Through Central Borneo:
Carl Lumholtz

Part 7 out of 8

haunts of;
sacrifices to attract good;
attracted by music and dancing;
the nagah;
the sangiang;
three birds that call;
disease caused by evil;
at ear-piercing operation;
singing to attract;
food offered to;
evil, ejected by singing;
represented on kapatongs;
flying prahu presented to;
sacrifice to, at rice-planting;
at harvest feast;
at funeral feast;
guarding the dead;
in crocodiles;
in trees;
representation of, on the sapundo;
placed in the world by, belief of natives;
the nagah in decorative designs;
names given to nagah by different tribes;
drawing of flying prahu presented to;
folktales about

Ants, in the jungle;
a raid by;
along Busang River


Apo Kayan
trading expedition from;
the garrison in;
head-hunting in;
relics from;
Oma-Sulings from;
home of the Long-Glats;
Kenyahs of;
the Oma-Lakans of

Aptitude, of natives

Arabs, in Borneo;
conversion of Java by

Artistic character of natives

_Artocarpus integrifoha_

Asia: Borneo, Java and Sumatra formerly parts of

Astronomical device for determining best time for rice-planting

Auguries. See Omens.

Australia, sun disregarded by blacks of

Baggage, story of excessive charge for carrying;
opening of many pieces of

Bahandang, arrival at

Bahau River, the;
inhabited at source only;
tribes from

Bahau tribes, the

Bahau-Kenyah tribe

Bakas (hereditary rajas)

Bakkaang River, the

Bakompai, the;
characteristics of

Balei, the (house of worship)


Balik Papan, oil-producing centre

Balok tribe, the

Bamboo, abundance of, in Borneo;
sumpitan darts carried in cases made of;
food cooked in;
uses of split;
tent protected by;
bandage made from;

Banana, rice wrapped in leaves of;
omens taken with leaves

Bandjermasin, population of;
founding of;
principal town in Dutch Borneo;
meaning of the name;
the hotel in;
climate of;
church and museum in;
Protestant and Catholic missionaries in;
departure for;
return to;
epidemic of cholera at;
final start from;
a journey through the country northeast of;
the cats and dogs in

Bangkal, natives from;
different tribes in;
the Tamoans of;
epidemic of cholera at

Banglan, fight of, with crocodile

Bangsul, boatman

Banquet, given by controleur at Sampit

Baren, Controleur, heads presented to

Barito River, the;
the journey up;
rapids of

Basap tribe, the

Baskets, bamboo, designs on

Batavia, arrival at;
departure from;
return to;
Hindu statues presented to museum at

Bathing, in the tropics;
frequent, of natives;
a visit from native women at time for


Bato-Pola tribe, the

Bats, in the jungle;
in caves of Kong Beng

Batu Boa


Beads, necklaces of;
cradle decorated with;
valuable old

as food;
strange animal resembling;
gall of, used as medicine

Beards, on natives


Belimbing, village of

Berg, Dr. Afred

Berger, Mr., experience of, with ironwood floors

green peas used to counteract;
polished rice as cause of;
curing of crew of _Kronprinz Wilhelm_ stricken with;
epidemic of, at Sembulo;
in prison at Sampit

Beringan, the pasang grahan at;
elevation at

Betel, chewing of;
betel box on kapatongs

Biha, the Murungs at

Birds, of Borneo;
kept in houses;
caught in snares;
worship of;
antoh called and fed by;
seen along Busang River;
argus pheasant;
the punai;
white-tail pheasant;
the raja;
the teong;
Mrs. Meyer's collection of;
folktales about

Blacksmiths, Dayaks, skilful;
art of, dying out among Saputans

Blangas, valuable old

Blarey, Penihing chief

Blatei River, the

Blians (priest-doctors), male and female;
possessed by good antohs;
constant occupation of;
shield of;
dress of Murung;
dance of;
among the Penyahbongs;
Saputan belief in;
at great triennial festival;
rice-throwing by;
march of;
funeral of;
methods practised by, for cure of disease;
singing of;
juggling of;
the usual remuneration of;
wooden statues used by Murung

Blood of sacrificed animals,
smeared on principals of any feast or ceremony;
on kapatongs;
on stones;
at marriage ceremony;
at rice-planting;
at harvest feast

Blow-pipe. _See_ Sumpitan

Blu River, the

Boat, native keelless. _See also_ Prahu.

Boatmen: the Dayak;
meal of the Dayak;
Amban Klesau;
wages of;
dismissal of Malay;
refusal of, to continue journey;
party sent to Tamaloe to hire;
the Penyahbong;
illness of;
a strike among;
unexpected addition to crew of;
wearied by carrying goods to top of ridge;
more men procured by Saputan chief;
easily obtained on the Mahakam;
plan of, to receive double wages;
the meal of the Malay;
on the Samba at night;
shout of, resembling college yell;
difficulties with Malay coolies

Boh River, the

Bone, engraved

Boots, London Alpine

Borneo, the second largest island;
formerly a part of Asia;
climatic conditions of;
mountains of;
river system of;
rain in;
dry season in;
useful trees of;
fruits of;
animal life of;
mineral resources of;
population of;
early history of;
colonised by Hindu Javanese;
the Malays in;
European occupation of;
geographical features of;
native tribes of;
original inhabitants of, unknown;
along the east coast of;
strong drink seldom abused by natives of;
trade in;
stormy weather along coast of;
plan of expedition through Central;
preparation for journey through Central;
distance covered on journey through Central

Boro Budur, Buddhist monument, II

Borro, the cocoanut monkey, folk-tale of

Botanical gardens at Buitenzorg

Boys, Kenyah

Bracelets, brass and silver;
used in blian's dance

_Branak, the Antoh_, folk-tale

Brandy: rice;
from sugar-cane;
drunk from skulls;
at marriage ceremony;
at rice-planting and harvesting;
at funeral feast;
Tamoan method of making

Brani River, the

Braui River, the


Brem-Brem River, the, rapids of

British, in Borneo

British India

Brooke, James, made Raja of Sarawak;
exploring expedition of

Brouers, B.

Brua. _See_ Souls

Bruen, the Kayans in

Brunei, founded by Hindu Javanese;
Pigafetta's expedition to

_Buceros rhinoceros_

Buddha, statues of, and scenes from life of, in the Boro Budur;
statue in temple of Mundut;
in caves of Kong Beng

Buddhism, former main seat of, in Java, II;
of first settlers in Borneo

Buffaloes, water

Bugis, the, absorbed by Malays;
weaving of

Buitenzorg, botanical gardens at;
Governor-General's palace at;
a visit to the Governor-General at

Bukats, the, settlements of, in Upper Mahakam region;
customs of;
food of;
original home of;
strictly monogamous;
punishment for matrimonial unfaithfulness by;
women of;
sumpitans and mats made by;
customs regarding childbirth;
tuba-fishing practised by;
beautiful tatuing of;
cure for snake-bite known to;
death from lightning unknown to;
beliefs identical with those of Penihings;
experts in use of sumpitan;
head-hunting raid by

Bukit mountain ridge, the

Bukits, the, at Angkipi;
primitive character of;
physical characteristics of;
customs of;
teeth filed by;
weapon of;
sleeping-mat of;
yielding to Malay influence;
nomadic people;
the Ulu-Ots

Bulau River, the

Bulungan, the Sultan of;
size and population of;
Kayans and Kenyahs of

Bulungan River, the

Bumirata, rubber plantation near

Bundang, tiwah feast at


Buntut Mangkikit

Burial cave of the Penihings

Busang River, the;
the journey up;
rapids of;
delightful landscape on west side of;
the watershed of;
rapid rise of;
animals and birds seen along;
fish in;
insects seen along;
the orchids on;
superb scenery on;
elevation of watershed of;
data from, concerning Penyahbongs

Busang tribe, the

Businesslike character of natives

Cajuput oil

Calendar, the Katingan

Camping-houses, for travellers. _See_ Pasang grahan

Canal, to Martapura

Candelabrum, stand resembling


Canyon, trip through a

Caps, rattan

Carriers, the

Carvings, on house at Data Lingei;
in a Long-Glat's house;
on casket;
on kapatongs;
on flying prahu

Casket, a carved. _See also_ Coffin


Cat, wild;
tame kitten of;

Cattle, wild

Caves, containing Hindu antiquities;
near Kandangan;
cave of Kimanis

Celebes, climate of North;
Alfurs of Central

Cemetery, at Sembulo;
at Tevang Karangan

Centipedes, appearance of, an omen;
met by head-hunting party;
in caves of Kong Beng

Cereals, removal of husks of


Chalk cliff

Characteristics of natives

Chavat (loin-cloth)

Chiefs, tall Penyahbong

Childbirth, restrictions preceding;
methods employed to prevent;
Bukat customs regarding;
Duhoi customs regarding;
Long-Glat customs;

Children, Malay at Samarinda;
flogging of;
few among Dayaks;
many among Malays;
a Kenyah child's funeral;
of the Kenyahs;
ornaments worn by;
provisions shared with;
Dutch, on steamer;
light colour of native;
born blind;
marriage of;
of the Penyahbongs;
of the Sapucans;
number of, in family;
at great triennial feast;
native games for;
protected from sun;
of the Long-Glats and Oma-Sulings;
bathing of infant;
restrictions preceding birth of;
naming of;
custom of changing name of;
at Kuala Kapuas;

Chinese, in Singapore;
number of, in Borneo;
early knowledge of Borneo had by;
important element in development of Borneo;
trade principally in hands of;
at Sampit

Chion-in, temple of

cure of

Chonggat, taxidermist

Christmas day in the jungle;
Christmas eve


Cigar-cases, made from rattan


Classes, social, among native tribes

Cleanliness of natives

Clearing, a, in the jungle


Climbing trees, native methods of

Clocks, in Malay's house

along Barito River

Coaling of steamers in Japanese harbours

Cobra, a king;
remedy for bite of

Cocks, annoyance caused by crowing of

plantations of;
natives killed by falling

Coffin, making the;
duplicate made of carved;
Katingan name for;
for second funeral;
of the Long-Glats

Coins, used as ornaments

Collections, ethnographic, specimens added to


Colour, skin;
light, in black and brown races;

Communal houses

Cooking, in bamboo;
by the Penyahbongs

Coolies, employed as paddlers

Cows, at Long Iram;
sacrificed at funeral feast

Cradle, adorned with beads;
customs regarding the

fight with a;
not eaten;
on Katingan River;
kapala's brother eaten by;
killing of;
folk-tale about


Culm, Stewart

Cure of disease by natives

Daily life, of the Penyahbongs;
of the Long-Glats

Damar, white

Dance, of the Murungs;
of the blians;
at the tiwah feast;
of blians at triennial feast;
of the people at triennial feast

Dancing, of the Murungs;
to attract good spirits;
with masks;
of the Duhoi;
of the Katingans;
at tiwah feast;
on completion of Penyahbong house;
at harvest festival

Dangei hut, the

Data Laong, village of;
meaning of name;
folk-lore from

Data Lingei, a one-night camp at

Dayaks, number of, in Borneo;
extinction of, by Malays inevitable;
safety enjoyed by;
derivation of the word;
name applied to all natives of Borneo except Malays and nomadic peoples;
little drunkenness among;
of Bulungan;
manners of;
few children of;
ultimately must die out;
food of;
social classes among;
the Kenyahs, the most capable of;
Hindu influence among;
physical superiority of;
and Malays;
characteristics of;
customs of

De Weert, steamship

Dead, the, natives' fear of;
guarded by kapatongs;
guarded by statue of lovers.
See also Funeral customs

Debtors, as slaves

Deer, the kidyang;
Bornean method of hunting;
along Busang River;
fine specimen killed and eaten;
cry of, at noon, an omen;
folk-tales about;
magic fluid possessed by;
as food

Demmini, J., photographer;
illness of;
return of, to Batavia

Demum, a form of malaria

Designs, decorative

Diamond fields of Martapura

Disease, cure of, by natives;
caused by malicious anto;
tatu marks to prevent;
natives' fondness for white man's remedies for;

Divorce among natives


Djelavat (Bornean fish)

Djobing, boatman


Djudjang, rattan gatherers' camp;
arrival at

Dogs, Dayak, description of;
augury concerning lost;
treatment of, in hydrophobia cases;
not eaten, hunting wild pig with;
belief concerning shedding of blood of;
traits of;
howling of;
folk-tale about;
eaten by Mehalats

Dongiyak, basket designs interpreted by

Dreams, omens from

Dress, the Dayak;
of Katingan women;
of Kenyan women;
of the Penyahbongs;

Drinking, Kenyah and Malay manner of

Drums, in houses at Long Pahangei;

Drunkenness rare among natives

Dry weather in the jungle

Ducks, marsh

Duhoi, the (Ot-Danums);
head-hunting of;
primitive condition of;
intermarriage of, with Kahayans;
friendly visit of;
rich collections for sale by;
abundance of kapatongs used by;
varying physical aspects of;
shaving of foreheads by;
the kapala of;
method of making fire;
sacred number of;
customs of;
the flying prahu of;
polygamy of;
marriage customs and ceremonies of;
rice-planting and harvesting of;
funeral customs of;
taking leave of;
intelligence of;
polyandry among;
customs regarding childbirth;
number and location of souls of

Durian, the, queen of fruits

Dutch, the, rule of, in Borneo;
flag, on memorial staff

Dutch Borneo, population of south and east;
population of north;
natural resources of;
government of;
native tribes in;
Bandjermasin principal town in;
Malays of

Dutch Packet Boat Company

Dwarf, photograph of, taken

Ears, rings worn in;
ornamentation of Penyahbongs';
piercing of chiefs;
wooden disks in lobes of

Earthenware jars

Earthquake, on Java

Eating, customs regarding

Eggs, offered as sacrifice



Elshout, Dr. J.M.;
quoted, on head-hunting

Enemy, announcing approach of

Equator, on the

Erskine, A.M., description of caves of Kong Beng by

European influence in Borneo

Europeans, number of, in Borneo

Eyes, with Mongolian fold;
set obliquely

_Fatherless Boy, The_, folk-tale

Feast, dancing;
of the rubber gatherers;
on removal of bones of dead;
the great triennial;
kapatongs at;
at beginning and end of year

_Felis nebulosa_

Filariasis, an attack of

Fire, making a, in the jungle;
with flint and iron;
with rattan and bamboo;
by drilling;
by friction with rope;
by twirling

Fire omen

Fires, in the jungle

Firebrands, used at funeral

Fish, of Borneo;
in the jungle;
method of catching by poisoning river;
spearing for;
frame for drying;
catching by means of explosive;
cooked in bamboo;
kendokat caught by an otter;
abundance of in Busang River;
in pool near Bandjermasin;
the patin;
folk-tales about

Fishing, tuba;
expeditions, omens concerning

yellowish gray;

Flowers, of water-plant;
of equatorial regions;
along Kasao River;
on the Kai River


Flying prahu, the;
legend of;
a feature of tiwah feast;
as design in mats


Folk-lore tales, telling of, in song;
of the Kahayans;
of the Katingans;
of the Long-Glats;
Malay influence in;
of the Ot-Danums;
of the Penyahbongs;
of the Saputans

Food, hints on proper, for travel in East Indies;
of the Dayaks and Malays;
at the paddi harvest;
at great triennial feast;
offered to antohs;
of the head-hunters;
of the Bukats;
of Duhoi bride and groom;
of the Long-Glats;
of the Penyahbongs;
of the Punans

Forests of Borneo

Fowls, Bornean


French count, story of a


Fruits of Borneo;
the durian;
the lansat;
the nangca;
the rambutan;
eaten by fish

Fuji, Mount, height of

Funeral customs, the second funeral feast;
the pantar;
the panyanggaran;
the sapundo;
souls of animals presented to soul of deceased;
a child's funeral;
of the Bukats;
of the Bukits;
of the Duhoi;
of the Katingans;
of the Kenyahs;
of the Long-Glats;
of the Murungs;
of the Oma-Sulings;
of the Penihings;
of the Penyahbongs;
of the Punans;
of the Saputans

Funeral house;
model of a raja's

Furniture, European, natives desirous of securing

Games: for children;
played at beginning and end of year

Garrison, in Apo Kayan;
at Long Iram;
at Long Kai;
at Long Nawang;
at Puruk Tjahu, ill

German missionaries

Gibbon (man-like ape)

Glit River, the


Go Hong Cheng, interpreter

Goat, at times an antoh


of Barito River country;
hunting for, on Busang River;
in Samba and Braui Rivers;
on Katingan River;
not used by Penyahbongs


Governor-General of Netherlands India

Grass, in the jungle


Grijson, H.J.

_Grotius_, Dutch steamer

Guitar, a native

Gunong, camp

Gunong Porok, village of, folk-lore from

Gunong Rega, height of

Haddon, Doctor A.C.

Hageman, Captain J.J.M., on character of the Dayak

Hair, removal of body;
on body, resembling orang-utan;
colour of head;
parasites in;
worn cut, by Duhoi;
shaving of forehead;
cut from head and placed in tree;
arrangement of women's


Harvest, paddi;

Hawk, worship of;
a tame

Head-hunters, song of;
seen on board steamer;
meeting an imaginary attack of;
food of

Head-hunting, measures taken by Dutch government to eradicate;
among various tribes;
religious fanaticism incentive to;
a recent raid;
description of a raid;
customs regarding the practice of;
omens concerning;
the purposes of;
Captain Hageman quoted concerning;
effect of, on disposition of natives;
kapatongs of prime importance in;
rice-throwing before;
folktale about;
principal weapon used in;
Dayaks incited to by Malays;
of the Bukats;
not practised by Bukits;
of Duhoi chief;
of the Duhoi and Katingans;
raids of the Ibans;
of the Kenyahs;
discontinued by Ot-Danums;
of the Punans;
of the Ulu-Ots

Head ornament, women's

Heat, intense, in jungle

Hens, sacrificed at rubber gatherers' feast;
sacrificed at wedding;
sacrificed at funeral;
hung in bags at night;
chickens eaten by

Hindu Javanese, first settlers in Borneo;
kingdoms founded by;
absorbed by Malays

Hinduism of first settlers in Borneo

Hindus, in South Africa;
antiquities of, found in Borneo;
brass statue;
influence of, among Dayaks

Hoang Tshirao, village of

Honesty, of natives

Honey, native methods of gathering

Hong Seng, Chinese merchant

the rhinoceros;
the tail feathers of;
image of, on flying prahu;
image of, on pantar


Hose, Doctor

Hospitality, of natives

House of worship, at Angkipi;
at Ado;
at Tumingki

Houses: camping, for travellers;
with upright pillars before;
at Tumbang Marowei;
custom of burying slave alive underneath;
at Long Kai;
at Long Pahangei;
with beautiful carvings;
high-gabled, in Negara;
of the Katingans;
form of salutation on entering and leaving;
dancing on completion of

_How the Penganun was Caught Alive_, folktale


Humour, sense of, among natives


Hunting, deer;
wild pig;
by the Penyahbongs;
part taken by women in;
omens concerning


Ibans, the;
head-hunting raids of;
known as Orang Bahau

Idenburg, A.W.F., Governor-General of Netherlands India

Imperial Limited Express, a race with the

Incision, the practice of

India, British

Indonesians, the

Infants, bathing of

Infidelity in marital relations, punishment for;
rareness of

Inheritance, customs regarding

Insects, in the jungle;
remedy for bites of

Intelligence of natives

Interpreter, the

Inyah Otuntaga, legend of

Inu, legend of

Ipoh, poison for sumpitan darts


Ironwood, kapatongs made of;
receptacle for dead made of;
boats of;
funeral house of;
the panyanggaran made of;
the pantar;
spears of;
effect of sleeping on floors of

Isau River, the


residence of

Iyu, folk-tale about

_Janssens_, steamship

Japan, along the coast of;
impressions of

Japanese, characteristics of;
remedy of, for wounds;
a native resembling;
medicines sold to natives by

Jars, valuable old

Java, best season to visit;
Buddhist monument in;
the garden of the East;
formerly part of Asia;
Islamism in;
an earthquake in;
eradicating the plague in

Javanese, sailors;
easily lost in jungle;
remarkable intelligence of;
Hindu Javanese

Javau, edible root


Joking, practical

Juggling, by blians
Jungle, the, an expedition into;
making a shelter in;
cutting a clearing in;
stagnant atmosphere of;
making a fire in;
hardwood trees of;
ease of ascent in;
denseness of vegetation in;
animal life in;
birds of;
rain in;
fish in;
insects of;
rapid growth of vegetation in;
grass in;
in the midst of;
effect of dry weather on

Jurong, wooden image used by blian


Kahayan River, the, Protestant mission on;
Malay influence on;
folklore from

Kahayans, the, cigar-cases made by;
the camp among;
with beards;
compared with Malays;
superior intellect of;
converts to Christianity among;
polygamy of;
folk-tale of

Kai River, the

Kambang, island of

Kamkamiak, evil antoh

Kandangan, the journey to;
arrival at;
caves near

Kapala, election of, by Duhoi;
disabled, at Buntut Mangkikit;
tatuing on, at Bali;
brother of, eaten by crocodile

attendants on souls of the dead;
for protection of the living;
carried by head-hunters;
curious representations of;
transmitted as heirlooms;
at feasts;
representing a raja;
representing a woman with betel box

Kapuas River, the

Kasao River, the;
Saputan name for;
drifting down;
continuation of journey down;
flowers along;
rapids of;
data from, concerning Saputans

at the "onder's" house in

Katingan River, the, an expedition to;
plan to reach head of, abandoned;
ascent of, as far as first renowned rapids;
the return trip down;
closing of, for tiwah feast;
the Dayaks of

Katingans, the, Sampit once occupied by;
belief of, in good and evil spirits;
belief, concerning cure of disease;
head-hunting raids of;
Upper and Lower;
number of;
characteristics of;
the dwelling of;
tatuing of;
honey gathering by;
a funeral of;
first appearance of Upper, at Tevang Karantan;
the flying prahu of;
children of;
dress of women;
friendliness of;
wives of;
customs and beliefs of;
crocodile killing by;
manner of announcing approach of enemy;
murder among;
methods of fire-making;
restrictions concerning women;
sins among;
names in vogue among;
good and evil omens of;
funeral customs of;
from Bangkal;
folktale of;
resemblance of, to Alfurs;
manner of curing disease;
game played by;
festivals of;
calendar of;
astronomical device of, for determining rice-planting season;
belief of, in one soul

Katjang idju (native vegetable stew)

Kayan River, the, journey up;
colour of;
rapids of;
the trip down;
rise of water in;
the Kayans and Kenyahs of;
inhabited only at source and at headwaters

Kayans, the;
filing off of teeth by;
ethnological collections from;
prahus provided by;
songs of;
dialects of;
headhunting by;
agreeable to deal with;
the women of;
few children among;
compared with Kenyahs;
social classes among;
kampong of, at Long Blu;
trade of;
location of;
sub-tribes of;
claimed to be same tribe as Kenyahs;
known as Orang Bahau

Kedu, the district of, II

Keladi, water-plant

Kelasin, village of

Kendokat (fish)

Kenyahs, the;
from Apo Kayan;
the women of;
funeral of a child of;
tuba-fishing by;
the children of;
boys of;
compared with Kayans;
most attractive of the natives;
rings worn in ears by;
the spear carried by;
physical superiority of;
characteristics of;
cleanliness of;
ornaments worn by;
removal of body hair by;
courtesy of;
industry of;
head-hunting by;
effect of head-hunting on disposition of;
most capable of the natives;
location of;
number of;
the sub-tribes of;
claimed to be same tribe as Kayans;
belief of, concerning soul

Keppel, Captain H., _The Expedition to Borneo of H.M.S. "Dido"_ by

Kiai Laman

Kidyang (deer)

Kiham, Atas;
_See also_ Rapids

Killing, by Bukats;
among Kenyahs;
of soldiers, by Murungs;
by Penihing chief;
among the Penyahbongs;
by Punans;
vendetta resulting from

Kinabalu, highest mountain in Borneo

Kinematograph, return to Tandjong Selor to repair;
replaced by a Pathe


Kioto, fascination of;
hotel at;
temple of Chion-in at

Klemantan tribes, the

Knife, the klevang;
carried by women;
handle of, made from wah-wah bones;
the ancient duhong

Kobe, western influence in

Kohlbrugge, Doctor J.H.F.

Kong Beng, caves of

Koningsberger, Doctor J.C.

Kreho, name given to the Penyahbongs

Krol, W.

Kuala Braui

Kuala Kapuas;
folk-tale from

Kuala Samba

Kuala Sampit River, the

Kuluk Habuus


Kwing Iran, Kayan chief;
at the house of

La Riviere, Lieutenant C.J.

Ladangs (paddi fields), season for clearing jungle for

Lahanin River, the

_Laki Mae_, folk-tale

_Laki Sora and Laki lyu_, folk-tale

Lamps, native

Language, Malay;
resemblance of Dayak to Alfur

Lansat, the (fruit)

_Lansium domesticum_

Laong River, the

Leave-taking, native manner of

_Leaves that Baffled Antoh_, folk-tale

Ledjuli. _See_ Raja Besar

Leeches, jungle;
the bite of

Legs, wasting of muscles of

Lemur, the spectacled

Liao. _See_ Souls

Lidju, interpreter

Lightning, death from, unknown to Bukats, Penihings and Punans

Limestone hills

Lizard, as food;
shot by sergeant;
a man-eating;
red-backed, supposed to bring good luck


Lodging-house, for Dayaks at Long Pangian

Loing, Mr.

Lok Besar, a journey to;
arrival at;
elevation at

Long Blu, Kayan kampong at

Long-Glats, the, belief of, in friendly spirit;
food of;
and Oma-Sulings;
the women of;
Ibans feared by;
weaving no longer done by;
location of;
original home of;
characteristics of;
mats made by;
customs and beliefs of;
large families desired by;
the children of;
folk-lore of;
manner of bidding farewell;
known as Orang Bahau;
former name of;
colour of;
sub-tribes of;
customs regarding childbirth;
funeral customs of

Long Iram;
garrison at;
arrival at;
description of;
temperature at

Long Isau, fishing at

Long Kai;
garrison at;
data from, concerning tribes

Long Mahan

Long Nawang, the garrison at

Long Pahangei, great triennial festival at;
the camp at;
houses of;
a second visit to;
largest Oma-Suling settlement

Long Pangian;
dry weather at;
the posthouder of;
developing plates at;
difficulty in securing men at;
the tribes at

Long Pelaban

Long Tjehan, the camp at;
Bahau festival at;
return to;
the rajas in;
natives observed in;
curing of sick at

Long Tujo, the Long-Glats of;
folk-lore from;
data from, concerning natives


Longko, Malay boatman;
deer killed by;
desertion of

Lorenz, Dr.

Lulo Pakko, the camp at

Lung Karang, orchid found near



Magellan's expedition

Magic, folk-tale about

_Magic Babi Bone, The_, folk-tale

Mahakam River, the;
fish in;
religious ideas on;
arrival on;
an excursion down;
the rapids of;
overflow of;
Oma-Suling settlements on Upper;
departure from region of Upper;
Malay influence not extended to Upper;
continuing the journey down;
dry season on;
rapid fall of;
the tribes of;
data from, concerning tribes

Mail, receipt of, in the jungle

Maize, cultivation of


Malay, language, the;
coolies, difficulty with

Malays, in Borneo, number of;
influence of;
pirates among;
food sacrificed to monkeys by;
of the Bulungan district;
women and children of;
food of;
method of drinking water;
revolution of;
at Batu Boa;
influence supreme on Barito River;
a strike among;
outfit of travelling;
engaged in gathering rattan;
head-hunting raids on;
umbrellas carried by;
not in Upper Mahakam region;
use of cajuput oil by;
at Pengaron;
and Dayaks;
house of;
at Belimbing;
in Negara;
paint used by women;
lower portions of great rivers populated by;
influence of, on Kahayan and Kapuas Rivers;
of Sembulo;
influence of, shown in folk-tales;
intelligence of;
Dayaks being absorbed by

Mamberamo River, the, expedition on, recalled

Mancala (game), description of

Mandau, short sword

Mandin, village of

Mandumei, water of sea reaches

Mangosten (wild fruit)


Mansur, Dato


Margasari, Hindu remains at

Marriage customs, of the Bukats;
of the Bukits;
of the Duhoi;
of the Katingans;
of the Long-Glats;
of the Murungs;
of Oma-Sulings;
of Penihings;
of Penyahbongs;
of Punans;
of Saputans

Marriage, unfaithfulness in;
faithfulness in

Martapura, diamond-fields of;
by canal to

Masks, dancing with;
bought at Data Lingei

Massey, B.

Mata Punai, decorative design

Mats, making of;
designs on;
made at Kuala Kapuas

McCann, Alfred W., formula of, for cure of diseases with vegetables

McDougall, Dr.


Meat, formerly eaten raw

Medicine, natives' fondness for white man's;
gall of bear used as

Mehalats, the, customs of

_Melalevea leucodendron_

Men, physical appearance of;
women outnumbered by;
dressed as women;
dress of blian;
ear ornamentation of;
restrictions concerning women, observed by;
regulations observed by widowers;
precautions taken by unmarried;
mutilation of body by

Mendawei (Katingan) River, the, expedition to

Mendut, the temple of

Merasi River, the;
an excursion up;
the return journey on

Metsers, Lieutenant T.F.J.

Mexico, Indians of

Meyer, A.F.

Meyer, Mrs. A.F., collection of animals and birds of

Michielsen, Controleur W.J.;
first European to visit Samba River;
quoted, on the Ulu-Ots;
blangas seen by;
quoted, on Katingans

Milk, best kind for travel in the tropics

Mineral resources of Borneo;

Missionaries, Protestant and Catholic, in Dutch Borneo

Modjopahit, founded by Hindus;
fall of

Moerman, C.

_Mohaktahakam Who Slew an Antoh_, folktale


Money (wang)

Money-box, the stealing of a

Monkeys: long-nosed;
food sacrifices to;
supposed to be able to swim;
saying of natives of Java concerning;
seen along Pembuang River;
as food;
along the Busang River;
figure of, to protect rice-field;
superstition concerning red;
tale of the cocoanut.
_See also_ Orang-utan _and_ Wah-Wah


Months, designated by numbers

Moon, native belief concerning;
tatu marks representing


Mosque, wooden, at Sembulo


illness caused by sting of

_Motherless Boy, The_, folk-tale


Motor-boat, prahu towed by

Mountains of Borneo:
Gunong Rega;
first appearance of;
on Busang River;
crossing the Bukit;
Lung Karang;
seen from Batokelau;
canyon through;
Mountain of Images;
seen from Tumingki;
the stone man and the stone wife;

Mourning garments

Mouse-deer, capture of a;
superstition concerning

Moving-pictures shown to natives

Muara Laong

Muara Tewe, in

Muara Topu

Mud, taken from pool bottom

Muller mountains, home of the Penyahbongs

Murder, vendetta resulting from.
_See also_ Killing

Murungs, the, physical appearance of;
a stay among;
dance of;
dress of;
soldiers killed by;
filing of teeth by;
marriage customs of;
funeral customs of;
location of;
tatuing of;
customs regarding childbirth;
wooden images employed by;
belief of, concerning number and location of souls

Muruts, the

Musangs, tame

Museum, nucleus of, in Bandjermasin

Music, good spirits attracted by

Musical instruments: the drum;
the flute;
the jews'-harp;
the sapi;
the sarunai;
the shield;
folk-tale about


Nagah, good and evil spirit;
represented in decorative designs;
description of;
names given to, by different tribes

Nagasaki, western influence in

Nahamerang, village of

Names, in vogue among Katingans;
custom of changing

Naming of children

Nangca (fruit)

Napoleonic Wars, the

_Nasalis larvatus_

Natives of Borneo. _See_ Dayaks _and_ Tribes

Necklaces, bead;
made of stalks of plants;
on kapatongs



Netherlands India, Governor-General of

New Guinea, securing men for expedition to;
fitting out of expedition to, interrupted by war;
omen bird heard at start of an expedition to

Newspapers, received at Long Kai

Nieuwenhuis, Dr. A.W.;
attempt to kill

Nipa palm

Nohacilat, aboriginal wearing apparel from

"Nokken," Norwegian superstition of the

Nomorunge, village of

Nose, in Long-Glat leave-taking

Nudity, chasteness of

Numbers, sacred

Nuncilao, village of

Nundun, the


Obongbadjang, folk-tale about

Oeloe Soungei, district of

Oil, at Balik Papan

Oma-Gaai, Kayan sub-tribe

Oma-Lakan, the, Kayan sub-tribe

Oma-Lokvi, the

Oma-Palp, the;
festival of

Oma-Sulings, the, country of;
characteristics of;
and the Long-Glats;
the great festival of;
the women of;
funeral customs of;
hair colour of;
a second visit to;
meaning of the name;
from Apo Kayan;
weaving no longer done by;
villages of, on Upper Mahakam;
food of;
desire of, for large families;
included in Orang Bahau;
beliefs and customs of;
customs regarding childbirth;
marriage customs of;
omen before naming children;
sacred numbers of;
use by, of nagah in decorative designs


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