Sane Sex Life and Sane Sex Living
H.W. Long

Part 3 out of 3

life. Read the apt and brilliant comments of Dr. Robinson.

One of the most valuable chapters of this remarkable book is that
which contains a reprint of a famous letter by Benjamin Franklin,
known as "Advice to a Young Man on Choosing a Mistress." Few people
are aware that this letter exists. The United States Government is
said to have paid $30,000 for the original. This Secret Franklin
Letter, in the estimation of many people, is alone worth the price of
the entire book.

#Partial Table of Contents#

Misalliances and unhappy marriages: an important but never referred to

Sexual abstinence and nervousness

Coitus interruptus as cause of nervous disease

Sexual hypochondria and morbid scrupulousness

Double standard of morality

Continence in the two sexes

Is it really impossible to make prostitution harmless?

A problem in sexual ethics

Eugenics, sexual sin, ignorance, and superstition

Is Platonic love normal?

Female sex instinct in relation to morality

Regulation of offspring and sexual morality

Coitus and nightmares

Distinctions between male and female sex instinct

Death during sexual intercourse

False accusation of rape

Strikes against marriage in ancient times

Remarkable experiment in venereal prophylaxis

Effects of masturbation; a genuine human document

A remarkable letter by Benjamin Franklin



_A Treatise on the Science of Sex Attraction_

By Bernard S. Talmey, M.D.

512 Pages

131 Illustrations


_Formerly $5.00_--NOW ONLY $3.00

Because of the thoroughness and completeness of its contents and the
minute details discussed in each chapter, the sale of this volume
was formerly restricted to physicians. Now, however, this unusually
valuable book has been made available to the general public; to those
thoughtful men and women who desire to know the real truths and the
intimate details about sex and love.

Partial Table of Contents

Love and civilization

Sex worship

Male internal sex organs

Female internal sex organs

Male external genitals

Female external genitals

Function of testicles, spermatogenesis, function of seminal vesicles,
prostate, urethral glands, semen, erection, ejaculation, nervous
control, organism

Function of ovaries, ovum, menstruation, uterus, female ejaculation,
function of vagina, of clitoris, course of the sexual act

Quality of pleasure, symptoms of pleasure, orgasm, symptoms of
after-lust, intensity of libido, duration of copulation

Love and passion, development of individual love, characteristic of
the ideal woman's love

Emotions of eros and libido in men and in women, difference in the two
sexes, emotion of jealousy, woman's former love-affairs

Sexual desires in the old, in infants, causes of early masturbation

Impotence in male, satyriasis, nymphomania, continence and impotence,
excesses in copulation, practice of withdrawal, four types of
impotencies in males, female impotence, frigidity, sterility

Engagement rules, wedding day, positions of conjugation, sequels of
great frequency, pain of defloration, conjugation during menstruation,
conjugation during pregnancy, preparation of the woman's muliebra
in partial frigidity, offspring and sexual life, sterile time for

History of marriage, promiscuity, consanguineous family, female
chastity, adultery, female morality and reason

Prostitution, clandestine vice, injury of abstinence, ethics of

This volume has never been sold at any time for less than $5.00.
But, in order to insure its widespread introduction, we offer it at a
special reduced price of only $3.00.


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