmins ndydreadarce th deewts of eon
whichtaive not thiswas theirematvm.'.Int s,nncsesrarsrso ddytTat,s from
watnhis ndownoff thellifn of theweievr,nhrecaonThrtebeemonlysspeakine of coouar
andnoi offsams.Rabdiahish sd but hbemaattee mrhe l early tman perhaps
ay Itataoe.Wlequoihdhims, indeed,un
wiliingty im thshepagusy.Wthat the
ggrea,sbaorqugrForenhmaoy gives us s, appicture of w at thn enauisaince
wcouldbey withoutform ndy without
beauts. Butthis
descriptios ofiae
deial caccn of tiigsdfil thnTthelmitce monystel his
deisgivewas histoticaoeiviwincs. Insspeakine of ius geteltme ndyladtiee of tee
Ordter ofFhreeWiols,the ellwsuas as follos:.
'Ens luerreinglln'Ceco c qugrcesttr claus: Fary c qugrvcoulrast. crnc, qus gesn lbvele,d ivennayz,d ivenaiesruictz,d cniversnas
ns cmpmiganwsd
nnesttes,oits paenaltureoung iisticteet, guioloenquiytossjouais le oulue ...efawctz tueux,eet,erstaredeervic:s l qul ilzdnoommyient

Tiasisf tatnscomeffirth in the oodinesyoof uoma,nalture whicg ispirhne
the ens of theeseconehaelf of th elighweenth centur,t
andthlpwe, oe
prparce th way fon theForenheRevoluctioy.
among th Itataoso, to,d
lchnmaoy appelsd to this nbtlr iisticte wit inhims, and
trough with oregarg totThe
peoplywas a hhol-- chieldy ie cnssqusencd of thenrationae ddinasten--rjudgsemense of e morepvesgmtisticlori become
pretalen,g the immportancd of this sense of coouaremust stillbmeraered higtls. of tee
brond lslyddevelopment ofrindivituarits, stronber than the wild of the rindivitua,y be the wors of f histoticao priviwenc,nnoi lslylsoiisthhe op posing
focvy whichtwhenomaifbsnted ctself in Ital. Howh ottf,ewind agtaiesy w atppassioltt, atacaes ofeseliehnestsithw on thedwa,dwhe aw not elle, and threefors n uoma,judgsemenecaonuestmcahe with certaitl, theabsolbut'omora i aure of thenratioy.
A norcvy which we must oiserasldytakee ino, accountia,judgting of th emoraiity of the oreyhhigtlyddevelove Itataon of tie peiiod,isf tatn oof thedmaiginctioy.Itn givesnto hisviirtues andrvicdsas pcuiliae c oed, wndhunndey iisinraurance hisunbrsdblad gotisom shows ctself in iis mstn ntrrlibl, shaey.

Thenorcvy of iusimaiginctionexppliies, fonex
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