The Guide to Reading
Edited by Dr. Lyman Abbott, Asa Don Dickenson, and Others

Part 2 out of 2

11th. I. Burdette's Vacation of Mustapha, 8-Pt. I:3-7
II. The Legend of Mimir, 8-Pt. I:68-69
III. The Artless Prattle of Childhood, 7-Pt. II. 106-112
IV. Rheumatism Movement Cure, 8-Pt. II:37-43

12th. B. P. SHILLABER, b. 12 Jl. 1814
I. Fancy Diseases, 7-Pt. I:32
II. Bailed Out, 7-Pt. I:33
III. Masson's My Subway Guard Friend, 9-Pt. I:140

13th. I. Mukerji's Judgment of Indra, 18:257

14th. The Bastille Destroyed, 14 Jl. 1789
I. Carlyle's The Flight to Varennes from
"The French Revolution," 2-Pt. I:87-110

15th. Battle of Château Thierry, 15 Jl. 1918
I. Grenfell's Into Battle, 15:217
II. Keats's La Belle Dame Sans Merci, 10:85-87
III. Ode to a Nightingale, 13:132-135
IV. Ode, 13:135-137
V. Ode to Psyche, 13:139-141
VI. Fancy, 13:143-146

Books are the food of youth, the delight of old age; the ornament of
prosperity; the refuge and comfort of adversity; a delight at home, and
no hindrance abroad; companions at night, in travelling, in the country.


16th. ROALD AMUNDSEN, b. 16 Jl. 1872
I. Amundsen, 16-Pt. II:147-15l
II. Masefield's Sea Fever, 12:334

17th. I. Keats's Robin Hood, 14: 146-148
II. Sonnets, 13:223-227
III. Shelley's Hymn of Pan, 12:44-45
IV. Lines Written Among the Euganean Hills, 14: 61-73
V. Stanzas Written in Dejection, 14:73-75

I. De Finibus, 1-Pt. I:143-157
II. Ballads, 1-Pt. I:161-164

19th. I. Derby's Illustrated Newspaper, 7-Pt. II:
II. Tushmaker's Toothpuller, 7-Pt. II:53-56
III. Burdette's Romance of the Carpet, 9-Pt. I:

20th. JEAN INGELOW, d.20 Jl.1897
I. High Tide on the Coast of Lincolnshire,
II. Shelley's The Cloud, 14:90-93
III. Hymn to Intellectual Beauty, 13:121-124
IV. To a Skylark, 13:124-129
V. Arethusa, 11:140-143

21st. Robert Burns, d. 21 Jl. 1796
I. Thoughts, 15:65-67
II. Shelley's Love's Philosophy, 12:160
III. I Fear Thy Kisses, 12:161
IV. To----, 12:161-162
V. To---, 12:162

22nd. I. Shelley's Ozymandias of Egypt, 13:222-223
II. Song, 12:225-226
III. When the Lamp Is Shattered, 12:274-275
IV. Tennyson's The Gardener's Daughter, II:17-28
V. The Deserted House, 15:23-24

Histories make men wise; poets, witty; the mathematics, subtile;
natural philosophy, deep; morals, grave; logic and rhetoric, able to

July 23rd to 29th

23rd. U. S. Grant, d. 23 Jl. 1885
I. Lincoln to Grant, 5-Pt. I:121
II. Tennyson's Ulysses, 14:175-177
III. Ask Me No More, 12:180
IV. The Splendor Falls, 12:181
V. Come into the Garden, Maud, 12:182-184
VI. Sir Galahad, 14: 184-186

24th. John Newton, b. 24 Jl. 1725.
I. The Quiet Heart, 15:170
II. Tennyson's The Miller's Daughter, II:31-40
III. The Oak, 14:41
IV. Sir Launcelot and Queen Guinevere, 10:51-53
V. Song, 12:54-55

25th. I. Tennyson's The Throstle, 12:55-56
II. A Small, Sweet Idyl, 14:79-80
III. Merlin and the Gleam, II:122-127
IV. The Lotos-Eaters, 14:135-143
V. Mariana, 14:162-164

26th. I. Stevenson's Markheim, 20-Pt. I:103-129

27th. Thomas Campbell, b. 27 Jl. 1777
I. The Soldier's Dream, 10:186-187
II. Lord Ullin's Daughter, 10:259-261
III. How Delicious Is the Winning, 12:165-166
IV. To the Evening Star, 12:47

28th. ABRAHAM COWLEY, d. 28 Jl. 1667
I. A Supplication, 13:59-60
II. On the Death of Mr. William Hervey, 15:80-86
d. 28 Jl. 1689
III. Scott's Bonny Dundee, 10:183-186

29th. DON MARQUIS, b. 29 Jl. 1878
I. Chant Royal of the Dejected Dipsomaniac, 9-Pt. I:143
BOOTH TARKINGTON, b. 29 Jl. 1869
II. Overwhelming Saturday, 22-Pt. I:101

Knowledge is proud that he has learned so much; Wisdom
is humble that he knows no more. Books are not seldom talismans and spells.

July 30th to August 5th

30th. JOYCE KILMER, killed in action, 30 Jl. 1918
I. A Ballad of Three, 10:311
II. Trees, 12:329
III. Noyes's The May Tree, 12:327

31st. I. Tennyson's Song of the Brook, 14:99-101
II. O That 't Were Possible, 12:185-188
III. Morte d'Arthur, 11:204-215
IV. Sweet and Low, 12:249-250
V. Will, 14:259-260

Ag. 1st
I. Tennyson's Rizpah, 10:279-285
II. The Children's Hospital, 11:310-315
III. Break, Break, Break, 12:320
IV. In the Valley of Cauteretz, 12:321
V. Wages, 12:321-322
VI. Crossing the Bar, 12:324
VII. Flower in the Crannied Wall, 13:280

2nd. I. Browning's Love Among the Ruins, 11:28-31
II. My Star, 12:58-59
III. From Pippa Passes, 12:59
IV. The Boy and the Angel, 11:133-137
V. Epilogue, 15: 143-144

3rd. H. C. BUNNER, b. 3 Ag. 1855
I. Behold the Deeds! 7-Pt. II:123-125
II. The Love Letters of Smith, 8-Pt. I:89-104

4th. PERCY BYSSHE SHELLEY, b. 4 Ag. 1792
I. The Sensitive Plant, 11:54-68
II. To Night, 12:43-44
III. The Indian Serenade, 12:159-160

5th. GUY DE MAUPASSANT, b. 5 Ag. 1850
I. The Piece of String, 21-Pt. II:96-106
II. The Necklace, 21-Pt. I:94-106

Plato is never sullen. Cervantes is never petulant. Demosthenes
never comes unseasonably. Dante never stays too long.

AUGUST 6th to 12th

6th. ALFRED TENNYSON, b. 6 Ag. 1809
I. Alfred Tennyson, 17-Pt. I:38-42
II. Dora, 11:11-17
III. The Lady of Shalott, 10:73-79

7th. JOSEPH RODMAN DRAKE, b. 7 Ag. 1795
I. Halleck's Joseph Rodman Drake, 15:104-105
II. Browning's Prospice, 15:145-146
III. Pied Piper, 11:163-173
IV. Meeting at Night, 12:189-190
V. Parting at Morning, 12:190

8th. SARA TEASDALE, b. 8 Ag. 1884
I. Teasdale's Blue Squills, 12:327
II. The Return, 12:338
III. Browning's Misconceptions, 12:190-191
IV. Rabbi Ben Ezra, 14:191-199

9th. JOHN DRYDEN, b. 9 Ag. 1631
I. Alexander's Feast, 13:63-70
II. Ah, How Sweet It Is to Love! 12:140-141
III. The Elixir, 15:150-151
IV. Discipline, 15:151-152
V. The Pulley, 15:153-154

10th. WITTER BYNNER, b. 10 Ag. 1881
I. Sentence, 13:295
II. Browning's Soul, 14:199-221
III. Herrick's To Blossoms, 12:33-34
IV. To Daffodils, 12:34
V. To Violets, 12:35

11th. I. Herrick's To Meadows, 12:35-36
II. Lacrimæ, 15:41-42
III. The Primrose, 12:124
IV. Litany, 15:158-160
V. Lowell's Madonna of the Evening Flowers, 11:319

12th. JAMES RUSSELL LOWELL, d. 12 Ag. 1891
I. Rhoecus, 11:127-13 3
II. The Courtin', 11:230-233
III. The Yankee Recruit, 7-Pt. I:52-60

Give us a house furnished with books rather than with furniture.
Both if you can, but books at any rate!


13th. Battle of Blenheim, 13 Ag. 1704
I. Southey's After Blenheim, 10:192-194
II. De Quincey's Going Down with Victory, 4-Pt. II: 107-119

14th. JOHN FLETCHER, d. 14 Ag. 1785
I. Love's Emblems, 12:29-30
II. Hear, Ye Ladies, 12:132-133
III. Melancholy, 12:278-279
IV. Lodge's Rosalind's Madrigal, 12:83-84
V. Rosalind's Description, 12:84-86

15th. THOMAS DE QUINCEY, b. 15 Ag. 1785
I. The Pains of Opium, 4-Pt. II:73-100

16th. BARONESS NAIRNE (Carolina Oliphant), b. 16 Ag. 1766
I. The Laird o' Cockpen, 11:251-252
II. The Land o' the Leal, 12:311-312
III. Cather's Grandmither, Think Not I Forget, 14:313

17th. I. Ali Baba and the Forty Robbers, 19-Pt. II:1-58

18th. I. Longfellow's Rain in Summer, 14:96-99
II. Herrick's Corinna's Going a-Maying, 12:30-33
III. Shelley's Ode to the West Wind, 13:129-132

19th. Battle of Otterburn, 19 Ag. 1388
I. The Battle of Otterburn, 10:171-176

Books make up no small part of human happiness.

My latest passion will be for literature.
--FREDERICK THE GREAT (in old age).


20th. MARCO BOZZARIS,fell 20 Ag. 1823
I. Halleck's Marco Bozzaris, 11:187-191
II. Lowell's Vision of Sir Launfal, 11:107-121

21st. MARY MAPES DODGE, d. 21 Ag. 1905
I. Miss Maloney on the Chinese Question, 7-Pt. 11:20-24
II. Lowell's Letter from a Candidate, 7-Pt. II:29-32

22nd. Royal Standard Raised at Nottingham, 22 Ag. 1642
I. Browning's Cavalier Tunes, 12:205-208
II. Milton's Il Penseroso, 14:14-19
III. Lycidas, 15:52-58

23rd. EDGAR LEE MASTERS, b. 23 Ag. 1869
I. Isaiah Beethoven, 14:308
II. Hardy's She Hears the Storm, 14:312
III. Wheelock's The Unknown Beloved, 10:309

24th. ROBERT HERRICK, baptized 24 Ag. 1591
I. To Dianeme, 12:123
II. Upon Julia's Clothes, 12:124
III. To the Virgins, to Make Much of Time, 12:125
IV. Delight in Disorder, 12:125-126
V. To Anthea, 12:126-127
VI. To Daisies, 12:127
VII. The Night Piece, 12:128

25th. BRET HARTE, b. 25 Ag. 1839
I. Plain Language from Truthful James, II:234-236
II. The Outcasts of Poker Flat, 20-Pt. I:30-46
III. Ramon, 11:285-288
IV. Her Letter, 8-Pt. I:113-115

26th. I. Holley's An Unmarried Female, 8-Pt. II: 26-36

We are as liable to be corrupted by books as by companions.


27th. I. Scott's Coronach, 15:33-34
II. Lochinvar, 10:36-39
III. A Weary Lot Is Thine, 10:40-41
IV. County Guy, 12:154-155
V. Hail to the Chief, 12:203-204

28th. LEO TOLSTOI, b. 28 Ag. 1828
I. The Prisoner in the Caucasus, 19-Pt. I:141-186

29th. OLIVER WENDELL HOLMES,b. 29Ag. 1809;d.
I. The Ballad of the Oysterman, 7-Pt. I:105-106
II. My Aunt, 7-Pt. I:23-24
III. Foreign Correspondence, 7-Pt. I:77-80
IV. The Chambered Nautilus, 14:108-109
The Royal George lost 29 Ag. 1782
V. Cowper's On the Loss of the Royal George, 10:148-149

30th. I. Scott's Brignall Banks, 10:41-43
II. Hunting Song, 12:230-231
III. Soldier Rest, 12:277-278
IV. Proud Maisie, 10:258
V. Harp of the North, 12:286-287

31st. THÉOPHILE GAUTIER, b. 31 Ag. 1811
I. The Mummy's Foot, 19-Pt. I:90-108

S. 1ST. SIMEON FORD, b. 31 Ag. 1855
I. At a Turkish Bath, 9-Pt. II:74-77
II. The Discomforts of Travel, 9-Pt. II: 123-127
III. Boyhood in a New England Hotel, 9-Pt. I:123-126

2nd. AUSTIN DOBSON, d. 2 S. 1921
I. Ballad of Prose and Rhyme, 12:335
II. Carman's Vagabond Song, 12:330
III. Colum's Old Woman of the Roads, 14:311
IV. Peabody's House and the Road, 12:344
V. Daly's Inscription for a Fireplace, 13:294

Old wood best to burn; old wine to drink; old friends to trust; and
old authors to read.


I. The Song of Triumphant Love, 19-Pt. I: 109-140
II. Wordsworth's Sonnet Composed Upon Westminster Bridge,
Sept, 3, 1802, 13:211

4th. SIR RICHARD GRENVILLE, d. 4 (?) S. 1591
I. Tennyson's The Revenge, 10:222-229
II. Wordsworth's To the Skylark, 12:40-41
III. On a Picture of Peele Castle, 14:44-47

5th. I. Some Messages Received by Teachers in Brooklyn Public
Schools, 7-Pt. II:144-147
II. Emerson's Labor, 2-Pt. I:138-145

6th. I. Wordsworth's Resolution and Independence, 11:48-54
II. Yarrow Unvisited, 14:53-55
III. Intimations of Immortality, 13:89-96
IV. Ode to Duty, 13:96-98
V. The Small Celandine, 14:112-113

7th. I. Milton's Echo, 12:25-26
II. Sabrina, 12:26-27
III. The Spirit's Epilogue, 12:27-29
IV. On Time, 13:52-53
V. At a Solemn Music, 13:53-54

8th. I. Wordsworth's Lucy, 15:114-118
II. Hart-Leap Well, 10:134-142
III. Dreamers, 15:223

9th. SIR HUMPHREY GILBERT, drowned 9 S. 1583
I. Longfellow's Sir Humphrey Gilbert, 10:160-161
Battle of Flodden Field, 9 S. 1513
II. Elliot's A Lament for Flodden, 10:251-252
III. Wordsworth's Stepping Westward, 14:158-159
IV. She Was A Phantom of Delight, 14:159-160
V. Scorn Not the Sonnet, 13:175-176

To desire to have many books, and never use them, is like a child
that will have a candle burning by him all the while he is sleeping.


10th. I. Wordsworth's Nuns Fret Not, 13:175
II. Lines, 14:253-255
III. We Are Seven, 10:252-255

11th. JAMES THOMSON, b. II S. 1700
I. Rule Britannia, 12:208-209
II. Collins's On the Death of Thomson, 15:59-60
III. Lowell's A Winter Ride, 12:331
IV. MacKaye's The Automobile, 13:290

12th. CHARLES DUDLEY WARNER, b. 12 S. 1829
I. Plumbers, 8-Pt. I:150-151
II. My Summer in a Garden, 7-Pt. I:6l-74
III. How I Killed a Bear, 9-Pt. I:59-70

I. Lincoln's Letter to Burnside, 5-Pt. I:118
II. Collins's Ode Written in 1745, 15:34
III. The Passions, 13:81-85
IV. Ode to Evening, 13:85-88
V. Dirge in Cymbeline, 15:112-113

14th. DUKE OF WELLINGTON, d. 14 S. 1852
I. Tennyson's Ode on the Death of the Duke of Wellington,
DANTE, d. 14 S. 1321
II. Longfellow's Dante and Divina Comedia, 13:239-244
III. Parsons's On a Bust of Dante, 14:152-154

15th. I. Wordsworth's The Solitary Reaper, 14:160-161
II. Jonson's Hymn to Diana, 12:14
III. Pindaric Ode, 13:37-42
IV. Epitaph, 15:46-47
V. On Elizabeth L. H., 15:47

16th. ALFRED NOYES, b. 16 S. 1880
I. Old Grey Squirrel, 14:306
JOHN GAY, baptized 16 S. 1685
II. Black-Eyed Susan, 10:32-34
III. O-U-G-H, 7-Pt. I:143

It does not matter how many, but how good, books you have.


17th. I. Turner's The Harvest Moon, 13:249
II. Letty's Globe, 13:245-246
III. Mary, A Reminiscence, 13:246-247
IV. Her First-born, 13:247-248
V. The Lattice at Sunrise, 13:248

18th. DR. SAMUEL JOHNSON, b. 18 S. 1709
I. Macaulay's Dr. Samuel Johnson, 2-Pt. II:39-79

19th. HARTLEY COLERIDGE, b. 19 S. 1796
I. Song, 12:166-167
II. Sonnets, 13:227-230
III. Coleridge's Frost at Midnight, 14:22-25
IV. Love, 10:44-47
V. France: An Ode, 13:99-103

20th. WILLIAM HAINES LYTLE, d. 20 S. 1863
I. Antony to Cleopatra, 14:238-240
II. Hood's The Death Bed, 15:131
III. Autumn, 13:148-150
IV. Ruth, 14:157-158
V. Fair Ines, 12:168-169

21st. SIR WALTER SCOTT, d. 21 S. 1832
I. Sir Walter Scott, 17-Pt. I:65-73
II. The Maid of Neidpath, 10:39-40
III. Pibroch of Donald Dhu, 12:201-203
IV. Wandering Willie's Tale, 20-Pt. II:75-103

22nd. I. Wordsworth's My Heart Leaps Up, 13:274
II. Laodamia, 11:143-150
III. There Was a Boy, 14:156-157

23rd. Battle of Monterey, 23 S. 1846
I. Hoffman's Monterey, 10:206-207
II. Lovelace's The Grasshopper, 12:30
III. To Lucasta, 12:129-130
IV. To Althea, 12:130-131
V. To Lucasta, on Going to the Wars, 12:198

The words of the good are like a staff in a slippery place.


24th. I. Noyes's Creation, 15:204

25th. FELICIA DOROTHEA HEMANS, b. 25 S. 1793
I. Landing of the Pilgrim Fathers, 10:151-153
II. Poe's Annabel Lee, 10:56-57
III. To Helen, 12:176
IV. The Bells, 12:234-238
V. For Annie, 12:305-308

26th. I. Holmes's Latter-Day Warnings, 7-Pt. I:34-35
II. Contentment, 7-Pt. I:35-38
III. An Aphorism, 8-Pt. II:44-52
IV. Music Pounding, 7-Pt. I:80-81

27th. I. Holmes's The Height of the Ridiculous, 8-Pt. I:118-119
II. The Last Leaf, 14:167-168
III. The One-Hoss Shay, 11:236-241

28th. I. Morley's Haunting Beauty of Strychnine, 9-Pt. I:135
II. Guiterman's Strictly Germ-Proof, 7-Pt. I:141
III. Burgess's Lazy Roof, 8-Pt. I:149
IV. My Feet, 8-Pt. I:149

29th. ÉMILE ZOLA, d. 29 S. 1902
I. The Death of Olivier Bécaille, 21-Pt. I:53-93

30th. I. Lowell's Without and Within, 8-Pt. II:72-73
II. She Came and Went, 15:134
III. The Sower, 14:144-145
IV. Sonnets, 13:251-253
V. What Rabbi Jehosha Said, 14:282-283

If you are reading a piece of thoroughly good literature, Baron
Rothschild may possibly be as well occupied as you--he is certainly not
better occupied.


1st. LOUIS UNTERMYER, b. 1 O. 1885
I. Only of Thee and Me, 12:339
II. Morris's October, 14:105-106
III. Bunner's Candor, 8-Pt. I:11-12

2nd. French Fleet destroyed off Boston, October, 1746
I. Longfellow's Ballad of the French Fleet, 10:202-204
II. Mrs. Browning's Sleep, 15:21-23
III. The Romance of the Swan's Nest, 10:79-83
IV. A Dead Rose, 12:191-192
V. A Man's Requirements, 12:192-194

3rd. WILLIAM MORRIS, d. 3 0. 1896
I. Summer Dawn, 12:172
II. The Nymph's Song to Hylas, 12:173-174
III. The Voice of Toil, 12:290-292
IV. The Shameful Death, 10:277-279

4th. HENRY CAREY, d. 4 O. 1743
I. Sally in Our Alley, 12:142-144
II. Van Dyke's The Proud Lady, 10:296

5th. I. Poe's Ulalume, II:302-306
II. Arnold's The Last Word, 15:43
III. A Nameless Epitaph, 15:48
IV. Thyrsis, 15:86-97
V. Requiescat, 15:120-121

6th. GEORGE HENRY BOKER, b. 6 O. 1893
I. The Black Regiment, 10:207-210
II. Lamb's Letter to Wordsworth, 5-Pt. II:129-132
III. Letter to Wordsworth, 5-Pt. II:136-143
IV. Letter to Wordsworth, 5-Pt. II:143-145

7th. SIR PHILIP SIDNEY, d. 7 O. 1586
I. The Bargain, 12:87
II. Astrophel and Stella, 13:178-180
III. To Sir Philip Sidney's Soul, 13:181
EDGAR ALLAN POE, d. 7 O. 1849
IV. The Murders in the Rue Morgue, Pt. I:1-53

A little before you go to sleep read something that is exquisite and
worth remembering; and contemplate upon it till you fall asleep.


8th. JOHN HAY, b. 8 O. 1838
I. Little Breeches, 7-Pt. I:45-47
II. The Diamond Wedding, 7-Pt. I:107-114

9th. S. W. GILLILAN, b. O. 1869
I. Finnigin to Flannigan, 9-Pt. I:92-93
II. Dunne's On Expert Testimony, 9-Pt. II:13-16
III. Work and Sport, 9-Pt. II:87-92
IV. Avarice and Generosity, 9-Pt. II:144-146

10th. WILLIAM H. SEWARD, d. 10 0. 1872
I. Lincoln's Letter to Seward, 5-Pt. I:111-112
II. Walker's Medicine Show, 18:213

11th. I. Keats's To Autumn, 13:142-143
II. Carew's Epitaph, 15:48
III. Disdain Returned, 12:133-134
IV. Song, 12:134
V. To His Inconstant Mistress, 12:135

12th. ROBERT E. LEE, d. 12 O. 1870
I. Robert E. Lee, 16-Pt. II:62-73
DINAH MULOCK CRAIK, d. 12 O. 1887.
II. Douglas, Douglas, Tender and True 12:310-311

13th. SIR HENRY IRVING, d. 13 O. 1905
I. Sir Henry Irving, 17-Pt. II:39-47

14th. JOSH BILLINGS (H. W. SHAW), d. 14 O. 1885
I. Natral and Unnatral Aristokrats, 7-Pt. I:48-51
II. To Correspondents, 9-Pt. I:73-74
III. Russell's Origin of the Banjo, 9-Pt. I:79-82

And when a man is at home and happy with a book, sitting by his
fireside, he must be a churl if he does not communicate that happiness.
Let him read now and then to his wife and children.


15th. I. Tennyson's Tears, Idle Tears, 12:272-273
II. Shakespeare's Over Hill, Over Dale, 12:19
III. Poe's Assignation, 4-Pt. I:81-101

16th. I. Nye's How to Hunt the Fox, 8-Pt. I:70-78
II. A Fatal Thirst, 7-Pt. II:148-150
III. On Cyclones, 9-Pt. I:83-85

17th. WILLIAM VAUGHN MOODY, d. 17 O. 1910
I. Gloucester Moors, 11:320

18th. THOMAS LOVE PEACOCK, b. 18 O. 1785
I. Three Men of Gotham, 12:257-258
II. Shakespeare's Silvia, 12:91-92
III. O Mistress Mine, 12:92
IV. Take, O Take Those Lips Away, 12:93
V. Love, 12:93-94

19th. LEIGH HUNT, b. 19 O. 1784
I. Jenny Kissed Me, 12:158
II. Abou Ben Adhem, 11:121-122
CORNWALLIS surrendered at Yorktown, 19 O. 1781
III. Tennyson's England and America in 1782, 12:209-210

20th. I. Shakespeare's The Fairy Life, 12:20
II. When Icicles Hang by the Wall, 12:22
III. Fear No More the Heat of the Sun, 15:37
IV. A Sea Dirge, 15:38

21st. SAMUEL TAYLOR COLERIDGE, b. 21 0. 1772
I. Youth and Age, 14:264-265
II. Kubla Khan, 14:80-82
III. Thompson's Arab Love Song, 12:339

I wist all their sport in the Park is but a shadow to that pleasure
I find in Plato. Alas! good folk, they never felt what true pleasure meant.


22nd. I. Shakespeare's Crabbed Age and Youth, 12:94
II. On A Day, Alack the Day, 12:95
III. Come Away, Come Away, Death, 12:96
IV. Rittenhouse's Ghostly Galley, 13:296
V. O'Hara's Atropos, 15:199

23rd. I. Townsend's Chimmie Fadden Makes Friends, 9-Pt. I:105-109
II. Tompkins's Sham, 18:169

24th. I. Tarkington's Beauty and the Jacobin, 18:19

I. Country Gentlemen, 2-Pt. II:110-119
II. Polite Literature, 2-Pt. II:119-132
Battle of Balaclava, 25 0. 1854.
III. Tennyson's Charge of the Light Brigade, 10:217-219
IV. Tennyson's Charge of the Heavy Brigade, 10:219-221

26th. I. Vaughan's Friends Departed, 15:10-11
II. Peace, 15:160-161
III. The Retreat, 15:161-162
IV. The World, 14:245-247

27th. THEODORE ROOSEVELT, b. 27 0. 1858
I. Colonel Theodore Roosevelt, 16-Pt. II:74-94

28th. I. Zola's Attack on the Mill, 20-Pt. I:47-102

I never think of the name of Gutenberg without feelings of
veneration and homage.


29th. JOHN KEATS, b. 29 O. 1795
I. Ode on a Grecian Urn, 13:137-139
II. The Eve of St. Agnes, 11:68-83

30th. ADELAIDE ANNE PROCTER, b. 30 O. 1825
I. A Doubting Heart, 12:312-313
II. Marlowe's Passionate Shepherd, 12:97-98
III. Raleigh's Her Reply, 12:98-99
IV. The Pilgrimage, 12:314-316

31st. Hallowe'en
I. Burns's Tam O'Shanter, 11:253-260

N. 1st.
I. Bryant's The Death of the Flowers, 14:118-120
II. The Battle-Field, 15:26-28
III. The Evening Wind, 12:50-52
IV. To a Waterfowl, 13:147-148

2nd. I. Arnold's Rugby Chapel, 15: 97-104
II. Campion's Cherry-Ripe, 12:103
III. Follow Your Saint, 12:103-104
IV. Vobiscum est Iope, 12:105

3rd. WILLIAM CULLEN BRYANT, b. 3 N. 1794
I. The Mosquito, 8-Pt. II:58-61
II. To the Fringed Gentian, 14:114-115
III. Song of Marion's Men, 10:199-201
IV. Forest Hymn, 14:34-38

4th. EUGENE FIELD, d. 4 N. 1895
I. Baked Beans and Culture, 9-Pt. I:86-89
II. The Little Peach, 8-Pt. I:86
III. Dibdin's Ghost, 9-Pt. II:44-46
IV. Dutch Lullaby, 12:250-251

To divert myself from a troublesome Fancy 'tis but to run to my
books ... they always receive me with the same kindness.


5th. I. Lowell's What Mr. Robinson Thinks, 7-Pt. I:115-117
II. Field's The Truth About Horace, 9-Pt. I:17-18
III. The Cyclopeedy, 9-Pt. I:127-134

6th. HOLMAN F. DAY, b. 6 N. 1865
I. Tale of the Kennebec Mariner, 9-Pt. II:10-12
II. Grampy Sings a Song, 9-Pt. II:64-66
III. Cure for Homesickness, 9-Pt. II:129-130
IV. The Night After Christmas (Anonymous), 9-Pt. I:75-76

7th. I. Gibson's The Fear, 15:216
II. Back, 15:216
III. The Return, 15:217

8th. JOHN MILTON, d. 8 N. 1674
I. Sonnets, 13:198-205
II. L'Allegro, 14:9-14
III. On Milton by Dryden, 13:272

9th. I. Lincoln's Letter to Astor, Roosevelt, and Sands, 9 N. 1863,
5-Pt. I:119
II. Arnold's Saint Brandan, II:137-140
III. Longing, 12:188-189
IV. Sonnets, 13:253-256

10th. HENRY VAN DYKE, b. 10 N. 1852
I. Salute to the Trees, 14:290
II. The Standard Bearer, 10:307
VACHEL LINDSAY, b. 10 N. 1879
III. Abraham Lincoln Walks at Midnight, 14:298

11th. Armistice Day, 11 N. 1918
I. Wharton's The Young Dead, 15:213
II. Meynell's Dead Harvest, 14:292
III. Tennyson's Locksley Hall, 14:223-238

We have known Book-love to be independent of the author
and lurk in a few charmed words traced upon the title-page
by a once familiar hand.


12th. RICHARD BAXTER, b. 12 N. 1615
I. A Hymn of Trust, 15:164-165
II. Arnold's The Future, 14:275-278
III. Palladium, 14:278-279
IV. The Forsaken Merman, 11:291-296

13th. ROBERT LOUIS STEVENSON, b. 13 N. 1850
I. Robert Louis Stevenson, 17-Pt. I:133-146
II. Foreign Lands, 12:248-249
III. Requiem, 15:142

14th. BOOKER T. WASHINGTON, d. 14 N. 1915
I. Booker T. Washington, 17-Pt. I:172-190

15th. WILLIAM COWPER, b. 26 N. 1731
I. To Mary, 12:243-245
II. Boadicea, 10:181-182
III. Verses, 14:221-223
IV. Diverting History of John Gilpin, 11:241-251

16th. I. Cone's Ride to the Lady, 10:311
II. Hewlett's Soldier, Soldier, 15:212

17th. Lucknow relieved by Campbell, 17 N. 1857
I. Robert Lowell's The Relief of Lucknow, 11:184-187
II. Roberts's The Maid, 10:305

18th. I. Joseph Conrad, 17-Pt. I:147-166

Read not to contradict and confute, nor to believe and take for
granted, nor to find talk and discourse, but to weigh and consider.


19th. I. Lincoln's Gettyburg Address, 5-Pt. I: 107-108

20th. THOMAS CHATTERTON, b. 20 N. 1752
I. Minstrel's Song, 15:40-41
II. Irish Astronomy, 8-Pt. II:79-80
III. Davis's The First Piano in a Mining-Camp, 9-Pt. I:34-44
IV. Dunne's On Gold Seeking, 9-Pt. I:99-102

21st. VOLTAIRE, b. 21 N. 1694
I. Jeannot and Colin, 22-Pt. I:1-16
b. 21 N. 1787
II. The Sea, 12:72-73
III. The Poet's Song to His Wife, 12:242-243
IV. A Petition to Time, 12:252

22nd. St. Cecilia's Day, Nov. 22nd.
I. Dryden's Song for St. Cecilia's Day, 13:61-63
II. O May I Join the Choir Invisible, 15:185-186
JACK LONDON, d. 22 N. 1916
III. Jan the Unrepentant, 22-Pt. II:136

23rd. I. Carryl's The Walloping Window Blind, 9-Pt. II:35-36
II. Marble's The Hoosier and the Salt-pile, 8-Pt. II:62-67

24th. I. Arnold's Growing Old, 14:281-282
II. Lyly's Spring's Welcome, 12:15
III. Cupid and Campaspe, 12:86
IV. Lindsay's Auld Robin Gray, 10:30-32

25th. I. Irving's The Devil and Tom Walker, 3-Pt. II:37-57

Montaigne with his sheepskin blistered,
And Howell the worse for wear,
And the worm-drilled Jesuit's Horace,
And the little old cropped Molière--
And the Burton I bought for a florin,
And the Rabelais foxed and flea'd--
For the others I never have opened,
But those are the ones I read.


26th. COVENTRY PATMORE, d. 26 N. 1896
I. To the Unknown Eros, 13:169-171
II. The Toys, 15:140-141
III. Lamb's The Old Familiar Faces, 15:73-74
IV. Hester, 15:75-76

27th. I. Wordsworth's Influence of Natural Objects, 14:251-253
II. Torrence's Evensong, 12:346
III. Burt's Resurgam, 13:292

28th. WILLIAM BLAKE, b. 28 N. 1757
I. The Tiger, 12:42-43
II. Piping Down the Valleys, 12:246
III. The Golden Door, 15:172
IV. Rip Van Winkle, 19-Pt. II:71-96

29th. LOUISA MAY ALCOTT, b. 29 N. 1832
I. Street Scenes in Washington, 8-Pt. II:74-76
JOHN G. NEIHARDT, married 29 N. 1908
II. Envoi, 15:200
III. Cheney's Happiest Heart, 14:318
IV. Dargan's There's Rosemary, 13:287

30th. SAMUEL LANGHORNE CLEMENS (Mark Twain), b. 30 N. 1835
I. Colonel Mulberry Sellers, 7-Pt. II:31-40
II. The Notorious Jumping Frog, 7-Pt. I:122-131

D. 1st.
I. Keats's In a Drear-Nighted December, 12:268
II. Gray's Progress of Poesy, 13:76-80
III. Doyle's Private of the Buffs, 11:284-285

2nd. I. Lowell's The First Snow-Fail, 15:135-136
II. Daniel's Love Is a Sickness, 12:108
III. Delia, 13:181-182
IV. Darley's Song, 12:170-171

When evening has arrived, I return home, and go into my study....
For hours together, the miseries of life no longer annoy me; I forget
every vexation; I do not fear poverty; for I have altogether
transferred myself to those with whom I hold converse.


3rd. GEORGE B. MCCLELLAN, b. 3 D. 1826
I. Lincoln's Letter to McClellan, 5-Pt. I:109-110
Battle of Hohenlinden, 3 D. 1800
II. Campbell's Hohenlinden, 10:188-189
ROBERT Louis STEVENSON, d. 3 D. 1894
III. Providence and the Guitar, 19-Pt. II: 96-138

4th. I. Sudermann's The Gooseherd, 20-Pt. II:62-74

I. One Certainty, 13:265
II. Up-Hill, 12:322-323
III. Hayne's In Harbor, 15:142-143
IV. Between the Sunken Sun and the New Moon, 13:265-266
V. Goldsmith's When Lovely Woman Stoops to Folly, 13:273

6th. R. H. BARHAM, b. 6 D. 1788
I. The Jackdaw of Rheims, 11:173-179

7th. CALE YOUNG RICE, b. 7 D. 1872
I. Chant of the Colorado, 14:291
II. A Wet Sheet and a Flowing Sea, 12:73-74
III. Hame, Hame, Hame, 12:309-310
IV. Bailey's After the Funeral, 8-Pt. I:42-44
V. What He Wanted It For, 9-Pt. I:90-91

8th. I. A Visit to Brigham Young, 9-Pt. I:47-52

9th. STEPHEN PHILLIPS, d. 9 D. 1915
I. Harold before Senlac, 14:315

This habit of reading, I make bold to tell you, is your pass to the
greatest, the purest, and the most perfect pleasures that God has
prepared for his creatures.... It lasts when all other pleasures fade.


10th. EMILY DICKINSON, b. 10 D. 1830
I. Our Share of Night to Bear, 13:282
II. Heart, We Will Forget Him, 13:282
III. Ruskin's Mountain Glory, 1-Pt. II:59-69

11th. I. Webster's Reply to Hayne, 6-Pt. I:63-105

12th. I. Herford's Gold, 9-Pt. II:9
II. Child's Natural History, 9-Pt. II:37-39
III. Metaphysics, 9-Pt. II:128
IV. The End of the World, 9-Pt. I:120-122

13th. WILLIAM DRUMMOND, b. 13 D. 1585
I. Invocation, 12:24-25
II. "I Know That All Beneath the Moon Decays," 13:196-197
III. For the Baptist, 13:197
IV. To His Lute, 13:198
V. Browne's The Siren's Song, 12:23
VI. A Welcome, 12:111-112
VII. My Choice, 12:112-113

14th. CHARLES WOLFE, b. 14 D. 1791
I. The Burial of Sir John Moore, 15:31-33
II. Clough's In a Lecture Room, 14:272
III. Qua Cursum Ventus, 12:317-318
IV. Davis's Souls, 14:317

15th. I. Mrs. Browning's Sonnets from the Portuguese, 13:232-239

16th. GEORGE SANTAYANA, b. 16 D. 1863
I. "As in the Midst of Battle There Is Room," 13:287
II. MacMillan's Shadowed Star, 18:273

When there is no recreation or business for thee abroad, thou may'st
have a company of honest old fellows in their leathern jackets in thy
study which will find thee excellent divertisement at home.


17th. JOHN GREENLEAF WHITTIER, b. 17 D. 1807
I. Amy Wentworth, 10:53-56
II. The Barefoot Boy, 14:169-172
III. My Psalm, 15:180-191
IV. The Eternal Goodness, 15:192-196
V. Telling the Bees, 11:308-310

18th. PHILIP FRENEAU, d. 18 D. 1832
I. The Wild Honeysuckle, 14:113-114
L. G. C. A. CHATRIAN, b. 18 D. 1826
II. The Comet, 20-Pt. II:104-114

19th. BAYARD TAYLOR, d. 19 D. 1878
I. Palabras Grandiosas, 9-Pt. I:58
II. Bedouin Love Song, 12:174-175
III. The Song of the Camp, 11:288-290
IV. W. B. Scott's Glenkindie, 10:48-51

20th. I. Ford's The Society Reporter's Christmas, 8-Pt. I:57-65
II. The Dying Gag, 9-Pt. II:119-122

21st. GIOVANNI BOCCACCIO, d. 21 D. 1375
I. The Falcon, 20-Pt. II:1-11

I. Miniver Cheevy, 7-Pt. I:147
II. Vickery's Mountain, 14:303
III. Richard Cory, 14:309

23rd. MICHAEL DRAYTON, d. 23 D. 1631
I. Idea, 13:182
II. Agincourt, 10:176-181
III. Stevenson's The Whaups, 12:70
IV. Youth and Love, 12:231

Life being very short, and the quiet hours of it few, we ought to
waste none of them in reading valueless books; and valuable books
should, in a civilized country, be within the reach of every one.


24th. Christmas Eve
I. Guiney's Tryste Noël, 15:202
II. Rossetti's My Sister's Sleep, 15:137-139
MATTHEW ARNOLD, b. 24 D. 1822
III. Dover Beach, 14:279-280
IV. Philomela, 12:56-57

25th. I. Milton's Ode on The Morning of Christ's Nativity, 13:42-43
II. Thackeray's The Mahogany Tree, 12:252-254
III. Thackeray's The End of the Play, 14:283-286
IV. Domett's A Christmas Hymn, 15:178-179

26th. THOMAS GRAY, b. 26 D. 1716
I. Elegy, 15:12-17
II. Ode to Adversity, 13:70-72
III. Ode on a Distant Prospect of Eton College, 13:72-76

27th. CHARLES LAMB, d. 27 D. 1834
I. Landor's To the Sister of Elia, 15:76-77
II. A Dissertation upon Roast Pig, 5-Pt. II:40-51
III. Detached Thoughts on Books and Reading, 5-Pt. II 70-79

28th. I. Hawthorne's The Birthmark, 3-Pt. I:23-51

29th. JOHN VANCE CHENEY, b,. 29 D. 1848
I. Cheney's Happiest Heart, 14:318
II. Emerson's Terminus, 14:267-268
III. Clough's Say Not the Struggle Nought Availeth, 14:272-273
IV. Lamb's Old Familiar Faces, 15:73-74

30th. RUDYARD KIPLING, b. 30 D. 1865
I. Without Benefit of Clergy, 19-Pt. I:54-89

31st. I. Shelley's The World's Great Age Begins Anew, 12:284-286
II. Burns's Auld Lang Syne, 12:261-262
III. Lowell's To the Past, 13:161-163
IV. Lamb's New Year's Eve, 5-Pt. II:11-21


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