The Holy Bible

Part 40 out of 74

31:31. Fire trieth hard iron: so wine drunk to excess shall rebuke the
hearts of the proud.

31:32. Wine taken with sobriety is equal life to men: if thou drink it
moderately, thou shalt be sober.

31:33. What is his life, who is diminished with wine?

31:34. What taketh away life? death.

31:35. Wine was created from the beginning to make men joyful, and not
to make them drunk.

31:36. Wine drunken with moderation is the joy of the soul and the

31:37. Sober drinking is health to soul and body.

31:38. Wine drunken with excess raiseth quarrels, and wrath, and many

31:39. Wine drunken with excess is bitterness of the soul.

31:40. The heat of drunkenness is the stumblingblock of the fool,
lessening strength and causing wounds.

31:41. Rebuke not thy neighbour in a banquet of wine: and despise him
not in his mirth.

31:42. Speak not to him words of reproach: and press him not in
demanding again.

Ecclesiasticus Chapter 32

Lessons for superiors and inferiors. Advantages of fearing God, and
doing nothing without counsel.

32:1. Have they made thee ruler? be not lifted up: be among them as one
of them.

32:2. Have care of them, and so sit down, and when thou hast acquitted
thyself of all thy charge, take thy place:

32:3. That thou mayst rejoice for them, and receive a crown as an
ornament of grace, and get the honour of the contribution.

32:4. Speak, thou that art elder: for it becometh thee,

32:5. To speak the first word with careful knowledge, and hinder not

32:6. Where there is no hearing, pour not out words, and be not lifted
up out of season with thy wisdom.

32:7. A concert of music in a banquet of wine is as a carbuncle set in

32:8. As a signet of an emerald in a work of gold: so is the melody of
music with pleasant and moderate wine.

32:9. Hear in silence, and for thy reverence good grace shall come to

32:10. Young man, scarcely speak in thy own cause.

32:11. If thou be asked twice, let thy answer be short.

32:12. In many things be as if thou wert ignorant, and hear in silence
and withal seeking.

32:13. In the company of great men take not upon thee: and when the
ancients are present, speak not much.

32:14. Before a storm goeth lightning: and before shamefacedness goeth
favour: and for thy reverence good grace shall come to thee.

32:15. And at the time of rising be not slack: but be first to run home
to thy house, and there withdraw thyself, and there take thy pastime.

32:16. And do what thou hast a mind, but not in sin or proud speech.

32:17. And for all these things bless the Lord, that made thee, and
that replenisheth thee with all his good things.

32:18. He that feareth the Lord, will receive his discipline: and they
that will seek him early, shall find a blessing.

32:19. He that seeketh the law, shall be filled with it: and he that
dealeth deceitfully, shall meet with a stumblingblock therein.

32:20. They that fear the Lord, shall find just judgment, and shall
kindle justice as a light.

32:21. A sinful man will flee reproof, and will find an excuse
according to his will.

32:22. A man of counsel will not neglect understanding, a strange and
proud man will not dread fear:

32:23. Even after he hath done with fear without counsel, he shall be
controlled by the things of his own seeking.

32:24. My son, do thou nothing without counsel, and thou shalt not
repent when thou hast done.

32:25. Go not in the way of ruin, and thou shalt not stumble against
the stones: trust not thyself to a rugged way, lest thou set a
stumblingblock to thy soul.

32:26. And beware of thy own children, and take heed of them of thy

32:27. In every work of thine regard thy soul in faith: for this is the
keeping of the commandments.

In faith. . .That is, follow sincerely thy soul in her faith and

32:28. He that believeth God, taketh heed to the commandments: and he
that trusteth in him, shall fare never the worse.

Ecclesiasticus Chapter 33

The fear of God is the best security. Times and men are in the hands of
God. Take care of thyself as long as thou livest, and look to thy

33:1. No evils shall happen to him that feareth the Lord, but in
temptation God will keep him and deliver him from evils.

33:2. A wise man hateth not the commandments and justices, and he shall
not be dashed in pieces as a ship in a storm.

33:3. A man of understanding is faithful to the law of God, and the law
is faithful to him.

33:4. He that cleareth up a question, shall prepare what to say, and so
having prayed he shall be heard, and shall keep discipline, and then he
shall answer.

33:5. The heart of a fool is as a wheel of a cart: and his thoughts are
like a rolling axletree.

33:6. A friend that is a mocker, is like a stallion horse: he neigheth
under every one that sitteth upon him.

33:7. Why doth one day excel another, and one light another, and one
year another year, when all come of the sun?

33:8. By the knowledge of the Lord they were distinguished, the sun
being made, and keeping his commandment.

33:9. And he ordered the seasons, and holidays of them, and in them
they celebrated festivals at an hour.

33:10. Some of them God made high and great days, and some of them he
put in the number of ordinary days. And all men are from the ground,
and out of the earth, from whence Adam was created.

33:11. With much knowledge the Lord hath divided them and diversified
their ways.

33:12. Some of them hath he blessed, and exalted: and some of them hath
he sanctified, and set near himself: and some of them hath he cursed
and brought low, and turned them from their station.

33:13. As the potter's clay is in his hand, to fashion and order it:

33:14. All his ways are according to his ordering: so man is in the
hand of him that made him, and he will render to him according to his

33:15. Good is set against evil, and life against death: so also is the
sinner against a just man. And so look upon all the works of the most
High. Two and two, and one against another.

33:16. And I awaked last of all, and as one that gathereth after the

33:17. In the blessing of God I also have hoped: and as one that
gathereth grapes, have I filled the winepress.

33:18. See that I have not laboured for myself only, but for all that
seek discipline.

33:19. Hear me, ye great men, and all ye people, and hearken with your
ears, ye rulers of the church.

33:20. Give not to son or wife, brother or friend, power over thee
while thou livest; and give not thy estate to another, lest thou
repent, and thou entreat for the same.

33:21. As long as thou livest, and hast breath in thee, let no man
change thee.

Change thee. . .That is, so as to have this power over thee.

33:22. For it is better that thy children should ask of thee, than that
thou look toward the hands of thy children.

33:23. In all thy works keep the pre-eminence.

The pre-eminence. . .That is, be master in thy own house, and part not
with thy authority.

33:24. Let no stain sully thy glory. In the time when thou shalt end
the days of thy life, and in the time of thy decease, distribute thy

33:25. Fodder, and a wand, and a burden are for an ass: bread, and
correction, and work for a slave.

33:26. He worketh under correction, and seeketh to rest: let his hands
be idle, and he seeketh liberty.

33:27. The yoke and the thong bend a stiff neck, and continual labours
bow a slave.

33:28. Torture and fetters are for a malicious slave: send him to work,
that he be not idle:

33:29. For idleness hath taught much evil.

33:30. Set him to work: for so it is fit for him. And if he be not
obedient, bring him down with fetters, but be not excessive towards any
one, and do no grievous thing without judgment.

33:31. If thou have a faithful servant, let him be to thee as thy own
soul: treat him as a brother: because in the blood of thy soul thou
hast gotten him.

33:32. If thou hurt him unjustly, he will run away:

33:33. And if he rise up and depart, thou knowest not whom to ask, and
in what way to seek him.

Ecclesiasticus Chapter 34

The vanity of dreams. The advantage of experience, and of the fear of

34:1. The hopes of a man that is void of understanding are vain and
deceitful: and dreams lift up fools.

34:2. The man that giveth heed to lying visions, is like to him that
catcheth at a shadow, and followeth after the wind.

34:3. The vision of dreams is the resemblance of one thing to another:
as when a man's likeness is before the face of a man.

34:4. What can be made clean by the unclean? and what truth can come
from that which is false?

34:5. Deceitful divinations and lying omens and the dreams of
evildoers, are vanity:

34:6. And the heart fancieth as that of a woman in travail: except it
be a vision sent forth from the most High, set not thy heart upon them.

34:7. For dreams have deceived many, and they have failed that put
their trust in them.

34:8. The word of the law shall be fulfilled without a lie, and wisdom
shall be made plain in the mouth of the faithful.

34:9. What doth he know, that hath not been tried? A man that hath much
experience, shall think of many things: and he that hath learned many
things, shall shew forth understanding.

34:10. He that hath no experience, knoweth little: and he that hath
been experienced in many things, multiplieth prudence.

34:11. He that hath not been tried, what manner of things doth he know?
he that hath been surprised, shall abound with subtlety.

34:12. I have seen many things by travelling, and many customs of

34:13. Sometimes I have been in danger of death for these things, and I
have been delivered by the grace of God.

34:14. The spirit of those that fear God, is sought after, and by his
regard shall be blessed.

34:15. For their hope is on him that saveth them, and the eyes of God
are upon them that love him.

34:16. He that feareth the Lord shall tremble at nothing, and shall not
be afraid: for he is his hope.

34:17. The soul of him that feareth the Lord is blessed.

34:18. To whom doth he look, and who is his strength?

34:19. The eyes of the Lord are upon them that fear him, he is their
powerful protector, and strong stay, a defence from the heat, and a
cover from the sun at noon,

34:20. A preservation from stumbling, and a help from falling: he
raiseth up the soul, and enlighteneth the eyes, and giveth health, and
life, and blessing.

34:21. The offering of him that sacrificeth of a thing wrongfully
gotten, is stained, and the mockeries of the unjust are not acceptable.

34:22. The Lord is only for them that wait upon him in the way of truth
and justice.

34:23. The most High approveth not the gifts of the wicked: neither
hath he respect to the oblations of the unjust, nor will he be pacified
for sins by the multitude of their sacrifices.

34:24. He that offereth sacrifice of the goods of the poor, is as one
that sacrificeth the son in the presence of his father.

34:25. The bread of the needy, is the life of the poor: he that
defraudeth them thereof, is a man of blood.

34:26. He that taketh away the bread gotten by sweat, is like him that
killeth his neighbour.

34:27. He that sheddeth blood, and he that defraudeth the laborer of
his hire, are brothers.

34:28. When one buildeth up, and another pulleth down: what profit have
they but the labour?

34:29. When one prayeth, and another curseth: whose voice will God

34:30. He that washeth himself after touching the dead, if he toucheth
him again, what doth his washing avail?

34:31. So a man that fasteth for his sins, and doth the same again,
what doth his humbling himself profit him? who will hear his prayer?

Ecclesiasticus Chapter 35

What sacrifices are pleasing to God.

35:1. He that keepeth the law, multiplieth offerings.

35:2. It is a wholesome sacrifice to take heed to the commandments, and
to depart from all iniquity.

35:3. And to depart from injustice, is to offer a propitiatory
sacrifice for injustices, and a begging of pardon for sins.

35:4. He shall return thanks, that offereth fine flour: and he that
doth mercy, offereth sacrifice.

35:5. To depart from iniquity is that which pleaseth the Lord, and to
depart from injustice, is an entreaty for sins.

35:6. Thou shalt not appear empty in the sight of the Lord.

35:7. For all these things are to be done because of the commandment of

35:8. The oblation of the just maketh the altar fat, and is an odour of
sweetness in the sight of the most High.

35:9. The sacrifice of the just is acceptable, and the Lord will not
forget the memorial thereof.

35:10. Give glory to God with a good heart: and diminish not the
firstfruits of thy hands.

35:11. In every gift shew a cheerful countenance, and sanctify thy
tithes with joy.

35:12. Give to the most High according to what he hath given to thee,
and with a good eye do according to the ability of thy hands:

35:13. For the Lord maketh recompense, and will give thee seven times
as much.

35:14. Do not offer wicked gifts, for such he will not receive.

35:15. And look not upon an unjust sacrifice, for the Lord is judge,
and there is not with him respect of person.

35:16. The Lord will not accept any person against a poor man, and he
will hear the prayer of him that is wronged.

35:17. He will not despise the prayers of the fatherless: nor the
widow, when she poureth out her complaint.

35:18. Do not the widow's tears run down the cheek, and her cry against
him that causeth them to fall?

35:19. For from the cheek they go up even to heaven, and the Lord that
heareth will not be delighted with them.

35:20. He that adoreth God with joy, shall be accepted, and his prayer
shall approach even to the clouds.

35:21. The prayer of him that humbleth himself, shall pierce the
clouds: and till it come nigh he will not be comforted: and he will not
depart till the most High behold.

35:22. And the Lord will not be slack, but will judge for the just, and
will do judgment: and the Almighty will not have patience with them,
that he may crush their back:

35:23. And he will repay vengeance to the Gentiles, till he have taken
away the multitude of the proud, and broken the sceptres of the unjust,

35:24. Till he have rendered to men according to their deeds: and
according to the works of Adam, and according to his presumption,

35:25. Till he have judged the cause of his people, and he shall
delight the just with his mercy.

35:26. The mercy of God is beautiful in the time of affliction, as a
cloud of rain in the time of drought.

Ecclesiasticus Chapter 36

A prayer for the church of God. Of a good heart, and a good wife.

36:1. Have mercy upon us, O God of all, and behold us, and shew us the
light of thy mercies:

36:2. And send thy fear upon the nations, that have not sought after
thee: that they may know that there is no God beside thee, and that
they may shew forth thy wonders.

36:3. Lift up thy hand over the strange nations, that they may see thy

36:4. For as thou hast been sanctified in us in their sight, so thou
shalt be magnified among them in our presence,

36:5. That they may know thee, as we also have known thee, that there
is no God beside thee, O Lord.

36:6. Renew thy signs, and work new miracles.

36:7. Glorify thy hand, and thy right arm.

36:8. Raise up indignation, and pour out wrath.

36:9. Take away the adversary, and crush the enemy.

36:10. Hasten the time, and remember the end, that they may declare thy
wonderful works.

36:11. Let him that escapeth be consumed by the rage of the fire: and
let them perish that oppress thy people.

36:12. Crush the head of the princes of the enemies that say: There is
no other beside us.

36:13. Gather together all the tribes of Jacob: that they may know that
there no God besides thee, and may declare thy great works: and thou
shalt inherit them as from the beginning.

36:14. Have mercy on thy people, upon whom thy name is invoked: and
upon Israel, whom thou hast raised up to be thy firstborn.

36:15. Have mercy on Jerusalem, the city which thou hast sanctified,
the city of thy rest.

36:16. Fill Sion with thy unspeakable words, and thy people with thy

36:17. Give testimony to them that are thy creatures from the
beginning, and raise up the prophecies which the former prophets spoke
in thy name.

36:18. Reward them that patiently wait for thee, that thy prophets may
be found faithful: and hear the prayers of thy servants,

36:19. According to the blessing of Aaron over thy people, and direct
us into the way of justice, and let all know that dwell upon the earth,
that thou art God the beholder of all ages.

36:20. The belly will devour all meat, yet one is better than another.

36:21. The palate tasteth venison and the wise heart false speeches.

36:22. A perverse heart will cause grief, and a man of experience will
resist it.

36:23. A woman will receive every man: yet one daughter is better than

A woman will receive every man. . .That is, any man that her parents
propose to her to marry, though she does not like him, but marries in
obedience to her parents, who make the choice for her.

36:24. The beauty of a woman cheereth the countenance of her husband,
and a man desireth nothing more.

36:25. If she have a tongue that can cure, and likewise mitigate and
shew mercy: her husband is not like other men.

36:26. He that possesseth a good wife, beginneth a possession: she is a
help like to himself, and a pillar of rest.

36:27. Where there is no hedge, the possession shall be spoiled: and
where there is no wife, he mourneth that is in want.

36:28. Who will trust him that hath no rest, and that lodgeth
wheresoever the night taketh him, as a robber well appointed, that
skippeth from city to city.

Ecclesiasticus Chapter 37

Of the choice of friends and counsellors.

37:1. Every friend will say: I also am his friend: but there is a
friend, that is only a friend in name. Is not this a grief even to

37:2. But a companion and a friend shall be turned to an enemy.

37:3. O wicked presumption, whence camest thou to cover the earth with
thy malice, and deceitfulness?

37:4. There is a companion who rejoiceth with his friend in his joys,
but in the time of trouble, he will be against him.

37:5. There is a companion who condoleth with his friend for his
belly's sake, and he will take up a shield against the enemy.

37:6. Forget not thy friend in thy mind, and be not unmindful of him in
thy riches.

37:7. Consult not with him that layeth a snare for thee, and hide thy
counsel from them that envy thee.

37:8. Every counsellor giveth out counsel, but there is one that is a
counsellor for himself.

37:9. Beware of a counsellor. And know before what need he hath: for he
will devise to his own mind:

37:10. Lest he thrust a stake into the ground, and say to thee:

37:11. Thy way is good; and then stand on the other side to see what
shall befall thee.

37:12. Treat not with a man without religion concerning holiness, nor
with an unjust man concerning justice, nor with a woman touching her of
whom she is jealous, nor with a coward concerning war, nor with a
merchant about traffic, nor with a buyer of selling, nor with an
envious man of giving thanks,

37:13. Nor with the ungodly of piety, nor with the dishonest of
honesty, nor with the field laborer of every work,

37:14. Nor with him that worketh by the year of the finishing of the
year, nor with an idle servant of much business: give no heed to these
in any matter of counsel.

37:15. But be continually with a holy man, whomsoever thou shalt know
to observe the fear of God,

37:16. Whose soul is according to thy own soul: and who, when thou
shalt stumble in the dark, will be sorry for thee.

37:17. And establish within thyself a heart of good counsel: for there
is no other thing of more worth to thee than it.

37:18. The soul of a holy man discovereth sometimes true things, more
than seven watchmen that sit in a high place to watch.

37:19. But above all these things pray to the most High, that he may
direct thy way in truth.

37:20. In all thy works let the true word go before thee, and steady
counsel before every action.

37:21. A wicked word shall change the heart: out of which four manner
of things arise, good and evil, life and death: and the tongue is
continually the ruler of them. There is a man that is subtle and a
teacher of many, and yet is unprofitable to his own soul.

37:22. A skilful man hath taught many, and is sweet to his own soul.

37:23. He that speaketh sophistically, is hateful: he shall be
destitute of every thing.

37:24. Grace is not given him from the Lord: for he is deprived of all

37:25. There is a wise man that is wise to his own soul: and the fruit
of his understanding is commendable.

37:26. A wise man instructeth his own people, and the fruits of his
understanding are faithful.

37:27. A wise man shall be filled with blessings, and they that see
shall praise him.

37:28. The life of a man is in the number of his days: but the days of
Israel are innumerable.

37:29. A wise man shall inherit honour among his people, and his name
shall live for ever.

37:30. My son, prove thy soul in thy life: and if it be wicked, give it
no power:

37:31. For all things are not expedient for all, and every kind
pleaseth not every soul.

37:32. Be not greedy in any feasting, and pour not out thyself upon any

37:33. For in many meats there will be sickness, and greediness will
turn to choler.

37:34. By surfeiting many have perished, but he that is temperate,
shall prolong life.

Ecclesiasticus Chapter 38

Of physicians and medicines: what is to be done in sickness, and how we
are to mourn for the dead. Of the employments of labourers and

38:1. Honour the physician for the need thou hast of him: for the most
High hath created him.

38:2. For all healing is from God, and he shall receive gifts of the

38:3. The skill of the physician shall lift up his head, and in the
sight of great men he shall be praised.

38:4. The most High hath created medicines out of the earth, and a wise
man will not abhor them.

38:5. Was not bitter water made sweet with wood?

38:6. The virtue of these things is come to the knowledge of men, and
the most High hath given knowledge to men, that he may be honoured in
his wonders.

38:7. By these he shall cure and shall allay their pains, and of these
the apothecary shall make sweet confections, and shall make up
ointments of health, and of his works there shall be no end.

38:8. For the peace of God is over all the face of the earth.

38:9. My son, in thy sickness neglect not thyself, but pray to the
Lord, and he shall heal thee.

38:10. Turn away from sin and order thy hands aright, and cleanse thy
heart from all offence.

38:11. Give a sweet savour, and a memorial of fine flour, and make a
fat offering, and then give place to the physician.

38:12. For the Lord created him: and let him not depart from thee, for
his works are necessary.

38:13. For there is a time when thou must fall into their hands:

38:14. And they shall beseech the Lord, that he would prosper what they
give for ease and remedy, for their conversation.

38:15. He that sinneth in the sight of his Maker, shall fall into the
hands of the physician.

38:16. My son, shed tears over the dead, and begin to lament as if thou
hadst suffered some great harm, and according to judgment cover his
body, and neglect not his burial.

38:17. And for fear of being ill spoken of weep bitterly for a day, and
then comfort thyself in thy sadness.

38:18. And make mourning for him according to his merit for a day, or
two, for fear of detraction.

38:19. For of sadness cometh death, and it overwhelmeth the strength,
and the sorrow of the heart boweth down the neck.

38:20. In withdrawing aside sorrow remaineth: and the substance of the
poor is according to his heart.

38:21. Give not up thy heart to sadness, but drive it from thee: and
remember the latter end.

38:22. Forget it not: for there is no returning, and thou shalt do him
no good, and shalt hurt thyself.

38:23. Remember my judgment: for thine also shall be so: yesterday for
me, and to day for thee.

38:24. When the dead is at rest, let his remembrance rest, and comfort
him in the departing of his spirit.

38:25. The wisdom of a scribe cometh by his time of leisure: and he
that is less in action, shall receive wisdom.

A scribe. . .That is, a doctor of the law, or, a learned man.

38:26. With what wisdom shall he be furnished that holdeth the plough,
and that glorieth in the goad, that driveth the oxen therewith, and is
occupied in their labours, and his whole talk is about the offspring of

38:27. He shall give his mind to turn up furrows, and his care is to
give the kine fodder.

38:28. So every craftsman and workmaster that laboureth night and day,
he who maketh graven seals, and by his continual diligence varieth the
figure: he shall give his mind to the resemblance of the picture, and
by his watching shall finish the work.

38:29. So doth the smith sitting by the anvil and considering the iron
work. The vapour of the fire wasteth his flesh, and he fighteth with
the heat of the furnace.

38:30. The noise of the hammer is always in his ears, and his eye is
upon the pattern of the vessel he maketh.

38:31. He setteth his mind to finish his work, and his watching to
polish them to perfection.

38:32. So doth the potter sitting at his work, turning the wheel about
with his feet, who is always carefully set to his work, and maketh all
his work by number:

38:33. He fashioneth the clay with his arm, and boweth down his
strength before his feet:

38:34. He shall give his mind to finish the glazing, and his watching
to make clean the furnace.

38:35. All these trust to their hands, and every one is wise in his own

38:36. Without these a city is not built.

38:37. And they shall not dwell, nor walk about therein, and they shall
not go up into the assembly.

38:38. Upon the judges' seat they shall not sit, and the ordinance of
judgment they shall not understand, neither shall they declare
discipline and judgment, and they shall not be found where parables are

38:39. But they shall strengthen the state of the world, and their
prayer shall be in the work of their craft, applying their soul, and
searching in the law of the most High.

Ecclesiasticus Chapter 39

The exercises of the wise man. The Lord is to be glorified for his

39:1. The wise man will seek out the wisdom of all the ancients, and
will be occupied in the prophets.

39:2. He will keep the sayings of renowned men, and will enter withal
into the subtilties of parables.

39:3. He will search out the hidden meanings of proverbs, and will be
conversant in the secrets of parables.

39:4. He shall serve among great men, and appear before the governor.

39:5. He shall pass into strange countries: for he shall try good and
evil among men.

39:6. He will give his heart to resort early to the Lord that made him,
and he will pray in the sight of the most High.

39:7. He will open his mouth in prayer, and will make supplication for
his sins.

39:8. For if it shall please the great Lord, he will fill him with the
spirit of understanding:

39:9. And he will pour forth the words of his wisdom as showers, and in
his prayer he will confess to the Lord.

39:10. And he shall direct his counsel, and his knowledge, and in his
secrets shall he meditate.

39:11. He shall shew forth the discipline he hath learned, and shall
glory in the law of the covenant of the Lord.

39:12. Many shall praise his wisdom, and it shall never be forgotten.

39:13. The memory of him shall not depart away, and his name shall be
in request from generation to generation.

39:14. Nations shall declare his wisdom, and the church shall shew
forth his praise.

39:15. If he continue, he shall leave a name above a thousand: and if
he rest, it shall be to his advantage.

39:16. I will yet meditate that I may declare: for I am filled as with
a holy transport.

39:17. By a voice he saith: Hear me, ye divine offspring, and bud forth
as the rose planted by the brooks of waters.

Ye divine offspring. . .He speaks to the children of Israel, the people
of God: whom he exhorts to bud forth and flourish with virtue.

39:18. Give ye a sweet odour as frankincense.

39:19. Send forth flowers, as the lily, and yield a smell, and bring
forth leaves in grace, and praise with canticles, and bless the Lord in
his works.

39:20. Magnify his name, and give glory to him with the voice of your
lips, and with the canticles of your mouths, and with harps, and in
praising him, you shall say in this manner:

39:21. All the works of the Lord are exceeding good.

39:22. At his word the waters stood as a heap: and at the words of his
mouth the receptacles of waters:

39:23. For at his commandment favour is shewn, and there is no
diminishing of his salvation.

39:24. The works of all flesh are before him, and there is nothing hid
from his eyes.

39:25. He seeth from eternity to eternity, and there is nothing
wonderful before him.

39:26. There is no saying: What is this, or what is that? for all
things shall be sought in their time.

39:27. His blessing hath overflowed like a river.

39:28. And as a flood hath watered the earth; so shall his wrath
inherit the nations, that have not sought after him.

39:29. Even as he turned the waters into a dry land, and the earth was
made dry: and his ways were made plain for their journey: so to sinners
they are stumblingblocks in his wrath.

39:30. Good things were created for the good from the beginning, so for
the wicked, good and evil things.

39:31. The principal things necessary for the life of men, are water,
fire, and iron, salt, milk, and bread of flour, and honey, and the
cluster of the grape, and oil, and clothing.

39:32. All these things shall be for good to the holy, so to the
sinners and the ungodly they shall be turned into evil.

39:33. There are spirits that are created for vengeance, and in their
fury they lay on grievous torments.

39:34. In the time of destruction they shall pour out their force: and
they shall appease the wrath of him that made them.

39:35. Fire, hail, famine, and death, all these were created for

39:36. The teeth of beasts, and scorpions, and serpents, and the sword
taking vengeance upon the ungodly unto destruction.

39:37. In his commandments they shall feast, and they shall be ready
upon earth when need is, and when their time is come they shall not
transgress his word.

39:38. Therefore from the beginning I was resolved, and I have
meditated, and thought on these things and left them in writing,

39:39. All the works of the Lord are good, and he will furnish every
work in due time.

39:40. It is not to be said: This is worse than that: for all shall be
well approved in their time.

39:41. Now therefore with the whole heart and mouth praise ye him, and
bless the name of the Lord.

Ecclesiasticus Chapter 40

The miseries of the life of man are relieved by the grace of God and
his fear.

40:1. Great labour is created for all men, and a heavy yoke is upon the
children of Adam from the day of their coming out of their mother's
womb, until the day of their burial into the mother of all.

40:2. Their thoughts, and fears of the heart, their imagination of
things to come, and the day of their end:

40:3. From him that sitteth on a glorious throne, unto him that is
humbled in earth and ashes:

40:4. From him that weareth purple, and beareth the crown, even to him
that is covered with rough linen: wrath, envy, trouble, unquietness,
and the fear of death, continual anger, and strife,

40:5. And in the time of rest upon his bed, the sleep of the night
changeth his knowledge.

40:6. A little and as nothing is his rest, and afterward in sleep, as
in the day of keeping watch.

40:7. He is troubled in the vision of his heart, as if he had escaped
in the day of battle. In the time of his safety he rose up, and
wondereth that there is no fear.

40:8. Such things happen to all flesh, from man even to beast, and upon
sinners are sevenfold more.

40:9. Moreover, death, and bloodshed, strife, and sword, oppressions,
famine, and affliction, and scourges:

40:10. All these things are created for the wicked, and for their sakes
came the flood.

40:11. All things that are of the earth, shall return to the earth
again, and all waters shall return to the sea.

40:12. All bribery, and injustice shall be blotted out, and fidelity
shall stand for ever.

40:13. The riches of the unjust shall be dried up like a river, and
shall pass away with a noise like a great thunder in rain.

40:14. While he openeth his hands he shall rejoice: but transgressors
shall pine away in the end.

40:15. The offspring of the ungodly shall not bring forth many
branches, and make a noise as unclean roots upon the top of a rock.

40:16. The weed growing over every water, and at the bank of the river,
shall be pulled up before all grass.

40:17. Grace is like a paradise in blessings, and mercy remaineth for

40:18. The life of a laborer that is content with what he hath, shall
be sweet, and in it thou shalt find a treasure.

40:19. Children, and the building of a city shall establish a name, but
a blameless wife shall be counted above them both.

40:20. Wine and music rejoice the heart, but the love of wisdom is
above them both.

40:21. The flute and the psaltery make a sweet melody, but a pleasant
tongue is above them both.

40:22. Thy eye desireth favour and beauty, but more than these green
sown fields.

40:23. A friend and companion meeting together in season, but above
them both is a wife with her husband.

40:24. Brethren are a help in the time of trouble, but mercy shall
deliver more than they.

40:25. Gold and silver make the feet stand sure: but wise counsel is
above them both.

40:26. Riches and strength lift up the heart: but above these is the
fear of the Lord.

40:27. There is no want in the fear of the Lord, and it needeth not to
seek for help.

40:28. The fear of the Lord is like a paradise of blessing, and they
have covered it above all glory.

40:29. My son, in thy lifetime be not indigent: for it is better to die
than to want.

40:30. The life of him that looketh toward another man's table is not
to be counted a life: for he feedeth his soul with another man's meat.

40:31. But a man, well instructed and taught, will look to himself.

40:32. Begging will be sweet in the mouth of the unwise, but in his
belly there shall burn a fire.

Ecclesiasticus Chapter 41

Of the remembrance of death: of an evil and of a good name: of what
things we ought to be ashamed.

41:1. O death, how bitter is the remembrance of thee to a man that hath
peace in his possessions!

41:2. To a man that is at rest, and whose ways are prosperous in all
things, and that is yet able to take meat!

41:3. O death thy sentence is welcome to the man that is in need, and
to him whose strength faileth:

41:4. Who is in a decrepit age, and that is in care about all things,
and to the distrustful that loseth patience!

41:5. Fear not the sentence of death. Remember what things have been
before thee, and what shall come after thee: this sentence is from the
Lord upon all flesh.

41:6. And what shall come upon thee by the good pleasure of the most
High? whether ten, or a hundred, or a thousand years.

41:7. For among the dead there is no accusing of life.

41:8. The children of sinners become children of abominations, and they
that converse near the houses of the ungodly.

41:9. The inheritance of the children of sinners shall perish, and with
their posterity shall be a perpetual reproach.

41:10. The children will complain of an ungodly father, because for his
sake they are in reproach.

41:11. Woe to you, ungodly men, who have forsaken the law of the most
high Lord.

41:12. And if you be born, you shall be born in malediction: and if you
die, in malediction shall be your portion.

41:13. All things that are of the earth, shall return into the earth:
so the ungodly shall from malediction to destruction.

41:14. The mourning of men is about their body, but the name of the
ungodly shall be blotted out.

41:15. Take care of a good name: for this shall continue with thee,
more than a thousand treasures precious and great.

41:16. A good life hath its number of days: but a good name shall
continue for ever.

41:17. My children, keep discipline in peace: for wisdom that is hid,
and a treasure that is not seen, what profit is there in them both?

41:18. Better is the man that hideth his folly, than the man that
hideth his wisdom.

41:19. Wherefore have a shame of these things I am now going to speak

Have a shame, etc. . .That is to say, be ashamed of doing any of these
things, which I am now going to mention; for though sometimes
shamefacedness is not to be indulged: yet it is often good and
necessary: as in the following cases.

41:20. For it is not good to keep all shamefacedness: and all things do
not please all men in opinion.

41:21. Be ashamed of fornication before father and mother: and of a lie
before a governor and a man in power:

41:22. Of an offence before a prince, and a judge: of iniquity before a
congregation and a people:

41:23. Of injustice before a companion and friend: and in regard to the
place where thou dwellest,

41:24. Of theft, and of the truth of God, and the covenant: of leaning
with thy elbow over meat, and of deceit in giving and taking:

41:25. Of silence before them that salute thee: of looking upon a
harlot: and of turning away thy face from thy kinsman.

41:26. Turn not away thy face from thy neighbour, and of taking away a
portion and not restoring.

41:27. Gaze not upon another man's wife, and be not inquisitive after
his handmaid, and approach not her bed.

41:28. Be ashamed of upbraiding speeches before friends: and after thou
hast given, upbraid not.

Ecclesiasticus Chapter 42

Of what things we ought not to be ashamed. Cautions with regard to
women. The works and greatness of God.

42:1. Repeat not the word which thou hast heard, and disclose not the
thing that is secret; so shalt thou be truly without confusion, and
shalt find favour before all men: be not ashamed of any of these
things, and accept no person to sin thereby:

42:2. Of the law of the most High, and of his covenant, and of judgment
to justify the ungodly:

42:3. Of the affair of companions and travellers, and of the gift of
the inheritance of friends:

42:4. Of exactness of balance and weights, of getting much or little:

42:5. Of the corruption of buying, and of merchants, and of much
correction of children, and to make the side of a wicked slave to

42:6. Sure keeping is good over a wicked wife.

42:7. Where there are many hands, shut up, and deliver all things in
number, and weight: and put all in writing that thou givest out or
receivest in.

42:8. Be not ashamed to inform the unwise and foolish, and the aged,
that are judged by young men: and thou shalt be well instructed in all
things, and well approved in the sight of all men living.

42:9. The father waketh for the daughter when no man knoweth, and the
care for her taketh away his sleep, when she is young, lest she pass
away the flower of her age, and when she is married, lest she should be

42:10. In her virginity, lest she should be corrupted, and be found
with child in her father's house: and having a husband, lest she should
misbehave herself, or at the least become barren.

42:11. Keep a sure watch over a shameless daughter: lest at anytime she
make thee become a laughingstock to thy enemies, and a byword in the
city, and a reproach among the people, and she make thee ashamed before
all the multitude.

42:12. Behold not everybody's beauty: and tarry not among women.

42:13. For from garments cometh a moth, and from a woman the iniquity
of a man.

42:14. For better is the iniquity of a man, than a woman doing a good
turn, and a woman bringing shame and reproach.

Better is the iniquity, etc. . .That is, there is, commonly speaking,
less danger to be apprehended to the soul from the churlishness, or
injuries we receive from men, than from the flattering favours and
familiarity of women.

42:15. I will now remember the works of the Lord, and I will declare
the things I have seen. By the words of the Lord are his works.

42:16. The sun giving light hath looked upon all things, and full of
the glory of the Lord is his work.

42:17. Hath not the Lord made the saints to declare all his wonderful
works, which the Lord Almighty hath firmly settled to be established
for his glory?

42:18. He hath searched out the deep, and the heart of men: and
considered their crafty devices.

42:19. For the Lord knoweth all knowledge, and hath beheld the signs of
the world, he declareth the things that are past, and the things that
are to come, and revealeth the traces of hidden things.

42:20. No thought escapeth him, and no word can hide itself from him.

42:21. He hath beautified the glorious works of his wisdom: and he is
from eternity to eternity, and to him nothing may be added,

42:22. Nor can he be diminished, and he hath no need of any counsellor.

42:23. O how desirable are all his works, and what we can know is but
as a spark!

42:24. All these things live, and remain for ever, and for every use
all things obey him.

42:25. All things are double, one against another, and he hath made
nothing defective.

42:26. He hath established the good things of every one. And who shall
be filled with beholding his glory?

Ecclesiasticus Chapter 43

The works of God are exceedingly glorious and wonderful: no man is able
sufficiently to praise him.

43:1. The firmament on high is his beauty, the beauty of heaven with
its glorious shew.

43:2. The sun when he appeareth shewing forth at his rising, an
admirable instrument, the work of the most High.

43:3. At noon he burneth the earth, and who can abide his burning heat?
As one keeping a furnace in the works of heat:

43:4. The sun three times as much, burneth the mountains, breathing out
fiery vapours, and shining with his beams, he blindeth the eyes.

43:5. Great is the Lord that made him, and at his words he hath
hastened his course.

43:6. And the moon in all in her season, is for a declaration of times
and a sign of the world.

43:7. From the moon is the sign of the festival day, a light that
decreaseth in her perfection.

43:8. The month is called after her name, increasing wonderfully in her

43:9. Being an instrument of the armies on high, shining gloriously in
the firmament of heaven.

43:10. The glory of the stars is the beauty of heaven; the Lord
enlighteneth the world on high.

43:11. By the words of the holy one they stand in judgment, and shall
never fall in their watches.

43:12. Look upon the rainbow, and bless him that made it: it is very
beautiful in its brightness.

43:13. It encompasseth the heaven about with the circle of its glory,
the hands of the most High have displayed it.

43:14. By his commandment he maketh the snow to fall apace, and sendeth
forth swiftly the lightnings of his judgment.

43:15. Through this are the treasures opened, and the clouds fly out
like birds.

43:16. By his greatness he hath fixed the clouds, and the hailstones
are broken.

43:17. At his sight shall the mountains be shaken, and at his will the
south wind shall blow.

43:18. The noise of his thunder shall strike the earth, so doth the
northern storm, and the whirlwind:

43:19. And as the birds lighting upon the earth, he scattereth snow,
and the falling thereof, is as the coming down of locusts.

43:20. The eye admireth at the beauty of the whiteness thereof, and the
heart is astonished at the shower thereof.

43:21. He shall pour frost as salt upon the earth: and when it
freezeth, it shall become like the tops of thistles.

43:22. The cold north wind bloweth, and the water is congealed into
crystal; upon every gathering together of waters it shall rest, and
shall clothe the waters as a breastplate.

43:23. And it shall devour the mountains, and burn the wilderness, and
consume all that is green as with fire.

43:24. A present remedy of all is the speedy coming of a cloud, and a
dew that meeteth it, by the heat that cometh, shall overpower it.

43:25. At his word the wind is still, and with his thought he appeaseth
the deep, and the Lord hath planted islands therein.

43:26. Let them that sail on the sea, tell the dangers thereof: and
when we hear with our ears, we shall admire.

43:27. There are great and wonderful works: a variety of beasts, and of
all living things, and the monstrous creatures of whales.

43:28. Through him is established the end of their journey, and by his
word all things are regulated.

43:29. We shall say much, and yet shall want words: but the sum of our
words is, He is all.

43:30. What shall we be able to do to glorify him? for the Almighty
himself is above all his works.

43:31. The Lord is terrible, and exceeding great, and his power is

43:32. Glorify the Lord as much as ever you can, for he will yet far
exceed, and his magnificence is wonderful.

43:33. Blessing the Lord, exalt him as much as you can; for he is above
all praise.

43:34. When you exalt him put forth all your strength, and be not
weary: for you can never go far enough.

43:35. Who shall see him, and declare him? and who shall magnify him as
he is from the beginning?

43:36. There are many things hidden from us that are greater than
these: for we have seen but a few of his works.

43:37. But the Lord hath made all things, and to the godly he hath
given wisdom.

Ecclesiasticus Chapter 44

The praises of the holy fathers, in particular of Enoch, Noe, Abraham,
Isaac, and Jacob.

44:1. Let us now praise men of renown and our fathers in their

44:2. The Lord hath wrought great glory through his magnificence from
the beginning.

44:3. Such as have borne rule in their dominions, men of great power,
and endued with their wisdom, shewing forth in the prophets the dignity
of prophets,

44:4. And ruling over the present people, and by the strength of wisdom
instructing the people in most holy words.

44:5. Such as by their skill sought out musical tunes, and published
canticles of the scriptures.

44:6. Rich men in virtue, studying beautifulness: living at peace in
their houses.

44:7. All these have gained glory in their generations, and were
praised in their days.

44:8. They that were born of them have left a name behind them, that
their praises might be related:

44:9. And there are some, of whom there is no memorial: who are
perished, as if they had never been: and are become as if they had
never been born, and their children with them.

44:10. But these were men of mercy, whose godly deeds have not failed:

44:11. Good things continue with their seed,

44:12. Their posterity are a holy inheritance, and their seed hath
stood in the covenants.

44:13. And their children for their sakes remain for ever: their seed
and their glory shall not be forsaken.

44:14. Their bodies are buried in peace, and their name liveth unto
generation and generation.

44:15. Let the people shew forth their wisdom, and the church declare
their praise.

44:16. Henoch pleased God, and was translated into paradise, that he
may give repentance to the nations.

44:17. Noe was found perfect, just, and in the time of wrath he was
made a reconciliation.

44:18. Therefore was there a remnant left to the earth, when the flood

44:19. The covenants of the world were made with him, that all flesh
should no more be destroyed with the flood.

44:20. Abraham was the great father of a multitude of nations, and
there was not found the like to him in glory, who kept the law of the
most High, and was in covenant with him.

44:21. In his flesh he established the covenant, and in temptation he
was found faithful.

44:22. Therefore by an oath he gave him glory in his posterity, that he
should increase as the dust of the earth,

44:23. And that he would exalt his seed as the stars, and they should
inherit from sea to sea, and from the river to the ends of the earth.

44:24. And he did in like manner with Isaac for the sake of Abraham his

44:25. The Lord gave him the blessing of all nations, and confirmed his
covenant upon the head of Jacob.

44:26. He acknowledged him in his blessings, and gave him an
inheritance, and divided him his portion in twelve tribes.

44:27. And he preserved for him men of mercy, that found grace in the
eyes of all flesh.

Ecclesiasticus Chapter 45

The praises of Moses, of Aaron, and of Phinees.

45:1. Moses was beloved of God, and men: whose memory is in

45:2. He made him like the saints in glory, and magnified him in the
fear of his enemies, and with his words he made prodigies to cease.

45:3. He glorified him in the sight of kings, and gave him commandments
in the sight of his people, and shewed him his glory.

45:4. He sanctified him in his faith, and meekness, and chose him out
of all flesh.

45:5. For he heard him, and his voice, and brought him into a cloud.

45:6. And he gave him commandments before his face, and a law of life
and instruction, that he might teach Jacob his covenant, and Israel his

45:7. He exalted Aaron his brother, and like to himself of the tribe of

45:8. He made an everlasting covenant with him, and gave him the
priesthood of the nation, and made him blessed in glory,

45:9. And he girded him about with a glorious girdle, and clothed him
with a robe of glory, and crowned him with majestic attire.

45:10. He put upon him a garment to the feet, and breeches, and an
ephod, and he compassed him with many little bells of gold all round

45:11. That as he went there might be a sound, and a noise made that
might be heard in the temple, for a memorial to the children of his

45:12. He gave him a holy robe of gold, and blue, and purple, a woven
work of a wise man, endued with judgment and truth:

45:13. Of twisted scarlet the work of an artist, with precious stones
cut and set in gold, and graven by the work of a lapidary for a
memorial, according to the number of the tribes of Israel.

45:14. And a crown of gold upon his mitre wherein was engraved
Holiness, an ornament of honour: a work of power, and delightful to the
eyes for its beauty.

45:15. Before him there were none so beautiful, even from the

45:16. No stranger was ever clothed with them, but only his children
alone, and his grandchildren for ever.

45:17. His sacrifices were consumed with fire every day.

45:18. Moses filled his hands and anointed him with holy oil.

45:19. This was made to him for an everlasting testament, and to his
seed as the days of heaven, to execute the office of the priesthood,
and to have praise, and to glorify his people in his name.

45:20. He chose him out of all men living, to offer sacrifice to God,
incense, and a good savour, for a memorial to make reconciliation for
his people:

45:21. And he gave him power in his commandments, in the covenants of
his judgments, that he should teach Jacob his testimonies, and give
light to Israel in his law.

45:22. And strangers stood up against him, and through envy the men
that were with Dathan and Abiron, compassed him about in the
wilderness, and the congregation of Core in their wrath.

45:23. The Lord God saw and it pleased him not, and they were consumed
in his wrathful indignation.

45:24. He wrought wonders upon them, and consumed them with a flame of

45:25. And he added glory to Aaron, and gave him an inheritance, and
divided unto him the firstfruits of the increase of the earth.

45:26. He prepared them bread in the first place unto fulness: for the
sacrifices also of the Lord they shall eat, which he gave to him, and
to his seed.

45:27. But he shall not inherit among the people in the land, and he
hath no portion among the people: for he himself is his portion and

45:28. Phinees the son of Eleazar is the third in glory, by imitating
him in the fear of the Lord:

45:29. And he stood up in the shameful fall of the people: in the
goodness and readiness of his soul he appeased God for Israel.

45:30. Therefore he made to him a covenant of peace, to be the prince
of the sanctuary, and of his people, that the dignity of priesthood
should be to him and to his seed for ever.

45:31. And a covenant to David the king, the son of Jesse of the tribe
of Juda, an inheritance to him and to his seed, that he might give
wisdom into our heart to judge his people in justice, that their good
things might not be abolished, and he made their glory in their nation

Ecclesiasticus Chapter 46

The praise of Josue, of Caleb, and of Samuel.

46:1. Valiant in war was Jesus the son of Nave, who was successor of
Moses among the prophets, who was great according to his name,

Jesus the son of Nave. . .So Josue is named in the Greek Bibles. For
Josue and Jesus signify the same thing, viz., a saviour.

46:2. Very great for the saving the elect of God, to overthrow the
enemies that rose up against them, that he might get the inheritance
for Israel.

46:3. How great glory did he gain when he lifted up his hands, and
stretched out swords against the cities?

46:4. Who before him hath so resisted? for the Lord himself brought the

46:5. Was not the sun stopped in his anger, and one day made as two?

46:6. He called upon the most high Sovereign when the enemies assaulted
him on every side, and the great and holy God heard him by hailstones
of exceeding great force.

46:7. He made a violent assault against the nation of his enemies, and
in the descent he destroyed the adversaries.

And in the descent. . .Of Beth-horon (Jos. 10.).

46:8. That the nations might know his power, that it is not easy to
fight against God. And he followed the mighty one:

46:9. And in the days of Moses he did a work of mercy, he and Caleb the
son of Jephone, in standing against the enemy, and withholding the
people from sins, and appeasing the wicked murmuring.

46:10. And they two being appointed, were delivered out of the danger
from among the number of six hundred thousand men on foot, to bring
them into their inheritance, into the land that floweth with milk and

46:11. And the Lord gave strength also to Caleb, and his strength
continued even to his old age, so that he went up to the high places of
the land, and his seed obtained it for an inheritance:

46:12. That all the children of Israel might see, that it is good to
obey the holy God.

46:13. Then all the judges, every one by name, whose heart was not
corrupted: who turned not away from the Lord,

46:14. That their memory might be blessed, and their bones spring up
out of their place,

46:15. And their name continue for ever, the glory of the holy men
remaining unto their children.

46:16. Samuel the prophet of the Lord, the beloved of the Lord his God,
established a new government, and anointed princes over his people.

46:17. By the law of the Lord he judged the congregation, and the God
of Jacob beheld, and by his fidelity he was proved a prophet.

46:18. And he was known to be faithful in his words, because he saw the
God of light:

46:19. And called upon the name of the Lord Almighty, in fighting
against the enemies who beset him on every side, when he offered a lamb
without blemish.

46:20. And the Lord thundered from heaven, and with a great noise made
his voice to be heard.

46:21. And he crushed the princes of the Tyrians, and all the lords of
the Philistines:

46:22. And before the time of the end of his life in the world, he
protested before the Lord, and his anointed: money, or any thing else,
even to a shoe, he had not taken of any man, and no man did accuse him.

46:23. And after this he slept, and he made known to the king, and
shewed him the end of his life, and he lifted up his voice from the
earth in prophecy to blot out the wickedness of the nation.

Ecclesiasticus Chapter 47

The praise of Nathan, of David, and of Solomon: Of his fall and

47:1. Then Nathan the prophet arose in the days of David.

47:2. And as the fat taken away from the flesh, so was David chosen
from among the children of Israel.

47:3. He played with lions as with lambs: and with bears he did in like
manner as with the lambs of the flock, in his youth.

47:4. Did not he kill the giant, and take away reproach from his

47:5. In lifting up his hand, with the stone in the sling he beat down
the boasting of Goliath:

47:6. For he called upon the Lord the Almighty, and he gave strength in
his right hand, to take away the mighty warrior, and to set up the horn
of his nation.

47:7. So in ten thousand did he glorify him, and praised him in the
blessings of the Lord, in offering to him a crown of glory:

47:8. For he destroyed the enemies on every side, and extirpated the
Philistines the adversaries unto this day: he broke their horn for

47:9. In all his works he gave thanks to the holy one, and to the most
High, with words of glory.

47:10. With his whole heart he praised the Lord, and loved God that
made him: and he gave him power against his enemies:

47:11. And he set singers before the altar, and by their voices he made
sweet melody.

47:12. And to the festivals he added beauty, and set in order the
solemn times even to the end of his life, that they should praise the
holy name of the Lord, and magnify the holiness of God in the morning.

47:13. The Lord took away his sins, and exalted his horn for ever: and
he gave him a covenant of the kingdom, and a throne of glory in Israel.

47:14. After him arose up a wise son, and for his sake he cast down all
the power of the enemies.

47:15. Solomon reigned in days of peace, and God brought all his
enemies under him, that he might build a house in his name, and prepare
a sanctuary for ever: O how wise wast thou in thy youth!

47:16. And thou wast filled as a river with wisdom, and thy soul
covered the earth.

47:17. And thou didst multiply riddles in parables: thy name went
abroad to the islands far off, and thou wast beloved in thy peace.

47:18. The countries wondered at thee for thy canticles, and proverbs,
and parables, and interpretations,

47:19. And at the name of the Lord God, whose surname is, God of

47:20. Thou didst gather gold as copper, and didst multiply silver as

47:21. And thou didst bow thyself to women: and by thy body thou wast
brought under subjection.

47:22. Thou hast stained thy glory, and defiled thy seed so as to bring
wrath upon thy children, and to have thy folly kindled,

47:23. That thou shouldst make the kingdom to be divided, and out of
Ephraim a rebellious kingdom to rule.

47:24. But God will not leave off his mercy, and he will not destroy,
nor abolish his own works, neither will he cut up by the roots the
offspring of his elect: and he will not utterly take away the seed of
him that loveth the Lord.

47:25. Wherefore he gave a remnant to Jacob, and to David of the same

47:26. And Solomon had an end with his fathers.

47:27. And he left behind him of his seed, the folly of the nation,

47:28. Even Roboam that had little wisdom, who turned away the people
through his counsel:

47:29. And Jeroboam the son of Nabat, who caused Israel to sin, and
shewed Ephraim the way of sin, and their sins were multiplied

47:30. They removed them far away from their land.

47:31. And they sought out all iniquities, till vengeance came upon
them, and put an end to all their sins.

Ecclesiasticus Chapter 48

The praise of Elias, of Eliseus, of Ezechias, and of Isaias.

48:1. And Elias the prophet stood up, as a fire, and his word burnt
like a torch.

48:2. He brought a famine upon them, and they that provoked him in
their envy, were reduced to a small number, for they could not endure
the commandments of the Lord.

48:3. By the word of the Lord he shut up the heaven, and he brought
down fire from heaven thrice.

48:4. Thus was Elias magnified in his wondrous works. And who can glory
like to thee?

48:5. Who raisedst up a dead man from below, from the lot of death, by
the word of the Lord God.

48:6. Who broughtest down kings to destruction, and brokest easily
their power in pieces, and the glorious from their bed.

48:7. Who heardest judgment in Sina, and in Horeb the judgments of

48:8. Who anointedst kings to penance, and madest prophets successors
after thee.

48:9. Who wast taken up in a whirlwind of fire, in a chariot of fiery

48:10. Who art registered in the judgments of times to appease the
wrath of the Lord, to reconcile the heart of the father to the son, and
to restore the tribes of Jacob.

48:11. Blessed are they that saw thee, and were honoured with thy

48:12. For we live only in our life, but after death our name shall not
be such.

48:13. Elias was indeed covered with the whirlwind, and his spirit was
filled up in Eliseus: in his days he feared not the prince, and no man
was more powerful than he.

48:14. No word could overcome him, and after death his body prophesied.

48:15. In his life he did great wonders, and in death he wrought

48:16. For all this the people repented not, neither did they depart
from their sins till they were cast out of their land, and were
scattered through all the earth.

48:17. And there was left but a small people, and a prince in the house
of David.

48:18. Some of these did that which pleased God: but others committed
many sins.

48:19. Ezechias fortified his city, and brought in water into the midst
thereof, and he digged a rock with iron, and made a well for water.

48:20. In his days Sennacherib came up, and sent Rabsaces, and lifted
up his hand against them, and he stretched out his hand against Sion,
and became proud through his power.

48:21. Then their hearts and hands trembled, and they were in pain as
women in travail.

48:22. And they called upon the Lord who is merciful, and spreading
their hands, they lifted them up to heaven: and the holy Lord God
quickly heard their voice.

48:23. He was not mindful of their sins, neither did he deliver them up
to their enemies, but he purified them by the hand of Isaias, the holy

48:24. He overthrew the army of the Assyrians, and the angel of the
Lord destroyed them.

48:25. For Ezechias did that which pleased God, and walked valiantly in
the way of David his father, which Isaias, the great prophet, and
faithful in the sight of God, had commanded him.

48:26. In his days the sun wen backward, and he lengthened the king's

48:27. With a great spirit he saw the things that are to come to pass
at last, and comforted the mourners in Sion.

48:28. He showed what should come to pass for ever, and secret things
before they came.

Ecclesiasticus Chapter 49

The praise of Josias, of Jeremias, Ezechiel, and the twelve prophets.
Also of Zorobabel, Jesus the son of Josedech, Nehemias, Enoch, Joseph,
Seth, Sem, and Adam.

49:1. The memory of Josias is like the composition of a sweet smell
made by the art of a perfumer:

49:2. His remembrance shall be sweet as honey in every mouth, and as
music at a banquet of wine.

49:3. He was directed by God unto the repentance of the nation, and he
took away the abominations of wickedness.

49:4. And he directed his heart towards the Lord, and in the days of
sinners he strengthened godliness.

49:5. Except David, and Ezechias and Josias, all committed sin.

49:6. For the kings of Juda forsook the law of the most High, and
despised the fear of God.

49:7. So they gave their kingdom to others, and their glory to a
strange nation,

49:8. They burnt the chosen city of holiness, and made the streets
thereof desolate according to the prediction of Jeremias.

49:9. For they treated him evil, who was consecrated a prophet from his
mother's womb, to overthrow, and pluck up, and destroy, and to build
again, and renew.

49:10. It was Ezechiel that saw the glorious vision, which was shewn
him upon the chariot of cherubims.

49:11. For he made mention of the enemies under the figure of rain, and
of doing good to them that shewed right ways.

49:12. And may the bones of the twelve prophets spring up out of their
place: for they strengthened Jacob, and redeemed themselves by strong

49:13. How shall we magnify Zorobabel? for he was as a signet on the
right hand;

49:14. In like manner Jesus the son of Josedec who in their days built
the house, and set up a holy temple to the Lord, prepared for
everlasting glory.

49:15. And let Nehemias be a long time remembered, who raised up for us
our walls that were cast down, and set up the gates and the bars, who
rebuilt our houses.

49:16. No man was born upon earth like Henoch: for he also was taken up
from the earth.

49:17. Nor as Joseph, who was a man born prince of his brethren, the
support of his family, the ruler of his brethren, the stay of the

49:18. And his bones were visited, and after death they prophesied.

They prophesied. . .That is, by their being carried out of Egypt they
verified the prophetic prediction of Joseph. Gen. 50.

49:19. Seth and Sem obtained glory among men: and above every soul Adam
in the beginning,

Ecclesiasticus Chapter 50

The praises of Simon the high priest. The conclusion.

50:1. Simon the high priest, the son of Onias, who in his life propped
up the house, and in his days fortified the temple.

50:2. By him also the height of the temple was founded, the double
building and the high walls of the temple.

50:3. In his days the wells of water flowed out, and they were filled
as the sea above measure.

50:4. He took care of his nation, and delivered it from destruction.

50:5. He prevailed to enlarge the city, and obtained glory in his
conversation with the people: and enlarged the entrance of the house
and the court.

50:6. He shone in his days as the morning star in the midst of a cloud,
and as the moon at the full.

50:7. And as the sun when it shineth, so did he shine in the temple of

50:8. And as the rainbow giving light in bright clouds, and as the
flower of roses in the days of the spring, and as the lilies that are
on the brink of the water, and as the sweet smelling frankincense in
the time of summer.

50:9. As a bright fire, and frankincense burning in the fire.

50:10. As a massy vessel of gold, adorned with every precious stone.

50:11. As an olive tree budding forth, and a cypress tree rearing
itself on high, when he put on the robe of glory, and was clothed with
the perfection of power.

Clothed with the perfection of power. . .That is, with all the vestments
denoting his dignity and authority.

50:12. When he went up to the holy altar, he honoured the vesture of

50:13. And when he took the portions out of the hands of the priests,
he himself stood by the altar. And about him was the ring of his
brethren: and as the cedar planted in mount Libanus,

50:14. And as branches of palm trees, they stood round about him, and
all the sons of Aaron in their glory.

50:15. And the oblation of the Lord was in their hands, before all the
congregation of Israel: and finishing his service, on the altar, to
honour the offering of the most high King,

50:16. He stretched forth his hand to make a libation, and offered of
the blood of the grape.

50:17. He poured out at the foot of the altar a divine odour to the
most high Prince.

50:18. Then the sons of Aaron shouted, they sounded with beaten
trumpets, and made a great noise to be heard for a remembrance before

50:19. Then all the people together made haste, and fell down to the
earth upon their faces, to adore the Lord their God, and to pray to the
Almighty God the most High.

50:20. And the singers lifted up their voices, and in the great house
the sound of sweet melody was increased.

50:21. And the people in prayer besought the Lord the most High, until
the worship of the Lord was perfected, and they had finished their

50:22. Then coming down, he lifted up his hands over all the
congregation of the children of Israel, to give glory to God with his
lips, and to glory in his name:

50:23. And he repeated his prayer, willing to shew the power of God.

50:24. And now pray ye to the God of all, who hath done great things in
all the earth, who hath increased our days from our mother's womb, and
hath done with us according to his mercy.

50:25. May he grant us joyfulness of heart, and that there be peace in
our days in Israel for ever:

50:26. That Israel may believe that the mercy of God is with us, to
deliver us in his days.

50:27. There are two nations which my soul abhorreth: and the third is
no nation: which I hate:

Abhorreth. . .Viz., with a holy indignation, as enemies of God and
persecutors of his people. Such were then the Edomites who abode in
mount Seir, the Philistines, and the Samaritans who dwelt in Sichem,
and had their schismatical temple in that neighbourhood.

50:28. They that sit on mount Seir, and the Philistines, and the
foolish people that dwell in Sichem.

50:29. Jesus the son of Sirach, of Jerusalem, hath written in this book


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