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1 Paralipomenon Chapter 19

The Ammonites abuse David's ambassadors: both they and their
confederates are overthrown.

19:1. Now it came to pass that Naas the king of the children of Ammon
died, and his son reigned in his stead.

19:2. And David said: I will shew kindness to Hanon the son of Naas:
for his father did a favour tome. And David sent messengers to comfort
him upon the death of his father. But when they were come into the land
of the children of Ammon, to comfort Hanon,

19:3. The princes of the children of Ammon said to Hanon: Thou thinkest
perhaps that David to do honour to thy father hath sent comforters to
thee: and thou dost not take notice, that his servants are come to thee
to consider, and search, and spy out thy land.

19:4. Wherefore Hanon shaved the heads and beards of the servants of
David, and cut away their garments from the buttocks to the feet, and
sent them away.

19:5. And when they were gone, they sent word to David, who sent to
meet them (for they had suffered a great affront) and ordered them to
stay at Jericho till their beards grew and then to return.

19:6. And when the children of Ammon saw that they had done an injury
to David, Hanon and the rest of the people sent a thousand talents of
silver, to hire them chariots and horsemen out of Mesopotamia and out
of Syria Maacha, and out of Soba.

19:7. And they hired two and thirty thousand chariots, and the king of
Maacha, with his people. And they came and camped over against Medaba.
And the children of Ammon gathered themselves together out of their
cities, and came to battle.

19:8. And when David heard of it, he sent Joab, and all the army of
valiant men:

19:9. And the children of Ammon came out and put their army in array
before the gate of the city: and the kings, that were come to their
aid, stood apart in the field.

19:10. Wherefore Joab understanding that the battle was set against him
before and behind, chose out the bravest men of all Israel, and marched
against the Syrians,

19:11. And the rest of the people he delivered into the hand of Abisai
his brother, and they went against the children of Ammon.

19:12. And he said: If the Syrians be too strong for me, then thou
shalt help me: but if the children of Ammon be too strong for thee, I
will help thee.

19:13. Be of good courage and let us behave ourselves manfully for our
people, and for the cities of our God: and the Lord will do that which
is good in his sight.

19:14. So Joab and the people that were with him, went against the
Syrians to the battle: and he put them to flight.

19:15. And the children of Ammon seeing that the Syrians were fled,
they likewise fled from Abisai his brother, and went into the city: and
Joab also returned to Jerusalem.

19:16. But the Syrians seeing that they had fallen before Israel, sent
messengers, and brought to them the Syrians that were beyond the river:
and Sophach, general of the army of Adarezer, was their leader.

19:17. And it was told David, and he gathered together all Israel, and
passed the Jordan, and came upon them, and put his army in array
against them, and they fought with him.

19:18. But the Syrian fled before Israel: and David slew of the Syrians
seven thousand chariots, and forty thousand footmen, and Sophach the
general of the army.

Seven thousand chariots. . .That is, of men who fought in chariots.

19:19. And when the servants of Adarezer saw themselves overcome by
Israel, they went over to David, and served him: and Syria would not
help the children of Ammon any more.

1 Paralipomenon Chapter 20

Rabba is taken. Other victories over the Philistines.

20:1. And it came to pass after the course of a year, at the time that
kings go out to battle, Joab gathered together an army and the strength
of the troops, and wasted the land of the children of Ammon: and went
and besieged Rabba. But David stayed at Jerusalem, when Joab smote
Rabba, and destroyed it.

20:2. And David took the crown of Melchom from his head, and found in
it a talent weight of gold, and most precious stones, and he made
himself a diadem of it: he took also the spoils of the city which were
very great.

20:3. And the people that were therein he brought out: and made
harrows, and sleds, and chariots of iron to go over them, so that they
were cut and bruised to pieces: in this manner David dealt with all the
cities of the children of Ammon: and he returned with all his people to

20:4. After this there arose a war at Gazer against the Philistines: in
which Sabachai the Husathite slew Saphai of the race of Raphaim, and
humbled them.

20:5. Another battle also was fought against the Philistines, in which
Adeodatus the son of Saltus a Bethlehemite slew the brother of Goliath
the Gethite, the staff of whose spear was like a weaver's beam.

20:6. There was another battle also in Geth, in which there was a man
of great stature, whose fingers and toes were four and twenty, six on
each hand and foot: who also was born of the stock of Rapha.

20:7. He reviled Israel: but Jonathan the son of Samaa the brother of
David slew him. These were the sons of Rapha in Geth, who fell by the
hand of David and his servants.

1 Paralipomenon Chapter 21

David's sin in numbering the people is punished by a pestilence: which
ceaseth upon his offering sacrifice in the thrashingfloor of Ornan.

21:1. And Satan rose up against Israel: and moved David to number

21:2. And David said to Joab, and to the rulers of the people: Go, and
number Israel from Bersabee even to Dan, and bring me the number of
them that I may know it.

21:3. And Joab answered: The Lord make his people a hundred times more
than they are: but, my lord the king, are they not all thy servants:
why doth my lord seek this thing, which may be imputed as a sin to

21:4. But the king's word rather prevailed: and Joab departed, and went
through all Israel: and returned to Jerusalem.

21:5. And he gave David the number of them, whom he had surveyed: and
all the number of Israel was found to be eleven hundred thousand men
that drew the sword: and of Juda four hundred and seventy thousand
fighting men.

The number, etc. . .The difference of the numbers here and 2 Kings 24.
is to be accounted for, by supposing the greater number to be that
which was really found, and the lesser to be that which Joab gave in.

21:6. But Levi and Benjamin he did not number: for Joab unwillingly
executed the king's orders.

21:7. And God was displeased with this thing that was commanded: and he
struck Israel.

21:8. And David said to God: I have sinned exceedingly in doing this: I
beseech thee take away the iniquity of thy servant, for I have done

21:9. And the Lord spoke to Gad the seer of David, saying:

21:10. Go, and speak to David, and tell him: Thus saith the Lord: I
give thee the choice of three things: choose one which thou wilt, and I
will do it to thee.

21:11. And when Gad was come to David, he said to him: Thus saith the
Lord: choose which thou wilt:

21:12. Either three years famine: or three months to flee from thy
enemies, and not to be able to escape their sword: or three days to
have the sword of the Lord, and pestilence in the land, and the angel
of the Lord destroying in all the coasts of Israel: now therefore see
what I shall answer him who sent me.

Three years famine. . .Which joined with the three foregoing years of
famine mentioned, 2 Kings 21. and the seventh year of the land's
resting, would make up the seven years proposed by the prophet, 2 Kings

21:13. And David said to Gad: I am on every side in a great strait: but
it is better for me to fall into the hands of the Lord, for his mercies
are many, than into the hands of men.

21:14. So the Lord sent a pestilence upon Israel. And there fell of
Israel seventy thousand men.

21:15. And he sent an angel to Jerusalem, to strike it: and as he was
striking it, the Lord beheld, and took pity for the greatness of the
evil: and said to the angel that destroyed: It is enough, now stop thy
hand. And the angel of the Lord stood by the thrashingfloor of Ornan
the Jebusite.

Ornan. . .Otherwise Areuna.

21:16. And David lifting up his eyes, saw the angel of the Lord
standing between heaven and earth, with a drawn sword in his hand,
turned against Jerusalem: and both he and the ancients clothed in
haircloth, fell down flat on the ground.

21:17. And David said to God: Am not I he that commanded the people to
be numbered? It is I that have sinned: it is I that have done the evil:
but as for this flock, what hath it deserved? O Lord my God, let thy
hand be turned, I beseech thee, upon me, and upon my father's house:
and let not thy people be destroyed.

21:18. And the angel of the Lord commanded Gad to tell David, to go up,
and build an altar to the Lord God in the thrashingfloor of Ornan the

21:19. And David went up, according to the word of Gad, which he spoke
to him in the name of the Lord.

21:20. Now when Ornan looked up, and saw the angel, he and his four
sons hid themselves: for at that time he was thrashing wheat in the

21:21. And as David was coming to Ornan, Ornan saw him, and went out of
the thrashingfloor to meet him, and bowed down to him with his face to
the ground.

21:22. And David said to him: Give me this place of thy thrashingfloor,
that I may build therein an altar to the Lord: but thou shalt take of
me as much money as it is worth, that the plague may cease from the

21:23. And Ornan said to David: Take it, and let my lord the king do
all that pleaseth him: and moreover the oxen also I give for a
holocaust, and the drays for wood, and the wheat for the sacrifice: I
will give it all willingly.

21:24. And king David said to him: It shall not be so, but I will give
thee money as much as it is worth: for I must not take it from thee,
and so offer to the Lord holocausts free cost.

21:25. So David gave to Ornan for the place, six hundred sicles of gold
of just weight.

Six hundred sicles, etc. . .This was the price of the whole place, on
which the temple was afterwards built; but the price of the oxen was
fifty sicles of silver. 2 Kings 24.24.

21:26. And he built there an altar to the Lord: and he offered
holocausts, and peace offerings, and he called upon the Lord, and he
heard him by sending fire from heaven upon the altar of the holocaust.

21:27. And the Lord commanded the angel: and he put up his sword again
into the sheath.

21:28. And David seeing that the Lord had heard him in the
thrashingfloor of Ornan the Jebusite, forthwith offered victims there.

21:29. But the tabernacle of the Lord, which Moses made in the desert,
and the altar of holocausts, was at that time in the high place of

21:30. And David could not go to the altar there to pray to God: for he
was seized with an exceeding great fear, seeing the sword of the angel
of the Lord.

1 Paralipomenon Chapter 22

David having prepared all necessaries, chargeth Solomon to build the
temple and the princes to assist him.

22:1. Then David said: This is the house of God, And this is the altar
for the holocaust of Israel.

22:2. And he commanded to gather together all the proselytes of the
land of Israel, and out of them he appointed stonecutters to hew stones
and polish them, to build the house of God.

22:3. And David prepared in abundance iron for the nails of the gates,
and for the closures and joinings: and of brass an immense weight.

22:4. And the cedar trees were without number, which the Sidonians, and
Tyrians brought to David.

22:5. And David said: Solomon my son is very young and tender, and the
house which I would have to be built to the Lord, must be such as to be
renowned in all countries: therefore I will prepare him necessaries.
And therefore before his death he prepared all the charges.

22:6. And he called for Solomon his son: and commanded him to build a
house to the Lord the God of Israel.

22:7. And David said to Solomon: My son, it was my desire to have built
a house to the name of the Lord my God.

22:8. But the word of the Lord came to me, saying: Thou hast shed much
blood, and fought many battles, so thou cannot not build house to my
name, after shedding so much blood before me:

22:9. The son, that shall be born to thee, shall be a most quiet man:
for I will make him rest from all his enemies round about: and
therefore he shall be called Peaceable: and I will give peace and
quietness to Israel all his days.

22:10. He shall build a house to my name, and he shall be a son to me,
and I will be a father to him: and I will establish the throne of his
kingdom over Israel for ever.

22:11. Now then, my son, the Lord be with thee, and do thou prosper,
and build the house to the Lord thy God, as he hath spoken of thee.

22:12. The Lord also give thee wisdom and understanding, that thou
mayest be able to rule Israel, and to keep the law of the Lord thy God.

22:13. For then thou shalt be able to prosper, if thou keep the
commandments, and judgments, which the Lord commanded Moses to teach
Israel: take courage and act manfully, fear not, nor be dismayed.

22:14. Behold I in my poverty have prepared the charges of the house of
the Lord, of gold a hundred thousand talents, and of silver a million
of talents: but of brass, and of iron there is no weight, for the
abundance surpasseth all account: timber also and stones I have
prepared for all the charges.

22:15. Thou hast also workmen in abundance, hewers of stones, and
masons, and carpenters, and of all trades the most skilful in their

22:16. In gold, and in silver, and in brass, and in iron, whereof there
is no number. Arise then, and be doing, and the Lord will be with thee.

22:17. David also charged all the princes of Israel, to help Solomon
his son,

22:18. Saying: You see, that the Lord your God is with you, and hath
given you rest round about, and hath delivered all your enemies into
your hands, and the land is subdued before the Lord, and before his

22:19. Give therefore your hearts and your souls, to seek the Lord your
God and arise, and build a sanctuary to the Lord God, that the ark of
the covenant of the Lord, and the vessels consecrated to the Lord, may
be brought into the house, which is built to the name of the Lord.

1 Paralipomenon Chapter 23

David appointeth Solomon king. The distribution of the Levites and
their offices.

23:1. David being old and full of days, made Solomon his son king over

23:2. And he gathered together all the princes of Israel, and the
priests and Levites.

23:3. And the Levites were numbered from the age of thirty years, and
upwards: and there were found of them thirty-eight thousand men.

23:4. Of these twenty-four thousand were chosen, and distributed unto
the ministry of the house of the Lord: and six thousand were the
overseers and judges.

23:5. Moreover four thousand were porters: and as many singers singing
to the Lord with the instruments, which he had made to sing with.

23:6. And David distributed them into courses by the families of the
sons of Levi, to wit, of Gerson, and of Caath, and of Merari.

23:7. The sons of Gerson were Leedan and Semei.

23:8. The sons of Leedan: the chief Jahiel, and Zethan, and Joel,

23:9. The sons of Semei: Salomith, and Hosiel, and Aran, three: these
were the heads of the families of Leedan.

23:10. And the sons of Semei were Leheth, and Ziza, and Jaus, and
Baria: these were the sons of Semei, four.

23:11. And Leheth was the first, Ziza the second: but Jaus and Baria
had not many children, and therefore they were counted in one family,
and in one house.

23:12. The sons of Caath were Amram, and Isaar, Hebron, and Oziel,

23:13. The sons of Amram, Aaron, and Moses. And Aaron was separated to
minister in the holy of holies, he and his sons for ever, and to burn
incense before the Lord, according to his ceremonies, and to bless his
name for ever.

23:14. The sons also of Moses, the man of God, were numbered in the
tribe of Levi.

23:15. The sons of Moses were Gersom and Eliezer:

23:16. The sons of Gersom: Subuel the first.

23:17. And the sons of Eliezer were: Rohobia the first: and Eliezer had
no more sons. But the sons of Rohobia were multiplied exceedingly.

23:18. The sons of Isaar: Salomith the first.

23:19. The sons of Hebron: Jeriau the first, Amarias the second,
Jahaziel the third, Jecmaam the fourth.

23:20. The sons of Oziel: Micha the first, Jesia the second.

23:21. The sons of Merari: Moholi, and Musi. The sons of Moholi:
Eleazar and Cis.

23:22. And Eleazar died, and had no sons but daughters: and the sons of
Cis their brethren took them.

23:23. The sons of Musi: Moholi, and Eder, and Jerimoth, three.

23:24. These are the sons of Levi in their kindreds and families,
princes by their courses, and the number of every head that did the
works of the ministry of the house of the Lord from twenty years old
and upward.

23:25. For David said: The Lord the God of Israel hath given rest to
his people, and a habitation in Jerusalem for ever.

23:26. And it shall not be the office of the Levites to carry any more
the tabernacle, and all the vessels for the service thereof.

23:27. So according to the last precepts of David, the sons of Levi are
to be numbered from twenty years old and upward.

23:28. And they are to be under the hand of the sons of Aaron for the
service of the house of the Lord, in the porches, and in the chambers,
and in the place of purification, and in the sanctuary, and in all the
works of the ministry of the temple of the Lord.

23:29. And the priests have the charge of the loaves of proposition,
and of the sacrifice of fine flour, and of the unleavened cakes, and of
the fryingpan, and of the roasting, and of every weight and measure.

23:30. And the Levites are to stand in the morning to give thanks, and
to sing praises to the Lord: and in like manner in the evening,

23:31. As well in the oblation of the holocausts of the Lord, as in the
sabbaths and in the new moons, and the rest of the solemnities,
according to the number and ceremonies prescribed for every thing,
continually before the Lord.

23:32. And let them keep the observances of the tabernacle of the
covenant, and the ceremonies of the sanctuary, and the charge of the
sons of Aaron their brethren, that they may minister in the house of
the Lord.

1 Paralipomenon Chapter 24

The divisions of the priests into four and twenty courses, to serve in
the temple: the chiefs of the Levites.

24:1. Now these were the divisions of the sons of Aaron: The sons of
Aaron: Nadab, and Abiu, and Eleazar, and Ithamar.

24:2. But Nadab and Abiu died before their father, and had no children:
so Eleazar, and Ithamar did the office of the priesthood.

24:3. And David distributed them, that is, Sadoc of the sons of
Eleazar, and Ahimelech of the sons of Ithamar, according to their
courses and ministry.

24:4. And there were found many more of the sons of Eleazar among the
principal men, than of the sons of Ithamar. And he divided them so,
that there were of the sons of Eleazar, sixteen chief men by their
families: and of the sons of Ithamar eight by their families and

24:5. And he divided both the families one with the other by lot: for
there were princes of the sanctuary, and princes of God, both of the
sons of Eleazar, and of the sons of Ithamar.

24:6. And Semeias the son of Nathanael the scribe a Levite, wrote them
down before the king and the princes, and Sadoc the priest, and
Ahimelech the son of Abiathar, and the princes also of the priestly and
Levitical families: one house, which was over the rest, of Eleazar: and
another house, which had the rest under it, of Ithamar.

24:7. Now the first lot came forth to Joiarib, the second to Jedei,

24:8. The third to Harim, the fourth to Seorim,

24:9. The fifth to Melchia, the sixth to Maiman,

24:10. The seventh to Accos, the eighth to Abia,

24:11. The ninth to Jesua, the tenth to Sechenia,

24:12. The eleventh to Eliasib, the twelfth to Jacim,

24:13. The thirteenth to Hoppha, the fourteenth to Isbaab,

24:14. The fifteenth to Belga, the sixteenth to Emmer,

24:15. The seventeenth to Hezir, the eighteenth to Aphses,

24:16. The nineteenth to Pheteia, the twentieth to Hezechiel,

24:17. The one and twentieth to Jachin, the two and twentieth to Gamul,

24:18. The three and twentieth to Dalaiau, the four and twentieth to

24:19. These are their courses according to their ministries, to come
into the house of the Lord, and according to their manner under the
hand of Aaron their father: as the Lord the God of Israel had

24:20. Now of the rest of the sons of Levi, there was of the sons of
Amram, Subael: and of the sons of Subael, Jehedeia.

24:21. Also of the sons of Rohobia the chief Jesias.

24:22. And the son of Isaar Salemoth, and the son of Salemoth Jahath:

24:23. And his son Jeriau the first, Amarias the second, Jahaziel the
third, Jecmaan the fourth.

24:24. The son of Oziel, Micha: the son of Micha, Samir.

24:25. The brother of Micha, Jesia: and the son of Jesia, Zacharias.

24:26. The sons of Merari: Moholi and Musi: the son of Oziau: Benno.

24:27. The son also of Merari Oziau, and Soam, and Zacchur, and Hebri.

24:28. And the son of Moholi: Eleazar, who had no sons.

24:29. And the son of Cis, Jeramael.

24:30. The sons of Musi: Moholi, Eder, and Jerimoth. These are the sons
of Levi according to the houses of their families.

24:31. And they also cast lots over against their brethren the sons of
Aaron before David the king, and Sadoc, and Ahimelech, and the princes
of the priestly and Levitical families, both the elder and the younger.
The lot divided all equally.

1 Paralipomenon Chapter 25

The number and divisions of the musicians.

25:1. Moreover David and the chief officers of the army separated for
the ministry the sons of Asaph, and of Heman, and of Idithun: to
prophesy with harps, and with psalteries, and with cymbals according to
their number serving in their appointed office.

25:2. Of the sons of Asaph: Zacchur, and Joseph, and Nathania, and
Asarela, sons of Asaph: under the hand of Asaph prophesying near the

25:3. And of Idithun: the sons of Idithun, Godolias, Sori, Jeseias, and
Hasabias, and Mathathias, under the hand of their father Idithun, who
prophesied with a harp to give thanks and to praise the Lord.

25:4. Of Heman also: the sons of Heman, Bocciau, Mathaniau, Oziel,
Subuel, and Jerimoth, Hananias, Hanani, Eliatha, Geddelthi, and
Romemthiezer, and Jesbacassa, Mellothi, Othir, Mahazioth:

25:5. All these were the sons of Heman the seer of the king in the
words of God, to lift up the horn: and God gave to Heman fourteen sons
and three daughters.

25:6. All these under their father's hand were distributed to sing in
the temple of the Lord, with cymbals, and psalteries and harps, for the
service of the house of the Lord near the king: to wit, Asaph, and
Idithun, and Heman.

25:7. And the number of them with their brethren, that taught the song
of the Lord, all the teachers, were two hundred and eighty-eight.

25:8. And they cast lots by their courses, the elder equally with the
younger, the learned and the unlearned together.

25:9. And the first lot came forth to Joseph, who was of Asaph. The
second to Godolias, to him and his sons, and his brethren twelve.

25:10. The third to Zachur, to his sons and his brethren twelve.

25:11. The fourth to Isari, to his sons and his brethren twelve.

25:12. The fifth to Nathania, to his sons and his brethren twelve.

25:13. The sixth to Bocciau, to his sons and his brethren twelve.

25:14. The seventh to Isreela, to his sons and his brethren twelve.

25:15. The eighth to Jesaia, to his sons and his brethren twelve.

25:16. The ninth to Mathanaias, to his sons and his brethren twelve.

25:17. The tenth to Semeias, to his sons and his brethren twelve.

25:18. The eleventh to Azareel, to his sons and his brethren twelve.

25:19. The twelfth to Hasabia, to his sons and his brethren twelve.

25:20. The thirteenth to Subael, to his sons and his brethren twelve.

25:21. The fourteenth to Mathathias, to his sons and his brethren

25:22. The fifteenth to Jerimoth, to his sons and his brethren twelve.

25:23. The sixteenth to Hananias, to his sons and his brethren twelve.

25:24. The seventeenth to Jesbacassa, to his sons and his brethren

25:25. The eighteenth to Hanani, to his sons and his brethren twelve.

25:26. The nineteenth to Mellothi, to his sons and his brethren twelve.

25:27. The twentieth to Eliatha, to his sons and his brethren twelve.

25:28. The one and twentieth to Othir, to his sons and his brethren

25:29. The two and twentieth to Geddelthi, to his sons and his brethren

25:30. The three and twentieth to Mahazioth, to his sons and his
brethren twelve.

25:31. The four and twentieth to Romemthiezer, to his sons and his
brethren twelve.

1 Paralipomenon Chapter 26

The divisions of the porters. Offices of other Levites.

26:1. And the divisions of the porters: of the Corites Meselemia, the
son of Core, of the sons of Asaph.

26:2. The sons of Meselemia: Zacharias the firstborn, Jadihel the
second, Zabadias the third, Jathanael the fourth,

26:3. Elam the fifth, Johanan the sixth, Elioenai the seventh.

26:4. And the sons of Obededom, Semeias the firstborn, Jozabad the
second, Joaha the third, Sachar the fourth, Nathanael the fifth,

26:5. Ammiel the sixth, Issachar the seventh, Phollathi the eighth: for
the Lord had blessed him.

26:6. And to Semei his son were born sons, heads of their families: for
they were men of great valour.

26:7. The sons then of Semeias were Othni, and Raphael, and Obed,
Elizabad, and his brethren most valiant men: and Eliu, and Samachias.

26:8. All these of the sons of Obededom: they, and their sons, and
their brethren most able men for service, sixty-two of Obededom.

26:9. And the sons of Meselemia, and their brethren strong men, were

26:10. And of Hosa, that is, of the sons of Merari: Semri the chief,
(for he had not a firstborn, and therefore his father made him chief.)

He had not a firstborn. . .That is, his firstborn was either dead or not
fit to be chief; and therefore he made Semri the chief.

26:11. Helcias the second, Tabelias the third, Zacharias the fourth:
all these the sons, and the brethren of Hosa, were thirteen.

26:12. Among these were the divisions of the porters, so that the
chiefs of the wards, as well as their brethren, always ministered in
the house of the Lord.

26:13. And they cast lots equally, both little and great, by their
families for every one of the gates.

26:14. And the lot of the east fell to Selemias. But to his son
Zacharias, a very wise and learned man, the north gate fell by lot.

26:15. And to Obededom and his sons that towards the south: in which
part of the house was the council of the ancients.

26:16. To Sephim, and Hosa towards the west, by the gate which leadeth
to the way of the ascent: ward against ward.

26:17. Now towards the east were six Levites: and towards the north
four a day: and towards the south likewise four a day: and where the
council was, two and two.

26:18. In the cells also of the porters toward the west four in the
way: and two at every cell.

26:19. These are the divisions of the porters of the sons of Core, and
of Merari.

26:20. Now Achias was over the treasures of the house of God, and the
holy vessels.

Holy vessels. . .Or vessels of the holy places, or of things holy. Vasa

26:21. The sons of Ledan, the sons of Gersonni: of Ledan were heads of
the families, of Ledan, and Gersonni, Jehieli.

26:22. The sons of Jehieli: Zathan and Joel, his brethren over the
treasures of the house of the Lord,

26:23. With the Amramites, and Isaarites, and Hebronites, and

26:24. And Subael the son of Gersom, the son of Moses, was chief over
the treasures.

26:25. His brethren also, Eliezer, whose son Rohobia, and his son
Isaias, and his son Joram, and his son Zechri, and his son Selemith.

26:26. Which Selemith and his brethren were over the treasures of the
holy things, which king David, and the heads of families, and the
captains over thousands and over hundreds, and the captains of the host
had dedicated,

26:27. Out of the wars, and the spoils won in battles, which they had
consecrated to the building and furniture of the temple of the Lord.

26:28. And all these things that Samuel the seer and Saul the son of
Cis, and Abner the son of Ner, and Joab the son of Sarvia had
sanctified: and whosoever had sanctified those things, they were under
the hand of Selemith and his brethren.

26:29. But Chonenias and his sons were over the Isaarites, for the
business abroad over Israel to teach them and judge them.

26:30. And of the Hebronites Hasabias, and his brethren most able men,
a thousand seven hundred had the charge over Israel beyond the Jordan
westward, in all the works of the Lord, and for the service of the

26:31. And the chief of the Hebronites was Jeria according to their
families and kindreds. In the fortieth year of the reign of David they
were numbered, and there were found most valiant men in Jazer Galaad,

26:32. And his brethren of stronger age, two thousand seven hundred
chiefs of families. And king David made them rulers over the Rubenites
and the Gadites, and the half tribe of Manasses, for all the service of
God, and the king.

1 Paralipomenon Chapter 27

The twelve captains for every month; the twelve princes of the tribes.
David's several officers.

27:1. Now the children of Israel according to their number, the heads
of families, captains of thousands and of hundreds, and officers, that
served the king according to their companies, who came in and went out
every month in the year, under every chief were four and twenty

27:2. Over the first company the first month Jesboam, the son of
Zabdiel was chief, and under him were four and twenty thousand.

27:3. Of the sons of Phares, the chief of all the captains in the host
in the first month.

27:4. The company of the second month was under Dudia, an Ahohite, and
after him was another named Macelloth, who commanded a part of the army
of four and twenty thousand.

27:5. And the captain of the third company for the third month, was
Banaias the son of Joiada the priest: and in his division were four and
twenty thousand.

27:6. This is that Banaias the most valiant among the thirty, and above
the thirty. And Amizabad his son commanded his company.

27:7. The fourth, for the fourth month, was Asahel the brother of Joab,
and Zabadias his son after him: and in his company were four and twenty

27:8. The fifth captain for the fifth month, was Samaoth a Jezerite:
and his company were four and twenty thousand.

27:9. The sixth, for the sixth month, was Hira the son of Acces a
Thecuite: and in his company were four and twenty thousand.

27:10. The seventh, for the seventh month, was Helles a Phallonite of
the sons of Ephraim: and in his company were four and twenty thousand.

27:11. The eighth, for the eighth month, was Sobochai a Husathite of
the race of Zarahi: and in his company were four and twenty thousand.

27:12. The ninth, for the ninth month, was Abiezer an Anathothite of
the sons of Jemini, and in his company were four and twenty thousand.

27:13. The tenth, for the tenth month, was Marai, who was a
Netophathite of the race of Zarai: and in his company were four and
twenty thousand.

27:14. The eleventh, for the eleventh month, was Banaias, a
Pharathonite of the sons of Ephraim: and in his company were four and
twenty thousand.

27:15. The twelfth, for the twelfth month, was Holdai a Netophathite,
of the race of Gothoniel: and in his company were four and twenty

27:16. Now the chiefs over the tribes of Israel were these: over the
Rubenites, Eliezer the son of Zechri was ruler: over the Simeonites,
Saphatias the son of Maacha:

27:17. Over the Levites, Hasabias the son of Camuel: over the
Aaronites, Sadoc:

27:18. Over Juda, Eliu the brother of David over Issachar, Amri the son
of Michael:

27:19. Over the Zabulonites, Jesmaias the son of Adias: over the
Nephtalites, Jerimoth the son of Ozriel:

27:20. Over the sons of Ephraim, Osee the son of Ozaziu: over the half
tribe of Manasses, Joel the son of Phadaia:

27:21. And over the half tribe of Manasses in Galaad, Jaddo the son of
Zacharias: and over Benjamin, Jasiel the son of Abner.

27:22. And over Dan, Ezrihel the son of Jeroham: these were the princes
of the children of Israel.

27:23. But David would not number them from twenty years old and under:
because the lord had said that he would multiply Israel like the stars
of heaven.

27:24. Joab the son of Sarvia began to number, but he finished not:
because upon this there fell wrath upon Israel: and therefore the
number of them that were numbered, was not registered in the chronicles
of king David.

27:25. And over the king's treasures was Azmoth the son of Adiel: and
over those stores which were in the cities, and in the villages, and,
in the castles, was Jonathan the son of Ozias.

27:26. And over the tillage, and the husbandmen, who tilled the ground,
was Ezri the son of Chelub:

27:27. And over the dressers of the vine yards, was Semeias a
Romathite: and over the wine cellars, Zabdias an Aphonite.

27:28. And over the oliveyards and the fig groves, which were in the
plains, was Balanam a Gederite: and over the oil cellars, Joas.

27:29. And over the herds that fed in Saron, was Setrai a Saronite: and
over the oxen in the valleys, Saphat the son of Adli:

27:30. And over the camels, Ubil an Ishmahelite and over the asses,
Jadias a Meronathite:

27:31. And over the sheep Jaziz an Agarene. All these were the rulers
of the substance of king David.

27:32. And Jonathan David's uncle, a counsellor, a wise and learned
man: he and Jahiel the son of Hachamoni were with the king's sons.

27:33. And Achitophel was the king's counsellor, and Chusai the
Arachite, the king's friend.

27:34. And after Achitophel was Joiada the son of Banaias, and
Abiathar. And the general of the king's army was Joab.

1 Paralipomenon Chapter 28

David's speech, in a solemn assembly: his exhortation to Solomon. He
giveth him a pattern of the temple.

28:1. And David assembled all the chief men of Israel, the princes of
the tribes, and the captains of the companies, who waited on the king:
and the captains over thousands, and over hundreds, and them who had
the charge over the substance and possessions of the king, and his sons
with the officers of the court, and the men of power, and all the
bravest of the army at Jerusalem.

28:2. And the king rising up, and standing said: Hear me, my brethren
and my people: I had a thought to have built a house, in which the ark
of the Lord, and the footstool of our God might rest: and prepared all
things for the building.

28:3. And God said to me: Thou shalt not build a house to my name:
because thou art a man of war, and hast shed blood.

28:4. But the Lord God of Israel chose me of all the house of my
father, to be king over Israel for ever: for of Juda he chose the
princes: and of the house of Juda, my father's house: and among the
sons of my father, it pleased him to choose me king over all Israel.

28:5. And among my sons (for the Lord hath given me many sons) he hath
chosen Solomon my son, to sit upon the throne of the kingdom of the
Lord over Israel.

28:6. And he said to me: Solomon thy son shall build my house, and my
courts: for I have chosen him to be my son, and I will be a father to

28:7. And I will establish his kingdom for ever, it he continue to keep
my commandments, and my judgments, as at this day.

28:8. Now then before all the assembly of Israel, in the hearing of our
God, keep ye, and seek all the commandments of the Lord our God: that
you may possess the good land, and may leave it to your children after
you for ever.

28:9. And thou my son Solomon, know the God of thy father, and serve
him with a perfect heart, and a willing mind: for the Lord searcheth
all hearts, and understandeth all the thoughts of minds. If thou seek
him, thou shalt find him: but if thou forsake him, he will cast thee
off for ever.

28:10. Now therefore seeing the Lord hath chosen thee to build the
house of the sanctuary, take courage, and do it.

28:11. And David gave to Solomon his son a description of the porch,
and of the temple, and of the treasures, and of the upper floor, and of
the inner chambers, and of the house for the mercy seat,

28:12. As also of all the courts, which he had in his thought, and of
the chambers round about, for the treasures of the house of the Lord,
and for the treasures of the consecrated things,

28:13. And of the divisions of the priests and of the Levites, for all
the works of the house of the Lord, and for all the vessels of the
service of the temple of the Lord.

28:14. Gold by weight for every vessel for the ministry. And silver by
weight according to the diversity of the vessels and uses.

28:15. He gave also gold for the golden candlesticks, and their lamps,
according to the dimensions of every candlestick, and the lamps
thereof. In like manner also he gave silver by weight for the silver
candlesticks, and for their lamps according to the diversity of the
dimensions of them.

28:16. He gave also gold for the tables of proposition, according to
the diversity of the tables: in like manner also silver for other
tables of silver.

28:17. For fleshhooks also, and bowls, and censors of fine gold, and
for little lions of gold, according to the measure he gave by weight,
for every lion. In like manner also for lions of silver he set aside a
different weight of silver.

28:18. And for the altar of incense, he gave the purest gold: and to
make the likeness of the chariot of the cherubims spreading their
wings, and covering the ark of the covenant of the Lord.

28:19. All these things, said he, came to me written by the hand of the
Lord that I might understand all the works of the pattern.

28:20. And David said to Solomon his son: Act like a man, and take
courage, and do: fear not, and be not dismayed: for the Lord my God
will be with thee, and will not leave thee, nor forsake thee, till thou
hast finished all the work for the service of the house of the Lord.

28:21. Behold the courses of the priests and the Levites, for every
ministry of the house of the Lord, stand by thee, and are ready, and
both the princes, and the people know how to execute all thy

1 Paralipomenon Chapter 29

David by word and example encourageth the princes to contribute
liberally to the building of the temple. His thanksgiving, prayer, and
sacrifices: his death.

29:1. And king David said to all the assembly: Solomon my son, whom
alone God hath chosen, is as yet young and tender: and the work is
great, for a house is prepared not for man, but for God.

29:2. And I with all my ability have prepared the expenses for the
house of my God. Gold for vessels of gold, and silver for vessels of
silver, brass for things of brass, iron for things of iron, wood for
things of wood: and onyx stones, and stones like alabaster, and of
divers colours, and all manner of precious stones, and marble of Paros
in great abundance.

29:3. Now over and above the things which I have offered into the house
of my God I give of my own proper goods, gold and silver for the temple
of my God, beside what things I have prepared for the holy house.

29:4. Three thousand talents of gold of the gold of Ophir: and seven
thousand talents of refined silver, to overlay the walls of the temple.

29:5. And gold for wheresoever there is need of gold: and silver for
wheresoever there is need of silver, for the works to be made by the
hands of the artificers: now if any man is willing to offer, let him
fill his hand to day, and offer what he pleaseth to the Lord.

29:6. Then the heads of the families, and the princes of the tribes of
Israel and the captains of thousands, and of hundreds, and the
overseers of the king's possessions promised,

29:7. And they gave for the works of the house of the Lord, of gold,
five thousand talents, and ten thousand solids: of silver ten thousand
talents: and of brass eighteen thousand talents: and of iron a hundred
thousand talents.

29:8. And all they that had stones, gave them to the treasures of the
house of the Lord, by the hand of Jahiel the Gersonite.

29:9. And the people rejoiced, when they promised their offerings
willingly: because they offered them to the Lord with all their heart:
and David the king rejoiced also with a great joy.

29:10. And he blessed the Lord before all the multitude, and he said:
Blessed art thou, O Lord the God of Israel, our father from eternity to

29:11. Thine, O Lord, is magnificence, and power, and glory, and
victory: and to thee is praise: for all that is in heaven, and in
earth, is thine: thine is the kingdom, O Lord, and thou art above all

29:12. Thine are riches, and thine is glory, thou hast dominion over
all, in thy hand is power and might: in thy hand greatness, and the
empire of all things.

29:13. Now therefore our God we give thanks to thee, and we praise thy
glorious name.

29:14. Who am I, and what is my people, that we should be able to
promise thee all these things? all things are thine: and we have given
thee what we received of thy hand.

29:15. For we are sojourners before thee, and strangers, as were all
our fathers. I Our days upon earth are as a shadow, and there is no

29:16. O Lord our God, all this store that we have prepared to build
thee a house for thy holy name, is from thy hand, and all things are

29:17. I know my God that thou provest hearts, and lovest simplicity,
wherefore I also in the simplicity of my heart, have joyfully offered
all these things: and I have seen with great joy thy people, which are
here present, offer thee their offerings.

29:18. O Lord God of Abraham, and of Isaac, and of Israel our fathers,
keep for ever this will of their heart, and let this mind remain always
for the worship of thee.

29:19. And give to Solomon my son a perfect heart, that he may keep thy
commandments, thy testimonies, and thy ceremonies, and do all things:
and build the house, for which I have provided the charges.

29:20. And David commanded all the assembly: Bless ye the Lord our God.
And all the assembly blessed the Lord the God of their fathers: and
they bowed themselves and worshipped God, and then the king.

29:21. And they sacrificed victims to the Lord: and they offered
holocausts the next day, a thousand bullocks, a thousand rams, a
thousand lambs, with their libations, and with every thing prescribed
most abundantly for all Israel.

29:22. And they ate, and drank before the Lord that day with great joy.
And they anointed the second time Solomon the son of David. And they
anointed him to the Lord to be prince, and Sadoc to be high priest.

29:23. And Solomon sat on the throne of the Lord as king instead of
David his father, and he pleased all: and all Israel obeyed him.

29:24. And all the princes, and men of power, and all the sons of king
David gave their hand, and were subject to Solomon the king.

29:25. And the Lord magnified Solomon over all Israel: and gave him the
glory of a reign, such as no king of Israel had before him.

29:26. So David the son of Isai reigned over all Israel.

29:27. And the days that he reigned over Israel, were forty years: in
Hebron he reigned seven years, and in Jerusalem three and thirty years.

29:28. And he died in a good age, full of days, and riches, and glory.
And Solomon his son reigned in his stead.

29:29. Now the acts of king David first and last are written in the
book of Samuel the seer, and in the book of Nathan the prophet, and in
the book of Gad the seer:

29:30. And of all his reign, and his valour, and of the times that
passed under him, either in Israel, or in all the kingdoms of the


2 Paralipomenon Chapter 1

Solomon offereth sacrifices at Gabaon. His choice of wisdom which God
giveth him.

1:1. And Solomon the son of David was strengthened in his kingdom, and
the Lord his God was with him, and magnified him to a high degree.

1:2. And Solomon gave orders to all Israel, to the captains of
thousands, and of hundreds, and to the rulers, and to the judges of all
Israel, and the heads of the families:

1:3. And he went with all the multitude to the high place of Gabaon,
where was the tabernacle of the covenant of the Lord, which Moses the
servant of God made, in the wilderness.

1:4. For David had brought the ark of God from Cariathiarim to the
place, which he had prepared for it, and where he had pitched a
tabernacle for it, that is, in Jerusalem.

1:5. And the altar of brass, which Beseleel the son of Uri the son of
Hur had made, was there before the tabernacle of the Lord: and Solomon
and all the assembly sought it:

1:6. And Solomon went up thither to the brazen altar, before the
tabernacle of the covenant of the Lord, and offered up on it a thousand

1:7. And behold that night God appeared to him, saying: Ask what thou
wilt that I should give thee.

1:8. And Solomon said to God: Thou hast shewn great kindness to my
father David: and hast made me king in his stead.

1:9. Now therefore, O Lord God, let thy word be fulfilled, which thou
hast promised to David my father: for thou hast made me king over thy
great people, which is as innumerable as the dust of the earth.

1:10. Give me wisdom and knowledge that I may come in and go out before
thy people: for who can worthily judge this thy people, which is so

1:11. And God said to Solomon: Because this choice hath pleased thy
heart, and thou hast not asked riches, and wealth, and glory, nor the
lives of them that hate thee, nor many days of life: but hast asked
wisdom and knowledge, to be able to judge my people, over which I have
made thee king,

1:12. Wisdom and knowledge are granted to thee: and I will give thee
riches, and wealth, and glory, so that none of the kings before thee,
nor after thee, shall be like thee.

1:13. Then Solomon came from the high place of Gabaon to Jerusalem
before the tabernacle of the covenant, and reigned over Israel.

1:14. And he gathered to himself chariots and horsemen, and he had a
thousand four hundred chariots, and twelve thousand horsemen: and he
placed them in the cities of the chariots, and with the king in

1:15. And the king made silver and gold to be in Jerusalem as stones,
and cedar trees as sycamores, which grow in the plains in great

1:16. And there were horses brought him from Egypt, and from Coa by the
king's merchants, who went, and bought at a price,

1:17. A chariot of four horses for six hundred pieces of silver, and a
horse for a hundred and fifty: in like manner market was made in all
the kingdoms of the Hethites, and of the kings of Syria.

2 Paralipomenon Chapter 2

Solomon's embassy to Hiram, who sends him a skilful workman and timber.

2:1. And Solomon determined to build a house to the name of the Lord,
and a palace for himself.

2:2. And he numbered out seventy thousand men to bear burdens, and
eighty thousand to hew stones in the mountains, and three thousand six
hundred to oversee them.

2:3. He sent also to Hiram king of Tyre, saying: As thou didst with
David my father, and didst send him cedars, to build him a house, in
which he dwelt:

2:4. So do with me that I may build a house to the name of the Lord my
God, to dedicate it to burn incense before him, and to perfume with
aromatical spices, and for the continual setting forth of bread, and
for the holocausts, morning and evening, and on the sabbaths, and on
the new moons, and the solemnities of the Lord our God for ever, which
are commanded for Israel.

2:5. For the house which I desire to build, is great: for our God is
great above all gods.

2:6. Who then can be able to build him a worthy house? if heaven, and
the heavens of heavens cannot contain him: who am I that I should be
able to build him a house? but to this end only, that incense may be
burnt before him.

2:7. Send me therefore a skilful man, that knoweth how to work in gold,
and in silver, in brass, and in iron, in purple, in scarlet and in
blue, and that hath skill in engraving, with the artificers, which I
have with me in Judea and Jerusalem, whom David my father provided.

2:8. Send me also cedars, and fir trees, and pine trees from Libanus:
for I know that thy servants are skilful in cutting timber in Libanus,
and my servants shall be with thy servants,

2:9. To provide me timber in abundance. For the house which I desire to
build, is to be exceeding great, and glorious.

2:10. And I will give thy servants the workmen that are to cut down the
trees, for their food twenty thousand cores of wheat, and as many cores
of barley, and twenty thousand measures of wine, and twenty thousand
measures of oil.

2:11. And Hiram king of Tyre sent a letter to Solomon, saying: Because
the Lord hath loved his people, therefore he hath made thee king over

2:12. And he added, saying: Blessed be the Lord the God of Israel, who
made heaven and earth, who hath given to king David a wise and knowing
son, endued with understanding and prudence, to build a house to the
Lord, and a palace for himself.

2:13. I therefore have sent thee my father Hiram, a wise and most
skilful man,

2:14. The son of a woman of the daughters of Dan, whose father was a
Tyrian, who knoweth how to work in gold, and in silver, in brass, and
in iron, and in marble, and in timber, in purple also, and violet, and
silk and scarlet: and who knoweth to grave all sort of graving, and to
devise ingeniously all that there may be need of in the work with thy
artificers, and with the artificers of my lord David thy father.

2:15. The wheat therefore, and the barley and the oil, and the wine,
which thou, my lord, hast promised, send to thy servants.

2:16. And we will cut down as many trees out of Libanus, as thou shalt
want, and will convey them in floats by sea to Joppe: and it will be
thy part to bring them thence to Jerusalem.

2:17. And Solomon numbered all the proselytes in the land of Israel,
after the numbering which David his father had made, and they were
found a hundred and fifty-three thousand and six hundred.

2:18. And he set seventy thousand of them to carry burdens on their
shoulders, and eighty thousand to hew stones in the mountains: and
three thousand and six hundred to be overseers of the work of the

2 Paralipomenon Chapter 3

The plan and ornaments of the temple: the cherubims, the veil, and the

3:1. And Solomon began to build the house of the Lord in Jerusalem, in
mount Moria, which had been shewn to David his father, in the place
which David had prepared in the thrashingfloor of Ornan the Jebusite.

3:2. And he began to build in the second month, in the fourth year of
his reign.

3:3. Now these are the foundations, which Solomon laid, to build the
house of God, the length by the first measure sixty cubits, the breadth
twenty cubits.

3:4. And the porch in the front, which was extended in length according
to the measure of the breadth of the house, twenty cubits: and the
height was a hundred and twenty cubits: and he overlaid it within with
pure gold.

3:5. And the greater house he ceiled with deal boards, and overlaid
them with plates of fine gold throughout: and he graved in them palm
trees, and like little chains interlaced with one another.

3:6. He paved also the floor of the temple with most precious marble,
of great beauty.

3:7. And the gold of the plates with which he overlaid the house, and
the beams thereof, and the posts, and the walls, and the doors was of
the finest: and he graved cherubims on the walls.

3:8. He made also the house of the holy of holies: the length of it
according to the breadth of the temple, twenty cubits, and the breadth
of it in like manner twenty cubits: and he overlaid it with plates of
gold, amounting to about six hundred talents.

3:9. He made also nails of gold, and the weight of every nail was fifty
sicles: the upper chambers also he overlaid with gold.

3:10. He made also in the house of the holy of holies two cherubims of
image work: and he overlaid them with gold.

3:11. The wings of the cherubims were extended twenty cubits, so that
one wing was five cubits long, and reached to the wall of the house:
and the other was also five cubits long, and reached to the wing of the
other cherub.

3:12. In like manner the wing of the other cherub, was five cubits
long, and reached to the wall: and his other wing was five cubits long,
and touched the wing of the other cherub.

3:13. So the wings of the two cherubims were spread forth, and were
extended twenty cubits: and they stood upright on their feet, and their
faces were turned toward the house without.

3:14. He made also a veil of violet, purple, scarlet, and silk: and
wrought in it cherubims.

3:15. He made also before the doors of the temple two pillars, which
were five and thirty cubits high: and their chapiters were five cubits.

3:16. He made also as it were little chains in the oracle, and he put
them on the heads of the pillars: and a hundred pomegranates, which he
put between the little chains.

3:17. These pillars he put at the entrance of the temple, one on the
right hand, and the other on the left: that which was on the right
hand, he called Jachin: and that on the left hand, Booz.

2 Paralipomenon Chapter 4

The altar of brass, the molten sea upon twelve oxen, the ten loaves,
the candlesticks and other vessels and ornaments of the temple.

4:1. He made also an altar of brass twenty cubits long, and twenty
cubits broad, and ten cubits high.

4:2. Also a molten sea of ten cubits from brim to brim, round in
compass: it was five cubits high, and a line of thirty cubits compassed
it round about.

4:3. And under it there was the likeness of oxen, and certain
engravings on the outside of ten cubits compassed the belly of the sea,
as it were with two rows.

4:4. And the oxen were cast: and the sea itself was set upon the twelve
oxen, three of which looked toward the north, and other three toward
the west: and other three toward the south, and the other three that
remained toward the east, and the sea stood upon them: and the hinder
parts of the oxen were inward under the sea.

4:5. Now the thickness of it was a handbreadth, and the brim of it was
like the brim of a cup, or of a crisped lily: and it held three
thousand measures.

4:6. He made also ten lavers: and he set five on the right hand, and
five on the left, to wash in them all such things as they were to offer
for holocausts: but the sea was for the priests to wash in.

4:7. And he made ten golden candlesticks, according to the form which
they were commanded to be made by: and he set them in the temple, five
on the right hand, and five on the left.

4:8. Moreover also ten tables: and he set them in the temple, five on
the right side, and five on the left. Also a hundred bowls of gold.

4:9. He made also the court of the priests, and a great hall, and doors
in the hall, which he covered with brass.

4:10. And he set the sea on the right side over against the east toward
the south.

4:11. And Hiram made caldrons, and fleshhooks, and bowls: and finished
all the king's work the house of God:

4:12. That is to say, the two pillars, and the pommels, and the
chapiters, and the network, to cover the chapiters over the pommels.

4:13. And four hundred pomegranates, and two wreaths of network, so
that two rows of pomegranates were joined to each wreath, to cover the
pommels, and the chapiters of the pillars.

4:14. He made also bases, and lavers, which he set upon the bases:

4:15. One sea, and twelve oxen under the sea;

4:16. And the caldrons, and fleshhooks, and bowls. All the vessels did
Hiram his father make for Solomon in the house of the Lord of the
finest brass.

4:17. In the country near the Jordan did the king cast them, in a clay
ground between Sochot and Saredatha.

4:18. And the multitude of vessels was innumerable, so that the weight
of the brass was not known.

4:19. And Solomon made all the vessels for the house of God, and the
golden altar, and the tables, upon which were the loaves of

4:20. The candlesticks also of most pure gold with their lamps to give
light before the oracle, according to the manner.

4:21. And certain flowers, and lamps, and golden tongs: all were made
of the finest gold.

4:22. The vessels also for the perfumes, and the censers, and the
bowls, and the mortars, of pure gold. And he graved the doors of the
inner temple, that is, for the holy of holies: and the doors of the
temple without were of gold. And thus all the work was finished which
Solomon made in the house of the Lord.

2 Paralipomenon Chapter 5

The ark is brought with great solemnity into the temple: the temple is
filled with the glory of God.

5:1. Then Solomon brought in all those things that David his father had
vowed, the silver, and the gold, and all the vessels he put among the
treasures of the house of God.

5:2. And after this he gathered together the ancients of Israel and all
the princes of the tribes, and the heads of the families, of the
children of Israel to Jerusalem, to bring the ark of the covenant of
the Lord out of the city of David, which is Sion.

5:3. And all the men of Israel came to the king in the solemn day of
the seventh month.

5:4. And when all the ancients of Israel were come, the Levites took up
the ark,

5:5. And brought it in, together with all the furniture of the
tabernacle. And the priests with the Levites carried the vessels of the
sanctuary, which were in the tabernacle.

5:6. And king Solomon and all the assembly of Israel and all that were
gathered together before the ark, sacrificed rams, and oxen without
number: so great was the multitude of the victims.

5:7. And the priests brought in the ark of the covenant of the Lord
into its place, that is, to the oracle of the temple, into the holy of
holies under the wings of the cherubims:

5:8. So that the cherubims spread their wings over the place, in which
the ark was set, and covered the ark itself and its staves.

5:9. Now the ends of the staves wherewith the ark was carried, because
they were some thing longer, were seen before the oracle: but if a man
were a little outward, he could not see them. So the ark has been there
unto this day.

5:10. And there was nothing else in the ark but the two tables which
Moses put there at Horeb when the Lord gave the law to the children of
Israel, at their coming out of Egypt.

5:11. Now when the priests were come out of the sanctuary, for all the
priests that could be found there, were sanctified: and as yet at that
time the courses and orders of the ministries were not divided among

5:12. Both the Levites and the singing men, that is, both they that
were under Asaph, and they that were under Heman, and they that were
under Idithun, with their sons, and their brethren, clothed with fine
linen, sounded with cymbals, and psalteries, and harps, standing on the
east side of the altar, and with them a hundred and twenty priests,
sounding with trumpets.

5:13. So when they all sounded together, both with trumpets, and voice,
and cymbals, and organs, and with divers kind of musical instruments,
and lifted up their voice on high: the sound was heard afar off, so
that when they began to praise the Lord, and to say: Give glory to the
Lord for he is good, for his mercy endureth for ever: the house of God
was filled with a cloud.

5:14. Nor could the priests stand and minister by reason of the cloud.
For the glory of the Lord had filled the house of God.

2 Paralipomenon Chapter 6

Solomon's blessings and prayer.

6:1. Then Solomon said: The Lord promised that he would dwell in a

6:2. But I have built a house to his name, that he might dwell there
for ever.

6:3. And the king turned his face, and blessed all the multitude of
Israel for all the multitude stood attentive and he said:

6:4. Blessed be the Lord the God of Israel, who hath accomplished in
deed that which he spoke to David my father, saying:

6:5. From the day that I brought my people out of the land of Egypt, I
chose no city among all the tribes of Israel, for a house to be built
in it to my name: neither chose I any other man, to be the ruler of my
people Israel.

6:6. But I chose Jerusalem, that my name might be there: and I chose
David to set him over my people Israel.

6:7. And whereas David my father had a mind to build a house to the
name of the Lord the God of Israel,

6:8. The Lord said to him: Forasmuch as it was thy will to build a
house to my name, thou hast done well indeed in having such a will:

6:9. But thou shalt not build the house, but thy son, who shall come
out of thy loins, he shall build a house to my name.

6:10. The Lord therefore hath accomplished his word which he spoke: and
I am risen up in the place of David my father, and sit upon the throne
of Israel, as the Lord promised: and have built a house to the name of
the Lord God of Israel.

6:11. And I have put in it the ark, wherein is the covenant of the
Lord, which he made with the children of Israel.

6:12. And he stood before the altar of the Lord, in presence of all the
multitude of Israel, and stretched forth his hands.

6:13. For Solomon had made a brazen scaffold, and had set it in the
midst of the temple, which was five cubits long, and five cubits broad,
and three cubits high: and he stood upon it: then kneeling down in the
presence of all the multitude of Israel, and lifting up his hands
towards heaven,

6:14. He said: O Lord God of Israel, there is no God like thee in
heaven nor in earth: who keepest covenant and mercy with thy servants,
that walk before thee with all their hearts:

6:15. Who hast performed to thy servant David my father all that thou
hast promised him: and hast accomplished in fact, what thou hast spoken
with thy mouth, as also the present time proveth.

6:16. Now then, O Lord God of Israel, fulfil to thy servant David my
father, whatsoever thou hast promised him, saying: There shall not fail
thee a man in my sight, to sit upon the throne of Israel: yet so that
thy children take heed to their ways, and walk in my law, as thou hast
walked before me.

6:17. And now, Lord God of Israel, let thy word be established which
thou hast spoken to thy servant David.

6:18. Is it credible then that God should dwell with men on the earth?
If heaven and the heavens of heavens do not contain thee, how much less
this house, which I have built?

6:19. But to this end only it is made, that thou mayest regard the
prayer of thy servant and his supplication, O Lord my God: and mayest
hear the prayers which thy servant poureth out before thee.

6:20. That thou mayest open thy eyes upon this house day and night,
upon the place wherein thou hast promised that thy name should be
called upon,

6:21. And that thou wouldst hear the prayer which thy servant prayeth
in it: hearken then to the prayers of thy servant, and of thy people
Israel. Whosoever shall pray in its place, hear thou from thy dwelling
place, that is, from heaven, and shew mercy.

6:22. If any man sin against his neighbour, and come to swear against
him, and bind himself with a curse before the altar in this house:

6:23. Then hear thou from heaven, and do justice to thy servants, so to
requite the wicked by making his wickedness fall upon his own head, and
to revenge the just, rewarding him according to his justice.

6:24. If thy people Israel be overcome by their enemies, (for they will
sin against thee,) and being converted shall do penance, and call upon
thy name, and pray to thee in this place,

6:25. Then hear thou from heaven, and forgive the sin of thy people
Israel and bring them back into the land which thou gavest to them, and
their fathers.

6:26. If the heavens be shut up, and there fall no rain by reason of
the sin of the people, and they shall pray to thee in this place, and
confess to thy name, and be converted from their sins, where thou dost
afflict them,

6:27. Then hear thou from heaven, O Lord, and forgive the sins of thy
servants and of thy people Israel and teach them the good way in which
they may walk: and give rain to thy land which thou hast given to thy
people to possess.

6:28. If a famine arise in the land, or a pestilence or blasting, or
mildew, or locusts, or caterpillars: or if their enemies waste the
country, and besiege the cities, whatsoever scourge or infirmity shall
be upon them:

6:29. Then if any of thy people Israel, knowing his own scourge and
infirmity shall pray, and shall spread forth his hands in this house,

6:30. Hear thou from heaven, from thy high dwelling place, and forgive,
and render to every one according to his ways, which thou knowest him
to have in his heart: for thou only knowest the hearts of the children
of men:

6:31. That they may fear thee, and walk in thy ways all the days that
they live upon the face of the land, which thou hast given to our

6:32. If the stranger also, who is not of thy people Israel, come from
a far country, for the sake of thy great name, and thy strong hand, and
thy stretched out arm, and adore in this place:

6:33. Hear thou from heaven thy firm dwelling place, and do all that
which that stranger shall call upon thee for: that all the people of
the earth may know thy name, and may fear thee, as thy people Israel,
and may know, that thy name is invoked upon this house, which I have

6:34. If thy people go out to war against their enemies, by the way
that thou shalt send them, and adore thee towards the way of this city,
which thou hast chosen, and the house which I have built to thy name:

6:35. Then hear thou from heaven their prayers, and their
supplications, and revenge them.

6:36. And if they sin against thee (for there is no man that sinneth
not) and thou be angry with them, and deliver them up to their enemies,
and they lead them away captive to a land either afar off, or near at

6:37. And if they be converted in their heart in the land to which they
were led captive, and do penance, and pray to thee in the land of their
captivity saying: We have sinned, we have done wickedly, we have dealt

6:38. And return to thee with all their heart, and with all their soul,
in the land of their captivity, to which they were led away, and adore
thee towards the way of their own land which thou gavest their fathers,
and of the city, which thou hast chosen, and the house which I have
built to thy name:

6:39. Then hear thou from heaven, that is, from thy firm dwelling
place, their prayers, and do judgment, and forgive thy people, although
they have sinned:

6:40. For thou art my God: let thy eyes, I beseech thee, be open, and
let thy ears be attentive to the prayer, that is made in this place.

6:41. Now therefore arise, O Lord God, into thy resting place, thou and
the ark of thy strength: let thy priests, O Lord God, put on salvation,
and thy saints rejoice in good things.

6:42. O Lord God, turn not away the face of thy anointed: remember the
mercies of David thy servant.

2 Paralipomenon Chapter 7

Fire from heaven consumeth the sacrifices. The solemnity of the
dedication of the temple. God signifieth his having heard Solomon's
prayer: yet so if he continue to serve him.

7:1. And when Solomon had made an end of his prayer, fire came down
from heaven, and consumed the holocausts and the victims: and the
majesty of the Lord filled the house.

7:2. Neither could the priests enter into the temple of the Lord,
because the majesty of the Lord had filled the temple of the Lord.

7:3. Moreover all the children of Israel saw the fire coming down, and
the glory of the Lord upon the house: and falling down with their faces
to the ground, upon the stone pavement, they adored and praised the
Lord: because he is good, because his mercy endureth for ever.

7:4. And the king and all the people sacrificed victims before the

7:5. And king Solomon offered a sacrifice of twenty-two thousand oxen,
and one hundred and twenty thousand rams: and the king and all the
people dedicated the house of God.

7:6. And the priests stood in their offices: and the Levites with the
instruments of music of the Lord, which king David made to praise the
Lord: because his mercy endureth for ever, singing the hymns of David
by their ministry: and the priests sounded with trumpets before them,
and all Israel stood.

7:7. Solomon also sanctified the middle of the court before the temple
of the Lord: for he offered there the holocausts, and the fat of the
peace offerings: because the brazen altar, which he had made, could not
hold the holocausts and the sacrifices and the fat:

7:8. And Solomon kept the solemnity at that time seven days, and all
Israel with him, a very great congregation, from the entrance of Emath
to the torrent of Egypt.

7:9. And he made on the eighth day a solemn assembly, because he had
kept the dedication of the altar seven days, and had celebrated the
solemnity seven days.

7:10. So on the three and twentieth day of the seventh month he sent
away the people to their dwellings, joyful and glad for the good that
the Lord had done to David, and to Solomon, and to all Israel his

7:11. And Solomon finished the house of the Lord, and the king's house,
and all that he had designed in his heart to do, in the house of the
Lord, and in his own house, and he prospered.

7:12. And the Lord appeared to him by night, and said: I have heard thy
prayer, and I have chosen this place to myself for a house of

7:13. If I shut up heaven, and there fall no rain, or if I give orders,
and command the locust to devour the land, or if I send pestilence
among my people:

7:14. And my people, upon whom my name is called, being converted,
shall make supplication to me, and seek out my face, and do penance for
their most wicked ways: then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive
their sins and will heal their land.

7:15. My eyes also shall be open, and my ears attentive to the prayer
of him that shall pray in this place.

7:16. For I have chosen, and have sanctified this place, that my name
may be there for ever, and my eyes and my heart may remain there

7:17. And as for thee, if thou walk before me, as David thy father
walked, and do according to all that I have commanded thee, and keep my
justices and my judgments:

7:18. I will raise up the throne of thy kingdom, as I promised to David
thy father, saying: There shall not fail thee a man of thy stock to be
ruler in Israel.

7:19. But if you turn away, and forsake my justices, and my
commandments which I have set before you, and shall go and serve
strange gods, and adore them,

7:20. I will pluck you up by the root out of my land which I have given
you: and this house which I have sanctified to my name, I will cast
away from before my face, and will make it a byword, and an example
among all nations.

7:21. And this house shall be for a proverb to all that pass by, and
they shall be astonished and say: Why hath the Lord done thus to this
land, and to this house?

7:22. And they shall answer: Because they forsook the Lord the God of
their fathers, who brought them out of the land of Egypt, and laid hold
on strange gods, and adored them, and worshipped them: therefore all
these evils are come upon them.

2 Paralipomenon Chapter 8

Solomon's buildings and other acts.

8:1. And at the end of twenty years after Solomon had built the house
of the Lord and his own house:

8:2. He built the cities which Hiram had given to Solomon, and caused
the children of Israel to dwell there.

8:3. He went also into Emath Suba, and possessed it.

8:4. And he built Palmira in the desert, and he built other strong
cities in Emath.

8:5. And he built Beth-horon the upper, and Beth-horon the nether,
walled cities with gates and bars and locks.

8:6. Balaath also and all the strong cities that were Solomon's, and
all the cities of the chariots, and the cities of the horsemen. All
that Solomon had a mind, and designed, he built in Jerusalem and in
Libanus, and in all the land of his dominion.

8:7. All the people that were left of the Hethites, and the Amorrhites,
and the Pherezites, and the Hevites, and the Jebusites, that were not
of the stock of Israel:

8:8. Of their children, and of the posterity, whom the children of
Israel had not slain, Solomon made to be the tributaries, unto this

8:9. But of the children of Israel he set none to serve in the king's
works: for they were men of war, and chief captains, and rulers of his
chariots and horsemen.

8:10. And all the chief captains of king Solomon's army were two
hundred and fifty, who taught the people.

8:11. And he removed the daughter of Pharao from the city of David, to
the house which he had built for her. For the king said: My wife shall
not dwell in the house of David king of Israel, for it is sanctified:
because the ark of the Lord came into it.

8:12. Then Solomon offered holocausts to the Lord upon the altar of the
Lord which he had built before the porch,

8:13. That every day an offering might be made on it according to the
ordinance of Moses, in the sabbaths, and on the new moons, and on the
festival days three times a year, that is to say, in the feast of
unleavened bread, and in the feast of weeks, and in the feast of

8:14. And he appointed according to the order of David his father the
offices of the priests in their ministries: and the Levites in their
order to give praise, and minister before the priests according to the
duty of every day: and the porters in their divisions by gate and gate:
for so David the man of God had commanded.

8:15. And the priests and Levites departed not from the king's
commandments, as to any thing that he had commanded, and as to the
keeping of the treasures.

8:16. Solomon had all charges prepared, from the day that he founded
the house of the Lord, until the day wherein he finished it.

8:17. Then Solomon went to Asiongaber, and to Ailath, on the coast of
the Red Sea, which is in the land of Edom.

8:18. And Hiram sent him ships by the hands of his servants, and
skilful mariners, and they went with Solomon's servants to Ophir, and
they took thence four hundred and fifty talents of gold, and brought it
to king Solomon.

2 Paralipomenon Chapter 9

The queen of Saba admireth the wisdom of Solomon. His riches and glory.
His death.

9:1. And when the queen of Saba heard of the fame of Solomon, she came
to try him with hard questions at Jerusalem, with great riches, and
camels, which carried spices, and abundance of gold, and precious
stones. And when she was come to Solomon, she proposed to him all that
was in her heart.

9:2. And Solomon explained to her all that she proposed: and there was
not any thing that he did not make clear unto her.

9:3. And when she had seen these things, to wit, the wisdom of Solomon,
and the house which he had built,

9:4. And the meats of his table, and the dwelling places of his
servants, and the attendance of his officers, and their apparel, his
cupbearers also, and their garments, and the victims which he offered
in the house of the Lord: there was no more spirit in her, she was so

9:5. And she said to the king: The word is true which I heard in my
country of thy virtues and wisdom.

9:6. I did not believe them that told it, until I came, and my eyes had
seen, and I had proved that scarce one half of thy wisdom had been told
me: thou hast exceeded the same with thy virtues.

9:7. Happy are thy men, and happy are thy servants, who stand always
before thee, and hear thy wisdom.

9:8. Blessed be the Lord thy God, who hath been pleased to set thee on
his throne, king of the Lord thy God. Because God loveth Israel, and
will preserve them forever: therefore hath he made thee king over them,
to do judgment and justice.

9:9. And she gave to the king a hundred and twenty talents of gold, and
spices in great abundance, and most precious stones: there were no such
spices as these which the queen of Saba gave to king Solomon.

9:10. And the servants also of Hiram, with the servants of Solomon,
brought gold from Ophir, and thyine trees, and most precious stones:

9:11. And the king made of the thyine trees stairs in the house of the
Lord, and in the king's house, and harps and psalteries for the singing
men: never were there seen such trees in the land of Juda.

9:12. And king Solomon gave to the queen of Saba all that she desired,
and that she asked, and many more things than she brought to him: so
she returned, and went to her own country with her servants.

9:13. And the weight of the gold, that was brought to Solomon every
year, was six hundred and sixty-six talents of gold:

9:14. Beside the sum which the deputies of divers nations, and the
merchants were accustomed to bring, and all the kings of Arabia, and
the lords of the lands, who brought gold and silver to Solomon.

9:15. And king Solomon made two hundred golden spears, of the sum of
six hundred pieces of gold, which went to every spear:

9:16. And three hundred golden shields of three hundred pieces of gold,
which went to the covering of every shield: and the king put them in
the armoury, which was compassed with a wood.

9:17. The king also made a great throne of ivory, and overlaid it with
pure gold.

9:18. And six steps to go up to the throne, and a footstool of gold,
and two arms one on either side, and two lions standing by the arms:

9:19. Moreover twelve other little lions standing upon the steps on
both sides: there was not such a throne in any kingdom.

9:20. And all the vessels of the king's table were of gold, and the
vessels of the house of the forest of Libanus were of the purest gold.
For no account was made of silver in those days.

9:21. For the king's ships went to Tharsis with the servants of Hiram,
once in three years: and they brought thence gold and silver, and
ivory, and apes, and peacocks.

9:22. And Solomon was magnified above all the kings of the earth for
riches and glory.

9:23. And all the kings of the earth desired to see the face of
Solomon, that they might hear the wisdom which God had given in his

9:24. And every year they brought him presents, vessels of silver and
of gold, and garments, and armour, and spices, and horses, and mules.

9:25. And Solomon had forty thousand horses in the stables, and twelve
thousand chariots, and horsemen, and he placed them in the cities of
the chariots and where the king was in Jerusalem.

9:26. And he exercised authority over all the kings from the river
Euphrates to the land of the Philistines, and to the borders of Egypt.

9:27. And he made silver as plentiful in Jerusalem as stones: and
cedars as common as the sycamores, which grow in the plains.

9:28. And horses were brought to him out of Egypt, and out of all

9:29. Now the rest of the acts of Solomon first and last are written in
the words of Nathan the prophet, and in the books of Ahias the
Silonite, and in the vision of Addo the seer, against Jeroboam the son
of Nabat.

9:30. And Solomon reigned in Jerusalem over all Israel forty years.

9:31. And he slept with his fathers: and they buried him in the city of
David: and Roboam his son reigned in his stead.

2 Paralipomenon Chapter 10

Roboam answereth the people roughly: upon which ten tribes revolt.

10:1. And Roboam went to Sichem: for thither all Israel were assembled,
to make him king.

10:2. And when Jeroboam the son of Nabat, who was in Egypt, (for he was
fled thither from Solomon,) heard it, forthwith he returned.

10:3. And they sent for him, and he came with all Israel, and they
spoke to Roboam, saying:

10:4. Thy father oppressed with a most grievous yoke, do thou govern us


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