Tom Swift And His Air Glider
Victor Appleton

Part 4 out of 4

on some other things I have in mind. I want more

"Oh, you greedy boy!" exclaimed Mary with a laugh.

And what adventures Tom had next will be found in the next
book of this series, which will be entitled, "Tom Swift in
Captivity; Or, a Daring Escape by Airship."

Tom had several offers to give exhibitions in his air
glider, from aviation committees at various meets, but he

"I haven't time," he declared. "I'm too busy."

"You ought to rest," his chum Ned advised him.

"'Bless my alarm clock!' as Mr. Damon would say,"
exclaimed Tom. "The best rest is new work," and then he
began sketching his ideas for a silent motor craft, during
which we will take leave of him for a while.


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