The Holy Bible

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2:4. And Thamar his daughter in law bore him Phares and Zara. So all
the sons of Juda were five.

2:5. And the sons of Phares, were Hesron and Hamul.

2:6. And the sons also of Zare: Zamri, and Ethan, and Eman, and
Chalchal, and Dara, five in all.

2:7. And the sons of Charmi: Achar, who troubled Israel, and sinned by
the theft of the anathema.

Achar. . .Alias Achan. Jos. 7.--Ibid. The anathema. . .The thing
devoted or accursed, viz., the spoils of Jericho.

2:8. The sons of Ethan: Azarias,

2:9. And the sons of Hesron that were born to him: Jerameel, and Ram,
and Calubi.

2:10. And Ram begot Aminadab, and Aminadab begot Nahasson, prince of
the children of Juda.

Ram. . .He is commonly called Aram. But it is to be observed here, once
for all, that it was a common thing among the Hebrews for the same
persons to have different names: and that it is not impossible among so
many proper names, as here occur in the first nine chapters of this
book, that the transcribers of the ancient Hebrew copies may have made
some slips in the orthography.

2:11. And Nahasson begot Salma, the father of Booz.

2:12. And Booz begot Obed, and Obed begot Isai.

2:13. And Isai begot Eliab his firstborn, the second Abinadab, the
third Simmaa,

2:14. The fourth, Nathanael, the fifth Raddai,

2:15. The sixth Asom, the seventh David.

2:16. And their sisters were Sarvia, and Abigail. The sons of Sarvia:
Abisai, Joab, and Asael, three.

2:17. And Abigail bore Amasa, whose father was Jether the Ismahelite.

2:18. And Caleb the son of Hesron took a wife named Azuba, of whom he
had Jerioth: and her sons were Jaser, and Sobab, and Ardon.

Caleb. . .Alias Calubi, ver. 9.

2:19. And when Azuba was dead, Caleb took to wife Ephrata: who bore him

2:20. And Hur begot Uri: and Uri begot Bezeleel.

2:21. And afterwards Hesron went in to the daughter of Machir the
father of Galaad, and took her to wife when he was threescore years
old: and she bore him Segub.

2:22. And Segub begot Jair, and he had three and twenty cities in the
land of Galaad.

2:23. And he took Gessur, and Aram the towns of Jair, and Canath, and
the villages thereof, threescore cities. All these, the sons of Machir
father of Galaad.

2:24. And when Hesron was dead, Caleb went in to Ephrata. Hesron also
had to wife Abia who bore him Ashur the father of Thecua.

2:25. And the sons of Jerameel the firstborn of Hesron, were Ram his
firstborn, and Buna, and Aram, and Asom, and Achia.

2:26. And Jerameel married another wife, named Atara, who was the
mother of Onam.

2:27. And the sons of Ram the firstborn of Jerameel, were Moos, Jamin,
and Achar.

2:28. And Onam had sons Semei, and Jada. And the sons of Semei: Nadab,
and Abisur.

2:29. And the name of Abisur's wife was Abihail, who bore him Ahobban,
and Molid.

2:30. And the sons of Nadab were Saled and Apphaim. And Saled died
without children.

2:31. But the son of Apphaim was Jesi: and Jesi begot Sesan. And Sesan
begot Oholai.

2:32. And the sons of Jada the brother of Semei: Jether and Jonathan.
And Jether also died without children.

2:33. But Jonathan begot Phaleth, and Ziza. These were the sons of

2:34. And Sesan had no sons, but daughters and a servant an Egyptian,
named Jeraa.

2:35. And he gave him his daughter to wife: and she bore him Ethei.

2:36. And Ethei begot Nathan, and Nathan begot Zabad.

2:37. And Zabad begot Ophlal, and Ophlal begot Obed.

2:38. Obed begot Jehu, Jehu begot Azarias.

2:39. Azarias begot Helles, and Helles begot Elasa.

2:40. Elasa begot Sisamoi, Sisamoi begot Sellum,

2:41. Sellum begot Icamia, and Icamia begot Elisama.

2:42. Now the sons of Caleb the brother of Jerameel were Mesa his
firstborn, who was the father of Siph: and the sons of Maresa father of

2:43. And the sons of Hebron, Core, and Thaphua, and Recem, and Samma.

2:44. And Samma begot Raham, the father of Jercaam, and Recem begot

2:45. The son of Sammai, Maon: and Maon the father of Bethsur.

2:46. And Epha the concubine of Caleb bore Haran, and Mosa, and Gezez.
And Haran begot Gezez.

2:47. And the sons of Jahaddai, Rogom, and Joathan, and Gesan, and
Phalet, and Epha, and Saaph.

2:48. And Maacha the concubine of Caleb bore Saber, and Tharana.

2:49. And Saaph the father of Madmena begot Sue the father of Machbena,
and the father of Gabaa. And the daughter of Caleb was Achsa.

2:50. These were the sons of Caleb, the son of Hur the firstborn of
Ephrata, Sobal the father of Cariathiarim.

2:51. Salma the father of Bethlehem, Hariph the father of Bethgader.

2:52. And Sobal the father of Cariathiarim had sons: he that saw half
of the places of rest.

He that saw, etc. . .The Latin interpreter seems to have given us here,
instead of the proper names, the meaning of those names in the Hebrew.
He has done in like manner, ver. 55.

2:53. And of the kindred of Cariathiarim, the Jethrites, and
Aphuthites, and Semathites, and Maserites. Of them came the Saraites,
and Esthaolites.

2:54. The sons of Salma, Bethlehem, and Netophathi, the crowns of the
house of Joab, and half of the place of rest of Sarai.

2:55. And the families of the scribes that dwell in Jabes, singing and
making melody, and abiding in tents. These are the Cinites, who came of
Calor (Chamath) father of the house of Rechab.

1 Paralipomenon Chapter 3

The genealogy of the house of David.

3:1. Now these were the sons of David that were born to him in Hebron:
the firstborn Amnon of Achinoam the Jezrahelitess, the second Daniel of
Abigail the Carmelitess.

3:2. The third Absalom the son of Maacha the daughter of Tolmai king of
Gessur, the fourth Adonias the son of Aggith,

3:3. The fifth Saphatias of Abital, the sixth Jethrahem of Egla his

3:4. So six sons were born to him in Hebron, where he reigned seven
years and six months. And in Jerusalem he reigned three and thirty

3:5. And these sons were born to him in Jerusalem: Simmaa, and Sobab,
and Nathan, and Solomon, four of Bethsabee the daughter of Ammiel.

3:6. Jebaar also and Elisama,

3:7. And Eliphaleth, and Noge, and Nepheg, and Japhia,

3:8. And Elisama, and Eliada, and Elipheleth, nine:

3:9. All these the sons of David, beside the sons of the concubines:
and they had a sister Thamar.

The concubines. . .The inferior wives.

3:10. And Solomon's son was Roboam: whose son Abia begot Asa. And his
son was Josaphat,

3:11. The father of Joram: and Joram begot Ochozias, of whom was born

3:12. And his son Amasias begot Azarias. And Joathan the son of Azarias

3:13. Begot Achaz, the father of Ezechias, of whom was born Manasses.

3:14. And Manasses begot Amon the father of Josias.

3:15. And the sons of Josias were, the firstborn Johanan, the second
Joakim, the third Sedecias, the fourth Sellum.

3:16. Of Joakim was born Jechonias, and Sedecias.

3:17. The sons of Jechonias were Asir, Salathiel,

3:18. Melchiram, Phadaia, Senneser and Jecemia, Sama, and Nadabia.

3:19. Of Phadaia were born Zorobabel and Semei. Zorobabel begot
Mosollam, Hananias, and Salomith their sister:

3:20. Hasaba also, and Ohol, and Barachias, and Hasadias, Josabhesed,

3:21. And the son of Hananias was Phaltias the father of Jeseias, whose
son was Raphaia. And his son was Arnan, of whom was born Obdia, whose
son was Sechenias.

3:22. The son of Sechenias was Semeia, whose sons were Hattus, and
Jegaal, and Baria, and Naaria, and Saphat, six in number.

Six. . .Counting the father in the number.

3:23. The sons of Naaria, Elioenai, and Ezechias, and Ezricam, three.

3:24. The sons of Elioenai, Oduia, and Eliasub, and Pheleia, and Accub,
and Johanan, and Dalaia, and Anani, seven.

1 Paralipomenon Chapter 4

Other genealogies of Juda and Simeon, and their victories.

4:1. The sons of Juda: Phares, Hesron, and Charmi and Hur, and Sobal.

4:2. And Raia the son of Sobal begot Jahath, of whom were born Ahumai,
and Laad. These are the families of Sarathi.

4:3. And this is the posterity of Etam: Jezrahel, and Jesema, And
Jedebos: and the name of their sister was Asalelphuni.

4:4. And Phanuel the father of Gedor, and Ezar the father of Hosa,
these are the sons of Hur the firstborn of Ephratha the father of

4:5. And Assur the father of Thecua had two wives, Halaa and Naara:

4:6. And Naara bore him Ozam, and Hepher, and Themani, and Ahasthari:
these are the sons of Naara.

4:7. And the sons of Halaa, Sereth, Isaar, and Ethnan.

4:8. And Cos begot Anob, and Soboba, and the kindred of Aharehel the
son of Arum.

4:9. And Jabes was more honourable than any of his brethren, and his
mother called his name Jabes, saying: Because I bore him with sorrow.

Jabes. . .That is, sorrowful.

4:10. And Jabes called upon the God of Israel, saying: If blessing thou
wilt bless me, and wilt enlarge my borders, and thy hand be with me,
and thou save me from being oppressed by evil. And God granted him the
things he prayed for.

4:11. And Caleb the brother of Sua begot Mahir, who was the father of

4:12. And Esthon begot Bethrapha, and Phesse, and Tehinna father of the
city of Naas: these are the men of Recha.

4:13. And the sons of Cenez were Othoniel, and Saraia. And the sons of
Othoniel, Hathath, and Maonathi.

4:14. Maonathi begot Ophra, and Saraia begot Joab the father of the
Valley of artificers: for artificers were there.

4:15. And the sons of Caleb the son of Jephone, were Hir, and Ela, and
Naham. And the sons of Ela: Cenez.

4:16. The sons also of Jaleleel: Ziph, and Zipha, Thiria and Asrael.

4:17. And the sons of Esra, Jether, and Mered, and Epher, and Jalon,
and he begot Mariam, and Sammai, and Jesba the father of Esthamo.

4:18. And his wife Judaia, bore Jared the father of Gedor, and Heber
the father of Socho, and Icuthiel the father of Zanoe. And these are
the sons of Bethia the daughter of Pharao, whom Mered took to wife.

4:19. And the sons of his wife Odaia the sister of Naham the father of
Celia, Garmi, and Esthamo, who was of Machathi.

4:20. The sons also of Simon, Amnon, and Rinna the son of Hanan, and
Thilon. And the sons of Jesi Zoheth, and Benzoheth.

4:21. The sons of Sela the son of Juda: Her the father of Lecha, and
Laada the father of Maresa, and the families of the house of them that
wrought fine linen in the House of oath.

4:22. And he that made the sun to stand, and the men of Lying, and
Secure, and Burning, who were princes in Moab, and who returned into
Lahem. Now these are things of old.

He that made, etc. . .Viz., Joazim, the meaning of whose name in Hebrew
is, he that made the sun to stand. In like manner the following names,
Lying (Chozeba), Secure (Joas), and Burning (Saraph), are substituted
in place of the Hebrew names of the same signification.

4:23. These are the potters, and they dwelt in Plantations, and Hedges,
with the king for his works, and they abode there.

Plantations and Hedges. . .These are the proper names of the places
where they dwelt. In Hebrew Atharim and Gadira.

4:24. The sons of Simeon: Namuel and Jamin, Jarib, Zara, Saul:

4:25. Sellum his son, Mapsam his son, Masma his son.

4:26. The sons of Masma: Hamuel his son, Zachur his son, Semei his son.

4:27. The sons of Semei were sixteen, and six daughters: but his
brethren had not many sons, and the whole kindred could not reach to
the sum of the children of Juda.

4:28. And they dwelt in Bersabee, and Molada, and Hasarsuhal,

4:29. And in Bala, and in Asom, and in Tholad,

4:30. And in Bathuel, and in Horma, and in Siceleg,

4:31. And in Bethmarchaboth, and in Hasarsusim, and in Bethberai, and
in Saarim. These were their cities unto the reign of David.

4:32. Their towns also were Etam, and Aen, Remmon, and Thochen, and
Asan, five cities.

4:33. And all their villages round about these cities as far as Baal.
This was their habitation, and the distribution of their dwellings.

4:34. And Mosabab and Jemlech, and Josaphat, the son of Amasias,

4:35. And Joel, and Jehu the son of Josabia the son of Saraia, the son
of Asiel,

4:36. And Elioenai, and Jacoba, and Isuhaia, and Asaia, and Adiel, and
Ismiel, and Banaia,

4:37. Ziza also the son of Sephei the son of Allon the son of Idaia the
son of Semri the son of Samaia.

4:38. These were named princes in their kindreds, and in the houses of
their families were multiplied exceedingly.

4:39. And they went forth to enter into Gador as far as to the east
side of the valley, to seek pastures for their flocks.

4:40. And they found fat pastures, and very good, and a country
spacious, and quiet, and fruitful, in which some of the race of Cham
had dwelt before.

4:41. And these whose names are written above, came in the days of
Ezechias king of Juda: and they beat down their tents, and slew the
inhabitants that were found there, and utterly destroyed them unto this
day: and they dwelt in their place, because they found there fat

4:42. Some also of the children of Simeon, five hundred men, went into
mount Seir, having for their captains Phaltias and Naaria and Raphaia
and Oziel the sons of Jesi:

4:43. And they slew the remnant of the Amalecites, who had been able to
escape, and they dwelt there in their stead unto this day.

1 Paralipomenon Chapter 5

Genealogies of Ruben and Gad: their victories over the Agarites: their

5:1. Now the sons of Ruben the firstborn of Israel, (for he was his
firstborn: but forasmuch as he defiled his father's bed, his first
birthright was given to the sons of Joseph the son of Israel, and he
was not accounted for the firstborn.

5:2. But of the race of Juda, who was the strongest among his brethren,
came the princes: but the first birthright was accounted to Joseph.)

Accounted to Joseph. . .Viz., as to the double portion, which belonged
to the firstborn; but the princely dignity was given to Juda, and the
priesthood to Levi.

5:3. The sons then of Ruben the firstborn of Israel were Enoch, and
Phallu, Esron, and Charmi.

5:4. The sons of Joel: Samaia his son, Gog his son, Semei his son,

5:5. Micha his son, Reia his son, Baal his son,

5:6. Beera his son, whom Thelgathphalnasar king of the Assyrians
carried away captive, and he was prince in the tribe of Ruben.

5:7. And his brethren, and all his kindred, when they were numbered by
their families, had for princes Jehiel, and Zacharias.

5:8. And Bala the son of Azaz, the son of Samma, the son of Joel, dwelt
in Aroer as far as Nebo, and Beelmeon.

5:9. And eastward he had his habitation as far as the entrance of the
desert, and the river Euphrates. For they possessed a great number of
cattle in the land of Galaad.

5:10. And in the days of Saul they fought against the Agarites, and
slew them, and dwelt in their tents in their stead, in all the country,
that looketh to the east of Galaad.

5:11. And the children of Gad dwelt over against them in the land of
Basan, as far as Selcha:

5:12. Johel the chief, and Saphan the second: and Janai, and Saphat in

5:13. And their brethren according to the houses of their kindreds,
were Michael and Mosollam, and Sebe, and Jorai, and Jacan, and Zie, and
Heber, seven.

5:14. These were the sons of Abihail, the son of Huri, the son of Jara,
the son of Galaad, the son of Michael, the son of Jesisi, the son of
Jeddo, the son of Buz.

5:15. And their brethren the sons of Abdiel, the son of Guni, chief of
the house in their families,

5:16. And they dwelt in Galaad, and in Basan and in the towns thereof,
and in all the suburbs of Saron, unto the borders.

5:17. All these were numbered in the days of Joathan king of Juda, and
in the days of Jeroboam king of Israel.

5:18. The Sons of Ruben, and of Gad, and of the half tribe of Manasses,
fighting men, bearing shields, and swords, and bending the bow, and
trained up to battles, four and forty thousand seven hundred and
threescore that went out to war.

5:19. They fought against the Agarites: but the Itureans, and Naphis,
and Nodab,

5:20. Gave them help. And the Agarites were delivered into their hands,
and all that were with them, because they called upon God in the
battle: and he heard them, because they had put their faith in him.

5:21. And they took all that they possessed, of camels fifty thousand,
and of sheep two hundred and fifty thousand, and of asses two thousand,
and of men a hundred thousand souls.

5:22. And many fell down slain: for it was the battle of the Lord. And
they dwelt in their stead till the captivity.

5:23. And the children of the half tribe of Manasses possessed the
land, from the borders of Basan unto Baal, Hermon, and Sanir, and mount
Hermon, for their number was great.

5:24. And these were the heads of the house of their kindred, Epher,
and Jesi, and Eliel, and Esriel, and Jeremia, and Odoia, and Jediel,
most valiant and powerful men, and famous chiefs in their families.

5:25. But they forsook the God of their fathers, and went astray after
the gods of the people of the land, whom God destroyed before them.

5:26. And the God of Israel stirred up the spirit of Phul king of the
Assyrians. and the spirit of Thelgathphalnasar king of Assur: and he
carried away Ruben, and Gad, and the half tribe of Manasses, and
brought them to Lahela, and to Habor, and to Ara, and to the river of
Gozan, unto this day.

1 Paralipomenon Chapter 6

The genealogies of Levi, and of Aaron: the cities of the Levites.

6:1. The sons of Levi were Gerson, Caath, and Merari.

6:2. The Sons of Caath: Amram, Isaar, Hebron, and Oziel.

6:3. The children of Amram: Aaron, Moses, and Mary. The Sons of Aaron:
Nadab and Abiu, Eleazar and Ithamar.

6:4. Eleazar begot Phinees, and Phinees begot Abisue,

6:5. And Abisue begot Bocci, and Bocci begot Ozi.

6:6. Ozi begot Zaraias, and Zaraias begot Maraioth.

6:7. And Maraioth begot Amarias, and Amarias begot Achitob.

6:8. Achitob begot Sadoc, and Sadoc begot Achimaas.

6:9. Achimaas begot Azarias, Azarias begot Johanan,

6:10. Johanan begot Azarias. This is he that executed the priestly
office in the house which Solomon built in Jerusalem.

6:11. And Azarias begot Amarias, and Amarias begot Achitob.

6:12. And Achitob begot Sadoc, and Sadoc begot Sellum,

6:13. Sellum begot Helcias, and Helcias begot Azarias,

6:14. Azarias begot Saraias, and Saraias begot Josedec.

6:15. Now Josedec went out, when the Lord carried away Juda, and
Jerusalem, by the hands of Nabuchodonosor.

6:16. So the sons of Levi were Gerson, Caath, and Merari.

6:17. And these are the names of the sons of Gerson: Lobni and Semei.

6:18. The sons of Caath: Amram, and Isaar, and Hebron, and Oziel.

6:19. The sons of Merari: Moholi and Musi. And these are the kindreds
of Levi according to their families.

6:20. Of Gerson: Lobni his son, Jahath his son, Zamma his son,

6:21. Joah his son, Addo his son, Zara his son, Jethrai his son.

6:22. The sons of Caath, Aminadab his son, Core his son, Asir his son,

6:23. Elcana his son, Abiasaph his son, Asir his son,

6:24. Thahath his son, Uriel his son, Ozias his son, Saul his son.

6:25. The sons of Elcana: Amasai, and Achimoth.

6:26. And Elcana. The sons of Elcana: Sophai his son, Nahath his son,

6:27. Eliab his son, Jeroham his son, Elcana his son.

6:28. The sons of Samuel: the firstborn Vasseni, and Abia.

6:29. And the sons of Merari, Moholi: Lobni his son, Semei his son, Oza
his son,

6:30. Sammaa his son, Haggia his son, Asaia his son.

6:31. These are they, whom David set over the singing men of the house
of the Lord, after that the ark was placed.

6:32. And they ministered before the tabernacle of the testimony, with
singing, until Solomon built the house of the Lord in Jerusalem, and
they stood according to their order in the ministry.

6:33. And these are they that stood with their sons, of the sons of
Caath, Hemam a singer, the son of Joel, the son of Sammuel,

6:34. The son of Elcana, the son of Jeroham, the son of Eliel, the son
of Thohu,

6:35. The son of Suph, the son of Elcana, the son of Mahath, the son of

6:36. The son of Elcana, the son of Johel, the son of Azarias, the son
of Sophonias,

6:37. The son of Thahath, the son of Asir, the son of Abiasaph, the son
of Core,

6:38. The son of Isaar, the son of Caath, the son of Levi, the son of

6:39. And his brother Asaph, who stood on his right hand, Asaph the son
of Barachias, the son of Samaa.

6:40. The son of Michael, the son of Basaia, the, son of Melchia.

6:41. The son of Athanai, the son of Zara, the son of Adaia.

6:42. The son of Ethan, the son of Zamma, the son of Semei.

6:43. The son of Jeth, the son of Gerson, the son of Levi.

6:44. And the sons of Merari their brethren, on the left hand, Ethan
the son of Cusi, the son of Abdi, the son of Meloch,

6:45. The son of Hasabia, the son of Amasai, the son of Helcias,

6:46. The son of Amasai, the son of Boni, the son of Somer,

6:47. The son of Moholi, the son of Musi, the son of Merari, the son of

6:48. Their brethren also the Levites, who were appointed for all the
ministry of the tabernacle of the house of the Lord.

6:49. But Aaron and his sons offered burnt offerings upon the altar of
holocausts, and upon the altar of incense, for every work of the holy
of holies: and to pray for Israel according to all that Moses the
servant of God had commanded.

6:50. And these are the sons of Aaron: Eleazar his son, Phinees his
son, Abisue his son,

6:51. Bocci his son, Ozi his son, Zarahia his son,

6:52. Meraioth his son, Amarias his son, Achitob his son,

6:53. Sadoc his son, Achimaas his son.

6:54. And these are their dwelling places by the towns and confines, to
wit, of the sons of Aaron, of the families of the Caathites: for they
fell to them by lot.

6:55. And they gave them Hebron in the land of Juda, and the suburbs
thereof round about:

6:56. But the fields of the city, and the villages to Caleb son of

6:57. And to the sons of Aaron they gave the cities for refuge Hebron,
and Lobna, and the suburbs thereof,

6:58. And Jether and Esthemo, with their suburbs, and Helon, and Dabir
with their suburbs:

6:59. Asan also, and Bethsames, with their suburbs.

6:60. And out of the tribe of Benjamin: Gabee and its suburbs, Almath
with its suburbs, Anathoth also with its suburbs: all their cities
throughout their families were thirteen.

6:61. And to the sons of Caath that remained of their kindred they gave
out of the half tribe of Manasses ten cities in possession.

6:62. And to the sons of Gerson by their families out of the tribe of
Issachar, and out of the tribe of Aser, and out of the tribe of
Nephtali, and out of the tribe Manasses in Basan, thirteen cities.

6:63. And to the sons of Merari by their families out of the tribe of
Ruben, and out of the tribe of Gad, and out of the tribe of Zabulon,
they gave by lot twelve cities.

6:64. And the children of Israel gave to the Levites the cities, and
their suburbs.

6:65. And they gave them by lot, out of the tribe of the sons of Juda,
and out of the tribe of the sons of Simeon, and out of the tribe of the
sons of Benjamin, these cities which they called by their names.

6:66. And to them that were of the kindred of the sons of Caath, and
the cities in their borders were of the tribe of Ephraim.

6:67. And they gave the cities of refuge Sichem with its suburbs in
mount Ephraim, and Gazer with its suburbs,

6:68. Jecmaan also with its suburbs, and Beth-horon in like manner,

6:69. Helon also with its suburbs, and Gethremmon in like manner,

6:70. And out of the half tribe of Manasses, Aner and its suburbs,
Baalam and its suburbs, to wit, to them that were left of the family of
the sons of Caath.

6:71. And to the sons of Gersom, out the kindred of the half tribe of
Manasses, Gaulon, in Basan, and its suburbs, and Astharoth with its

6:72. Out of the tribe of Issachar, Cedes and its suburbs, and Dabereth
with its suburbs;

6:73. Ramoth also and its suburbs, and Anem with its suburbs.

6:74. And out of the tribe of Aser: Masal with its suburbs, and Abdon
in like manner;

6:75. Hucac also and its suburbs, and Rohol with its suburbs.

6:76. And out of the tribe of Nephtali, Cedes in Galilee and its
suburbs, Hamon with its suburbs, and Cariathaim, and its suburbs.

6:77. And to the sons of Merari that remained: out of the tribe of
Zabulon, Remmono and its suburbs, and Thabor with its suburbs.

6:78. Beyond the Jordan also over against Jericho, on the east side of
the Jordan and out of the tribe of Ruben, Bosor in the wilderness with
its suburbs, and Jassa with its suburbs;

6:79. Cademoth also and its suburbs, and Mephaath with its suburbs;

6:80. Moreover also out of the tribe of Gad, Ramoth in Galaad and its
suburbs, and Manaim with its suburbs;

6:81. Hesebon also with its suburbs, and Jazer with its suburbs.

1 Paralipomenon Chapter 7

Genealogies of Issachar, Benjamin, Nephtali, Manasses, Ephraim, and

7:1. Now the sons of Issachar were Thola, and Phua, Jasub and Simeron,

7:2. The sons of Thola: Ozi and Raphaia, and Jeriel, and Jemai, and
Jebsem, and Samuel, chiefs of the houses of their kindreds. Of the
posterity of Thola were numbered in the days of David, two and twenty
thousand six hundred most valiant men.

7:3. The sons of Ozi: Izrahia, of whom were born Michael, and Obadia,
and Joel, and Jesia, five all great men.

7:4. And there were with them by their families and peoples, six and
thirty thousand most valiant men ready for war: for they had many wives
and children.

7:5. Their brethren also throughout all the house of Issachar, were
numbered fourscore and seven thousand most valiant men for war.

7:6. The sons of Benjamin were Bela, and Bechor, and Jadihel, three.

7:7. The sons of Bela: Esbon, and Ozi, and Ozial, and Jerimoth and
Urai, five chiefs of their families, and most valiant warriors, and
their number was twenty-two thousand and thirty-four.

7:8. And the sons of Bechor were Zamira, and Joas, and Eliezer, and
Elioenai, and Amai, and Jerimoth, and Abia, and Anathoth, and Almath:
all these were the sons of Bechor.

7:9. And they were numbered by the families, heads of their kindreds,
most valiant men for war, twenty thousand and two hundred.

7:10. And the son of Jadihel: Balan. And the sons of Balan: Jehus and
Benjamin, and Aod, and Chanana, and Zethan and Tharsis, and Ahisahar.

7:11. All these were sons of Jadihel, heads of their kindreds, most
valiant men, seventeen thousand and two hundred fifty to go out to war.

7:12. Sepham also and Hapham the sons of Hir: and Hasim the sons of

7:13. And the sons of Nephtali were Jasiel, and Guni, and Jezer, and
Sellum, sons of Bala.

7:14. And the son of Manasses, Ezriel: and his concubine the Syrian
bore Machir the father of Galaad.

7:15. And Machir took wives for his sons Happhim, and Saphan: and he
had a sister named Maacha: the name of the second was Salphaad, and
Salphaad had daughters.

7:16. And Maacha the wife of Machir bore a son, and she called his name
Phares: and the name of his brother was Sares: and his sons were Ulam
and Recen.

7:17. And the son of Ulam, Baden. These are the sons of Galaad, the son
of Machir, the son of Manasses.

7:18. And his sister named Queen bore Goodlyman, and Abiezer, and

7:19. And the sons of Semida were Ahiu, and Sechem, and Leci and Aniam.

7:20. And the sons of Ephraim were Suthala, Bared his son, Thahath his
son, Elada his son, Thahath his son, and his son Zabad,

7:21. And his son Suthala, and his son Ezer, and Elad: and the men of
Geth born in the land slew them, because they came down to invade their

7:22. And Ephraim their father mourned many days, and his brethren came
to comfort him.

7:23. And he went in to his wife: and she conceived and bore a son, and
he called his name Beria, because he was born when it went evil with
his house:

Beria. . .This name signifies in evil, or in affliction.

7:24. And his daughter was Sara, who built Bethoron, the nether and the
upper, and Ozensara.

7:25. And Rapha was his son, and Reseph, and Thale, of whom was born

7:26. Who begot Laadan: and his son was Ammiud, who begot Elisama,

7:27. Of whom was born Nun, who had Josue for his son.

7:28. And their possessions and habitations were Bethel with her
daughters, and eastward Noran, and westward Gazer and her daughters,
Sichem also with her daughters, as far as Asa with her daughters.

7:29. And by the borders of the sons of Manasses Bethsan and her
daughters, Thanach and her daughters, Mageddo and her daughters: Dor
and her daughters: in these dwelt the children of Joseph, the son of

7:30. The children of Aser were Jemna, and Jesua, and Jessui, and
Baria, and Sara their sister.

7:31. And the sons of Baria: Haber, and Melchiel: he is the father of

7:32. And Heber begot Jephlat, and Somer, and Hotham, and Suaa their

7:33. The sons of Jephlat: Phosech, and Chamaal, and Asoth: these are
the sons of Jephlat.

7:34. And the sons of Somer: Ahi, and Roaga and Haba, and Aram.

7:35. And the sons of Helem his brother: Supha, and Jemna, and Selles,
and Amal.

7:36. The sons of Supha: Sue, Hernapher, and Sual, and Beri, and Jamra.

7:37. Bosor and Hod, and Samma, and Salusa, and Jethran, and Bera.

7:38. The sons of Jether: Jephone, and Phaspha, and Ara.

7:39. And the sons of Olla: Aree, and Haniel, and Resia.

7:40. All these were sons of Aser, heads of their families, choice and
most valiant captains of captains: and the number of them that were of
the age that was fit for war, was six and twenty thousand.

1 Paralipomenon Chapter 8

The posterity of Benjamin is further declared down to Saul. His issue.

8:1. Now Benjamin begot Bale his firstborn, Asbel the second, Ahara the

8:2. Nohaa the fourth, and Rapha the fifth.

8:3. And the sons of Bale were Addar, and Gera, and Abiud,

8:4. And Abisue, and Naaman, and Ahoe,

8:5. And Gera, and Sephuphan, and Huram.

8:6. These are the sons of Abed, heads of families that dwelt in Gabaa,
who were removed into Manahath.

8:7. And Naaman, and Achia, and Gera he removed them, and begot Oza,
and Ahiud.

8:8. And Saharim begot in the land of Moab, after he sent away Husim
and Bara his wives.

8:9. And he begot of Hodes his wife Jobab, and Sebia, and Mosa, and

8:10. And Jehus and Sechia, and Marma. These were his sons heads of
their families.

8:11. And Mehusim begot Abitob, and Elphaal.

8:12. And the sons of Elphaal were Heber, and Misaam, and Samad: who
built Ono, and Lod, and its daughters.

8:13. And Baria, and Sama were heads of their kindreds that dwelt in
Aialon: these drove away the inhabitants of Geth.

8:14. And Ahio, and Sesac, and Jerimoth,

8:15. And Zabadia, and Arod, and Heder,

8:16. And Michael, and Jespha, and Joha, the sons of Baria.

8:17. And Zabadia, and Mosollam, Hezeci, and Heber,

8:18. And Jesamari, and Jezlia, and Jobab, sons of Elphaal,

8:19. And Jacim, and Zechri, and Zabdi,

8:20. And Elioenai, and Selethai, and Elial,

8:21. And Adaia, and Baraia, and Samareth, the sons of Semei.

8:22. And Jespham, and Heber, and Eliel,

8:23. And Abdon, and Zechri, and Hanan,

8:24. And Hanania, and Elam, and Anathothia.

8:25. And Jephdaia, and Phanuel the sons of Sesac.

8:26. And Samsari, and Sohoria and Otholia,

8:27. And Jersia, and Elia, and Zechri, the sons of Jeroham.

8:28. These were the chief fathers, and heads of their families who
dwelt in Jerusalem.

8:29. And at Gabaon dwelt Abigabaon, and the name of his wife was

8:30. And his firstborn son Abdon, and Sur, and Cis, and Baal, and

8:31. And Gedor, and Ahio, and Zacher, and Macelloth:

8:32. And Macelloth begot Samaa: and they dwelt over against their
brethren in Jerusalem with their brethren.

8:33. And Ner begot Cis and Cis begot Saul. And Saul begot Jonathan and
Melchisua, and Abinadab, and Esbaal.

Esbaal. . .Alias Isboseth.

8:34. And the son of Jonathan was Meribbaal: and Meribbaal begot Micha.

Meribbaal. . .Alias Miphiboseth. 2 Kings 4.4.

8:35. And the sons of Micha were Phithon, and Melech, and Tharaa, and

8:36. And Ahaz begot Joada: and Joada begot Alamath, and Azmoth, and
Zamri: and Zamri begot Mosa,

8:37. And Mosa begot Banaa, whose son was Rapha, of whom was born
Elasa, who begot Asel.

8:38. And Asel had six sons whose names were Ezricam, Bochru, Ismahel,
Saris, Obdia, and Hanan. All these were the sons of Asel.

8:39. And the sons of Esec, his brother, were Ulam the firstborn, and
Jehus the second, and Eliphalet the third.

8:40. And the sons of Ulam were most valiant men, and archers of great
strength: and they had many sons and grandsons, even to a hundred and
fifty. All these were children of Benjamin.

1 Paralipomenon Chapter 9

The Israelites, priests, and Levites, who first dwelt in Jerusalem
after the captivity. A repetition of the genealogy of Saul.

9:1. And all Israel was numbered: and the sum of them was written in
the book of the kings of Israel, and Juda: and they were carried away
to Babylon for their transgression.

9:2. Now the first that dwelt in their possessions, and in their
cities, were the Israelites, and the priests, and the Levites, and the

Nathineans. . .These were the posterity of the Gabaonites, whose office
was to bring wood, water, etc., for the service of the temple.

9:3. And in Jerusalem dwelt of the children of Juda, and of the
children of Benjamin, and of the children of Ephraim, and of Manasses.

9:4. Othei the son of Ammiud, the son of Amri, the son of Omrai, the
son of Bonni of the sons of Phares the son of Juda.

9:5. And of Siloni: Asaia the firstborn, and his sons.

9:6. And of the sons of Zara: Jehuel and their brethren, six hundred
and ninety.

9:7. And of the sons of Benjamin: Salo the son of Mosollam, the son of
Oduia, the son of Asana:

9:8. And Jobania the son of Jeroham: and Ela the son of Ozi, the son of
Mochori and Mosallam the son of Saphatias, the son of Rahuel, the son
of Jebania:

9:9. And their brethren by their families, nine hundred and fifty-six.
All these were heads of their families, by the houses of their fathers.

9:10. And of the priests: Jedaia, Joiarib, and Jachin:

9:11. And Azarias the son of Helcias, the son of Mosollam, the son of
Sadoc, the son of Maraioth, the son of Achitob, high priest of the
house of God.

9:12. And Adaias the son of Jeroham, the son of Phassur, the son of
Melchias, and Maasai the son of Adiel, the son of Jezra, the son of
Mosollam, the son of Mosollamith, the son of Emmer.

9:13. And their brethren heads in their families a thousand seven
hundred and threescore, very strong and able men for the work of the
ministry in the house of God.

9:14. And of the Levites: Semeia the son of Hassub the son of Ezricam,
the son of Hasebia of the sons of Merari.

9:15. And Bacbacar the carpenter, and Galal, and Mathania the son of
Micha, the son of Zechri the son of Asaph:

9:16. And Obdia the son of Semeia, the son of Galal, the son of
Idithum: and Barachia the son of Asa, the son of Elcana, who dwelt in
the suburbs of Netophati.

9:17. And the porters were Sellum, and Accub, and Telmon, and Ahiman:
and their brother Sellum was the prince,

9:18. Until that time, in the king's gate eastward, the sons of Levi
waited by their turns.

9:19. But Sellum the son of Core, the son of Abiasaph, the son of Core,
with his brethren and his father's house, the Corites were over the
works of the service, keepers of the gates of the tabernacle: and their
families in turns were keepers of the entrance of the camp of the Lord.

9:20. And Phinees the son of Eleazar, was their prince before the Lord,

9:21. And Zacharias the son of Mosollamia, was porter of the gate of
the tabernacle of the testimony:

9:22. All these that were chosen to be porters at the gates, were two
hundred and twelve: the they were registered in their proper towns:
whom David and Samuel the seer appointed in their trust.

9:23. As well them as their sons, to keep the gates of the house of the
Lord, and the tabernacle by their turns.

9:24. In four quarters were the porters: that is to say, toward the
east, and west, and north, and south.

9:25. And their brethren dwelt in village, and came upon their sabbath
days from time to time.

9:26. To these four Levites were committed the whole number of the
porters, and they were over the chambers, and treasures, of the house
of the Lord.

9:27. And they abode in their watches round about the temple of the
Lord: that when it was time, they might open the gates in the morning.

9:28. And some of their stock had the charge of the vessels for the
ministry: for the vessels were both brought in and carried out by

9:29. Some of them also had the instruments of the sanctuary committed
unto them, and the charge of the fine flour, and wine, and oil, and
frankincense, and spices.

9:30. And the sons of the priests made the ointments of the spices.

9:31. And Mathathias a Levite, the firstborn of Sellum the Corite, was
overseer of such things as were fried the fryingpan.

9:32. And some of the sons of Caath their brethren, were over the
loaves of proposition, to prepare always new for every sabbath.

9:33. These are the chief of the singing men of the families of the
Levites, who dwelt in the chambers, by the temple, that they might
serve continually day and night in their ministry.

9:34. The heads of the Levites, princes in their families, abode in

9:35. And in Gabaon dwelt Jehiel the father of Gabaon, and the name of
his wife was Maacha:

9:36. His firstborn son Abdon, and Sur, and Cis, and Baal, and Ner, and

9:37. Gedor also, and Ahio, and Zacharias, and Macelloth.

9:38. And Macelloth begot Samaan: these dwelt over against their
brethren in Jerusalem, with their brethren.

9:39. Now Ner begot Cis: and Cis begot Saul: and Saul begot Jonathan
and Melchisua, and Abinadab, and Esbaal.

9:40. And the son of Jonathan, was Meribbaal: and Meribbaal begot

9:41. And the sons of Micha, were Phithon, and Melech, and Tharaa, and

9:42. And Ahaz begot Jara, and Jara begot Alamath, and Azmoth, and
Zamri. And Zamri begot Mosa.

9:43. And Mosa begot Banaa: whose son Raphaia begot Elasa: of whom was
born Asel.

9:44. And Asel had six sons whose names are, Ezricam Bochru, Ismahel,
Saria, Obdia, Hanan: these are the sons of Asel.

1 Paralipomenon Chapter 10

Saul is slain for his sins: he is buried by the men of Jabes.

10:1. Now the Philistines fought against Israel, and the men of Israel
fled from before the Philistines, and fell down wounded in mount

10:2. And the Philistines drew near pursuing after Saul, and his sons,
and they killed Jonathan, and Abinadab, and Melchisua the sons of Saul.

10:3. And the battle grew hard against Saul and the archers reached
him, and wounded him with arrows.

10:4. And Saul said to his armourbearer: Draw thy sword, and kill me:
lest these uncircumcised come, and mock me. But his armourbearer would
not, for he was struck with fear: so Saul took his sword, and fell upon

10:5. And when his armourbearer saw it, to wit, that Saul was dead, he
also fell upon his sword and died.

10:6. So Saul died, and his three sons, and all his house fell

10:7. And when the men of Israel, that dwelt in the plains, saw this,
they fled: and Saul and his sons being dead, they forsook their cities,
and were scattered up and down: and the Philistines came, and dwelt in

10:8. And the next day the Philistines taking away the spoils of them
that were slain, found Saul and his sons lying on mount Gelboe.

10:9. And when they had stripped him, and out off his head, and taken
away his armour, they sent it into their land, to be carried about, and
shewn in the temples of the idols and to the people.

10:10. And his armour they dedicated in the temple of their god, and
his head they fastened up in the temple of Dagon.

10:11. And when the men of Jabes Galaad had heard this, to wit, all
that the Philistines had done to Saul,

10:12. All the valiant men of them arose, and took the bodies of Saul
and of his sons, and brought them to Jabes, and buried their bones
under the oak that was in Jabes, and they fasted seven days.

10:13. So Saul died for his iniquities, because he transgressed the
commandment of the Lord, which he had commanded, and kept it not: and
moreover consulted also a witch,

10:14. And trusted not in the Lord: therefore he slew him, and
transferred his kingdom to David the son of Isai.

1 Paralipomenon Chapter 11

David is made king. He taketh the castle of Sion. A catalogue of his
valiant men.

11:1. Then all Israel gathered themselves to David in Hebron, saying:
We are thy bone, and thy flesh.

11:2. Yesterday also, and the day before when Saul was king, thou wast
he that leddest out and broughtest in Israel: for the Lord thy God said
to thee: Thou shalt feed my people Israel, and thou shalt be ruler over

11:3. So all the ancients of Israel came to the king to Hebron, and
David made a covenant with them before the Lord: and they anointed him
king over Israel according to the word of the Lord which he spoke in
the hand of Samuel.

11:4. And David and all Israel went to Jerusalem, which is Jebus, where
the Jebusites were the inhabitants of the land.

11:5. And the inhabitants of Jebus said to David: Thou shalt not come
in here. But David took the castle of Sion, which is the city of David.

11:6. And he said: Whosoever shall first strike the Jebusites, shall be
the head and chief captain. And Joab the son of Sarvia went up first,
and was made the general.

11:7. And David dwelt in the castle, and therefore it was called the
city of David,

11:8. And he built the city round about from Mello all round, and Joab
built the rest of the city.

11:9. And David went on growing and increasing, and the Lord of hosts
was with him.

11:10. These are the chief of the valiant man of David, who helped him
to be made king over all Israel, according to the word of the Lord,
which he spoke to Israel.

11:11. And this is the number of the heroes of David: Jesbaam the son
of Hachamoni the chief among the thirty: he lifted up his spear against
three hundred wounded by him at one time.

11:12. And after him was Eleazar his uncle's son the Ahohite, who was
one of the three mighties.

11:13. He was with David in Phesdomim, when the Philistines were
gathered to that place to battle: and the field of that country was
full of barley, and the people fled from before the Philistines.

11:14. But these men stood in the midst of the field, and defended it:
and they slew the Philistines, and the Lord gave a great deliverance to
his people.

11:15. And three of the thirty captains went down to the rock, wherein
David was, to the cave of Odollam, when the Philistines encamped in the
valley of Raphaim.

11:16. And David was in a hold, and the garrison of the Philistines in

11:17. And David longed, and said: O that some man would give me water
of the cistern of Bethlehem, which is in the gate.

11:18. And these three broke through the midst of the camp of the
Philistines, and drew water out of the cistern of Bethlehem, which was
in the gate, and brought it to David to drink: and he would not drink
of it, but rather offered it to the Lord,

11:19. Saying: God forbid that I should do this in the sight of my God,
and should drink the blood of these men: for with the danger of their
lives they have brought me the water. And therefore he would not drink.
These things did the three most valiant.

11:20. And Abisai the brother of Joab, he was chief of three, and he
lifted up his spear against three hundred whom he slew, and he was
renowned among the three,

11:21. And illustrious among the second three, and their captain: but
yet he attained not to the first three.

11:22. Banaias the son of Joiada a most valiant man, of Cabseel, who
had done many acts: he slew the two ariels of Moab: and he went down,
and killed a lion in the midst of a pit in the time of snow.

Two ariels. . .That is, two lions, or lion-like men; for Ariel in Hebrew
signifies a lion.

11:23. And he slew an Egyptian, whose stature was of five cubits, and
who had a spear like a weaver's beam: and he went down to him with a
staff, and plucked away the spear, that he held in his hand, and slew
him with his own spear.

11:24. These things did Banaias the son of Joiada, who was renowned
among the three valiant ones,

11:25. And the first among the thirty, but yet to the three he attained
not: and David made him of his council.

11:26. Moreover the most valiant men of the army, were Asahel brother
of Joab, and Elchanan the son of his uncle of Bethlehem,

11:27. Sammoth an Arorite, Helles a Phalonite,

11:28. Ira the son of Acces a Thecuite, Abiezer an Anathothite,

11:29. Sobbochai a Husathite, Ilai an Ahohite,

11:30. Maharai a Netophathite, Heled the son of Baana a Netophathite,

11:31. Ethai the son of Ribai of Gabaath of the sons of Benjamin, Banai
a Pharathonite,

11:32. Hurai of the torrent Gaas, Abiel an Arbathite, Azmoth a
Bauramite, Eliaba a Salabonite,

11:33. The sons of Assem a Gezonite, Jonathan the son of Sage an

11:34. Ahiam the son of Sachar an Ararite,

11:35. Eliphal the son of Ur,

11:36. Hepher a Mecherathite, Ahia a Phelonite,

11:37. Hesro a Carmelite, Naarai the son of Azbai,

11:38. Joel the brother of Nathan, Mibahar the son of Agarai.

11:39. Selec an Ammonite, Naharai a Berothite, the armourbearer of Joab
the son of Sarvia.

11:40. Ira a Jethrite, Gareb a Jethrite,

11:41. Urias a Hethite, Zabad the son of Oholi,

11:42. Adina the son of Siza a Rubenite the prince of the Rubenites,
and thirty with him:

11:43. Hanan the son of Maacha, and Josaphat a Mathanite,

11:44. Ozia an Astarothite, Samma, and Jehiel the sons of Hotham an

11:45. Jedihel the son of Zamri, and Joha his brother a Thosaite,

11:46. Eliel a Mahumite, and Jeribai, and Josaia the sons of Elnaim,
and Jethma a Moabite, Eliel, and Obed, and Jasiel of Masobia.

1 Paralipomenon Chapter 12

Who followed David when he fled from Saul. And who came to Hebron to
make him king.

12:1. Now these are they that came to David to Siceleg, while he yet
fled from Saul the son of Cis, and they were most valiant and excellent

12:2. Bending the bow, and using either hand in hurling stones with
slings, and shooting arrows: of the brethren of Saul of Benjamin.

12:3. The chief was Ahiezer, and Joas, the sons of Samoa of Gabaath,
and Jaziel, and Phallet the sons of Azmoth, and Beracha, and Jehu an

12:4. And Samaias of Gabaon, the stoutest amongst the thirty and over
the thirty; Jeremias, and Jeheziel and Johanan, and Jozabad of

12:5. And Eluzai, and Jerimuth, and Baalia, and Samaria, and Saphatia
the Haruphite;

12:6. Elcana, and Jesia, and Azareel, and Joezer, and Jesbaam of

12:7. And Joela, and Zabadia the sons of Jeroham of Gedor.

12:8. From Gaddi also there went over to David, when he lay hid in the
wilderness most valiant men, and excellent warriors, holding shield and
spear: whose faces were like the faces of a lion, and they were swift
like the roebucks on the mountains.

12:9. Ezer the chief, Obdias the second, Eliab the third,

12:10. Masmana the fourth, Jeremias the fifth,

12:11. Ethi the sixth, Eliel the seventh,

12:12. Johanan the eighth, Elzebad the ninth,

12:13. Jerenias the tenth, Machbani the eleventh,

12:14. These were of the sons of Gad, captains of the army: the least
of them was captain over a hundred soldiers, and the greatest over a

12:15. These are they who passed over the Jordan in the first month,
when it is used to flow over its banks: and they put to flight all that
dwelt in the valleys both toward the east and toward the west.

12:16. And there came also of the men of Benjamin, and of Juda to the
hold, in which David abode.

12:17. And David went out to meet them, and said: If you are come
peaceably to me to help me, let my heart be joined to you: but if you
plot against me for my enemies whereas I have no iniquity in my hands,
let the God of our fathers see, and judge.

12:18. But the spirit came upon Amasai the chief among thirty, and he
said: We are thine, O David, and for thee, O son of Isai: peace, peace
be to thee, and peace to thy helpers. For thy God helpeth thee. So
David received them, and made them captains of the band.

12:19. And there were some of Manasses that went over to David, when he
came with the Philistines against Saul to fight: but he did not fight
with them: because the lords of the Philistines taking counsel sent him
back, saying: With the danger of our heads he will return to his master

12:20. So when he went back to Siceleg, there fled to him of Manasses,
Ednas and Jozabad, and Jedihel, and Michael, and Ednas, and Jozabad,
and Eliu, and Salathi, captains of thousands in Manasses.

12:21. These helped David against the rovers: for they were all most
valiant men, and were made commanders in the army.

12:22. Moreover day by day there came some to David to help him till
they became a great number, like the army of God.

12:23. And this is the number of the chiefs of the army who came to
David, when he was in Hebron, to transfer to him the kingdom of Saul,
according to the word of the Lord.

12:24. The sons of Juda bearing shield and spear, six thousand eight
hundred well appointed to war.

12:25. Of the sons of Simeon valiant men for war, seven thousand one

12:26. Of the sons of Levi, four thousand six hundred.

12:27. And Joiada prince of the race of Aaron, and with him three
thousand seven hundred.

12:28. Sadoc also a young man of excellent disposition, and the house
of his father, twenty-two principal men.

12:29. And of the sons of Benjamin the brethren of Saul, three
thousand: for hitherto a great part of them followed the house of Saul.

12:30. And of the sons of Ephraim twenty thousand eight hundred, men of
great valour renowned in their kindreds.

12:31. And of the half tribe of Manasses, eighteen thousand, every one
by their names, came to make David king.

12:32. Also of the sons of Issachar men of understanding, that knew all
times to order what Israel should do, two hundred principal men: and
all the rest of the tribe followed their counsel.

12:33. And of Zabulon such as went forth to battle, and stood in array
well appointed with armour for war, there came fifty thousand to his
aid, with no double heart.

12:34. And of Nephtali, a thousand leaders: and with them seven and
thirty thousand, furnished with shield and spear.

12:35. Of Dan also twenty-eight thousand six hundred prepared for

12:36. And of Aser forty thousand going forth to fight, and challenging
in battle.

12:37. And on the other side of the Jordan of the sons of Ruben, and of
Gad, and of the half of the tribe of Manasses a hundred and twenty
thousand, furnished with arms for war.

12:38. All these men of war well appointed to fight, came with a
perfect heart to Hebron, to make David king over all Israel: and all
the rest also of Israel, were of one heart to make David king.

12:39. And they were there with David three days eating and drinking:
for their brethren had prepared for them.

12:40. Moreover they that were near them even as far as Issachar, and
Zabulon, and Nephtali, brought loaves on asses, and on camels, and on
mules, and on oxen, to eat: meal, figs, raisins, wine, oil, and oxen,
and sheep in abundance, for there was joy in Israel.

1 Paralipomenon Chapter 13

The ark is brought from Cariathiarim. Oza for touching it is struck

13:1. David consulted with the captains of thousands, and of hundreds,
and with all the commanders.

13:2. And he said to all the assembly of Israel: If it please you; and
if the words which I speak come from the Lord our God, let us send to
the rest of our brethren into all the countries of Israel, and to the
priests, and the Levites, that dwell in the suburbs of the cities, to
gather themselves to us,

13:3. And let us bring again the ark of our God to us: for we sought it
not in the days of Saul.

13:4. And all the multitude answered that it should be so: for the word
pleased all the people.

13:5. So David assembled all Israel from Sihor of Egypt, even to the
entering into Emath, to bring the ark of God from Cariathiarim.

13:6. And David went up with all the men of Israel to the hill of
Cariathiarim which is in Juda, to bring thence the ark of the Lord God
sitting upon the cherubims, where his name is called upon.

13:7. And they carried the ark of God upon a new cart out of the house
of Abinadab. And Oza and his brother drove the cart.

13:8. And David and all Israel played before God with all their might
with hymns, and with harps, and with psalteries, and timbrels, and
cymbals, and trumpets,

13:9. And when they came to the floor of Chidon, Oza put forth his
hand, to hold up the ark: for the ox being wanton had made it lean a
little on one side.

13:10. And the Lord was angry with Oza, and struck him, because he had
touched the ark; and he died there before the Lord.

13:11. And David was troubled because the Lord had divided Oza: and he
called that place the Breach of Oza to this day.

13:12. And he feared God at that time, saying: How can I bring in the
ark of God to me?

13:13. And therefore he brought it not home to himself, that is, into
the city of David, but carried it aside into the house of Obededom the

13:14. And the ark of God remained in the house of Obededom three
months: and the Lord blessed his house, and all that he had.

1 Paralipomenon Chapter 14

David's house, and children: his victories over the Philistines.

14:1. And Hiram king of Tyre sent messengers to David, and cedar trees,
and masons, and carpenters, to build him a house.

14:2. And David perceived that the Lord had confirmed him king over
Israel, and that his kingdom was exalted over his people Israel.

14:3. And David took other wives in Jerusalem: and he begot sons, and

14:4. Now these are the names of them that were born to him in
Jerusalem: Samua, and Sobad, Nathan, and Solomon,

14:5. Jebahar, and Elisua, and Eliphalet,

14:6. And Noga, and Napheg, and Japhia,

14:7. Elisama, and Baaliada, and Eliphalet.

14:8. And the Philistines hearing that David was anointed king over all
Israel, went all up to seek him: and David heard of it, and went out
against them.

14:9. And the Philistines came and spread themselves in the vale of

14:10. And David consulted the Lord, saying: Shall I go up against the
Philistines, and wilt thou deliver them into my hand? And the Lord said
to him: Go up, and I will deliver them into thy hand.

14:11. And when they were come to Baalpharasim, David defeated them
there, and he said: God hath divided my enemies by my hand, as waters
are divided: and therefore the name of that place was called

14:12. And they left there their gods, and David commanded that they
should be burnt.

14:13. Another time also the Philistines made an irruption, and spread
themselves abroad in the valley.

14:14. And David consulted God again, and God said to him: Go not up
after them, turn away from them, and come upon them over against the
pear trees.

14:15. And when thou shalt hear the sound of one going in the tops of
the pear trees, then shalt thou go out to battle. For God is gone out
before thee to strike the army of the Philistines.

14:16. And David did as God had commanded him, and defeated the army of
the Philistines, slaying them from Gabaon to Gazera.

14:17. And the name of David became famous in all countries, and the
Lord made all nations fear aim.

1 Paralipomenon Chapter 15

The ark is brought into the city of David, with great solemnity. Michol
derideth David's devotion.

15:1. He made also houses for himself in the city of David: and built a
place for the ark of God, and pitched a tabernacle for it.

15:2. Then David said: No one ought to carry the ark of God, but the
Levites, whom the Lord hath chosen to carry it, and to minister unto
himself for ever.

15:3. And he gathered all Israel together into Jerusalem, that the ark
of God might be brought into its place, which he had prepared for it.

15:4. And the sons of Aaron also, and the Levites.

15:5. Of the children of Caath, Uriel was the chief, and his brethren a
hundred and twenty.

15:6. Of the sons of Merari, Asaia the chief, and his brethren two
hundred and twenty.

15:7. Of the sons of Gersom, Joel the chief, and his brethren a hundred
and thirty.

15:8. Of the sons of Elisaphan, Semeias the chief: and his brethren two

15:9. Of the sons of Hebron, Eliel the chief: and his brethren eighty.

15:10. Of the sons of Oziel, Aminadab the chief: and his brethren a
hundred and twelve.

15:11. And David called Sadoc, and Abiathar the priests, and the
Levites, Uriel, Asaia, Joel, Semeia, Eliel, and Aminadab:

15:12. And he said to them: You that are the heads of the Levitical
families, be sanctified with your brethren, and bring the ark of the
Lord the God of Israel to the place, which is prepared for it:

15:13. Lest as the Lord at first struck us, because you were not
present, the same should now also come to pass, by our doing some thing
against the law.

15:14. So the priests and the Levites were sanctified, to carry the ark
of the Lord the God of Israel.

15:15. And the sons of Levi took the ark of God as Moses had commanded,
according to the word of the Lord, upon their shoulders, with the

15:16. And David spoke to the chiefs of the Levites, to appoint some of
their brethren to be singers with musical instruments, to wit, on
psalteries, and harps, and cymbals, that the joyful noise might resound
on high.

15:17. And they appointed Levites, Hemam the son of Joel, and of his
brethren Asaph the son of Barachias: and of the sons of Merari, their
brethren: Ethan the son of Casaia.

15:18. And with them their brethren: in the second rank, Zacharias, and
Ben, and Jaziel, and Semiramoth, and Jahiel, and Ani, and Eliab, and
Banaias, and Maasias, and Mathathias, and Eliphalu, and Macenias, and
Obededom, and Jehiel, the porters.

15:19. Now the singers, Heman, Asaph, and Ethan, sounded with cymbals
of brass.

15:20. And Zacharias, and Oziel, and Semiramoth, and Jehiel, and Ani,
and Eliab, and Maasias, and Banaias, sung mysteries upon psalteries.

15:21. And Mathathias, and Eliphalu, and Macenias and Obededom, and
Jehiel and Ozaziu, sung a song of victory for the octave upon harps.

15:22. And Chonenias chief of the Levites, presided over the prophecy,
to give out the tunes: for he was very skilful.

The prophecy, to give out the tunes. . .Singing praises to God is here
called prophecy: the more, because these singers were often inspired

15:23. And Barachias, and Elcana, were doorkeepers of the ark.

15:24. And Sebenias, and Josaphat, and Nathanael, and Amasai, and
Zacharias, and Banaias, and Eliezer the priests, sounded with trumpets,
before the ark of God: and Obededom and Jehias were porters of the ark.

15:25. So David and all the ancients of Israel, and the captains over
thousands, went to bring the ark of the covenant of the Lord out of the
house of Obededom with joy.

15:26. And when God had helped the Levites who carried the ark of the
covenant of the Lord, they offered in sacrifice seven oxen, and seven

15:27. And David was clothed with a robe of fine linen, and all the
Levites that carried the ark, and the singing men, and Chonenias the
ruler of the prophecy among the singers: and David also had on him an
ephod of linen.

15:28. And all Israel brought the ark of the covenant of the Lord with
joyful shouting, and sounding with the sound of the cornet, and with
trumpets, and cymbals, and psalteries, and harps.

15:29. And when the ark of the covenant of the Lord was come to the
city of David, Michol the daughter of Saul looking out at a window, saw
king David dancing and playing, and she despised him in her heart.

1 Paralipomenon Chapter 16

The ark is placed in the tabernacle. Sacrifice is offered. David
blesseth the people, disposeth the offices of Levites, and maketh a
psalm of praise to God.

16:1. So they brought the ark of God, and set it in the midst of the
tent, which David had pitched for it: and they offered holocausts, and
peace offerings before God.

16:2. And when David had made an end of offering holocausts, and peace
offerings, he blessed the people in the name of the Lord.

16:3. And he divided to all and every one, both men and women, a loaf
of bread, and a piece of roasted beef, and flour fried with oil.

16:4. And he appointed Levites to minister before the ark of the Lord,
and to remember his works, and to glorify, and praise the Lord God of

16:5. Asaph the chief, and next after him Zacharias: moreover Jahiel,
and Semiramoth, and Jehiel, and Mathathias, and Eliab, and Banaias, and
Obededom: and Jehiel over the instruments of psaltery, and harps: and
Asaph sounded with cymbals:

16:6. But Banaias, and Jaziel the priests, to sound the trumpet
continually before the ark of the covenant of the Lord.

16:7. In that day David made Asaph the chief to give praise to the Lord
with his brethren.

16:8. Praise ye the Lord, and call upon his name: make known his doings
among the nations.

16:9. Sing to him, yea, sing praises to him: and relate all his
wondrous works.

16:10. Praise ye his holy name: let the heart of them rejoice, that
seek the Lord.

16:11. Seek ye the Lord, and his power: seek ye his face evermore.

16:12. Remember his wonderful works, which he hath done: his signs, and
the judgments of his mouth.

16:13. O ye seed of Israel his servants, ye children of Jacob his

16:14. He is the Lord our God: his judgments are in all the earth.

16:15. Remember for ever his covenant: the word, which he commanded to
a thousand generations.

16:16. The covenant which he made with Abraham: and his oath to Isaac.

16:17. And he appointed the same to Jacob for a precept: and to Israel
for an everlasting covenant:

16:18. Saying: To thee will I give the land of Chanaan: the lot of your

16:19. When they were but a small number: very few and sojourners in

16:20. And they passed from nation to nation: and from a kingdom to
another people.

16:21. He suffered no man to do them wrong: and reproved kings for
their sake.

16:22. Touch not my anointed: and do no evil to my prophets.

16:23. Sing ye to the Lord, all the earth: shew forth from day to day
his salvation.

16:24. Declare his glory among the Gentiles: his wonders among all

16:25. For the Lord is great and exceedingly to be praised: and he is
to be feared above all gods.

16:26. For all the gods of the nations are idols: but the Lord made the

16:27. Praise and magnificence are before him: strength and joy in his

16:28. Bring ye to the Lord, O ye families of the nations: bring ye to
the Lord glory and empire.

16:29. Give to the Lord glory to his name, bring up sacrifice, and come
ye in his sight: and adore the Lord in holy becomingness.

16:30. Let all the earth be moved at his presence: for he hath founded
the world immoveable.

16:31. Let the heavens rejoice, and the earth be glad: and let them say
among the nations: The Lord hath reigned.

16:32. Let the sea roar, and the fulness thereof: let the fields
rejoice, and all things that are in them.

16:33. Then shall the trees of the wood give praise before the Lord:
because he is come to judge the earth.

16:34. Give ye glory to the Lord, for he is good: for his mercy
endureth for ever.

16:35. And say ye: Save us, O God our savior: and gather us together,
and deliver us from the nations, that we may give glory to thy holy
name, and may rejoice in singing thy praises.

16:36. Blessed be the Lord the God of Israel from eternity to eternity:
and let all the people say Amen, and a hymn to God.

16:37. So he left there before the ark of the covenant of the Lord,
Asaph and his brethren to minister in the presence of the ark
continually day by day, and in their courses.

16:38. And Obededom, with his brethren sixty-eight: and Obededom the
son of Idithun, and Hosa he appointed to be porters.

16:39. And Sadoc the priest, and his brethren priests, before the
tabernacle of the Lord in the high place, which was in Gabaon.

16:40. That they should offer holocausts to the Lord upon the altar of
holocausts continually, morning and evening, according to all that is
written in the law of the Lord, which he commanded Israel.

16:41. And after him Heman, and Idithun, and the rest that were chosen,
every one by his name to give praise to the Lord: because his mercy
endureth for ever.

16:42. And Heman and Idithun sounded the trumpet, and played on the
cymbals, and all kinds of musical instruments to sing praises to God:
and the sons of Idithun he made porters.

16:43. And all the people returned to their houses: and David to bless
also his own house.

1 Paralipomenon Chapter 17

David's purpose to build a temple, is rewarded by most ample promises:
David's thanksgiving.

17:1. Now when David was dwelling in his house, he said to Nathan the
prophet: Behold I dwell in a house of cedar: and the ark of the
covenant of the Lord is under skins.

17:2. And Nathan said to David: Do all that is in thy heart: for God is
with thee.

17:3. Now that night the word of God came to Nathan, saying:

17:4. Go, and speak to David my servant: Thus saith the Lord: Thou
shalt not build me a house to dwell in.

17:5. For I have not remained in a house from the time that I brought
up Israel, to this day: but I have been always changing places in a
tabernacle, and in a tent,

17:6. Abiding with all Israel. Did I ever speak to any one, of all the
judges of Israel whom I charged to feed my people, saying: Why have you
not built me a house of cedar?

17:7. Now therefore thus shalt thou say to my servant David: Thus saith
the Lord of hosts: I took thee from the pastures, from following the
flock, that thou shouldst be ruler of my people Israel.

17:8. And I have been with thee whithersoever thou hast gone: and have
slain all thy enemies before thee, and have made thee a name like that
of one of the great ones that are renowned in the earth.

17:9. And I have given a place my people Israel: they shall be planted,
and shall dwell therein, and shall be moved no more, neither shall the
children of iniquity waste them, as at the beginning,

17:10. Since the days that I gave judges to my people Israel, and have
humbled all thy enemies. And I declare to thee, that the Lord will
build thee a house.

17:11. And when thou shalt have ended thy days to go to thy fathers, I
will raise up thy seed after thee, which shall be of thy sons: and I
will establish his kingdom.

17:12. He shall build me a house, and I will establish his throne for

17:13. I will be to him a father, and he shall be to me a son: and I
will not take my mercy away from him, as I took it from him that was
before thee.

17:14. But I will settle him in my house, and in my kingdom for ever:
and his throne shall be most firm for ever.

17:15. According to all these words, and according to all this vision,
so did Nathan speak to David.

17:16. And king David came and sat before the Lord, and said: Who am I,
O Lord God, and what is my house, that thou shouldst give such things
to me?

17:17. But even this hath seemed little in thy sight, and therefore
thou hast also spoken concerning the house of thy servant for the time
to come: and hast made me remarkable above all men, O Lord God.

17:18. What can David add more, seeing thou hast thus glorified thy
servant, and known him?

17:19. O Lord, for thy servant's sake, according to thy own heart, thou
hast shewn all this magnificence, and wouldst have all the great things
to be known.

17:20. O Lord there is none like thee: and here is no other God beside
thee, of all whom we have heard of with our ears.

17:21. For what other nation is there upon earth like thy people
Israel, whom God went to deliver, and make a people for himself, and by
his greatness and terrors cast out nations before their face whom he
had delivered out of Egypt?

17:22. And thou hast made thy people Israel to be thy own people for
ever, and thou, O Lord, art become their God.

17:23. Now therefore, O Lord, let the word which thou hast spoken to
thy servant, and concerning his house, be established for ever, and do
as thou hast said.

17:24. And let thy name remain and be magnified for ever: and let it be
said: The Lord of hosts is God of Israel, and the house of David his
servant remaineth before him.

17:25. For thou, O Lord my God, hast revealed to the ear of thy
servant, that thou wilt build him a house: and therefore thy servant
hath found confidence to pray before thee.

17:26. And now O Lord, thou art God: and thou hast promised to thy
servant such great benefits.

17:27. And thou hast begun to bless the house of thy servant, that it
may be always before thee: for seeing thou blessest it, O Lord, it
shall be blessed for ever.

1 Paralipomenon Chapter 18

David's victories. His chief officers.

18:1. And it came to pass after this, that David defeated the
Philistines, and humbled them, and took away Geth, and her daughters
out of the hands of the Philistines,

18:2. And he defeated Moab, and the Moabites were made David's
servants, and brought him gifts.

18:3. At that time David defeated also Adarezer king of Soba of the
land of Hemath, when he went to extend his dominions as far as the
river Euphrates.

18:4. And David took from him a thousand chariots, and seven thousand
horsemen, and twenty thousand footmen, and he houghed all the chariot
horses, only a hundred chariots, which he reserved for himself.

18:5. And the Syrians of Damascus came also to help Adarezer king of
Soba: and David slew of them likewise two and twenty thousand men.

18:6. And he put a garrison in Damascus, that Syria also should serve
him, and bring gifts. And the Lord assisted him in all things to which
he went.

18:7. And David took the golden quivers which the servants of Adarezer
had, and he brought them to Jerusalem.

18:8. Likewise out of Thebath and Chun, cities of Adarezer, he brought
very much brass, of which Solomon made the brazen sea, and the pillars,
and the vessels of brass.

18:9. Now when Thou king of Hemath heard that David had defeated all
the army of Adarezer king of Soba,

18:10. He sent Adoram his son to king David to desire peace of him, and
to congratulate him that he had defeated and overthrown Adarezer: for
Thou was an enemy to Adarezer.

18:11. And all the vessels of gold, and silver and brass king David
consecrated to the Lord, with the silver and gold which he had taken
from all the nations, as well from Edom, and from Moab, and from the
sons of Ammon, as from the Philistines, and from Amalec.

18:12. And Abisai the son of Sarvia slew of the Edomites in the vale of
the saltpits, eighteen thousand:

18:13. And he put a garrison in Edom, that Edom should serve David: and
the Lord preserved David in all things to which he went.

18:14. So David reigned over all Israel, and executed judgment and
justice among all his people.

18:15. And Joab the son of Sarvia was over the army, and Josaphat the
son of Ahilud recorder.

18:16. And Sadoc the son of Achitob, and Achimelech the son of
Abiathar, were the priests: and Susa, scribe.

18:17. And Banaias the son of Joiada was over the bands of the Cerethi,
and the Phelethi: and the sons of David were chief about the king.


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