The Doctrine and Practice of Yoga
A. P. Mukerji

Part 2 out of 2

into your brain. Self-Esteem is decidedly a manly trait. It is based
upon a conviction of the Kingship of God and the Sonship of Man. Man
is a dignified being with divine attributes. He should not disgrace his
Maker by crawling on the ground. This is Self-Esteem. Self-Esteem
does not lower itself. It never lowers others. You shall never see a
leader of mankind without tremendous faith in himself. But equally truly
you shall never see a true man or woman taking delight in having others
crawl to dust before them. They feel pained and shocked at such a sight.
There is infinite humiliation to them hi this sorry spectacle. But
Self-Conceit is that original obliquity that leads a man to make a hog of
himself. It is the old, dirty, unmanly "I-am-greater-than-you" feeling.
Such men are hogs, hogs, hogs. They are not the true sons of their
mothers. They are bastards and imbeciles. If you come across this type
and get a chance to deal with him on your private strength open his eyes
to his hoggishness. If he has any manly stuff in himself, he shall
reform. If not, let him sizzle in his fat. Nature and its rigorous Laws
will rub the lesson home some day. But don't you stand their nonsense for
want of moral backbone. And the "I am" in you shall revolt against any
such meanness and smallness in yourself. Encourage it not. Revere God.
Revere yourself. Revere others. Next, as to energy and aspiration--these
two characteristics transmute your mind from a negative into a positive
type. They give you an aura of thought-force such as never knows fear. In
point of fact fear is starved off to death. Be progressive. Take an
interest in the affairs of this world and be a force for good. Raise
yourself first. Then give others a lift. Have an Increasing Purpose
in your life. Work towards its accomplishment. The man who renounces the
world does not become a burden unto others. He helps others to shoulder
their responsibilities. Nature aids at building up strong individuals. It
has no use for barnacles and is always scraping them off. Nature does not
tolerate leeches, vampires and parasites. Aspire to do something great in
life "for the good of many, for the happiness of many." Live to some
purpose. When you have a positive life-purpose, your tone of mind shall
be dominant and positive and your thoughts shall match. All-strength
shall come to you. Bad health, fear, worry and the whole array of
disintegrating forces are set into active motion by a purposeless life.
The Purposeful Man has no time to bother about them. Understand clearly,
spirituality is not laziness, whatever else it may be.


1. I have perfect Self-Confidence. I am a Divine Being. I lower
not myself--I lower not others.

2. My Life-Purpose is Constructive--not Destructive.

3. I will be great spiritually and mentally. I will make others
great. I am an irresistible force for good.

4. I live to some great purpose. I am an Individual. I recognise
the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of man.


Chastity and Self-Control bring to you a clean healthy physique. Strong
health means strong brain. And strong brain means abounding vitality,
magnetism and ambition. Remember our aim is the development of courage.
The Chaste brain has tremendous energy. You should observe
Bramhacharya--the conservation of vital energy in the body. You should
acquire control over your passions and appetites. The energy generated in
your body should not be drawn off at the lower end of your being, but
should be transmuted into creative activity mentally and spiritually. Get
a clean body, first. You can get it by fasting, breathing and exercise.


If you feel heavy in body and brain, if you feel mentally sluggish it
is a sure indication that your system is "clogged" with waste matter, due
to partial or total inactivity of the physical channels of elimination.
You have been indulging in high living and gluttony or you have been
indulging in physical gratifications and have thus exhausted the vital
fibres of your body. Perhaps you have drunk very little water which is
nature's demand for cleaning the vessels of the body. Perhaps you have
exercised little and thus the supply of oxygen required for burning off
carbon and energising the blood has been rather limited. Mental
depression, 'weak nerves,' melancholy, despair, fear, lack of
concentration and lots of other mental weakness are due to a clogging of
the system with accumulated refuse. In brief, the following are a few of
the benefits derivable from scientific fasting:--(1) It gives nature a
chance to "Clean Up." The day of fasting is a day of physical "house
cleaning." (2) Like the galvanic battery the body "recuperates" its
energies. Strength is invariably rested to one's powers of digestion
after a careful fast. No case of dyspepsia, constipation, etc., there is,
but can benefit or be totally and radically cured by fasting. Fasting
will increase powers of assimilation, quicken hunger, purify and
strengthen the nerves and raise your health in all ways. (3) By gaining
control over appetite you gain control over your lower nature. It is a
splendid drill for your Will. You shall gain in spiritual strength. You
shall grow positive to your flesh and its cravings. Jesus Christ fasted
for 40 days in order to prepare himself to face his great trial and
temptation. Our Yogis are all great fasters.


Don't undertake too much. If you have never observed a fast begin
with a 24 hour fast. Drink at least 5, if possible, 8 tumblers of pure
water at frequent intervals slowly. Keep yourself gently active and
occupied the whole day, mentally and physically. You may feel a feeling
of faintness, all-goneness and an irresistible craving for food. These
are mischievous pranks of a cultivated and pampered and artificial
appetite. Drink water slowly but don't give your body anything else.
Always keep before yourself the distinction between the regal "I--am--I"
the soul and the carnal, sensating animal known as the body. The great
point of achievement during a fast lies in thinking high thoughts and
forgetting the demands of the flesh. Don't think of your fast. If you
do think say to yourself "this is to develop my will." Breathe plenty of
fresh air. Exercise gently and walk. I have seen educated men afraid to
go out for a walk during a day's religious fast "lest they should feel
hungry." O shame! You can't control a little hunger! You should
bathe daily thoroughly early in the morning, fast or no fast.

And don't be afraid. "Man liveth not by bread alone but by very
word that proceeds from the mouth of God"--said Christ. Starvation
may kill off your body but not fasting. Deny the power of all disease
and weakness over yourself. Your mind is master of your body. Assert
this mental control. Lastly, during a fast, your body is sensitive to
your suggestions. Fill your mind with incessant affirmations of courage.
Think courage, say courage, act courage. Take time by the forelock.
Force your suggestions upon body and brain right now.


When breaking a fast, be sure to control re-action. Eat very lightly
and only sensible food. Now that you have a clean body, stay clean
You can train yourself to fast for 40 days at a stretch.


Here is some sensible advice from a leading thinker and teacher:
To be a perfect Bramhacharin (a regenerate).

1. You must have a clean, healthy body; 2. Good breathing capacity and
some control over same; 3. A strong will such as can move body and mind;
4. Assiduous cultivation of the intellectual side; 5. Control over
emotions; 6. A fearless mind; 7. Great determination; 8. and abstemious
living and high thinking.

The Yogis possess great knowledge regarding the use and abuse of
the reproductive principle in both sexes. Some hints of this esoteric
knowledge have filtered out and have been used by Western writers on
the subject, and much good has been accomplished in this way. In this
little book we cannot do more than touch upon the subject, and omitting
all except a bare mention of theory, we will give a practical breathing
exercise whereby the student will be enabled to transmute the
re-productive energy into vitality for the entire system, instead of
dissipating and wasting it in lustful indulgence in or out of the
marriage relations. The reproductive energy is creative energy, and may
be taken up by the system and transmuted into strength and vitality, thus
serving the purpose of regeneration instead of generation. If the young
men of the Western world understood these underlying principles they
would be saved much misery and unhappiness in after years, and would be
stronger mentally, morally and physically.

This transmutation of the reproductive energy gives more vitality to
those practising it. They will be filled with great vital force, which
will radiate from them and will manifest in what has been called
"personal magnetism." The energy thus transmuted may be turned into new
channels and used to great advantage. Nature has condensed one of its
most powerful manifestations of prana into productive energy, as its
purpose is to create. The greatest amount of vital force is concentrated
in the smallest area. The re-productive organism is the most powerful
storage factory in animal life, and its force can be drawn upward and
used, as well as expended in the ordinary functions of reproduction, or
wasted in vicious lust. The majority of our students know something of
the theories of regeneration, and we can do little more than to state the
above facts, without attempting to prove them.

The Yogi exercise for transmuting re-productive energy is simple. It is
coupled with rhythmic breathing, and can be easily performed. It may be
practised at any time, but is especially recommended when one feels the
instinct more strongly, at which time the re-productive energy is
manifesting and may be most easily transmuted for regenerative purpose.
The exercise is as follows:--

Keep the mind fixed on the idea of energy, and away from ordinary
sexual thoughts and imaginings. If these thoughts come into the mind
do not be discouraged, but regard them as manifestations of a force which
you intend using for the purpose of strengthening the body and mind.
Lie passively or sit erect, and fix your mind on the idea of drawing the
re-productive energy upward to the Solar Plexus, where it will be
transmuted and stored away as a reserve force of vital energy. Then
breathe rhythmically, forming the mental image of drawing up the
re-productive energy with each inhalation. With each inhalation make a
command of the Will that the energy be drawn upward from the
re-productive organisation to the Solar Plexus. If the rhythm is fairly
established and the mental image is clear, you will be conscious of the
upward passage of the energy, and will feel its stimulating effect. If
you desire an increase in mental force, you may draw it up to the brain
instead of to the Solar Plexus, by giving the mental command and holding
the mental image of the transmission to the brain.

The man or woman doing mental creative work, or bodily creative work will
be able to use this creative energy in their work by following the above
exercise, drawing up the energy with the inhalation and sending it forth
with the exhalation. In this last form of exercise only such portions as
are needed in the work will pass into the work being done, the balance
remaining stored up in the Solar Plexus.

You will understand, of course, that it is not the reproductive fluids
which are drawn up and used, but the etheric prana energy which animates
the latter, the soul of the reproductive organism, as it were. It is
usual to allow the head to bend forward easily and naturally during the
transmuting exercise.

Practise this Breathing Exercise sturdily. Be heroic. Learn to make 100
Pranayams at a sitting, but do not rush things. Deep breathing exercise,
Will-Culture, regular Meditation and a clean normal mode of living when
combined with much thinking will surely awaken your Latent Powers. Be not
worried if progress be a bit slow at first. Keep up cheerful and work
patiently. Things cannot but come your way if you don't give up but
preserve to the last. Have infinite and unbounded faith in yourself. And,
lastly, if you want to grow space in Wisdom and Power, persevere in deep
breathing. Pranayam is the key to all spiritual success. "Spirituality is
fullness of Breath." Almost all forms or Mental and physical weakness are
due to imperfect and shallow breathing. Of all these instructions you
practise nothing but the Breathing Exercise, your gain shall be great but
in order to get all the results you must practise all the instructions
regularly and methodically.

Your sex-force is under the direction of your sub-conscious mind which is
quite amenable to your authoritative suggestions. Get control through
your sub-consciousness. All you have to do is to let it to do its own
work without adverse and negative suggestions and fear-thoughts. Say "No"
vigorously to all adverse thoughts and shake them off from you. All
health comes by letting nature alone.


Find a quiet place as far as possible, where the air is pure and the
surroundings soothing and pleasant. After a bath or a thorough rubbing
of the body from top to toe, with a wet towel, on an empty stomach,
take this exercise: Send a current of holy thought to everyone, on
planes seen and unseen, north and south, east and west, engage in
meditation--take anyone of the meditation exercises you like. When you
are perfectly calm and relaxed, seat yourself cross-legged, assuming any
posture that comes easiest to you, with head, neck and chest held in a
straight line and the weight of the upper parts of the body resting on
ribs. Keep the region about the waist quite free. Loosen the cloth there
out and out. Now inhale air slowly and steadily through right nostril
after closing left nostril with your finger as long as it takes to count
sixteen mentally. Close both nostrils, holding the inspired air within
and count sixty-four. Then very slowly exhale the air through the left
nostril for as long as it takes to count thirty-two. You must begin with
a 4 second inhalation, 16 second retention and 8 second exhalation.
Instead of dry counting you might improve yourself decidedly by repeating
the word "Fearless" as many times holding mentally that dominant idea
back of the word. Practise 5 pranayamas mornings and evenings for one
week daily. Increase to 10 next week. Work up to 20. Go slowly. Practise
as long as you like, but not less than 6 months. Be serious and earnest.
This is not for non-serious minds. This exercise will augment digestive
power, steady heart-action, make the body light and the mind calm. It
shall help also miraculously in your Soul-Unfoldment. During this
practice be pure in all ways. Observe Bramhacharya. Practice mental
concentration and spiritual meditation. Don't talk much with others.
Don't encourage any but holy society. Don't sleep much. Don't work very
hard. Keep your emotions well-in-hand. Be always engaged mentally
and physically. Be hopeful and cheerful. Never encourage negative
thinking. It shall do wonders for you.


Exercise No. 1.

Stand straight, facing a corner of the room with bare feet about 14 or 15
inches from the corner itself, arms straight out, even with shoulders or
perhaps two inches below, hands resting on the two-side walls, chest out,
abdomen in. Now lean forward towards the corner, without moving the feet
or bending the knees. Aim lightly to touch the corner with the chest,
while holding the head and abdomen as far back from the corner as
possible, arms and hands slipping forward on the walls in a straight line
with shoulders. Resume first position without moving the feet or lowering
the arms, and repeat. Make the forward movement slowly, at the same time
inhaling through nostrils a slow, full breath; put your whole effort into
stretching the chest forward and upward (careful not to bruise yourself
against wall) and head and abdomen backward, thus straightening the back
at the shoulders. Hold the chest to the corner a moment, holding the
breath likewise, then slowly resume original upright position, slowly
exhaling through slightly open lips at the same time bending the head
forward towards the chest. As you lean forward toward the corner,
mentally keep count of your exercise one, two, three, etc. As you resume
the upright position, exhaling and bending the head forward mentally,
affirm "I am fearless, pure, strong." Make these movements always slowly,
deliberately, with the closest attention. Begin with 5 or 6 movements and
raise to 20 at a time.

Exercise No. 2.

Stand straight about two feet from the wall. Place the palms on the
wall-level with the shoulders. Without moving the feet or bending the
body, lean forward slowly, inhaling slowly as you do so, until the
chest touches the wall, head back; then push yourself slowly to an
upright position slowly exhaling as you do so. Repeat 10 times or more.

Exercise No. 3.

Clasp the hands behind. As you slowly inhale extend the clasped hand
slowly downwards as far as possible, straightening arms at elbow and
lowering shoulders as much as possible, at the same time extending
and lifting the chest as far as you can. Hold the breath and the position
a moment only, shoulders down, chest out and up, abdomen in, then release
the hand and slowly exhale. A rather vigorous exercise. So go slowly.

Exercise No. 4.

Stand straight, arms extended even with the shoulders, head up;
tense muscles of right arm doubling slowly at elbow and hand only, until
the clenched fist touches the shoulders; at the same time tensing the
neck muscles, chin up, and turning the head slowly to face the clenched
fist. Repeat with the left arm. The arms from shoulder to elbow must
be kept in a horizontal position.

Exercise No. 5.

Stand straight, hands at sides. Bend as far over to the right as
possible, slowly; then to the left as far as possible. Repeat 10 times.

Exercise No. 6.

Stand straight, arms at sides. Lean as far forward as you can without
bending the knees and roll the body clear around in a circle to the
right, arms and body as limp as possible. Repeat 5 times. Then roll
five times to the left.

Exercise No. 7.

Stand straight. Extend arms easily in front. Wave them backwards and
upwards in a sort of reversed swimming movement, until they meet
overhead; at the same time bending backward as far as possible slowly
inhale a full breath. Now bend forward, exhaling breath, taking care not
to bend the knees, until your fingers touch your toes, head hanging as
low as possible, toes and head as limp as possible, fingers reaching
towards the floor. Repeat upright position. Keep the knees straight
throughout. Aim to stretch the entire body and hands upward and backward
as far as possible, with the upward motion of the arms. If you can't
touch the floor without bending the knees, just come as near it as you
can. Practice will limber you up until you can touch it.

Exercise No. 8.

Lie full length on the back of the floor, hands clasped under head.
Tense the muscles of the right leg, raising the knee slowly until it
touches or almost touches the body, at the same time bending the foot
downward as far as possible, stretching the toes towards the floor. Now
slowly lower the right leg, still tense, towards the floor, straightening
the knee and turning the toe upward towards the body. As the right
leg is being lowered, raise the left one upward in the same way tensing
the muscles, knee to chest, toes stretching upward; as the left leg goes
down, point the toes and foot toward the knee 5 times, increasing
gradually to 10 times.



Exercise I.

(1) Extend the arms straight out in front of you, on the level of
the shoulder, with palms of the hand touching each other; (2) swing
back the hands until the arms stand out straight, sideways, from the
shoulders or even a little further back if they will go there easily
without forcing; return briskly to position 1, and repeat several times.
The arms should be swung with a rapid movement and with animation and
life. Do not go to sleep over the work or rather play. This exercise is
most useful in developing the chest, muscles of the shoulders, etc. In
swinging the hands backward, it is an improvement if you will rise on
your toe during the backward sweep; sinking on your heels as you move the
arms forward again. The repeated movements should be rhythmical, backward
and forward, like the swinging of a quick pendulum.

Exercise II.

(1) Extend the arms straight in front of you, letting the little fingers
of each hand touch each other, the palms being upward; (2) then keeping
the little fingers still touching, bring the hands straight up in a
curved circular movement, until the tips of the fingers of both hands
touch the top of the head back of the forehead, the backs of the fingers
touching, the elbows swinging out as the movement is made until (when
the fingers touch the head, with thumbs pointing the rear) they point
out straight sideways; (3) let the fingers rest on the top of the head a
moment, and then with the elbows pressing back (which forces the
shoulders back) force the arms backward with an oblique motion until
they reach the sides at full length, as in the standing position.

Exercise III.

(1) Extend the arms straight out, sideways, from the shoulders;
(2) then, still keeping the upper arms extended in same position, bend
the arms at the elbow and bring the forearm upward with a circular
movement, until the tips of the extended fingers lightly touch the tops
of the shoulders; (3) then with fingers in the last position, force the
elbows out to the front until they touch, or nearly go (a little practice
will enable you to touch them together); (4) then, keeping the fingers
still lightly touching the tops of the shoulders, swinging the elbows as
far back as you can get them. (A little practice will enable you to get
them much farther back than at the first attempt.) (S) Swing the elbows
to the front position and then back to the rear position, several times.

Exercise IV.

(1) Place the hands on the hips, thumbs to the rear, and elbows pressed
back; (2) bend the body forward, from the hips as far as you can, keeping
the chest protruding and the shoulders pressed back; (3) raise the body
to the original standing position (hands still at the hips) and then bend
backward. In these movements the knees should not be bent and the motions
should be made slowly and gently; (4) then (hands still on the hips) bend
gently to the right, keeping the heels firmly on the ground, knees unbent
and avoid twisting the body; (5) resume original position, and then bend
the body gently to the left, observing the precautions given in the last
movement. This exercise is somewhat fatiguing and you should be careful
not to overdo it at the start. Proceed gradually; (6) with hands in same
position on the hips, swing the upper part of the body around in a
circle, from the waist-up, the head describing the largest circle, of
course. Do not move the feet or bend the knees.

Exercise V.

(1) Standing erect, with hands on hips, raise yourself on the balls
of the feet several times, with sort of a springing motion. Pause a
moment after you have raised upon your toes, then let the heels sink to
the floor, then repeat, as above suggested. Keep the knees unbent and the
heels together. This exercise is specially beneficial in developing the
calf of the leg, and will make it sure the first few times it is tried.
If you have an undeveloped calf here is the exercises for you; (2) with
hands still on hips place your feet about two feet apart, and then cover
the body into a "squatting" position, pausing a moment and then resuming
original position. Repeat several times, but not too often at the first,
as it will make the thighs feel a little sore at the beginning. This
exercise will give one well developed thighs. This last movement may be
improved upon by sinking down with the weight resting upon the balls of
the foot, instead of upon the heel.

Exercise VI.

(1) Stand erect with hands on hips; (2) keeping the knee straight,
swing the right leg out about fifteen inches (keeping the toe turned a
little out and the sole flat)--then swing back to the rear until the toe
points straight to the ground, _keeping the knee stiff all the time_; (3)
repeat the swinging backward and forward several times; (4) then do
the same with the left leg; (5) with hands still on hips, raise the right
leg up, bending the knee, until the upper-leg (thigh) stands straight out
from the body (if you can raise it still higher, you may do so); (6)
place your foot again on the ground, and go through the same motion
with the left leg; (7) repeat several times, first one leg and then the
other, moving slowly at first and gradually increasing your speed until
you are executing a slow trot without moving from the over spot.

Exercise VII.

(1) Stand erect, with the arms extended straight in front of you, from
the shoulders, and of course on a level with the shoulders--the palms
must be down, fingers straight out, thumbs folded under and the thumb
side of hands touching each other; (2) bend the body forward from the
hips, stooping forward as far as possible and at the same time swing the
arms forward with a sweeping movement, sending them down, backward and
upward at the back, so that when the body has reached the limit of the
bending forward movement the arms are extended back and over the
body--keep the arms stiff and do not bend the knees; (3) resume standing
position and repeat several times.

Exercise VIII.

(1) Extend the arms straight, sideways, from the shoulder and hold them
there stiff and rigid with hands open; (2) close the hands forcibly
with a quick motion, pressing the fingers well into the palm; (3) open
the hands forcibly and quickly, spreading out the fingers and thumbs
as widely as possible forming a fan shaped hand; (4) close and open
the hands as above stated, several times, as rapidly as possible. Put
life into the exercise. This is a splendid exercise for developing the
muscles of the hand and for acquiring manual dexterity.

Exercise IX.

(1) Lie upon your stomach, extending your arms above your head and then
bowed upward and your legs stretched out full length and raised backward
and upward. The correct position may be carried in the mind by imagining
a watch--crystal or a saucer resting on the table on its middle, with
both ends turning upward; (2) lower and raise the arms and legs, several
times; (3) then turn over on your back and lie extended at full length,
with arms extended straight out upwards over the head, with back of
fingers touching the ground; (4) then raise up both legs from the waist
until they stand straight up in the air, like the mast of a ship, your
upper-body and arms remaining in the last position named. Lower the legs
and raise them several times; (5) resume position 3, lying flat upon the
back at full with arms extended straight out upward, over the head, with
backs of fingers touching the ground; (6) then gradually raise body to
sitting position, with arms projecting straight in front of the
shoulders. Then go back gradually to the lying down position, and
repeat the raising and lowering several times; (7) then turn over on the
face and stomach again and assume the following position:--Keeping
the body rigid from head to foot, raise your body until its weight rests
upon your palms (the arms being stretched out straight in front of you)
at one end, and upon your toes at the other end. Then gradually bend
arms at the elbow, allowing your chest to sink to the floor; then raise
up your chest and upper-body by straightening out your arms, the entire
weight falling upon the arms, with the toes as a pivot--this last is a
difficult motion, and should not be overdone at first.

Exercise X.

This exercise is for those troubled with a too large abdomen, which
trouble is caused by too much fat gathering there. The abdomen may
be materially reduced by a reasonable indulgence in this exercise--but
always remember "moderation in all things" and do not overdo matters,
or be in too much of a hurry. Here is the exercise: (1) exhale the breath
(breathe out all the air in the lungs, without straining yourself too
much) and then draw the abdomen in and up as far as you can, then hold
for a moment and let it resume its natural position. Repeat a number of
times and then take a breath or two and rest a moment. Repeat several
times, moving it in and out. It is surprising how much control one may
gain over these stubborn muscles with a little practice. This exercise
will not only reduce the fatty layers over the abdomen, but will also
greatly strengthen the stomach muscles. (2) Give the abdomen a good but
not rough kneading and rubbing.

Exercise XI.

The exercise is as follows:--Follow it carefully. (1) stand erect, with
heels together, toes slightly pointed outward; (2) raise the arms up by
the sides (with a circular movement) until the hands meet over the head,
thumbs touching each other; (3) keeping the knees stiff; the body rigid;
_the elbows unbent_; (and shoulders bent well back as the movement is
made); bring down the hands, slowly, with a sideway circular motion,
until they reach the sides of the legs the little finger and the
inner-edge (the "chopping-edge") of the hand alone touching the legs, and
palms of the hands facing straight to the front. The shoulder gets the
right position by touching the little finger of each hand to the seam of
the trousers. (4) Repeat several times, _slowly_ remember. With the hands
in the last position, having been placed there by the motion stated, it
is very difficult for the shoulders to warp forward. The chest is
projected a little; the head is erect; neck is straight, the back
straight and hollowed a little (the natural position); and the knees are
straight. In short, you have a fine, erect carriage--_now keep it_.


Exercise I.

(1) Stand erect with hands at sides. (2) Inhale complete breath.
(3) Raise the arms slowly, keeping them rigid until the hands touch over
head. (4) Retain the breath a few minutes with hands over head. (5)
Lower hands slowly to sides exhaling slowly at the same time. (6)
Practise cleansing breath.

Exercise II.

(1) Stand erect with arms straight in front of you. (2) Inhale
complete breath and retain. (3) Swing arms back as far as they will go;
then back to first position; then repeat several times, retaining the
breath all the while. (4) Exhale vigorously through mouth. (5) Practise
cleansing breath.

Exercise III.

(1) Stand erect with arms straight in front of you. (2) Inhale complete
breath. (3) Swing arms around in a circle, backward, a few times. Then
reverse a few times retaining the breath all the while. You may vary this
by rotating them alternately like the sails of a wind-mill. (4) Exhale
the breath vigorously through the mouth. (5) Practise cleansing breath.

Exercise IV.

(1) Lie on the floor with your face downward, and palms of hands flat
upon the floor by your sides. (2) Inhale complete breath and retain.
(3) Stiffen the body and raise yourself up by the strength of your arms
until you rest on your hands and toes. (4) Then lower yourself to
original position. Repeat several times. (5) Exhale vigorously through
the mouth. (6) Practise cleansing breath.

Exercise V.

(1) Stand erect with your palms against the wall. (2) Inhale complete
breath and retain. (3) Lower the chest to the wall, resting your
weight on your hands. (4) Then raise yourself back with the arm muscles
alone, keeping the body stiff. (5) Exhale vigorously through the mouth.
(6) Practise cleansing breath.

Exercise VI.

(1) Stand erect with arms "akimbo" that is with hands resting around the
waist and elbows standing out. (2) Inhale complete breath and retain. (3)
Keep legs and hips stiff and bend well forward, as if bowing, at the same
time exhaling slowly. (4) Return to first position and then take another
complete breath. (5) Then bend backward exhaling slowly. (6) Return to
first position and take a complete breath. (7) Then bend sideways
exhaling slowly (vary by bending to right and then to left). (8) Practise
cleansing breath.

Exercise VII.

(1) Stand erect or sit erect with straight spinal column. (2) Inhale a
complete breath but instead of inhaling on a continuous steady stream,
take a series of short, quick "sniffs" as if you were smelling aromatic
salts and ammonia and did not wish to get too strong a "whiff." Do not
exhale any of these little breaths, but add one to the other until the
entire lung space is filled. (3) Retain for a few seconds. (4) Exhale
through the nostrils in a long restful breath. (5) Practise cleansing


Do not attempt to take all the above exercises at one and the same
time. Take them several times in the day. Never exercise immediately
after a meal or before it. Do not try to force development as you will
be apt to suffer from re-action. Slow and steady wins the race. Gentle
and persistent exercises are advisable. That will lead to permanent


It has been proved conclusively even on the physical plane that a
"a Man thinketh in his heart so is he." The great thing to avoid is Fear
and Worry thoughts. These and all other undesirable thoughts are due
to bad health partially but it is even a greater truth that physical
degeneration is due to bad thinking. Fear affects the heart. During
epidemics such as plague, cholera, etc., you generally first project the
deadly germs of Fear-Thoughts upon yourself and thus by weakening your
mind you weaken your body and expose yourself to disease influence.
Again, if you have some hereditary disease and if you accept adverse
suggestions from ignorant people and keep telling yourself that such and
such a disease has taken shelter in you and your body as its "fixed
abode" you simply hasten your own end. The body and mind are
interrelated. Thoughts materialize themselves in your body. You should
get as far away from the idea of disease and old age and weaknesses as
possible and hold the health-thoughts steadily before your mind. The only
way in which to be quite immune from Disease is to Deny the Power of
Disease on yourself. Say "I cannot be ill," "I will not admit disease."
Health and strength are in the unyielding will. De-hypnotise yourself
of that superstition that God sends disease. Your body is yours to
control and keep healthy. God will give you--(He has already given you
rather)--the Power to control your body. Remember always; you alone can
save yourself. All Power and Wisdom are potentially resident in you.
Have confidence and set that thing in motion, exercise it constantly and
persistently and it shall grow and unfold. God is in you and you are in
God. When you pray you are simply, although often unconsciously, helping
that Latent Power to uncoil itself. Remember again: God will grant you
the opportunity, the means, the wisdom, the ability to accomplish a
thing, but You Shall Have to do the work yourself. Hence, you see, the
illumined mind is quite necessary for perfect health. Get rid of all weak
thoughts. Have a strong mind. Remember lastly:


Make your mind positive to your body. I have told you how to do so.
Physical exercise plus Mental Exercise will put you on the road to
Power and Poise. And side by side with this follow health-laws. But
bear in mind that if you assert your power on your mind and body
confidentially, they cannot but obey your commands. The body has an
intelligence of its own. This intelligence knows its work perfectly. It
is what you call Instinct. It digests your meals; assimilates and
eliminates; repairs wastes; works the heart and controls the circulation;
heals wounds and presides over all other natural and involuntary
processes in the body. This Instinctive mind knows its work perfectly.
But, mark you, this intelligence in the cells and nerve-centres of your
body is negative to the Central Intelligence in the brain--the
controlling centre--the "I Am" and is affected by suggestions, beliefs
and thoughts in your brain. All you have got to do is to avoid projecting
negative thoughts from your mind and let it alone. But suppose you have
by violation of the Laws of Nature disturbed the action of the
Instinctive Mind, disease results. Disease is simply the effect of nature
to throw off unnatural conditions and re-assert natural conditions. In
such a case all you have got to do is to re-establish natural states. You
can do so by simply increasing the general vitality of the body and by
changing your Mental Attitude. For instance, if you somehow or other have
accepted the "belief" that your stomach is weak or your heart is weak or
your liver is slow or your circulation is bad or your vitality is low,
etc., your instinctive Mind will take up your Beliefs and work them out
in no time physically. The Instinctive Mind--which is the same as the
sub-conscious Mind working in the body--_never reasons_. It is on the
plane of Automatism. Therefore, if you have done any such negative
thinking your first step is to wipe out these noxious mental weeds by the
Positive Denial. Say "No, No, No, my body is strong; my stomach is
strong, my heart is strong, etc." In this form of suggestion you use
positive Denial as well as Positive Affirmation. The former is
destructive of evil if rightly applied, the latter is constructive of
good. Belief and confident expectation are mighty forces. Be sure you
apply them wisely. The power of mind over matter is supreme and a Proven


Here I should like to draw your attention to the Reserve Power existing
in your body. Of course there are soul-powers existing potentially
within YOU which leap into brilliant expression as you succeed in
developing and expanding your brain to a state of perfect responsiveness
to the touch of your will. For really and truly your will, forming as it
does the divine part of yourself, is always strong and must unfold "as a
rose" by exercising itself, in the field of matter, force and mind;--all
of which are subordinate to YOU and the real aim of human evolution is
actually to place in your hands the wand of power.

What is within your body is sure to find its correspondent outside in
Nature. Control nature inside and you will move as a master out in this

Now without going into details let me tell you--if you do not know it
already--that mind is the finest form of matter, and matter the grossest
form of mind, and there is a constant interaction between the two poles.
But since mind represents the positive end and matter the negative, the
former can dominate the latter. You can evoke states of consciousness by
applying stimulus to the periphery and again mental states evoke
corresponding vibrations in the cellular life of body and brain.

Hence you see your mind controls and forms your body. Also your body
reacts upon your brain and affects that part of your mind which has to
operate through the brain, which is matter pure and simple. So to keep
aright the polarities of your brain and body a constant adjustment of
forces is needed and thus you can establish POISE.

In order always to be in a state of perfect health two things are
necessary. Deny the power of disease over yourself. In the unyielding
will is health. In the weak, vacillating, fearful mind is disease and
death. At the same time always be in perfect magnetic trim with the
physical laws of health. A knowledge of the latter and the ascension of a
fearless mental attitude will open up hitherto unrecognised channels of
physical and mental expression. Physiological researches have led sincere
investigators to the inevitable conclusion that there is subtle, refined,
dynamic substance, a reality that binds up the reorganization, causes
growth, vitality and motion; repairs injuries; makes up losses; overcomes
and cures diseases. Von Helment called it "Archeus"; Stahl called it
"Anima;" Whytt called it the "sentiment principle;" Dr. Cullen called it
"Caloric;" Dr. Darwin called it "Sensorial energy"; Rush called it
"Occult cause;" and many other names such as "Vital Principle," "Living
power," "Conservative Power," "Odic Force," etc., etc., have been given
to it. We of India have recognised it and devised Yoga methods for
controlling it; we call it Prana and only in India do you come across men
who possess pranic control or control over universal energy.

There exists in your physical organism reserve stores of vital energy
stored away for your use, particularly in that central ganglion of your
vital battery known as the Solar Plexus and generally in the chain of
ganglia or storage batteries along and up your spine and elsewhere in
other nerve-centres. The solar plexus is also known as the Abdominal
Brain and your brain depends and draws upon this vital centre for its
energies. You will find after the prolonged concentration and brain-work
that this part of your body--at the back of pit of stomach--becomes
warm. Now when you engage in physical exercise, for instance, you must
have noticed how at first you soon get tired and all done up. But if you
wait a little and then start again, you will find how the sense of
fatigue has quite passed away and you can run your body under full
pressure for a very long time, and the more you exert yourself the
greater and more powerful the surging up of your vital energy. With each
new exertion you seem to acquire a fresh start. This has puzzled
physiologists. You will find a parallel phenomenon in mental work. You
may experience a sense of weariness and fatigue in some brain-work which
demands close thinking and attention, but if you attack your work a
little later after the first effort you will do your work a surprising
degree of freshness, vigour, and enthusiasm far surpassing the original
attempt. Again everyone can and does put forth universal energy under
pressure of some urgent necessity, which will startle even himself. No
matter who you are and what your physical condition, there is an enormous
amount of power in your body that has never been drawn upon at all
and impatiently waiting for up-call. We go on in ordinary dog trot pace,
resting, limping, "taking care of our health," and then we think we are
doing our best. Do not permit your mind to be self-hypnotised into a
false sense of being "exhausted" and "old." Neither of them is a fact
except in your thought of yourself. All your powers are lying dormant.
All your latent energies are lying unused. Back of your conscious
mentality are tremendous energies awaiting the pull of your will. When
your brain conceives of being something unusually great, at least so it
may appear from your view-point, do not question your strength but go
ahead unhesitatingly, fearlessly and steadily. Assert your life-force.
Feel that you are young, strong and healthy and fit. Live in mental
consciousness of power and never think of weakness. Keep your grip and
run right along. Nature is sure to honor your draft. Nature is sure to
give you strength, energy and vim, in boundless measure. Just try this
my friends, you, who write me of "there being a serious lack of vitality"
in your system and hence your inability to grapple with the occult. No
such thing. Fact is you lack courage and initiative, pluck and "go" and
you are labouring under the hypnotism of weakening thoughts. Just change
your thoughts, and your reserve forces will rush out into activity
and you will be a changed man in no time.


In exercising aim at rhythm of motion. Let your movements be easy,
regular, rhythmic and graceful. Take an interest in your work. Do pay
attention. Put Will-Power and Mind into your work. Think of all it means.
Do not fatigue yourself unduly. After exercise towelling or a spray-bath
is advisable. Wet your towel, pass it over your body, rubbing thoroughly.
Raise the towel and repeat. After exercise and towelling, you should be
in a splendid glow. Be sure to keep the windows open when exercising.
Fresh air is an absolute necessity. Never mind about cold and so forth.
Remember the Positive Denial will fill you with Power of Resistance. Say
"Cold cannot affect my body" and believe what you say. You can face
anything in this way and remain untouched.


The student should bathe daily, using plenty of water, rubbing and
cleaning the body from top to toe. I myself bathe very early in the
morning, in all seasons, in cold water. Cold water stimulates circulation
and is a wonderful tonic internally and externally. Warm water is
soothing and relaxing in its effect. If you can bathe in the flowing
water of a river, so much the better. Swimming is a wonderful bracer,
besides being an enjoyment in itself. There is Prana in water and your
body extracts this Prana from air, water and food. I cannot give you
instructions as to different forms of bathing, as this is not a "doctor"
book. As far as possible bathe twice a day, mornings and evenings; if
not, once in the morning, using the towel at other times. Bathing is not
merely pouring water on body but cleansing it out and out with water
rubbing and scrubbing with hands and towels. Aim at perfect cleanliness.
Cleanliness is Godliness and Health is Holiness.

Then again while bathing if you let the water flow over your body
and try to "appreciate the sensation" and dwell on the idea of
Prana-absorption from water, you shall get double benefit.

About linen--_Be neat_, for God's sake. I have seen orthodox people
who bathe twice and wash their hands hundreds of times in the day, but
whose clothes are sticky with dirt, sweat and oil. Whatever else it may
mean, Religion does not mean squalor, offensive odours in body and
clothes and general neglect of external clean linen and dirt. The Yogi
is a man of supreme REFINEMENT. Read that word and understand all it
means. The clothes you wear in day-time should not be worn at night. Be
clean internally as well externally. Be clean. Be clean. Be clean, within
as well as without.


Your body needs a reasonable supply of water and air. Water is used by
nature in different ways. Form the habit of drinking pure water from
5 to 8 tumblers a day. Drink slowly and form a mental image of
Prana-absorption from the water.

The student needs fresh air too in plenty. If your heart and lungs
are in sound condition they will draw in air naturally and extract oxygen
in proper quantities. If not, perform the following exercises carefully
one by one in the open air every day. They are quite reliable.


(1) Inhale a complete breath. (2) Retain the air a few seconds.
(3) Pucker up the lips as if for a whistle (but do not swell out the
cheeks) then exhale a little air through the opening with considerable
vigor. Then stop for a moment retaining the air and then exhale a little
more air. Repeat until the air is completely exhaled. Remember that
considerable vigor is to be used in exhaling air through the opening in
the lips. This breath will be found quite refreshing when one is tired
and generally "used up." A trial will convince the student of its merits.
This exercise should be practised until it can be performed naturally and
easily, as it is used to finish up a number of other exercises given in
this book and it should be thoroughly understood.


(1) Stand erect. (2) Inhale a complete breath and retain same. (3) Extend
the arms straight in front of you, letting them somewhat limp and
relaxed, with only sufficient nerve force to hold them out. (4) Slowly
draw the hands back towards the shoulders gradually, contracting the
muscles and putting force into them, so that when they reach the
shoulders the fists will be so tightly clenched that a tremulous motion
is felt. (5) Then keeping the muscles tense push the fists slowly out and
then draw them back rapidly (still tense) several times. (6) Exhale
vigorously through the mouth. (7) Practise the cleansing breath. (8)
The efficiency of this exercise depends greatly upon the speed of the
drawing back of the fists, and the tension of the muscles, and, of course
upon the full lungs. This exercise must be tried to be appreciated. It
is without equal as a "bracer" as our western friends put it.


(1) Inhale a complete breath very slowly, but steadily, through the
nostrils, taking as much time as possible in the inhalation. (2) Retain
for a few seconds. (3) Expel the air vigorously in one great breath,
through the wide-opened mouth. (4) Rest the lungs by the cleansing
breath. This would give you a good, rolling voice.


(1) Stand erect. (2) Inhale a complete breath. (3) Retain the
breath as long as you can comfortably. (4) Exhale vigorously through
the open mouth. (5) Practise the cleansing breath. At first you will
be able to retain the breath only a short time, but a little practise
will also show a great improvement. Time yourself with a watch, if you
wish to note your progress.


(1) Stand erect with hands in sides. (2) Breathe in very slowly and
gradually. (3) While inhaling, gently tap the chest with the fingertips,
constantly changing position. (4) When the lungs are filled, retain the
breath and the chest with the palms of the hands. (5) Practise the
cleansing breath.


(1) Stand erect. (2) Place the hands one on each side of the body
as high up in the armpits as convenient, the thumbs reaching towards
the back, the palms on the side of the chest and the fingers to the front
over the breast. (3) Inhale a complete breath. (4) Retain the air for
a short time. (5) Then gently squeeze the sides at the same time slowly
exhaling. (6) Practise the cleansing breath.


(1) Stand erect. (2) Inhale a complete breath. (3) Retain the
air. (4) Extend both arms forward and bring the two clenched fists
together on a level with the shoulder. (5) Then swing back the fists
vigorously until the arms stand out straight side-ways from the
shoulders. (6) Then bring back to position (4) and swing to position
(5). Repeat several times. (7) Exhale vigorously through the open mouth.
(8) Practise the cleansing breath.


(1) Walk with head up, chin drawn slightly in, shoulders back, and
with measured tread. (2) Inhale a complete breath, counting (mentally)
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, one count to each step making the inhalation
extend over the eight counts. (3) Exhale slowly through the nostrils,
counting as before 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, one count to a step. (4) Rest
between breaths, continuing, walking and counting 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8,
one count to a step. (5) Repeat until you begin to feel tired. Then rest
for a while and resume at pleasure. Repeat several times a day. You may
vary the exercise by retaining the breath during a 1, 2, 3, 4, count and
then exhale in an eight-step count. Practise whichever plan seems most
agreeable to you.


(1) Stand erect in a military attitude, head up, eyes front, shoulders
back, knees stiff, hands at sides. (2) Raise body slowly on toes,
inhaling a complete breath, steadily and slowly. (3) Retain the breath
for a few seconds, maintaining the same position. (4) Slowly sink the
first position at the same time slowly exhaling the air through the
nostrils. (5) Practise cleansing breath. (6) Repeat several times,
varying by using right leg alone, then left leg alone.


(1) Stand erect. (2) Inhale a complete breath and retain. (3) Bend
forward slightly and grasp a stick or cane steadily and firmly, and
gradually exerting your entire strength upon the grasp. (4) Relax the
grasp, return to first position, and slowly exhale. (5) Repeat several
times. (6) Finish with the cleansing breath. (N. B.--_The above are
from the Yoga Teachings_.)


Retire into the silence. Say: I AM FEARLESS. Concentrate calmly on that
idea. Think it out in all its bearings. See yourself in your mind's eye
as possessing the desired quality and acting it out in actual life. Let
your mind indulge in a good, strongly-dramatized day-dream. Only insist
upon its sticking to the particular text of thought and always showing
you successful at the end. Finish up with a vigorous affirmation of the
"I am." Practise at the same hour daily for 6 months at least.

Exercise No. II.

Retire into the silence. Concentrate earnestly thus: _I send out
strong, positive, healing thought-waves of love to all mankind. Let the
disease-ridden become healthy. Let the weak become strong. Let the
needy ones become prosperous and happy. Let the fearful ones become
filled with courage. Let the cruel become kind and merciful. Let the
hateful and hating ones become loving. Let the impure ones become
pure. Let the bereaved, deserted, sorrow-stricken ones become soothed
and comforted_.

Picture to yourself strong waves of Thought-Force passing out of
you and encircling the whole world. Picture the world as peopled with
men and women manifesting the desired conditions.

The more friends sit together in union of will and soul concentrating
as above-indicated the better. Practise alone if you can find no earnest
and serious-minded ones to join you.

Believe in your power to so help humanity. The power of thought
is unlimited. In blessing others bless yourself. The effect of this
exercise will be far-reaching. It shall follow and be a blessing to you
even after death. Practise regularly at the same place and time as far as

Be earnest in your work.

Do not talk of your exercises to others.

The above exercises will wonderfully develop and strengthen anyone who
tries them. The deep breathing exercise already given is known as
Pranayama or Controlling the Psychic Breath. Its main purpose is to
give you control over your Prana and unfold the Psychic Force latent in
you. Practised on an impure body and weak lungs it may do harm. Hence
students are advised to undergo the above 10 breathing exercises first
and then, when their lungs have developed the power of endurance, they
should take that up. It will take time, patience, and serious work.
But if the student is sufficiently energetic he will perfect all these
exercises in six months. But follow nature's plan and be slow and steady.


You all know that pure food brings pure blood. You should avoid
the two extremes of gluttony and daily fasting and abstemiousness. You
should know (1) What to eat (2) How to eat (3) When to eat.

Concentrated food such as contains the maximum amount of nourishment
in a minimum quantity should be used. The student should study some
reliable hand book on the relative values of food and use his
judgment. We ourselves use nuts, milk, fruits, whole wheat bread, rice
in very small quantity, pulse, etc. Those who are non-meat eaters--and
we advise it strongly--will do well to see to it that their _menu_ has a
good supply of albuminous food, as vegetarians often run the risk of
being overfed as to starch and underfed in nitrogenous foods.

(2) Chew and masticate properly so as to extract the food-Prana in full
and break up the food-substance into very small bits, reducing it to
pulp. Do not be in a hurry to bolt your food but let it linger in your
mouth so as to be properly insalivated and so that the nerves of the
tongue, cheek, etc., may all absorb energy from food. Remember your
stomach is not lined with rows of teeth. This will give you double the
nourishment you get ordinarily, avoid constipation, prevent malnutrition,
non-assimilation and over-eating. Out of a very small quantity of food
you can extract perfect nourishment and thus you avoid loading and
"stuffing" the stomach with unnecessary food. It is also economical in
case you are a thrifty soul! Eat to live. Don't live to eat.

(3) Eat when you are hungry. That cultivated "appetite" that craves for
satisfaction at certain stated intervals of the day and brings on an
"all-gone" fainting, nauseating sensation in the stomach is not real
"hunger." In real hunger there is absolutely no sensation in the stomach
but there is a rich and continuous flow of saliva in the mouth and that
sort of thing makes you enjoy the plainest of fares. Even a dry crust
of bread will taste sweet as Manna. Cut off your breakfasts. Drink
cold water instead. Eat one good, nourishing meal at 12 A. M., and one
light meal in the evening.

Lastly, students, let plain living and high thinking be your motto.
Do not be afraid to eat when you are hungry and so long as you exercise
and work with brain and body even two square meals a day are permissible.
Do not grow ethereal and airy, because then you will not amount to much
in the world's work. Students, who are perfect Brahmacharies, will not
care half as much for lots of food as ordinary folk do. A constant
feeling of satisfaction and fullness is present in such. But hard
workers must never present in such. But hard workers must never be
under-nourished and they require more food than others.


It is the depth and relaxation in sleep that counts. High-strung people
find it hard to relax and keep tossing on their pillows. Bathe your feet
in cold water in hot season and in cool water in cold season. That will
draw off the surplus blood gurgitating in your brain. Also bathe the nape
of the neck. The student should engage in meditation before falling to
sleep, as during sleep the Man leaves the physical form and goes to
super-physical planes and it is the last train of thought in your mind
that determines and conforms you to the special super-physical influence
you are to obtain. The physical benefits too shall be great. You will
feel more rested in this way and your sleep will be sleeping a sounder
and more refreshing sleep than otherwise. One of the chief signs of
success in Mental and Physical Control is that your sleeps are
undisturbed and peaceful.

During sleep you are in a passive, relaxed condition and all sorts
of unseen influences play around you. It is good therefore to enclose
yourself in an Astral Shell. Concentrate upon your aura and picture it
as extending some 18 inches all around you and forming a shell around
you. Now take this affirmation to concentrate your mind.

1. I am charging my aura with my Will-Force.

2. It is strong, strong, strong and can and will resist, repel and
drive off all bad influences and admit only pure and holy influence.

3. It will remain around me right along the period of my sleep.

The student is advised to surround himself in this "auric Shell"
even when awake so that it may beat off all malign and harmful
thought-forces. As he grows in Will-Power and Self-Confidence, a
Protective Aura will form around him naturally and will be felt by


The student should learn to relax his body completely so that it shall
lie still and limp and soft as cotton. He should be able to tense and
contract his muscles so that they will become hard as iron. In all the
physical exercises you will find two special actions (1) Muscle
contraction (2) Stretching. When you contract muscle and harden it, you
have sent currents of nerve-force and will to that part; when you relax
it, you "let go" completely. What we want is Strength in Repose ready
to leap into action in the flash of an eye. We have taught you how to
relax in Lesson 2 on Will-Force. You all have noticed a cat crouching
for its prey. How intensely still it is; yet you know what such stillness
means. It is very far from laziness. Relaxation husbands and conserves
nerve-force. It is a great thing to be calm and silent. Calmness is the
centralization of tremendous power. Practise being calm, as far as
you can.


There is great electrical and thermal power in the sun's rays. If the
human body be properly exposed to the sun during the first five hours
in the morning and the evening, the body would absorb energy therefrom
and gain in strength. Do not over do this, especially you of the warm


Trust Nature. It is her office to keep your body-machine running
in perfect order. "Prevention is better than cure"--they say. Observe
the healthy man. See how he lives and follow his example. But note
that body is yours to control and God will not do that work for you.
Also get rid of the stupidity that God sends diseases. Think, study and
observe and you will know what Health Laws are.


Student, I have indicated the lines along which you are to seek the
way to Spiritual Independence. I cannot run your life-affairs, solve your
life-problems, do your work for you. I have pointed out a few principles,
observe, think and complete your knowledge. You must climb the steps
of the ladder of attainment and Self-Perfection yourself.

Fear is a great stumbling-block in the way. Fight it down. Starve it out.
Be earnest. Be thorough. Live your life silently and earnestly. Give
others a helping hand whenever you can without that patronising air of
superiority so characteristic of the modern snobs passing for
"gentlemen." Be proud that you are an "Indian." Follow Indian ideals of
greatness. Consider it a privilege to help deserving souls. We all need
help, encouragement and guidance to some extent. Co-operation,
interdependence are the basic foundations of human well-being. Be strong.
Be manly. Be courageous. Be great and good. Take your place in the
world's evolutionary progress and lend your hand in turning the wheel
of life. In the same measure that you help others, shall you yourself be
helped on all planes of life. Be reasonable. Be just and fair unto
others. Be a source of blessing unto others. So long as you labour under
the vitiating influence of negative thoughts, you cannot achieve much in
any direction. I have told you "how" you are to proceed.

May God bless you. May he guide, help and strengthen where I have failed.



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